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And Other Essays






Copyright, 19 19, by Gerrit Huyser

All Rights Reserved

THE MEv'^ YU::.C |


Made in the United States of America

The Gorham Press, Boston, U. S. A.


WHEN the publisher's kindly insistence finally induced
me to try and prepare a volume for publication, I
assured my dearly beloved life-companion that I would
dedicate it to her.

Now that she has gone to her eternal home, I can only
dedicate it to the blessed memory of one who, wherever
in these Northwestern States, her husband was called to
labor, was not only always his faithful and heroic fellow-
worker; but who did everything in her power to further
his usefulness, and who was ever the friend and helper of
the needy and the distressed.

In her going hence she illustrated in a wonderful way
that beautiful Oriental poem, translated by Sir William
Jones from the Sanscrit of Calidasa:

"On parents' knees, a naked, new-born child.
Weeping thou satst when all around thee smiled:
So live, that, sinking in thy last long sleep.
Thou then mayst smile while all around thee weep."

Deprived of the power of speech during the last few
weeks, because of a slight paralytic stroke, she literally
smiled her life away; smiling at those who waited on her,
smiling at the friends who came to see her, and smiling
at her husband as he tried, as best he might, to repeat
to her the precious promises of Holy Writ, and some of
those blessed hymns, that she had so long loved to sing;
and, lo, ere we knew, her gentle spirit had been wafted
away to that better country, where God Himself shall
wipe away every tear!

My darling wife, fare thee well!

Thou art gone from me, but not for ever. We shall
meet again, in the sweet by and by, on the evergreen
shore, where parting shall be no more!


TN regard to the discourses contained in this vol-
ume the author simply wishes to say that it has
been his life-long endeavor to bear in mind that
Heaven's ambassador should ever and always hide
himself behind the cross, and that the salvation
of souls is the one supreme object of preaching.
And he makes humble and grateful acknowledg-
ment to the God of all grace, that the Holy Spirit,
whenever the people have had a mind to the work,
has most graciously, and at times in a wonderful
way, blessed the delivery of these and like sermons
to the comforting and upbuilding of believers, and
to the conversion of many that were without, both
old and young.

As to the many Scriptural quotations, it is proper
to state that, unless otherwise noted, these are in-
variably taken from the American Standard Edition
of the Revised English Bible.

The author takes for granted that the reader
has a right to know what version a writer follows.
It seems exceedingly strange that reputable writers
sometimes leave their readers entirely in the dark


6 Preface

as to all that; quoting this or that translation, or
even giving their own version, without definite in-
formation in every case. But it seems to us a
thing far more unaccountable, that so many excel-
lent scholars, both in their preaching and in writ-
ing for the press, should, even at this late day, still
cling with such a strange tenacity to this miscalled
Authorized Version; which, notwithstanding its be-
ing a well-nigh undefiled well of noble English, is,
in many ways, altogether out of date. True it is
that our R. V. is not absolutely perfect, which
simply means, as says The Westininster Confession
of Faith, that the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures,
"being immediately inspired of God, and by His
singular care and providence kept pure in all ages,
are therefore authentic, so as, in all controversies
of religion, the Church is finally to appeal unto
them." Our American Revised Version is, how-
ever, far and away the most accurate and best trans-
lation in the possession of the English-speaking
world, and it does seem a great pity that the Prot-
estant Church has not long since unanimously
adopted it for all ordinary purposes.

To mention only a few out of a thousand and
one instances, and these are by no means always
among the most vital, surely no good reason can be
given why the common people should not be al-

Preface 7

lowed to read, e. g., "In the beginning God cre-
ated," not, the heaven, but ''the heavens and the
earth" (Gen. I:i). In Ex. Ill: 15, "Jehovah, the
God of your fathers." In Ex. VI :2 "I am Je-
hovah," and so elsewhere. In Ps. VIII "O Jeho-
vah, our Lord." And in Ps. CX:i,

"Jehovah saith unto my Lord, Sit Thou at My
right hand.
Until I make Thine enemies Thy footstool."

In Prov. IV: 1 8,

"But the path of the righteous is as the dawning

That shineth more and more unto the perfect


Nor is there any valid excuse for still telling us,
that our Lord bade us not to be careful about the
morrow, when what He did say was that we are
not to be "anxious for the morrow^ (Matt. VI:
34). So should the apostle be allowed to exhort us,
"Casting all your anxiety upon Him, because He
careth for you" (I. Pet. V:7). And to think of
continuing any longer to compel the evangelist to
make the utterly absurd statement, that Mary of
Bethany, when her sister Martha had gone out to
meet their anxiously looked-for Teacher, sat still.

8 Preface

perfectly composed in body and mind, when what
he did say was simply this, "Mary still sat in the
house" (John XI:2o). There is, however, a far
more serious matter than any of these, which affects
the recognition of the personality of the Third
Person of the adorable Godhead. Even the learned
revisers have failed to fully rectify our noble Eng-
lish Bible in this respect, and yet we owe them
undying thanks, especially the British revisers, to
whom the change in this case is primarily due, for
having rid two memorable passages in the epistle
to the Romans of that utterly obnoxious term,
which the writer for one never allowed himself to
read in public, before ever there was a revision of
any sort, without solemn protest, viz., "itself," and
where we are now privileged to read, "The Spirit
Himself beareth witness with our spirit, that we
are children of God; . . . And in like manner the
Spirit also helpeth our infirmity: for we know not
how to pray as we ought; but the Spirit Himself
maketh intercession for us with groanings which
cannot be uttered" (Ch. VIII :i6, 26).

The author can hardly expect, in spite of the
utmost care in revising these discourses for the
press, that he should entirely have escaped the com-
mon lot of man in making blunders; especially
when he had to do this work with an aching heart;

Preface 9

but he humbly trusts that nothing of that will
have obscured the following pages; for it ill be-
comes one who has, for, lo, these many years, been
privileged to point the sorrowing and afflicted to
an elder Brother Who careth for us, to obtrude his
own sorrows upon his fellows-men, all of whom
have enough of their own to struggle under; and so
he has endeavored to bear in mind for himself, as
well as for his sorrow-laden brethren and sisters
in the Lord, that

"Like as a father pitieth his children.
So Jehovah pitieth them that fear Him.
For He knoweth our frame ;
He remembereth that we are dust."

(Ps. Cni:i3-i4).

"For He doth not afflict willingly," in the He-
brew, "From His heart," "nor grieve the children
of men" (The Lamentations of Jeremiah, Ch. HI:

That He Who has so often blessed the spoken
word may, of His infinite goodness, use these pages
to the praise of His glory, is the sincere prayer of
one who, by His amazing mercy and favor, is now
eighty years young, with eyes undimmed and nat-
ural force unabated.


December, 191 8.



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