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twelve-month.' 'The more my luck,' says David."

The last I shall at present give you, is one of more
general application, though, as usual, an individual has
been made the vehicle of the satirist's spleen, and no
less an individual than a saint, and no less a saint then
the great patron himself. While its chief point ia
aimed at those who do much, but stop short of all,
there is likewise a sly hit at the Westerli fulks.

"How was it that St. Patrick did not reform all
Ireland ? When he came over first, he walkeil along,

* The lower orders of the Irish have a superstition that fairies
have power to detain only those who accept rclrethuientt Irom their


preachinor, and converting, and baptizing, wherever ho
came. When be came into Ossory, he baptized with-
out preaching. When he came down to Limerick, he
made priests, and told Ihem to baptize and to preach ;
but when he arrived in Shanagolden, he hfted up liis
hands, and said, ' Good people, God bless ye all to the
West r and returned to Dublin."


I looked upon a dark and sullen sea,

Over whose slumbering waves the night mists hung,

'Till from the morn's grey breast a fresh wind sprung.
And swept its brightening bosom joyously ! —
Then rolled the shades its quickening breath before j

The glad sea rose to meet it^ — and each wave,

Retiring from the wild caress it gave,
Made summer music to the listening shore !

So slept my soul unmindful of thy reign ;
But the kind breath of thy celestial grace
Hath risen ! — Oh ! let its sweetening spirit cha3«
From that dark seat each mist and mortal stain.
Till — as in yon clear water, mirrored fair —
Heaven once more sees itself reflected there !


Host, Page, fyc. — Bless thee, doctor. — Save you, master doctor.-"
Give you good morrow, good master doctor !

Doctor Cuius. — Vat be all you, one, two, tree, four, come fori — B«
gar, de herring is no dead, so as I vill kill !

Merry Wives of IVindsor.

"Am I not punctual ? (said a medical friend, physi-
cian to a Wexford Dispensary, on entering my apart-
ment at an earlier hour than was precisely agreeable,)
I am come, according to promise, to accompany you
to our Dispensary. If Hans Holbein, (he continued,
throwing himself into a sedia d'apoggio,) had laid the
scene of his Trioviphe. de la Mort in Ireland, I could
supply him with some sketches which, I think, would
form no disadvantageous substitutes for the many flat
common-places with which he has favoured us. Now,
in the first instance, I would take him to a potatoe field,
through which I passed yesterday on this very estate,
(the Earl of * * *'s,) and where I was witness to a
scene which its absentee proprietor, I hope, does not
dream of. I would give him the outline of that scene,
with his own whimsical distortions, and this should be
my etching : — In the centre I should place one of those
portly gentlemen, to whose predecessors it was said,
' Go forth, and take ye your scrip and your staff,' &c. ;
and I would be careful that he had more of the scrip
than of the staff, in the formation of the outward man ;
otherwise, I should not be a faithful historian. He
should point with his cane to an open potatoe-^>i^ in tii©



half distance, on the left : perched upon this j^oodly
eminence, I would uive you a. tithe-proctor with a mallet
ill his hand, servini^ in the capacity of auctioneer, and
roaring out the biddings of some decently dressed fel-
lows, whom, by the use they make of their left hands in
examining the devoted cups, you may judge to be
Palenti7ies* On the left, in the foreground, I should
make a group of the miserable, starving family of the
lessee. In the distance, on the extreme left, you should
see a skeleton horse, and cart, preparing to remove their
all — their little winter store ; and on the extreme right,
a miserable hovel, or cabin. To complete the allegori-
cal part of the satire, I would have Death, under the
usual figure of a sgue/e(te, with a spade lifted over the
churchman's head, pour lid cnsser la tele. He should
have the white shirt of a Rockite thrown over his grisly
bones, and his os fronds should be smeared with bog-

" I should recommend to you, (said I,) to make fi
rough draft of the thing, and show it to your friend
F , at the Glebe,"

"Then my next sketch should be taken from a
Country Dispensary. Death should be here placed be-
hind tlie counter, employed after his own heart, under
all the authority of a wig and diploma ; and I would
have a junior skeleton at his side, witli a mortar in
one hand, and a pestle in the other, fiercely engaged iu
compouiiding for the miserable looking applicants."

" And would you make this one before us sit for the
picture ?" said I.

" Ho ! sir ; no, no, (he exclaimed,) the W Dis-
pensary is acknowledged to be an exception : — Come

* I should suppose there is no necessity for explaining this word.
There exists a very sincere hatred of these folks iii the southern coun-
ties of Ireland, and indeed, 1 believe there is no lovo wasted on their

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