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studying Truth's wardrobe of forms in nature, so will
he decline from the high calling of the poet. George
Herbert was too great to be himself much injured by
the narrowness of the field whence he gathered his
symbols ; but his song will be the worse for it in the
ears of all but those who, having lost sight of or
having never beheld the oneness of the God whose
creation exists in virtue of his redemption, feel safer
in a low-browed crypt than under "the high em-
bowed roof."

When the desire after system or order degenerates
from a need into a passion, or ruling idea, it closes, as


may be seen in many women who are especial house-
keepers, like an unyielding skin over the mind, tp the
death of all development from impulse and aspiration.
The same thing holds in the church : anxiety about
order and system will kill the life. This did not go
near to being the result with George Herbert : his
life was hid with Christ in God ; but the influence of
his professioji, as distinguished from his work, was
hurtful to his calling as a poet. He of all men would
scorn to claim social rank for spiritual service ; he of
all men would not commit the blunder of supposing
that prayer and praise are that service of God : they
are /r

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Online LibraryGeorge MacDonaldEngland's antiphon → online text (page 12 of 19)