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Mauro, Philip, Law 1880, Lawyer, 620 F St..
Washington, D. C, and 277 Broadway, New
York City.

Maury, William A., Hon. 1880, Professor of Law,
George Washington Universitv. Member
ish Treaty Claims Com., 14il H St., Wash-
ington, D. C.

Maverick, Manton, Law 1S88, Lawyer, 134 Monroe
St., Chicago, 111.

Maxey, Edwin, Juris. 1903, Writer and Teacher,
Morgantown, W. Va.

Maxson, Louis W., Law 1882, Principal Examiner,
U. S. Patent Office, Washington, D. C.

Maxwell, George H., Law 1893, Lawj-er, 830 Trc-
mont Bldg., Boston, Mass.

May, Carroll Hackney, Med. 1904, 209 N. Wash-
ington St., Alexandria, Va.

May, Edgar H., Law 1895, Clerk, Navy Depart-
ment, 17 Quarry Road, Washington, D. C.

May, George Thomas, Jr.. Law 1899, Patrnt I-aw-
yer, 1652 Monadnock Bldg., Chicago, 111.

May, Henry Agett, Med. 1899, Assistant Surgeon,
" U. S. Navy, Care of Navy Department, Wash-
ington, D. C.

May, Marcus Byng, Law 1894, Lawyer, 63 State
St., Boston, Mass.

Maj'er, Charles David, Law 1902, Chinese In-
spector, Richford, Vt.

Mayfleld, Clifton, Med. 1880, Physician, 1385 SOth
St., Washington, D. C.

Maynard, Colton, Coll. 1900, Teacher, Cheshire,

Maynard, James, Law 1885, Lawyer and Manu-
facturer, P. 0. Box 282, KnoTville, Tcnn.

Maj-nard, Sherman D., Med. 1894, Ph>-sician.
Roscoe, N. T. ...

Mayo, Edward Neallcy, Med. 1860. Physician and
Surgeon, 15 Mill Street, Orono. Me.

Mazzei, Frank A., Med. 1895, Physician. 2 T Bt.
N. K., Washington, D. C.



Means, Thomas Herbert, Sci. 1898, Grad. 1901,
Engineer of Soils, U. S. Geological Survey,
Box S, Salt Lake City Utah.

Meany, John T., Law 1890, Real Estate, 806 F
St., Washington, D. C.

Mearns, William A., Law 1891, of Lewis Johnson
and Co., Bankers, 1319 F St., Washington,
D. C.

Medford, Ames Furbee, Law 1871, Law Clerk,
Treasury Department, 138 C St. N. E., Wash-
ington, D. C.

Medford, Homer S., Med. 1895, Instructor in Ob-
stetrics, George Washington Univ., Physician,
151 C St. N. E., Washington, D. C.

Mehn, William, Law 1897, Clerk, U. S. Pension
Bureau, 3117 13th St., Washington, D. C.

Meigs, George Clendenin, Law 1S93, Lawyer, 302
New Jersey Ave. S. E., Washington, D. C.

Meigs, Orton Love, Sei. 1899, Engineer, R. F. D.,
No. 1, Hampton, Va.

Meloy, Arthur Nouree, Med. 1905, 937 I St.,
Washington, D. C.

Meloy, Guy Stanley, Law 1896, Lawj'er, Lanham
P. O., Md.

Mendenhall, Franklin P., Law 1892, Lawyer, 2201
14th St., Washington, D. C.

Meritt, Edgar B., Law 1899, Proprietor of the
" Arkansas Sentinel," Fayetteville, Ark.

Merriam, Arthur C, Med. 1889, Physician, 1201
New Jersey Ave., Washington, D. C.

Merriam, J. Howard, Law 1889, Lawyer, 65 N.
Madison Ave., Pasadena, Cal.

Merrill, Charles A., Law 1868, Lawyer, Central
Exchange Bldg., Worcester, Mass.

Merrill, George P., Professor of Geology and
Mineralogy, George AVashington University,
Head Curator, U. S. National Museum, Wash-
ington, D. C.

Merrill, Mrs. George P. (Yancey, Katherine Lula-
lia), Sci. 1899, 1422 Staughton St., Washing-
ton, D. C.

Merrill, Thomas S., Law 1901, U. S. Departmental
Service, 2560 Wisconsin Ave., Washington,
D. C.

Merrill, Walter Hibbard, Med. 1901, Instructor in
Electro-thorapeutics, George Washington Uni-
versity, Physician, 1915 14th St., Washington,
D. C.

Merritt, Ella Arvilla, Coll. 1903, Grad. 1905, 154
P St. S. E., Washington, D. C.

Merritt, Leonard Atkins, Law 1904, Clerk, De-
partment of State, 154 F St. S. E., Washing-
ton, D. C.

Merritt, Norman Allen, Law 1900, Cashier, City
Post Office, The Portner, Washington, D. C.

Merwin, Charles D., Law 1887, Clerk Post Office
Department, 1016 Vermont Ave., Washington,
D. C.

Mess, Carl Joseph, Dent. 1902, Dentist, 817 14th
St., Washington, D. C.

Metcalf, Gertrude Elizabeth. See Mackenzie, Mrs.
W. D.

Metcalf, William P., Law 1885, Lawyer, 1333 G
St., Washington, D. C.

Metzerott, John H., Med. 1891, Physician, 1110 F
St., Washington, D. C.

Meyer, F. A., Law 1885, Lawj^er, Petaluma, Cal.

Meyers, Charles K., Law 1883, Editor, Cerro Gordo
Co. Republican, Mason City, Iowa.

Meyers, J. Granville, Jr., Law 1S93, Patent Law-
yer, 606 F St., Washington, D. C.

Michener, Earl Cory, Law 1903, Lawyer, Masonic
Temple, Adrian, Mich.

Middleton, Arthur E. H., Law 1893, Lawyer, 515
nth St., AVashington, D. C.

Milans, Calvin Tarkington, Law 1903, Patent
Lawyer, 908 G St., Washington, D. C.

Milans, Joseph Hercus, Law 1899, Patent Lawyer,
908 G St., Washington, D. C.

Milburn, Charlps Coad, Law 1899, 1520 Connecti-
cut Ave., Washington, D. O.

Miller, Archibald Louis, Dent. 1904, Takoma Park,
D. C.

Miller, Clarence A., Law 1905, 1236 11th St.,

Washington, D. C.
Miller, Claude E., Law 1897, Juris. 1900, Clerk in

Treasury Dept., Automobile Business, 1105

14th St., Washington, D. C.
Miller, G. Brown, Instructor in Gynecology,

George Washington Univ., Physician, 1729 H

St., Washington, D. C.
Miller, George W., Law 1891, Lawyer, 906 Ash-
land Block, Chicago, 111.
Miller, Guion, Law 1885, Lawyer, Easton, Md.
Miller, Robert Farnham, Law" 1893, Bank Clerk,

Washington Loan and Trust Co., Washington,

D. C.
Miller, Stephen Cookman, Med. 1884, Grad. 1898,

Clerk, War Department, 1705 New York Ave.,

Washington, D. C.
Miller, William L., Med. 1883, Physician, 410 K

St., Washington, D. C.
Mills, A. G., Law 1869, Vice-Pres. Otis Elevator

Company, 17 Battery Place, New York City.
Mills, Edward Pool, Law 1896, Lawyer, La. Bank

& Trust Co. Bldg., Shreveport, La.
Mills, George A. H., Law 1895, Manufacturer of

R. R. Cars, Secretary and Treasurer, St. Louis

Car Co., St. Louis, Mo.
Mills, William Porter, Med. 1897, Physician, 20

Crockett Bldg., Las Vegas, New Mexico.
Minnick, John Dufton, Grad. 1899, Teacher, High

School of Commerce, 170 West 89th St., New

York City.
Mitchell, Andrew S., Law 1904, 921 8th St., Wash-
ington, D. C.
Mitchell, E. Elmer, Law 1895, Lawyer, 308 E

St., Washington. D. C.
Mitchell, Fred. Arthur, Dent. 1905, 409 14th St.

N. E., Washington, D. C.
Mitchell, Joseph Ernest, Med. 1903, Physician, 519

13th St., Washington, D. C.
Mitchell, J. F., Assistant Professor of Surgical

Pathology, George Washington University,

Physician, 1311 Connecticut Ave., Washing-
ton, D. C.
Mitchell, Noble, Law 1903, Lawyer, Tulsa, Indian

Mixon, William Barrett, Law 1895, Lawyer, Mc-

Comb, Miss.
Molby, Edgar Crystal, Law 1894, Manager, Pierce,

Butler & Pierce Manufacturing Co., Oak St.,

Richmond Hill, Long Island, N. Y.
Molby, F. L., Instructor in Free Hand Drawing,

George Washington University, 1342 Columbia

Road, Washington, D. C.
Monaghan, James C, Lecturer on Consular Ser-
vice, George Washington University, Bureau

of Statistics, Washington, D. C.
Monroe, Adolph, Med. 1904, Physician, 1910 First

St., Washington, D. C.
Montague, Andrew .1., Trustee of George Wash

ington University, Governor of Virginia

Richmond, Va.
Montague, Andrew Philip, Hon. 1879, President of

Howard College, East Lake, Birmingham, Ala
Montgomery, David Wallace, Grad. 1903, Minis

ter, 804 I St. N. E., Washington, D. C.
Montgomerv, Fayette H., Med. 1892, Physician,

136 N. "Sth St., Danville, Ky.
Montgomery, Frederick Erskine, Med. 1904, Physi

cian. Providence Hospital, Washington, D. C,
Moore, Charles, Grad. 1898, Secretary of Union

Trust Company, Detroit, Mich.
Moore, Charles Norton, Grad. 1905, Computer,

U. S. Naval Observatory, Washington, D. C.
Moore, David Pelton, Law 1897, Patent Lawyer

902 F St., Washington, D. C.
Moore, Gales Pritchard, Law 1894, Patent Law

yer. New Departure Manufacturing Co., Bris

tol, Conn.



Moore, George M., Law 1895, Clerk, U. S. Pen-
sion Bureau, Washington, D. 0.

Moore, Harlan, Law 1903, Lawyer, 13 William St.,
New York City.

Moore, John Bassett, Hon. 1899, Prof, of Inter-
national Law, Columbia University, 524 W.
150th St., New York City.

Moore, Joseph F., Law 1S85, Real Estate, 311
Nicollet Ave., liinneapolis, Minn.

Moore, Langdon, Law 1905, Assistant Examiner,
U. S. Patent Office, Washington, D. C.

Moore, Noble, Law 1896, Clerk, Treasury Depart-
ment, Falls Church, Va.

Moore, Veranus Alva, Med. 1890, Professor of Com-
parative and Veterinary Pathology and Bac-
teriology, Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y.

Moores, Edward S., Law 1901, Lawyer, il6 5th St.,
Washington, D. C.

Morgan, Charles Howard, Law 1902, Patent Law-
yer, 48 R St., Washington, D. C.

Morgan, Eugene, Law 1881, The Sherman, Wash-
ington, D. C.

Morgan, Francis P., Lecturer on Materia Medica
and Therapeutics, George Washington Univer-
sity, Physician, 1336 Massachusetts Ave.,
Washington, D. C.

Morgan, George W. H., Coll. 1857, Box 124, Den-
nison, Ohio.

Morgan, John D., Law 1892, Lawyer, 31 E. 17th
St., New York City.

Morgan, T. Frank, Law 1899, Printing, 1007 13th
St., Washington, D. C.

Morhart, Frederick Henry, Med. 1898, Physician,
1312 9th St., Washington, D. C.

Morrill, James Swan, Law 1882, Lawyer, 1 Thomas
Circle, Washington, D. C, and Strofford, Vt.

Morris, Ballard, Law 1885, Principal Examiner,
U. S. Patent Office, Washington, D. C.

Morris, Claude Frank, Law 1902, Secretary, Union
Bank and Trust Company, Helena, Mont.

Morris, Joel Nelson, Law 1895, Lawyer, 614 F
St., Washington, D. C.

Morris, John W., Law 1871, Lawyer, 614 F St.,
Washington, D. C.

Morris, Samuel Jonathan, Mod. 1901, First Lieut.,
Assistant Surgeon, U. S. Army, Care of War
Department, Washington, D. C.

Morris, William Longfellow, Law 1902, Lawyer,

902 F St., Washington, D. C.
Morrison, Henrietta Camille. See Davis, Mrs.

Geo. R.
Morse, Edward E., Med. 1892, Physician, Assist-
ant Professor of Obstetrics, George Washing-
ton Univ., 1525 I St., Washington, D. C.
Morse, Howard Moore, Law 1905, Assistant Exam-
iner, U. S. Patent Office, Washington, D. C.
Morsell, William Franklin, Med. 1888, Appoint-
ment Clerk, U. S. Geological Survey and Re-
clamation Service, 1810 S St., Washington,
D. C.
Morton, Howard, Law 1880, Lawyer, 1301 H St.,
Washington, D. C.

Moses, Brice J., Law 1883, Secretary and TreaB-
urer, Realtv Appraisal and Agency Co., 610
13th St., Washington, D. C.
Moses, Edmund Quincy, Law, 1905, Assistant Ex-
aminer, U. S. Patent Office, Washington, D. C.
Moses, Montague Tucker, Law 1872, Lawyer, 325

Montgomery St., San Francisco, Cal.
Moulden, William R., Med. 1900, Resident Physi-
cian, Bilibid Prison, Manila, P. 1.
Moulton, Alston Brintnall, Law 1898, Lawvcr, 604

Stephen Girard BUlg., Philadelphia, Pa.
Muir, Charles Stothard, Law 1893, Lawyer, 1407

F St., Washington, D. C.
Muir, Edward Adams, Sci. 1897, Assistant Pro-
lessor of Graphics, George Washington Univ.,
Chief Draftsman, iNaval Gun Factory, 32ii
Florida Ave., Washington, D. C.
Muir, Joseph Johnson, Hon. 1895, Pastor Temple
Baptist Church, 512 3d St., Washington, D. C.

Muhleman, Maurice L., Law 1879, Financial and
Statistical Writer, 15 William St., New York

Muldrow, H. L., Jr., Law 1894, U. S. Geologic»l
Survey, Washington, D. C.

Munday, Charles Franklin, Law 1879, Lawyer,
P. O. Box 519, Seattle, Wash.

Munroe, Charles Edward, Grad. 1804, Head Pro-
fessor of Chemistry, George Washington Uni-
versity, 2115 S St., Washington, D. C.

Munson, Charles B., Dent. 1889, Dentist, 1324
New York Ave., Washington, D. C.

Munson, Reginald, Med. 1883, Physician, 3101 P
St., Washington. D. C.

Murphy, Joseph Alexander, Med. 190.5, Teacher,
1103 10th St., Washington, D. C.

Murphy, Walter C, Med. 1873, Physician, 500 4th
St., Washington, D. C.

Murray, Alexander, Med. 1902, First Lieut, and
Assistant Surgeon, U. S. Army, Care of War
Department, Washington, D. C.

Murray, Bentlev Philander, Law 1870, Chief of
Finance Division, Paymaster General's Office.
War Department, 10 3d St. N. E., Washing-
ton, D. C. „ ^, ,. ^

Murray, Charles Theodore, Law 1868, Novelist,
Wardensville, W. Va.

Murray, Lawence 0., Law 1894, Assistant Secre-
tary, Dept. of Commerce and Labor, Wash-
ington, D. C. -^, „ 1

Murray, Thomas A., Coll. 1880, Lawyer, 901 Cal-
vert Bklg., Baltimore, Md.

Musgrave, Thomas Cebern, Law 1905, 1931 K St..
Washington, D. C. ,

Musgrave, W. E., Med. 1901, Physician, Manila.

Muskat, 'Carl, Law 1903, Lawyer, 916 Wells Bldg..
Milwaukee, Wis.

Myers, Albert Perley, Law 1903, 920 Massachu-
setts Ave., Washington, D. C.

Myers, T. Percy, Law 1891, Lawyer, 486 Louis-
iana Ave., Washington, D. C.

Myers, William D., Med. 1861, Ph>-8ician, B03i
Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis. Minn.

Naff, Clarence Raymond, Law 1905, Clerk, De-
partment of Justice, The Sherman, Washing-
ton, D. C. . . T u

Naff, William E., Dent. 1898, Dentist, Jonesboro,
Tenn. . ^,. >_ i.u

Nail, Robert L., Dent. 1893, Dentist, Elizabeth-
town, Ky. ^

Nash, Jesse G., Coll. 1S49, Sherman, Tex. _

Nauck, Edwin, Law 1887, Lawyer, lb2o (th St.,
Washington, D. C.

Nauck, Oscar, Law 1881, Lawyer, 1825 7th St.,
Washington, D. C. „ „ . n^i

Naughton, John F., Law 1879, San Francisco, Cal.

Nay lor, Horace Strait, Law 1905, 407 Miissachn-

" setts Ave., Washington, D. C.
Xaylor, Levi Williiini, Law 1880, Lawyer. »'

■ Broadwav, Now York City.
Noaglo, Pickens, Law 1SS6, Chief Clerk, Judifc

Advocate General's Offlce, Navy Department.

Washington. D. C.
Needham, Charles W., President of Georijc Wa* i-

ington University. Stoncleigh Court, WaahinK-

ton, D. C. , ,,^

Needham, Henry Beach, Law 1894. JouroaUat,

Newport, R. I.



Neill, Luther Clarence, Med. 1904, Physician,
1621 13th St., Washington, D. C.

Neluis, William H., Juris. 1899, Speiiial Examiner,
U. S. Pension Bureau, Montpelier, Vt.

Nelson, Alexander T., Med. 1902, Physician,
Western State Hospital for Insane, Staunton,

Nelson, Andrew J., Med. 1893, Physician,
K. F. D., No. 1, Richmond, Va.

Nelson, James, Coll. 1866, Hon. 1883, President
Woman's College, Richmond, Va.

Nelson, S. Giflord, Hon. 1892, Editor, 235 Strat-
ford Road, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Nesmith, Francis M., Med. 1893, Physician, 331
Majestic Bldg., Denver, Colo.

Nevitt, James Ramsay, Med. 1892, Physician,
Coronor, D. C, 618 3rd St., Washington, D. C.

Newberne, Robert Edward Lee, Sci. 1901, Grad.
1901, Resident Physician, San Juan de Dios
Hospital, Manila, P. I.

Newbold, William Norfleet, Law 1875, Lawyer,
902 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D. C.

Newcomb, Harry Turner, Law 1891, Lawyer,
Bond Bldg., Washington, D. C.

Newcomb, Simon, Hon. 1874, Prof, of Mathe-
matics, U. S. Navy, Retired, 1620 P St.,
Washington, D. C.

Newell, Charles, Law 1888, U. S. Capitol, Wash-
ington, D. C.

Newell, Emerson Root, Law 1896, Patent Lawyer,
150 Nassau St., New York City.

Newell, William S., Med. 1895, Physician, 1510
H St., Washington, D. C.

Newlands, Frances Clara, See Von Bredow, Mrs.

Newlands, Francis G., Trustee George Washing-
ton University, U. S. Senator from Nevada,
U. S. Senate, D. C.

Newmyer, Edwin Jonathan, Law 1905, Clerk, De-
partment of Agriculture, Washington, D. C.

Newton, Elmer Slayton, Med. 1905, Teacher, The
Brunswick, Washington, D. C.

Nichols, John Benjamin, Med. 1891, Professor of
Histology, George Washington University,
Physician, 1331 N St., Washington, D. C.

Nickels, Mrs. Frances Jacobs (Frances Jacobs),
Coll. 1898, Grad. 1899, Loan and Trust Bldg.,
Minneapolis, Minn.

Niess, Edwin Alonza, Law 1895, Clerk, Post Office
Department, 61 Rhode Island Ave., Washing-
ton, D. C.

Nissen, Charles Mathias, Grad. 1901, Assistant
Examiner, U. S. Patent Office, Washington,
D. C.

Niver, Edwin Barnes, Grad. 1895, Clergyman,
P. E. Church, 1014 St. Paul St., Baltimore,

Nixon, Richard, Law 1892, Lawyer, Commercial
Bldg., Portland, Ore.

Noble, Charles Brown, Dent. 1905, 2016 15th St.,
Washington, D. C.

Norcross, Alfred C, Med. T905, 819 Quincy St.,
Washington, D. C.

Nordhoff, Sofle A., See Jung, Mrs. S. A. N.

Norris, Calvin C. J., Sci. 1891, Clerk, Steamboat
Inspection Service, 1330 9th St., Washington,
D. C.

Norris, Etheldreda Lord, Coll. 1899, Teacher, 71
Atlantic St., Jersey City, N. J.

Norris, James Lawson, Jr., Law 1902, Lawyer,
501 P St., Washington, D. C.

Norris, Phebe R., Med. 1891, Physician, 1109 14th
St., Washington, D. C.

Norris, William B., Law 1885, Lawyer, Tootle-
Lemon Bank Bldg., St. Joseph, Mo.

Northup, Henry H., Law 1868, Lawyer, Washing-
ton Bldg., Portland, Ore.

Noyes, Theodore W., Coll. 1877, Law 1882, Trustee
George Washington University, Associate
Editor, The Evening Star, 1730 New Hamp-
shire Ave., Washington, D. O.

Nunn, John R., Coll. 1847, Berryville, Va.

Nute, Frank A., Law 1885, Clerk, Office Auditor
for War Department, 2809 14th St., Washing-
ton, D. C.

Nye, Francis, Law 1895, Personal Tax Appraiser,
1507 Park St., Washington, D. C.

Nye, Luther Bertram, Law 1905, 936 O St.,
Washington, D. C.

Oberlin, Paca, Law 1903, Clerk, Department of

Justice, 1238 5th St., Washington, D. C.
Oberlin, Stuart Earl, Law 1902, Lawyer, 344 D

St., Washington, D. C.
O'Brien, Jai-vis P., Law 1891, Lawyer, District

Attorney of Renssalaer Co., N. Y., Court

House, Troy, N. Y.
O'Bryon, George Elmer, Coll. 1903, Law 1903,

Lawj'er, 420 Commercial Bldg., Portland, Ore.
O'Connell, Fred. C, Law 1893, Assistant Clerk,

Supreme Court, D. C., U. S. Court House,

Washington, D. O.
O'Connell, John, Law 1894, Clerk, General Land

Office, 615 6th St. N. E., Washington, D. C.
O'Connell, Jeffrey C, Med. 1873, Examiner, U. S.

Pension Bureau, 2435 K St., Washington, D. C.
O'Connell, Maurice D., Law 1866, Solicitor of

Treasury, 2116 O St., Washington, D. C.
Odell, Benjamin F., Dent. 1891, Dentist, 1112

New Tork Ave., Washington, D. C.
O'Donoghue, Michael, Law 1904, Brunswick Flats,

Washington, D. C.
Oertel, Theodore Eugene, Med. 1892, Physician,

Augusta, Ga.
Offley, William M., Law 1885, Lawyer, 317 John

Marshall Place, Washington, D. C.
Ogden, David M., Med. 1888, Physician, 1926

First St., Washington, D. C.
Ogden, G. R., Law 1892, Clerk, General Land

Office, 1304 Yale St., Washington, D. C.
Ogden, Herbert Gouveneur, Jr., Law 1898, Patent
Lawyer, 141 Broadway, New York City.

Ogilvle, Robert W. F., Law 1880, Lawyer, 900 F
St., Washington, D. C.

Olberg, Charles Real, Sci. 1900, Engineer, U. S.
Geological Survey, Washington, D. C.

Oldfield, James Albert, Law 1894, Lawyer, St.
Mary's, W. Va.

Olds, William J., Med. 1897, Physician, Port
Huron, Mich.

Oldys, Henry, Law 1888, Assistant Biologist, Bio-
logical Survey, Dept. of Agriculture, Washing-
ton, D. C.

Olsen, Egil Thorbjorn, Med. 1904, Assistant Sm -
geon, U. S. P. H. & M. H. S., Care of
Marine Hospital Bureau, Washington, D. C.

Olson, Culbert Levy, Law 1901, Salt Lake City,

Ordronaux, John, Med. 1859, Professor, Roslyn,
N. Y.

Orleman, Daisy M., Med. 1890, Sci. 1893, Grad.
1896, Physician, Peekskill, N. Y.

Orr, Charles Wesley, Dent. 1895, Med. 1898,
Dentist, 459 Fulton St., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Orth, Henry, Jr., Law 1896, Grad. 1899, Patent
Lawyer, 529 7th St., Washington, D. C.

Osgood, Roy Clifton, Law 1903, Clerk, Census
Office, 1238 Kenesaw Ave., Washington, D. C.

Osgood, Whitman, Law 1892, 1402 14th St., Wash-
ington, D. C.

Osgood, Worth, Law 1874, Lawyer, Potter Bldg.,
New York City.



Osmun, Little C, Med. 1860, Physician, 1308

Yale St., Washington, D. C.
Cutwater, Raymond, Coll. 1904, Assistant in

Assaying, George Washington Univ., Teacher,

1312 B St. S. W., Washington, D. C.
Ouzts, Benjamin Franklin, Med. 1861, Physician

(Retired), Kosse, Texas.

Owen, Charles Wesley, Law 1899, Patent Lawyer,

313 Valentine Bldg., Toledo, Ohio.
Owen, Frederick Denison, Coll. 1905, Entfineer

and Architect, 3 Grant Place, Washinfrton,

D. C.
Owen, Wilber Allen, Law 1896, Lawyer 313

Valentine Bldg., Toledo, 0.

Pace, John Alonzo, Law 1902, Lawyer, Brenham,

Pace, Lillian, Coll. 1897, Grad. 1898, Teacher, 1629

W. Grace St., Richmond, Va.
Pace, Roy Bennett, Grad. 1898, Prof, of English,

Ouachita College, Arkadelphia, Ark.
Pack, Harold Jackson, Law 1902, Chief Clerk,

Bureau Supplies and Accounts, Navy Depart-
ment, The Cumberland, Washington, D. C.
Page, Charles G., Law 1871, Lawyer, 185 Dearborn

St., Chicago, 111.
Page, George Edgar, Law 1903, Lawyer, 1017

Kinnickinnic Ave., Milwaukee, Wis.
Pagelsen, Edward N., Law 1901, Patent Lawyer,

Buhl Block, Detroit, Mich.
Painter, George S., Instructor in Philosophy,

George Washington University, Washington,

D. C.
Pairo, Richard El, Law 1875, Lawyer, 482

Louisiana Ave., Washington, D. C.
Pairo, William Edwin, Dent. 1899, Dentist, 1953

3rd St., Washington, D. C.
Palmer, Orlando Gray, Law 1891, 2d Lieut.,

U. S. A., Care of War Department, Washing-
ton, D. C.
Parker, Brainard Warner, Law 1901, Lawyer,

Century Bldg., Washington, D. C.
Parker, Charles W., Law 1896, Lawyer, 506

EUicott Square, Buffalo, N. Y.
Parker, C. Le Roy, Coll. 1895, Grad. 1896,

Solicitor of Chemical Patents, 639 F St.,

Washington, D. C.
Parker, Frederick W., Dent. 1894, Dentist, 4th

and E. Capitol St., Washington, D. C.
Parker, Henry L., Jr., Law 1891, Lawyer, State

Mutual Bldg., Worcester, Mass.
Parker, Myron Melvin, Law 1877, Trustee, George

Washington University, Broker, 1418 F St.,

Washington, D. C.
Parker, Robert E., Law 1892, Chief Clerk to

Assistant Secretary of War, The Portner,

Washington, D. C.
Parker, Stephen Ross, Law 1898, Lawyer, 423

New York Bldg., Seattle, Wash.
Parker, Thornton Jenkins, Law 1896, 2018 G St.,

Washington, D. O.
Parker, William H., Law 1868, State's Attorney,

Lawrence County, Deadwood, South Dakota.
Parkes, George Preston, Law 1899, U. S. Civil

Service Commission, Washington, D. C.
Parkinson, Elsie Elizabeth, Coll. 1900, Grad. 1901,

Teacher, 806 9th St. N. E., Washington, D. C.
Parks, Charles Wellman, Law 1899, Civil Engineer,

U. S. Navy, U. S. Navy Yar^, Boston, Mass.
Parks, Frederick Reuben, Coll. 1883, Law 1892,

Assistant Shipping Agent, Isthmian Canal

Commission, The Decatur, Washington, D. C.
Parks, Sterling, Law 1894, Lawyer, 912 Citizens

Bldg., Cleveland, O.
Parks, William S., Law 1880, Accountant,

Treasury Department, The Rochambeau, Wash-
ington, D. C.
Parmelee, George H., Law 1899, Patent Lawyer,

Johnstown, Pa.
Parry, Edmund H., Law 1894, Patent Lawyer,

902 F St., Washington, D. C.
Parsons, Harry, Dent. 1895, Dentist, 1304 Cor-
coran St., Washington, D. C.
Parsons, Joseph Hepburn, Law 1879, Lawyer,

Birmingham, Ala.

Parsons, Warren, Med. 1842, Phj-sician, Rye, N. H.

Partello, Dwight J., Law 1871, "Confidential Agent,
U. S. Treasury, 25 Karlsbad Strasse, Berlin,

Partello, J. M. T., Law 1879, Major, U. S. Army,
Care of War Department, Washington, D. C.

Paschal, Samuel Scoville, Law 1899, 1902 Cincin-
nati St., Washington, D. C.

Patten, William Francis, Med. 1904, Phraician,
938 K St., Washington, D. C.

Patterson, Alvah Worrell, Law 1899, Juris. 1901,
Assistant Attorney, Interior Department, The
Marlborough, Washing:ton, D. C.

Patterson, Charles H., Law 1866, Cashier Fourth
National Bank, 14 Nassau St., New York City.

Patterson, Edward Hopkins, Law 18S5, Editor, 710
8th St. N. E., Wasliington, D. C.

Patterson, Edwin W., Med. 1896, Contract Sur-
geon, U. S. Army, Care of War Department,
Washington, D. C.

Patterson, Morton C, Law 1892, Clerk, War De-
partment, 824 G St. N. E., Washington, D. C.

Patterson, Walter B., Law 1885, Supervising Prin-
cipal Public Schools, The Princeton, Wash-
ington, D. C.

Paul, Amasa C, Law 1S82, Lawj-er, 760 Temple
Court, Minneapolis, Minn.

Peake, James Frederick, Grad. 1904, Assistant in
English, George Washington University, 616
9th St., Washington, D. C.

Pearce, William H., Law 1879, Clerk, U. S.
Pension Bureau, 1737 S St., Washington, D. C.

Pearson, A. J., Jr., Law 1895, Lawyer, 725 Soc.
for Savings Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio.

Pearson, Henry Clay, Law 1875, Bookkeeper,
Office of Secretary, U. S. Treasurj-, Wash
ington, D. C.

Pearson, Perry Spencer, Grad. 1900, Law 1902,
Lawyer, 419 Century Bldg., Atlanta, Oa.

Pease, Frank Alvin, Law 1885, Lavvj-er, 31 S,
Main St., Fall River, Mass.

Pechin, Maurice, Law 186S, Clerk, War Depart
ment, 3415 Eslin Ave., Washington, D. C.

Peck, Paul Noble, Coll. 1904, Instructor in Mathe
niatics, George Washington University, 1102
P St., Washington, D. C.

Peck, Ralph Leroy, Law 1901, Lawyer, 1001
Ashland Block, Chicago, 111.

Peck, Seth V., Law 1894, U. S. Inspector of
Customs, 1225 21st St., Newport Ne«-8, Va.

Peelle, Stanton Canfleld, Coll. 1899, Law 1902,

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