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simplicity, and yet the greatness, of his hero, and the broad
result of his life's work is very plainly and carefully set
forth. A short appreciation of his scientific labours, from the
competent pen of Sir Archibald Geikie, and a useful bibliography
of his works, complete a volume which is well worth reading for
its own sake, and which forms a worthy installment in an
admirable series."

The _Daily News_ says: -

"Leaves on us a very vivid impression."

Of JOHN KNOX, by A. TAYLOR INNES, Mr. Hay Fleming, in the _Bookman_
says: -

"A masterly delineation of those stirring times in Scotland, and
of that famous Scot who helped so much to shape them."

The _Freeman_ says: -

"It is a concise, well written, and admirable narrative of the
great Reformer's life, and in its estimate of his character and
work it is calm, dispassionate, and well balanced.... It is a
welcome addition to our Knox literature."

The _Speaker_ says: -

"There is vision in this book, as well as knowledge."

The _Sunday School Chronicle_ says: -

"Everybody who is acquainted with Mr. Taylor Innes's exquisite
lecture on Samuel Rutherford will feel instinctively that he is
just the man to do justice to the great Reformer, who is more to
Scotland 'than any million of unblameable Scotsmen who need no
forgiveness.' His literary skill, his thorough acquaintance with
Scottish ecclesiastical life, his religious insight, his
chastened enthusiasm, have enabled the author to produce an
excellent piece of work.... It is a noble and inspiring theme,
and Mr. Taylor Innes has handled it to perfection."

Of ROBERT BURNS, by GABRIEL SETOUN, the _New Age_ says: -

"It is the best thing on Burns we have yet had, almost as good
as Carlyle's Essay and the pamphlet published by Dr. Nichol of

The _Methodist Times_ says: -

"We are inclined to regard it as the very best that has yet been
produced. There is a proper perspective, and Mr. Setoun does
neither praise nor blame too copiously.... A difficult bit of
work has been well done, and with fine literary and ethical

_Youth_ says: -

"It is written with knowledge, judgment, and skill.... The
author's estimate of the moral character of Burns is temperate
and discriminating; he sees and states his evil qualities, and
beside these he places his good ones in their fulness, depth,
and splendour. The exposition of the special features marking
the genius of the poet is able and penetrating."

Of THE BALLADISTS, by JOHN GEDDIE, the _Birmingham Daily Gazette_
says: -

"As a popular sketch of an intensely popular theme, Mr. Geddie's
contribution to the 'Famous Scots Series' is most excellent."

The _Publishers' Circular_ says: -

"It may be predicted that lovers of romantic literature will
re-peruse the old ballads with a quickened zest after reading
Mr. Geddie's book. We have not had a more welcome little volume
for many a day."

The _New Age_ says: -

"One of the most delightful and eloquent appreciations of the
ballad literature of Scotland that has ever seen the light."

The _Spectator_ says: -

"The author has certainly made a contribution of remarkable
value to the literary history of Scotland. We do not know of a
book in which the subject has been treated with deeper sympathy
or out of a fuller knowledge."

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Online LibraryGeorge SaintsburySir Walter Scott → online text (page 12 of 12)