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An Illustrated Magazine

For the People.

Conducted by J . G. Holland.

Volume XIX.
(Nov., i8yg, to April, 1880, inclusive.)

New -York:

bner & Co., No. 743 Broadway,

Digitized by





^^Wnght hj SCRIBMBX ft Co., S879

Pmss or FRANas Hatt & Co.

Digitized by



^ ■»

^ C Portrait of Peter the Great. From the steel-engraving by J. Houbraken, after the

Frontispieces TO > pamting by C de Moor. Engraved bvR. MUUer.

VOLUME. ^ Y\si^ of Peter the Great, and Autograph of Thomas A. Edison.

,^ i Portrait of Bayard Taylor. From photograph by F.Gutekunst. Engr<ived by T.Cole.

Frontispik:es to > ^^ Cornell University Memorial of Bayard Taylor. From the bass-reUef by W,
NOVEMBER Number.^ R. O'Donovan. Engraved by F. JuengUng.

AcADiANS OF Louisiana, The /^, L, Daniels 383

illustfadons by Allen C. Redwood.

Hhia. Acadian Girl 385 An Attakapas Herdsman 389

A Young Matron 387 An Acadian Basket Maker 390

Curad on Horseback 388 A Five-Acre Dash 39a

A Patriarch 389

Agricultural Distress in Great Britain, The P. T. Quinn 61

Animals, How, get Home Ernest Ingersoll 90

Arms and Ammunition, American William C, Church . . 436

Ittua. Breedi Mediamsm M'the Remington Rifle. 439 Cross Section of Cartridge showing Interior. 448

The Spring6ekl System 439 The Peabody-Martini Guiridge 449

The Sharps Rifle 440 Sharps or Remington Cartridge 449

The Peabody-Martini 440 U. S. Government Cartridge 449

The Gatling Machine Gun 441 Vemfer Peep'Sight. 449

Machine for Turning Stocks 44a Wind Sight and Spirit Levd 449

Barrel Rolls 445 Sprii^dd Rear Sight 4So

Cuts Showing Pro««anve Changes in Bui- Tne Lee Detachable Magazine Gun 450

lets and the Okl Paper Cartridge 446 The Winchester Magazine Gun 451

Cartridge of &i^ish Manu&cture 448 The Keene Magazine Gun 451

Cartridge of American Manufacture 448 The Hotdhkiss Magazine Gun 45a

Artists* Life in New York, Young fVilliam H, Bishop 355

Hhstrations by the following membera of the Salmagundi Club : W. A Rogers, Walter Shirlaw. W. Taber, H. P.

WokxHt, F S. Church, S. G. McCutcheon, WiU H. Low. H. P. Share, W. H. Shclton, M J. Bums,

Walter Clark, J. £. Kelly, George Inness, Jr., J. Lauber, J. S. Hardey, and others.

nitis. Off for Europe 356 An Artist in Rocks 36a

At •• The Studio" 357 A Marine Artist's Studio 363

The Arrist in Black Eyes... 357 "Decay" (Bass-Relief Sketch in Clay).... 364

Bargaining for a ' Shang^hai " 358 An Animal Artists' Studio 364

A Discount to the Prctession 359 The Illustrator Illustrated 365

" Your Washing, Moo* •• 359 " Silence " (Eight Studies) 366

The Sahnagundi Qub in Eariy Times 360 '* Silence " (Bass-ReUef Sketch in Clay). . . 367

A Modem Meeting of the Sahnagundi Qub 361 " Silence " (Bass-Rehef Sketch in Clay) ... 368

Bicycling. (Illustrated. ) See " Hub, A Wheel Around the. "

Blackberries for Home and Market. (Illustrated.) See "Fruits, Small, Success with."

Brazil. (Illustrated. ) See " Coffee Culture in BraziL"

Bright, John 576

niua. Poctxait of John Bright 576

Capitol of New-York, The Montgomery Schuyler 161

Illustrations by R. Sayre, Francis Lathrop, W. M. Laffiu, and others.

nhu. The "North Center" x6x Assembly Chamber, West End 171

Inside View of Window, Assembly Chamber x6a Plan of Assembly Chamber 172

Outside View of Window, Old Plan 162 Under the Reporters' Gallery 173

Dormer, Street Side 163 Cap of Large Cohimn, Assembly Room. . . 173

A Capital for a Street Dormer Window. ... 164 Arch in the Lobby ' 273

Dormer, Court Side 165 Fire-place. Gnffin on Firb-place 174

The Golden Conidor x66 A Clustered Pier \ 175

Caps to Columns under Reporten' Gallery. 167 "The Discoverer." By W. M. Hunt 176

The Court of Appeals Room .....168 "The Flight of Night " By W. M. Hunt 176

Statn3»e» New Capitol X69 Under the Ladies* Gallery 4 X77

Down the Staircase X70 A Dream of the New Albady X78

Caverns, Indiana, Eighty Miles in iV. jc'. Hovey 875

Iflnstrations by Juhen Barton and W. L. Sheppaxd.

nius. The Peri's Prison, Sibert's Cave 876 The Alligator

A Perilous Pass, Sibert's Cave 876 The Pillared Palace V 88a

Map of Wyandot Cave 877 Rothrock's Cathedral \ 883

The Pillar of the Constitution 878 Slippery Hill \ 884

A Colony of Bats, Wyandot Cave 880 Threacfing the Auger-Hole. .\. 885

Caktte Crystals from Milro/s Temple 881 Milroy's Temple and Worm ^ley 886

A Specimen of Oulopholite %. 881 A Cave Flower .\ 887

Cham Richar(t\Whiteing 741

Uhistiationa, except the first, thirteenth and fifteenth, from Cham's published drawings, aJ credited in the text

Illus. Cham 741 A Parisian \ 747

M. de Lamartineas a Lightmng-Conductor. 743 " M. Joseph Prudhomme," by Mp^^- • • 74^

Louis Blanc in the Tribune 743 M. Prudhomme Saluting the Statue of the

Louis Blanc " Lost in Sorrow " 743 King of Prussia 749

Pienc Leroux, Communist 744 Memorandum Sketch of Bridg^eman's " Di-

M. Lamennais 744 Versions of an Assyrian King " 750

M. Montalembert 745 Cham after Bridgeman 750

FiUx Pyat 745 "Do You Hunt, too?" 751

Hugo as an Orator 746 Recollections of Youth 751

M. Girardb, the Horace Greeley ofFrance. 746 Cham after GerSme 752

What is needed in the Asiembfy 747 Matches of Clandestine Make 753


Digitized by



. 225

Coffee Culture in Brazil Herbert H, Smith. . .

lUustradons by B. Wiegandt, W. L. Sb«ppard, Thomas Moran, and others.

Illus. Cofiee Bcrrie* on the Free 225 Pickin'j Over Coffee 231

Coffee Plantation iu Southern Brazil 226 Sunday Morning 232

The Vwciro 227 Cutting Cane-Stalks for the Catde 23a

The Pulpine-Machine 228 Road near Entre Rios 233

Picking Conee 229 Cofiee Warehouse 236

Steani Drying-Machine 229 Weighing 237

Diagram of a Coffee Engenho 230 Wharf Scene at Rio de Janeiro 23S

Coflee Sheller (Old Style) 23r

A-'^'CoNFlDENCE. Chapters VII — XII. (Concluded. ) Henry Jahtes, Jr. . .65, 20Q, 393

Currants for Home and Market. (Illustrated.) See " Fruits, Small, Success with."

Edison's Electric Light. (Authoritative Account.) Francis R, Upton 531

Illus. Autograph of Thomas A Edison. (See Edison's Dectric Lamp (Exact Size) 537

frontispieces.) Merctiry Pumps for Producing Vacuums. . 538

Section of Edison's Expansion Regulator. . 533 Faradic (Generator 539

Edison's Pnetwiatic Regulator 533 Proposed Ontral Station 540

Foucault'" Regulator 534 Diagram of Meter and Svstem 541

Effect <A Carbon Arc Illumination 535 Edison's Electric light Meter 541

Effect of Oncral Illuminatbn 535 Edison's Electric Motor 54a

Edison's Vibrating Regulator 536 Edison's Dynamometer 543

Edison's Platinum Lamp (Half Size) 537 (See also p. 795.)

Fences, New England Rowland C, Robinson 50a

Illustrations by Mary Hallock Foote, R. Riordan, F. H. Lungren, Will H. Low, and R. Blum, afler sketches by the Author.

Ulus. Pott-and-Rail Fence 502 Old Half-Wall Fence 507

Brush Fence 503 Over the Stump Fence 508

Snake or Virginia Fence 504 Sawyer's Fence 509

Log Fence 505 A Water Fence 510

Board Fence 506

Fruits, Small, Success with. (Illustrated.) E,r. Roe, 9, 239,338, 564, 753,803

Illustrations by Mary Hallock Foote, R. Blum, W. H. Gibson, Jessie Curtis, Alfred Kappes, R. Riordan, W. L. Shennid,

W. Taber, and A. B. Frost

Illus. ** Ye boys that gather flowers and straw- Making Crates 572

berries" 9 Exterior of Factory 572

llie Home she might have had 10 Some Baskets 573

Seeds and Pulp of the Strawberry it Rushing the Last Lot 574

The Alpine btrawbenrv ix Franconia and Bdle de Fontenay Rasp-

Hautbois or Haarbeer Strawberry n berries 753

Indian Strawberry 12 Spring and Fall Plants 755

Common Wild Strawberry 12 winter Protection of Newly Set Plants 756

Franuia Chilensb. .^ 12 Right and Wrong Ways of Tying Canes. . . 757

A Oift of Strawberries 13 Stora^^e Ground 758

The Strawberry of Memory 16 Prumng and Laying Down Canes 758

The " Seth Boyden" Strawbetry 240 Antwerp Class of Raspberries 760

The Scene of Operations 240 The Rush for the Night-Boat 761

Clearing Land for Strawberries 241 The Approach of the Night- Boat 762

Map Showing Experiments in Draiiwge 242 Native Raspberries of America (Kuims

Men Ditching 245 Strigosus) 764

Jucunda Strawberry 245 Native Raspberries of America (Rubu*

Tools for a Strawberry Farm 247 OccidenUuis) 765

Counting and Mailing Plants 248 Herstine Raspberry 804

Potting Runners 339 A Cool Packm^-Place 804

Strawberry Blossoms 340 Gathering a Dainty DiA 805

Sharpless Seedling and Wild Strawberry. . . 341 Gathering Wild Blackberries 806

A Row of Productive Crescent Seedlings. . 342 Kitlatinny Blackberry 808

A Cluster of Pioneer Strawberries 343 Cuthbert Raspberry 809

The Kentucky Si^Img Strawberry 344 Nooning under the Trees 809

The Charies Downing Strawberry 344 Wilson's Eariy Blackberry 8ix

Watering Plants in the Twilight 345 Pruning and Pruning-Shean 811

The Monarch of the West Strawberry 345 Snvder Blackberry 8r2

Wrong Methods of Planting 347 White Grape Currants 813

The Proper Method 347 In the Currant Field 814

Root Pruning 347 Weighmg Currants 815

The Wilson Berry 348 Late Emerald Gooseberry 8x6

Boy Weeding 348 "ITie JcUy wont Jell". 817

A l>uchess Row and Berry 349 Currants and Gooseberries in Tree Form . . 8x9

Matted Bed System 351 Currant Cuttings and Callus 820

Narrow Row and Hill System 351 The Ideal Versailles Cluster 820

The Forest Rose Strawb«ry 35a Cherry Currants 821

Cultivation b^ Horse-Power 352 Hougnton Seedling Gooseberry 824

Three Rows, illustrating Eariy Spring Work 353 Downing GoosebOTy 824

The Home Field and Mr. Young's Cottage 565 Taking Uie Crates to the Evening Train ... 825

The First Glimpse 565 White Dutch Currant 825

An Overseer: A " Little Brief Authority " 566 Pickers' Head-quarters 828

Selling Cakes and Ice Water 567 Packing for Market 829

•• Git up, dar, yo' long man, oflTn yo' knees " 568 Picking Raspberries on the Hill-side 830

In from the Field SCS Mariboro* Thirds 830

Exchangins and Counting Tickets 569 Sunnyside Fruit-Box 830

Paying OfTHands 570 A Hap-hazard Hoe 83X

Gooseberries for Home and Market. (Illustrated.) See" Fruits, Small, Success with."

t^ Grandissimes, The. Chapters I— XXIX George fV, Cable 97

251. 369, 582, 690, 841
Grayling, The Michigan. Thaddeus Noms 17

Illustrations by James C. Beard, Thomas MoFan» and W. M. LafCm.

niua. The Michigan Grayling 17 Sweepers in the Au Sable ax

View on the Manistee ao Clear of the Sweepers aa

Digitized by V3OOQ iC


Hopkins, Johns, Untversity, The Sophie B, HerrUk 199

Ulus. Qifton, the Country Home of the Late Johns Hopkins 205

Johns Hopkins aoz 1). C. Gilman, President of the Johns Hop-

Entxance to the Grounds of Clifton 004 kins Univcisiiy 906

Instrument for Determining the Mechanical The Teacher's Class in Biology ao8

Equivalent of Heat 905 Memorial Tablet in Hopkins Hall ao8

Hub, a Wheel around the Charles E, Pratt 481

IQiistiatioos by A. C. Redwood, L. Hopkins, Francis Lathrop, W. Taber, Robert Lewis, and F. S. Church.

inns. Recreation at Massapoag 481 Passine a School 490

Map of Bicycle Tracks 48a, 483 Picnic Lunch 491

The Meet, Roxbury 484 An Unexpected Meeting 492

" Othello's Occuoation 's Gone " 484 Roadside Sketches 493

Pegasus Puzzled 485 Some Windows by the Way 494

The Old Curtis House 485 Winners or Losers by Half a Length 494

The Majesty of the Law 486 The Dramatis Pcrsonas 495

Impressions of Brook Farm 486 Halt to Catch Up 495

A Chapter of Headers 487 En Silhouette 496

"A Merciful Man is Merdfiil to his Beast" . 488 Pan-dowdy 497

The Masher 488 The Ambulance 497

Fairbanks Homestead, Dedham, Mass 489 On the Rocks at Cohasset 498

Old Powder House 490 A Wheel Around the Hub 499

Hugo, Victor, Two Visits to Hjalmar Jljorth Boyesen 184

Ulus. Victor Hugo (Engraved by T. Cole, from a photograph of the painting by Bonnat) X84

Ilka on the Hill-top Hjalmar Jljorth Boyesen 120

Indians. See " Wards of the United States Government, The."

Jetties, The MississiPPL (Illustrated.) See" Mississippi Jetties, The."

Kansas Cattle Town, A. See ** Over Sunday in New Sharon."

Kansas Farming, Picturesque Features of Henry King 132

Knight of Dannebrog, A Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen. . . 593

Lawn-Trees, Rare Samuel Parsons^ Jr 34

Illustrations by Charles A. Vanderhoof.

lUus. The Double Flowering Cherry 35 Soulange's Magnolia 4a

The English Hawdiome 36 Chinese Cypress 43

Cedar of Lebanon 37 Parson's &lver Fir, Weeping Norway

Gingko Tree, Irish Yews, and Weeping Spruce, and Weeping Lardi 44

Sophora 39 Weeping Beech 45

Dead Trunk of Weeping Sophora 40 Weeping Beech in Winter 45

Japanese Maple 41

Life-Saving bERVlCE, The UNITED STATES J, H Merryman 321

Iflustrations by M. J. Bums.

Ulns. Off to a Wreck 321 " Haul Away" 331

life-Saving Station 3aa The Breeches Buoy 33a

Self-Righting Boat on W«^ 33a The Self-Righting Life-Boat 333

Drill and Exercise in the Surf-Boat 333 The Self-Righting Life-Boat Under Sail. . . 334

Launching the Surf- Boat 324 Life-Saving Dress 335

The Night Patrol 335 Tally-Board and Whip-Block 335

Burning a Signal 336 Resuscitation : Ejecting Water from Body. 336

HauUng the Mortar Car 338 Resuscitation : Restoring Respiration 336

Surfnan with Life-Belt 339 The Mess-Room 337

Firing the Mortar 330 Medidne Chest, Lanterns, etc 337

i/ Breecnes-Buoy Apparatus in Operation 331

^ Louisiana. Chapters I — XIV Franees Hodgson Burnett. .512

Illustrations by Mary Hallock Footc. 672, 632

IDus. " Walk across the floor," commanded Miss " Ask your sister," she replied ; " it was her

FeiTol 51a ph"> ^7*

" She waited in vain " 83a

Michelet, Jules J. D. Osborne 888

Illtis. Portrait of Jules Michelet 888

Mississippi Jetties, The E, Z. Corthell 46

Illustrations by A. C. Redwood and others.

IDus. Delta of the Mississippi River 46 Captain James B. Eads 48

Work-Shops, Derrick, Dredge, and Jetty Bini's-eye View of the Jetties 49

Tug, Port Eads 47 Head of Passes 53

Looking out to Jetties from Port Eads ... 47 Section of Jetty 11,100 feet from land's Elnd 56

Port Esuls from West Jetty Concrete Wharf 47 Section of Jetty 7,500 feet from Land's End 56

HooRE, Mr. Morris, and his Old Masters Clarence Cook 24

lOns. Raphael's " Apollo and Marsjras" 94 Michael Angelo's " Virgin of the Lectern." 33

Original Sketch for the ' ' ApoUo and Maxsyas" 95

Mules, Rocky Mountain Ernest Ingersoll 929

Illustrations by W. Taber.

lOns. The Riding Animals 939 ** Give it to her " 933

Ready to be Packed 931 A Soisadon 934

Sinchtng Aparejos 93a Laboring tmder a Delusion 936

" All set " 93a

Napoleon, Two Views of 711

Nature and the Poets John Burroughs 285

New V^ork, The French Quarter of William H, Pideing i

Illustrations by R. Blum, J. H. Twachtman, Douglas Volk, Will H. Low, and J. Alden Weir

Tin-Shop in Greene Street x French Bakery in Greene Street 4

Basement Grocery in Houston Street z Taveme Alsadenne, Inside and Out 5

Restaurant du Grand Vatel in Bleecker St. . a Making Artificial Leaves 6

Landlady of the "Grand Vatel" and her The Look of the Grand Vatel 8

Plmocs 3 Tail-piece 9

Digitized by




Notes of a Walker John Burroughs,

Orchestra of To-day, The Sidney Lanter. . .

Over Sunday in New Sharon Henry King



Paris, Oddities of J, D, Osborne 296

" Personal," A, and what Came of it Barbour 7\ Lathrop 453

Peter the Great. Chapters I — XII Eugene Schuyler. . 545, 721, 905

inustiadons by Schwartz, Francis Lathrop, Chariemagne, N. Dmitriefr, Maurice Howard, R. Sayre, and othen.'
lUus. Portrait of Peter the Great Fronti^iece Tiar Theodore Burning the Books of Prece-

Tiar Alexis, Father of Peter the Great 545
Tsaritsa Natalia, Mother of Peter the Great 546
Russian Hospitality during the time of Ivan

the Terrible 547

The Kremlin, Moscow 548

A Group of Boyars 549

Peter, the Metropolitan of Moscow 550

The Tsar Pushka, or Emperor Cannon 553

The Great Bell of the Tower of Ivan Veliki 553
A Religious Ceremony in Moscow in the

iTdi Century 554

Russian Arms before the Time of Peter. . . . 555

Terem, or Women's Apartment 557

Murder of Dimitri, son of Ivan the Terrible 560
Tsar Theodore (Half-Brother of Peter) .... 561
Tsarevitch Joann or Ivan (Half-Brother of

Peter) 561

A Cossack Conqueror tsx

Sl Vladimir, Soverogn of Russia, A. D. 981 733

Introduction of Christianity into Russia 733

Russian Irregular Cavalry (z6th Century) . . 734

Ivan the Terrible in Okl Age 735

Armed Russian on Horse (x6th Centu^). . 736
Arm-piece and Shield in One Piece (Middle

17th Century) 737

Russian Irr^tuar Cavalry, Armored Wadded

Cloth (i^th to 17th Century) 737

Hebnets of* Wadded Cloth (14th to second

half of 17th C^tury) 737

dence 738

The Streltsi of i6ti 739

Officers of the Strdtsi 739

The Streltsi of a little later date 739

Flag of the Strdtsi of Moscow 733

The Patriarch Nikon 733

The Tsaritsa before the Rioters 734

Ivan Naryshkin ... 736

Matveief 736

Church of St Basil, Moscow 905

The Baton of Prince C^aliuyn 906

The Princess Sophia 907

Sophia Feasting the Strdtsi 908

(mhodox Sign of the Cross in Benediction 910

Orthodox Sign of the Cross in Prayer 9x0

Dissenting Sign of the Cross 9x0

Cathedral of the Aasumpti<m, Moscow .. 91 x
Interiorof the Cathedral of Assumption... 91a
Double Throne used at Peter^s Coroiuuion 9x3
Orb of Peter— Orb of Monomachus — Crown

of Peter — Crown of Monomachus 9x4

The Great Scepter 9x4

Cathedral of St Michad the Archangd,

Moscow 915

The Disputation before Sophia 917

The Dinenters exhorting the People fipom

the Red Staircase 9x9

Cross <rf Peter 930

(See also Frontispieces. )

PouTiCAL Outlook, The £. Z. Godkin 613

Raspberries for Home and Market. (Illustrated.) See ** Fruits, Small, Success with."

Illustrations by W. H. Gibson, Alfred Kappes, R. Riordan, and W. Taber.
Raymond, Henry J., Extracts from the Journal of. Edited by

his Son Henry IV, /Raymond. .57, 419, 703

Revolutionary Congressman on Horseback, A Thomas WentworthHigginson 412

Salmagundi Sketch Club, The. See "Artists* Life in New- York, Young."

^IGH, A Eutabeth A, Read no

Strawberries for Home and Market. (Illustrated.) See " Fruits, Small, Success with."
Strawberry Farm, A Southern. (Illustrated.) See " Fruits, Small, Success with."

Summer's Diversion, A Julia Schayer 921

Sunday-School Work, Present Phases of Edward Eggleston 524

Taylor, Bayard : His Poetry and Literary Career Edmund C. Sudman. . . .81, 266

(See also Frontispieces.)
IRZA Julia Schayer 425

TIL. CLUB AKIX>AT. THE l ^«SLti"": ! i . 1 ! ! j^

Illustrations by W. M. Laflhn, J. H. Twachtman, F. Hopkinson Smith. C. S. ReinharL J. Alden Weir. £. A. Abbey,
W. M. Chase, F. thelnum, A. Quartley, R. Swain GifTord, N. Sarony, and W. R. O'Donovan.
In the Mist of the Early Morning 641 Under the Willows.



At the Dock, Foot of West Tenth Street. . . 643

Decoration of the Salon, 1879 643

The Community Afloat 644

Daniel in the Tilers' Den 645

Deuteronomy 646

A Daughter of the Tow 646

Reflecuons of an Absent Tiler 648

Priam, the Nubian Ganymede 649

TTie Home Circle 651

Posing on Deck 65a

Parting Company with the Tow at West

Troy 653

Jessie Miller 653

A Tow-Girl 654

A Visit from the Bumboat, near Troy 654

A Lock near Troy 655

Art Criticism at Weaver's Basin 656

Shadow- Painting 657

A Decorative Notion.



The Marine 659

A Pang in Black and White 659

Only Prepossessing View of the Owl 660

ProwHngs of the Owl 660

A Bit of SchuylerviUe 66j

Nice GiH in an Old Chair 6<:a

Spirit of a Normandy Day 663

I>ampness on the Tow-path 663

A Diversion in Payne's Grey 664

A Successful Sketch 664

** And thines are not what they seem " 665

"CometoUie Sunset Tree" 666

North End of Salon, 1879 66^

The Tile Bakery 668

ATUeBaker 668

The Lock-Keeper's Daughter 669

Considerations of Sadness 670

PhUeas's Sweetheart 670

Coming Home 671

Under High Pressure CliarUs Barnard.

Wards of the United States Government, The H, H,


Digitized by


Digitized by


viii INDEX,

Topics of the Time :

*• The Reign of Peter the Great "— " Is Life Worth living ? "—The Nation's Doctors, 143 ; Sunday
Bummers — Teachers and Task-masters — The Sermon, 302; British and American Farming — From

Country 10 City — Fiat Money, 461 : A Wmd on Politics — Temperance Education — Familiarity, 6ai ;
The Purchase of Pictures: A Proposition — ^The Revision of the bcriptures — Industrial Education, 783 ;
A Lay Sennon for Easter— A Profitable Art Industry ; An Offer of Premiums, 937.


'* The In£uit Hercules " again {Sqfia Bompiatti)^ 144 ; An Objection to English Spdling Reform
{N. Z..;, with a reply fiwm Mr. Limtuhtry, ^65. The Restoration of Sl Marie's (R. If. G.h 6a^ ;
"Edison's Electric Light" (a reply firom AiioH Man), 795; The First Breech-loadmg Rifle (with
three cuts by H. IV, Troy) (J. iVatts de Peytter), 039.

mnas 01 jjeooration (itf. i,. /i.^, ^05: Ueneral fnnaples ot L,ookery, ill. : Koastmg {LcMuruu
Ow€n)—'Fio\3x from CheKnuts (J. Schuyler Crotby). 625; City Snopping for Coundy Frien(b
(S. 3. //:>— The Plaffue of Forma] Calls (M. G. van ^mMfiletrr;— General Principles otCookety,

three cuts by H. IV, Trey) (J. WeUt* de Ptyster)^ 939.

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