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Place, Washington, D. C.

Gordon, Gordon, Law 1897, Lawyer, 52 William
St., New York Citv.

Gordon, James Holdsworth, Coll. 1866, Law 1869,
Lawver, 3028 Q St., Washington, D. C.

Gordon," John Blake, Sci. 1903, Grad. 1904, Civil
Engineer, 6 Cooke Place, Washington, D. C.

Gordon, Pe.yton, Law 1891, Attorney in charge of
Pardons, Dept. of Justice, Washington, D. C.

Gordon, William Alexander, Coll. 1861, Law 1866,
Lawver, 6 Cooke Place, Washington, D. C.

Gore. James Howard, Coll. 1879, Head Professor
of Mathematics, George Washington Univer-
sity, 2210 R St., Washington, D. C.

Gorham, Sherwood F., Law 1876, Seattle, Wash.

Gorman, Jacob Allen, Dent. 1898, Dentist, Box
323, Asheville, N. C.

Gomv, John L., Med. 1904, Physician, Elm and
Mettler Sts., Toledo, Ohio.

Gosling, Henry L., Med. 1886, 3309 Mt. Pleasant
St., Washington, D. C.

Gough, Milton Le Rov, Law 1893. Patent Lawyer,
1302 F St., Washington, D. C.

Gould, Charles G., Law 1879. Principal Examiner,
U. S. Patent Office, 1617 13th St., Washing-
ton, D. C.

Gow, Bernard Arthur, Law 1904, Clerk, General
Land Office, 921 8th St., Washington, D. C.

Graham, Agnes Montgomery, Sci. 1895, Grad.
1896, Law Teacher, 1732 Connecticut Ave.,
Washington, D. C.

Graham, Byron Ulmer, Law 1899, Lawyer, 317
John Marshall Place, Washington. D. C.

Graham, Earl Bruce, Med. 1905, Clerk, U. S.
Treasury, 620 I St., Washington, D. C.

Graham, Frank Lee, Law 1892, Captain, P. R.
Reg., U. S. A., San Juan, Porto Rico.

Graham, George Francis, Law 1867, Real Estate,
1338 R Street, Washington, D. C.

Graham, .Tames W., Med. 1877, Clerk, U 8 Pat-
ent Office, 1.522^ 12th St., Washington, D. C.

Graham, Richard Magness, Law 1905, Clerk Gen-
eral Land Office, 226 E St. N. E.. Washing-
ton, D. C.

Graham, Rutherford Hunter, Law 1904 Clerk
Treasury Department, 1412 15th St., Washing-
ton, D. C.

Graham, William Russell, Law 1904, Lawyer. 13.15
F St., Washington, D. C.

Gram, Harvey B., Law 1896, Lawver, 238 Dela-
ware Ave. N. E., Washington, D. C.

Grant, Alexander, Law 1892, Assistant Superin-
tendent, Railway Mail Service, The Cecil
Washington, D. C.

Grant, Walter B., Law 1884, Lawver, 18 Tremont
St., Boston, Mass.

Grant, Wiliam John, Law 1903, Clerk, Southern
Railway, 816 11th St., Washington, D. C.

Grasty, Thomas Sandford Dnnaway, Med. 1901,
Instructor in Bacteriology aiid Pathology',
George Washington Universitv. PhvHiciaii,
1231 New Hampshire Ave., Washington", D. C.

Graves, Crosby J., Med. 1878, Ph-('sician, North
Wales, Pa.

Graves, Edward Oziel, Law 1868, Banker, 600
Harvard Ave. North, Seattle, Wash.

Graves, James Harwood, Law 1902, Department of
Justice, Washington, D. C.

Graves, J. Morris, Law 1905, Clerk, Department
of Agriculture, Washington, D. C.

Graves. Sheldon Heber, Coll. 1904, Assistant Ex-
aminer, U. S. Patent Office, 1221 K St., Wash-
ington, D. C.

Gray, James Mcllvaine, Law 1894, Lawyer, 189
Montague St., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Gray, John G.. Law 1896, La'n-yer, 10th and Mar-
ket Sts., Wilmington, Del.

Gray, John Pinkham, Law 1898, .Tur. 1900, Wallace,

Gray, William Theodore, Grad. 1896, Paymaster,
U. S. Navy, Care War Department, Washing-
ton, D. C.

Grayson, David Lauck, Law 1887, Lawyer, Referee
in Bankruptcy, Chattanooga, Tenn.

Greeley, Arthur P., Law 1886, Patent Lawyer
(Sturtevant & Greeley), 902 F St., Washing-
ton, D. C.

Greeley, William B., Law 1886, Lawyer, 38 Park
Row, New York City.

Green, Andrew Jordan. Law 1905, Examiner, U. S.
Pension Bureau, Washington, D. C.

Green, Arthur L., Col. 1873, Electrician, 1203 K
St., Washington, D. C.

Green, Geora-e Emery, Coll. 1905, Fore River
Shipbviilding Co., Quinf.'*'' Mass.

Green, Henry D., Jr., Law 1899, Lawyer, P. O.
Box 339," Manila, P. I.

Greene, Samuel Harrison. Hon. 1895, TruBtee
George Washington Universitv. Pa'tor of Cal-
vary Baptist Church, 1320 Q St., Washington,
D. C.

Greene, S. H., Jr., Med. 1900, Instructor in Anat-
omy, George Washinirton University, Ph.i-si-
cian, 1320 Q St., Washinvrton, D. C.

Greene. Theodore H., Law 1887. Clerk in Post
Office Department, 1517 S St., Washington.
D. C.

Greene, William A., Law 1901, Lawyer, 415 Pio-
neer Block, Seattle, Wash.

Greenstreet, Abner G., Med. 1900. Physician. 812
Walker Bldg., Seattle, Waih.

Greirorv. Charles Nichols. Coll. 1905. Draft-mian.
.302 C St.. Washincrton. D. C.

Greer. Thomas Newenme, Law 1896. Rhelhj-viHe,

Greer, Walter Andrew. Law 1901. Pavmaster, V.
S Navy, Care Navi* Department, Washington,
D. O.



Gregg, John William, Law 19G5, Insurance, 1320
F. St., Washington, D. C.

Greist, Lewis Thomas, Law 1898, Lawyer, 612 9th
St. N. E., Washington, D. C.

Gresham, Otto, Law 1884, Lawyer, 131 La Salle
St., Chicago, 111.

Grier, William Watmough, Coll. 1894. Med. 1898,
1223 K St., Washington, D. C.

Griesbauer, John A., Jr., Law 1905, Patent Law-
yer, 1324 U St., Washington, D. C.

Griesheimer, Caroline Irene, Grad. 1902 Examiner,
U. S. Civil Service Commission, 118 R St.
N. E., Washington, D. C.

Griffin, John Thomas, Coll., 1859, President of
Mercliants and Farmers Bank, Portsmouth, Va.

Griffin, Thomas A., Med., 1S94, 308 C St. S. E.,
Washington, D. C.

Griffith, Wilmer E., Med. 1900, Physician, West
Brownsville, Pa.

Griswold, Irving H., Law 1893, Lawyer, Elyria,

Griswold, Stewart Curtis, Law 1899, Lawyer, 816
Hammond Bldg. , Detroit, Mich.

Groesbeck, Walter Davis, Law 1899, Patent Law-
yer, 918 F St., Washington, D. C.

Groover, Thomas Allen, Med. 1898, Physician, 919
15th St., Washington, D. C.

Groseclose, Charles J., Law 1892, Assistant Attor-
ney, Assistant Attorney-General's Office, In-
terior Department, Washington, D. C.

Grove, Harry C, Law 3894, Manager Columbia
Phonograph Co., 1212 F St., Washington, D. C.

Grove, Robert Charles, Med. 1873, Ph.ysician,
Shepherdstown, W. Va.

Grubbs, Robert Bland, Med. 1899, Lieutenant, As-
sistant Sura-eon, U. S. Army, Care War De-
partment, Washington, D. C.

Grunwell, Alfred Gilbert, Med. 1895, Surgeon,
U. S. Kavy, Care Navy Department, Washing-
ton, D. C.

Grunwell, Charles V., Law 1903, Real Estate, 702

13th St., Washington, D. C.
Gue, John W., Med. 1894, Physician, Mackay,

Gulliksen, Henry, Law 1904, Ordnance Office, War

Department, Washington, D. C.
Gunckell, Pearl Loehr, Med. 1898, Physician, 214

S. Jefferson, St., Dayton, Ohio.
Gunderson, Henry A., Law 1901, Juris. 1902, Por-
tage, Wis.
Gunderson, Henry M., Law 1894, Clerk, Interior

Department, 46 Florida Ave., Washington,

D. C.
Gunion, John Paul, Med. 1899, Phvsician, 927

St., Washington, D. C.
Gunnell, Francis M., Med. 1846, Hon. 1852, Sur-
geon-General, U. S. N. (retired), 600 20th St.,

Washington, D. C.
Gunnell, James S., Med., 1849, Post Office Box

227, Alexandria, Va.
Gunnell, John Henry, Med. 1903, 17 th and S Sts.,

Washington, D. C.
Gunnell, William C, Coll. 1851, Civil Engineer,

Cosmos Club, Washington, D. C.
Gunning, Edward James, Med. 1905, 815 12th St.,

Washington, D. C.
Gurlev, Revere Randolph, Med. 1884, Grad. 1895,

Phvsician, 421 E. 64th St., New York City.
Gustin, William Sherman, Dent. 1895, Dentist,

1415 Howard Ave., Washington, D. C.
Guynes, Charlie Oscar, Law 1898, Houston, Tex.
Gujrton, Thomas Percy, Law 1903, Lawyer, Kos-

Gwaltney,' Luther Rice, Coll. 1853, Hon. 1876,

Minister, Professor in Shorter College, Rome,

Gwypr, William Augustus, Jr., Law 1877, Clerk,

U. S. Treasury, 812 12th St., Washington,

D. C.
Gwynn, Oscar J., Med. 1896, Physician, Granite


Hass, Edwin Booth, Law 1902, Clerk, Department
of Commerce and Labor, Takoma Park, D. C.

Hackney, Robert E. L., Dent. 1895, Demonstrator,
Dental Infirmary, George Washington Univer-
sitj'. Dentist, 1219 Kcncsaw Ave., Washing-
ton, D. C.

Hagan, Ernest R., Dent. 1903, Dentist, Purcell-
ville, Va.

Hagan, Jonathan R., Dent. 1891, Professor of Oral
Surgery, George Washington University, Den-
tist, 612 13th St., Washington. D. C.

Hagner, Francis R., Med. 1894, Clinical Professor
of Genito-Urinary Surgery and Venereal Dis-
eases, George Washington University, Physi-
cian, 1725 N St., Washington, f). C.

Hahn, William Perry, Law 1903, Patent Lawyor
and Expert, 100 Washington St., Chicago, 111.

Halford, Albert James, Jur. 1900, Newspaper man,
1022 22d St., Washington, D. O.

Halford, Joseph W.. Med. 1904, Physician, Chaly-
bcafp Springs, N. C.

Hall, Albert B., Law 1886, Lawyer, 154 McDougal
Ave., Detroit, Mich.

Hall, Albert H., Law 1S85, Lawyer, 724 New York
Life Building, Minneapolis, Minn.

Hall, Arthur J., Med., 1886, Physician, 928 I St.,
Washington, D. C.

Hall, Mortimer B., Coll. 1896, Law 1905, Pooles-
ville, Md.

Hall, Percival, Grad. 1898, Professor of Applied
Mathematics and Pedagog3', Gallaudet Col-
lege, Kendall Green, D. C.

Hall, William Fairfax, Law 1899, Patent Lawyer
1003 F St., Washington, D. C,

Hall, Wilmer Scott, Dent. 1896, Dentist, Pensa-
cola, Fla.

Hallam, William Meade, Law 1899, Lawyer, 458
Louisiana Ave., Washington, D. C.

Halley, John K., Dent. 1899. Dentist, 1320 New
York Ave., Washington, D. C.

Halsey, Frederick Wadsworth, Med. 1871, Physi-
cian and Surgeon, 272 Newbury St., Boston,

Halsted, Pennington, Law 1879, Patent Lawyer,
49 Wall St., New York City.

Hamilton, Frank M., Law 1887, Post Office In-
spector in Charge, San Juan, Porto Rico.

Hamilton, Richard, Coll. 1873, 310 C St. S. E.,
Washington, D. C.

Hamilton, William, Grad. 1894, Lecturer in His-
tory, George Washington University, Assistant
U. S. Agent. Education for Alaska, Bureau of
Education, Washington, D. C.

Hammond, George H., Law 1889, Lawyer, Lake
City, Minn.

Hamner, George AVeslev, Grad. 1895, Jur. 1900,
Clerk, Post Office Department, 517 6th St.,
Washington, D. C.

Hance, Eleanor Wilson. Coll. 1901, Grad. 1902,
R. F. D., Route 3, Washington, D. C.

Handv, Frederick Chaille, Law 1898, Lawyer, 1413
G St., Washington, D. 0.

Handy, Henry J., Coll. 1865, Clerg3Tnan, Poco-
moke City, Md.

Hanes, Harvey Earlton, Law 1905, Draftsman, 1119
K St., Washington, D. C.

Hanna, Edwin P., Law 1883, Solicitor, Judge Ad-
vocate General's Office, Navy Department,
Washington, D. C.



Hanna, Frank Ruthven, Law 1896, Shorthand Re-
porter, 702 20th St., Washington, D. C.

Hannon, Samuel Lunt, Med. 18S8, Physician, Ma-
son Springs, Md.

Hansman, Carl A., Law 1893, Lawyer, 96 Broad-
way, New York City.

Hanson, Louis H., Med. 1904, Physician, Chil-
dren's Hospital, Washington, D. C.

Harban, Walter S., Dentist, 1342 New York Ave.,
Washington, D. C.

Harbaugh, Edgar G., Law 1880, Bookkeeper, 1221
Princeton St., Washington, D. C.

Harbaugh, James William, Law 1903, Clerk,
General Land Olflce, The Sherman, Washing-
ton, D. C.

Hardin, Bernard L., Med. 1895, Lecturer on Physi-
cal Diagnosis, George Washington University,
Physician, 1132 Connecticut Ave., Washington,
D. C.

Harding, Gena Russell, Med. 1889, The Shoreham,
Washington, D. C.

Harding, Ralph A., Med. 1895, Physician, Lewis-
berry, Pa.

Hardy, Robert Sidney, Law 1899, Buhalia, Miss.

Harkness, Robert H.j Coll. 1871, Law 1874, Clerk,
1311 Kcnesaw Ave., Washington, D. C.

Harlan, John Marshall, Professor of Law, George
Washington University, Associate Justice,
Supreme Court of United States, 14th and
Euclid Place, Washington, D. C.

Harlan, John Maynard, Law 1887, Lawyer, 1132
Marquette Blcig., Chicago, 111.

Harlan, Quirof, Coll. 1898, Baptist Clergyman,
1229 10th St. S. E., Washington, D. C.

Harlan, Rolvix, Coll. 1809, Grad. 1901, Pastor
First Baptist Church, Evansville, Wis.

Harlan, Tharos, Med. 1905, Clerk, Post Office, 1229
10th St. S. E., Washington, D. C.

Harlan, Woodford, D., Law 1868, Clerk, General
Land Office, Takoma Park, D. C.

Harley, George Foster, Coll. 1905, U. S. Geologi-
cal Survey, 1213 New Jersey Ave., Washing-
ton, D. C.

Harley, Richard Cooke, Med. 1904, Physician,
Laurel, Md.

Harper, Chesterfield W., Med. 1860, Physician and
Surgeon, Russellville, Ky.

Harper, Cornelius A., Med. 1893, Physician and
Surgeon, Secretary of State Board of Health,
Madison, Wis.

Harper, Joseph, Law 1885, Deputy Clerk, Police
Court, 412 B St. N. E., Washington, D. C.

Harper, Nicholas Columbus, Law 1888, 308 East
Capitol St., Washington, D. C.

Harrington, Francis Edward, Med. 1904, Physician,
Hotel Stratford, Washington, D. C.

Harris, Charles Gantt, Law 1898, Engineer, Elec-
trical Department, D. C, Washington, D. C.

Harris, Henry Sutton Taring, Coll. 1883, Med.
1884, Major and Surgeon U. S. A., Care War
Department, Washington, D.C.

Harris, Hugh W., Law 1881, Lawjer, 15 Piedmont
Bldg., 'Charlotte, N. C.

Harris, John Tyre, Law 1898, Juris. 1901, Bureau
of Corporations, Washington, D. C.

Harris, Josiah G., Law 1899, Loan Business,
Tecumseh, Okla.

Han-is, Nathaniel, Law 1904, Clerk, War Depart-
ment, Tiie Montgomery, Washington, D. C.

Harris, William T., Lecturer on Philosophy,
George Washington University, U. S. Commis-
sioner of Education, 1360 Yale St., AVashing-
ton, D. C.

Harrison, Edward C, Coll. 1871, Richmond, Va.

Harrison, Thomas B., Law 1896, Paducah, Ky.

Harrison, Walton, Law 1898, Patent Lawyer, Care
Munn and Co., 361 Broadway, New York City.

Harriss, Corbin, Dent. 1904, Rockville, Md.

Harshberger, Frank M., Law 1886, Lawyer,
Taconia, Wash.

Harshman, Walter Scott, Grad. 1892, Professor of

Mathematics, U. S. Navy, Nautical Almanac

Office, Washington, D. C.
Hart, Elmer W., Law 1888, Orange Grower, Lorda-

berg, Cal.
Hart, Frederick Mason, Med. 1905, The De Soto

Washington, D. C.
Hartley, Edward, Coll. 1854, Biddeford Pool, Me.
Hartmann, Charles, Law 1899, Lawyer, 701

National Union Bldg., Toledo, Ohio.
Hartsock, Frederick McG., Med. 1897, Captain

and Assistant Surgeon, U. S. Army, Care War

Department, Washington, D. C.
Hartwell, De Witt T., Law 1902, Marion, 111.
Harvey, Fred. L., Law 1879, Lawyer, 1419 F. St.,

Washington, D. C.
Harvey, William Edwin, Law 1893, Lawyer, 728

17th St., Washington, D. C.
Haselbarth, Albert Luther, Dent. 1901, Dentist,

Elk Lick, Pa.
Haseltine, Seward A., Law 1882, Lawyer, 977 Bar-
ton Ave., Springfield, Mo.
Haseltine, Sumner C, Law 1884, Lawyer, Spring-
field, Mo.
Haskell, James G., Dent. 1897, Dentist, 808 New-
Jersey Ave., Washington, D. C.
Haskell, Porter D., Law 1891, Assistant Examiner,

U. S. Patent Office, 922 15th St., Washington,

D. C.
Hasselbach, Charles Max, Dent. 1901, Dentist, 60(i

13th St., Washington, D. C.
Hatch, William Moore, Law 1889, New England

Manager, D. Appleton and Company, 120

Boylston St., Boston, Mass.
Hathaway, Alvin Dolph, Law 1905, Clerk, General

Land Office, Washington, D. C.
Hau, Carl, Grad. 1902, Law 1904, Assistant Profes-
sor of Law, George Washington University,

1631 19th St., Washington, D. C.
Havenner, Rev. Franck Howland, Coll. 1871,

Clergyman, 1322 W. Lexington St., Baltimore,

Hawes, James P., Med. 1872, Phj-sician, Valois,

N. Y.
Hawksworth, Alfred Tennyson, Law 1899, Juris.

1901, Clerk, War Department, The Portner,

Washington, D. C.
Hawley, Cornell Smith, Law 1898, General Sales

Agent, Constitutional Car Heating Co., 42

Broadway, New York City.
Hawley, Everett Merrill, Juris. 1901, Clerk, De-
partment of Commerce and Labor, 736 12th

St., Washington, D. C.
Hawley, Jess Bradford, Law 1903, Lawyer, Boisf,

Haws, Samuel Nathaniel, Coll. 1900, Jonesboro,

Hav, Edwin Barrett, Coll. 1873, Law 18,4, Law-

"ver, 1512 Corcoran St., Washington, D. C.
Ha3'es, Frank Crawford, Med. 1905, Clerk, Bureau

of Labor, 1229 Princeton St., Washingrton,

Haves, Roy Baglev, Sci. 1899, Grad. 1900, avil
"Engineer, Supv. Architecfs Offlce, Treasury

Department, Washington, D. C.
Hays, Joseph Fossctt. Law 1894. Lawyer, 102j

Madison Ave., Columbus, Ohio.
Hay^vard, Allen B., Law 1872, U. S. Pension Offlce.

Washington, D. C.
Ilaywoul, Wiliam, Law 1896, Lawyer, 1712 I St..

Washington, D. C. „ ,_ „. m •

Hazard, Robert H., Law 1889, 1129 12th St., Wash-

HazelU)n'',"'Anna S., Coll. 1892, Teacher, 1216 »th

St., Washington, D. C.
Hazelton, George C, Jr.. Uw 1S95, Uwye:.

Dramatist, Author, 220 Broadway, Kew York

Hazelton. John H., Law 1S95. Lawyer (Hirelton
and Hazelton), 220 Broadway, New lork City.



Heald, John O., Law 1875, Lawyer, 416 5th St.,
Washington, D. C.

Heard, Nathan, Law 1898, Lawyer, 613 Old South
Bldg., Boston, Mass.

Heam, Wilfred, Law 1901, Lawyer, Equitable
Bldg., Memphis, Term.

Hedrick, Henry Benjamin, Coll. 1886, Assistant,
Nautical Almanac Office, 3150 Linthicum
Place, Washington, D. C.

Hedrick, William Adam, CoU. 1884, Teacher, 3321
N St., Washington, D. C.

Heinbeck, Adolph James, Juris. 1905, Clerk,
Office Auditor for Treasury Department, Wash-
ington, D. C.

Heineeke, George B., Med. 1892, Assistant Demon-
strator of Anatomy, George Washington Uni-
versity, Physician, Brightwood, D. C.

Heller, Joseph M., Lecturer on Diseases of the
Tropics, George Washington University, 1510
H St., Washington, D. C.

HeUerstedt, Carl John, Law 1905, Clerk, Post
Office Department, 1218 12th St., Washington,
D. C.

Hemmings, Frederick Leeth, Law 1898, Jmia.
1900, Lawyer, 108 West Fourth St., Jackson-
ville, Fla.

Hench, John K., Law 1901, Juris. 1903, Clerk,
Pension Office, 227 A St. S. E., Washington,
D. C.

Henderson, John Brooks, Jr., Law 1893, Lawyer,
Ballston, Va.

Henderson, W. Bennett, Law 1905, 22 Grant Place,
Washington, D. C.

Henderson, W. G., Law 1874, Lawyer, 501 F St.,
Washington, D. C.

Hendrick, John Thilman, Law 1897, Manager, Man-
hattan Life Ins. Company, 715 14th St., Wash-
ington, D. C.

Hendricks, Aithur, Law 1872, Law Clerk, Office
Auditor of Interior Department, Treasury De-
partment, Washington, D. C.

Hendricks, William J., Law 1888, Clerk, Govern-
ment Printing Office, 320 5th St. S. E., Wash-
ington, D. C.

Hengstler, Herbert C, Law 1905, Clerk, State
Department, 38 Florida Ave., Washington,
D. C.

Henning, Edward J., Law 1897, Lawyer, Assistant
U. S. Attorney Eastern District of Wis., P, O.
Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis.

Henning, George Neely, Grad. 1896, Head Profes-
sor of Romance Languages, George Washing-
ton University, 1728 20th St., Washington,
D. C.

Henning, Samuel Carl, Med. 1905, Hospital
Steward, U. S. Jail, Washington, D. 0.

Henry, Edwin S., Law 1890, Principal Examiner,
U. S. Patent Office, 1320 Columbia Road,
Washington, D. C.

Henry, William D., Law 1884, Lawyer, Leonard-
town, Md.

Hensey, Melville D., Law 1892, Architect, 1302 F
St., Washington, D. C.

Hensey, Thomas G., Law 1872, Real Estate and
Insurance, Colorado Bldg., Washington, D. C.

Hensey, Walter R., Law 1894, Patent Lawyer
(Hensey & Gough), 1302 F St., Washington,
D. C.

Herbert, William Carlyle, Law 1900, 116 Washing-
ton St., Alexandria, Va.

Herman, Bernard, Instructor in Civil Engineering,
George Washington University, Civil Engi-
neer, Southern Railway, Washington, D. C.

Herman, Meyer, Med. 1891, Physician, Manila,
P. I.

Herr, Charles, Law 1877, Presbyterian Minister,
30 Emory St., Jersey City, N. J.

Herr, Willis Benjamin, Law 1887, Lawyer, Bailey
Bldg., Seattle, Wash.

Herrick, Samuel, Law 1901, Juris. 1903, Lawyer,
Pacific Bldg., Washington, D. C.

Hertford, Frederick R., Law 1905, 2926 14th St.,

Washington, D. C.
Hesselman, George Jacob, Law 1897, Lawyer,

1456 Sheridan Ave., Washington, D. C.
Heth, Eva Virginia, Coll. 1891, Grad. 1893,

Teacher, Clerk, 1759 Church St., Washington,

D. C.
Heth, Robert Mason, Law 1899, Real Estate (Ecker

Bros, and Co.), The Portner, Washington,

D. C.
Hewetson, W. T., Law 1891, Professor in West-
minster College, New Wilmington, Pa.
Hiatt, James Edgar, Sci. 1899, Clerk, War Depart-
ment, 1737 North Capitol St., Washington,

D. C.
Hickox, Birdette P., Law 1905, Clerk, Treasury

Department, Washington, D. C.
Hicks, Fessenden Fairfax, Dent. 1898, Dentist,

Cambridge, Md.
Higgins, Daniel, Law 1892, Insurance, 924 South

Pennsylvania Ave., Denver, Col.
Higgins, Montgomery Earle, Med. 1904, Physician,

Garfield Hospital, Washington, D. C.
Higgins, Thomas Berry, Law 1884, Lawyer, P. O.

Box 1633, Spokane, Wash.
Hildreth, David Merrill, Law 1896, Civil Engi-
neer, 125 12th St. N. E., Washington, D. C.
Hill, David J., Professor of European Diplomacy,

George Washington University, U. S. Minister

to the Netherlands.
Hill, Edwin Allston, Grad. 1901, Instructor in

Stereo-Chemistry, George Washington Uni-
versity, Assistant Examiner, U. S. Patent

Office, Washington, D. C.
Hill, Francis Hamilton, Med. 1849, Physician, 1209

N St., Washington, D. C.
Hilleary, John W., Med. 1852, Physician, Peters-

ville, Md.
Hillegrass, Ross Joseph, Med. 1905, Clerk, Treas-

vu-y Department, 1326 New York Ave., Wash-

ington, D. C.
Hiller, Alexander H., Law 1894, Clerk, Civil

Service Commission, 112 S St., Washington,

D. C.
Hilliker, Albert Mayell, Grad. 1899, Clergyman,

Lonsdale, R. I.
Hilliker, Mrs. Albert Mayell (Maguire, Addie Es-

telle). Coll. 1895, Grad. 1896, Lonsdale, R. I.
Hills, Percy B., Law 1892, Patent Lawyer, 908

G St., Washington, D. C.
HiUs, Ralph Warren, Sci. 1897, Clerk, Navy De-
partment, The Marlborough, Washington,

D. C.
Hillyer, Granby, Law 1896, Lawyer, Lamar, Col.
Hillyer, William Eldridge, Sci. 1899, Grad. 1900,

Telephone Engineer, 1365 Whitney Ave., Wash-
ington, D. C.
Hillyer, WilUam L., Law 1888, Lawyer, 90 York

St., Norfolk, Va.
Hindman, Philip Rea, Law 1905, Lawyer, Clarion,

Hinds, Mrs. Clara Bliss, See Finley, Mi's. H. J.
Hines, Charles A., Law 1896, Lawyer, Tennally-

town, D. C.
Hinman, Mary Squire. See Gerwig, Mrs. Edgar L
Hinrichs, H. Stanley, Law 1892, Special Examiner,

U. S. Pension Bureau, Erie, Pa.
Hinton, Bynum Ernest, Law 1904, Clerk, Govern

ment Service, 1227 Princeton St., Washington,

D. C.
Hislop, William H., Dent. 1895, Dentist, Guana

juato, Mexico.
Hitchcock, Frank H., Law 1894, First Assistant

Postmaster General, The Clifton, Washington,

D. C.
Hittle, James Monroe, Law 1899, Lawyer, Main

and Water Sts., Greenville, Pa.
Hitz, Henry B., Med. 1891, Physician (Nose

Throat, Ear), 141 Wisconsin St., Milwaukee,




Hoadley, Aimer Marcus, Med. 1902, Physician.
2303 First St., Washington, D. C.

Hobbs, Josiah H., Law 1866, Lawyer, Wakefield,
N. H.

Hobgood, Franklin P., Jr., Law 1898, Lawyer.
Oxford, N. C.

Hobson, Alphonzo Augustus, Coll. 1899, Clergy-
man, Hyattsville, Md.

Hobson, S. A., Law 1899, Lawyer, Greensboro.

Hodes, Harry Ketcham, Med. 1899, Physician,
Charleston, IIJ.

Hodgkins, Harry Grant, Coll. 1890, Computer,
Nautical Almanac OflSce, Bethesda, Md.

Hodgkins, Mrs. H. G. (Bradley, Nina Duncan),
Coll. 1892, Bethesda, Md.

Hodgkins, Howard Lincoln, Coll. 1883, Head Pro-
fessor of Physics, George Washington Univer-
sity, 1830 T St., Washington, D. C.

Hoeffler, Julius V., Law 1895, Lawyer, 334 West
Main St., Clarksburg, W. Va.

Hoehling, A. A., Jr., Law 1889, Lawyer, 1416 F
St., Washington, D. C.

Holbrook, Lydia Bacon, Sci. 1897, Teacher, 905
Westminister St., Washington, D. C.

Holcombe, John Walker, Grad. 1898, Juris. 1900,
Assistant Professor of Politics, George Wash-
ington University, Chief, Appointment Divi-
sion, Interior Department, 1829 Corcoran St.,
Washington, D. C.

Holden, Walter Armour, Law 1898, Lawyer, An-
Bonia, Conn.

Holland, Josiah Hutton, Med. 1905, Children's
Hospital, Washington, D. C.

Holland, Michael Joseph, Law 1905, Clerk, Navy
Department 3360 Mt. Pleasant St., Washing-
ton, D. C.

Holland, William Meredith, Law 1898, Lawyer,
DaUas, Tex.

Hollick, Charles Arthur, Grad. 1897, Curator, De-
partment Fossil Botany, New York Botanical
Gardens, Bronx Park, New York City.

Holliger, Frank S., Law 1896, Clerk, War De-
partment, 921 R St., Washington, D. C.

Holliger, Jesse E., Law 1905, Assistant Examiner,
U. S. Patent Office, 921 R St., Washington,
D. C.

HoUoway, Thomas Cole, Med. 1903, Assistant In-
structor in Physiology, George Washington
University, University Hospital, Washington,
D. 0.

Holloway, William Hinton, Law 1901, Lawyer,
Columbian Bldg., Washington, D. C.

Holmes, Charles W., Assistant Treasurer, George
Washington University, 1868 California Ave.,
Washington, D. C.

Holmes, John Alvin, Med. 1904, Clerk, Post
Office Department, 1321 Kenesaw Ave., Wash-
ington, D. C.

Holsopple, Guy, Law 1903, Examiner, U. S. Pen-
sion Bureau, Washington, D. C.

Holt, Alexander H., Law 1871, Lawyer, Clerk,
Office Auditor for War Department, 1825 F St,

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