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Q'hose Loi^dl Friends of

ipho hdue so freely qiuen of their

iporldlij goods, that the

College we loue may become euen

greater, and bij hauing better

facilities do better ipork for

both Qod and humanity

IPe dedicate this uolume

CTo Those lUho Helped to
Rebuild Chambers



'k -""-fit

i\\o WfUcvn.— a^-




(JTHE Editors of this uolume hdue
tried to truly picturize life at
Dduidson, but the greatest thinq at
our Alma Ulater cannot be pictured.
Tlamely: the "spirit" that is instilled
into one from the time he first ar^
riues, until he leaues, and the thinq
that makes an upriqht Christian
qentleman out of euery Dauidson
man. To us the makinq of this book
has been a biq undertakinq, and u;e
hope that our critics u;ill aqree u;ith
Samuel Johnson that "Q'o haue at"
tempted much is alu;ai]s laudable
euen u;hen the enterprise is aboue
the strenqth that undertakes it."




The 1923 Quips and Cranks Staff

W. S. BUCHANAN Editor-in-Chief

E. T. WOOLFOLK, JR Literary Editor

E. H. MAUZE _" Athletic Editor

J. B. SLOAN, JR Calendar Editor

WATT I\IcCAiN Gossiper Editor

J), j. CllU'AIAX Assistant Literary Editor

J. E. HANEY Art Editor

W. M. HESTON Assistant Art Editor

R. L. ^IcLEOD, JR Business Manager

R. II. SMITH Assistant Business Manager

U. |. ALLISON Assistant lousiness Manager




Quips and Cranks Contriljutors

M. i;. EUIL

I. r.. URVAN






Contributors Column

In every organizatidii there are those l)eings, unkiKiwii and unsung, whu are
vital parts to its life. It is justice that they should at least i)e mentioned, thus we ]3ay
homajje to our contributors;

To O. K. Allison, that master ty]jist. we are much indebted ; he sat into the
wee small hours, his nimble fingers running tirelessly and swiftly over the keys,
turning out countless pages for the printers.

Bill Cooper invented a history : at least the Senior Class has one, and we know
that Bill is the author. Sjieaking of histories, W. E. Milton, '26, and Joe Earnest.
'25, are makers of history. Upon a moment's notice they completed a history of
their lespective classes.

Harry Russell, '23; W. E. Callaway, '24; Wallace Purdy and J. M. Williams,
'25, were the lads who seduced the shy muses ; in short, they are our poets.

We are indebted to E. J. Bosch for the attractive tail pieces; to J. L. Green
and J. A. Lake for painstaking composing, and to J. B. Bryan, painter of our

And lastly, we want to thank Dr. J. M. Douglass, faculty adviser, for his
invahiable assistance.




1 I I









too O K O N E
The College







Robert Marion Brice


Maricix Junction. Ala.

"Coiiir niir, cunw nil! Ihi.
l-'roin this finii base as si

rock simll fly
m as /."

Kappa Alpha ; Sigma Pi Sigma ; Com-
pany Football; Scrub Football. '1'), '20;
Varsity Football, '20. '21 ; Varsity Baseball,
'22, '23; Chairman Vigilance Committee;
Class Track, '20, '21; Honor Roll; Golf
Team ; "D" Club.

An honor roll man, a member of the "D"
Club — in fact, a combination of athletic and
mental ability that is rarely found. Marion
has been with us gleaning knowledge for an
M.A. degree and is completing his fifth year
this spring. His powers on the gridiron, on
the baseball diamond, and in the class room
will be greatly missed by old Davidson in
coming years.




loiix AUr.AUGHLiN Adams


"A face u'illi (/hidiu-ss overspread
Safl smiles, by liiinian L-iiidiiess bred."

K. A. Scrub Fuotball (2 VL'ars) ; Secretary
and Treasurer Freshman Class; Manager
Basketball ; Vigilance Coinmittee ; Glee Clnli
(3 years) ; D Club; 1st Lieut. R. O. T. C.

One of the handsomest men in his class,
Johnny has been quite the Beau Brummel of
'23. However, his marked successes with
the fairer sex have by no means outclassed
his other capaliilities. As a promising Ponzi
he bids fair to fame in managing "The
Poison Squad" during the past basketball
season. Beloved by all his fellow students
only strengthens the fact that Johnny's ab-
sence will be greatly noticed after the sheep-
skins are parceled out.

Robert C. Aiken


Laurens, S. C.
"A eolh'cie joke to cure the dumps."

Sigma Alpha Epsilon : Delta Pi Kappa ;
Davidsonian Slafif; Manager Dramatic Club;
Wearer of Golden Quill.

How a man so steady with his text-books,
and the ladies, should acquire the nickname
"Windy" is hard to understand. Perhaps it
is because "Windy" can change his energies
from one thing to another and do everything
equally well. "Windy" started out with the
class of '22, but decided to leave and try
Cornell for a while. On a visit to his old
classmates he discovered the class of '23,
and he immediately decided to stay with us.
Whatever he attempts he does well, and that
nirans success.



arip.i .,;!nrrtftmi!!;iiii,


K A I. I'll 1'ai;k Alexander
A. B. II.

Hugh Alvix Bailey



Gri.k.nvillk. S. C.
"Silence is more eloquent llum Iim


Chester. S. C.

Class Basketball ; Class Football ;
ootball ; El Centre Espanol.


■7 sliull 1

kvays eousiiler the 1
the best fi'ophel."

South Carolina sent us "Sporty." Now-
after a lapse of four years we return their
trust — a man typical of the nickname he has
so ri.^htly earned. He has few faults, and
they are overcappcd by his genial good fel-
lowship, a radiant smile and a pleasant word
that are ever present. We hate to part with
"Sporty." but in so doing we are rendering
the world at large a noble and unselfish serv-
ice. Our eyes will follow him in all his

Aesculapian Club; Senior Friendship
Council ; South Carolina Club.

Ah I The Duke of Chester appears with
that ever-C|uestioning smile upon his face.
For four lengthy years he has reigned
"Snag" supreme in our midst. And now that
the time of parting is at hand we reluctantly
give up this lad for South Carolina's better-
ment. Luck tn you. "Snag," the throttle is
in vuur hands.


aiiiUJMiim luiiimiuiiuuji imjijjiii

Joseph William Baldwin
B. S.

Julius McCann Barr
A. B. II.


•'Thiiikiiiii that iinthiiin zvas done if
iinythiiiii rciiiaiin-d to tlo."

Delta Thfta Chi ; Gavel and Forum ;
Aesculapian Club ; Secretary, Second Critic,
First Critic, Vice-President, Phi Society ;
Commencement Marshall, '22; Class Foot-
ball. '21 : Inter-Society Junior-Senior De-
bater ; Junior Orator's Rep; Senior Orator's
Rep ; Senior Class Day Orator ; President
Phi Society.

To Clarkton we are indebted for "Joe,"
who during his years with us has proven of
high worth in his various literary pursuits.
Hard working and ever on the lookout for
new fields of endeavor, this likeable member
of '23 has our good wishes to follow him.
In "Joe" we see the South's leading orator
of the future.

Greenville, S. C.

"So iiffrhjlit Christians please both man
and God."

Delta Theta Chi.

This "Julius" has yet to meet his Brutus.
He's a man of few words, yet one that has
endeared himself to all his fellow students.
Just a quiet, unassuming young man, devot-
ing most of his time to books and private
bull sessions. With his perseverance • he
should be high in worldly affairs before
many years, and he leaves us with the hearty
support and good will of his associates.




James Douglass Bernhardt
B. S.

Lf.noir, N. C.

"Slt(bboni labor conquers


Kappa Sigma ; Vice-President, First Critic,
and President of Metrophilian Literary So-
ciety; Council of Y. M. C. A. Board of
Control; Glee Club, '20-'21, '21-72; Dramatic
Club, '20 ; Assistant in Law ; Captain R. O.
T. C.

From the rugged mountains of Lenoir
"Dug" ambled into camp and started off his
career as a member of the Class of '23. In-
clined to quietness and huge black stogy
cigars on all occasions, he typifies an Amer-
ican mountaineer, or is it "Millett's Think-
er ?" to the iith degree. On our bi-monthly
R. O. T. C. news "watch your step," this
gallant young man receives constant atten-
tion — merits or demerits. A brigandier some
day? Well! who can tell?

David Walker Bethea
B. S.


Dillon. S. C.

"li'isdoni is the conqueror of fortune."

Pandeinic Literary Society ; South Caro-
lina Club; 1st Sgt. R. O. T. C, 2nd Lieut.
R. O. T. C.

To Dillon we owe thanks for this good-
natured, whole-hearted fellow, who has made
for himself a friend of every man on the
campus. Never known to have exerted him-
self to the point of exhaustion, but still
manages to get by, judging from the bang of
his gun, as "Dave" proceeds to shoot 'em on
class. The best wishes of the student body
go with him as he steps out into life.



Perry Harvky IiIddi.e
A. B. II.
"P. H."

DkFuniak Strings. Fla.

"Tlic iircatcst ricissitudc of thintis anioiifist

mm is llir I'icissitudc of sci-l.<:

and religions."

Masonic Club ; Eu Society ; Florida Club ;
Ministerial Band.

This noble representative of the far-famed
'Gator State came into our fold during the
Fall of '21. Even in this short time we have
become convinced of the fact that DeFuniak
Springs is an harbor of rare gems. "P. H."
has chosen as his life's vv^ork the ministry;
in this he should be a tremendous success.
Our best wishes go with him.

Ji-..\N Patrick PjOoth
A. B.I I.


W'akrknto.n. N. C.

"iriiiic III,- strrain ninnclli smooth the -cv'iitcr
is di-cpc-sl."

Phi Alpha Pi ; Assistant in Greek ; R. O.
T. C. Band (2 years) ; Ministerial Band;
Phi Society.

Gaze upon our famous "Piccolo," who has
become quite a celebrity through his ability
to play soft and endearing notes upon his
much-Baunted reed. An able successor to
Peter Pan, seetns to be the concensus of
campus opinion. He has not, however, fol-
lowed the realm of music to the detriment of
other college activities. He is a student of
no mean ability, and as an exponent of
Greek, second to none. Keeping up his pres-
ent studies, we expect to hear great things
from him in the future.

QUIPS AND CRA Nix - -^923




JosKi'ii Manor Bostick
B. S.

Hkxi)i:rs()Xvii-LK, N. C.

"Uh. if l<i daiia- all iii.ilil anil (/n-.« ,(// </,JV
chanii'd siiiall-f'ii.y or cliascil old aijc away."

Pi Kappa Alpha ; Sgt. R, O. T. C.
Basketball, '21-'22-'23.


"Twick" by name and nature, late president
of the D. C. Cue Ball Association. His
greatest joy and constant delight is to in-
dulge in the Tepischorean art on all occa-
sions, be they sad or gay. Good natured.
happy-go-lucky, and yet he is a student of
recognized standing. If "Twick" capers along
the stepping stones of life the way he has
trickled through his years at Davidson, he
will go up the stairs to fame in little time.

Samuel Hugh Jjuauley
A, B. II.


Sumter, S. C.

"Peace the off-sl>riiiii of frnt-cr."

"D" Club; Wearer of the "D" ; Varsity
Tennis (3 years); Assistants Club; Class
Basketball (3 years) ; Class Football (2
years); Assistant in Bible; President N. C.
I. T. A.; Executive Committee Athletic As-
sociation; Captain Tennis Team, '21 -'22,

In "Hugh" we find a rare mixture of qual-
ities. His jovial nature permeates all those
about him. And when it comes to mauling a
tennis ball about the court, just leave it to
Hugh and his trusted racquet to bring home
the bacon. We will greatly miss his ready
flow of wit and smiling countenance, but we
realize with such tools to work with he has
a future in store for him.



Robert Parker Brown
"R. P."

Charlotte, N. C.

"Hii/li erected thoughts seated in a heart of

"R.P." can usually be found rambling
around the campus whenever the weather
permits, and whether it be bright or gloomy,
he has a ready smile and a greeting for
everyone he meets. His quietness and lik-
ability gather many a friend for him. and
if he matures and increases his merits as
he goes into life, we predict a wide circle of
friends and success for him.

William Payne Brown

A, B. I.

"Willie P."

China Grove, N. C.

"Speech is better than silence,
Silence is better than speech."

Phi Beta Kappa ; Delta Pi Kappa ; Report-
ers' Club ; Phi Society ; President Reporters'
Club; Junior-Senior Debater's Rep; Volun-
teer Band; Dramatic Club; Assistant in
Math.. '22.

W. P. doesn't run all to length, as most
people would think upon seeing him, for be-
sides loftiness of statue he is possessed with
a nimble brain that has made the grade in
all his courses, despite the fact that illness
forced him to vacation a term during his
Soph year in college. Made of the stuff that
spells success in all undertakings.



William Stewart Buchanan
B. S.


GiFU, Japan

"Music hath charms to soothe the sai'ai/c

Delta Theta Chi ; Omicron Delta Kappa ;
Gamma Sigma Epsilon ; Sigma Upsiloii ; Le
Cercle Francais; Band, '21, '22, '23; Director
of Band. '23; Glee Club, '21, '22; Assistant
in Biology, '21 ; Assistant in Chemistry, '22,
'23; Assistant in French, '22; Assistant in
Math., '23 ; Art Editor Quips and Cranks,
'22; Editor-in-Chief, '23; Captain of Band,
23; Dramatic Club, '21. '22. '23; "Y" Quar-
tet, '22.

Stewart pnsscsses to a wonderful degree
that abilit\- which enables a man to do almost
aiiythini; — and do it well. Some say his de-
termined will accounts for this fact, while
others ascribe it to his winning personality.
"Buck" has the combined talents of an artist
and a musician as well as a good student.
There are great things in store for "Buck."
and every good wish accompanies him as he
goes forth from his Alma Mater.

Leroy Perry Bukney
A. B. II.


Greensboro, K. C.

"Knowledge bloiveth up but cliarity
buUdeth up."

Metrophilians ; Polity Club ; Gavel and
Forum ; Secretary and Vice-President Phi
Society ; Fresh-Soph Debater's Rep. '20 ;
Fresh-Soph Debater's Medal. '21 ; Junior-
Senior Debater's Medal. '22; Debating Coun-
cil; Treasurer and President Metniiiliili.uis ;
1st Sgt. R. O. T. C. Capt. R. O. T. l .; As-
sistant in Bible; Monitor; Respondent .Metro-
philian Society; Chief Marshall; First
Critic, Metrophilian.

"Parson" typified the man who had sought
after and conipiered the highest attainments
in life. An untiring worker in our literary
world, a debater of note, as can be testified
by a string of beaten opponents ; and a
scholar of the first water. Using R. O. T. C.
as an avocation, he has spent four years
wearing out O.D.'s for Uncle Sammy,
which goes to prove that where there's a
will there's a way. Parson's a captain now.




AIalcom Patterson Calhoun
A. B. 1.
"M. P."

L.\LRiNiirR<:. N. C.

"All iiT ,isk is lo be Id alone"

Sigma Pi Sigma ; \'ai-sity Track Team ;
Phi Society; "D" Club.

"M.P." is a lad peculiarly indescrihable.
To learn him is a task, which, while you are
pursuing, you will find along the way that he
holds in his innerself those ideals which
count in this life. He is gifted with long
legs - w'hich have w'on the coveted "D" in
track, through their aptitude in clearing the
bar at lofty heights. We are expecting no
small things of him in after life if he holds
to the principles which he has adopted dur-
ing his college davs.

Chang Kau Chien



"One thing is forci'cr ijood; that one lliin;/
is success."

Chien comes to us from across the ocean,
and has probably had about as easy a time in
understanding our language as most of us
have in mastering Greek. His pleasant smile
has made him liked by all over our campus.
We w"ish him success as he continues his
studies in this country, and when he returns
to his own people to work among them.


William James Cooper

B. S.


Fowler, S. C.

"From labor there shall come forth rest."

Omicron Delta Kappa; Sigma Upsilon; Wearer
of the Golden Quill; Dramatic Club, '22; Eu So-
ciety; Reporters' Club; South Carolina Club; Sales
man's Club; Winner N. C. C, P. A. award, '21;
Editor in charge of Press Bureau, anil liusiness
Manager of Davidsonian; Fiction Editor (2 years)
Magazine; Editor-in-Chief of Davidson College
Magazine; Sgt.-Maj,, 2nd Lieut., and Maj. R. O.
T. C; Rural Sunday Schools (2 years); "V" Cabi-
net; President South Carolina Club.

"Bill" has put in all told a sum total of
labor that spells success. From Freshman
days to his graduation "Bill" has been always
busy. Busy about something and everything.
No phase of college activities has but shared
his able hand at work and leadership. Wheth-
er in literary lines, business enterprise, or as
Major of the R. O. T. C. Battalion, you will
find him on top and making good. Success
marks your wake, old man, and we take the
liberty here to say that you will not be a
meagre success, but a huge one. Davidson
owes you much, and the world owes you a
fortune. Go get it.


Keith Cornelius

B. S.


Cornelius. N. C.

"One day is t'asscd on by anotlier."

Keith hails from the neighboring town of
Cornelius. He entered Davidson in the Fall
of '19, and has made for himself a name in
the scholastic circles of the school. Al-
though he has not made the honor roll, his
grades have been above the average. Keith
is a quiet boy and is not known so well on
the campus, but below that stolid reserve is
what can be termed, .'\ man. He is sure to
heap laurels up for himself in whatever line
lit endeavor he takes up.



Clifford Rankin Crawford
A. B. II.


Sumter, S. C.

"For he is honourable and doiibliiui

that most holy."

Bachelors Club; Eu Society; Omicron Delt.i

Kappa; Secretary Y. M. C A,; Wearer of tht

"D";_Secretary and Treasurer Athletic Association;

jident. Soph Class; Manager Inter-Di

torv Basketball; Vi

S.ii.ll l!,iskrtl.,ll; M,i



All M
,il Atlil


It Body; Cap-
-h Basketball;
11,1; All-State
I, Ji; Exec-
M, (3 years);

Basketball ( .i
'22; Captain
•23; President

it came to Pat

Varsity Baseball (4 years);
years): Captain Varsity Basketball,
Baseball Team, '23; Student Council,
of Y. M. C. A.

The all-viewing scope rested when
and depicts him one of the best "all round" men in
college. As an athlete he has been unexcelled during
his stay at Davidson and his Hibernian character-
istics instill pep and determination into all during
closelv contested games. He has made the AU-State
teams in both Basketball and Baseball.

Aside from his athletic nature, Pat devotes a
large part of his time to the functioning of the
religious organs on the campus, being President of
the Y. M. C. A., and teaching a Sunday School
class composed of some of the younger boys in the
town. He has heard the call and will answer it as
befits a man.

Neil Roswell Currie

A.B. II.


DF.FrNi.\K String?, Fl.\.

"/\«oii'/('(/(yi" is more than equifalciit to

Gamma Sigma Epsilon ; Sigma Pi Sigma ;
Assistant in Pliysics ; Assistant in Chem-

In our Junior year there came into our
midst from Palmer College a truly go-get-
ter. The class of '23 was glad to welcome
him. He has proven himself quite a scien-
tist, excelling both in Chemistry and Phys-
ics. We hazard the guess that he sends radio
messages to "someone" in DeFuniak Springs.
Besides radio and test tubes "Neil" dearly-
loves golf. When he is not in the Lab. he
can always be found on the golf course. But
be it golf or science, we predict for him a
shining success.




Robert Franklin Davidson

Tin- fruit del

Chester, S. C.

vcd frc

ctcsl of

Beta Theta Pi; Phi Beta Kappa; Omicrnn Delta
Kappa; Sigma Upsilon; Mimir Society; "V" ral)i-
net; Editor-in-Chief of Davidsonian; Honor Roll
(3 years); Polity Club; Asst. Manager Football, '21;
Davidsonian Reporters' Club, '20-'21; Staff, '21'2,1;
Vigilance Committee, '20-'22; Vice-President Class.
'21-'22; Pan Hellenic Council, '22-'23; Assistant in
Political Science, ■22-'23.

Dignified and unassuming, but with a perpetual
smile which makes a friend of everyone he meets.
Bob climbed steadily upward on the ladder of prom-
inence. With four years on the Honor Roll,
finishing as Valedictorian of the Class of '23, Bob
holds a record seldom equalled bv any student. But
in the position of Editor-in-Chief of the Davidsonian
he has served the college at the most difficult post
on our cantpus, and the quality of the weekly pub-
lication has borne evidence of Bob's editorial abil-
ity and untiring energy. D. C. is loathe to part
company with a man of the calibre lA Bob Davidson,
and we are hoping he'll decide to take an M. A.
here. With the record which he carries it is super-
fluous to predict a brilliant future for this out-
standing figure in the Class of '23.

John Henry Davis, Jr.
B. S.


Wauchula, Fla.

'Each one to his own trade, then would the cows be
zvcll cared for."

Honor Roll: Secretary and Treasurer Polity
flnh; Pandeinic Literary Society; Vigilance Com-
mittee; Wrestling Team; Assistant in Political
Science and Botany; Florida Club; Salesman's Club.

Somewhere back
campus John Henry ga
and it has stuck



IS ]•'

rUrM da





smile that won't come off.
fellow-well-met sort of friendliness. "Bevo" is never
so much at home as when squinting through a micro-
scope or cutting up a frog in "Bug" lab. No doubt
of his ability as a student, for his name appears on
the '22-'23 Honor Roll. Through a somewhat check-
ered college career — dropping out one semester and
returning the next — ^"Bevo" has forged his way to
the front. We look for Davis to carve himself a
niche in the hall of fame along with Lamarck and
Darwin, and we hope this will be done next year, as
it is rumored that be is to return as an Assistant
Professor in the Biological Department.



Bik44t yiUJ4mt44Mi44tiil)JUJiijiiiUI 1 1 i 1 1 1 ^^tlM

Samuel Malloy Davis
B. S.

St. Pauls, N. C.

"Pliiliisof'hy becomes poetry and science

imagination in the enthusiasm of


Kappa Sigma ; Omicron Delta Kappa ; "D"
Club; Varsity Football (4 years) ; President
Junior Class; President Student Body; Sgt.
and Capt. R. O. T. C. ; Coach Class Football.
'10, '20, '21 ; Vigilance Committee, '20; Scrub
Track, '21 -'22.

"Sam" is one of the most popular men of
his class, and one who will never be forgot-
ten, once a person has met him. for he num-
bers his friends by his acquaintances. Kind,
sincere, and commanding, he holds the respect
of the whole student body, as is shown by
his having been elected President of that

He is a four-year football letter man, and
his great playing in the line will long be re-
membered in the annals of the college. A
versatile man and a born leader, Sam is sure
to succeed in any walk of life.

James Clarence Deaver
B. S.


Pkrry, Fl.\.

"The rather since Ci'ery man is the son of
his own ivorks."

Assistant in Accounting and Eco. II ;
Florida Club.

"Monk" has no facial resemblance to the
animal after whom his affectionate class-
mates have named him. Of a somewhat re-

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