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milling business at Oxford Mills, Iowa, where
she still resides ; they had eight children, Harry
A., George S. (deceased), Katie C, Nettie E.,
Frank E., Charles A., Jacob William (de-
ceased) and Marion.

In 1886 Air. and Mrs. Boyer made a visit
to their daughter, Mrs. Zinn, in Iowa. Mrs.
Boyer passed away Oct. 29, 1889, at the age
of sixty-eight years, ten months, and is buried
at Strayer's Church. She was a member of
the Reformed Church, and Mr. Boyer is a
Lutheran in religious faith.

the First National Bank of Delta, York coun-
ty, was born Oct. 27, 1867, son of Harry and
Isabel (Ross) Keyser, the former a native of
Philadelphia, and the latter of Lower Chance-
ford township, York county.

The great-grandfather of E. W. Keyser
was Peter Keyser, a noted German Baptist
preacher, who ministered to a large congrega-
tion of that religion for a number of years
in Germantown, Pa. He married Catherine
Clemments, who was also a native of Phila-

E. W. Keyser, grandfather of our subject,
was also born in Philadelphia, where his early
educational training was secured. Early in
life he engaged in the lumber business, and
was one of Philadelphia's leading merchants
in that line for many years. He amassed a
handsome competency, including valuable
holdings in real estate, and was well-known
in the financial world, being president of the
National Bank of Northern Liberties, of Phil-
adelphia, for many years. When a young man
he married Maria Fox, also born in Philadel-
phia, a descendant of one of the good old Ger-
man families of that name. The children born
to this union were : George F., deceased, who
lived in Philadelphia ; Airs. Catherine Wallace ;
Francis; Mrs. Sarah Savage; Harry; and Ben-
jamin W., of Washington, D. C.

Harry Keyser, the father of our subject,
was educated in the schools of Philadelphia,
and when yet a young man came to York
county, and purchased a tract of land in Lower
Chanceford township, near Airville. He at
once set out to improve his land, and added to
it from time to time until at the time of his

demise he owned some of the best land in that
township. His aim was to improve the con-
ditions of the county, and he was broad-minded
and public-spirited. Mr. Keyser was one of
the prime factors in the establishment of the
Peach Bottom Railroad, being greatly instru-
mental in the building of that road, of which he
was one of the stockholders. He was one of
the board of directors from 1884 until 1889,
when the road was sold to Baltimore capital-
ists. Mr. Keyser was a director of the First
National Bank of Delta from its organization
until his death in 1896.

Harry Keysei; was married in 1863 to Isa-
bel Ross, daughter of Hugh Ross, of Lowei
Chanceford township, York county. [An ex-
tended review of the Ross family will be found
elsewhere.] To this union were born: R.
Glenn, who became the wife of Rev. Craig B.
Cross, a Presbyterian minister of Carlisle, Pa. ;
E. Winchester; and Katharine, the wife of C.
Collins Smith, a merchant of Airville, Pa.
Mr. Keyser was a stanch Republican. In his
religious affiliations he was a devoted member
of the Presbyterian Church. Mrs. Keys'^r
died in 1903, aged sixty-eight years.

E. Winchester Keyser attended the com-
mon schools of Lower Chanceford township
and the York Collegiate Institute, after which
he returned home, and assisted his father with
the labors of the farm until 1888, when he ac-
cepted a position with the Peninsula Lumber
Company, of Wilmington, Del., remaining
with this company until 1890. In that year
he returned to Lower Chanceford township,
and managed the home farm until 1902, when
he accepted his present position with the First
National Bank of Delta. Besides being cashier,
Mr. Keyser is a director of this institution,
having held this office since 1896.

In 1903 Mr. Keyser married Miss Eliza
C. Fulton, daughter of James C. and Sarah
(Mitchell) Fulton, of Lower Chanceford
township. Mr. Keyser, like his honored fath-
er, is a member of the Presbyterian Church,
and is ruling elder of that religious body. Po-
litically a stanch Republican, he is not, how-
ever, an office seeker, preferring to devote his
entire time and attention to his numerous busi-
ness interests. He has always taken a public-
spirited interest in the town, however, and sup-
ports every movement which his judgment has
led him to regard as beneficial. He is univer-



sally esteemed, and occupies a high social po-

FRICK FAMILY of Lancaster county, Penn-
sylvania, first compiled by B. F. Frick, of
York, Pa., in October, 1886, and copied by H.
A. Frick, of Hall, Pa., in October, 1901.

The within record is from data furnished
by Benjamin Summy, of Washington, D. C,
and Tobias Witmer, of Williamsville, N. Y.,
both of whom married into the Frick family
in the early part of the preceding century, also
by Anna Frantz, daughter of Jacob Frick,
born March 17, 1801 (who was a son of
Abraham Frick, born June 20, 1759), and died
Jan. 31, 1897, at his home near Neffsville,
Manheim township, Lancaster Co., Pa., on the
same farm where Jacob Frick (born Nov. 12,
1684) took up, in company with Bachman and
Rassler, a large tract of land deeded to them
by the Penns, their nearest gristmill being at
Downingtown, Pennsylvania. To begin with

(I) Henry Frick, who was at one time
an officer in one of the Cantons of Switzer-
land : His date of birth is unknown, but sup-
posed to be about the years 1621-1650, and
from him the following named three children
descended : Barbara Frick, born May 8, 1683 ;
Jacob Frick, born Nov. 12, 1684; John Frick,
born March 20, 1688.

(II) To Jacob Frick, born Nov. 12, 1684,
were born the following seven children :
Maria, born April 26, 1725; Barbara, born
May 10, 1726; Anna, born July 17, 1727;
Jacob, born Sept. 4, 1728; Elizabeth, born
Jan. 8, 1730; Catharine, born Oct. 17, 1731 ;
and John, born June 6, 1733.

(III) Jacob Frick, born Sept. 4, 1728,
son and fourth child of the above and last
named Jacob Frick, near Neffsville, Lan-
caster Co., Pa., was married to Magdalena
Herr, born Jan. 11, 1739. Jacob Frick died
Oct. 26, 1781, at 7 A. M., and she died Oct.
17, 1793- To them were born eleven children,
as follows: (i) Christian was born Sept. 2,
1754. (2) Maria died young. (3) Abraham
was born June 20, 1759. (4) John, born
July 19, 1 76 1, in Manheim township, Lancas-
ter Co., Pa., married Anna Hershey, of Lan-
caster county, and about the year 1808 they
moved from Manheim township to near Wil-

liamsville, N. Y.,, where they settled. They
had six children, to-wit : Martha married
Samuel Tackles; Barbara married Benjamin
Bowman, of Bowmansville, N. Y. ; Jacob mar-
ried his cousin Elizabeth, daughter of his
father's brother, Christian; Anna married
David Spayth, of Williamsville, N. Y. ; Eliza-
beth married Henry Lehn, of Williamsville,
N. Y. ; Abraham moved West. (5) Anna,
born Feb. 29, 1764, married Jonathan Royer.
(6) Jacob was born March 13, 1766, at 3:47
P. M. (7) Martin, born June 10, 1768, at
3:05 P. M., married a Miss Erisman. (8)
David was born March 24, 1774, at 2:40 P.
M. (9) Magdalena, born Jan. 13, 1776, at
6:35 A. M., married a Blocher, in Clarence,
N. Y. (10) Daniel, born Jan. 27, 1778, at
12 :oo M., never married. He was afflicted
with rheumatism. (11) Maria, born June 14,
1781, at 8 :i5 P. M., married a Brown, of Lan-
caster county. Pa., and had three children,
Jacob, Peter and Maria, the last named mar-
rying Amos Weidler, of Lancaster county.

(IV) Abraham Frick, born June 20,
1759, the second son and third named child
of Jacob and Magdalena (Herr) Frick, mar-
ried Christianna Royer, born June 2, 1764. He
died Feb. 5, 1842, at 4:00 A. M., and she died
Dec. 15, 1851, at 3:00 P. M. To them were
born seven children, as follows :

(i) Anna Frick, born Oct. 12. 1787, was
married Nov. 21, 1808, to Christian Frantz,
of Lancaster county. Pa., and moved to near
Waynesboro, Franklin Co., Pa. She died
April 8, 1836. They had eight children,
namely: (a) Isaac Frantz, married Anna New-
comer, of near Shippensburg, Pa., and had
five children — Mary, who married an Elliott
and moved to Kansas ; David, who married a
Miss Stouffer, of Chambersburg, Pa. ; Salinda,
who married William Spear, of Chambers-
burg, Pa., and died there (William Spear
moved to Bellefonte and married a Miss Lash-
mar) : Anna, who married Rev. Mr. Menden-
hall. and resided at Meadville, where she died;
and Martha, who married Joseph Bomberger
and is living near Chambersburg, Pa. (b)
John Frantz married Anna Weaver, daughter
of Rev. Joseph Weaver, of Lancaster county.
Pa. She died, and he married Catharine
Ryder, of Fort Loudon, Lancaster Co., Pa.,
and had four children, David, who died in



infancy; Amos, who married Ida Herr, daugh-
ter of Amos Herr, of Strasburg township,
Lancaster Co., Pa., and had two children,
Grace and Anna; John, who married Anna
Funk, daugliter of Aaron Funk (her mother
Lizzie Frick, was the daughter of John Frick's
son, of near Waynesboro, Franklin Co., Pa.) ;
and Lizzie, who married Jacob Shoemaker, of
Waynesboro, Franklin Co., Pa. (c) Abra-
ham Frantz married Martha Groff, of Stras-
burg township, Lancaster Co., Pa., and had
seven children — Anna, married John M.
Boonebrake; Elam married Martha Funk;
Alice is single; Benjamin is single; Ida mar-
ried Willis W. Frantz; Ella married John Den-
linger, of Lancaster county. Pa. ; Christian
married Georgianna Moyer. (d) Jacob Frantz
married Frances Hoffman, of Washington
county, Md., and had seven children — Henry
married Salinda Miller ; John married Malinda
Funk, and for his second wife Emma Welty ;
Lizzie is unmarried; Susan married Isaiah
Sprenkle and is living near Waynesboro,
Franklin Co., Pa.; Anna died at the age of
eighteen ; Barbara is married and living in
Chicago; Jacob is unmarried, (e) Christian
Frantz married Leah Stouffer, of Falling
Springs, Franklin Co., Pa., and had seven
children, Albert, Lizzie (who married Simon
Hobecker and moved to Chicago, 111.), Chris-
tian (who married Sarah Noble and is living
near Waynesboro, Franklin Co., Pa.), Ben-
jamin, Anna, Edith and Elmer (who married
Edith Herr, daughter of Amos Herr, of
Strasburg, Lancaster Co., Pa.), (f) Samuel
Frantz married Barbara Stouffer, and their
children are, Edward. Emma, Ira, Henry and
Alfred, living, and Charles and two infants,
deceased. Of these, Emma married Jacob
Newman and they are living in Milton, Pa.
The others are unmarried and out West, (g)
Benjamin Frantz married Mary Ryder, of
Fort Loudon, Pa., and they had children —
Samuel, who married Mary Benson ; Char-
lotte, married to G. W. D. Bell and living near
Monticello, Ind. ; Mary, deceased ; Joseph, who
married Gertrude Smith and is living in
Waynesboro, Franklin Co., Pa. ; Isaac ; Abra-
ham ; Anna, and Herman, (h) Anna Frantz
married Martin Hoover and had two children.
Christian and Emma. ' Mrs. Anna Hoover
died in 185S, and her husband subsequently

married Elizabeth (Frick) Hershey, of Dau-
phin county. Pa., on Jan. 29, 1866. They also
had two children — Anna Hoover, born Feb. 6,
1867, and Leah Hoover, born Sept. 8, 1871.

(2) Maria Frick, born July 22, 1789,
second child of Abraham and Christianna
(Royer) Frick, died in January, 1792, at the
age of two and a half years, near Neffsville,
Manheim township, Lancaster Co., Pennsyl-

(3) Magdalena Frick, born in Lancaster
county. Pa., Feb. 19, 1791, at 3 P. M., third
daughter of Abraham and Christianna (Royer)
Frick, married Peter Baker, Avho was born
March 11, 1789, in Lancaster county. They
moved to near Waynesboro, Franklin Co., Pa.,
and from there to Clark county, Ohio, where
both died, Mr. Baker on Oct. 20, 1874, and
Mrs. Baker in September, 1875. They had a
family of nine children, as follows : Abraham,
born March 2."], 181 1; Benjamin, born Aug.
26, 18 1 3 (died Nov. 16, 1871); Eliza, born
Nov. 18, 1815 (died May 7, 1857) ; Anna,
born Feb. 22, 181 8 (died July 5, 1886) ; Mag-
dalena, born May 20, 1821 (died May 28,
1890); Mary, bom Dec. 22, 1823; Barbara,
born May 4, 1828; Susan, born Nov. 20, 1830;
and Catharine, born Nov. 24, 1833.

(4) Abraham Frick, born May 8, 1793,
at 5 :oo A. M., first son of Abraham and Chris-
tianna (Royer) Frick, was married in 18 19
to Catharine Defifenbach, of Pequea township,
Lancaster Co., Pa., who was born May 20,
1793, and died Sept. 7, 1872. They moved to
Washington county, Md., and then to Waynes-
boro, Franklin Co., Pa., where most of the
family now reside. There Abraham Frick
died Feb. 4, 1879. They had seven children:
(a) John, born July 20, 1820, married Louisa
Stoner, and had children, Luther, Silas (who
died young), Elizabeth, Samuel (who married
a lady in Philadelphia, where he lives and
practices dentistry), Emma (who married a
Mr. Adams and lives in Waynesboro, Frank-
lin Co.. Pa), Cora and Annie, (b) Mary mar-
ried Samuel Hershman, and they had one son,
Abraham, who married a Miss Shank and lives
near Waynesboro. . Mr. and Mrs. Hershman
are both deceased, Mrs. Hershman (who was
born Sept. 26. 1823) dying May 27, 1848, and
Mr. Hershman about i860, (c) Annie, born
Jan. 20, 1825, married Jacob Beaver, of


Waynesboro, Pa., who was born March 19,
1819. They had two sons — David married a
Miss Wittcome, of Cumberland county, Pa.,
and Hves in Waynesboro; Abraham, who hves
and practices medicine in Fairfield, Adams
Co., Pa., married a Miss Musselman and has
one child. Gross, (d) George, born Nov. 7,
1826, married Fredrica Ozenlender, of Wash-
ington county, Md., and they had seven chil-
dren — Franklin, who died when about twenty-
one years old; Abraham, who married Louisa
Hatter, of Baltimore, Md., and, after her
death, a Miss Mehafify, of Chambersburg, Pa. ;
Ezra, who married a Miss Mehaffy, sister of
Abraham's wife; Annie, who died when about
seven years old; Elizabeth, who died when one
year old; Frederick, who married a Miss
Sprankle, of Waynesboro; and Amos, who
married a Miss Stover, of Franklin county.
Pa. (e) Abraham died young, (f) Jacob,
born April 2^, 1830, married x\nnie Gantz, of
Washington county, Md., and had the follow-
ing children — David, Kate, Harvey, Annie,
Alice, Benjamin, Ella, Charles and William,
(g) Christian died young.

Most of Abraham Frick's family live in
Waynesboro, Franklin Co., Pa., and are en-
gaged in mechanical work, on steam engines,

(5) Maria Frick (2) was born Dec. 18,

(6) John Frick, born April 7, 1799, mar-
ried Catharine Miller. (12) Susanna, born
who was born June 11, 1800. They moved to
Washington county, Maryland.

(7) Jacob Frick, born March 17, 1801,
married Maria Pfantz, who was born Jan. 8,
1801, near Lititz, Lancaster Co., Pennsyl-

The York branch of the Fricks are the de-
scendants of

(IV) Christian Frick. born Sept. 2, 1754,
son of Jacob and Magdalena (Herr) Frick
(the former born Sept. 4, 1728), and grand-
son of the first named Jacob Frick, born Nov.
12, 1684, in Europe, who came to America and
took up a large tract of land in company with
Bachman and Rassler, in Lancaster county,
Pa., deeded to them by the Penns. Christian
Frick, the son and first named child of Jacob
and Magdalena (Herr) Frick, was married to
Anna Witmer Nov. 19, 1780. To them were
born the following named four children: (i)

Catharine, date of Ijirth and death unknown,
married a Mr. Sheetz, of Lancaster, Pa.; (_2)
Jacob W., born Nov. 26, 1782, died April 12,
1835; (3) John, born Sept. 16, 1784, died
when four years old; (4) Anna, born March
18, 1789, died when three years old. The
mother of these four children died in 1790, and
on Jan. 25, 1791, the father married Miss
Elizabeth Herr, of Lancaster county, Pa., by
whom he had twelve children, as follows : ( i )
Fanny, born Oct. 29, 1791, married David
Martin and moved to Illinois. (2) Alagda-
lena, born Jan. 26, 1793, married Joseph
Hershey, of Lancaster county, Pa. (3) Chris-
tian, born April 12, 1794, married Elizabeth
Long and moved to New York. They had one
child, Anna, who married Tobias Witmer and
had fourteen children. (4) Elizabeth, born
Dec. 26, 1795, married her cousin, Jacob, son
of John Frick. who married Anna Hershey, arid
lived near Williamsville, N. Y. (5) Maria,
born Aug. 20, 1797, married Henry Roades.
(6) Anna, born Jan. i, 1799, married John
Reist, a bishop of the Reformed Mennonite
Church in Williamsville, N. Y. (7) Barbara,
born March 28, 1801, died when seven months
old. (8) Abraham, born Dec. 4, 1802, mai-
ried Rachel Stever, and died in Lancaster
county, Pa. (date unknown). (9) John, born
Jan. 6, 1805, married Susanna Schenck, and
lived in Williamsville, N. Y. (10) Barbara
(2), born Aug. 13, 1806, married Benjamin
Brubaker and moved to Stephenson county,
111. (11) Martin, born Nov. 23, 1808, mar-
ried Catharine Miller. (12) Sussanna, born
Feb. 26, 1812, married Benjamin Summy,
and moved to Washington, D. C.

About the year 1808 Christian Frick,
father of the above named sixteen children,
moved with the larger part of his numerous
family from Manheim, Lancaster Co., Pa.,
where he lived, to Amherst, Erie Co., X. Y.,
near Williamsville, where he died (date un-
known) at the old homestead now occupied
by his sons Abraham and Martin Frick.

(V) Jacob W. Frick, the eldest son and
second child of the aforenamed Christian
Frick, born Nov. 26. 1782, was married to
Magdalena Peifer, Dec. 3, 181 1. She was
born Nov. 12, 1793. They had the following
named three children : ( i ) John P., born Dec.
6, 1812, was married Nov. 26. 1839, to Hannah
Hershey, of York county. Pa., who was born



Feb. 3, 1815, and died May 23, 1879. He died
May 2T^, 1889, in York, Pa. They had seven
children, WiUiam Henry, Benjamin, John,
Abraham, Mary, David and Joseph. (^2)
Maria, born April 21, 1815, married Levi
Winterode, of Manchester, Md., and died Jan.
26, 1887. (3) Christian, born Dec. 17, 181 7,
died Aug. 15, 1863. Mrs. Magdalena Frick,
wife of Jacob W. Frick, died Oct. 8, 1822, in
York county, Pa., and he married in 1825
Elizabeth Arnold, of York county, by whom
he also had three children, namely : ( i ) An-
nie E., born Dec. 13, 1825, married Daniel
Bond, of Baltimore, Md. (2) Jacob, born
Aug. 27, 1827, was killed by the running away
of his team between Baltimore city and Hamp-
stead, Md. (3) Englehart, born Jan. 4, 1830,
married Cecilia Showers, of Manchester, Md.
The father of this family, Jacob W. Frick,
died April 12, 1835, at Manchester, Maryland.

(VI) Christian Frick, third named child
of Jacob W. and Magdalena (Peifer) Frick,
born Dec. 17, 181 7, was married Feb. 2, 1851,
to Matilda Joannah Speck, who was born Dec.
7, 1 82 1. They became the parents of five
children: (i) John Henry, born Oct. 30,
1852, died Dec. 30, 1890. (2) Laura, born Oct.
30, 1852, married Frederick Bentz. (3) Eliz-
abeth, born May 19, 1854, married Joseph
Deardorff, and is living in Mills county, Iowa.

(4) Jacob Martin was born Nov. 22, 1855.

(5) Charlotte, born Sept. 4, 1858, died when
three years old. The father of this family died
Aug. 15, 1863, and about the year 1867 the
mother moved with her four remaining chil-
dren from Manchester, Md., to York county.
Pa., where she spent the most of her days with
her children and had her home with her daugh-
ter, Mrs. Laura Bentz, near Wellsville, York
county, where she died Nov. 5, 1894.

(VII) John Frick, son of Christian and
Matilda Joannah (Speck) Frick, was married
Nov. 8, 1877, to Lydia Kraut, of York county,
Pa., and they were engaged in farming for a
number of years near Hall, Pa., and afterward
moved to near Abbottstown, Adams Co., Pa.,
where they lived until his death, Dec. 30, 1890.
Mrs. Frick, the widow, is still living, residing
with her children near Abbottstown. Three
children were born to John and Lydia (Kraut)
Frick. Daisy May, born Feb. 18, 1879, who
was married May 21, 1901, to John McMaster;
Preston Eugene, born Jan. 12, 1881 ; and Hat-
tie Belle, born Jan. 4, 1884.

(VII) Jacob Martin Frick, born Nov.
22, 1855, in Carroll county, Md., son of
Christian Frick, is now living retired in Wash-
ington township, York Co., Pa. He was
actively engaged in farming there until the
spring of 1905, and is one of the prominent
citizens and large landowners of that town-
ship. Mr. Frick spent his early life in his na-
tive county, coming to York county with his
widowed mother in 1867. From that time un-
til he was twenty-four he lived with his uncle,
Joseph Speck, and during that period attended
school in Warrington township, receiving an
excellent common-school training. On leav-
ing his uncle he commenced agricultural work
on his own account, and in spite of his youth
had the ambition to buy 103 acres in Washing-
ton township, of Adam Kinter. He lived on
that tract for many years, making all the
changes and improvements which give the
place its high value at the present day. He
has always been progressive, and by first-class
methods and the exercise of excellent judg-
ment in his work he succeeded so well that he
was able to purchase more property from time
to time. His holdings now comprise 253 acres
of valuable improved farming land, all ad-
joining in Washington township. The place
on which he has lived since he retired, in the
spring of 1905, is a nice farm of fifty-two
acres, and he bought the adjoining farm of
eighty-seven acres from Solomon Border's
estate. Few farms are better situated any-
where in York county ; a fine view of this beau-
tiful agricultural region is to be had from the
site of Mr. Prick's home, and his own attrac-
tive acres form a pleasing part of the pros-
pect. Mr. Frick is still in the prime of life,
and with the comfortable competence he has
accumulated by good management and judi-
cious investments he can look forward to many
enjoyable years. He is an estimable citizen,
living his own life for the good of others as
well as for his own benefit, and is willing to
heljj others do the same. As a deacon in the
Lutheran Church at Barrentz he is actively in-
terested in Christian work generally as well
as in the welfare of his own church, and ex-
ercises a strong influence for good in his com-
munity. He is not identified in any particular
way with public affairs, but gives his sympathy
and support to the Republican party.

Mr. Frick was married, Oct. 30, 1879, to
Hattie B. Speck, from Virginia, daughter



of Frederick and Susannah (Berkheimer)
Speck, and a member of a well-known York
county family. Three children have blessed this
union, Oscar E., Harry Arthur, and Ora, who
is at home. Oscar E. (now aged twenty-live
years) married Grace Harbold, and they are
living on the large farm of his father in Wash-
ington township, which Oscar cultivates.

Harry A. Erick entered Goldey Business
College at Wilmington, Del., in January, 1901,
and followed the course until May 30th, of the
same year, on which day he met with a serious
accident in a trolley wreck, which disabled and
pre\'ented him from entering school again un-
til February, 1902. After finishing the com-
plete course he accepted a position in Phila-
delphia, Pa., in May, 1903, and is now holding
a responsible position with the same firm, The
International Harvester Company of America.

EXOS S. MANN, M. D. The medical
profession has in York county an able and pop-
ular representative in Dr. Mann, who main-
tains his home in the attractive borough of
Dallastown, York township, and who con-
trols a large practice throughout that section
of the county, where he is held in high esteem
as a physician and a citizen. The Doctor has
been in a significant sense the architect of his
own fortunes, having gained through his own
efforts the funds which enabled him to com-
plete his academic and technical education, and
thus his success is the more gratifying to con-

Enos Seitz Mann is a native of the old
Keystone State, having been born in Manor
township, Lancaster county, Oct. 17, 1865,
son of Henry W. and Anna C. (Seitz) Mann,
both representatives of old and honored pioneer
families of that section of the State, where his
father devoted his life to agricultural pursuits.

Bernhart Mann, the great-great-grandfath-
er of Dr. E. S. Mann, was born May 9, 1740,
and when eight years of age emigrated from
Heififenhart, Germany, to America. He was.
in accordance with the method of that period

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