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S' Mary Magdalen, Burmansey, Surry
Dec. 29 M' Daniel Marshall & M''^ Elizabeth Wise, of S' James, Westm'^
Dec. 29 M'- John Nuttall & M^= Jane Ellis, of S' Martin's in the Fields
Dec. 29 M'' John Warner, of S' George's, Han'' Sq., & M"^' Eleanor Condon, of

S' James, Westm''
Dec. 30 M'' Thomas Finlay, of Windsor, Berks, & M''' Elizabeth Lucas, of

S' Mary Overs, Southwark
Dec. 30 M'' Aaron Wilson & M''" Elizabeth Shipman, of S' John's, Westm'
Dec. 30 M'' John Martin & M''= Hannah Tomlinson
Dec. 30 M'' Thomas Atkinson & M''" Susanna Weems, of S' Ann's, AVestm''











Dec. 30 M'' Samuel Minton & M''^ Ann Grimsley, of S* Martin's in the Fields
Jan. 1 M'' Jonathan Green, of S' Paul's, Covent Grarden, & M''^ Ann Colleyfor,

of S' Martin's in the Fields
Jan. 1 M'' John Henstock & M''" Elizabeth Bee, of S' James, Westm"'
Jan. 1 M>' Thomas Crofts & M'" Elizabeth Collins, of S' James, Weatm''
Jan. 1 M"- Rayner Clarke & M''^ Mary Philpot, of Lambeth, .Surry
Jan. 2 M'- Thomas Winterton & M'=* Elizabeth Miller, of S' James, Westin''
Jan. 2 M'' Giles Smith, of S' Sepulchre's, & M''^ Mary Hall, of Shoreditch, Loud.
Jan. 3 M'' James Trimlet & M''» Elizabeth Faulkner, of Greenwich, Kent
Jan. 3 M'' Holt Parks & M''^ Ann Kansford, of S' James's, Westm>-
Jan. 4 M'' Daniel Swiuuerton, of S' Paul's, Shadwell, & M'"* Sarah Appelby, of

Blackfryers, London
Jan. 5 M'- John Taylor & M>'^ Mary Jarvis
Jan. 5 M' Walter Cooper, of S' George's, Han'' Sq., & M" Ann Ruckman, of

Ked Lyon Square
Jan. 6 M"' William Wood, of S' Martin's in the Fields, & M'= Hannah Manton,
of S' George's, Han'' Sq.
Adam Hardie & M''' Jane Keynolds, of S' Paul's, Cov' Garden
John Eobins & M"' Jane Knight

Francis Jouba, of S' Marylebon, & M''= Elizabeth Chinner, of
S' James, Westm''
Jan. 7 M'' James Burn, of S' James, Westm'', & M'* Margaret Campbell, of

S' Mary le Strand
Jan. 7 M^ Thomas Bell & M''^ Elizabeth Batten, of S' Luke's, Middx.
Jan. 7 M'' John London & M"^ Eleanor Hughes, of S' Martin's in the Fields
Jan. 8 M'' Benjamin Hardwar, of S' Saviour's, & M''^ Ana Eamonson, of the

same, Southwark
Jan. 8 M' Eobert Hughes, of S» Martin's in the Fields, & M''^ Alice Seal, of

S' John's, Westm''
Jan. 8 M'' Joseph Clarke & M''* Mary Gill, of S' Margaret's, Westm'^
Jan. 8 M'' Thomas Williams & M'^ Elizabeth Aris, of East Greenwich, Kent
Jan. 8 M' John Painter, of S' James, Westm'', & M''^ Sophia Test, of

S' George's, Han'' Sq.
Jan. 9 M"' John Johnson & M''^ Mary Newman, of S' Ann's, Westm''
Jan. 9 M' James Lawson & M.^^ Elizabeth Allen, of S' Martin's in the Fields
Jan. 9 M' Eobert King Parkinson & M'^ Sarah Mason, of S' Paul's, Shadwell
Jan. 9 M'' Joshua Smee & M^"" Mercy Layton, of S' Marylebon, Midd.
Jan. 10 M'' Harry Corp & M''' Ann [hlank], of Bruton, Somerset
Jan. 10 M'' Eobert Brown & M''= Elizabeth Eeddall, of Eotherhith, Surry
Jan. 13 M - William White & M''^ Elizabeth [bimtk]
Jan. 13 M'' John Abell & M'^ Lucy Maddoek, of AVhitechapel
Jan. 13 M' William AVickham & M''^ Levina Gardner, of Putney, Surry
Jan. 13 M' Patt Curlett, of the Miuories, & M''= Elizabeth Fuller, of the Poultry,

Jan. 14 M'' William Lucas, of Can'on Street, & M''^ Marie Bisbie, of Easthaden
Street, London
John Whitehead & M''^ Sarah Wright, of S' Martin's in the Fields
Thomas Southernwood, of S' Margaret's, Westm'', & M''^ Josie
King, of S' George's, Han'' Sq.
M' William Abbitt & M""" Mary Buttler, of S' Marylebon, Whitecliapel
Isaac Daluy, of S' Andrew's, Holbourn, & M''" Ann Collard, of

S' Ann's, Westm''
William Chalkley & M'^ Mary Beddingfield, of Hornsey, Middx.
James Benet, of S' George's, Han'' Sq., & M''" Mary Fisher, of

S' Marylebon, Middx.
William Winwright & M''' Ann Foster, of Shenwell, Essex
Henry House, of S' James's, Clerkenwell, & Elizabeth Quelch, of
S' Giles's, Eeadiug, Berks















ST. George's chapel, htde park corneb. 43

Jan. 23 M'' Tlioraas Shurlv & M'' Sarah Kinniston, of S' Paul's, Shadwell
Jan. 23 M'' William Dodcls & W Elizabeth Wikl, of S' Bottolph's, Billingsgate
Jan. 24 M"- John HoUier, of S' Clement's Danes, & M''^ Elizabeth Smith, of

S' John's Zachary, London
Jan. 24 M'' John Adams & M"'^ Katherine Groodwin
Jan. 24 M' Thomas Turner, of Fenchurch Street, London, & M" Martha Ehodes,

of S' Giles's in the Fields
Jan. 24 M'' George Stevens, of Whitechapel, Lond., & M'= Hester Gold, of

Eulham, Midd.
Jan. 24 M'' John Trumball, of Chiswick, & M''^ Ann Gold, of Fulham, Middx.
Jan. 24 M'' Thomas Cosyn, of S' Pancras, Midd., & M" Mary Stevens, of

AUhallows, Bread Street, London
Jan. 24 M'' John Smaller & M" Jane Mallord, of S' Ann's, Westm'
Jan. 25 M'' Ealph Bull & M" Mary Duckworth, of S' Marylebon, Midd.
Jan. 25 M'' Christopher Turner & M''^ Louisa Haynes, of S' Ann's, Westm''
Jan. 25 M'' John Houlcraft & M''^ Diua Maxted, of S' Martin's in the Fields
Jan. 26 M'' Robert Hazlescott & M"'^ Alice Haywood, of S' James, Westm"'
Jan. 27 M'' Sachauerall Holmes, of S' Andrew's, & M" Elizabeth Steel, of

S' Clement's Danes
Jan. 27 M' Eichard Moore, of Spittlefields, & M''* EHzabeth Jones, of S' Benet

Grace Church, Lond.
Jan. 27 M' William Spencer, of S' George's, Han'' Sq., & M''^ Ann Adams, of

S' James's, Westm''
Jan. 27 M'' William Coleman & M''* Mary Jennings, of S' Giles's in the Fields
Jan. 27 M'' John Crump & M''" Elizabeth Butler, of S' James's, Westm''
Jan. 28 M-^ Alexander Long & M'''= Mary Dickson, of S' Mary Magd°,

Bermondsey, Southwark
Jan. 29 M'' Eichard Taldiug & M'^ Ann Burton, of S' George the Martyr near

Jan. 30 M"' Charles Bullock & M'''^ Mary Hilton, of S' Luke's, Old Street
Jan. 31 At Knights-Bridge in tlie par. of S' Margaret's, Westm'', baptized Charles

Parberry, of Ismael & Mary Parberry, born 17 Jan.
Jan. 31 M' George Stevenson, Surgeon, & M''^ Elizabeth Slann, of Brentford in

par. of Hanwell, Midd.
Jan. 31 M"' John Simpson, of Edmonton, Midd., & M"^' Mary Davies, of

S' Nicholas Cole Abbey, London
Feb. 1 M'' Andrew Eoss, of S' James, Westm'', & M''' Mary Druramond, of

S' Clement's Danes
Feb. 1 M' George Toumanigou & M'* Martha Cratch, of S' Mary Magdalen,

Eotherhithe, Surry
Feb. 2 M^ John Granger & M''' Sarah Akers, of S' Giles's in the Fields
Feb. 3 M'' Joseph Dale, of S' Sepulchre's, London, & M''^ Eleanor Stewart, of

S' Marylebon, Midd.
Feb. 3 M'' John Kidd, of S' Matthew's, Friday Street. Lond., & M''" Mary

Jackson, of S' George's, Han'' Sq.
Feb. 3 M'' Thomas Cooke & M"'^ Mary Darhng, of Aldgate, London
Feb. 3 M"' Eichard Robinson & M'' Elizabeth Willraot, of S' Andrew's,

Feb. 3 M'' Robert Swinly & M'^ Dorothy Woodhouse, of Putney, Surry
Feb. 4 M'' Edward Osborne & M'^ Mary Gotobed, of S' Mary Overs,

Feb. 5 M"' Edward Gardiner & M^-^ Elizabeth White, of S' Ann's, Westm""
Feb. 5 M"" Isaac Bushnell & M'* Hannah Cousins, of Shoreditch, Midd.
Feb. 6 M' James Ingall, of Kensington, Midd., & M'"= Jane Barrow, of S' Giles

in the Fields
Feb. 7 M'' Joseph Overs, of S' Bride's, London, & M'^ Mary Bellasyse, of

S' Clement's Danes
Feb. 7 M"' William Colquhound & M"'^ Margaret Woodfann


Feb. 7 M - William Low & M''^ Ruth Rodes, of Hampton, Middx.
Feb. 8 M'' Edward James & M''^ Mary Jacob, of Chelsea, Midd.
Feb. 9 M' Thomas Crisfield & M'^ Catherine Tonge
Feb. 10 M'' Benjamin Barber, of Christ Church, London, & M'" Hannah Tipton,

of S' Giles in the Fields
Feb. 10 M - Josiah Boddell & M''^ Elizabeth Millard, of S' James, ClerkenweU
Feb. 10 M'' Grainger Forty & M" Ann Warner, of S' Andrew's, Holbourn
Feb. 11 M'' John Clark & M" Mary Cheshire, of tS* James, Westm''
Feb. 11 M' Thomas Cornes & M''^ Elizabeth Price, of Eltham, co. Kent
Feb. 11 M'' James Spence & M''' Ann Craddocke, of S' Martin's in the Fields
Feb. 11 M'' John Flattman & M''^ Ann Kindgood, of S' Marylebon, Midd.
Feb. 12 M'' John Adair & M" Mary Sturt, of S' James, Westm'
Feb. 13 M'' George Waterston & M'^ Jane Kingsford
Feb. 13 M'' Robert Clephan & M" Katherine Pearce

Feb. 14 M'' Thomas Cornwall & M" Ann Monamy, of S' Margaret's, Westm'
Feb. 14 M'- Charles Stickman & M''^ Mary Tokett, of S' Swithin's, Lond.
Feb. 14 M'' James Beeby & M''* Mary Dorman

Feb. 14 Mi^ Samuel Banks & M''= Eliz.abeth Sutton, of Aldgate, Lond.
Feb. 16 M"' Robert Blewitt & M" Sarah Wrighton, of Greens Norton,

CO. Northampton
Feb. 16 M'' Hamilton Barley & M"''' Sarah Parker, of S' James, Westm''
Feb. 17 M"' Edward HiDstoii & M" Ann Sumner
Feb. IS M'' Christopher Musgrave & M'''' Katherine Wright, of >S' John the

Evangelist, Westm''
Feb. 18 M'' Abraham Weber & M" Mary Quant, of S' Mart, in the I'^ields
Feb. 19 M'' John Newman & M''^ Grace Perkins, of Kensington, Midd.
Feb. 19 Mf William Freeman & M^^^ Jane Freeman, of Whitechapel
Feb. 19 M' William James & M''^ Mary Blaeklock, of S' Ann's, Westm"'
Feb. 19 M'' James Noakes & M" Mary Cristnem, of S' Olave's, Silver Str., Lond.
Feb. 20 M'' John Dodwell, of Bentley, co. Southampt., & M" Mary Trigg, of

Ash, CO. Surry ; by Lie. Abp.
Feb. 20 M"' Jeremiah Keys, of C'lieshunt, Herts, & M" Elizabeth Bissell, of

Stratford, Essex
Feb. 20 M'' Robert Meclough & M" Mary Clark, of Houndsditch, London
Feb. 20 M"" Peter Harris & M''" Ann Dolly, of S' Ann's, Westm -
Feb. 20 M'- Thomas Billings, of S' George's, Han' Sq., & M'= Elizabeth Joy, of

S' Martin's le Grand
Feb. 21 M"' William Dewickbinmore & M" Mary Ryder, of Shoreditch, Lond.
Feb. 21 M - William Kirklaud, of S' Maryl'abon, Midd., & M"-^ Fletcher

Anderson, of Basaishaw, London
Feb. 21 M-^ Thomas Revnolds & M''' Mary Brewster, of S' Andrew's, Holborn
Feb. 24 M' James Farrel, of S' James's, Westm^ & M''^ Jane Bats, of

S' Marylabon, Midd.
Feb. 24 Mr John Blake & M" Elizabeth Hopkins, of Aldgate, London
Feb. 24 M'' Thomas Pierson, of S' Pancras, Midd., & M''^ Mary Simson, of

S' Ann's, Westm''
Feb. 24 M"- John Smith & M"-" Mary Melton, of Whitechapel, London
Feb. 24 M'' Charles Bowers & M" Sally Harrison, of S' Clement's Danes
Feb. 24 M'' Charles Hall & M" Ann Merry, of S' Buttolph's, Bishopsgate
Feb. 24 M'' John Kibel, of Plumstead, Kent, & M™ Honoria Haddon, of

Whitechapel, Lond.
Feb. 24 M"- Thomas Nowland & M"^^ Honnor Cobbold, of Shoreditch, London
Feb. 25 M' Francis Thornborrow & M'^ Ann MiUichamp, of White Fryars,

Feb. 26 M'' John Gotlopstag [sic] & Louisa Cope, of S' James's, Westm''
Feb. 26 M'' Robert Beeton & M"-' Mary Brodek, of Newing Butts
Feb. 26 M'' Henry Skeat & M'^ Mary Skeat
Feb. 26 M' Samuel Perrimau & M'^ Catherine Praukland, of S' James's, Westm''

ST. George's chapel, htde park corner. 45

Feb. 26 M'- Joseph Le Clove, of S' George's, Han - Sq., & M"-^ Ann Hadlesey, of

S' Margaret's, Westm"'
Feb. 26 M'' Joseph Mickiethwait & M" Eebecca Shearman, of S' Bartholomew

the Great, Lond.
Pcb. 26 M' William Wolf, of 8' James, Westm^ & M'-= Alice Williams, of

S' Martin's in the Fields
Feb. 26 M"' Geora;e Cocksedge & M"'' Mary Pitts, of S' Clement's Danes
Feb. 26 M'' William Banyar, of Lambeth, Surry, & M« Margery A.yres, of

S' Mary 1 ebon, Midd.
Feb. 28 Mr Philip Jenepe & M''^ Jane Lankister, of S' Marg^^ Westm'
Mar. 3 M'' John Jones, of S' Mary Athill, & M" Elizabeth Freeman, of

S' Swithin's, Cannon Street, Lond.
Mar. 5 M"' John Sparling & M"'^ Dorothy Binnell, of S* Giles's in the Fields
Mar. 7 M'' Eeuben Gilbert & M" Martha Adderlev, of S' James, Westm"'
Mar. 7 M'' John Wite Taylor & M"' Edith Shird
Mar. 9 M"' Robert Frogley, of S* George's, Bloomsbury, & M" Margaret Smith,

of Hampstead, Midd.
Mar. 9 M' Edmund Pottecary & ]M'=' Mary Grey, of S' Marylebon, Midd.
Mar. 10 M'' Samuel Marriot & M''^ Sarah Bisshopp

Mar. 10 M'' Peter Pesser (or Pessez) & M"* Hannah Brown, of S' Ann's, Westm''
Mar. 10 M'' Jeremiali Flack & M" Mary Abrams, of S' James, Westm''
Mar. 17 M'' Isaac Leott & M'^ Sarah Leott, of S' George's, Bloomsbury
Mar. 17 M'' Edward Price & M''^ Jane Williams
Mar. 17 M"' Robert Hughes & M''^ Martha Wilson
Mar. 17 M'' Roger Allen, of Newton S' Patrock, Devon, & M''= Elizabeth Peel,

of Lambeth, Surry
Mar. 17 M'' James Keating & M''= Einor [sic] Martin, of 8' James, Westm'
Mar. 18 M'' Thomas Perce & M'''* Susanna Blanchead

Mar. 19 M"' Nathaniel Beadle & M'^ Mary Gamble, of S' Michael's in S' Alban's
Mar. 19 Thomas Wheeler, of Tunbridge, co. Kent, & M''^ Northorp, of S' Mary,

Islington, Midd.
JIar. 20 M'' John Bryan & M'^ Alice Hope, of Christ Church, London
Mar. 22 M"' Robert "Wright & M'''' Isabella Dekyser, of S^ John's, Wapping
Mar. 23 M'' James Truehy & M''" Elizabeth Bowkey, of S' James, Westm"^
Mar. 24 M"' John Reed & M" Ann Pinder, of Covent Garden
Mar. 24 M'' Jonathan Armstrong & M'''' Catherine Auson, of Clerkenwell
Mar. 24 M'' Jasper Killick & M''" Jane Propart, of North Hall, Herts
Mar. 24 M'' John Roberts, of S' Catherine Coleman, Feuchurch Street, &

M" JMary Lefever, of S' Magnus, Lond.


Mar. 25 M'' William Stortou & M" Barber Oliver

Mar. 26 M' Michael Peters & M''' Catherine Peters, of S* Bottolph's, Aldgate

Mar. 27 M'' Joseph Piper & M'''^ Elizabeth Sheers, of Walton, Surrey

Mar. 30 M' Martin Hilton & M''^ Mary Sparrow, of Christ-church, Surry

Mar. 30 M' Thomas Morris & M''^ Jane Preston, of S' James, Westm''

Mar. 31 M'' Richard Andrews & M''* Mary Dickinson, of S' James, Westm"^

Mar. 31 M'' John Stephenson & M''" Precilla Coleman

Mar. 31 M'' William Moore, of S' Clement's Danes, & M''= Sarah Coventry, of

S' Martin's in the Fields
Mar. 31 M'' Shepherd Stevens & M''^ Elizabeth White, of Cripplegate
April 2 M'' Joseph Goodburn & M''^ Surah Ladbrook, of S' George's,

April 2 M'' William Essam, of Siiepherton, Midd., & M'''* Jane Mews, of

April 3 M'' William Killick, of Berkshire, & M''' Diana Batcman, of S' James,



April 3 M"' .Tolm Carwell & M''^ Ann Wells, of Fulham
April 4 M>' John Edwards & M'^ Mary Blac-kman, of S' James, Westm''
April 8 M'' Daniel Owen, of Stepney, & M'''' Jane Hays, of Shoreditch
April 9 M' John Eeed, of Wapping, & M" Jane Ballantine, of S' Bartholomew,

Aldgate [sic]
April 12 M'- John Tyrrel, of Poplar, & M'^ Elizabeth Brand, of Shadwell
April 12 M"' Johnson Haley & M" Elizabeth Warner, of Putney, Surry
April 12 M' John Drury & M" Elizabeth Wright

April 13 M - Edmund Aireton & M" Elizabeth Gibbs, of S' James, Westm''
April 13 M - William Woolforrl & M''^ Mary Branch

April 14 M'' John Cuthbertson & M'^ Martha Fliping, of S' Mary Magdalen
April 14 M' John Clough, of S' G-eorge's, South wark, & M" Mary Hill,\if Milton,

CO. Kent
April 14 M' John Welbeloved, of S' Ann's, Aldersgate, & M" Elizabeth Eeed, of

S' Giles, Cripplegate
April 14 M'' Thomas Groubb & M"'= Jane Taylor, of S* Martin's in the Fields
April 14 M'' Peter Syson & M" Elizabeth Green, of S' James's, Westm''
April 14 M"- William Mander & M"'' Elizabeth Spearing, of S' Marylebon
April 14 M'' Thomas Spearing & M''^ Jane Riminton, of S' Marylebon
April 14 M'' Thomas Blunt & M''= Haiinah By, of All Hallows Barkin
April 14 M'' Edmund Howard, of Chelsea, & M''* Elizabeth Holder, of S' Switliia's,

April 14 M'' Edward Cannon & M"^' Elizabeth Tanner, of Christ Church, Surry
April 15 M"' George Posnit & jNl"'^ Sarah Smith, of Fulham, Midd.
April 15 M'' John Coton, of S' George's, Han'' Sq., & M''^ Hannah Downing, of

S' Martin's in the Fields
April 15 M'' Anthony Timms & W^ Hannah Cannon, of S' James, Westm"'
April 15 M'' Abraham Heatley, of S' Catherine Cree Church, & M'^ Hannah

Jones, of S' Catherine's Tower
April 15 M'' John King & M'^ Elizabeth How, of S' James, Westm''
April 15 M"' Thomas jVlurrall & ^i" Sarah Shaflor, of S' Sepulchre's
April 15 M'' Robert Wilson & M'^ Mary Filders, of S' Mary at Hill
April 16 M' Evan Thomas &■ M"'^ Catherine [blank], of S' Margaret's, Westm''
April 10 M'' William Ashlev & M'^ Mary Thatcher, of S' James's, Westm"'
April 16 -M"' Richard Banister & M''^ Mary Older, of S' Stephen's, Coleman Str.
April 16 M"' John Jenkins & M''" Elizabeth Weddered, of Christ Church, Loud.
April 16 M"' Michael Atkins & M''^ Frances Cardigun, of Covent Garden
April 17 M'- Thomas Ormsby & M" Elizabeth JoUy, of S' James's, Westm''
April 17 M"' William Duffin, of S' Marg'=, Westm', & M"'^ Ann Bryan, of

S' James's, Westm''
April 17 M'' Mason Jenkin & M''^ Mary Miles, of Cripplegate, London
April 17 M"' Elijah Godwin & M''" Susannah Stanford
April 17 M' George Massey & M''" Elizabeth Allison
April 18 M'' Henry Coddington & M''" Rachel Journeaulx, of S* Margaret's,

April 18 M"' Lawrance Porter, of S' Mai'tin's in the Fields, & M''^ Ann

Bartholomew, of S' Margaret Moses
April 18 M"' James Gordon, of S' Martin's, & M'^ Sarah Carvell, of S' George's,

Han"' S([.
April 18 M"" John Glover & M''^ Elizabeth Mackye, of Covent Garden
April 19 M"^ Thomas Morgan, of Buckingham, & M"'' Ann Eskriek, of 8' George's,

Han"' Sq"
April 20 M'' Thomas Parrant & W Rachel [hiaiik]
April 21 M'' David Greenwood & M'^ Mary Hall, of S' James's, Westm"'
April 21 M"' Henry Hall, of S' Ann's, & M'" Elizabeth [blank], of 8' Martin's in

the Fields
April 21 M' Charles Friderick Swedes & M" Ann Davis, of S' Martin's iu the


ST. George's chapel, hyde pakk corner. 47

April 21 M' Eobert Loup, of S' Bride's, Fleet Street, & M^^ Anno Legge, of

S' Dunstan's in the West
April 23 M'' Joseph Hiude & M''^ Jane Simons, of Spittlefields
April 23 M'' Thomas Marshall & M" Susanna Eeed, of S' Mary Magdalen,

April 23 M'- Eobert Pitt, of S' Olave's, Crutched Fryers, & M'" Ann Eowley, of

S* Giles in the Fields
April 23 M' William Willcox, of S' George's, Bloomsbury, & M" Jane Martin,

of Clerkenwell
April 23 Benjamin John Boswell & M" Sarah Wood, of Lee, Essex
April 24 M"' John Blyth, of Huntington, & M'"* Elizabeth Pimlott, of S' Luke's,

April 2-1 M"' George Hind & M''^ Mary How, of Edmuntou, Midd.
April 25 M'- John Asby & M''^ Mary Sharp

April 25 M'' Edmund Goodall & M" Sarah Godin, of Kingston, Surry
April 25 M'' Eichard Clark & M''^ Judith Johnson, of Stanwell, Midd.
A pril 26 M'' Henry Daniel & M''^ Elizabeth Sedgley, of Woolwich, Kent
April 26 M'' John Head, of Mitcham, & Ester Hill, of Sutton, both in Surry
April 27 M'' Thomas Morgan & M''^ Mary Page, of Epsom, Surry
April 28 M"' Charles London & M''^ Jane Turner, of Co vent Garden
April 28 M'' William Coward & M''" Mary Barrett, of Covent Garden
April 28 M'' Thomas Morris & M" Sarah Swaine, of Bloomsbury
April 28 M"' James Hamburgh, of S' Margaret's, Fish Street, & Margaret

Holloway, of S' Ann's, Westm''
April 28 M'' Edmund Hays & M''= Isabella Mills, of S' James's, Westm''
April 28 M'' John Yandercom & M''^ Elizabeth Pritlove, of S' A.ndr., Holborn
April 28 M'' Thomas Walsh & M'" Susanna Gall, of S' Olave's, Southwark
April 29 M - William Mew & M'' Elizabeth Eoberts
April 30 M'' Thomas Harvey & M"'^ Hannah Burland, of Bloomsbury
April 30 M'' Thomas Bird & M"'^ Sarah Wealum, of Putney, Surry
May 1 M'' Edward Pasmore & M''" Mary Gill, of Twickenliam, Midd.
May 1 M'' William Hutchins, of S' George's, Han^ Sq., & M''^ Elizabeth Squiers,

of Greenwich, Kent
May 2 M^ James Lies & M'^ Susanna Moore, of Tivickenham, Midd.
May 2 M'' Peter Haywood & M''^ Mary Dancer, of S' Clement's
May 2 M'' John Edgar & M''^ Esther Jeffs, of Lambeth, Surry
May 4 M'' George Penney & M" Hannah Joyce, of Sturminster, Newton

Castle, Dorset
May 4 M"' William Castleman & M'' Susanna Hardy, of S' Saviour's, Southwark
May 5 M'' William Seaddan & M''^ Frances Berwick, of S' .James's, Westm"'
May 6 M' Thomas Ashford & M''" Mary Hubbard, of S' Giles in the Fields
May 7 M'' Humphry Hyatt, of Oxford, & M''^ Sarah GrifSth, of S' Geo.,

Han"' Sq.
May 9 M"' John Earle & M''^ Elizabeth Cooper, of S' Mary Athill, London
May 9 M"' John Markland & JM''' Mary Lower, of Dartford, Kent
May 9 M"' George Eossiler & M" Elizabeth Collerd, of Wiveliscombe,

CO. Somerset
May 11 M' Eichard Walden & M" Mary Brown, of S' Marylebou
May 11 M' George Nichols & M - ^ Mary Smith, of S' Giles in the Fields
May 12 M^ Thomas Hopper & M''^ Catherine Norton, of S* Margaret's,

May 12 M'' Lockyer Evett, of S' Saviour's, Southwark, & M" Ann Leaquit, of

Christ Church, Spittlefields
May 12 M'' John White & M" Susanna Everton, of S' Martin's in the Fields
May 13 M^ Michael Cuft' & M''" Mary Arnull, of Battcrsea, Surry
May 13 M' William Mathews & M''"" Mary Morris, of Edmonton, Midd.
May 13 M"' Edward Peirce & M" Mary Ward
May 14 M'' Henry French & M" Winifred Parsons


May U W George Spark & M''^ Catherine Jason, of S' James's, Westm''
May 14 xM'' George Wisle & M''' Jane Cohvick, of S* Andrew's, Holborn
May 14 M'' Johu'Smith & M''^ Sarah Maguiac, of S» Martin's in the Fields
May 15 M-' Thomas Field & M''^ Esther Dagnall, of Watford, Herts
May 15 M'' Eobert Mundeu, of S' Margaret's, Westm'', & M'^ Margery

Sharrack, of Kensington
May 17 M'' Thomas Petty & M''^ Elizabeth Mountague, of S* James's, Garlick

May 18 M - Edward Woodyear, of S' James's, Westm*', & M''^ Lucy Tuuatall, of

Belfry's, Yorkshire
May 19 M'' Thomas Barrett & M"* Agnes Drew, of S' Ann's, Westm''
May 19 M'' Cliarles Cox & M''^ Jane Whitehead, of S' Ann's, Black Fryers
May 19 M"' William Balston & M''^ Sarah Haves, of S' Dunstan's
May 19 M'' Terry Frynn & M''^ Hannah Chargate
May 19 M'' Thomas 'Chileott & M''^ Elizabeth Ploughman, of S' Margaret's

May 19 M' Thomas Hallett & M'" Catherine Eeames, of Covent Garden
May 19 M'' John Belcher & M'^ Ann Dean, of Isleworth, Midd.
May 19 M^ Edward Clayton & M''^ Mary Creed, of Covent Garden
May 19 M'' Gabriel Tomlinson & M''^ Susanna Eamsdeu, of S' Martin's in the

May 20 M'' Thomas Tardley, of S' George's, Han"' Sq., & M''^ Dorothy Ford, of

S' Marylebou
May 20 M'' John Pain & M."" Elizabeth Saudall, of S' James's, Westm'
May 20 M'' Thomas Marriott & M''» Elizabeth Blewitt, of Cripplegate
May 20 Jl'' Charles Ard & M'^ Mary Walton, of S' Mary le Strand
May 21 M'' William Bradnock & M""* Sarah Woolward
May 21 M'' Eobert Low & M''^ Mary Eeah, of Hay don in Essex
May 22 M' John Sparling, of S' Dunstan's, & M'^ Mary Ladyman, of S' Ann's,

May 22 M' Thomas Ward & M'^ Mary "Underwood, of S* Sepulchre's
May 23 M' Thomas Deal, of S' Martin's in the Fields, & M''= Sarah Hutchinson,

of S' Margaret's
May 23 M'' John Scott & M'^ Sarah M-^Michael, of Chelsea, Middx.
May 23 M' George Gardiner, of Shadwell, & M''-' Elinor Calender, of

S"^ Dunstan's
May 24 M>' Charles Freeman, of S' James's, Westm', & M" Ann Weleton, of

S' Martin's in the Fields
May 25 M' Eobert Cowie & M>'^ Eose Clark, of S' Stephen's, Bristol
May 25 M>' John Booth & M'^ Mary Booth, of S' John the Evangelist
May 26 M' John Edwards & M''" Ann Bassett, of S' James's, Westm''
May 26 M' Stephen Osmore & M'^ Elizabeth Gillam
May 26 M' William Boyer & iM'^ Sarah Cole, of Tedington, Midd.
May 26 M"' George Weddel & M''^ Mary Gibson, of S' Bartholomew the Less
May 26 M'' Tliomas Munn & M''^ Sarah Haslip, of S' John the Evang*
May 27 M'' John Barrow & M'' Mary Allen, of Windsor
May 27 M'' Heniy Copleston & M''" Jane Waller, of Coleman Street
May 28 M'' Francis Powell & M''" Sarah Mann

May 28 M'' John Harris Trcvannion & M'" Martha Barge, of Fulham, Midd.

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