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Q,,^^ /Z^^^^-^ Ay-y^


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tTo JBabibfion

Sciul im- back to Alma Matcr.

Wlicrc the summer skies are blue,
W'luTC the Rods walk mid the shadows,

111 the Simsft's rn^y hue.

I'nr I've heard their voices calliriK,
And it's there that 1 wcnild be,

'1 lie dear heart of the old campus.
Beckons with its love to me.

To the shadows of trees stately.

Setting quietly on the hill.
To the Dear Old College Campus,

My own thoughts are turning still.

For the College bells are calling.
And I know they say to me,

"Come again, you old alumnus.

Come with new-born love for me !"

Cbode of our oton number, our ftUoiu

sftubentfi; avib alumni, lufjo, in

gimple brtiotion to itntp,

are serbing our


JE,i)i6 bolume ii affectionately


I^astt tf)fc, tiPinpf) anb bring toitb tbrr.
3lEst anb pouttiful loUiti':
(Qnips anb Cranks, anb tuanton toilrs,
^obs anb becks, anb lurtattjeb snulrs.



"TD you, Judge of our ICO rk,

•we coiiiniit this volume. To us,
the editors, you entrusted the task of
producing ci hook ivhich shouhh rep-
resent the whole student body. Try-
ing difficulties have beset our paths
in this crucial year. 7'/;^ task was
great and the responsibility heavy,
but we have atten/pted neither to
slight the one nor shrink from the
other. If we have failed we are
most culpable. If we hiave achieved
any small measure of success our
work has tujt been in vain.

llllllllllllllllllllllHIIIIIIIIIIIII Ill Illllillllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllli^^

Mips cinD CTclIlfcC


H. T. Lilly. Editor-m-Chicf..

-North Carolina

W. G. Humphrey.



J. J. Lovt

J. H. Miller



Alexander Sprvnt

C. H. Wilson

Andrew Brown


R. P. Richardson. Business Manager

J. J. Love __

J. H. Miller.....
S. M. Gilbert..


-Xorth Carolina



.-South Carolina

.South Carolina
-South Carolina

-North Carolina

Assistant Business Managers

-South Carolina
-South Carolina


^^^Qutps anD "Craii'ks "^



Miss Kathrvx Worth

William Love

T. W. Hawkins

A. S. Potts

T. N. MoRTox

J. W. Clark

J. R. Woods

A. P. Ormoxd
H. K. Aiken
H. E. Appersox
J. B. Daffin


B. E. Shields
J. A. Thames
G. McDonald
J. E. McQueen



Miss Elizabeth V'ardell

Miss Mary Brumby

Brantley Smith

\\'. N. Mebaxe

L. C. McAsKlLL

W. M. Fountain

A. S. Potts

C. Howell

R. R. Jones

J. E. McQueen

H. M. Grey

W. E. Hennessee

A. L. Wilson

C. J. Matthews

J. B. Mallard

C. E. Xeisler


Mr. F. L. Jackson
R. C. Bernau
W. C. Worth
R. Korxegay
L. C. Braxu
J. E. McQuEEx
D. W. Roberts
O. J. Thies, Jr.
W. J. Huxevcutt

%. 'it»^


(Cftt ffiJiounbflj ^olbier's 29ream

The golden moon does brightly beam.
The silver starlight softly gleam,
And I, so madly, wildly, dream,
When she's around.

My troubles seem to dro]) l)thinil.
No anxious cares oppress my mind ;
And nature's face is always kind.
When she's around.

'Mid hurrying noontide's happy ray.
And gath'ring twilight's misty gray.
To live is joy, through all life's day.
When she's around.


aaoU of 5;ouor

A roll of our f^:■llo^v-stllck■llt^ now si-rviiiK our couutry whom wc kurw on tlit- cam-
pus. We rcKret that our limited sjiace docs not permit a complete roll of the Alumni.

Lieut. Minor R. Adams, '16

Robert D. Alexander, e.\-'19.

Lieut. L. H. Anderson, '15

Sec. Lieut. Campbell .-Kuslcy, ex-' 17

Nath. L. Armstead, ex-'18

Lieut. John B. Arrowood, e.\-16

Lieut. Cecil B. Barksdale, '15

Sergt, John B. Belk, ex-'15

Robert H. Bennett, '16

Geo. H. Bernhardt, ex-'16

Lieut. John M. Black, ex-'18

Lieut. Robt. S. Blake, ex-16

Lieut. Wm. K. Blake, ex-'16

Norwood B. Bonev, ex-'17

C. G. Brown, ex-'20

Stiles M. Bronson, ex-'15

L. L. Burgin, ex-'17

Eddie B. Burns, ex-'19

Lieut. Morrison H. Caldwell, ex-'15

Ralph M, Calhoun, ex-'20

Lieut. McK. Carmichael, ex-'17

Lieut. J. K. Carson, '16

Lieut. J. E. Carter, '15

Avery T. Cashion, '17

Lloyd Christenbury, ex-'17

Corp. E. G. Clary, '16

Lieut. J. M. Cloud, ex-'l6

Lieut. J. C. Cooper, ex-'15

Mitchell B. Corriher, ex-'20

Lieut. W. M. Cosby, ex-'15

Lieut. Miles A. Cowles, ex-'16

Reid D. Cranford, ex-'19

Spencer R. Cranford, ex-'16

L. C. Crawford, '16

Lieut. J. L. Crowell, ex-'l6

Capt. L. B. Crayton, '15

Archibald Currie, ex-'17

Lieut. E. M. Currie, ex-'16

J. E. Currie, ex-'19

W. P. Davenport, ex-'20

C. A. Dixon, ex-'18

L. B. Dougherty, ex-'19

W. L Douglas, ex-'18

Lieut. W. A. Dumas, '15

E. W. Faires, ex-'19

Sergt. J. H. Faison, 'W.

Ensign J. B. Faison, ex-'17

N. P. Farrior, '16

J. K. Fleming, ex-'19

H. B. Eraser, ex-'18

J. F. George, ex-'19

M. W. Gibson, ex-'19

G. W. Gignilliat, '15

Lieut. J. S. Gilchrist, '15

J. F. Good, '16

Lieut. V. C. Hall, ex-'17

E. H. Hamilton, '17

R. H. Harding, ex-'18

Lieut. J. C. Harper, '15

Lieut. R. O. Harris, ex-'19

W. B. Harwood, ex-'19

S. B. Hay, '16

M. P. Henderson, '16

L. G. Hicks, ex-'16

Sergt. T. M. Hill, '16

C. J. Hollandsworth, ex-'19
J. W. Hollingsworth, ex-'19

D. S. Howell, ex-'18
Lieut. Wm. A. Huey, ex-'15
R. E. Hughes, '17
Sterling Hunter, ex-' 18
Coyte Hunter. ex-'19

A. I. Henderson. ex-'16

S. T. Henderson, '16

Lieut. L. M. Johnston, ex-'18

Corp. \V. T. Johnston, ex-'19

Lieut. R. C. Jones, ex-'18

C. P. Karriker, ex-'20
Lieut. S. R. Keesler, '17
Lieut. W. P. Keesler, '17
W. C. D. Kerr, ex-'15
Lieut. F. W. King, ex-'18
Lex Klutz, ex-'15

J. L Knight, ex-'19
Lieut. M. M. Knox, '15
P. K. Knox, '16
T. A. Lacv, ex-'20

D. W. Lane. cx-'17
\V. L. Law. Jr., '16

Lieut. W. D. l.awson, ex-'18


C<L I. i Im^

Lieut. C. P. Llewellvn. e.x-'19

C. H. Long. ex-'20
J. M. McBrved, '16

H. L. McCaskill, ex-M5

Lieut. J. F. McClerkin. ex-'20

Lieut. D. E. McClov, ex-'18

D. S. McDowell, ex-'19
Lieut. J. H. \V. McKav. ex-'15
Capt. K. \y. McKay, '1/

L. B. McKinnon, '17

J. D. McLeod, '16

Sergt. D. C. McLeod, ex-'17

Sergt. J. A. McLeod, ex-'20

Lieut. G. C. McMillan, ex-'18

M. P. McNair, ex-'18

Sergt. A. A. McNeil, ex-'17

G. B. Mack, ex-'19

J. T. Maddrev, ex-'19

Lieut. J. B. Mallard, ex-'18

Lieut. W. E. Mattison. '17

Lieut. H. E. Mavfield, '17

Sergt. J. H. Meek. ex-'18

K. C. Miller, ex-'19

Hugh Minter, ex-'16

C. F. Monroe, ex-'18

J. R. Morton, '17

C. C. Moore, ex-' 15

Lieut. J. S. Moore, ex-'lS

J. K. Morrison, ex-'16

VV. G. Morrison, '16

L. A. Mullen, '16

C. E. Neisler, "16

L. B. Nichols, ex-'19

D. R. Nimocks, ex-'19
Lieut. E. P. Nisbet, '17
Lieut. W. H. Gates, ex-'15
J. H. Orr. ex-'18

J. W. O'Connell, ex-'IS

Lieut. J. C. Paisley, '17

Bailey Patrick, ex-'19

Lieut. C. E. Patterson, ex-'I8

J. H. Patterson, ex-'18

Bailey Patrick, ex-'19

Lieut. C. E. Patterson, ex-'18

J. H. Patterson, ex-'18

L. H. Patterson, ex-'18

Lieut. J. G. Patton. '16

J. L, Payne, '16

J. H. C. Perry, ex-'19

J. B. I'harr. ex-'18

W. C.

R. \V. Porter, ex-' 17

S. M. Query, ex-'19

Lieut. C. E. Rankin, '17

R. C. Reed, ex-'19

G. G. Reid, ex-'15

Lieut. J. R. Pickens, ex-'I9

R. \V. Robinson, ex-'19

Lieut. B. D. Roddey, ex-'17

Lieut. Earle Roland, 'IS

J. H. Rouse, 'IS

Corp. J. C. Safford, ex-'20

Duncan Shaw, '16

M. J. Shirlev, 'IS

I. B. Sizer, ex-'20

Sergt. D. P. Smith, ex-'18

Frank H. Smith, '16

W. C. Smith, ex-'20

C. M. Smoak, ex-'19

Lieut. W. G. Somerville, ex-'16
Lieut. C. R. Spencer, ex-'17
F. R. Spratt, ex-'20
Corp. L. B. Steyerman, ex-'17
Sergt. J. G. Thacker, '16

D. H. Therrell, ex-'18
M. A. Thompson, ex-'20
Lieut. J. E. Thompson, ex-'17
Lieut. W. P. Thomson, '16
Sergt. Geo. S. Thornton, ex-'lS
Lieut. A. S. Tompkins, ex-'17
D. A. Tompkins, ex-'19
Sergt. R. F. Wakefield, ex-'16
Capt. C. L. Walker, ex-'I8

R. B. Walker, ex-'18
Lieut. F. C. Walton, '16
Sergt. J. C. Watkins, ex-'18
Lieut. C. H. Watt, '06
J. M. Wearn, ex-'19
B. N. White, '17
Lieut. C. B. Williams, ex-'16
Lieut. G. T. Williamson, ex-' 16
Lieut. G. T. Williamson, ex-'18
H. D. Williamson, ex-'19
O. C. Williamson, ex-'18
Corp. Eugene Winecoff, ex-'17
Ensign R. S. Witherington, ex-' 17
A. C. Wood, ex-'18
R, U. Woods, ex-'19
Lieut, D. G. Worth, ex-'18
Lieut. H. B. Yates, '15
A. L. ^'ounK, ex-'17
Worth, ex-'19

^omeUjt)Erc m Jfrancr

Across tlie ocean deep a'"' hl"^.
Where cviiining foes advance,
Encamp our soldiers brave and true,
Somewhere in France.

They do not flee the bursting shell.
No fears their charge enhance :
They boldly face war's seething hell.
Somewhere in France.

Oh, God of battles, in thy might,
Give strength for their advance!
Oh, aid their struggle for the right,
Somewhere in France!



Wiij.iAM Joseph Martin. A. B., M. A.. M. U.. Ph.D., LL. D ,

John Bunvan Shearer. A. B., M. A.. D. D., LL. D

Professor of Hibliciit Instruction

Caleb Richmond Harding. A. B.. M. .-\., Ph. U.
Professor of Greek Languiige and Ltleralttre

William Richard Grey, A. B., Ph. D.
Professor of Latin Language and Literature

John Leighton Douglas, A. B., M. A.
Professor of Pure Mathematics

James McDowell Douglas. A. B.. M. .-\.. Ph D.
Professor of Physics and Astronomy

\L\rk Edgar Sentelle. A. B., M. .\.. D. D.
Professor of Philosophy

Joseph Moore McConnell, A. B., M. A.. Ph.D.
Professor of History and Economics

Maurice Garland Fulton, Ph. B., W. .\.
Professor of English Language and Literature

.- President



John Wilson McConnell, A. B., M. A.. Ph. D.

Professor of Biology and College Physiiimt

( Absent on Leave)

Thomas Wilson Lincle, A. B., M. A., Ph. D.

Professor of Modern Languages

(Absent on Leave)

Howard Bell ArbucklE, A. B., M. A.. Ph. D.
Chambers Professor of Chemistry

-\rchibali) Ctrrie, a. B.
Professor of Illeinentary La-a\ liducalioii and Publie Sl^eiilcing

William Woodhull Wood, A. B.. C. E.
Professor of Affiled Molheiiiolies

NL\coN Reed, .\. B.
Associate Professor of Creek and Latin

Alfred Miles Withers. A. B., A. M.
Associate Professor of Romance Languages and Literature

Groves Howard CartlEdge, A. B., AL A., Pli. D.
Associate Professor of Chemistry and Physics

Associate Professor in Biology

Charles Malone Richards, A. B., D. D.
Lecturer in Church History and Government

Frank Lee Jackson, B. S., C. P. A.
Treasurer avd Business Manaiier


Librarian and Re<;istrar

A faithful friend and true advisor to every
college man



"^.tm, \it

iRagter of Irtsi

Andrew Brown, A. B., Eu., ST; o^K Ripley. Miss.

(Editor-in-Chief Quills and Cranks. '17; Art StatT. '10. '18; Class Football (3)

CoKNELius \'ooRHKEs Garth Hickory, X. C.

(.A. B. Lenoir College)

i. 4, %

John MrsRoi;
Eighteen' s Mascot


Laurens, S. C.

B. S. ; -AE; St. Ckcii.ia; .\nai.vst

"Is there no respect of place.

Person, or lime in you^"

High an<l mighty I^xaUed Roost-
er of the Order of the Fhngers of
Durliam. Thi.s shiny-eyed lad is a
mess with the women, often getting
as many as one kiss in twelve nights.
He is some musician, too; he knows
three chords and all the discords on
his guitar, executing "Over There"
and "Love's Old Sweet Song" with
impartial slaughter. Let us give you
a piece of advice. If ever you are
down and out, do not go to the doc-
tor for a prescrii)tion, but go to
"Pike," let him joke with you half
an hour, and you may be assured that
your blues are a thing of the past.

Prcsidtnt Analyst ; Husincs
St. Cecilia: I'anHcllrnic ; Si-cretary
Treasurer Junior Class; Vicc-Prcsidcn
Senior Class; Assistant Manager Base

Greensboro, N. C.
B. S. 2; Ki); St. CErir.T.\
■■.Is good to be out of the
World as out of the Fashion."

Charley is a thing of beauty and —
perhaps a joy forever. With his del-
icately hunched shoulders and the
sweeping curve of his spinal column,
he truly is the Beau Brummel of Da-
vidson College. He is a student of
great fame, often remaining upon the
campus as many as two days a week,
and life wouldn't be worth living if
he couldn't attend a hop or two every
month in Charlotte, yet he manages
to .slip away with the high marks in
some manner. Charley is said to be
a lady-killer, but as yet we have
heard of no injuries. The possessor
of a bright mind and a splendid ex-
ecutive ability, he will later get there

y^ 'y


Bristol, Tenn.

A. B. : Eu. ; KA

"/ loz'c quiet solitude and such society

As is quiet, nice and yood."

Joe means well and is harmless so
long as lie is not disturbed. He is
really a handsome youth with his
china-blue eyes and Esauesque ap-
pearance. He can usually be seen in
a state of placid repose in front of
his palatial domicile, Watts. He
snickers around the ladies,
thereby to gain the sobriquet of
"cute" — and from some of their ac-
counts he really gains it. As a room-
mate for "Casey," he proved a suc-
cess so we know that he will make
some suffragette a good husband
steady man and the Class of '18 as-
some of these days. Joe is a good,
sures him of success.


Decatur, Ga.
A. B. ; B.\CHEt.oR; 2T ; Polity Club

'He adorned whatever subject he

either spoke or wrote upon by the

most splendid eloquence."

"And a great and strong wind rent the
mountains" — This quotation surely
fits this noble representative of Atlanta
or;itory at D. C. When "Jargr" Bell-
ingrath first sttuck the Hill fiew recog-
nized hin as a Demosthenes in embryo.
None knew that in his system slept the
spirit of a Webster and the ability of a
Clay. With a determination grim as
death and a fine steel spring driving a
clockwork of precision we predict that
Bcllingrath will some day represent his
city ward on the police force.

Inter-Collegiate Debating Team (-') :
Senior Commencement Orator; Junior
Commencement Orator; Fresh-Soph De-
bater's Medal; Fresh-Soph Declaimcr's
Medal : Fresh-Soph Declaimer's "Rep"

Pres. and Vice
Sec. Y. M. C. A
(2) ; Sec, Vice-F


Sec-Treas. Senii
Pres. of Ministerial
. : Y. M. C. A. Cab.
Reviewer, Respon-



Cornelius, N. C.

B. S.

■•/ iiui\ justh sa\ with thai honkcd-

nosc Fcllnw of Komc.'I came. I

staid, and I overcame' "

We have always known that Da-
vidson had a httle suburb attached to
the southern part of it. but we did
not realize what there was ni it until
we met Bennie. It is really surpris-
ing what these little towns will pro-
duce. Bennie started out many
moons ago to toil in the pathways
and byways of knowledge, but each
year he realized that he had not
found a class which he could .h""0''
enough to graduate witli, until this
year he cast his lot with us. Bennie
is an optimist. He really doesn t
know how to worry and the fact that
he carries seven or eight tickets docs
not dispel "that smile that wont
come ofT." Bennie, we're glad you re
with us.


Anderson, S. C.

B. S.; II KA; St. Cfxili.v

"Smooth runs the water.
Where the brook is deep."
This is the boy. What is the name
of the boy? The name of the boy
is Booker T. Washington Brown. Is
he a nice boy? He says that he is a
nice boy. What does the boy look
like? The boy claims that he has a
dignified appearance. What docs the
boy do? The boy eats, the boy sleeps,
and when the boy has nothing else
to do, the boy studies. Does the boy
love the girls? YES!!! The boy
does love the girls. Do the girls love
the boy? This is a different tale. Has
the boy an ambition in life? Yes,
the boy has an ambition and one
which when the boy becomes a man,
we know he will fulfill.


of the "l>"; Varsity Basel.;


il ; K





Charleston, S. C.

A. B. ; Phi.; HKcf.; olK

"Do you seek his equal. ''

jVoiii' is, except himself."

If this man hasn't driven every
professor on the Faculty crazy, it
isn't his fault. For goodness knows,
he has asked enough questions to do
so. This "camouflage" perhaps ac-
counts for his high marks because
Woody never gives the Faculty a
chance to find out how little he really
studies. His position as orderly on
the staflF of General Fetzer and Cap-
tain King has also inspired master-
pieces of totally unnecessary knowl-
edge on the part of some of the pri-
vates involved. However, like his
famous kinsman. Woodrow gets
there just the same.

Secretary Phi. Society ; Class Football
(2); Honor Roll (4); Debating Council;
Manager Football ; Athletic Council : Or-
chestra (3); Student Council (1); Y. M.
C. A. Cabinet ; President C. E. Society ;
Polity Club: Vice-President Phi. Society;
President Phi. Society; Golf Club; Mimir

Bishopville. S. C.
.\. B. ; Fi .
"/ am a man and nothing that con-
cerns a ))ian do I deem a matter of
indifference to me."
When this man was a Freshman he
would cover biscuit after biscuit with
a sweet, viscous, mellifluous, black
liquid, otherwise known as "zip," and
thus he has been called ever since.
"Zip" has made progress since his ar-
rival here at Davidson. He recogniz-
ed the superior advantages (?) of
Rumple over Chambers and is now a
confirmed Rumpleite. Believe me.
this man believes in exercise. The
authorities could profitably rent his
room as a gymnasium for the rest of
us. "Zip" is an optimistic lad and
never believes in allowing his studies
to interfere with him, though he pulls
down the \'. G.'s consistently."

Class Football; V. M. C. A. Cabinet;
Vice-President and President of the Eu-
menean Society ; Junior-Senior Debater's
Medal; Senior Commencement Orator;
Manager of Debating Team; Intercolle
giate Debater ; De-
bating Council.

Cartersville, Ga.

Eu. ; KA ; St. Cklilia
"A fair exterior is a silent recom-

This man hails from the red hills
of Georgia where he learned how to
run four-forty, break ladies' hearts
and swipe watermelons (or maybe
pears). George has been a decisive
factor in the building up of our suc-
cessful track team for George's
scores mount up like a drug-store
bill. He would have been a Venus
de Milo but he lacks the Grecian
nose. All the girls and all the boys
(including George) like George.
George is the big boy on the audit
board which is preparing him for the
office of High Muckcy-muck in the
First National Sheckel Depository of
Cartersville, Ga., U. S. A.

All Class Kootlwll : Scrub I'oolball (2);
Varsilv Football; Varsity Track (3); Cap-
tain Varsity Track (2); Captain Class
Track; Kxcculivc- Committee Athletic As-
sociation (2); Track Point Trni.lly (2);
.\uilit Board; Wcanr <,( tin- "l)."

Wilmington, N. C.

.\. 1',. : Pm. ; -T; Polity Cub
"Who ".I'ilh a natural instinct to dis-
What Icnowledye can perform, is
diligent to learn."

The village of Wiltnington, N. C,
wished this prodigy upon us in the
fall of 1914. Once in a while Wil-
liam uses his spare time to study. At
other tiines he writes highbrow po-
etry (so-called), keeps books and de-
bates in the Phi. Society. As Ser-
geant of Co. "C." Gumming has put
his foot on the bottom rung of the
ladder leading to "Somewhere in
France." With all statistics in we
predict that William will be a big
factor in the "CimiTiiing" generation.

I'rcsli Ii,1,..i.t', M.-.lal; Intercol-
legiate | I mill I. Supervisor, Sec-
ond Cnii- \ li i I'M it"i Kisi)on<lcnt Phi.
Socielv; .M.iK.i/nu Si, ill I ..' ) ; V. M. C. A.
Cabinet (2); Vi.e.|■re^. V. M. C. A.; Vicc-
Prcs. and President Christian Ivndcavo

(>): Cha



Andit Board; Assistant in

Senior DebatinR Medal;

■■Oviiiis and Cranks"

St'alT; Honor Roll.



^1^ 4^


DeFuniak Springs, Fla.
A. B. 2; 2T; Analyst
■' — IV hose high endeavors arc m

ward Hijht
Thai makes the path before hiii

wa\s bright."
Emory and Henry is a loser and
Davidson is a gainer, for this effer-
vescent ebullition of humanity is in
truth an extraordinary phenomenon.
He can tell you more things in two
minutes than you ever dreamed could
have happened and some that you
knew could not. Virginia girls, foot-
ball, tailoring agencies, cissoids, or
what-not, he'll give you some infor-
mation on them. Chemistry is his
long suit and it's full peg at that. As
a rule the world likes a man that is
full of fun. always happy, and cheery,
so there are not many doubts but
that Locke will "go over the top" as
a success in this world.

Assistant in Chemistry; .\ssistant in
Mathematics: Class Footh.ill ; Class Bas-
ketball ; "Ouips and Cranks htaff ; Da-
vidsonian Staff.

Marianna, Fla.
P.. S. ; 2AE; i;V: OAK: Ax.\i.vsT
■'And I have felt a presence that dis-
turbs me with the joy of elevated

Uncle Sam made a mistake when
he sent Pershing to France instead
of Johnny, who at the present writ-
ing is 2d sergeant of Co. "B" in di-
rect line for corporal. His con-
science is so great that he is said to
have stolen a kiss one night and felt
that he ought to return it the next
night. Johnny is always open to
conviction, when you see things just
as he does. John has a clear, keen
mind, is a friend to all. and possesses
those characteristics which will com-
bine to make him a truly great man.

Assistant in Mathematics (2): Assist-
ant in Physics (2) ; President of Senior
Class: Vice-President of Junior Class:
Student Council : Executive Committee
Athletic Association: Class Basehall : D,
C. Baseball : Manager Varsity Baseball ;
Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Vice-President C.
E. Society; Davidsonian Staff: Punctual-
ity R-.11. ■

"Thinking is but un idle waste uf


Samuel Mosely Davis, otherwise
known as "Bing," made his first ap-
pearance in this orb of misery in that
little burg which bears the eupho-
nistic appellation of Mt. Olive, N. C.
"Bing" doesn't believe in letting you
know he is around but he most as-
suredly is, for he has given the honor
roll the scare of its existence, since
he has been here. He is a specialist
in beating time to the "tune of a ra-
diator." The Freshmen all love and
adore him because of his tender sol-
icitations in presenting them with nu-
merous Christmas and birthday i)res-
ents. If he fs as faithful in his fu-
ture business as he has been in mak-
ing the punctuality roll we have no
fear for "Hing."


Monticello, Ark

B. S. ; .Analyst

"By till' work, one knows the wnrk-


One look, ladies and gentlemen, at
this beautiful view! Our prize class-
baby! (One look should prove suf-
ficient dose, if not, repeat after shak-
ing!) This fair specimen of infancy
will — when forced to confess —
shamefully admit that the state of
Arkansas claims him for a native
son. Entering the classic halls of
Davidson at the age of fifteen, Dis-
hongh, armed with rattle and paci-
fier, soon let tlie campus know he
was here. It's been known ever since
without doubt. Dish poses as the
one and only "bug" stud in the stu-
dent-body. It's some pose too for
he has the ability of making even a
Sophomore work. Dish will make
a "cutting-up" surgeon some day^
at least he says so.

Biology l,:il)or.-ilorv;

Davidson, N. C.

".-/ handful of iiniiiiiiiii sriisi- is
zi'orth a bushel of Icurninii."

Hates to admit it, but he dots live
liere. Doesn't believe that it is an
excellent thing for men to grow tall,
so he believes he won't do it. Harry
has the soul of a true artist as has
been shown in his selection of "A
Stitch in Time." He is the original

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