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Details of the establishment and destruction of the Moravian "Village
of Peace" are given at some length, and with minute description. The
efforts to Christianize the Indians are described as they never have been
before, and the author has depicted the characters of the leaders of the
several Indian tribes with great care, which of itself will be of interest to
the student.

By no means least among the charms of the story are the vivfd word-
pictures of the thrilling adventures, and the intense paintings of the beau-
ties of nature, as seen in the almost unbroken forests.

It is the spirit of the frontier which is described, and one can by it,
perhaps, the better understand why men, and women, too, willingly braved
every privation and danger that the westward progress of the star of em-
pire might be the more certain and rapid. A love story, simple and tender,
runs through the book.

RICHELIEU. A tale of France in the reign of King I^ouis Xin. By G. P.
R. James. Cloth, izmo. with four illustrations by J. Watson Davis. Price, Ji.oo.

In 1829 Mr. James published his first romance, "Richelieu," and was
recognized at once as one of the masters of the craft.

In this book he laid the story during those later days of the great car-
dinal's life, when his power was beginning to wane, but while it was
yet sufficiently strong to permit now and then of volcanic outbursts which
overwhelmed foes and carried friends to the topmost wave of prosperity.
One of the most striking portions of the story is that of Cinq Mar's conspir-
acy; the method of conducting criminal cases, and the political trickery
resorted to by royal favorites, affording a better insight into the state-
craft of that day than can be had even by an exhaustive study of history.
It is a powerful romance of love and diplomacy, and in point of thrilling
and absorbing Interest has never been excelled.

For sale by all booksellers, or sent postpaid on receipt of price by the pub-
lishers, A. L. BURT COMPANY, 53-58 Duane St., New York.

Good Fiction Worth Reading.

A series of romances containing several of the old favorites in the field
of historical fiction, replete with powerful romances of love and diplomacy
that excel in thrilling and absorbing interest.

A COLONIAL FREE-LANCE. A story of American Colonial Times. By
Chauncey C. Hotchkiss. Cloth, I2mo. with four illustrations by J. Watson
Davis. Price, $1.00.

A book that appeals to Americans as a vivid picture of Revolutionary
scenes. The story is a strong one, a thrilling one. It causes the true
American to flush with excitement, to devour chapter after chapter, until
the eyes smart, and it fairly smokes with patriotism. The love story is a
singularly charming idyl.

THE TOWER OF LONDON. A Historical Romance of the Times of Lady
Jane Grey and Mary Tudor. By Wm. Harrison Ainsworth. Cloth, I2mo. with
four illustrations by George Cruikshank. Price, $1.00.

This romance of the "Tower of London" depicts the Tower as palace,
prison and fortress, with many historical associations. The era is the
middle of the sixteenth century.

The story is divided into two parts, one dealing with Lady Jane Grey,
and the other with Mary Tudor as Queen, introducing other notable char-
acters of the era. Throughout the story holds the interest of the reader
in the midst of intrigue and conspiracy, extending considerably over a
half a century.

IN DEFIANCE OF THE KING. A Romance of the American Revolution.
By Chauncey C. Hotchkiss. Cloth, I2mo. with four illustrations by J. Watson
Davis. Price, Ji.oo.

Mr. Hotchkiss has etched in burning words a story of Yankee bravery,
and true love that thrills from beginning to end, with the spirit of the
Revolution. The heart beats quickly, and we feel ourselves taking a
part in the exciting scenes described. His whole story is so absorbing
that you will sit up far into the night to finish it. As a love romance
It is charming.

GARTHOWEN. A story of a Welsh Homestead. By Allen Raine. Cloth,
I2mo. with four illustrations by J. Watson Davis. Price, $1.00.

"This is a little idyl of humble life and enduring love, laid bare before
us, very real and pure, which in its telling shows us some strong points of
-Welsh character the pride, the hasty temper, the quick dying out of wrath.
We call this a well-written story, interesting alike through its
romance and its glimpses into another life than ours. A delightful and
clever picture of Welsh village life. The result is excellent." Detroit Free

MIFANWY. The story of a Welsh Singer. By Allan Raine. Cloth,
izmo. with four illustrations by J. Watson Davis. Price, |i.oo.

"This is a love story, simple, tender and pretty as one would care to
read. The action throughout is brisk and pleasing; the characters, it is ap-
parent at once, are as true to life as though the author had known them
all personally. Simple in all its situations, the story is worked up in that
touching and quaint strain which never grows wearisome, no matter how
often the lights and shadows of love are introduced. It rings true, and
does not tax the imagination." Boston Herald.

sale by all booksellers, or sent postpaid on receipt of price by the pub-
lishers. A. L. BURT COMPANY* *-8 Duane St.. New York.

Good Fiction Worth Reading.

A series of romances containing several of the old favorites in the field
of historical fiction, replete with powerful romances of love and diplomacy
that excel in thrilling and absorbing interest.

WINDSOR CASTLE. A Historical Romance of the Reign of Henry VIII.,
Catharine of Aragon and Anue Boleyn. By Wm. Harrison Ainsworth. Cloth,
i2mo. with four illustrations by George Cruikshank. Price, $1.00.

"Windsor Castle" is the story of Henry VIII., Catharine, and Anne
Boleyn. "Bluff King Hal," although a well-loved monarch, was none too
good a one in many ways. Of all his selfishness and unwarrantable acts,
none was more discreditable than his divorce from Catharine, and his mar-
riage to the beautiful Anne Boleyn. The King's love was as brief as it
was vehement. Jane Seymour, waiting maid on the Queen, attracted him,
and Anne Boleyn was forced to the block to make room for her successor.
This romance is one of extreme interest to all readers.

HORSESHOE ROBINSON. A tale of the Tory Ascendency in South Caro-
lina in 1780. By John P. Kennedy. Cloth, I2mo. with four illustrations by J.
Watson Davis. Price, |i.oo.

Among the old favorites in the field of what Is known as historical fic-
tion, there are none which appeal to a larger number of Americans than '
Horseshoe Robinson, and this because it is the only story which depicts
with fidelity to the facts the heroic efforts of the colonists in South Caro-
lina to defend their homes against the brutal oppression of the British
under such leaders as Cornwallis and Tarleton.

The reader is charmed with the story of love which forms the thread
of the tale, and then impressed with the wealth of detail concerning those
time.:. The picture of the manifold sufferings of the people, is never over-
drawn, but painted faithfully and honestly by one who spared neither
time nor labor in his efforts to present in this charming love story all that
price in blood and tears which the Carolinians paid as their share in the
winning of the republic.

Take It all In all, "Horseshoe Robinson" is a work which should be
found on every book-shelf, not only because it is a most entertaining
story, but because of the wealth of valuable information concerning the
colonists which it contains. That it has been brought out once more, well
Illustrated, is something which will give pleasure to thousands who have
long desired an opportunity to read the story again, and to the many who
have tried vainly in these latter days to procure a copy that they might
read it for the first time.

THE PEARL OP ORR'S ISLAND. A story of the Coast of Maine. By
Harriet Beecher Stowe. Cloth, I2mo. Illustrated. Price, $1.00.

Written prior to 1862, the "Pearl of Orr's Island" is ever new; a book
filled with delicate fancies, such as seemingly array themselves anew each
time one reads them. One sees the "sea like an unbroken mirror all
around the pine-girt, lonely shores of Orr's Island," and straightway
comes "the heavy, hollow inoan of the surf on the beach, like the wild
angry howl of some savage animal."

Who can read of the beginning- of that sweet life, named Mara, which
came into this world under the very shadow of the Death angel's wings,
without having an Intense desire to know how the premature bud blos-
somed? Again and again one lingers over the descriptions of the char-
acter of that baby boy Moses, who came through the tempest, amid the
angry billows, pillowed on his dead mother's breast.

There Is no more faithful portrayal of New England life than that
which Mrs. Stowe gives in "The Pearl of Orr's Island."

For sale by all booksellers, or sent postpaid on receipt of price by the pub-
lishers, A. L. BURT COMPANY, 52-58 Duane St., New York.


Comprising four hundred and fourteen titles of
standard works, embracing fiction, essays, poetry,
history, travel, etc., selected from the world's best
literature, written by authors of world-wide reputa-
tion. Printed from large type on good paper, &nd
bound in handsome uniform cloth binding.

Uniform Cloth Binding. Gilt Tops. Price, $1.00.

Abbe Constantin. By L. Halevy.

Abbot. By Sir Walter Scott.

Adam Bede. By Ge'orge Eliot.

Aesop's Fables.

Alhambra. Washington Irving.

Alicp in Wonderland, and Through
the Looking Glass. By Lewis

Alice Lorraine. R. D. Blackmore.

All Sorts and Conditions of Men.
By Besant and Rice.

Amiel's Journal. Translated by
Mrs. Humphrey Ward.

Andersen's Fairy Tales.

Anne of Geiersteln. By Sir Wal-
ter Scott.

Antiquary. Sir Walter Scott.

Arabian Nights' Entertainments.

Ardath. By Marie Corelli.

Armadalc, By Wllkie Collins.

Arinorel of Lyonesse. W. Besant.

Arnold's Poems. Matthew Arnold.

Around the World In the Yacht
Sunbeam. By Mrs. Brassey.

Arundel Motto. Mary Cecil Hay.

At the Back of the North Wild.
By George Macdonald.

Attic Philosopher. E. Souvestre.

Auld Licht Idyls. J. M. Barrie.

Aunt Diana. By Rosa N. Carey.

Aurelian. By William Ware.

Autobiography of B. Franklin.

Autocrat of the Breakfast Table.
By O. W. Holmes.

Averil. By Rosa N. Carey.

Bacon's Essays. Francis Bacon.

Barbara Heathcote's Trial. Rosa
N. Carey.

Barnaby Rudge. Charles Dickens.

Barrack-Room Ballads. Rudyard

Betrothed. Sir Walter Scott.

Beulah. By Augusta J. Evans.

Black Beauty. By Anna Sewell.

Black Dwarf. Sir Walter Scott.

Black Rock. By Ralph Connor.

Bleak House. Charles Dickens.

Bondman, The. By Hall Calne.

Bride of Lammermoor. Sir Wal-
ter Scott.

Bride of the Nile, The. George

Browning's Poems. Elizabeth Bar-
rett Browning.

Browning's Poems. (Robert.)

Bryant's Poems. W. C. Bryant.

Burgomaster's Wife. Geo. Ebers.

Burns' Poems. By Robert Burns.

By Order of the King. V. Hugo.

Byron's Poems. By Lord Byron.

California and Oregon Trail. By
Francis Parkman, Jc.

Carey's Poems. By Alice and
Phoebe Carey.

Cast Up by the Sea. By Sir Sam-
uel Baker.

Caxtons. Bulwer-Lytton.

Chandos. By "Ouida."

Charles Auchester. E. Berger.

Character. By Samuel Smiles.

Charles O'Malley. Charles Lever.

Chevalier de Maison Rouge. By
Alexandra Dumas.

Chicot the Jester. Alex. Dumas.

Children of the Abbey. By Regiua
Maria Roche.

Children of Gibeon. W. Besant.

Child's History of England. By
Charles Dickens.

Christmas Stories. Chas. Dickens.

Clara Vaughan. R. D. Blackmore.

Cloister and the Hearth. Charted

Coleridge's Poems. Samuel Taylor

Complete Angler. Walton & Cot-

Confessions of an Opium Eater-
By Thomas De Quincey.

Conquest of Granada. Washing'
ton Irving.

Consuelo. By George Sand.

Corinne. By Madame De Stael.

Countess de Charny. A. Dumas.

Countess Gisela. E. Marlitt.

Countess of Rudolstadt. By Geo.

Count Robert of Paris. W. Scott.

Courtship of Miles Standish. Bj
H. W. Longfellow.

Cousin Pons. By H. de Balzac.

Cradock Newell. By B. D. Black-

Cranford. By Mrs. Gaskell.

Crlpps the Carrier. R. D. Black,

Crown of Wild Olive. J. Rnskln.

Daniel Drronda. George Eliot.

Data of Ethics. H. Spencer.

Daughter of an Empress. B
Louisa Muhlbach.

BURT'S HOME LIBRARY Continued. Price 81.OO per Copy.

Daughter of Heth. Wm. Black.

David Copperfleld. Chas. Dickens.

Days of Bruce. Grace Aguilar.

Deemster, The. By Hall Calne.

Deerslayer. By J. F. Cooper.

Descent of Man. Charles Darwin.

Dick Sand. By Jules Verne.

Discourses of Eplctetus. Trans-
lated by George Long.

Divine Comedy. (Dante.) Trans-
lated by Rev. H. F. Carey.

Dombey & Son. Charles Dickens.

Donal Grant. Geo. Macdonald.

Donovan. By Edna Lyall.

Dora Deane. Mary J. Holmes.

Dove In the Eagle's Nest. By
Charlotte M. Yonge.

Dream Life. By Ik Marvel.

Duty. By Samuel Smiles.

Early Days of Christianity. By
F. W. Farrar.

East Lynne. Mrs. Henry Wood.

Education. By Herbert Spencer.

Egoist. By George Meredith.

Egyptian Princess. Geo. Ebers.

Eight Hundred Leagues on the
Amazon. By Jules Verne.

Eliot's Poems. By George Eliot.

Emerson's Essays. (Complete.)

Emerson's Poems. Ralph Waldo

Emperor, The. By George Ebers.

English Orphans. M. J. Holmes.

Essays of Elia. Charles Lamb.

Esther. By Rosa N. Carey.

Evangellne. H. W. Longfellow.

Executor. Mrs. Alexander.

Fair Maid of Perth. By Sir Wal-
ter Scott.

Fairy Land of Science. By Ara-
bella B. Buckley.

Far From the Madding Crowd. By

Thomas Hardy.

Faust. (Goethe.) Translated by
Anna Swanwlck.

Felix Holt. By George Eliot.

Fifteen Decisive Battles of the
World. By E. S, Creasy.

File No. 113. Emile Gaboriau.

Firm of Girdlestone. By A. Conan

First Principles. H. Spencer.

First Violin. Jessie Fothergill.

For Faith and Freedom. Walter

Fortunes of Nigel. Walter Scott.

Forty-Five Guardsmen. Alexandra

Fragments of Science. J. Tyndnll.

Frederick the Great and His
Court. Louisa Muhlbach.

French Revolution. T. Carlyle.

From the Earth to the Moon. By

Jules Verne.
Goethe and Schiller. By Louisa


Gold Bug. By Edgar A. Poe.
Gold Elsie. By E. Mftrlltt.
Golden Treasury, The. Francis T.


Goldsmith's Po<?ms.
Good Luck. By F-. Werner.
Grandfather's Chair. Nathaniel

Gray'e Foenjs. Thomas Gray.

Great Expectations. By Dickens.
Greek Heroes. Charles Klngsley.
Green Mountain Boys, The. By

D. P. Thompson.
Grimm's Household Tales.
Grimm's Popular Tales.
Gulliver's Travels. Dean Swift.
Guy Mannering. Walter Scott.
Handy Andy. By Samuel Lover.
Hardy Norseman. Edna Lyall.
Harold. By Bulwer-Lytton.
Harry Lorrequer. Charles Lever.
Heart of Midlothian. By Scott.
Heir of Redclyffe. By Charlotte

M. Yonge.
Hemans' Poems. By Mrs. Felicia


Henry Esmond. W. M. Thack-

Her Dearest Foe. Mrs. Alexan-

Herlot's Choice. Rosa N. Carey.
Heroes and Hero Worship. Thos.


Hiawatha. H. W. Longfellow.
History of a Crime. Victor Hugo.
History of Civilization in Europe.

By Guizot.

Holmes' Pems. O. W. Holmes.
Holy Romau Empire. Jas. Bryce.
Homo Sum. By George Ebers.
Hood's Poems. Thomas Hood.
House of the Seven Gables. By

Nathaniel Hawthorne.
House of the Wolf. By Stanley

J. Weyman.
Hunchback of Notre Dame. By

Victor Hugo.

Hypatia. By Charles Kingsley.
Iceland Fisherman. Pierre Loti.
Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow.

By Jerome K. Jerome.
Iliad, The. Pope's Translation.
Ingelow's Poems.
Initials. Baroness Tautphoeus.
Intellectual Life. By Philip G.

In the Counselor's House. By B.


. In the Golden Days. Edna Lyall.
In the Schillingscourt. E. Mar-
It is Never Too Late to Mend.

By Charles Reade.
Ivanhoe. By Sir Walter Scott.
Jack's Courtship. W. C. Russell.
Jack Hinton. By Charlos Lever.
Jane Eyre. Charlotte Bronte.
John Halifax. By Miss Mulock.
Joshua. By George Ebers.
Joseph Bnlsamo. Alex. Dumas.
Keats' Poems. By John Keats.
Kenilworth. By Sir Walter Scott.
Kidnapped. By R. L. Stevenson.
Kit and Kitty. R. D. Blackmore.
Knickerbocker's History of New

York. Washington Irving.
Kith and Kin. Jessie Fothergill.
Knight Errant. By Edna Lyall.
Koran. Sale's Translation.
Lady of the Lake. Sir W. Scott.
Lady with the Rubies. E. Marlitt.
Lalla Rookh. Thomas Moore.
Last Days of Pompeii. By Bul-

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