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Usual, common. (123.J
Usually, ordinarily. (152.)
Utensils, implements. (364.)
Utility, profitableness. (456.)

558. YA'D-O, I go.

Evade, to elude. (285.)
Evasion, an artifice to elude.

Invade, to enter as an enemy.


YA'S-UM, to go.

Invasion, entrance with hostile

intentions. (445.)
Pervaded, spread through the

whole extent. (663.)

554. YA'O-US, wandering.

1. Vagaries, fancies.

Extravagance, excess. (48.)
Extravagant, excessive.(201.)

Vagabond, an outcast. (182.)
Vagrant, wandering. (74.)
Vague, indefinite. (662.)

1. Who can account for the strange vagaries, which pass through
the brain during sleep ?

555. VAli-EO, I am strong.

1. Invalid, of no legal force.
Available, capable of being

used with advantage. (39.)
Convalescent, recovering

health. (143.)
Invalidate, lessen the force

of. (629.) ,

Invaluable, inestimable. ( 143 . )

Prevalent, current. (145.)
Prevail, succeed. (223.)
Valedictory, a farewell address.

Valiant, brave. (68.)
Valid, of legal force. (3.)
Valor, bravery;. (68.)
Valuable, having worth. (268.)

1. In 1687, while the Assembly was convened (669) at Hartford,
Andross appeared, intending to seize the Charter, and declare it in-
valid. By an adroit stratagem, they managed to eireumvent (669)
him ; and during the period, which intervened (669) before the second
attempt, the Charter was hid in an oak.

556. VE'H-0, 1 carry. YEC'T-TJH, to carry.
Inveigh, to rail against. (179.) | Invectiyi, reproach. (29.)

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6ff7. 7EL'L-0, 1 tear. YUL'S-UK, to tear.
CoNTULSioN, any violent and irregular motion. (414.)

658. VE'L-O, I cover, I conoeal.
1. Developed, disclosed. | Re velation, a disclosing of what

Enveloped, wrapped. (308.)- | was before hidden. (93.)
1. After scarlet fever has developed itself, some other disease fre-
quently superveriM (559).

559. VE'HI-0, 1 come. VEK'TUM, to come.

Adventurers, those who under-
take bold enterprises. (320.)
Circumvent, to deceive by strata-
gem. (555.)
Convened, assembled. (556.)
Convention, assembly. (74.)
Convenient, commodious. (109.)
Conventional, agreed upon.

Event, occurrence. (15.)

Eventually, in the issue. (351.)
Intervened, came between.

Invented, devised. (134.)
Invention, the making of that

which did not exist before*

Prevent, to hinder. (242.)
Supervenes, comes in addition.

Venture, dare. (542.)

To obviaU (570)

560. VEK'T-irS, the wind.
1. Ventilate, afford free circulation of air.

1. The air of a school-room soon becomes impure,
the defect, ventilate the room.

501. TEB'B-UII, a word.

1. Verbatim, word for word.
Proverbs, maxims. (478.)
Verbose, full of words. (457.)

1. Rules and definitions should be studied verbatim, lest, by some
inadvertence (565), an important error should occur.

562. yE'BE-OB, I foar.

Rbvers, regard with respect and

fear. (38.)
Irreverent, wanting in respect.


568. 7EB'0-0, 1 tend toward! .

1. Diverge, recede from each

Verbiage, superabundance of
words. (457.)

Reverential, expressing rever-
ence. (103.)

1. Converge, tend towards each

1. Lines which diverge in one direction, must necessarily cof^
verge in the opposite direction.

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564. VEB'H-IS, a worm.

1. Vermin, noxious little animals, insects, &c (46.)

565. V£B'T-0, 1 tnrn. V£B'S-UM, to turn.

1. Irreversible, not capable of

being revoked.
1. Adversity, calamity.

1. Avert, to turn away.

2. Controversy, disputation.

2. Perverse, obstinately wrong.

2. Convert, to change from one

state to another.

3. Versatility, capability of

turning to new subjects.
Advert, to turn the attention

to. (4.)
Adversary, an enemy. (517.)
Advertise, to publish a no-
tice (3.)
Animadversion, censure. (621.)
Aversion, dislike. (239.)

Controvert, to oppose *in argu-
ment. (621.)
Diversions, amusements. (417.)
Diverse, various. (423.)
Diversity, difference. (118.)
Diversify, to vary. (495.)
Inadvertence, heedlessness.

Perverted, turned in a wrong

direction. (368.)
Perversion, a wrong interpreta-
tion. (530.)
Reversed, changed to an oppo-
site course. (14.)
Subvert, to destroy. (241.)
Subversive, tending to over-
throw. (207.)
Traverse, pass over.


1. Haman, supposing the King's decree to be iT^eversiblCf re-
joiced greatly at the adversity he had brought upon the Jews.
But Esther, hoping to avert the calamity, went before the King, after
devout (686) supplication to God, and obtained a complete victory (673)
over the wicked Haman.

2. Henry VIII. delighted to engage in controversy, but he was
so perverse f that it was impossible to convert him to an opinion,
even when it was obviously (570) correct.

3. The graphic descriptions in Milton's beautiful epic, exhibit the
wonderful versatility of his genius.

566. VE'S-XTS, true.

1. Verifying, proving to be cor-
Verity, truth. (482.)

1 Kepler devoted (586) himself, for ^ars, to the task of verifying
astronomical calculations.

Veracity, truthfulne^. (359.)
Veritable, genuine. (301.)

667. VESnOl-UM, a footstep.

InrvESTTQATB, to soaroh into.


YiSTKn, a trace. (323.)

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668. TEST-IS, a garment

Invest, to surround. (66.)
Vesture, a robe. (423.)

Vests, puts in possession o£

569. VET-US, (VET'EK-IS,) old; anoie&t

Inteterate, fixed by long con- I Veteran, an old soldier. (464.)
tinuance. (125.) |

570. VI'-A, a way.

Detiation, turning aside. f47.)
Imperyious, impenetrable. (133.)
Obtiate, to remove. (660.)

571. VID'E-O, I tee. YI'S-UM, to see.

Obvious, evident. (117.)
Obviously, evidently. (565.)

1. Survey, to look over.

1. Vista, prospect through an


2. Proviso, exception provided

Evidence, proof. (240.)
Evident, apparent. (143.)
Individuals, human beings.

Invisible, not to be seen.

Provided, prepared. (5.)
Providence, forethought. (470.)

Provision, special enactment.

Prudent, wise. (117.)
Supervision, oversiffht. (470.)
View, appearance. (149.)
Visage, the countenance. (428.)
Visible, capable of beins seen.

Vision, sight. (30.)
Visionary, given to reverie,

Visitants, visitors. (336.)
Visitor, one who visits. (322.)

1. To survey the Tuilleries, through the long vista of trees
which line the approach, gives a much better idea of its magnificent
proportions, than a nearer inspection.

2. The* Constitution makes this proviso to the power of amend-
ment: **That no State shall, without its consent, be deprived of its"
vote (586) in the Senate.

57J^. YI'GOB, strength, energy.

Invigorate, to strengthen. (93.) I Vigorous, energetic. (346.)
Vigor, energy. (57.) |


578. Vnr'G-O, I conquer. YICT-inil, to conquer.

Convinced, persuaded. (3.)
Conviction, belief. (39.)
Evince, exhibit. (492.)
Invincible, unconquerable.


Province, a country subject to

a foreign power. (14.)
Victory, success over an enemy.

Victim, a person sacrificed. (89.)

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574. 7IN'D-EX, (YHT'DIC-IS,) a defender; an avenger.

Vindicate, to defend. (314.)
ViNDicTiVB, revengeful. (413.)

Grape-vine, a climbing plarii.

Revenge, to vindicate. (13.)
Vengeance, recompense of evil.

675. VI'N-UM, wine.

1. Vinous, having the qualities

of wine.

2. Vintage, the gathering of the

crop of grapes.

1. Many articles, besides grapes, have vinous qualities ; large
quantities of wine are made from berries.

2. The time of the vintage in France, is a period of great hilarity.

676. VIB, a man.

1. Virago, a bold woman.

1. Xantippe, the wife of Socrates, was a vircigOy noted for her vul'
garity (687), and voluble (584) tongue.

677. VI'B-XrS, poison.

Virulence, malignancy. (413.) [ Virulent, malignant. (525.)

678. VI'T-0, 1 shun, I avoid.

Inevitable, unavoidable. (25.) | Inevitably, unavoidably. (368.)

679. VIT-0, I Uve. VIC'T-UII, to Uve.

1. Vivify, endue with life.
Convivial, festive. (157.)
Victuals, food. (402.)
Vital, highly important. (526.)

Vivacity, liveliness. (143.)
Vividly, in a lively manner.

Vivid, lively. (147.)

1. How quickly, after a long winter, does the returning Enn, vivify
and aninfate the face of nature.

680. YO'C-0, 1 call. YOCA'T-UH, to call.

1. Vociferates, cries out loudly.

Advocate, a pleader. (46.)

Avocation, employment. (117.)

Convocation, an assembly.

Equivocal, ambiguous. (508.)

Invocation, prayer. (389.)

Irrevocable, not capable of
being repealed. (46.)

1. Before making a proclamation in court, a crier vodfercites^
three times, **Oyes;" meaning "oy^," attend.

Provocation, cause of resent-
ment. (174.)
Kevoke, to repeal. (117.)
Vocabulary, a dictionary. (231. J
Vocal, relating to the voice. (74.
Vocation, business. (268.)
Voice, sound uttered by the
mouth. (30.)

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58L YO'L-Otlily. VOLATUM, to fly.
Volatile, fickle. (102.) | Volley, a flight of •hot. (371.)

682. YO'L-0, 1 will, I wiih.


1. Benevolence, desire to

goo J.
1. Voluntary, without compul


2. Maletolence, ill-will.

Benevolent, charitable.(25i.)
Volunteers, voluntary sol-
diers. (22.)

1. The benevolence of Begulus, and his volutUary return to
Carthage, have immortalized him in Boman history.

2. Such was the malevolence of Cato, towards Carthage, that
every speech on the subject ended with «* Carthage must be destroyed."

688. VOLUP'T-AS, pleasnre.
Voluptuous, devoted to luxury and pleasure. (102.)

684. VOL'V-O, I roll. VOLU'T-XTM, to roll.

Bevolution, an entire change

Devolving, resting upon. (320.)
Bevolve, roll around. (485.)
Bevolt, to renounce allegiance.

686. VO'B-0, 1 devour.
Carnivorous, eating flesh. (209.)
Devoured, ate upgreedily.(149.)

in government. (3.)
Voluble, fluent (676.)

Voracity, greediness of appe-
tite. (381.)

686. VO'VE-0, 1 vow. VOT-XTM, to vow.

Devotee, one who is dedicated.

Devout, earnest. (666.)
Vote, suffrage. (571.)

1. Votary, one devoted to some
particular object.
Avowed, declared openly.

Devoted, dedicated. (666.)

1. Queen Elizabeth, the votary of pleasure, was subject to attacks
of the deepest melancholy. '

6tf7. VUL'O.irs, the oommon people.

Divulge, to make known. (142.) i Vulgarism, vulgarity. (151.)
Vulgar, common. (57.) | Vulgarity, grossness. (676.)

688. VITL';T-irS, (VUL'HEB-IS,) a wound.
1. Invulnerable, not capable of I Vulnerable, capable of being
being wounded. | wounded. (617.)

1. The mother of Achilles, in order to render him invtUner€lble,
dipped him in the river Styx.

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Words, whose analysis is obvious, bare been omitted in \he Key; thns, jrart'toMon is
|iTen, but not gravity , because all the parts of gravity are contained ivt fft avitztion, li
inopportune is given, <^pportune is not; i{ inflammatory itt given, inflammation is not.

Words ending in^, may be derived from/acto, or from/y, to make.

Abbreviate. Ab^ brevis, aU,
Abdicate. Abf diccUum,
Aberration. Ab, erraJtvm, ion.
Ability. Habeo^ ity.
Able. HaJw), ble.
Ablution. Ab^ Itdumf ion.
Abrogated. Abtrogaium.
Absent. Abs, entis.
Absolution. Ab^ soltUumy ion.
Abstinence. Abs^ teneOf ence.
Abstract. Abs, tractum.
Abstruseness. Abs^ trusum, nest.
Abundant. Ab, undafaTU.
Acceptable. ACf captum, able.
Accessory. Ac^ cessum, ory.
Acclamation. Ac, damatumf itm.
Acclivity. Ac, divuSt ity.
Accommodate. Ac, com, modtu, ale.
Accomplice. Ac, com, plico.
Accomplished. Ac, com, pleo^ isfi.
Accurate. Ac, eura, ate.
Accu.mtions. Ac, causa, ion.
Acerbity. Acerbus, ity.
Acidity. Addus, ity.
Acidulate. Acidus, ate.
Acquiesced. Ac, quies.
Acquire. Ac, quero.
Acquisition. Ac, quetUum, ion.
Acrid. Acris, id.
Acrimony. Acris, mony.
Actual. Actumy al.
Actuary. Adum, ary.
Acumen. Acuttu.
Adequate. Ad, equus, aie.
Adjacent. Ad,jaceo, ent.
Administer. Ad^ minister.
Administration. Ad, ministri, aie, ion,
Admin^Ie. Ad, mints, able.
Admiraoly. Ad, mirus, a62e, y.
Admiration. Ad, mirus, ion.
Admonish. Ad, moneo, ish.
Admonition. Ad, monitum, ion.
Admonitory. Ad, monitum, ory.
Adoration. Ad, oralum, ion.
Adventurers. Ad, venium,ure, er.
Advei-sary. Ad, versum, ary.
Adversity. Ad, versuMf ity.
Advertise. Ad, verto, ise.
Advocate. Ad. vocatum.
Affability. A/,fan,ble,ity.
Affectation. A/,fadum, ion.
AflSanced. Af,fido, ance.
Affirmation. Af, firmus, ion.
Affirmative. Af,fl.rmuSt ioe.
Affinity. Af, finis, Uy,
Affliction. Af,flictum^ ion.
Affluence. Af,fluo, ence.
Agjgrjandize. Ag, grandiSf ise.
Aggntvatibo. Agtora^fBee^iim.
Aggr^t^ Ag,gngi»t€itB.

Agressions. Ag. gressum, ion.
Agriculture. Agri, cultum, ure.
Alienation. Alienus, ate, ion.
Aliment. AUtum, ment.
Allegations. Al, legaium, ion.
Allegiance. Al, ligo, ance.
Alleviate. Al, levo, ate. *

Allusions. aU lusum, ion.
Altercation. Alter, at«, ion.
Alternately. Altemus, ate, ly.
Alternative. Altemus, ate, ive.
Altitude. Alius, tude.
Amanuensis. A, manus.
Ambient. Amb, itum, ent. «
Ambition. Amb, itum, ion.
Ameliorate. A, melior, ate.
Amicable. Amicus, aide.
Amity. Amicus, ity.
Ammunition. Am, munitum, ion.
Amount. A, montis.
Amplification. Amplus,facio, ion.
Amplify. Amplus,fy.
Amplitude. Amplus, tude.
Amply. Amplus, y.
Amputation. Am, putatum, ion.
Ancestor. Ante, cessum, or.
Angular. Angulus, ar.
Animadversion. Animus, ad, ion.
Animadverted. Animus, ad, verto.
Animalcule. Anima, al, cuU,
Animation. Anima, ate, ion.
Animosity. Animvx, ity.
Annexation. An, nexum, ion.
Annihilation. An, nihil, ate, ion.
Antecedent Ante, cedo, ent.
Antediluvians. Ante, diluvium, on.
Anticipation. Anti, capio, ate, ion.
Antiquary. Antiquus, ary.
Antiquated. Antiquus, ate.
Antique. Antiquus.
Anxiety. Anzi, ty.
Apartment. A, partis, ment.
Aperture. Apertum, ure.
Apparatus. Ap,paraiuan.
Apparel. Ap, paro.
Apparent. Ap, pareo, etU.
Apparitions. Ap, paritum, ion.
Appendix. Ap, pendo.
Appetite. Ap, peto, ite.
Application. Ap, plicatum, ion.
Applying. Ap,plico.
Appreciate. Ap, predum^ aU.
Apprised. Ap, prehensum.
Approach. Ap, prope.
Approbation. Ap, pro^)aium, ion.
Appropriate. Ap, pnynrius, a!9.
Approximate. Ap, proxinuOi ""^
Aptitude. Aptus, tude,
AcA^itio^. Aqm, ic.
k^^SmX AquOt^luaUM,


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AqneoQi. JquatOUt.

Arable. JrOtObU.

Arbitrary. Arbiter, arp.

Arbitrator. Arbiter, aU, vr»

Arbor. Arbor,

Ardent. Ardto, ettt

Ardor. Ardeo,

Argne. Arguo.

ArgnmeDtative- Arguo, ment, iee.

Aimada. Arma,

i^rmistice. Arma, tic, ice.

A rmorer. Arma, or, tr,

Aimory. Arma, cry.

Army. Arma, y.

Arrested. Ar,re,st<K

Arrogance. Ar, rogo, ones.

Arson. Argum.

Articulation. Artictdtu, ate, ion.

Artificer. Artit,facio, er.

Artist. Artie, isL

Asperity. Aeper, ity.

Aspirant. A, tpiro, anL

Aspirations. A, ^aurtUun, ion.

Assailants. As, ealio, anL

Asscrtor. Ae, sertum, or.

Asseveration. As, seoerue, ate, ion.

Assiduous. As, smeo, ous.

Assimilate. As, simuis, ate.

Association. As, socita, ate, ion.

Assumption. As, tumptum^ ion.

Astringent. A, strir^o, ent.

Attempt. At, tettto.

Attendance. At, tendo, ance.

Attention. At, tensum, ion.

Attenuate. At, tenuis, aU,

Attractiye. At, tradum, ive.

Auctioneer. Avctum, ion, eer,

AudibLe. Audio, ble.

Auditory. Auditum, ory.

Augment. Augto, menL

Augury. Augur, y.

Auspicious. Auspids, ous.

Authority. Auctum, or, ity.

Auxiliary. AuxUium, ary.

Available. A, valeo, able.

Aversion. A, versum, ion.

Avocation. A, tfoeatum, ion.

Avowed. A, voveo.

Bankrupt. Euptum, (banco, • bench.)

Barbarous. Barbarus, ous.

Beatitude. Beatus, tude.

Benediction. Bene, dictum, ion.

Benefaction. Bene,factum, ion.

Beneficent. B(ne,jfacio, ent, .

Benefit. Bene, /ado.

Benevolent. Bene, voto, ent

Benignity. Bene, ity.

Betray. Be, traho.

Biennial. Bini, annus, aL

Biped. Bini, pedis.

Bounty. Rmiu, ty.

Brevity. Brevis, ity.

Cadence, Oxdo, ence.

Calculate. OcUcuUts, ate.

Candidate. Oandeo, id, ate.

Candor. Oandeo, or.

Canine. Qzntf, tne.

Canticle. Ointus, de,

Capbcions. Oapio, ous.

Capacitate Cupio, ity, ate.

Capital. Capitis, eO,

Capitation. Capitis, eOe, <Mk

Capitulate. Oxpitis, ate.

Captions. Oiptum, ous.

Capture. Cbptum, ure.

Captivate. Oa,ptuM, ive, ate.

Carcass. Ozro.

Carnage. Oaimis, age.

Career. Qaro, eer.

Caress. Cdrus.

Carnivorous. Camis, voro, ous.

Caskigation. OasUgo, ate, urn.

Casualty. CUsum, cU, ty.

Caution. Cautio, ion.

Cavil. CavUla,

Ceaseless. Oessum, less.

Celebration. Odebris, aJte,ion,

Celebrity. Celebris, ity.

Celerity. Oeler, ity.

Celestial. Oodum, at

Cellar. Cdla, ar.

Censorious. Omseo, or, ous.

Censurable. Censeo, ure, able.

Census. Censeo.

Centenarian. Centum, ary, ion.

Centennial. Centmn, annus, ai.

Centurion. Ckntum, ion.

Century. Oenium, ry.

Certificate. Certta,faeio, ate.

Certify. Oertus.fy.

Cessation, (ksium, ion.

Cbant. Oantus.

Charnel-house. Caro,

Cinders. Cineris, er.

Circuitous. Circus, Hum, ous.

Circulate. Circus, ate.

Circun^acent. Circum,jacen, enU.

Circumlocution. C^rcum, locutut, ion.

Circumnavigation, drcum, namSf ago, at^

Circumscribed. Cireum, scribo.
Circumstance. Cireum, sto, anoe.
Circumvent Cireum, ventum.
Cite. ato.
Citizen. Civis.
Civic. Civis, ic.
Civilian. Civis, ian.
Civilization. Civis, ize, um.
Clamorous. Clamo, or, ous.
Clandestine. Clandestinus.
Clarion. Clarus, ion.
Classical. CLassxs, ic, aL
Classification. Classis,faoio,ion,
Clemency. Clemens, y.
Coalesce. Co, aio.
Coalition. Co, alitum, ion.
Code. Codex.
Coercion. Co, arceo, ion.
Coeval. Cb, evum, aL
Cogent. Cb, ago, enL
Coincidence. Cb, in, cado, moe.
Coincided. Cb, in, cado.
Collapse. Col, lapsus.
Collateral. Col, lateris, al.
Colleague. CbZ, l^o.
Collect. Col, ledum.
Colloquy. Col, loquor, y.
Colloquial. Od, loquor, ed.
Colonies. Oolo, y.
Colonists. Cdo, id.

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Oombine. 0>m, hini.
Comfort. Oomyfortis,
Comity. ComUis, y.
Command. Conij mando.
Commemorate. Cbm, manor, ate.
Commerce. Oom, fnercor.
Commiserated. Cbm, migery ate.
Commissary. Com, mismm, ary,
Commissionen. Cam, missttm, ion, er.
Committing. Oom, mitto.
Commodity. Com, modtu, ity.
Common. Com, munus.
Commotion. Com, motum, ion.
Commnnication. Om, munus, ate, ion.
Coramnuicative. Qmt, muntu, ate, ive.
Community. Cbn», munxu, ity.
Compact. Oam,padtu.
Compare. Com, par.
Compassionate. Com, passtu, ion, ale.
Compatriot. Cbm,palri8.
Compelled. Com, pello.
Compendious. Cbm, pendo, out.
Compendium. Com, pendo.
Compensate. Com, pensum, ale.
Competent. Cbm, ptto, ent.
Competition. Com,ptiitum,ion.
Compile. Orm, pUo.
Complacence. Cbm, placeo, enoe.
Complement Com, pleo, ment.
Completely. Com, pUtum, ly.
Complexion. Cbm, plexum, ion.
Complicated. Cbm, pUcatum.
Composure. Qmt, poeitum, ure.
Comprehend. Cbm,prehendo.
Compressible. Onn, prasum, ^jie.
Comprised. Cbm, prehenmm.
Compromise. C&m,pro,mitgum.
Gpmpulsory. Cbm^putmm, ory.
Compunction. Com. punctttm, ion.
Concealment Con, odo, ment
Concede. Cbn, cedo.
Conceive. Cbn. capio.
Conception. Cbfi, captum, ion.
Concern. Cbn, cemo.
Concert Cbn, oerlo.
Conciliatory. Cbnctlttim, aie, ory. •
Concise. Cbn, catum.
Conclusive. Cbn, cLumrn^ ive.
Concoct Cbn, ooctum.
Concomitant Cbn,oomt^, ant
Concordance. Cbn, cordig, anoe.
Concourse. Cbn, eurmm.
Concussion, fhn, qiuuswn, ion.
Condemn. Cbn, ctamnwm.
Condensation. Cbn, densiu, ate, ion.
Condescend. Cbn, de, icando.
' Condign. Cbn, dtanut.
Condition. Cbn, datum, ion.
Condole. Cbn, doleo.
Conduct Cbn, ductum.
Conduit Cbn, ductum.
Confederacy. Oon,federii, acy.
Conference. Cbny/ero, enoe.
Confidential. Cbn,Jido. ent, aL
Confinement Q>n,Jintt, menL
Confirmation. Con,Armtu, ion.
Confiscation. Cbn,^cta, ate, ion.
Confiagration Oon,flagro, ion.
Confiict Oon,ftictum,
Conflaence. Cbn,JU»,eme^

Conformity. Om,:hrma, ity.
Confront (fon,frontis.
Conftision. Om,futum,iom.
Congeal. Con, gdu.
Congenial. Cbn, genue, at,
Congregation. Con, gregit, ale, ion*
Congress. Cbn, gretstu.
Coi\jectured. Cbn,jaclum, ure.
Conjugal. Cbn, junao, aL
Conjuncture. Cbn,jundum, wre.
Coi\jured. Oon,juro.
Connection. Cbn, necto, ion.
Conquest Con, quauUum.
Consanguinity. Cbn, sangidnue, ify.
Conscientious. Cbn, ecientia, out.
Consciousness. Cbn, scio, out, nets.
Conscription. Cbn, eerijkum, ion.
Consecrated. Om, tacer, ate.
Consecutive. CbTi, secutus, ive.
Consent Cbn, sentio.
Consequence. Cbn, sequor, enoe.
Consoled. Con-, eciCor.
Consolidate. Om, eoUdu*, ate.
Consonant Cbn, sonus, anL
Consort Cbtt, sortie.
Conspicuous. Cbn, ^oecio, out.
Conspiracy. Cbn, spiro, acy.
Constantly. Cbn, Ao, ant, ly,
^Constellation. Cbn, stella, ion.
Consternation. Cbn, stemo, ion.
Constitution. Cbn, statum, ion.
Construction. Cbn, ttructum, ion.
Construed. Cbn. etruo.
Consumption. Cbn, tumptum, ion.
Contagion. Cbn, tango, ion.
Contemporary. Cbn, temporis, ary,
Contenninons. Cbn, terminus, ous.
Contested. Cbn, testis.
Context Cbn, textum.
Contiguity. Cbn, tango, ity.
Contingent Cbn, tango, enL
Continual. Cbn, Ixneo, oL
Continuity. Cbn, teneo, ity.
Contortions. Cbn, tortum, ion.
Contradictory. Omtra, dictum, cry.
Contribute. Cbn, tributum.
Controversy. Oontro, versum, y.
Contumacious. Cbn, tumeo, acy, mu.
Contumely. Cbn, tWMo, y.
Contusion. Cbn, tusum, ion.
Convalescent. Cbn, valeo, eseenL
Convenient. Con, venio, ent
Conventional. C^ venUtm, ion, oL
Conviction. Cbn, victum, ion.
Convivial. Cbn, vivo, aL
Convocation. Cbn, vocatum, iom.
Convulsion. Cbn, vulsum, ion.
Co-operate. Cb, opera, ate.
Cordiality. C&rdu,al,ity,
Comet Cbmti, et
ComncopisB. Cbrmi, eopim.
Coronation. Corona, ion.
Coroner. Corona, er.
Coronet. Corona, et
Corporation. Corporis, crfe. 1m,
Corporeal. Corporis, aL
Corpulent Corpus, ent.
Corpuscle. Cbrpus, de.
CorrectioQ. Oar, rectum, iom,
Ooarrespond. Cbr,re,^ *

Digitized by VjOOQ IC



CorrobonttiTo. Oor, robur, aU, ive,
Gorrnpt. Cbr, ruptum,
CSouncil. OmcUium.
Coniitcuance. Cbn, tenen, anee,
Coupterfeit. Counter^ facto.
Counteroiand. CbunUr, numdo.
Courier. CurrOf tr.
Crontor. Creaiumy or.
Credentials. Cr^o^ aL
Credible. Credo^ ibU.
Credit. Creditum.
Credulous. Credo^ out.
Criiniiuil. CriminiSt aL
Crucial. Crucis, aL
Crude. Crudus.
Culpable. Culpa, aJblt.
Cultivate. Cut turn, ate.
Cumulative. Cumulo^ aUf ive.
Curable. Cura, able.
Curate. Cura, ate.
Curious. Cura, out.
Currency. Curro^ ency.
Cursory. Otnum, cry.
Custody. Custodis, y.
CutiineouB. Cutis^ out.
. Debilitated. De, liabeo, ity^ ate.
Debtor. Debttum, or.
Decapitate. De^ capUitf ate.
Decay. />«, <xuio.
Decease. De, cestum.
Decency. Decent, y.
Decennial. Decent^ anftut, at
Decide. De, ccedo.
Deciduous. De, cado^ out.
Decisive. De^ ceetum, ive.
Declamation. De, clamcdumj ion.
Declaration. De, clarut, ion.
Declivity. De, clivis, Hy.
Decoction. De, coctum, ion.
Decorate. Decor, ate.
Decorum. Decor.
Decree. De, cretum.
Decrepitude. De, crepitumf ude.
Dedicate. De, dicatum,
Derumatory. De,fama,ory,
Defective. De, factum, ive.
Defenceless. De,fentum, lett,
Defendan t. De, fendo, ant.
Deference. De,fero,ence,
Defini ti ve. De, fmit, its, ive.
Deformity. De. forma, ity.
Defraud. De,jraudit.
Degradation. De, gradior, ion.
Deign. Dignut.
Deist. Deut, itt.
Deity. Deut, ity.
Dejection. De,jadum, ion,
Deittgiited. De, fegatum.
Deliberation. De, Ubratum, ion.
Delineate. De, linea, ate.
Delinquent De, Unquo, ent.
Delusion. De, lutum, ion.
Demolition. De, molitut, ion.
Demonstrate. De, monttratum.
Demoralize. De, merit, of-, ixe.
Denomination. De nomsn, att, iomk
Denounce. De, nunekK
Density. Dentut, iM*
Dentists Dentit^itt
Dtot24^ JJ^na^ktM,

Denunciation. De, nundatum, to «.

Deny. De, nego.

Department. De, partit, menL

Depict. De, picdum.

Deplorable. De, ploro, aUe.

Deposition. De, potitum, ion.

Deprecate. De, precatut.

Depreciated. De, predum, ate.

Depredator. De, preda, aie, or.

Deprive. De, privut.

Deputation. De, putatttm, ion.

Deputy-governor. De, puto, y, guhemOt •

Derisiou. De, ritum, ion.

Derived. De, rivtu.

Derogatory. De, rrgatum, cry,

Ddscant De, cantut.

Describes. De, tcribo.

Desecrate. De, tacer, ate.

Deserters. De, tertum, er.

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