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Janaury 8, 1891 and buried in the Amenia Burying
Grounds, N.Y.

Resources; Amenia Cemetery Records sent by Mrs. Raymond
Fales of Westford, Mass.; Marriages and Deaths of Dutchess
Co. . Reynolds; Salt Lake Family Group Sheet; PAR Cemetery
Records Vol. 254A p. 33 and 35; Vol. IV Dutchess Co. Hist.
Society , p. 16.


9 56. BELA E. BENJAMIN (Simeon 5 , Jedediah\ Joseph 3 " 2 , John 1 ) born
June 24, 1771 at Canterbury, Conn, (vr 1-84) ; the son of
Simeon and Abigail (Foster) Benjamin; died October 9, 1803
age 33 (gs) and buried at the Red Church Burying Ground at
Amenia Island, Dutchess Co., New York. He married Louisa
Parke on March 9, 1795 at Sharon, Conn., the dau. of Elijah
and Olive (Brown) Parke. She was born October 23, 1775 and
died December 24, I863 at Amenia, N.Y. and is buried in the
same lot as her husband.

His obit lists his wife and three children as survivors.

He is listed in the 1800 census at Amenia, Dutchess Co.
N.Y. withi 2 m. under 10; 1 m. 16/26; 1 m. 26/45// 2 f.
16/26 and the Widow Benjamin is listed in the same place
in the 1810 census withi 0-2-0-0-0//1-0-0-1-0.

He was a Captain in the Dutchess County Regt. of the
New York Militia in 1798 and his resignation was accepted
March 1802.

Children of Bela E. and Louisa (Parke) Benjamins

1912. Loretta Benjamin b. 1796; d. May 21, 1797 (gs) age

29 months 21 days, buried in same cemetery as her

1913. Electy Benjamin b. 1798; d. July 13, 1808, age 10.
*1914. Elijah Park Benjamin b. April 4, 1797.

*1915. Horatio Nelson Benjamin be. 1800 at Amenia, N.Y.

1916. Jane Ann Benjamin b. July 5, 1801| m. January 20,

1819 Charles W. Power at Amenia, N.Y.

Resources! p. 78 Park Family of Conn . . Park, 19065 Records
of Mrs. John Keller of Litiz, Perm. ; Vol. 68 p. 178 N.Y.
Gen, and Biog. Record : Vol. IV p. 16 Dutchess Co. Hist.
Society .

957. JEDEDIAH BENJAMIN 6 (Simeon 5 , Jedediah 4 , Joseph 3 " 2 , John 1 ) born
July 15, 1772 at Canterbury, Conn, (vr 1-84); the son of
Simeon and Abigail (Foster) Benjamin; died July 18, 1830

age 58 in Oneida Co., New York. He married Elizabeth

who was born in 1776 and died 1802.

He is listed in the 1820 and 1850 census of Hartwick,
Otsego County, N.Y. and in the 1800 census at Sharon, Conn.

He was an Ensign in the 4th Co., 35th Regt. of the
Conn. Militia on October 1802.

Children of Jedediah and Elizabeth ( ) Benjamini

1917. Elizabeth Ann Benjamin born in or near New York
City; m. Horatio Nelson Benjamin, (see # 1915.)

1918. Helen Benjamin; m, Brown.

1919. Sarah J. /P. Benjamin; m. 1824 Daniel Park of Amenia,
New York.

Resources; Hartford Times Aug. 10, 1946; Coopertown Watch-
tower article via Mrs. Gordon Ginther of Norwich, N.Y. p.
118 Public Rec. of State of Conn . Vol. XI.


959. SIMEON BENJAMIN JR. (Simeon 5 , Jedediah , Joseph 3 " 2 , John )

born 1?82 in Dutchess County, New York; the son of Simeon
and Abigail (Foster) Benjamin; died December 18, 1866 (gs)
at the age of 84 and is buried in the Robinson Cemetery in

Otsego County, New York. He married Mary born either

1784 or 1789 in Vermont and died in 1854 or 1859 (gs hard
to read) at the age of 69-3-9 and is buried in the same

He is listed in the 1820 and 1850 census records for
Hartwick, Otsego County, New York.

Children of Simeon and Mary ( ) Benjamini

♦1920. Bela E. Benjamin b. 1813 in Otsego Co., N.Y.
♦1921. Charles S. Benjamin b. 1814 in Otsego Co., N.Y.

1922. Jane A. Benjamin b.1823 in Otsego Co., N.Y.

Resource 1 Research of Mrs. Gordon Ginther of Norwich, NY.

960. ELY (ELI) FOSTER BENJAMIN (Simeon 5 , Jededlah\ J seph 3_2 John 1

born 1789/90 in Dutchess County, New York; the son of
Simeon and Abigail (Foster) Benjamin; perhaps bapt. June 14,
1801; died October 14, I856 at Utica, Oneida Co., New York.
He married Mary (Polly) Hughes of Middlefield on January
11, 1810. She was born in 1791 and died between 1850-55.

From "Pioneer Cabinet Makers of Cooperstown" by Dunn,
1955 (a newspaper reprint) Eli F. Benjamin, a local
grocer, turned to furniture construction in 1810 in Coopers
town. He was the first cabinet maker to resort to barter.
He would take many items in exchange. This was the result
of the western land panic in 1819 and many bank failures.
A few years later, he moved to Utica and with Tillman open-
ed a mahogany chair manufacturing company. In Cooperstown,
he left his accounts with his brother, Miles Benjamin, also
a cabinet maker.

He is listed in the 1810 census at Otsego, Otsego Co.,

He died intestate (Cate #489) with a petition by Samuel
C. Benjamin of Hamilton, Marlin Co., North Carolina as the
only survivor.

Children of Eli Foster and Mary (Hughes) Benjamini

1923. Samuel Cooper Benjamin b. October 25, 1810 at Otse-

go Co., N.Y.; bapt. Nov. 3. 1810; in I856 resided
in Hamilton, Martin Co., N.C.

1924. Mary Elizabeth Benjamin b. September 9, 1812; d.

unm. August 1, 1831 at Utica, N.Y.

Resources 1 p. 37 and 41 of Records of Rev. Daniel Nash of
the Births and Bapt. of Otsego Co.. N.Y. 1763-1836 kept in
the 2nd National Bank at Cooperstown, N.Y. via Marvel
Cheney of Idaho Falls, Idaho and Research of Mrs. Gordon
Ginther of Norwich, N.Y.

960. COL. MILES BENJAMIN 6 (Simeon 5 , Jedediah^, Joseph 3 " 2 , John 1 )


born 1796 in Dutchess County, New York; the son of Simeon
and Abigail (Foster) Benjamin; died November 5» 1853 at
Cooperstown, Otsego Co., N.Y. He married in 1823 at Cooper
stown Mrs. Elizabeth Cooper, possibly the widow of Samuel
Cooper. She is buried at the Hartwick Seminary Cemetery,
and was born about 1796 and died June 1, I835 at Hartwick,
Otsego Co., N.Y. (gs).

He was listed as an Ensign and Lt. in the New York
Militia in 1814-20 and a Captain in 1820.

Simeon Benjamin Sr. sold land to Simeon Jr. in 1825,
and Miles was a witness.

Miles was in the I83O census at Hartwick withi 2 m 10/
15l 1 m. 15/20, 3 m. 30/W/ 2f 0/2; 1 f. 5/10, 1 f. 15/20;
1 f. 20/30, 1 f. 30/40; 1 f. 50/60, and 1 f. 70/80.

Elizabeth had at least two sons by her first marriage 1
Isaac and William Cooper.

Miles died intestate (Book 3 p. 13 Otsego Probate Rec.)
with David Robinson and wife Hannah C. Robinson appointed
administrators of his estate.

Children of Miles and Elizabeth ( Cooper) Benjamini

1925. Hannah C. Benjamin b. 1827, m. David Robinson and
had a dau. Jane Robinson b. 1847.

Resources! PAR Record Vol. 5 p. 55; Research of Mrs. Gordon
Ginther of Norwich, N.Y.

969. EZRA BENJAMIN (Ezra 5 , Abial\ Joseph 3 " 2 , John 1 ) born January
2, 1770 at Preston, Conn, (vr 2-133), the son of Ezra and
Prudence (Maine) Benjamin, died 1799» age 29. (Notei
Robert Benjamin Powers, in his book My Paternal Ancestors ,
gives his death date as October I8I0T) He married Lucy
Brown February 10, 1790 at Preston, Conn, (vr) while the
m. date given in the N.E. Gen, and Hist. Register is given
as Feb. 16, 1794. She m/2 either William Waite b. July 2,
1761 at Coventry, R.I., d. June 30, 1849 at Saratoga
Springs, N.Y. or Samuel Mott of Preston, Conn., who was a
Justice of the Peace.

Ezra was a petitioner for township organization. He
wanted to divide Jewett City (Preston) by a line drawn from
the mouth of the Broad Brook due east to a division line
between the First and Second Societies and on that division
line to the town of Stonington.

Children, if any, are unknown.

Resources; Am. Gen. , Rix Family , Vol. 35 p. 179 N.E. Gen,
and Hist. Register ; Wilson Papers, My Paternal Ancestors .
Robert Benjamin Powers, Hartford Times April 4, 1953.

971. PRUDENCE BENJAMIN 6 (Ezra 5 , Abial\ Joseph 3 " 2 , John 1 ) born Nov-
ember 5» 1775 at Preston, Conn., the dau. of Ezra and Jeane
(Eames) Benjamin, died March 15, 1841 at Delaware, Ohio.
She married Avery Powers Jr. of Norwich on January 12, 1797


at the First Cong. Church at Preston, Conn, (cr 1-153). He
was the son of Avery and Dorothy (Avery) Powers and was
born January 22, 1772 at Norwich, Conn, and died July 26,
1812 in the War of 1812.

Avery bought and sold property, kept a tavern for a
year, and ran a "Provisions Store". He was one of the
founders of Norwich, N.Y. His will, dated April 29, 1812,
mentions wife Prudence and children! Benjamin, Mary, and
Hiram. He owned 485 acres of land in 1810 and paid a tax
of $4.15 on his property.

He was a volunteer spy during the War of 1812. He was
fired upon by a party of Indians at Turkey Creek. Major
Denny, with 150 men and three rangers (including Avery
Powers) had left for the bridge at Detriot to cut off the
Indians. Avery became ill and was returning to Camp when

Prudence wrote to her brothers in Conn, and many of the
letters are preserved. In a letter to Eames, dated Aug. 1,
1840 she describes her homes. Her first home, after leav-
ing Preston, was a "smoky" log cabin in York State, 300
miles from Preston. While in New York, she lived in 4 log
cabins. She said that when they decided to move to Ohio,
they were detained in "Penciveney" State and lived in a log
cabin 3 months. After that, they were "7 weeks on by wag-
oning and 1000 miles by water on ciota to Franklinton,
Ohio". When they arrived at the end of the road, they had
to "pack on horse back 20 miles up Whetstone". While there
they lived in a cabin without floor, door, windows, or chim
ney. The nearest neighbor was in Franklinton — 20 miles
away. Sandusky was 100 miles to the north of them. Her
husband had to go to Franlinton for supplies. She mention-
ed that all but her father-in-law and she came down with
fever. When her husband died, she was living in a rented
home and had 4 children, 11 to 2 years of age. She said
she had lived six years in Franklinton, Ohio She said she
had lived six years in Franklinton and took in work for a
living. Then she moved to Columbus. She and her dau. sup-
ported themselves by sewing and her sons learned trades.
Her last move was from Columbus to Delaware, with her dau.
and dau.'s husband.

Children of Avery and Prudence (Benjamin) Powers i

1926. Avery Powers bapt. Sept. 17, 1798/9 at the First

Presb. Church in Cherry Valley, N.Y. (They were

Methodists, but the only church was Presbyterian.)
*1927. Benjamin Powers b. October 7, 1800 at Chilicothe,

Ohio. (Born while family was on route from New

York to Franklinton, Ohio.)

1928. Marquis Powers b. September 1, 1803 at Liberty Twp.,

Ohio; died February 6, 1806 Delaware Co., Ohio.

1929. Mary Powers b. December 9, 1806 at Franklinton, Ohio

d. Feb. 5» 1891 at Columbus, Ohio; buried in Oak
Grove Cemetery 1 m/l Henry Van Horn who died Aug.


3, 1855 at Delawre, Ohio and buried with his wife;
m/2 May 19, 1864 William Armstrong of Columbus,
Ohio b. 1797, d. Apr. 21, 1891. He had m/1 Jane
Delano. Mary had no children. H. Van Horn and
George Dolton were partners in the tailoring

1930. Hiram Powers b. November 20, 1809 at Franklinton,
Ohio j died November 8, 1839 at Houston, Texas. He
did marry, but his wife left him. He went to Tex-
as and was a chair manufacturer.

1931. Two children died in N.Y. State, one was probably
the first Avery Powers.

Resources! p. 164-7 My Paternal Ancestors . Robert Benjamin
Powers; p. 56 Early Conn. Marriages . Bailey.

972. HIRAM BENJAMIN (Ezra 5 , Abial , Joseph 3 " 2 , John 1 ) born January
26, 1778/9 at Preston, Conn, (vr 2-133); the son of Ezra
and Jeane (Eames) Benjamin; died March 20/29, 1847 at Pres-
ton, Conn. He married Linda (Sinda) Marilla Brumley on
June 14, 1842 at Griswold. Conn, (vr 1-279), the dau. of
Israel and Lucy P. (Tracy) Bromley. She was born April 28,
1811 at Griswold, and died March 29/30, 1881/2 at Preston,
age 70. (gs). They are both buried in the Griswold Ceme-
tery, lot #1-12.

Children of Hiram and Linda M. (Brumley) Benjamin i

1932. Henry Josiah Benjamin b. June 3, 1844 at Griswold,
Conn, (vr 1-279); d. unmarried January 25, 1916;
age 72 (gs) and buried in the same cemetery lot
as his parents. He was the ONLY Benjamin living
in Griswold, Conn, in 1899.

Resourcesi p. 62 Bromley Gen . . Bromley, 1911; Herrick Gen.
p. 110, , Herrick, I885.

:973. EAMES BENJAMIN (Ezra 5 , Abial , Joseph 3 " 2 , John 1 ) born October
10, 1775 or 1779 at Preston, Conn, (the year 1779 is given
in the vr 2-133)$ the son of Ezra and Jeane (Eames) Benjam-
in; died August 26, i860 at Preston, Conn. (gs). He mar-
ried Prudence Chapman on September 27, 1812 at Preston,
Conn, (vr 2-327). She was the dau. of Joseph and Thankful
(Tift) Chapman and was born April 10, 1793 and died March
30, 1887. They are both buried in the Rixton Cemetery at
Griswold, Conn.

He was a trustee of the Bethel Methodist Society in
1832 in South Griswold. He was a private in the Conn.
Militia under Joseph Lester from June to July 1813 in the
War of 1812.

Children of Eames and Prudence (Chapman)) Benjamini
*1933. Hannah Benjamin b. September 22, 1813 at Griswold.
1934. Lucy Ann Benjamin b. November 18, 1817 at Griswold,
Conn, (vr 1-41); d. May 26, 1893 at Griswold; m/1

215 ^ETY



Sept. 5, 1853 Charles Kimball b. Oct. 16, 1799, d.
Feb. 15, 1857; m/2 Henry Bennet b. March 10, 1797,
d. July 25, 1875
*1935. Prudence Powers Benjamin b.June 8, 1821 at Griswold,
Conn, (vr l-4l).

1936. Ezra Gardiner Benjamin b. January 22, 1825 at Gris-

wold, Conn, (vr 1-41); d. January 14, 1826 at
Griswold, Conn.

1937. Powers Benjamin b. July 18, 1828; d. same day.

Resources! p. 194 Rix Family ; Conn. Militia of 1812 ; Hist.
of Griswold p. 143; Letters to Dr. Wilson from Mrs.
Kingsley Chapman.

974. ANNA BENJAMIN (Ezra^, Abial , Joseph 3 " 2 , John 1 ) born April 8,
1782 at Preston, Conn, (vr 2-133); the dau.of Ezra and Jean
(Eames) Benjaminj died February 28, I838/9. She married,
as his third wife, Thomas Kinney Park on June 9, 1812. He
was the son of Hezekiah Park and was bapt. July 15, 1764 at
Groton, Conn, and died June 4, 1826. He had m/1 Rebecca
Gibson and m/2 Rebecca Thatcher.

Children of Thomas K. and Anna (Benjamin) Park;

1938. Benjamin Park b. April 22, 1813; died young.

1939. Thomas Kinney Park b. September 13, 1815.

1940. Benjamin Park b. December 19, 1819; umn. in 1841.

1941. Isaac Park b. July 16, 1823.

Resources; p. 15-16 Rix Gen. ; p. 94 Park Gen, of Conn. .
Park, 1906.

983. ELAM BENJAMIN (Abial 5 "^, Joseph 3 " 2 , John 1 ) born September 4,
1786 at Preston, Conn, (vr 2-137); the son of Abial and
Louise (Ellis) Benjamin; died November 19/20, 1861 at the
age of ?6 at Preston, Conn. (Voluntown, Conn, vr 2-71).
He m/1 Hannah Denniss of Preston on October 7/10, 1810 at
Preston (vr 2-332). She was the dau. of Russell and Zipor-

ah ( ) Denniss and was born February 18, 1790 and died

February 22, 1854, age 64 yrs. 4 days. (gs). Both she and
Elam are buried in the Griswold Cemetery lot #1-19. He
m/2 Nancy (Farrier) Rix, the widow of James Rix, who died
in 1848. Nancy was born 1797 and died 1882 at Griswold,
Conn., and is buried in the Griswold Cemetery lot #1-15.
There was no issue of this second marriage.

Elam was in the Conn. Militia during the War of 1812,
and served as a musician under Joseph Lester.

Children of Elam and Hannah (Denniss) Benjamini

1942. Jabez Lyman Dennis Benjamin b. June 25, 1811 at Pres

ton, Conn, (vr 2-332); d. July 29, 1811 (gs);

buried at Griswold Cemetery lot #1-19.
♦1943. Jabez Lyman Dennis Benjamin b. June 27, 1812 at

Preston, Conn, (vr 2-332).
*1944. Henry Butler Benjamin b. April 4, 1816 at Preston.


1945. Nancy Maria Benjamin b. May 8, 1814 at Preston;
d. August 8, 1823 at Preston.
*1946. Laura Augusta b. December 9» 1817 at Preston, Conn.

1947. Calista Ann Benjamin b. October 12, 1819.
*1948. Abby Ardelia Benjamin b. January 10, 1822.

1949. Nancy Cornelia Benjamin b. November 30, 1825 at Pres

ton, Conn.; d. July 28, 1845, age 18 yrs. 8 mos.
(gs); buried at Griswold Cemetery, lot #1-19.

Resourcesi Wilson Papers; p. 194 Ris Family ; p. 45 & 190
Rix Family Gen. ; Mortality Schedule of Federal Census of
1850 from Tree Talks 1966, 1/28.

996. BETSEY BENJAMIN (Jesse 5 , Abial , Joseph 3 " 2 , John 1 ) born March

31, 1784; the; the dau. of Jesse and Rachel (Bunn) Benjam-
in. She married Chester Elliott on January 12, 1804.

Children of Chester and Betsey (Benjamin) Elliotti

1950. Electa Elliot; m. Shubel Wilder and had dau. Mary

Wilder who m. Warren Hitchcock. They hadi James;
Luke, Fred and Alice Hitchcock.

1951. George Washington Elliott; m. Julianna Crowfoot and

had son Irving Washington Elliott.

Resourcesi Records of Majel Lawrence of Medford, Oregon,
sent by Doris P. Robinson of Sebastapol, Calif.

997. SALLY BENJAMIN 6 (Jesse 5 , Abial\ Joseph 3 " 2 , John 1 ) born Decem-

ber 23, 1785; the dau. of Jesse and Rachel (Bunn) Benjamin;
died December 8, 1820/40 at Lewis County, New York. She
married Jonathan Bishop on June 27, 1802 at Lewis Co., N.Y.
and he died February 12, 1852 at FonDuLac, Wisconsin. He

m/2 .

Jonathan bought property, a farm, in Watson, N.Y. in

Children of Jonathan and Sally (Benjamin) Bishop 1

1952. Clarissa Bishop; m. Joshua Wells and had a dau.
Diamatha Wells.

♦1953. Betsey Bishop b. May 12, 1802.
*1954. Rachel Bishop b. October 4, 1808.
♦1955. Lemuel Bishop b. June 29, 1810.

1956. Sally Bishop; m. Jerry Homiston in FonDuLac, Wis.

1957. Sylvia Bishop; m. Stephen Rose and had childreni
James, Laura, George and Lydia Rose.

*1958. Lyman Bishop be. 1818 in N.Y.

1959. Phoebe Bisho; uumarried.
♦I960. Lester Bishop be. 1822 in N.Y.

Children of Jonathan and Bishop 1

Caroline (Carrie) Bishop b. FonDuLac, Wis.; unm.

Resourcesi Records of Majel Lawrence of Medford, Oregon via
Doris P. Robinson of Sebastapol, Calif.; Records of Cecelia
F. Stanton of Milwaukee, Wis.


998. THOMAS BENJAMIN (Jesse 5 , Abial , Joseph 3 , John ) born Jan-
uary 23, 1788} the son of Jesse and Rachel (Bunn) Benjamin.
He married Lamenta Finch on September 18, 1914.

Thomas was a 2nd Lt. from Lewis County, N.Y. in 1821 in
the New York Militia.

Children of Thomas and Lamenta (Finch) Benjamins

1961. Duane Benjamin.

1962. Schuler Benjamin. There was a Schulyer Benjamin in

the i860 census of the 5th Ward of Utica, Oneida
Co., N.Y.

1963. James Benjamin.

Resources! Records of Majel Lawrence of Medford, Oregon.

1001. ARCHIBALD BENJAMIN (Jesse 5 , Abial , Joseph 3 " 2 , John 1 ) born

September 14, 1795 at New York; the son of Jesse and Rachel
(Bunn) Benjamin; married Agnes (Annie) Root on May 7»

1820. Apparently he m/2 Dorcas b. 1800 in New York.

Archibald is listed in the 1850 census of Norwalk Twp.,
Huron Co., Ohio as a carpenter. He was worth $700. at
that time.

Children of Archibald Benjamini
♦1964. Vincent Lewis Benjamin b. 1821/1831 at Watson,
Lewis Co. , N.Y.

1965. Lewis Benjamin b. 1834 in N.Y.

1966. Ananias Benjamin b. 1837 in Ohio.

Resourcesi Records of Majel Lawrence of Medford, Oregon,.

1002. CALISTA (CELESTA) BENJAMIN (Jesse 5 , Abial\ Joseph 3 " 2 , John 1

born February 14, 1798 in New York} the dau. of Jesse and
Rachel (Bunn) Benjamin: died December 10, I876 at Troy,
Athens Co., Ohio. She married October 20, 1814 Sylvanus
Skeels of Guysville, N.Y., the son of Elijah and Mary (Ham-
blin) Skeels. He was born June 16, 1787 in Salisbury, N.Y.
and died October 31, I863 in Troy, Ohio.

Children of Sylvanus and Calista (Benjamin) Skeels 1

1967. Sophrina Rosette Skeels b. Aug. 3i 1816 at Lowville,

Lewis Co., N.Y.j d. Feb. 16, 1900: m. March 2,
1837 Lee Waterman b. Mar. 12, 1812, d. June 9t
1852. Had son Wesley Barker Waterman b. Dec. 16,
1837. d. Jan. 16, I838.

1968. Lorenzo Dan Skeels b. April 10, 1818: d. 1894: m.

Feb. 18, 1844 Katherine Ball.

1969. Laura Thresa Skeels b. May 3, 1821 at Lowville, N.Y.

d. July 20, 1899 at Guysville, Athens Co., Ohio;
m. Jan. 12, 1843 Moses Lawrence, son of Moses and
Sarah (Johnson) Lawrence b. Jan. 2, 1820 at Epping
ham, N.H., d. July 30, 1906 at Coolville, Ohio.
They had son Arthur Albert Lawrence b. Dec. 7,
I867, m. Florence Virginia LeGoullon. Arthur had


a dau. Majel, who compiled these records.

1970. Jane Ann Skeels b. May 16, 1824 at Lowville, N.Y.i

d. unm. Feb. 23, 16*98.

1971. Henrietta Louise Skeels b. March 30, 1828 at Lows-

ville, N.Y.j d. Nov. 8, 1887} m. April 15, 1851
William Wilson b. Aug. 5, 1824, d. June 7, 1910
and buried at Shade, Ohio.

1972. Lewis Benjamin Skeels b. June 13, 1839 at Coolville,

Ohio » d. Jan. 30, 1916 ; m. Hulda Powell; had daus.
Bessie Edith b. Oct. 3, 1889 and Freda Marie b.
Aug. 24, 1894.

1973. Corilla Skeels b. Jan. 9, 1840 at Louisville, Lewis

Co., Ohio; d. July 30, 1920; m. James Duree and
had 1 Prescott, Henry, and Martha Duree.

Resources 1 Information copied for obituary of Jane Skeels,
written by Florence V. Lawrence on Aug. 25, 1945; Records
of Majel Lawrence of Medford, Ore. (who d. in 1967) sent
by her dau. Doris P. Robinson of Sebastapol, Calif.

1003. CORILLA (CORIELA-CORDELIA) BENJAMIN (Jesse 5 , Abial\ Joseph

J~*, John-ljborn January 9, 1801; the dau. of Jesse and
Rachel (Bunn) Benjamin. She married Luke Wilder.

Children of Luke and Corilla (Benjamin) Wilder 1

1974. Prescott Wilder.

1975. Henry Wilder.

1976. Martha Wilder.

Resources; Records of Majel Lawrence of Medford, Ore.

1004. LAURA BENJAMIN (Jesse 5 , Abial , Joseph 3 " 2 , John 1 ) born March

21, 1803 in New York; the dau. of Jesse and Rachel (Bunn)
Benjamin; married Joseph H. Webb. He m/l Lydia (Polly)
Durphy and he m/3 Rachel (Totman) Berry. He resided in
Lowsville, N.Y. and Jefferson Co., Wisconsin in 1852. He
had 16 children in all.

Children of Joseph and Laura (Benjamin) Webbi

1977. Wesley Webb b. March 11, 1826.

1978. Harriet Webb b. 1827.

1979. Matilda Webb b. 1829.

1980. Harmon Webb b. I830/I.

1981. Jesse Webb b. I832/3.

1982. Fredrick Webb b. 1837.

1983. Calista Webb b. 1840.

1984. William Webb b. 1842.

1985. Julia Webb b. 1843.

Children of Joseph and Lydia (Durphy) Webbi
Ruth Webb b. 1815.

Mary Webb b. Dec. 15, 1816; m. Joel Arthur.
Caroline Webb.
Nelson Webb and Silas T. Webb b. 1823.


Resources i Records of Evelyn D. Arthur of Rochester, N.Y.
and Records of Majel Lawrence.

100 5. MARY (POLLY) BENJAMIN 6 (Jesse 5 , Abial\ Joseph 3 " 2 , John 1 )

born December 1, 1805; the dau. of Jesse and Rachel (Bunn)
Benjamin j died April 21, 1877 at E. Martinsburgh, Lewis Co.
New York. She married Nathan Lewis on January 28, 1828
and he died April 18, 1881.

Children of Nathan and Mary (Benjamin) Lewis i

1986. Martha Lewis b. December 18, 1830; d. June 7t 1882.

1987. Fernando Lewis b. February 6, 1834.

1988. Benjamin Conklin Lewis b. February 6, 1836; d. March

31, 1894; m. May 23, 1864 Gertrude Reiley and hadi
Kate Lewis b. May I865, m. William Clark Newton in
June I896; John Lewis; and Eddie Lewis.

1989. Charles Carroll Lewis b. November 2, 1837; m. Novem-

ber 4, I869 Hulda Skinner and hadi Alfred, Jesse,
and Nora Lewis.

1990. Lydia Ann Lewis b. August 30, 1830; d. March 4, 1840

1991. Nathan Dwight Lewis b. February 4, 1841 j m. Dec. 27,

1871 Emily Pelton b. Oct. 26, I839, dau. of Wil-
liam and Ermina (Hawley) Pelton of Sherman, N.Y.

1992. Mary Elizabeth Lewis b. September 23, 1846; m. Nov-

ember 4, 1868 John Straton Dunbar and hadi Grace
Lydia b. I869, d. 1871; Alice Almonetta b. 1872,
unm. j Ruth Ellen b. July 14, 1874 m. Freeman C.
Pond in Utica, N.Y.

Resources 1 Records of Majel Lawrence of Medford, Oregon;
p. 63 Hawlev Rec. . Hawley, 1890.

1007. PARK BENJAMIN (David 5 , John , Joseph 3 " 2 , John 1 ) born October
5i 1769 at Preston, Conn. ; the son of David and Lucy (Parke
Benjamin; died June 23, 1824 at the age of 55 at Demerara
(Georgetown), West Indies. He married August 22, 1801 Mary
Judith Gall of Demerara, West Indies. She was the dau, of
William and Sarah (Gill) Gall and was boon June 8, 1778 at
the Barbadoes, West Indies and died February 12, I878, age
70 years, at Norwich, Conn., when her dress caught on fire.
She m/2 October 26, 1826 James Lanman of Norwich, the son
of Peter and Sarah (Coit) Lanman. He was a Senator from
Conn., mayor of Norwich, and Judge of the Supreme Court of
Conn. He was born June 13 » 1769 at Norwich and died August
7, 1841 at Norwich, Conn. They are both buried in the City
Cemetery on Oak Street in Norwich.

Park learned the shoemaking business, possibly from his
grandfather, and went into business with his brother, Eli-
jah, but Park soon broke away and went into the West India
trade .

The story of his life is full of adventure and enter-
prise. Left an orphan at the age of 16, with 4 younger
brothers and 2 younger sisters, he probably lived for a


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