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each. In one volume, 5s. Morocco, antique calf or morocco, 10s. 6d.

Bishop Butler's Analogy of Religion ; with Analytical Introduc-
tion and copious Index, by the Rev. Dr. Steere. 6s. Antique calf, lis. 6d.

Bishop Butler's Sermons and Remains; with Memoir, by the Rev.
E. Steere, LL.D. 6s.

*j!f* This volume contains some additional remains, which are copyright,
and render it the most complete edition extant.

Bishop Butler's Complete Works ; with Memoir by the Rev. Dr.
Steere. 2 vols, 12s.

Bacon's Advancement of Learning. Edited, with short Notes,
by the Rev. G. W. Kitchin, M.A., Christ Church, Oxford. 6s. ; antique
calf, lis. 6d.

Bacon's Essays; or, Counsels Civil and Moral, with the Wisdom
of the Ancients. With References and Notes by S. W. Singer, F.S.A. 5«.
Morocco, or antique calf, 10s. 6i.

Bacon's Novum Organum. Newly translated, with short Notes,
by the Rev. Andrew Johnson, M.A. 6s. Antique calf, lis. Qd.

Locke on the Conduct of the Human Understanding ; edited by
Bolton Corney. Esq., M. R. S. L. 3s. 6d. Antique calf, 8s. 6d.

" I cannot think any parent or instructor justified in neglecting to put
this little treatise into the hands of a boy about the time when the reason-
ing faculties become developed."— Hcdlam.

Ultimate Civilization. By Isaac Taylor, Esq. 6s.

Logic in Theology, and other Essays. By Isaac Taylor, Esq. 6s.

The Physical Theory of Another Life. By Isaac Taylor, Esq.,
Author of the " Nati^al History of Enthusiasm," " Restoration of Belief,"
See. Niaa Edition. (5*. Antique calf, lis. Qd.

Messrs. Bell and Daldy^s

OMESTIC Life in Palestine. By M. E. Rogers. Post

8vo. Second Edition. 10s. Qd.

S^^ By-Roads and Battle Fields in Picardy : with Inci-
dents and Gatherings by the Way between Ambleteuse and
Ham ; including Agincourt and Crecy. By G. M. MusgraA-e, M.A.,
Author of " A Pilgrimage into Dauphine, &c. Illustrated. Super-
royal 8vo. 16.9.

The Boat and the Caravan. A Family Tour through Egypt and
Syria. New and cheaper Edition. Fcap. 8vo. 5s. &d.

Fragments of Voyages and Travels. By Captain Basil Hall,
R.N., F.R.S. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Series in 1 vol. complete. New Edition.
Royal 8vo. 10s. Qd.

Adventures of Baron Wenceslas Wratislaw of Mitrowitz ; what
he saw in the Turkish Metropolis, Constantinople, experienced in his
Captivity, and, after his happy return to his country, committed to
writing, in the year of our Lord, 1.599. Literally translated from the
original Bohemian by A. H. Wratislaw, M.A,, Head Master of the
Grammar School, Bury St. Edmunds, and formerly Fellow and Tutor of
Christ's College, Cambridge. Crown 8vo. &s. 6rf.

The Gem of Thorney Island ; or, The Historical Associations of
Westminster Abbey. By the Rev. J. Ridgway, M.A. Crown 8vo. Is. M.

Gifts and Graces. A new Tale, by the Author of " The Rose and

the Lotus." Post 8vo. 7s. M.
Childhood and Youth. By Count Nicola Tolstoi. Translated

from the Russian by Malwida von Meysenbug. Post 8vo. 8s. &a.

BaronscliflFe ; or, the Deed of other Days. By Mrs. P. M.
Latham, Author of " The Wayfarers." Crown 8vo. 6s.

The Wayfarers : or, Toil and Rest. By Mrs. Latham. Fcap. 5s.

The Manse of Mastland. Sketches : Serious and Humorous, in
the Life of a Village Pastor in the Netherlands. Translated from the
Dutch by Thomas Keightley, M.A. Post 8vo. 9s.

The Home Life of English Ladies in the Seventeenth Century.
By the Author of " Magdalen Stafford." Second Edition, enlarged.
Fcap. 8vo. 6s. Calf, 9s. 6«.

The Romance and its Hero. By the Author of " Magdalen Staf-
ford." 2 vols. Fcap. 8vo. 12s.

Magdalen Stafford. A Tale. Fcap. 8vo. 5s.

Claude de Vesci ; or, the Lost Inheritance. 2 vols. Fcap. 8vo. 9s.

By the late Mrs. Woodrooffe.
OTTAGE Dialogues. New Edition. 12mo. 4s. M.

Shades of Character; or, the Infant Pilgrim. 1th Edition.
2 vols. 12mo. 12s.

Michael Kemp, the Happy Farmer's Lad. 8th Edition. 12mo. 4s.

A Sequel to Michael Kemp. New Edition. 12mo. 6s. 6(/.

New and Standard Publications. 9

Mrs. Alfred Gattt's Popular Works.

" We should not be doing justice to the highest class of juvenile fiction,
were we to omit, as particularly worthy of attention at this season, the
whole series of Mrs. Gatty's admirable books. They are quite migenerit,
and deserve the widest possible circulation."— Ziierary Churchman.

• ARABLES from Nature ; with Notes on the Natural
History. Illustrated by W. Holman Hunt, Otto Speckter,
C. W. Cope, R. A., E. Warren, W. Millais, G. Thomas, and
H. Calderon. 8vo. Ornamental cloth, 10s. 6d. Antique
morocco elegant, 1^. Is.

Parables from Nature. 1 6mo. with Illustrations. Tenth Edition.
3s. 6d. Separately : First Series, Is. Qd. ; Second Series, 2s.

Red Snow, and other Parables from Nature. Third Series with

Illustrations, ikcond Edition. 16mo. 2s.
Worlds not Realized. 16mo. Third Edition. 2s.
Proverbs Illustrated. 16mo. with Illustrations, ^rd Edition. 2s.

%* These little works have been found useful for Sunday reading in the
family circle, and instructive and interesting to school children.

The Human Face Divine, and other Tales. With Illustrations

by C. S. Lane. Fcap. 8vo. 3s. 6d.
The Fairy Godmothers and other Tales. Third Edition. Fcap.

8vo. with Frontispiece. 2s. Qd.
Legendary Tales. With Illustrations by Phiz. Fcap. 8vo. 5*.
The Poor Incumbent. Fcap. 8vo. Sewed, Is. Cloth, Is. 6d.

The Old Folks from Home ; or, a Holiday in Ireland in 1861.

Second Edition, Post 8vo. 7s. 6d.

Aunt Judy's Tales. Illustrated by Clara S. Lane. Fcap. 8vo.

Third Edition. 3s. M.
Aunt Judy's Letters. Illustrated by Clara S. Lane. Fcap.

8vo. 3s. M.

Melchior's Dream, and other Tales. By J. H. G. Edited by
Mrs. Gatty. Illustrated. Fcap. 8vo. 3s. Qd.

' "^ m^ HE Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. By Daniel

f^^ Defoe. With 100 Illustrations by E. H. Wehnert. Uniform
with " Andersen's Tales." Small 8vo. Cloth, gilt edges, 7s. Qd.

Andersen's Tales for Children. Translated by A.
Wehnert. With 105 Illustrations by E. H. Wehnert, W. Thomas, and
others. Small 8vo. Cloth, gilt edges, 7s. Qd.
Among the Tartar Tents ; or, the Lost Fathers. A Tale. By
Anne Bo\>Tnan, Author of " Esperanza," " The Boy Voyagers," &c.
With Illustrations. Crown 8vo. 5s.

Little Maggie and her Brother. By Mrs. G. Hooper, Author of
•' Recollections of Mrs. Anderson's School," " Arbell," &c. With a
' Frontispiece. Fcap. 8vo. 2s. Qd.

10 Messrs. Bell mid Daldy^s

Guessing Stories ; or, the Surprising Adventures of the Man
•with the Extra Pair of Eyes. A Book for Young People. By a Country
Parson. Imperial 16mo. Cloth, gilt edges, 3s.

Cavaliers and Eound Heads. By J. G. Edgar, Author of " Sea
Kings and Naval Heroes." Illcstrated by Amy Butts. Fcap. 8to. 5*.

Sea-Kings and Naval Heroes. A Book for Boys. By J. G.
Edgar. With Illustrations by C. K. Johnson and C. Keene. Fcap. 8to. bs.

The Life of Christopher Columbus, in Short Words. By Sarah
Crompton. Crown 8vo. 2s. M. Also an Edition for Schools, Is.

The Life of Martin Luther, in Short Words. By the same Author.
Crown Svo. Is. M. Stiff cover, Is.

Nursery Tales. By Mrs. Motherly. With Illustrations by C.
S. Lane. Imperial 16mo. 2s. M. Coloured, gilt edges, 3s. 6^.

Nursery Poetry. By Mrs. Motherly. With Eight Illustrationc
by C. S. Lane. Imperial 16mo. 2s. M. Coloured, gilt edges, 3s. 6af.

Nursery Carols. Illustrated with 120 Pictures. By Ludwie
Ricther and Oscar Pletsch. Imperial 16mo, Ornamental Binding. 3s. 6a.
coloured, 6s.

Poetry for Play-Hours. By Gerda Fay. With Eight largo
Illustrations. Imperial 16mo. 3s. 6rf. Coloured, gilt edges, 4s. M.

Very Little Tales for Very Little Children In single Syllables
of Four and Five letters. New Edition. Illustrated. 2 vols. I6mo. Is. 6d.
each, or in I vol. 3s.

Progressive Tales for Little Children. In w^ords of One and Tvx

Syllables. Forming the sequel to " Very Little Tales." New Edition.
Illustrated. 2 vols. 16mo. Is. &d. each, or in 1 vol. 3s.

The White Lady and Undine, translated from the German by the
Hon. C. L. Lyttelton. With numerous Illustrations. Fcap. Svo. 5s. Or,
separately, 2s. 6c?. each.

The Lights of the Will o' the Wisp. Translated by Lady Maxwell
Wallace. With a coloured Frontispiece. Imperial 16mo. Cloth, gilt
edges, 5s.

Voices from the Greenwood. Adapted from the Original. By
Lady Maxwell Wallace. With Illustrations. Imperial 16mo. 2s. &d.

Princess Use : a Legend, translated from the German. By Lady
Maxwell Wallace. With Illustrations. Imperial 16mo. 2s. M.

A Poetry Book for Children. Illustrated with Thirty-seven
highly-finished Engi-avings, by C. W. Cope, R. A., Helmsley, Palmer,
Skill, Thomas, and H. Weir. New Edition. Crown Svo. 2s. 6d.

New and Standard Puhlications. 11

CJe ^f^itaxm'^ licture 13oofe Series*

Written expressly for Young People, super-royal 16mo.
Cloth, gilt edges, price 5s. each.
f^^IBLE Picture Book. Eighty Illustrations. (Coloured,

Scripture Parables and Bible Miracles. Thirty-two

Illustrations. (Coloured, 7s. 6d.)

English History. Sixty Illustrations. (Coloured, 9s.)
Good and Great Men. Fifty Illustrations. (Coloured, 9s.)
Useful Knowledge. One Hundred and Thirty Figures.

Cloth, red edges, price 2s. 6d. each. (^Coloured, gilt edges, 3s. 6d.)
Scripture Parables. By Kev. J. E. Clarke. 16 Illustrations.
Bible Miracles. By Eev. J. E. Clarke, M.A. 16 Illustrations.
The Life of Joseph. Sixteen Illustrations.
Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. Sixteen Illustrations.

LAKK'S Introduction to Heraldry.— Containing Rules

for Blazoning and Marshalling Coats of Armour — DictionaiT'
of Terms — Orders of Knighthood explained — Degrees of the
Nobility and Gentry— Tables of Precedency; 48 Engravings,
including upwards of 1,000 Examples, and the Arms of nu-
merous Families. Sixteenth Edition improved. Small 8vo. 7s. 6d. Co-
loured, 18s.

Book of Family Crests and Mottoes, with Four Thousand Engrav-
ings of the Crests of the Peers, Baronets, and Gentry of England and
Wales, and Scotland and Ireland. A Dictionary of Mottos, &c. Tenth
Edition, enlarged. 2 vols, small 8vo. 1/. 4s.

" Perhaps the best recommendation to its utility and correctness (in
the main) is, that it has been used as a work of reference ia the Herald*
College. No wonder it sells." — Spectator.

A Handbook of Mottoes borne by the Nobility, Gentry, Cities,
Public Companies, &c. Translated and Illustrated, with Notes and
Quotations, by C. N. Elvin, M.A. Small 8vo. 6s.

Gothic Ornaments ; being a Series of Examples of enriched De-
tails and Accessories of the Architecture of Great Britain. Drawn from
existing Authorities. By J. K. Colling, Ai'chitect. Royal 4to. Vol. I.
Zl.l3s.6d. Vol. II. 3^. 16s. M.

Details of Gothic Architecture, Measured and Drawn from existing
Examples. By J. K. Colling, Architect. Royal 4to. 2 vols. 5/. 5s.

12 Messrs. Bell and Daldy^s

The Architectural History of Chichester Cathedral, with an In-
troductory Essay on the Fall of the Tower and Spire. By the Rev. R.
Willis, M.A., F.R.S., &c., Jacksonian Professor iu the University of
Cambridge.— Of Boxgrove Priory, by the Rev. J. L. Petit, M.A., F.S.A.
— And of Shoreham Collegiate Church, together with the Collective Archi-
tectural History of the foregoing buildings, as indicated by their mould-
ings, by Edmund Sharpe, M.A., F.R.I B. A. Illustrated by one hundred
Plates, Diagrams, Plans and Woodcuts. Super-royal 4to. 1/. 10s.

Architectural Studies in Erance. By the Kev. J. L. Petit, M. A.,
F.S.A. With Illustrations from Drawings by the Author and P. H.
Delamotte. Imp. 8vo. 21. 2s.

Remarks on Church Architecture. With Illustrations. By the
Rev. J. L. Petit, M.A. 2 vols. 8vo. II. Is.

A Few Notes on the Temple Organ. By Edmund Macrory, M.A.
/Second Edition. Super-royal 16mo. Half morocco, Roxburgh, 3s. 6d.

Scudamore Organs, or Practical Hints respecting Organs for Vil-
lage Churches and small Chancels, on improved principles. By the Rev.
John Baron, I\I.A., Rector of Upton Scudamore, Wilts. With Designs by
George Edmund Street, F.S.A. Second Edition^ revised and enlm'ged.
8vo. "6s.

The Bell ; its Origin, History, and Uses. By Rev. A. Gatty . 3s.

Practical Remarks on Belfries and Ringers. By the Rev. H. T.
Ellacombe, M.A., F. A.S., Rector of Clyst St. George, Devonshire. Second
Edition, with an Appendix on Chiming. Illustrated. 8vo. 3s.

Proceedings of the Archaeological Institute at Newcastle, in 1853.
With Numerous Engravings. 2 vols. 8vo. 21. 2s.

History of the Parish of Ecclesfield, in the County of York. By
the Rev. J. Eastwood, M.A., Incumbent of Hope, Staffordshire, formerly
Cm-ate of Ecclesfield. 8vo. 16s.

A Handbook for Visitors to Cambridge. By Norris Deck.
Illustrated by 8 Steel Engravings, 97 Woodcuts, and a Map. Crowu
8vo. 5s.

Canterbury in the Olden Time: from the Municipal Archives
and other Sources. By John Brent, F.S.A. With Illustrations. 6s.

Whirlwinds and Dust-Storms of India. With numerous Illustra-
tions drawn from Nature, bound separatel)'; and an Addendum on Sani-
tary Measures required for European Soldiers in India. By P. F. H.
Baddeley, Surgeon, Bengal Army, Retired List. Large 8vo. With
Illustrations, 8s. M. ; without Illustratious, 3s.

Two Transparent Wind Cards in Horn, adapted to the Northern and
Southern Hemispheres, for the u^ie of Sailors. 2s.

The Addresses of the Hungarian Diet of 1861, to H. I. M. the
Emperor of Austria, with the Imperial Rescript and other Documents.
Translated for presentation to Members of both Houses of the British
Parliament. By J. Plorue Payne, Esq., M.A., Lond., of the Inner Temple.
Royal 8vo. 2s. 6d.

New and Standard Publications. 13

EBSTER'S Complete Dictionary of the English Lan-
guage. New Edition, revised and gi-eatly enlarged, by
Chauncey a. Goodrich, Professor in Yale College. 4to.
(1624 pp.) 1^. Us. U.; half calf, 21.; calf, or half russia,
21. 2s. ; russia, 21. li)s.

Though the circulation of Dr. Webster's celebrated Dictionary, in its
various forms, in the United States, in England, and in every country
where the English Language is spoken, may be counted by hundreds of
thousands, it is believed that there are many persons to whom the book
is yet unknown, and who, if seeking for a Dictionary which should supply
all reasonable wants, would be at a loss to select one from the numerous
competitors in the field.

In announcing this New Edition, the Proprietors desire to call attention
to the features which distinguish it, and to put before those who are in
want of such a book, the points in which it excels all other Dictionaries,
and which render it the best that has as yet been issued for the practical
purposes of daily use : —

1. Accuracy of Definition. 2. Pronunciation intelligibly marked. 3.
Completeness. 4. Etymology. 5. Obsolete Words. 6. Uniformity in the
Mode of Spelling. 7. Qnotations. 8. Cheapness.

With the determination that the superiority of the work shall be fully
maintained, and that it shall keep pace with the requirements of the age
and the universal increase of education, the Proprietors have added to
this New Edition, under the editorship of Professor Goodi'ich, —

A Table of Synonyms. An Appendix of New Words. Table of Qnota-
tions, Words, Phrases, &c.
Tables of Interest, enlarged and Improved ; calculated at Five
per Cent. ; Showing at one view the Interest of any Sum, from £1 to
£365 : they are also carried on by hundreds to £1,000, and by thousands
to £10,000, from one day to 365 days. To which are added. Tables of
Interest, from one to 12 months, and from two to 13 years. Also Tables
for calculating Commission on Sales of Goods or Banking Accounts, from
^ to 5 per Cent., with several useful additions, among which are Tables
for calculating Interest on large sums for 1 day, at the several rates of 4
and 5 per Cent, to £100,000,000. By Joseph King, of Liverpool. 24th
Edition. With a Table showing the number of days fi-om any one day
to any other day in the Year. 8vo. 1/. Is.

The Housekeeping Book, or Family Ledger ; on an Improved
Principle. By which an exact Account can be kept of Income and Ex-
penditure ; suitable for any Year, and may be begun at any time. With
Hints on Household Management, Receipts, &c. By Mrs. Hamilton.
8vo. Cloth, Is. M, sewed. Is.

The Executor's Account Book, with short Practical Instructions
for the guidance of Executors. By a Solicitor. Folio. 4s.

EGBNDS and Lyrics, by Adelaide Anne Procter.

&th Edition. Fcap. 5s. Antique or best plain morocco, 10s. 6rf

Second Series. Second Edition. Fcap. 8vo. 5s. ;

antique or best plain morocco, 10s. 6d.

The Legend of the Golden Prayers, and other Poems. By C F.

Alexander, Author of " Moral Songs," &c. Fcap. 8vo. 5s. ; antique or best
plain morocco, 10s. 6d.

Verses for Holy Seasons. By the Same Author. Edited by the
Very Rev. W. F. Hook, D.D. ith Edition. Fcap. 3s. 6d. ; morocco, antique
calf or morocco, 8s. 6d.

14 Messrs. Bell and Daldy^s

Nightingale Valley ; a Collection of Choice Lyrics and Short
Poems. From the time of Shakespeare to the present day. Edited by
William Alliugham. Fcap. 8vo. os. ; mor., antique calf or mor., 10s.6£/.

Latin Translations of English Hymns. By Charles Buchanan
Pearson, M. A., Prebendary of Sarnm, and Rector of Knebvorth. Fcap.
8vo. 5s.

The Frithiof Saga. A Poem. Translated from the Norwegian.
By the Rev. R. Mucklestone, M.A., Rector of Dinedor, Herefordshire;
late Fellow and Tutor of Worcester Coll. Oxford. Cr. 8vo. 7s. M.

Saul, a Dramatic Poem ; Elizabeth, an Historical Ode; and other
Poems. By William Fulford, M.A. Fcap. 8vo. 5s.

Lays and Poems on Italy. By F. A. Mackay. Fcap. 8vo. bs.

Poems from the German. By Richard Garnett, Author of " lo
in Egypt, and other Poems." Fcap. 8a'o. 3s. %d.

Id in Egypt, and other Poems. By R. Garnett. Fcap. Svo. 5s.

The Monks of Kilcrea, and other Poems. Third Edition. Post Svo.

7s. M.

Christopheros, and other Poems. By the Ven. W. B. Mant,
Archdeacon of Down. Crown 8vo. 6s.

Teuton. A Poem. By C. J. Riethmiiller. Crown Svo. 7s. ^d.

Dryope, and other Poems. By T. Ashe. Fcap. Svo. 6s.

Wild Thyme. By E. M. Mitchell. Fcap. Svo. 5s.

Lyrics and Idylls. By Gerda Fay. Fcap. Svo. 4s.

The Defence of Guenevere, and other Poems. By W. Morris. 5s.

David Mallet's Poems. With Notes and Illustrations by F. Dins-
dale, LL.D., F.S.A. New Edition. Post Svo. 10s. &d.

Ballads and Songs of Yorkshire. Transcribed from private MSS.,
rare Broadsides, and scarce Publications ; with Notes and a Glossary.
By C. J. D. Ingledew, M.A., Ph.D., F.G.H.S., author of " The History
of North Allerton." Fcap. Svo. 6s.

Percy's Reliques of Ancient English Poetry. 3 vols. sm. Svo. 15s.

Half-bound, 18s. Antique calf, or morocco, 1/. lis. M.

Ellis's Specimens of Early English Poetry. 3 vols. sm. Svo. 15s.

Half-bound, 18s. Antique calt, or morocco, 1/. lis. &d.

The Book of Ancient Ballad Poetry of Great Britain, Historical,

Traditional and Romantic : with Modern Imitations, Translations, Notes
and Glossary, &c. Edited by J. S. Moore. New and Improved Edition,
Svo. Half-bound, 14s. Antique morocco, 21s.

The Promises of Jesus Christ. Illuminated by Albert H. Warren,
Second Edition. Ornamental cloth, 15s. Antique morocco elegant, I'ls.

Christmas with the Poets : a Collection of English Poetry
relating to the Festival of Christmas. Illustrated by Birket Foster, and
with numerous initial letters and borders beautifully printed in gold and
colours by Edmund Evans. Nir (itul improved Editio7i. Super royal Svo.
Ornamental binding, 21s. Antique morocco, 31s. &d.

New and Standard Pahlications. 15

THEN^ CaBtabrigienses. By C. H. Cooper, F.S.A.,
and Thompson Cooper. Volume I. 1500—1585. 8vo. 18j.
Vol. II. 1586—1609. 8vo. 18s.
> -^w This work, in illustration of the biography of notable and

eminent men who have been members of the University of Cambridge,
comprehends notices of :— 1. Authors. 2. Cardinals, archbishops, bishops,
abbots, heads of religious houses and other church dignitaries. 3. States-
men, diplomatists, military and naval commanders. 4. Judges and emi-
nent practitioners of the civil or common law. 5. Sufferers for religions
or political opinions. 6. Persons distiaguished for success in tuition. 7.
Eminent physicians and medical practitioners. 8. Artists, musicians,
and hsralds. 9. Heads of colleges, professors, and principal officers of the
university. 10. Benefactors to the university and colleges, or to the
public at large.
The Early and Middle Ages of England. By C H. Pearson,
M.A., Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, and Professor of Modern History,
King's College, London. 8vo. 12s.

History of England, from the Invasion of Julius Csesar to the End
of the Reign of George II., bv Hume and Smollett. With the Continua-
tion, to the Accession of Queen Victoria, by the Rev. T S. Hughes, HD.
late Canon of Peterborough. New Edition, containing Historical Illustra-
tions, Autographs, and Portraits, copious Notes, and the Author s last
Corrections"" and Improvements. In 18 vols, crown 8vo. 4s. each.

Vols. I. to VI. (Hume's portion), \l. 4s.

Vols. VII. to X. (Smollett's ditto), 16s.

Vols. XI. to XVIII. (Hughes's ditto), II. 12s.

History of England, from the Accession of George HI. to the
Accession of Queen Victoria. By the Rev. T. S. Hughes, B.D ^tm
Edition, almost entirely re-wi'itten. In 7 vols. 8vo. 2,1. 13s. M.

Choice Notes from " Notes and Queries," by the Editor. Fcap.
Svo. 5s. each.

Vol. I.— History. Vol. II.— Folk Lore.

Master Wace's Chronicle of the Conquest of England. Trans-
lated from the Norman by Sir Alexander Malet, Bart., H.B.M. Pleni-
jotentiary, Frankfort. With Photograph Illustrations of the Bayeaux
?apesti-y. Medium 4to. Half-morocco, Roxburgh, 21. 2s.


The Prince Consort's Addresses on Diiferent Public Occasions.
Beautifully printed by Whittingham. 4to. 10s. Qd.

Life and Books ; or, Eecords of Thought and Reading. By J. F.
Boyes, M.A. Fcap. Svo. 5s. ; calf, 8s. &d.

Life's Problems. By Sir Rutherford Alcock, K. C. B. Second
Edition, revised and enlarged. Fcap. 5s.

Parliamentary Short-Hand (Official System). By Thompson
Cooper. Fcap. 8vo. 2s. &d.

This is the system universally practised by the Gai-ernment Official i?*-
porters. It has many advantages over the system ordinarily adopted,
and has hitherto been inaccessible, except in a high-priced volume.

English Retraced ; or, Remarks, Critical and Philological, founded
on a Comparison of the Breeches Bible with the English of the present
day. Crown Svo. 6s.

16 Messrs. Bell and Dalchfs

The Pleasures of Literature. By R. Aris Willmott, Incumbent of
Bear-Wood. Fifth Edition, enlarged. Fcap. 8vo. 5s. Morocco, 10s. 6rf.

Hints and Helps for Youths leaving School. By the Rev. J. S.

Gilderdale, M.A. Fcap. 8vo. 5s. Calf, 8s. fid.
Hints to Maid Servants in Small Households, on Manners, Dress,

and Duties. By Mrs. Motherly. Fcap. 8vo. Is. M.

A Wife's Home Duties; containing Hints to inexperienced
Housekeepers. Fcap. 8vo. 2s. M.

Geology in the Garden : or, The Fossils in the Flint Pebbles.
With 106 Illustrations. By the Rev. Henry Eley, M.A. Fcap. 8vo. 6s.

Halcyon : or Rod-Fishing in Clear Waters. By Henry Wade,
Secretary to the Weardale Angling Association. With Coloured repre-
sentations of the principal Flies, and other Illustrations. Cr. 8vo. 7s. M.

A Handy Book of the Chemistry of Soils : Explanatory of their
Composition, and the Influence of Manures in ameliorating them, with
Outlines of the various Processes of Agricultural Analysis. By John
ScoflFern, M.B. Crown 8vo. 4s. M.


; ARISH SERMONS. By the Rev. M. F. Sadler, M. A.,

Vicar of Bridgwater. Author of the " Sacrament of Respon-
sibility," and " TheSecond Adam and the New Birth." Fcap.
8vo. Vol. I, Advent to Trinity; Vol. II, Trinity to Advent.
7s. 6f/. each.

Twenty-four Sermons on Christian Doctrine and Practice, and
on the Church, By C. J. Blomfield, D.D., late Lord Bishop of London.
{Hitherto unpublished.) 8vo. 10s. 6d.

King's College Sermons. By the Rev. E. H. Plumptre, M.A.,
Divinity Professor. Fcap. 8vo. 2s. &d.

Sermons preached in Westminster, By the Rev. C. F. Secretan,
M.A., Incumbent of Holy Trinity, Vauxhall-Bridge Road. Fcap. 8vo. 6s.

Sermons. By the Rev. A. Gatty, D.D., Vicar of Ecclesfield.

12mo. 8s.

Twenty Plain Sermons for Country Congregations and Family
Reading. By the Rev. A. Gatty, D.D., Vicar of Ecclesfield. Fcap. 5j.

Sermons to a Country Congregation — Advent to Trinity. By the
Rev. Hastings Gordon, M. A. 12mo. fi.f.

Sermons on Popular Subjects, preached in the Collegiate Church,
Wolverhampton. By the Rev. Julius Lloyd, M. A. 8vo. 4s. 6d.

Gospel Truths in Parochial Sermons for the Great Festivals.

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