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Surgeon, 328 Baldwin St., Elmira, N. Y.
Wetmore, William O., Med. 1895, Physician, 235

Hudson Street, Buffalo, N. Y.
Waver, Patrick Henry, Med. 1854, Physician (Re-
tired), Deer Lodge, Tenn.
AVharton, John James, Med. 1905, 1413 F St.,

Washington, D. C.
Wheat, Alfred Adams, Law 1891, Lawyer, 32 Nas-
sau St., New York City.
Whi taker, Andrew J., Law 1870, Clerk, Office
Comptroller of the Treasury, 1421 U St.,
Washington, D. C.
Whitaker, Jesse H., Law 1869, Lawyer, 610 F St.,
Washington, D. 0.

Whitaker, L. Prevost, Law 1891, Lawyer, 610 F

St., Washington, D. C.
Whitaker, William James, Law 1896, Dravosburg,

Whitcomb, Frank S., Law 1903, Lawyer, Perry

Payne Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio.
White, Benjamin, Coll. 1873, Law 1876, Clerk,
Navy Department, 1115 New Hampshire Ave.,
Washington, D. C.
White, Benjamin Franklin, Coll. 1875, Farming,

Adamstown, Md.
White, Charles Stanley, Med. 1898, Assistant Pro-
fessor of Physiology, George Washington
Univ., Surgeon, Emergency Hospital, Wash-
ington, D. C.
White, Enoch L., Law 1884, Lawyer, 622 F. St.,

Washington, D. C.
White, E. Russell, Law 1903, Clerk, Post Office
Department, 23 Iowa Circle, Washington, D. C.
White, Herbert Arthur, Law 1898, Capt. U. S.

Army, Care War Dept., Washington, D. C.
White, Maurice P., Law 1882, Supervisor of
Schools, Boston, Wallingford Road, Westmins-
ter Park, Brighton, Mass.
White, Robert E. L., Law 1884, Lawyer, 400 6th

St., Washington, D. C.
White, Samuel R., Coll. 1859, Clergyman and

County Supt. of Schools, Rockville, Md.
White, William A., Professor of Mental Diseases,
George Washington University, Supt. Gov't.
Hospital for Insane, Washington, D. C.
White, William Frye, Law 1899, Lawyer, Sun

Bldg., Washington, D. C.
White, William W., Law 1880, Clerk, Treasury

Department, 740 9th St., Washington, D. C.
Whitehead, Mortimer, Jr., Law 1890, Special Ex-
aminer, U. S., Pension Bureau, Custom House
Bldg., New Orleans, La.
Whiteside, James L., Dent. 1896, Dentist, 1921

Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D. C.
Whitford, George Langdon, Law 1905, 11 1st St.

N. E., Washington, D. C.
Whitman, Vernon H., Law 1884, Solicitor of

Claims, Warder Bldg., Washington, D. C.
Whitnev, Carl Everett, Coll. 1901, Lawyer (Burke

& Whitney), Malone, N. Y.
\Vhitney, Fred Brown, Law 1904, Lawyer, Colorado

Bldg., Washington, D. C.
Whitney, George Dudley, Law 1896, Lawyer,

Commonwealth Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa.
Whitney, George M., Law 1896, Lawyer, 5 N.

Third St., Harrisburg, Pa.
Whitney, Lawrence Luther, Med. 1905, Moor's

Forks, N. Y.
Whitson, William E., Med. 1898, Physician, 418

6th St., Washington, D. C.
Whittington, Thomas A., Med. 1896, Clerk, Post
Office Department, 28 Quincy St., Washing-
ton, D. C.
Whittlesey, Charles Fountleroy, Law 1876, Law-
yer, 118 Columbia St., Seattle, Wash.
Whittlesey, George P., Law 1881, Patent Lawyer,

908 G St., Washington, D. C.
Whittlesey, William H., Law 1879, Lawyer, Ca-

tella, Alaska.
Wilbur, William Allen, Dean of Columbian Col-
lege and Professor of English, George Wash-
ington University, 1815 Riggs Place, Wash-
ington, D. C.
Wiley, Harvey Washington, Professor of Agricul-
tural Chemistry, George Washington Univer-
sity, Chief Chemist, Agricultural Department,
Washington, D. C.
Wiley, Robert Emmet, Law 1896, Lawyer, Kahn

Bldg., Little Rock, Ark.
Wilkerson, Thomas R., Dent. 1905, 428 M St.,

Washington, D. C.
Wilkinson, A. G., Hon. 1859, Principal Examiner,
U. S. Patent Office, 1526 K St., Washington,
D. C.



Wilkinson, George L., Coll. 1888, Law 1891, Pat-
ent Lawyer, Marquette Bldg., Chicago, 111.

Wilkinson, Oscar, Grad. 1903, Physician, 1404 L
St., Washington, D. C.

Wilkinson, Walter W., Med. 1905, Garfield Hospi-
tal, Washington, D. C.

Willard, Alexander Drummond, Law 1869, Clerk,
1813 13th St., Washington, D. C.

Willard, Henry Kellogg, Law 1881, Real Estate,
1416 F St., Washington, D. C.

Williams, A. W., Law 1883, President Judge of
Mercer Co., Pa., Sharon, Pa.

Williams, George Francis, Law 1894, Lawyer, 606
F St., Washington, D. C.

Williams, Hugh, Jr., Law 1905, 1327 10th St.,
Washington, D. C.

Williams, Irving C, Law 1893, Lawyer, Deputy
Commissioner of Forestry, Pa., Royersford, Pa.

Williams, Oliver Edwin, Law 1885, Lawyer, 410
State Street, Boston, Mass.

Williams, Paul Ernest, Law 1875, Post Office In-
spector, Chattanooga, Tenn.

Williams, Robert L., Law 1902, Lawyer 319 John
Marshall Place, Washington, D. C.

Williams, Roger, Law 1872, Chief Clerk, Excise
Board, D. C, 18 3d St. N. E., Washington,
D. C.

Williams, S. Laing, Law 1884, Lawyer, 113 Adams
St., Chicago, 111.

Williams, Steve W., Law 1891, Clerk, General Land
Office, 12 Seaton St. N. E., Washington, D. C.

Williams, Thomas E., Med. 1859, Physician and
Farmer, Peakes Turnout, Va.

Williams, Wellon Chapman, Med. 1899, Physician,
719 K St., Washington, D. C.

Williams, William Gover, Med. 1859, Physician
and Farmer, Conaway, Md.

Williamson, Edwin, Law 1890, Clerk, War De-
partment, 57 R St., Washington, D. C.

Williamson, Irving, Law 1873, Lawyer, 416 5th
St., Washington, D. C.

Willige, J. Louis, Law 1892, Real Estate, Loans
and Insurance, 605 13th St., Washington, D. C.

Willis, Francis Ira, Law 1870, Clerk, War De-
partment, 273 N St., Washington, D. C.

Willis, Henry Parker, Professor of Finance, George
Washington University, Washington, D. C.

Willson, Barrett, Prettyman, Dent. 1904, Dentist,
1227 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D. C,
and Rockville, Md.

Wilshire, William W., Law 1884, Lawyer, 716
New York Block, Seattle, Wash.

Wilson, Andrew, Grad. 1904, Lawyer, 504 E St.,
Washington, D. C.

Wilson, Arthur Lee, Coll. 1894, Physician, 1504
Grace St., Lynchburg, Va.

Wilson, Mrs. A. L. (Wilson, Elinor), Coll. 1896,
1504 Grace St., Lynchburg, Va.

Wilson, Charles Frederick, Law 1896, Lawyer, 2004
G St., Washington, D. C.

Wilson, Charles S., Law 1883, Lawyer, 1416 F St.,
Washington, D. C.

Wilson, Clarence Rich., Law 1898, Lawj-er, 624
F St., Washington, D. C. ^ x

Wilson, David Edgar, Law 1895, Lawj'er, Eniest
and Cranmer Bldg., Denver, Colo.

Wilson, Elinor, Coll. 1896. See Wilson, Mrs. A. L.

Wilson, Francis Cushman, Law 1903, Clerk, Cen-
sus Office, 1763 Willard St., Washington, D. C.

Wilson, Jesse H., Coll. 1874, Law 1876, Lawyer,
317 John Marshall Place, Washington, D. C.

Wilson, Jesse Henrv, Jr., Law 1904, Lawyer, 2914
P St., Washington, D. C. ^ ^ ^ ■

Wilson, John C, Law 1867, Cosmos CTub, Wash-
ington, D. C. ^ ^, •_.

Wilson, John M., Hon. 1890. Brig Gen, Chief
Engineers, U. S. Army (Retired), 1773 Massa-
chusetts Ave., Washington, D. C. .

Wilson, Lewes D., Coll. 1884, Med. 1888, Physi-
cian, 316 B St. S. E., Washington, D. C.

Wilson, Louis Clarence, Law 1903, Private Secre-
tary, 1324 S St., Washington, D. C.

Wilson, Sidney Stuart, Law 1902, Lawyer, German
American Bank Bldg., St. Joseph, Mo.

Wilson, Thomas Benton, Law mn. Clerk Interior
Department, 2.320 First St., Washington, D. C.

Wilson, Wilham Huntington, Law 1892. Lawvcr
Charlestown, W. Va. '

Wiltberger. Howard W., Dent. 1897, Dentist,
Allentown, Pa.

Wiltberger, Robert E. L.. Dent. 1896, Dentigt,
Colorado Bldg., Washington, D. C.

Wimberly, George Welch, Med. 1902, Phyrician,
Indian Service, Phoenix, Ariz.

Winborne, Benjamin B., Law 1874, Lawyer, Mur-
freesboro, N. C.

Winders, Charles Henry, Law 1903, Lawyer 633
Pioneer Bldg., Seattle, Wash.

Winfield, Harvey Townsend, Law 1895, Lawyer,
Bond Bldg., Washington, D. 0.

Wingfleld, Thomas J., Law 1901, Lawyer, Bir-
mingham, Ala.

Winston, Charles Henry, Law 187G, Lawyer, 575
Sheidley Bldg., Kansas City, Mo.

Wirt, William D., Med. 1887, Chief of Division,
U. S. Geological Survey, 923 Rhode Island
Ave., Washington, D. C.

Wise, W. Oliver, Law 1897, Lawyer, Central Sav-
ings and Trust Bldg., Akron, Ohio.

Wishart, W. W., Law 1880, Lawyer, 147 4th Are.,
Pittsburgh, Pa.

Wisner, James W., Law 1871, Clerk, U. S. Treas-
ury, 1312 T St., Washington, D. C.

Witherspoon, Thomas A., Law 1891, Grad. 1697,
Principal Examiner, U. S. Patent Office,
Washington, D. C.

Wolf, Adolphus G., Law 1892, Lawver, 700 14th
St., Washington, D. C.

Wolfe, Edwin P., Med. 1896, Captain and As-
sistant Surgeon, U. S. A., Care War Depart-
ment, Washington, D. C.

Wolff, Frank A., Jr., Professor of Electrical
Engineering, George Washington Universitv,
Physicist, U. S. Bureau of Standards, 1429 R
St., Washington, D. C.

Wolhaupter, Da\id P., Law 1896, Law>-er, 3415
Holmead Ave., Washington, D. C.

Wolven, Frank Homer, Dent. 1900, Dental Sur-
geon, U. S. Army, Care War Department,
Washington, D. C.

Womersley, Edward Everett, Med. 1883, Physi-
cian, 313 Ramaye Bldg., Omaha, Neb.

Wood, Court F., Law 1884, President of Wood's
Commercial College, 311 E. Capitol St., Wash-
ington, D. C.

Wood, Henrv C, Law 1886, Clerk, War Depart-
ment, 2136 P St., Washington, D. C.

Wood, Joseph Henrv, Dent. 1905, Clerk, General
Land Office, 1133 6th St. S. W., Washington,
D. C.

Wood, Peter Bryson, Med. 1883. Physician, 1208
W. Mt. Royal Ave., Baltimore, Md.

Wood, William H. S., Law ISUO, Lawyer, Howell,

Woodard, Henrv F., Law 1S91, Lawj-er, 11th and
F Sts., Washington, D. C.

Woodford. William G., Dent. 1899, Dentist, 002
11th St., Washington, D. C.

Woodman, Francis J., Med. 1S85, Physician. 634
A St. N. E., Washington, D. C.

Woods, Orin Hazen, Law 1905. 1204 St. Wash-
ington. D. C. . , I

Woods, Robert Emmet. Law 1892. Lawj-er, LouU-
ville Trust Bldg.. Louisville. Ky.

Woodward, Henrv Stone. Law 1892. Lawyer, 828
John Marshall Place. Washington, D. C.

Woodward, James Savage. Med. 1880. Phjiician
and Surgeon. Care Marjland Steel Co., Spar-
rows Point, Md.



Woodward, Mark Rittenhouse, Coll. 1905, Teacher,
McKinley Manual Training School, 408 M St.,
Washington, D. C.

Woodward, Samuel W., Trustee, George Washing-
ton University, Merchant, 2015 Wyoming Ave.,
Washington, D. C.

Woodward, W. C, Professor of Medical Juris-
prudence, George Washington University,
Physician, Health Officer, D. C, 508 I St.,
Washington, D. C.

Woodworth, George Keen, Grad. 1899, Law 1903,
Examiner, Electrical Division, Patent Office,
Washington, D. C.

Woolard, William Francis, Law 1897, Examiner,
U. S. Patent Office, The Plaza, Washington,
D. C.

Wooster, Albert Mills, Law 1880, Lawyer, 1094
Main St., Bridgeport, Conn.

Wooster, Julian Scott, Law 1901, Patent Lawyer,
220 Broadway, New York City.

Wooster, Walter Mallery, Med. 1893, Clerk, Office
of Indian Affairs, Interior Department, Wash-
ington, D. C.

Work, John McClelland, Law 1892, Lecturer, 1313
Harrison Ave., Des Moines, Iowa.

Workman, Henry Charles, Sci. 1898, Law 1901,
Lawyer, 20 Broad St., New York City.

Worstell, Gaylord, Med. 1899, Physician, Knox-
ville, Iowa.

Worthington, A. S., Law 1868, Lawyer, 416 5th
St., Washington, D. C.

Worth, Mrs. George S. (Stabler, Nora Leland),
Grad. 1904, Coatesville, Pa.

Wrenn, Herbert Alpheus, Law 1905, 3 Wisconsin
Ave., Washington, D. C.

Wright, Carroll D., Lecturer on Statistics and

Social Economics, George Washington Uni-
versity, President of Clark College, Worces-
ter, Mass.

Wright, Charles Hewitt, Law 1894, Lawyer, 52
Savings Bank Bldg., Pittsfield, Mass.

Wriglit, Edward A., Law 1893, Patent Lawyer,
P. O. Box 1260, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Wright, Fred. A., Law 1893, 3628 13th St., Wash-
ington, D. C.

Wright, George H., Med. 1884, Physician, Carroll
Springs Sanitarium, Forest Glen, Md.

Wright, Herbert, Law 1894, Assistant Examiner,
U. S. Patent Office, Washington, D. C.

Wright, John Henry, Coll. 1859, Lawyer, Roan-
oke, Va.

Wright, Maurice L., Law 1870, Justice of the
Supreme Court, Oswego, N. Y.

Wright, T. Judson, Coll. 1870, Med. 1870, Physi-
cian, Churchland, Va.

Wright, William W., Jr., Law 1896, Lawyer, Bond
Bldg., Washington, D. C.

Wulfekuhler, Louis H., Law 1896, Lawj'er, Wulfe-
kuhler Bank Bldg., Leavenworth, Kan.

Wurdemann, Harry V., Med. 1888, Physician and
Surgeon, 105 Grand Ave., Milwaukee, Wis.

Wyeth, Leonard J., Med. 1900, 2022 R St., Wash-
ington, D. C.

Wyman, Bayard, Juris. 1900, Department of Com-
merce and Labor, Washington, D. C.

Wyman, William I., Law 1905, Assistant Exam-
iner, U. S. Patent Office, Washington, D. C.

Wynne, Lewis B., Coll. 1871, Principal Examiner,
U. S. Patent Office, 1424 Chapin St., Washing-
ton, D. C.

Wynne, Thomas Duncan, Law 1903, Lawyer, De
Vall's Bluff, Ark.

Yancey, Katherine Lulalia. See Merrill, Mrs.
Geo. P.

Yarborough, Richard Fenner, Med. 1898, Physi-
cian, Louisburg, N. C.

Yarnall, John H., Med. 1881, Physician, 3028 P
St., Washington, D. C.

Yarrow, Henry Creecy, Trustee and Professor of
Dermatologv, George Washington Univ., Phy-
sician, 814 17th St., Washington, D. 0.

Yates, Francis D., Law 1892, 1531 Kingman Place,
Washington, D. C.

Yates, Frederick, Med. 1904, Physician, 1228 9th
St., Washington, D. C.

Yates, James Robertson, Dent. 1900, Dentist, 735
13th St., Washington, D. C.

Yeates, Charles M., Law 1890, Clerk, U. S. Pen-
sion Bureau, 1312 12th St., Washington, D. C.

Yeatman, Samuel M., Coll. 1865, 510 I St., Wash-
ington, D. C.

Yellott, Robert E. Lee, Law 1901, Lawyer, Colo-
rado Bldg., Washington, D. C.

York, Margaret M., Med. 1893, Physician, Flush-
ing, N. Y.

Youmans, George Faust, Law 1902, Lawyer, Fort
Smith, Ark.

Young, Charles L., Med. 1893, Drug Business, 1401
Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.

Young, Ernest W., Law 1891, Special Examiner,
U. S. Pension Bureau, P. O. Bldg., St. Paul,

Young, Eugene, Law 1905, 804 7th St., Washing-
ton, D. C.

Young, Glendie B., Med. 1888, Physician, Land-
over, Md.

Young, William Glenn, Med. 1904, Physician, 1107
Rhode Island Ave., Washington, D. C.

Yount, Elmer F., Dent. 1897, Dentist, 918 F St.,
Washington, D. C.

Yznaga, Jos6 M., Law 1871, Lawyer, 606 F St.,
Washington, D. C.

Zachry, J. G., Law 1879, Banker, 46 Wall St., Zimmerman, Joshua Soule, Law 1896, Lawyer,
New York City. Romney, W. Va.


Alumni of
The George Washington University





John Pelham, Law 1888, Judge, 7th Judicial

Circuit of Alabama.
William Yates Titeomb, Coll. 1859, Chm.
Com. on Foreign Con., A. F. and A. M.
Grand Lodge, 908 Quintard Ave.

William Edwards Fort, Law 1896, Lawyer, 727

First National Bank Bldg.
Louis K. C. Glover, Law 1900, Care of South-
ern Railway.
Joseph Hepburn Parsons, Law 1879, Lawyer.
Robert Everett Smith, Law 1901, Lawyer.
Reuben B. Watts, Law 1899, Juris. 1900, Law-
Thomas J. Wingfleld, Law 1901, Lawyer.

Andrew Philip Montague, Hon. 1879, Presi-
dent of Howard College.

S. A. Hobson, Law 1889, Lawyer.

Walter Scott Smith, Law 1898, Juris. 1900,
Lawyer and State Senator.

Richard Henry Jones, Law 1899, Lawyer, 109
Washington St.

Horace Weeks Jones, Coll. 1891, Rector St.
Johns Episcopal Church, 212 Gordon

Robert Lee Sutton, Md. 1S89, Physician.

John Bryson Aird, Law 1898.

Harry Frye Best, Grad. 1902, Teacher of the

E. L. C. Ward, Law 1874, Editor of The Re-



Isaac W. Brewer, Med. 1893, Physician.

Lewis Colfax Conwell, Law 1901, Deputy
Collector and Clerk, U. S. Customs Ser-

John M. Burnett, Law 1881, Lawyer and Jus-
tice of the Peace.
George Welch Wimberly, Med. 1902, Physi-
cian, Indian Service.

Paul Burks, Law 1898, Law Department, At-
chison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway.

Otis Little Mclntyre, Sci. 1903, Electrical
Engineer, U. S. Geological Survey.

Royal A. Johnson, Law 1881, Superintendent
Helena Mines.



Roy Bennett Pace, Grad. 1898, ProfcBsor of
English, Ouachita College.

Thomas Duncan Wynne, Law 1903, Lawyer.

Edgar B. Meritt, Law 1899, Proprietor of the
Arkansas Sentinel.

John W. Klemm, Med. 1890, Special Exam-
iner, U. S. Pension Bureau, P. 0. Box 338
George Faust Youmans, Law 1902, Lawyer.

James Alfred Stallcup, Law 1899, Lawyer and

Augustus Marion Fulk, Law 1897, Lawrer, 307

W. Markham St.
Francis Guy Fulk, Law 1897, Lawyer, 307 W.

Markham St.
Robert Emmet Wiley, Law 1896, Lawyer.
Kahn Bldg.

Carl A. Starck, Law 1894, Vice Pres. Monte
Ne Railway Company.



Exum Percival Lewis, Sci. 1888, Associate
Professor of Physics, University of Cali-

Charles C. Royce, Law 1874.

Henry Ward B. Brown, Coll. 1872, Lawyer.

Robert William Rule, Dent. 190], Dentist,
1265 Fourth Ave.

W. F. Clybome, Law 1892, Lavsyer.

Laomer West, Law 1889, Inspector, U. S.
Bureau of Animal Industiy, R. F. D.,
No. 5.

John E. Famum, Law 1871, Banker.

Frank Kyselka, Law 1894, Supt. of Hoopa In-
dian Reservation.

Elmer W. Hart, Law 1888, Orange Grower.

Harrington Brown, Law 1878. Maniifactiirer,
Products of Petroleum, 4875 Vermont Ave.
George Russell Duncan, Ijiw 1901, Freight
Solicitor, Pacific Coast S. S. Company,
328 S. Spring St.
Almon Charles Kellogg, Law 1903, Maaiger,
Densmore-Stabler Refining Company, Box
James R. Rogers, Law 1881, Patent Lawyer,
253 S. Broadway.




Frank L. Combs, Law 1875, Lawyer.

E. M. Gibson, Law 1867, Lawyer, 1003J Broad-

Edward Tompkins, Law 1867, P. 0. Box. 292.

Franklin Davis Mather, Juris. 1901, Pastor
First Methodist Church.

John Porter Pryor, Law 1893, Agent, Pacific
Improvement Co.

J. Howard Merriam, Law 1889, Lawyer, 65 N.

Madison Ave.
Corridon Heath Trickey, Law 1902, The Ray-

F. A. Meyer, Law 1885, Lawyer.

William Gallup Randall, Law 1903, Lawyer.

Howard Baldwin Crittenden, Law 1876, Real
Estate Broker, 846 5th St.

L. Patterson Sprigg, Law 1882, Lawyer, First
National Bank Bldg.

William T. Bell, Hon. 1867, Physician and
Surgeon, 916 Market St.

Horace Bradford Clifton, Law 1900.

Wiley Frank Crist, Law 1898, Lawyer, 214
Parrott Bldg.

Rees P. Daniels, Law 1885, Lawyer, 452 Par-
rott Bldg.

Sidney H. Dent, Law 1887, Lawyer.

Leon Lamar Dye, Law 1897,. Chief Clerk, Pay-
master's Dept., U. S. M. O.

Isaac Frohman, Law 1891, Lawyer, 124 San-
some St.

Claude Ames Schurz Frost, Law 1898, Lavpyer,
607 Ha3"n'ard Bldg.

Eugene Goodwin, Med. 1885, Secretary, Pacific
Coast Hardware and Metal Association,
132 Market St.

William Henry Lopp, Law 1897, 322 Ellis St.

Montague Tucker Moses, Law 1872, Lawyer,
325 Montgomery St.

John F. Naughton, Law 1879.

Lewis Warren Seely, Law 1882, Lawyer, 530
California St.

Charles H. Thompson, Coll. 1874, Chief Clerk,
12th Light House Dist., Safe Deposit Bldg.

Henry Ward Turner, Sci. 1895, Mining Geo-
logist, 508 California St.

Foshay Walker, Law 1882, Lawyer, Merchant's
Exchange Building.

Redmond D. AValsh, Law 1879, Journalist, San
Francisco Examiner.

Herbert Harry Powell, Grad. 1901, Prof, of
Hebrew, Church Divinity School of the

Christian George Storm, Coll. 1898, Grad.
1899, Sub-Inspector of Powder, Navy
Dept., California Powder Works.

G. Wiley Wells, Law 1868, Lawyer (Retired).

D. Riley Gale, Law 1885, Lawyer.
R. L. Thompson, Law 1892.



Kurnal R. Babbitt, Law 1888, Lawyer.

Edgar T. Ensign, Law 1867, Banker, 1415 N.

Nevada Ave.
Flora Warren Smith, Coll. 1901, Stenographer

and Book-keeper, 321 East Monument St.

Theodore B. MacDonald, Law 1885.

Clarence A. Brandenburg, Law 1888, Lawyer,

501 Equitable Bldg.
R. St. John Cleary, Law 1874, Lawyer, 510

McPhee Bldg.
Lucius Montrose Cuthbert, Coll. 1876, Law

1878, Lawyer, Boston Block.
Paul M. Clark, Law 1905, Lawyer, 1510 Vine

Daniel Higgins, Law 1892, Insurance, 924

South Pennsylvania Ave.
Herbert L. McNair, Law 1888, Lawyer, 446

Equitable Bldg.
Francis M. Nesmith, Med. 1893, Physician, 331

Majestic Bldg.
John A. Perry, Law 1881, Lawyer, 1218 Gilpin

Edward A. Playter, Coll. 1896, Teacher.
G. Quin Richmond, Law 1868, Coronado Bldg.
Charles W. Smedes, Law 1890, Clerk, Post

Barnwell S. Stuart, Law 1898, Lawyer, Hughes

William David Todd, Law 1867, Lawyer, P. O.

Box 440.
David Edgar Wilson, Law 1895, Lawyer,

Ernest and Cranmer Bldg.

Gerry Sanger Driver, Med. 1897, Physician,

1647 W. 2d Ave.

Granby Hillyer, Law 1896, Lav?yer.

Walter W. Davis, Law 1892, Lawyer.

Alfred W. Arrington, Law 1875, Lawyer, 1705

W. 18th St.
John A. Black, Med. 1882, Physician and Sur-
geon, Straight Block.
Samuel Delmege Trimble, Law 1882, Lawyer,

Mechanics Block.
Gilbert C. Wells, Law 1889, Lawyer, 314

Michigan St.

Aaron P. Anderson, Law 1893, Lawyer, County

Attorney, Las Animas Coimty, 118 W.

Main St.
Joseph Charles Bell, Law 1893, Lawyer.



Walter Armour Holden, Law 1899, Lawyer.

Joseph L. Egan, Dent. 1896, Dentist, Meigs

Albert Mills Wooster, Law 1880, Lawyer, 1094
Main St.

Joseph William Fell, Grad. 1897, Chemist, 8

S. Elm St.
Gales Pritchard Moore, Law 1894, Patent
Lawyer, New Departure Manufacturing

Colton Maynard, Coll. 1900, Teacher.

Philip J. Dahlen, Dent. 1898, Dentist, 759
Main St.

RufuB Baker, Med. 1842, Physician.




Thomas Edwin Brown, Coll. 1861, Clerffv-

man, 31 High St.

Julius Harold Hurst, Med. 1903, Physician,

269 Conner St.
Frank A. Kirby, Med. 1895, Physician and

Siu-geon, 235 Dixwell Ave.
George Dudley Seymour, Law 1880, Patent

Lawyer, 868 Chapel St.



Richard B. Cook, Coll. 1863, Hon. 1882,

Clergyman, P. O. Box 460.
John Godfrey, Med. 1875, Surgeon, P. H.

and M. H. Service.
John G. Gray, Law 1896, Lawyer, 10th and

Market Sts.


The names of graduates living in the District
of Columbia may be found by consulting the
" Alphabetical List."



Frederick Leeth Hemmings, Law 1898, Juris.
1900, Lawyer, 108 W. Fourth St.

John T. Manier, Law 1893.

William Thomas Smith, Med. 1899, Physician.

Wilmer Scott Hall, Dent. 1896, Dentist.



Joseph Broughton, Dent. 1896, Dentist, 1013

Fourth National Bank Bldg.
Walter T. Colquitt, Law 1895, Lawyer.
Lee Mason Jordan, Law 1895, Lawyer, 1315

Empire Bldg.
Perry Spencer Pearson, Grad. 1900, Law 1902,

Lawyer, 419 Century Bldg.
Frank E. Radensleben, Law 1901, Lawyer,

1225 Empire Bldg.
John L. Tye, Law 1879, Lawyer.

Theodore Eugene Oertel, Med. 1892, Physician.

Wade H. Powell, Law 1898, Lawyer.


W. E. H. Searcy, Law 1868, Official Court
Reporter, Circuit Court, Pub. Phonograph
Books and Editor of the Middle Georgia

Alvan Hubbard Freeman, Law 1899, Lawyer.


William H. Stewart, Law 1901, Merchant.

Linton A. Dean, Law 1876, Lawyer.

Luther Rice Gwaltney, Coll. 1853, Hon. 1876,
Minister, Professor in Shorter College.



Albert Thorpe Ryan, Law 1895, Lawyer and

Jess Bradford Hawley, Law 1903, Lawyer.


La Verne Latimer Sullivan, Law 1898, Lawyer.

Willis Eugene Sullivan, Law 1897, Lawyer

John W. Gue, Med. 1894, Physician.

Clayton A. Hoover, Med. 1875, Physician.

James M. Fairly, Med. 1896, Physician.

John P. Gray, Law 1S98, Juris. 1900.

Henry Floyd Samuels, Law 1902, Lawyer.

Franklin Pflrman, Law 1903, Lawyer.



Harry Weber, Law 1893.

Renry Reis, Jr., Med. 1900, Physician, 118 W.
Main St.

C. A. Aiken, Law 1892.

Walker D. MacLean, Coll. 1891, Law 1893,
First National Bank Bldg.

Adlai E. Stevenson, Hon. 1896, Lawyer.

Bernard H. Taylor, Law 1893, State's Attor-
ney, Fulton County.

Harry Ketcham Hodes, Med. 1899, Physician.

Joseph Perkins, Med. 1899, Physician.

Robert Lewis Ames, Law 1897, Patent Lawyer,
100 Washington St.

Henry M. Bannister, Med. 1871, Physician,
103 Dearborn Ave.

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