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St., Washington, D. C.

Ryan, Albert Thorpe, Law 1895, Lawyer and Ab-
stractor, Blackfoot, Idaho.

Ryan, Martin A., Law 1892, Lawyer 52 Broadway,
New York City.

Ryland, Walter Hugh, Law 1894, Lawyer and
Editor of the Southside Sentinel, Urbanna, Va.

Sabin, Morris E., Law 1893, Law Clerk, 133 13th
St. N. E., Washington, D. C.

Saegmuller, George Marshall, CoU. 1905, Roches-
ter, N. Y.

SafFold, Guy Stark, Med. 1905, The Victoria,
Washington, D. C.

Sager, Lawrence Kingsley, Law 1903, Patent Law-
yer, 220 Broadway, New York City.

Sagmeister, Joseph, Law 1905, 1715 De Sales St.,
Washington, D. C.

Sams, Fountain F., Law 1893, Principal of
Schools, East St. Louis, 111.

Samson, George Clement, Coll. 1865, Med. 1867,
Physician, 2423 Penn Ave., Washington, D. C.

Samson, Thomas Smallwood, Coll. 1864, Law 1867,
Hon. 1904, Clergyman, Germantown, Phila-
delphia, Pa.

Samuels, Edwin Francis, Law 1905, Assistant Ex-
aminer, U. S. Patent Office, Washington, D. C.

Samuels, Henry Floyd, Law 1902, Lawyer, Wal-
lace, Idaho.

Sanderlin, Georgia, Col. 1898, Grad. 1902, 1008
N St., Washington. D. C.

Sanders, Frances, Coll. 1901, Teacher, 637 S St.,
Washington, D. C.

Sanders, Henry P., Law 1870, Principal Examiner,
U. S. Patent Office, 1504 21st St., Washington,
D. C.

Sanders, Thomas Bradford, Law 1868, Deputy
Commissioner of Navigation, 2309 M St.,
Washington, D. C.

Sandoz, William J., Law 1892, Lawyer, P. O. Box
82, Opelousas, La.

Sands, Francis Preston Blair, Law 1868, Lawyer,
1222 Connecticut Ave., Washington, D. C.

Sands, Herbert Ray, Law 1902, Clerk, Census
Office, Washington. D. C.

Sanford, Herbert Cooper, Law 1897, Lawyer, 916
S. 9th St., Knoxville, Tenn.

Sargent, Thornton W., Law 1884, Lawyer, Winne
Bldg., Wichita, Kan.

Saul, John A., Law 1899, Lawyer, 344 D St.,
Washington, D. C.

Sawyer, Edward Whitmore, Med. 1905, Clerk,
Treasury Dept., 1544 Columbia St., Washing-
ton, D. C.

Sawyer, Cleon J., Law 1884, Lawyer, 220 Broad-
way, New York City.

Saxton, Harold N., Law 1894, Clerk, Bureau of
Corporations, Dept. of Commerce and Labor,
Washington, D. C.

Saxton, Howard, Law 1904, Clerk, Law Div., Pen-
sion Bureau, 718 12th St., Washington, D. C.

Sehadman, G. B. M., Law 1893, 1347 Roanoke St.,
Washington, D. C.

Schaeffer, Edwin Martin, Med. 1868, Physician,
2140 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D. C.

Schafhirt, William G., Dent. 1888, Dentist, 1010
F St., Washington, D. C.

Schell, Augustus P., Law 1901, U. S. Chinese
Inspector, Long Wharf, Boston, Mass.

Schley, George Bigelow, Law 1905, Assistant Ex-
aminer, U. S. Patent Office, 1336 W St., Wash-
ington, D. C.

Schmidt, Ernest L., Law 1889, Lawyer, 412 5th
St., Washington, D. C.

Schmidt, John H. W., Law 1888, Clerk, U. S.
Pension Bureau, Washington, D. C.

Schneider, Emil Charles, Law 1895, Clerk, War
Department, 1308 Princeton St., Washing-
ton, D. C.

Schneider, Joseph, Law 1890, Lawyer, 1015 Asso-
ciation Bldg., Chicago, 111.

Schoenborn, William E., Law 1896, Patent Law-
yer, 908 G St., Washington, D. C.

Schoeverling, William Loraine, Juris. 1900, Insur-
ance, 254 18th St., Milwaukee, Wis.

Schoenfeld, Hermann, Head Professor of German,
George Washington University, 1629 Howard
Ave., Washington, D. C.

Schulze, William, Med. 1904, Physician, Monroe, La.

Schumacher, John C. R., Dent. 1905, 1225 11th
St., Washington, D. C.

Schwinn, George Henry, Med. 1898, Physician,
1434 Howard Ave., Washington, D. C.

Scofleld, John C, Law 1895, Chief Clerk, War
Department, 1614 P St., Washington, D. C.

Scott, Angelo C., Law 1885, President Oklahoma
Agricultural and Mechanical College, Still-
water, Okla.

Scott, George W., Professor of Law, George Wash-
ington University, Library of Congress, Wash-
ington, D. C.

Scott, Thomas Allen, Law 1904, Clerk, Agricul-
tural Department, 1236 B St. S. W., Wash-
ington, D. C.

Scott, Thomas M., Col. 1856, Lawyer, Onancock, Va.

Scott, Walter Armitage, Sci. 1900, Assistant Ex-
aminer, U. S. Patent Office, 1726 Pennsyl-
vania Ave., Washington, D. C.

Scott, Walter S., Med. 1896, Physician, Chilli-
cothe, Ohio.

Scott, William F., Law 1867, 27 William St.,
New York City.

Scranage, J. Martin, Law 1896, Clerk, P. O.
Department, 1626 I7th St., Washington, D. C.

Scully, Edward Thomas, Law 1897, Lawyer, 51
Savings Bank Bldg., Pittsfield, Mass.

Seager, John F., Law 1890, Private Secretary to
Chief Engineer of the Panama Canal, Isth-
mian Canal Zone.

Seaman, William H., Law 1872, Principal Exam-
iner, U. S. Patent Office, 1424 11th St., Wash-
ington, D. C.

Searcy, W. E. H., Law 1868, Official Court Re-
porter, Circuit Court, Pub. Phonograph Books
and Editor of the Middle Georgia Farmer,
Griffin, Ga.

Searle, Dilson B., Law 1868, Judge, 7th Judicial
District, St. Cloud, Minn.

Searle, William Daniel, Law 1905, Clerk, War
Department, 1131 12th St., Washington, D. C.

Seely, Lewis Warren, Law 1882, Lawyer, 530 Cali-
fornia St., San Francisco, Cal.

Seibert, Edward G., Med. 1893, Assistant Profes-
sor of Chemistry, George Washington Univ.,
Physician, 916 14th St., Washington, D. C.

Seibold, Arthur Bingham, Law 1896, Lawyer, 746
Monadnock Bldg., Chicago, 111.

Seidell, Atherton, Grad. 1901, Assistant Chemist,
Bureau of Chemistry, Department of Agricul-
ture, Washington, D. C.

Seip, Albert N., Law 1867, Lawyer, 1204 T St.,
Washington, D. C.

Seitz, Roy Ernest, Med. 1904, Clerk, Census
Office, The Sherman, Washington, D. C.



Sellhausen, Ernest A., Med. 1874, Physician, 640
G St., Washington, D. C.

Sellhausen, Harry A., Med. 1899, Physician, 903
New York Ave., Washington, D. C.

Sells, George James, Med. 1905, Clerk, Navy De-
partment, 1324 I St., Washington, D. C.

Seltzer, Henry Hocker, Med. 1896, Physician, 640
E St. N. E., Washington, D. C.

Semmes, Alexander H., Law 1899, Department of
Justice, 2208 Q St., Washington, D. C.

Sensner, Charles F., Law 1895, Inspector, Immi-
gration Service, El Paso, Texas.

Sensner, George Henry, Sci. 1902, Teacher, Friends
Select School, 3321 Holmead Ave., Washing-
ton, D. 0.

Service, Fred Ansley, Law 1903, Lawyer, Sharon,

Severance, Cassell, Law 1889, Patent Lawyer, 602
F St., Washington, D. C.

Sewall, Eugene D., Law 1898, Principal Exam-
iner, U. S. Patent Office, 1233 Princeton St.,
Washington, D. C.

Sexton, Edward J., Med. 1888, Physician, Sturgis,
S. Dak.

Seymour, George Dudley, Law 1880, Patent Law-
yer, 868 Chapel St., New Haven, Conn.

Seymour, Henry A., Law 1874, Lawyer, 913 F St.,
Washington, D. C.

Seymour, Philip Hinkle, Law 1880, Lawyer, 402
Paladia Bldg., Duluth, Minn.

Shade, E. Clyde, Dent. 1898, Dentist, 614 14th
St., Washington, D. C.

Shaffer, Charles Henry, Law 1905, Assistant Exam-
iner, U. S. Patent Office, 1303 Clifton St.,
Washington, D. C.

Shallenberger, Josephine Power, Coll. 1902, Teach-
er, 1863 Mintwood Place, Washington, D. C.

Shallenberger, William S., Trustee, George Wash-
ington Univ., Assistant Postmaster General,
1863 Mintwood Place, Washington, D. C.

Shands, A. R., Professor of Orthopedic Surgery,
George Washington University, Physician, 1319
New York Ave., Washington, D. C.

Sharretts, G. W., Law 1868, Lawyer, 1800 Lafay-
ette Ave., Baltimore, Md.

Sharretts, Thaddeus S., Law 1868, U. S. General
Appraiser, 641 Washington St., New York


Shaver, Clem L., Law 1896, Lawyer, Fairmont,
W. Va. , , , J

Shaw, John W., Dent. 1903, 1453 Rhode Island
Ave., Washington, D. C.

Shea, William Edward, Med. 1905, 814 22d St.,
Washington, D. C.

Sherburne, Elmer David, Law 1895, Lawyer, 30
Court St., Boston, Mass.

Sheridan, Charles J., Med. 1899, Clerk, Post Office
Department, 1006 M St., Washington, D. C.

Sheridan, Henry Caton, Law 1894, Agent, Vickers
Sons and Maxim, Colorado Bldg., Washmgton,
D. C. X ^

Sherier, James Thomas, Law 1904, Lawyer, Con-
duit Road, Washington, D. C.

Sherier, Joseph Tyler, Law 1904, Lawyer, Conduit
Road, Washington, D. C.

Sherman, George B., Law 1866, Lawyer, Fort
Dodge, Iowa. ,, , ,,n,

Sherman, Raleigh, Coll. 1885, Lawyer, 514 llth
St., Washington, D. C, and Sharpsburg, Md.

Shields, George H., Jr., Law 1893, First Lieut.,
U. S. Army, Care of War Department, Wash-

Shinn,^jThn°Bro%ard, Jr., Coll. 1904, Civil Engi-
neer, Washington, D. C. r. , n

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