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Polly Partridge of Northampton, N. Y., and (2) June 16,
1839, Julia Chappel, widow of Dr. Ithamer C. Day; Betsey;
bom October 1, 1791 ; Joseph, bom July 12, 1789 ; Lois, born
October 25, 1793; Polly, bom February 28, 1796; Daniel,
July 18, 1798; and Sylvester, bom March 4, 1801, died in
June, 1850, at Golden, N. Y.

Augustin McKay (son of Sylvester and Elizabeth (Bos-
tich) McKay), by his first wife, Polly Partridge, had the
following children : Paulina Weed, born February 3, 1813;
Frederick, born June 11, 1814, died August 12, 1881, mar-
ried Louisa Hutchens, daughter of Col. Phineas and Betsey
(Bocker) Hutchens October 8, 1837; Arzena, bom Febru-
ary 10, 1816, died Mrach 16, 1849, married Alexander
Churchell, son of James and Hannah (Dobbs) Churchell;
Lydia Wood, born March 30, 1818, died June 14, 1843; Polly
P., bom September 30, 1821, married Justin N. Knapp, hus-
band dead, and she resides in Cold Brook, Spaff ord, N. Y. ;
and Augustin, bom June 9, 1826, married Sarah A. Mabie,
daughter of Martin and (Gertrude Mabie, he now resides
1601 Boone Ave., Spokane, Washington. Mr. Augustin
McKay had no issue by second wife ; he came to this town
from Otisco, N. Y.

Frederick McKay, (son of Augustin and Polly (Part-
ridge) McKay, by his wife Louisa Hutchens, had two chil-
dren: Perry, bom January 18, 1841, married (1) November
18, 1869, Edna Brownell, daughter of Edward J. and Rachel
(Martin) Brownell, and (2) Abby Arnold, widow of Albert
Carr ; and Mary, born November 20, 1845, died August 31,
1865, unmarried.)


Polly (Partridge) , wife of Augustin McKay. Died June
7, 1838, age 54 years, 1 month, 26 days.

" She has gone to a mansion of rest,
From a region of sorrow and pain,
To the glorious land of the blest
Where she can never suffer again."



Frederick McKay, (son of Augnstin and Polly (Partridge)
McKay) . Died August 19, 1881, age 67 years.

Louisa (Hutchens), wife of Frederick McKay. Died
May 2, 1883, age 67 years.

(She was born in Spafford, October 19, 1815.)

Mary, daughter of Frederick and Louisa (Hutchens)
McKay. Died August 31, 1865, age 19 years.

Birdie, infant daughter of Perry and Edna (Brownell)
McKay. Died July 12, 1871, age 3 days.
" Only sleeping."
(Edna Brownell, first wife of Perry McKay, is also
deceased, and buried in this cemetery ; also one son, Irving,
a youth, and a son, Rause. No stone.)


Edward Mear. Died May 10, 1890, age 34 years.

(Thorn Hill.)

Maria H., wife of James K. Mellen. Died February 27,
1853, in her 57th year.

(James Mellen was a brother of Dr. David Mellen, of
Hudson, N. Y., who married Mary Taft, sister of Bezaleel
and Ellis Taft, of Cold Brook.)

(Cold Brook.)
Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel K. and Ruth C. Mellen. Died
March 5, 1839, age 6 months, 29 days.

(Nathaniel K. Mellen was a nephew of Dr. David
Mellen of Hudson, N. Y.)

(Cold Brook.)

Jabez Melvin. Died December 25, 1856, age 84 years.

(By his wife Rebecca he had the following children:
Abiathar, married (1) Jane Wallace, sister of William and
cousin of John Wallace, and (2) Elizabeth Robertson,
daughter of James J. and Isabel (Eadie) Robertson;
Malinda, died unmarried; Leonard, died unmarried; and
Samantha, died unmarried.)



Rebecca, wife of Jabez Melvin. Died November 7, 1845,
age 73 years.

Abiathar Melvin, (son of Jabez and Rebecca Melvin).
Died May 14, 1852, age 48 years, 28 days.

" Dear companion, thou hast left us,
And thy loss we deeply feel.
But 'tis Gk)d that hath bereft us,
He can all our sorrows heal."
(By his two wives he had five children: Betsey Ann,
died at 16 years ; Calvin A., died at 10 months ; two infant
daughters died in infancy; and James J. Melvin.)


Jane (Wallace) , wife of Abiathar Melvin. Died May 31,
1844, age 33 years, 28 days.

" Afflictions sore a long time she bore.
Physicians were in vain,
'Till God did please to give her ease
And take her from her pain."


Also two infant daughters of Abiathar and Jane (Wal-
lace) Melvin. Died December 2, 1839, and December 23,


Betsey Ann, daughter of Abiathar and Jane (Wallace)
Melvin. Died November 28, 1857, age 16 years, 5 months,
12 days.

Calvin A., son of Abiathar and Elizabeth (Robertson)
Melvin. Died March 7, 1851, age 10 months, 13 days.

Malinda Melvin, (daughter of Jabez and Rebecca Melvin) .
Died October 29, 1875, in the 67th year of her age.

Leonard Melvin, (son of Jabez and Rebecca Melvin).
Died October 4, 1864, age 53 years, 5 months, 29 days.

Samantha Melvin, (daughter of Jabez and Rebecca Mel-
vin) . Died May 23, 1884, age 70 years.



Elizabeth, wife of James Merrit, and daughter of James
and Ann Martindale. Born at Reddington, England,
October 13, 1791. Died March 29, 1845.



Abel Millard. Died October 25, 1885, age 39 years, 9

(He was born in England.)

(Thorn Hill.)


Alexander Mills. Died July 11, 1888, age 98 years.
"Rest in peace."

(Mr. Mills had a daughter, Margaret, who married Alan-
son, Manley, and a son, Alexander, who never came to this
town, but resided in Canada.)


In memory of Timothy Mills. Died April 21, 1818, age
72 years, 5 months, 29 days.

(His wife, Sophia, survived him. Letters of administra-
tion were taken out upon his estate by his son, Isaac Mills,
April 27, 1818.)

(Thorn Hill.)

In memory of Sophia Mills, (wife of Timothy Mills).
Died March 22, 1823, age 78 years, 7 months, 15 days.

(Thorn Hill.)

Isaac Mills, (son of Timothy and Sophia Mills). Died
February 20, 1863, age 83 years.

(Isaac Mills married (1) Polly Berry, sister of Jonathan
Berry, and (2) Prudy Hyde daughter of Oliver and Polly
Hyde. In his will, dated December 19, 1855, probated May
18, 1863. and in the petition presented to Court, mention is
made of the following children : Timothy Mills of Marcellus
(married Polly Wiltsie) ; Betsey Wiltsie of Palermo, Oswego
County, N. Y. ; Ruth Johnson, of Cleveland, Ohio; and of
his grandchildren : Julia S., and Helen Adelle Mills, children
of his deceased son, Nelson Mills, formerly of Marcellus,
N, Y. No mention is made of any children or descendants
of his other deceased son, William Mills, who died in 1851.


Isaac Mills came to this town from Saratoga County, N. Y.,.
where a part at least of his children were bom. He was a
soldier in the War of 1812.

Timothy Mills, (son of Isaac and Polly (Berry) Mills),
bom in Saratoga County, N. Y., died in Marcellus,
December 4, 1888, married Polly Wiltsie, she died Feb-
ruary, 1892. Their son, George C. Mills, born at Marcellus,
April 9, 1843, married Eliza J. Finch, who were father and
mother of Frank B. Mills, the noted seed man at Rose Hill,
in the town of Marcellus, N. Y., and also of William E. Mills,
Postmaster at the same place. Frank B. Mills, bom at
Thorn Hill, in the town of Marcellus, August 3, 1866, is
one of the most remarkable as well as one of the most
successful business men in the County of Onondaga; he
married June 16, 1892, Grace Ackles, daughter of Samuel
and Mary (Harvey) Ackles, of the town of Spafford, N. 'X.
For a more extended account of Mr. Frank B. Mills' busi-
ness career, see Bruce's Centennial History of Onondaga
County, Vol. 2, page 31.)

(Thorn Hill.)

Prudy (Hyde), wife of Isaac Mills. Bom October 12,
1790, died October 17, 1852.

(Thom Hill.)

William Mills, (son of Isaac Mills). Bom March 24^
1819, died March 20, 1851.

(Thorn Hill.)

Nelson Mills, (son of Isaac Mills). Died February IS^
1857, age 25 years, 3 months.

(Thom Hill.)

Luke Miner. Bom September 11, 1767, died September
2, 1839.

(Mr. Miner came to this town from Victory, N. Y.; he
was a saddler by trade. He died suddenly while eating
dinner at Roundy's Tavern at Spafford Corners, on the
occasion of a military company training. Nothing is known
of his wife or of any children, except his son, Peres Miner^
who resided in this town and married Lucia Norton,
daughter of David and Dinah (Wilton) Norton.)

(Cold Brook.)

Peres Miner, (son of Luke Miner). Born August 4,
1800, died November 1, 1851.


(Peres Miner, by his wife Lucia Norton, had the follow-
ing children : Adeline, married Chandler B. Heath, of Trux-
ton, N. Y.; Laura, married John P. Taft, son of Bezaleel and
Nancy Ann (Palmer) Taft; Seymour L., married Aurella
Atwater, (his son. Prof. H. F. Miner is now (1899) Prm-
cipal of Skaneateles Academy) ; George W., married Phebe
Potter of Taylor, both are now living, they have a son, Ben-
ton, who lives at Union Valley, N. Y. ; Oscar P., married
Julia Benson of Tyler, Cortland County, N. Y., where he
has been Supervisor, he now resides in Cortland, N. Y.,
(they have two sons, Floyd B. and Carroll P. Miner) ; and
Lucia A. Miner, married Isaac P. Brown of Taylor, who
died in 1888 and left one child, Lucia. Peres Miner was a
teacher and farmer. He was frequently called upon to act
as School Commissioner and Inspector of Schools in his
adopted town, and at all times was more or less prominent
in town affairs. His wife, Lucia, after his decease, mar-
ried Bezaleel Taft for his second wife, and subsequent
thereto a Mr, Perry of Homer, for her third husband.

(Cold Brook.)

Lucia (Norton), wife of Peres^ Miner. Bom January 20,
1809, died August 7, 1866.

(Cold Brook.)

Turner Miner. Died August 7, 1840, age 76 years.

(Thorn Hill.)


Benjamin Moon. Died August 25, 1873, age 60 years, 4

(This inscription is in part repeated on the stone at the
grave of Mr. Moon's wife, Jane, who was buried at Boro-
dino. Mr. Moon is supposed to have been a son of Silas
Moon, Sr., who also resided and died in this town.)


Jane, wife of Benjamin Moon. Died January 2, 1884,
age 47 years, 5 months, 7 days.


(Silas Moon, Sr., came to this town early and resided on
lot 41, Tully; by his wife, Anna, he had the following
children: Roxana, married John R. Lewis, son of Joseph
and Mary (Stanton) Lewis, she died in Illinois; Elizabeth,
married Joseph Prindle, son of Samuel Prindle; Silas, Jr.,


married Anna ; Zenas, married Abigail ;

and perhaps Benjamin, who married Jane , died

and was buried in Spafford, as stated above. Silas Moon,
Sr., and his wife, Anna, are supposed to have been buried
in the Lewis Private Yard in Spafford. No stone.

Zenas Moon, (son Silas, Sr., and Anna Moon), by his
wife Abigail, had the following- children : Abigail, married
Truman Brown of Thorn Hill, N. Y. ; Mary A., died un-
married; Lucy, resides in Skaneateles, N. Y. ; Harriet A.,

died unmarried ; Alanson, married Elizabeth , (they

were father and mother of William Henry Moon, who was
a private in Company " I," 149th Regt., N. Y. Vols. Inft.,
in the war of 1861, was killed in the battle of Peach Tree
Creek, Ga., July 20, 1864, and buried in the National Ceme-
tery at Merietta, Ga.) ; and Wesley, married Theresa Gay,
daughter of Barnet A. and Amanda F. (Smith) Gay, he
resides in Spafford, N. Y.)

Harriet A., daughter of Zenas and Abigail Moon. Died
December 23, age 17 years.


Mary A., daughter of Zenas and Abigail Moon. Died
October 20, 1862, age 28 years.


Cortiz A., son of Alanson and Elizabeth Moon. Died

10, 1864, age 15 years, 8 months, 4 days.


Moses E., son of Wesley and Theresa (Gay) Moon. Died
November 13, 1862, age 8 months, 15 days.

' Taken from Earth to bloom in Heaven."



Walter D., son of Charles and Sarah M. (Eddy) Morey.
Died December 10, 1876, age 7 months, 17 days.

(Mrs. Morey was a daughter of Richard M. Eddy; her
husband probably came from Washington County, N. Y.)



Flora A. Churchell, wife of William H. Morgan. Died
June 13, 1885, age 33 years, 6 months.

(Mrs. Morgan died in Scott, where her husband then


resided; she was a daughter of George and Eveline (Nor-
ton) Churchell.)

Flaurence, daughter of William H. and Flora A.
(Churchell) Morgan. Died November 16, 1887, age 6
years, 6 months.



Jane (Springer), wife of Samuel Morris. Died Decem-
ber 29, 1875, age 84 years, 4 months, 28 days.
" Dear Mother, we miss thee."

(Samuel Morris, according to family tradition, came at
an early date from the eastern part of this State, with a
yoke of oxen, and settled at the head of the Gulf Road, in
the Town of Sempronius, Cayuga County, N. Y. He had
been married before coming to this part of the State, but
had lost his wife, and nothing is knov/n of her or her
children, if she had any. Soon after coming to Sempronius
he married Jane Springer, and by her had the following
children, all born in Sempronius: Deborah, born April 7,
1815, married Jacob Brown, he is dead, and buried in this
cemetery, and she is residing, in 1899, at Glen Haven, N. Y. ;
Samuel, born January 8, 1817, married Laura Johnson of
Washington County, N. Y. ; Simeon, bom June 30, 1818,
married (1) Lavina Harrington, and (2) Polly Harrington,
both daughters of John and Catherine Harrington of this
town; Diadama, born December 2, 1821, married William
Havens of Seneca Falls, N. Y.; Paulina, born May 1, 1825,
married Reuben Barber, son of Rathbone Barber, Sr., and
Roby (Wilcox) Barber; Uriah born March 6, 1827, married
Frances Worden, daughter of Truman and Phebe (Har-
rington) Worden, both residing in 1899 at Glen Haven,
N. Y.; and Washington, bom March 9, 1829, married (1)
Abigail E. Havens, daughter of Ebenezer and Laura
(Pettis) Havens, and (2) Catherine Hibbard. Mr. Samuel
Morris died and was buried in Sempronius, N. Y.

Uriah Morris (son of Samuel and Jane (Springer)
Morris), married Frances Worden, (bom September 8,
1831) , and by her had the following children (all bom near
Glen Haven) : William, born April 11, 1847, married
Eunice Evans, of Townsend, Schuyler County, N. Y.. re-


sides at Glen Haven N. Y., (four children, son and daughter
living, and two dead, and buried in this cemetery, no stone) ;
George, bom August 14, 1850, married Susan Wilber of
Delhi, Delaware County, N. Y., resides in the Town of Niles,
Cayuga County, N. Y.; Harrison, born August 19, 1852,
died 1896, married Mary Barber, daughter of Rathbone, Jr.,
and Julania (Harris) Barber, (two living children : Blanche
and Mattie), wife and children residing (1899) in Skan-
eateles, N. Y. ; Edwin, bom May 13, 1855, married Flora
Ripley, daughter of Amon J. and Harriet (Carr) Ripley,
both residing in Spafford, N. Y. (large family of small
children) ; Phebe Jane, born July 17, 1857, married Adel-
bert Craig of Spafford, N, Y.; Julia, born November 29,
1861, married George Raymond of Seneca Falls, N. Y. ;
Joseph Arthur, bom October 3, 1866, married Edith Lan-
ders of Niles, Cayuga County, N. Y.; and Freddie, bom
April 18, 1873, married Nellie Fitzgerald of Syracuse, N. Y.,
resides at Glen Haven, N. Y.)

Harrison Morrison, son of Uriah and Frances (Worden)

Morris. Bom August 19, 1852, died , 1896. No


Guy E., son of Harrison and Mary (Barber) Morris.
Died November 11, 1881, age 3 years, 21 days.



Willie, son of Orson B. and Sarah A. (Bass) Morton.
Died August 18, 1881, age 5 years.

(Mrs. Morton was a daughter of William and Catherine
(Eglin) Bass.) • '


In memory of the life of Rev. Salmon Morton. Died
January 22, 1822, in the 55th year of his age and the 23rd
of his ministry.
** The Truth he preached in health and life supported him

In sickness and death, and when legions of Angels

Can't confine him here, will be his song forever."

(Thorn Hill.)



Matthias Morse, (commonly called Moss), at an early-
date resided at the foot of the " Bucktail," in Spafford
Hollow, and had a wife and several children, the names of
whom are not known, except his son John, and his
daughter, Mary A., who married John Lansdown. He was
the proprietor and manufacturer of " Morse's Salve." His
brothers and sisters were: Voluntine, died unmarried;
Joseph, died in Tully ; Ebenezer, of Homer, N. Y. ; John, of
Tully, N. Y. ; Sally; Jane; and Isaac, who married Sally
White and resided in Tully, N. Y. Matthias Morse's father
was Joseph Morse, and resided in Mamakating, N. Y., where
probably Matthias was bom. It is claimed that Matthias
Morse was of the sixth generation in descent from Anthony
Morse, who settled in Newbury, Mass., in 1635, as follows:
Matthias, Joseph, Voluntine, Joshua, Robert, Anthony.


William Moss. Died June 2, 1881, age 51 years.
(Mr. Moss came to this town from Marcellus, N. Y., and
resided at the time of his decease on the Elias Jacobs Farm,
in Spafford Hollow.)

(Spafford Hollow.)
Julia L., daughter of William and Mary Moss. Died
March 14, 1887, age 37 years.

(Spafford Hollow.)


Charles Moxey. Died February 20, 1882, age 59 years,
1 month.

(Mr. Moxey was an Englishman; after his decease his
widow , married Henry Hazzard of Scott,

N. y.)

(Spafford Hollow.)


Orland M., son of William and Lydia Nash. Died
December 6, 1841, age 1 year 1 months, 6 days.




Nancy (Wallace) Nesbit, (wife of Robert Nesbit).
Died October 8, 1881, age 72 years.
" Our Mother."
(Nancy Wallace was bom in Ireland, and was the sister
of John Wallace and Matilda Wallace, wife of Alexander
Gordon, all of this town ; her husband, Robert Nesbit, died
in Canada. She was the mother of James and William
Nesbit, both residents of this town, the latter being a
member of Company "G," 149th Regt. N. Y. Vols. Inft., in
the War of 1861.)

Nor ah J., daughter of James and Jane Ann (Streeter)

Nesbit. Died , 18 — , age 2 years, 6 months, 17


" Our Baby." " Only Sleeping."
(James Nesbit, son of Robert and Nancy (Wallace)
Nesbit, married Jane Ann Streeter, daughter of William and
Elizabeth (Russel) Streeter, formerly of Skaneateles,
N. Y.)


Stephen Newell. Died June 11, 1864, age 69 years, 9
months, 6 days.

(Mr. Newell was a Quaker, and resided on Lot 12, Sem-
pronius, in this town ; by his wife, Mary Cuykendall, he had
the following children: Henry, married Marion B. Skellie,
daughter of William L and Elizabeth (Boughton) Skellie;
Phebe, married John Leland Mason, son of Asa and Anna
(Shelden) Mason, November 6, 1845; Mary, bom November
27, 1833, died December 13, 1895, married Alexander
Becker, son of Peter and Mary (Eadie) Becker, husband
resides (1899) in Syracuse, N. Y. ; Martha L. Newell;
Jenette Odell, of Clarence, Michigan; and Esther, married
James L. Leland, she died January 8, 1845, age 24 years,
and is buried in this cemetery.)


Mary (Cuykendall), wife of Stephen Newell. Died
April 27, 1871, age 71 years, 3 months, 19 days.
" We loved her."




Abraham Newville. Bom 1788, died 1866.
(He married Sarah Case, sister of Isaac Case, and by her
had two children: Alexander C. and Clementha Judson
Newville, both of whom died unmarried.)

Sarah Case, wife of Abraham Newville. Born 1788, died

Alexander C. Newville, (son of Abraham and Saraii
(Case) Newville.) Born 1816, died 1891.

Clemencia Judson Newville, (daug-hter of Abraham and
Sarah (Case) Newville). Bom 1815, died 1879.



Charles Nichols. Eied March 23, 1879, age 61 years.
(He married Arvilla M. Case, daughter of Isaac and Mary
Case, and by her had one child : Hattie M. Nichols, born in
1867, she was still living at the time of her father's decease.)

Arvilla M. (Case), wife of Charles Nichols. Died March
9, 1886, age 55 years.

Hattie May, only daug-hter of Charles and Arvilla M.
(Case) Nichols.

(She married, and resided in Homer or Cortland, N. Y.
S. Smith.)


(For the Niles family see Bierce, under the letter B.)


Margaret C, dauhgter of John and Sally (Stanton)
Noble. Died October 1, 1844, age 21 years.

(John Noble married Sally Stanton, daughter of John
and Mary (Shearman) Stanton.)

(Stanton Yard.)

Seborah, daughter of John and Sally (Stanton) Noble.
Died April 7, 1832, age 24 years, 11 months.


(John Noble was a brother of Benjamin Stanton's first
wife, Sally Noble.)

(Stanton Yard.)
Maria (Strope), wife of Jeremiah W. Nodine, Sr. Died
April 22, 1876, age 80 years, 5 months.

(Jeremiah W. Nodine, Sr., married (1) Maria Strope,
daughter of Peter and Louisa Strope, and (2) Mary J.
Higgles, daughter of Milo Higgles, and former wife of
Orville Churchill. By his first wife he had the following
children: Jeremiah W., Jr., married (1) a Stevens (2) an
Alvord, and (3), Jane Williams, daughter of Abigail Wil-
liams, (by the latter he had several children), he is dead,
and buried in this cemetery, (no stone) ; James, died in
1837 ; Andrew, was killed by a falling tree in 1843 ; Fred,
married West and settled in Union, Oregon ; Nelson, married
a Higgles and resides in Spafford; Maria, married Oliver
Lieber, both died in Spafford; a daughter married a Mr.
Wood and resides in Iowa ; and still another daughter, who
married a Mr. Cummings of Onondaga, and is now a widow
residing at Battle Creek, Mich. Jeremiah W. Nodine, Sr,,
is also deceased and buried in this cemetery. (No stone.)

(Cold Brook.)
James Nodine, (son of Jeremiah W., Sr., and Maria
(Strope) Nodine). Died April 13, 1837, age 20 years, 9
months, 9 days.)

" Stay, hasty youth, and view my tomb,
Nor vainly boast of years to come.
Your body made of brittle clay
Will quickly fall and drop away."

(Cold Brook.)
Andrew, son of Jeremiah W. (Sr.) and Maria (Strope)
Nodine. Died March 24, 1843, age 8 years, 6 months, 24

(Cojd Brook.)
Flora, daughter of Jeremiah W. (Jr.) and Jane
(Williams) Nodine. Died July 18, 1878, age 1 year, 1
month, 20 days.

(Cold Brook.)

Anna M., daughter of Jeremiah (Jr.) and Jane

(Williams) Nodine. Died January 20, 1876, age 18 years.

(Cold Brook.)



Alida Vandenburgh, wife of Benjamin F. North. Died
May 1, 1851, age 71 years.

" At Rest."

(Thorn Hill.)


David Norton, (son of Ozias Norton) . Died June 2, 1860,
age 87 years, 24 days.

(Ozias Norton lived and died in Litchfield, Conn. He
had: David, Moses, Ziba, Newton, Jonathan and perhaps
others ; of these, David and Moses only came to this town.

David Norton (son of Ozias), born at Litchfield, Conn.,
May 9, 1773, died in Spafford and buried in Cold Brook,
N. Y., married at Litchfield, Conn., December 19, 1791,
Dinah Wilton, born June 25, 1770, and by her had the fol-
lowing children : Lucena, born June 23, 1792, died Novem-
ber 21, 1880, married B Barber; Almira, born January

15, 1794, died in Wellsboro, Penn., married Joseph Kibbie;
Orenda, bom August 15, 1795, died December 28, 1817,
married Philo Barber; Lauren, born July 11, 1797 (twin),
died in Ohio, married Prudence Town ; Leonard, bom July
11, 1797 (twin) died July 29, 1845, married Polly Barto;
Clarissa, bom March 14, 1799, died October 7, 1864, married
Daniel Pulsipher, moved with the Mormon Colony to Salt
Lake, Utah ; Omer, born December 12, 1801, died August 13,
1849, married Mary A. Bassett; Orange, bom July 21, 1803,
he was drowned in Pickets' Mill Pond in Cold Brook, with a
Pease and a Weston boy, June 24, 1816; Harvey, bom April
25, 1805, died Febmary 15, 1885, married Sally Merry;
Stephen, born May 9, 1807, died January 21, 1844 married
January 24, 1828, Else Ripley, daughter of Jonathan and
Ruth (Corey) Ripley; Lucia, born January 20, 1809, died
August 7, 1886, married (1) Peres Miner and (2) Bezaleel
Taft as his second wife ; Ziba, born September 18, 1810, died
May 14, 1832, unmarried ; Seymour, born September 6, 1812,
married Sally Lyman at Roulett, Potter County, Pa., Jan-
uary 19, 1837, both residing (1899) in Spafford, N. Y.; and
Samantha, born April 11, 1815, married Samuel Hall, now

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