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'' Why didn't you send for me, Letty ? I would have come
to you at once. I will come now, to-night, and help you to
nurse him. Where is the baby ? "

Letty gave a shriek, and, starting from her chair, walked
wildly about the room, wringing her hands. Mary went after
her, and taking her in her arms, said :

^' Letty, dear, has God taken your baby ?"

Letty gave her a lack-luster look.

'*Then," said Mary, '' he is not far away, for we are all in
God's arms."

But what is the use of the most sovereign of medicines
while they stand on the sick man's table ? What is the migh-
tiest of truths so long as it is not believed ? The spiritually
sick still mocks at the medicine offered ; he will not know its
cure. Mary saw that, for any comfort to Letty, God was no-
where. It went to her very heart. Death and desolation and
the enemy were in possession. She turned to go, that she
might return able to begin her contest with ruin. Letty saw
that she was going, and imagined her offended and abandon-
ing her to her misery. She flew to lier, stretching out her arms
like a child, but was so feeble that she tripped and fell. Mary
lifted her, and laid her wailing on her couch.

'* Letty," said Mary, **you didn't think I was going to
leave you ! But I must go for an hour, perhaps two, to make
arrangements for staying with you till Tom is over the worst. "

Then Letty clasped her hands in her old, beseeching way,
and looked up with a faint show of comfort.

^^Be courageous, Letty," said Mary. ^'1 shall be back as
soon as ever I can. God has sent me to you."

She drove straight home, and heard that Mrs. Eedmain was
annoyed that she had gone out.

*^ I offered to dress her," said Jemima ; **and she knows I


can quite well ; but she would not get up till you came, and
made me fetch her a book. So there she is, a- waiting for

**I am sorry," said Mary ; " but I had to go, and she was
fast asleep."

When she entered her room, Hesper gave her a cold glance
over the top of her novel, and went on with her reading. ^lary
proceeded to get her things ready for dressing. But by this
time she had got interested in the story.

'* I sliall not get up yet," she said.

'* Tlien, please, raa'am," replied Mary, "would you mind
letting Jemima dress you ? I want t

Online LibraryGeorge MacDonaldMary Marston. A novel → online text (page 28 of 40)