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Taylor, Thomas Locke, Law 1898.
Taylor, Walter, Med. 1875.
Tennent, Edward S., Med. 1892.
Teufel, Herman A., Law 1902.
Thacher, G. A., Law 1883.
Thomas, John Lilbum, Jr., Law 1897.
Thomas, T. C, Law 1893.
Thompson, Albert Lorenzo, Law 1903.
Thompson, N. Hibbard, Law 1868.
Thompson, Ward Eginton, Law 1902.
Thorpe, Abner, Med. 1863.
Thurman, Richard B., Law 1900.

Tilden, Charles B., Law 1868.
Tilley, Henry H., Law 1871.
Tilton, Clarke Kirk, Law 1896.
Tittmann, Edward D., Law 1893.
Tolman, Augustus B., Law 1892.
Tompkins, A. S., Law 1874.
Townes, S. Brooks, Law 1893.
Townscnd, Addison C, Law 1893.
Townsend, Frank C, Law 1891.
Townsend, George Alfred, Jr., Law 1899.
Travis, Gideon Baxter, Grad. 1902.
Trede, Carl. Dent. 1892.
Trescot, Edward Amory, Law 1801.
Trevey, J. M., Mod. 1859.
Trimble, W. K., Law 1892.
Tucker, Edgar W., Coll. 1853.
Tyler, John B., Law 1869.

Upham, George E., Law 1876.

Vail, John A., Law 1884.
Van Aernam, C. D., Law 1872.
Van Der Beek, Harry John, Law 1894.
Vass, George Oakley, Law 1902.

Veitch, Fletcher Pearre, Grad. 1898.
Voorheea, Charles Francis, Law 1903.
Voorhees, Philip Barton, Law 1898.


Walker, E. F., Law 1886.
Wall, J. C, Law 1868.
Waller, Absalom, Law 1888.
Wallmo, Pere G., Law 1897.
Ward, Augustus, Law 1868.
Ward, George Liggett, Grad. 1901.
Warfel, John B., Law 1867.
Warren, Alfred Irving. Law 1903.
Warren, George Alfred, Law 1895.
Watson, Leonard, Law 1871.
Weare, Joseph, Juris. 1900.
Webb, J. Bruce, Law 1887.
Welcker, J. H., Law 1880.
West, Goldsmith Bernard, Juris. 1901.
West, Harold Preston, Coll. 1904.
Wheeler, Levi Woodbury, Law 1899.
Wheelwright, Jere H., Law 1890.

Wliite, Charles, Med. 1873.
White, Hugh Hamilton, Law 1903.
White, Rev. Jacob Slorton, Grad. 1899.
White, Thomas S., Law 1892.
Whitehead, Cabell, Grad. 1895.
Whitehouse, J. S., Law 1886.
Whitelev, C. F., Law 1873.
Whitney, W,ilter, Med. 1872.
Whittaicer, Horace William, Pent. 1000.
Wiedfeldt, Edward, Med. 1866.
Wilder, H. A., Law 1867.
Will.ard, Thomas R., Law 1S72.
Willey, Israel Emerson, Law 1904.
Williams, J. Edward, Law 1891.
Williams. James H-^lIingsworth, Med. 1902.
Williams, John W., Med. 1861.



Williams, William T., Med. 1861.
Williamson, A. N., Med. 1859.
Wilson, Marion Stanage, Law 1902.
Wilson, Oriss N., Law 1869.
Wilson, Robert H., Med. 1861.
Wilson, Thomas A., Med. 1861.
Wilson, Willard B., Law 1898.
Wood, Amos L., Law 1893.

Wood, Charles Henry, Law 1903.
Wood, F. C, Law 1868.
Woodward, Thomas C, Law 1870.
Woodward, W. W., Law 1876.
Woolford, Thomas Guy, Law 1898.
Woolwine, Thomas Lee, Law 1904.
Wortman, Jacob L., Med. 1887.
Wright, Fred. B., Law 1889.

Yarmamoto, Akira, Law 1891.
Yauch, Charles Frederick, Law 1902.

Young, Frederick B., Law 1886.


Bachelor of Arts.
Bachelor of Philosophy,
Bachelor of Letters.
Bachelor of Science.
Bachelor of Science in
Bachelor of Science in
Bachelor of Science in
Bachelor of Science in
Bachelor of Science in
Bachelor of Science in
Bachelor of Divinity.
Bachelor of Science in
Bachelor of Science in
Master of Arts.
Master of Science.
Civil Engineer.
Electrical Engineer.
Mechanical Engineer.
Doctor of Philosophy.

Civil Engineering.
Electrical Engineering.
Mechanical Engineering.
Geology and Mineralogy.
Language and Literature.


Doctor of Medicine.
Doctor of Dental Surgery.
Doctor of Veterinary Surgery.
Bachelor of Laws.
Master of Laws.
Master of Patent Laws.
Master of Diplomacy.
Doctor of Civil Law.
Doctor of Music.
Doctor of Divinity.
Doctor of Humane Letters.
Doctor of Science.
Doctor of Letters.
Doctor of Laws.

Total number of degrees conferred, 6378.

Number of persons receiving degrees, 5016.




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