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May 29 M' James Crouch & M'^ Elizabeth Snow, of S' Marylebon
May 30 M' John Killbey, of Grace Church Street, & M'^' Mary Hodson, of

Mav 30 M' Alexander Sinklar & M''= Sarah Bill, of S' James's, Westm'
May 30 M' John Vockins & M" Barbra Brooks

May 30 M' James Pew, of Eotherhith, & M'^ Lydia Smith, of S' Bennet's
May 30 M' Thomas Deal, of Sunbury, & M''« Jane Boney
June 1 M'' Henry Booth & M'= Mary Skaife
June 1 M' Thomas Hooker & M'^ Elizabeth Hancock, of Edmonton, Midd.




June 6 M







June 12

June 15
June 16

June 16
June 16
June 17
June 18

June 18





June 20
June 22
June 23
June 23
June 23
June 23
June 2-1
June 21<
June 25
June 26
June 26
June 2G
June 26
June 26

June 27

ST. George's chapel, htde park corner. 49

M^ James Desloge & M" Eebecca Testard, of S' Giles in the Fields

M'' Eichard Conder & M''= Elizabeth Knight, of S' Clemout's

M"' Samuel Proctor & M" Ann Close, of S' James's, Westm''

M'' James Watson & M" Christian Richardson

M' Ralph Ferryman & M'^ Lois Worter, of Fulham, Midd.

M'' Francis Rauolow & M''^ Grace Hayter

M' John Card, of S' Martin's in the Fields, & M" Mary Petfc, of

S* George, Han'' Sq.
M' Benjamin Deacon & M" Martha Watson, of S' Andr., Holbom
'"'' John Randoll & M'' Hannah Binyan, of Cheam, Surry

Peter Arnaud & M''^ Charity Goffe (or Soffe), of S' James's,

Griffith Jones, of S' Giles's in the Fields, & M" Jane Gilles, of

S' Ann's, Westm'
Robert Gordon & M''^ Jane Walker, of S' Margaret's, Westm'
John Newman & M" Ann Howell, of S' Gabriel, Fenchurch Street
M'' Francis Gouger & M" Mary Clark, of S' James's, Westm''
M"- John Pugh & M" Mary Malby

M'' William Wood & M" Elizabeth Walker, of S' James's, Westm'
M'' John Rawlinson, of Christ Church, Newgate Street, & M'' Elizabeth

Dean, of S' Botolph, Aldersgate
M' Augustus Friard & M''^ Sarah Savage
M"" Edward Ladbrook, of S' James's, Westm', & M" Sarah Jones, of

S' Martin's in the Fields
M' Thomas Perry & M'^ Mary Rudge, of S' James's, Westm'
M' Mathias Brown & M'" Elizabeth Franklin, of Cripplegate
M' John Hornby & M'^ Esther Woods, of S' Andr., Holborn
M' Nathaniel Hancock, of S' Stephen's, Coleman Street, & M" Jane

Griffith, of Lothbury
M'' William Stokes Morley & M'^ Mary Ann Dansays, of S' Giles's

in the Fields
M' John Gray & M" Mary Cuer, of S' Andrew's, Holborn
M' Jasper Gale Middleton, of S' Catherine Cree Church, &
M" Elizabeth Ashbey, of Whitechapel
Robert Bull & M" Mary Stiles, of Wandsworth, Surry
Jonathan Pain & M'^ Elizabeth Spcncely, of S' James's, Westm'
William Diens & M" Mary Dench, of Moulsham, Esses
David Evans & M'= Ann Powell, of S' Ann's, Westm'
Richard Hickson & M'= Elizabeth Buckingham
Joseph Haynes & M'' Elizabeth Morris, of S' Martin's in the Fields



M' John Vanderflam & M''* Sarah Cooper, of S' Martin's in the Fields

M'' Paul Ferment & M'^ Margaret Harrison, of S' Bartholomew the Less

M' Jeremiah 0' Conner & M'' Elizabeth Warner

M' Richard Hosier & M'^ Elizabeth Jones, of S' James, Clerkenwell

M' William Ward & M'= Sarah Randle

M' John Newall & M'^ Mary Corbett

M' Joseph Bellingham & M'^ Susanna WiUiams

M' James Rose & M'' Elizabeth Sharp

M' William Sutton & M'= Elizabeth Fisher, of S' James, Westm'

M' Thomas James, of S' Margaret's, & M'^ Jane Payne, of S' John's,

M' William Pryor Johnson, of S' Andrew's, Holborn, & M" Elinor

Cress, of Allhallows Barking
29 M' Thomas Simpkiu & M'" Mary Smallwood, of Allhallows, London

29 M' Thomas Brown & M'^ Mary Lewis, of S' Marylebon

30 M' Francis Hobman & M" Agnes Hall, of S* Margaret's, Westm'

30 M' William Noulton & M'« Sarah Willis, of S' Martin's in the Fields
30 M' John Dore & M" Ann Paine, of S' Giles's in the Fields


June 30 M'' Samuel G-arwood & M"'" Ann Times, of Poplar
June 30 M' Eobert Fox & M''" Hannali Miunitt, of S' Laurence Jewry,

June 30 M' Joseph Lee & M" Mary Trewren, of S' Martin's in the Fields
July 2 M" Benjamin Clark, of Mortlack, & M'= Sarah Bell, of Chiswick
July 2 M'' George Shelton &^i'^ Ann Haynes, of S' Martin's in the Fields
July 2 M'' John Yearley, of S' Marylebon, & 1M« Mary Coleman, of S' George's,

July 4 M'' Benjamin Morris & M" Ann Allard, of S' Andrew's, Holborn
July 4 M' Daniel Eogers & M''* Sarah PeTinyfeather, of Shoreditch
July 5 M'' "William Gee & M''= Ann Wallis, of S' Peter's in S' Alban's
July 6 M'' Robert Eow & M"'^ Mary Eichardson, of S' Olave's, Southwark
July 7 M'' Wilham Pinson & M''" Marv Alcock, of S' Luke's, Midd.
July 7 M' G-eorge Day, of Cricklad, 'Wilts, & M''^ Martha Diana Marsh, of

S' George the Martyr
July 7 M' Thomas Cetle & M'^ Ann Hill, of Force Hill, co. Warw.
July 7 M' Joseph Trebell, of S' Dunstan's in the West, & M" Mary Burnet,

of S' Clement Danes
July 8 M"' Ephraim Holt & M" Mary Hooper, of Fnlham, Middx.
July 9 M' Daniel Gates, of S' Paul's, & M" Ann Bowsell, of S' Luke's,

CO. Midd.
July 10 M'' Joseph Heywood, of S' Olave's, Hart Street, & M" Cornelia Crawley,

of Christ Church, London
July 10 M'' Eichard Bentley & M" Mary Taylor, of Hampstead, Middx.
July 10 The Eev. M - Thomas Troutbeck, of Crofts, co. Leic, & M" Lucy

Hawley, of Wellinborough, co. Northamp.
July 11 M'' James Tipson & M'^ Martha Micthell [sic']
July 11 M'- Thomas Woods & M'^ Elizabeth Lyde, of White Church, Midd.
July 11 M' Hugh Corkhill & M^s Susanna Bell, of S' John's, Wapping
July 12 Mr Thomas Bell & M"'^ Mary Gibson, of S' Martin's in the Fields
July 13 M' Henry Crisp & M" Elinor Eudge

July 14 M"' John Balm & M" Sarah Brewerton, of Lambeth, Surrey
July 14 M"^ John Freadrick Klotz, of S' Martin's in the Fields, & M'^ Mary

Hancock, of S' Ann's, Westm''
July 14 M' Eobert Gould & M" Elizabeth Ferret, of Littleton, Middx.
July 14 M'' Gilbert Wintle & M''' Elizabeth Martin, of S' Magnus, London
July 14 M'' John Herring & M" Alice Clark, of S' Catherine Cree Church,

July 14 M'' Thomas Lane, of S' Andrew's, Holborn, & M''^ Susanna Stanford,

of S' Marylebon
July 14 M"" John Spink & M'= Sarah Balm, of Lambeth, Surry
July 15 M"' John Fougeron, of S* Ann's, Westm', & M'^ Eachel Bradshaw, of

S' Martin's in the Fields
July 16 M"' James Price & M^« Elizabeth Ogden, of S' Martin's in the Fields
July 17 M'' William Potter & M" Mary Pitt, of S' Margaret's, Westm''
July 18 M'' Eichard Cartwright & M'^ Mary Scott, of Stepney, Middx.
July 18 M' Joseph Brown & M''" Deborah Edwards, of S' Mary le Bow,

July 20 M'' Eobert Alder, of Woolwich, Kent, & M" Eebecca Eeynolds, of

the same
July 20 M' Charles Levett & M''= Mary Gilmer, of S* Andrew's, Holborn
July 21 M'' Anthony Montel & M''" Sarah Cobbett, of S* Martin's in the Fields
July 21 M' Samuel Latham & M"'' Eachel Clifton, of Wandsworth, Surry
July 21 My Gilbert Lindsley & M''' Ann Wilson, of S' James's, Westm"'
July 21 M'' John Hand & M'^ Mary Cade, of S' John's, Southwark
July 21 M' Shedgwick [sic] & M" Mary Bessand, of S' Ann's, Westm'
July 22 M' William Heath, of Hanwell, Midd., & M" Jane Nisbitt, of Ealing,

ST. George's chapel, hyde park corner. 51

July 24 M'' Humphrey Mayors & M" Olive Allford, of S' George's m the East
July 25 M'' Jonathan Potter & M" Esther Adams, of S' James's, Westm''
July 25 M' William Douglass & M" Mary Lewis, of S' Martin's in the Fields
July 25 M"' Samuel Bowen & M" Elizabeth Darby, of S' Botolpb, Bishopsgate
July 25 M' Eichard Morris, of S' Martin's in the Fields, & M" Jane Stowel, of

S' George's, Hau"^ Sq.
July 26 M"- Thomas Miller & M" Elizabeth Sturges, of S' Mary, Whitechapel
July 28 M"^ John Gage & M" Elizabeth Savage
July 28 Ml- Edward Kynaston & M'^ Mary Griffiths, of S' Martin's in the

July 28 M'' Joseph Barnfather & M" Jane Grove, of Rugby, co. Warw.
July 28 M'' William Barker & M" Mary Hall, of S' Bartholomew near the Royal

July 28 M' Robert How, of Eotherhith, & M" Mary Harpley, of S' Olave,

Hart Street
July 29 M^ William Elkins & M" Judith Allen, of S' Marylebon
July 29 M' Matthew Brown, of S' Margaret's, Westm^ & M" Mary Taylor, of

Ealing, Middx.
July 30 M"' John Hatch & M''^ Martha [_blank], of Covent Garden
July 30 M - James Dellemore, of S' James's, Westm', & M'^ Elizabeth Webb, of

S' Giles in the Fields
July 31 M"- Thomas Burnbe & M'^ Jane Boulter
July 31 M>- William Court, of S' Andrew's, Holborn, & M" Mary Maning, of

Stanmore, Middx.
July 31 M'- Edward Greening, of S' Aldayt's, Oxford, & M" Elizabeth Picart, of

Tetsworth, co. Oxon
July 31 M'' William Burridge & M"-^ Elizabeth Kilbey, of S' John's, Wapping
Aug. 1 M"' Robert Mi'Laran & M" Susanna BlondoU, of S' George's, Middx.
Aug. 2 M'' Joseph Ham & M" Hannah Phillips, of S' Clem'' Danes
Aug. 3 M"' Samuel Exley & M" Ruth Humby
Aug. 3 M"- Benjamin Osborn, of S' Marylebon, & M" Elizabeth Mouutford, of

Hanwell, Midd.
Aug. 3 M'' Richard Scriven & M" Frances Potter
Aug. 4 M"' John Votier & M" Mary Binks, of S' Margaret's, Westra''
Aug. 4 M"' John Willcoxson & M" Martha Waide, of S' Giles in the Fields
Aug. 4 M' William Sharp & M" Ann Ranall, of S' Bartholomew the Great,

Aug. 4 M"^ John Cole, of Twickenham, Midd., & M'^ Sarah Digory, of Chertsey,

Aug. 4 M^ John Waterhouse & M" Catherine Richards, of Whitechapel
Aug. 5 M"' William Gurney & M'^ Elizabeth Carter, of Abby Parish,

S' Alban's
Aug. 5 M'' Burgess Yearwood & M" Catherine Gowers, of S' Margaret's,

Aug. 5 M'' Gavin Storie & M" Elizabeth Atkins, of S' Martin's in the Fields
Aug. 6 M' WiUiam Douglas, of S' Martin's in the Fields, & [blank]
Aug. 7 M' Isaac Power & M" Sarah Lloyd, of Greenwich, Kent
Aug. 7 M"- James Andrews, of S' Bartholomew the Great, & M" Elizabeth

Cobham, of Aldgate
Aug. 8 M'' William Walker & W^ Magdalen Giles, of S' Martin's in the

Aug. 8 M' Joseph Man & M^s Ruth Martin, of Stratford le Bow
Aug. 9 M"' Richard Warner & M'' Sarah AUday
Aug. 9 M'' William Kay & Ann Mantle
Aug. 9 M' Edward Strode, of S' Andrew's, Holbom, & M" Lucy Naemy [sic]

Gough, of S' Clement's Danes
Aug. 10 M'' John Walker & M''^ Mary Melley
Aug. 11 M"' Robert Cobham & M'^ Sarah Salt, of S' Martin's in the Fields



Aug. 11 M'' George Siegmond & M"'" Anu Crosswell, of S"- Giles m the Fields
Aug. 11 M - Eichard Wilson & M"-^ Mary Simkius, of S' James's, Westm'-
Aug. 11 M' Thomas Hutt & M" Mary Hobbins, of S' Saviour's, Southwark
Aug. 11 M' Thomas Wimberley, of Lambeth, Surry, & M''^ Elizabeth Deunett, of

8' John's, Southwark
Aug. n M'- Eobert Eaiusdon & M" Elizabeth Maskall, of S' George's,

Aug. 12 M'' William Francis & M'= Sarah Ellis, of S' Sepulchre's, London
Aug. 13 M' Thomas Broadhurst & M''= Mary Booth
Aug. 13 M - William Cockell, of S' Clement's Danes, & M - ^ Elizabeth Bradley,

of S' Bartholomew the Great, London
Aug. 14 M"' Henrv Fludger & M"'^ Jane Lumley, of S' Hellen's, Berkshire
Aug. 15 M"- James Jobbins & M'^ Ann Jones, of S' Margaret's, Westm'
Aug. 16 M'' John Eubauck & M'^ Elizabeth Thompson
Aug. 17 M"- Thomas Spiers & M''^ Sarah Burch
Aug. 18 M' Eobert Mitchell & M" Margery Cook, of S' George's, EadclifE

Aug. 18 M'' Francis Stark & M''" Martha Orom, of S' James, Westm""
Aug. 18 M - Gilbert Brown, of S' Mary, Billingsgate, & M" Ann Cox, of

S' Bennet's, Grace Church Street, London
Aug. 19 M' Eichard Petty & M" Sarah Vaill, of Mitcham, Surry
Aug. 21 M'' Samuel Predmore & M" Sarah Drake, of S' Sepulchre's, Lond.
Aug. 21 M'' James Burchall, of S' Stephen's, Coleman Street, Lond., &

M" Elizabeth Beard, of S' Margaret's, Westm"'
Aug. 22 M'' Ealpli Turner & M''^ Sarah King
Aug. 24 M' Charles Cuthbert Ogle, of Covent Garden, & M" Elinor Cook, of

S*- Dunstan's in the West
Aug. 25 M' Thomas Daynes & M - ^ Elizabeth Hurst, of S' Martin's Outwich,

Aug. 25 M"' James Pulsford & M'" Sarah Blackburn, of S' James's, Westm'
Aug. 25 M' James Hollis, of Fulham, Midd., & M'''' Martha Lovejoy, of

Aug. 25 M^ Lewis Nocre & M''" Ann Coleman, of S' Martin's in the Fields
Aug. 25 M'' Stephen Hare & M''" Bethiah Warmull, of Christ Church, Spittle

Aug. 25 Ml" Thomas Morton & M'" Mary Ecad, of S' James's, Westm"-
Aug. 25 M' John Ward & M''^ Susanna Williams, of the Liberty of the EoUs,

Aug. 25 M"' George Wharton & M'" Mary Lambert, of S* Bride's, Lond.
Aug. 25 M"' Evan Jones & M^^ Martha Wibben, of S' Mary, Whitechapel
Aug. 25 M"- John Mellish & M" Sarah Garn, of S« Mary, Whitechapel
Aug. 26 M^ George Wilks & M''" Mary Wood, of S' George's in the East, Lond.
Aug. 26 M"- John Applebee & M" Ann Clifford, of S* James's, Westm''
Aug. 26 M'- Eobert Eogers, of Bletchley, & M'^= Mary Waller, of Rygate in

Aug. 26 M'' John Eichards & M" Mary Davies, of S' John's, Southwark
Aug. 26 M'' Thomas GrifBtlis & M''" Ann Maria Colton, of Giles's, Cripplegate
Aug. 27 M'' Edward Plowman & M'= Auu Wise

Aug. 27 M'- William Thomas & M" Jane Trotter, of S' Andrew's, Holborn
Aug. 27 M" Peter Nicholson, of S' George's, Bloomsbury, & M" Esther

Villepierre, of S' Ann's, S' Martin's le Grand
Aug. 28 M"' Philip Hughes & M''^ Elizabeth Newman, of Chelsea, Midd.
Aug. 29 M"' John Panter, of Wharton, co. Northampt., & M" Ann Eussell, of

Greenwich, Kent
Aug. 29 M"- John Dodd, of S' Clement's Danes, & M" Elizabeth Dryer, of

S' James's, Westm''
Aug. 31 M"' Eichard Burrow & M" Mary Favell, of S' James's, Clerkenwell
Aug. 31 M'- John Hawkins & M'^ Sarah Low, of Clielsea, Midd.

ST. George's chapel, htbe park corner. 53

Aug. 31 M' Erasmus Carter, of Newington, Midd., & M" Elizabeth Snead, o£

S' Stephen's, Coleman Street, Lond.
Sep. 1 M' Francis Standfast & M" Susanna Bye, of S' Catherine Creechurch,

Sep. 1 M'' William Sardgersou, of Kensington, Midd., & M''^ .lane Waterman,

of S' George's, Han'' Sq.
Sep. 1 »!■■ Thomas Gatton & M"'" Mary Boorer, of Ewell, Surry
Sep. 3 M'' Charles Solcirol & M''' Jane Crouch, of S' .James's, Westm"'
Sep. 4 M'' Thomas Jobbius & M" Sarah Demaus, of Kensington, Midd.
Sep. 5 M'^ James Fletcher & M" Elizabeth Havy, of London Wall
Sep. 6 M'' Thomas Gray, of S' James, Westm'', & M" Grace Swift, of

Chelsea, Midd.
Sep. 8 M'' William Mayn & M" Mary Collings, of S' Martin's in the Fields
Sep. 8 M'' George Harvey & M''^ Sarah Phillips

Sep. 8 M'- Nicholas Cordall & M''' Philadelphia Clement, of S' James's, AVestm^
Sep. 8 M'' Charles Wright, of S' Mary Somerset, & M''" Mary Martin, of

Sep. 8 M' John Smaile, of S' Margaret's, Westm', & M'^ Ann Greathead, of

S' James's, Westra''
Sep. 9 M"' Josiah Hunsdon & M"^" Mary King, of Ware, co. Herts
Sep. 9 M'- Thomas Woolley & M" Ann Westley, of S' Sepulchre's, Lond.
Sep. 9 M"" Eobert Bruce & M'= Elizabeth Turner, of S' John's, Wapping
Sep. 9 M'' Joseph Callow & M''^ Sarah Randall, of S' Peter's, Westm'
Sep. 10 M'' John Farr & M'''' Sarah Baily, of S' Giles's, Cripplegate
Sep. 10 M'' Andrew Miller & M>'^ Elizabeth [blank], of S' Martin's in the Fields
Sep. 10 M'' Henry Harry & M''^ Jane King, of S' Martin's in the Fields
Sep. 10 M' Michael Tims, of Edgware, & M" Ann Higgs, of Harrow, Midd.
Sep. 11 M'' William Cobham & M''^ Margaret Cudbert, of Kensington, Midd.
Sep. 14 M'' Ambrose Lendey & M''^ Mary Dumbell, of S' Luke's, Midd.
Sep. 15 M'' Peter Bezantee & M" Ann Faulcon, of S' Margaret's, Westm''
Sep. 16 M'' James Fairland, of S' Mary Woolnoth, & M''^ Ann Sadler, of S' Mary

le Bow
Sep. 16 M>' Henry Eowlatt & M" Catherine May, of S' Andrew's, Holborn
Sep. 16 M'' Joseph Sewell, of Aldgate, & M"'^ Jane Owen, of Paternoster Row
Sep. 16 M'' William Gallaway, of S' James's, Clerkenwell, & M''^ Sarah Sturges,

of SI- Faith's
Sep. 17 M'' John Greenaway & M'^ Catherine Hamilton
Sep. 17 M"' John Smith & M'= Martha Earle, of S' John the Evangelist
Sep. 17 M'' Robert Maver & M" EHzabeth Nash, of S' Martin's in the Fields
Sep. 18 Mf John Tuart & M" Ann Redgate

Sep. 19 M"' James Nasmith & M« Mary Barthol, of Thorpley, Surry
Sep. 21 M'' Thomas James & M''» Margaret Aisley, of S' Thomas's, Bristol
Sep. 22 Mr John Archbold & M" Margaret Armstrong, of S' Giles's in the

Sep. 22 M"- Richard Zallwood & M" Edith Strong, of Deptford, Kent
Sep. 23 M>- John Corpe & M - ^ Lydia Corpe

Sep. 24 M'' Septimus Musket & M" Mary Maynard, of S' Luke's
Sep. 24 M'' James Purkess & M" Sarah Lawrence, of Colchester, Essex
Sep. 25 Mf William Hall, of S' Mary Magdalen, Southwark, & M"''* Catherine

Hooper, of the same
Sep. 25 M'' James Wingate & M" Mary Field, of Hampstead, Midd.
Sep. 26 M"' George Pow & M''^ Elizabeth Don, of S' James's, Westm'
Sep. 26 M' Francis Allen, of Whitechapel, & M" Martha Mason, of Newington

Sep. 26 M'' Elisha Turner & M" Jane Newbery, of S' Giles in the Fields
Sep. 27 M'' John Parker & M" Hannah Brownsword, of S' James, Westm''
Sep. 28 M'' Henry Mayson & M''" Mary Joynes, of New Brentford, Midd.
Sep. 29 M'' John Mottershed & M'''' Mary Flower, of S' James's, Westm'


Sep. 29 M"' Joseph Edwards & M" Elizabetli Johnson
Sep. 29 M"- John Stevens, of S' George's, Han"- Sq., & M'^ Mary Smith, of

S' James's, Westni''
Sep. 29 M"' Anthony Harriug & 'W'' Mary Hickman, of New Windsor
Sep. 29 M"' Edward Posbrook, of Stoerton, Shropshire, & M''^ Elizabeth

Farriuton, of the Liberty of Westm'
Oct. 1 M' John Hart & M^^ Mary Braabrooek, of S' Giles in the Fields
Oct. 2 M'' Joseph Stanley & M" Jane Stanley, of Whitechapel
Oct. 3 M'' John Monkliouse, of S' Dunstan's in the West, & M'" Mary Stanton,

of S' Martin's in the Fields
Oct. 4 M - Edward Inskip & M'' Elizabeth Hide, of S' Martin's, Ludgate
Oct. 5 M"- Edward Walker & M" Mary Margerum, of S' Martin's in the Fields
Oct. 6 M'' Joseph Wall & M''^ Mary MaskcaU, of S' Dunstan's in the West
Oct. 6 M - Robert Turner & M" Frances Goddard, of S' James, Westm"-
Oct. 7 M'' Samuel Bublock, of S' Clement's Danes, & M" Ann Roper, of

S' George's, Han"' Sq.
Oct. 8 M'' Thomas Keene, of co. Surry, & M" Sarah Carver, of Tignall,

CO. Derby
Oct. 8 M'' Isaac Dejardin, of S' Peter's, Canterbury, & M^^^ Susanna Thorel, of

S' James's
Oct. 10 M'' Richard Burton, of Stepney, & M" Mary Boswell, of Croydon, Surry
Oct. 10 M' John Fisher, of Shoreditch, & M''^ Mary Smith, of Old Street
Oct. 10 M'- William Peartree, of S' Marylebon, & M''^ Sarah Symonds, of

S' Clement's Danes
Oct. II M"' John Askew, of Whitechapel, & M.^^ Mary Francis, of S' Mary

Oct. 13 M"- Thomas Whiting & M''^ Frances WaUis
Oct. 13 M'' Henry Spencer & M''* Rebecca Barker, of Lambeth, Surry
Oct. 14 M'' William Staekhouse, of S' Buttolph's, Aldersgate, & M" Sarah

Hodges, of S' Leonard, Coleman Street
Oct. 14 Mr Richard Bird & M" Hannah Justice, of S' James, Westm'
Oct. 15 M'- Henry_ Fudge, of S' Margaret's, Westra - , & M''^ Elizabeth Shrepell,

of Basiug Hall, London
Oct. 15 M"- William Weston & M« Rachel Fairfield, of Hackney
Oct. 17 M"- John Sanders & M"*' Sarah Weller, of Twiteuham, Middx.
Oct. 17 M"' William Kilpton & M" Mary Seaton
Oct. 18 M'' John Toppinger, of New Windsor, & M'^ Susanna Hopkings, of

Langley, Middx. [s/c]
Oct. 19 M"' Joseph Mills & M^^ Sarah Maddocks, of Ham'ersmith, Middx.
Oct. 19 M"- Henry Warner & M'^ Elizabeth Smith, of S' James's, Westminster
Oct. 19 M'' John'WooUer, of Clerkenwell, & M"-^ Ann Case, of Stepney
Oct. 20 M'' Francisco Sisco, of S' Catherine's, Wapping, & M" Mary Tweedy,

of S' George's East
Oct. 20 M'- John Knowles, of Christ Church, Southwark, & M'^^ Sarah White, of

the same
Oct. 20 M'' Richard Turuer & M" Ann Daking, of Christ Church, Spittlefields
Oct. 21 M' Joseph Medley & M'^ Mary Rogers, of S' Bartholomew the Great,

Oct. 21 M' Thomas Leett, of S' Benard's [sic], Middx., & M"'^ Rebecca Wittaker,

of S' Martin's in the Fields
Oct. 22 M - Thomas Kirkly & M'^ Sarah Page, of Stepney
Oct. 22 M"- William Bower & M'' Mary Whitely, of S' Andrew's, Holborn
Oct. 23 M'- Alexander Allfree & M'^ Elizabeth Haydon, of Croydon, Surry
Oct. 23 M"- William Reading, of S' John's, Westm"-, & M - ^ Katherine Gibbs, of

S' Andrew's, Holborn
Oct. 24 M' David Munro & M'''' Mary Hally, of S' Martin's in the Fields
Oct. 24 M'' John Edwards Enoch, of Blackfryers, & M" Mary Hancock, of

S' Andrew's Warbrocke [sic]

ST. George's chapel, hyde pabk corner. 55

Oct. 25 M'' Benjamin Harris & M" Jane Baker, of Brumley, Kent
Oct. 26 M'' George Atherfold & M''^ Elizabetli Cheeseman, of Tunbridge, Kent
Oct. 26 M'' Ingram Combes, of S' Marylebon, & M''" Susanna Surrell, of

S' George's, Han'' Sq.
Oct. 27 M'' John Cooke & M"'" Eachel Morgan, of S' Saviour's, Southw''
Oct. 27 M'' Samuel Thomas & M'" Mary King, of Christ Church, Southw''
Oct. 27 M"- Charles Long & M''^ Sarah Cook, of S' Martin's in the Fields
Oct. 27 M"' Samuel Brotherton & M'''* Mary Goodman

Oct. 27 M - John Cooper, of Cranford, & W' Ann Edwards, of Southall, Middx.
Oct. 27 M"' Charles Greensay, of Christ Church, & M" Grace Boughton, of

Kensington, Middx.
Oct. 27 M'' Eobert Brymer & M" Margaret Hogg, of S' Margaret's, Westm'
Oct. 27 M' John Webb, of S' George's in the East, & M''^ Elizabeth Ebith, of

Allballows, London Wall
Oct. 27 M'' George King & M'** Jane May, of S' James, Westm'
Oct. 27 M' John Upsdale & M"'' Mary Percival, of S' Marylebon
Oct. 28 M"' Richard Eogers & M''= Jane Lunn, of S' Saviour's, Southwark
Oct. 29 M"' Eobert Boone, of S' Stephen's, Wallbrook, & M"'* Hannah Wakeman,

of Hampatead
Oct. 30 M'' Eichard Eousc & M''^ Ann Eeppen, of Hampstead, Middx.
Nov. 2 M'' Eobert Carter & M''^ Jane Sarran, of S' Marylebon
Nov. 3 M'^ Ralph Harding & M''^ Betty White, of Covent Garden
Nov. 3 M'' Henry Wignell & M''" Elizabeth Catlen, of S' Sepulchre's, Lond.
Nov. 3 M'' William Stiles & M''^ Catherine Garmes, of S' Martin's iu the

Nov. 5 M' Isaac Goodchild & M'^ Margaret Slaghter, of Esher, Surry
Nov. 5 M'' Eichard Davis & M'^ Sarah Hart, of Kingston, Hampshire
Nov. 6 M'' Paul Coulier & M''^ Sarah Fairbrother, of S' M.argaret's, Westminster
Nov. 7 M"" Eobert Campbell & M''" Mary Watson, of S' James's, Westm^
Nov. 8 M'- Tobias Francis & M'^ Sarah Codd

Nov. 9 M"" Guilbert Falconer & M"'" Mary Anlezark, of S* John's, Wapping
Nov. 9 M'' George Hitchman, of S' James's, Westm'', & M" Mary Adams, of

Richmond, Surry
Nov. 10 M"' Thomas Munt & M" Elizabeth Green, of S* Giles in the Fields
Nov. 10 M'' William Heath & M" Elizabeth James, of S' Martin's in the Fields
Nov. 10 M'' AVilliam Mayston & M" Easter Donfall
Nov. 1-i M'' Thomas Morgan & M''^ Elizabeth Cornforth, of Westm'
Nov. 14 M' Eobert Biggs & M" Elizabeth Harvey, of S' James, Westm'
Nov. 14 M' Charles Fox & M'^ Dolety [sic] Ayliff, of S' George's, Bloomsbury
Nov. 15 M' George Drummond, of S' Dunstan's in the West, & M" Eachel

Hand, of S' Martin's in the Fields
Nov. 17 M' Thomas Falsome & M'"' Ann Maning, of S* Luke's, Old Street
Nov. 17 M' Joseph Cole & M''' Ann Glover, of S' James, Westm''
Nov. 19 M' Charles Tarr & M" Elioner Lowell, of S' Leonard's, Shoreditch
Nov. 19 M'' Frederick Janeret & M''^ Branson, of S' Ann's, Westm'
Nov. 19 M' William Smith, of S' James, Westm', & M»^ Ann Kenton, of

Nov. 20 M' Jeremiah Eapley & M'« Mary Grayham, of S' Giles in the Fields
Nov. 20 M' Moses Yandewall & M" Grace Miller, of S' Mary Overs,

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