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Index, Map of Gaul, Plan of the Bridge, &c. By
Prof. George Stuart. Price by mail, postpaid,


*■ Explanatory Notes, Lexicon, Remarks on Classical
Versification, Index of Proper Names, &c. By Prof.
Thomas Chase. Price by mail, postpaid, ;?i.2S.

VIRGIL'S iENEID. With Explanatory Notes, Met-
• rical Index, Remarks on Classical Versification,
Index of Proper Names, &c. By Prof. Thomas
Chase. Price by mail, postpaid, ;?i.5o.


TUM. With Explanatory Notes, Lexicon, &c. By
Prof. George Stuart. Price by mail, postpaid,

r ICERO'S SELECT ORATIONS. Wifli Explanatory

^ Notes, Lexicon, Life of Cicero, List of Consuls

during his Life, Plan of the Roman Forum and

its Surroundings, &c. By Prof. George Stuart.

Price by mail, postpaid, ^1.50.


WAR. With Explanatory Notes, Lexicon, &c.
By Prof. George Stuart. Price by mail, post-
paid, ;?i.25.

rORNELIUS NEPOS. With Explanatory Notes,
^ Lexicon, &c. By Prof. George Stuart. Price
by mail, postpaid, $1.25.


•■"'• With Explanatory Notes, Metrical Key, Index of
Proper Names, &c. By Prof. Thomas Chase.
Price by mail, postpaid, ^1.50.

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I IVY. BOOKS I., XXI. AND XXII. With extracts
*^ from Books ix. , xxvi. , xxxv. , xxxviii. , xxxix. , and

XLV. With Explanatory Notes, Geographical Index,
&c. By Prof. Thomas Chase. Price by mail,
postpaid, ;?


^ With Explanatory Notes, &c. By E. P. Crowell,
A.M., Professor of Latin, and H. B. Richardson,
Instructor of Latin in Amherst College. Price by
mail, postpaid, ;?i.25.

riCERO DE OFFICIIS. With Explanatory Notes,

^ &c. By E. P. Crowell, A.M., Professor of Latin

in Amherst College. Price by mail, postpaid, ;? i . 25 .

Teachers who are not familiar with these books are invited to
examine them, and judge for themselves whether our claim for
them is extravagant when we assert, that
As ClaBsical Text-books

They have no Superiors.




By John S. Hart, LL.D., Professor of Rhetoric and of
the English Language in the College of New Jersey.
The Series comprises the following volumes, viz. :
First Lessons in Composition, . . . Price, $0.90

Composition and Bhetoric, ... '* 1.60

A Short Course in literature, ... ** 1.60

And for Colleges and Higher Institutions of Learning :
A Manual of American Literaturci " 8.60

A Hannal of English Literature, . ** 2^0

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Hart's First Lessons in Composition is intended for beginners.
A greater help to the Teacher never was invented. It will revo-
lutionize the whole work of teaching. By the increased power of
expression which it gives to the pupil, it doubles his progress in
every study. There is not a school but in which a class can be
formed for its advantageous use. Any pupil able to read tolerably
well can use it to advantage.

Hart's Composition and Rhetoric has been prepared with a full
knowledge of the wants of both teacher and scholar in this impor-
tant branch of education, and the author has spared no pains to
make the book eminently practical and adapted to use in the class-
room. Dr. Hart has been engaged for more than one-third of a
century in the practical duties of the school-room, and for years
past has made a specialty of the subject of which the present volume
treats. The great variety and copiousness of the " Examples for
Practice" will commend the book to general favor. In this respect
it is unequalled by any similar work heretofore published.

Hart's Short Course in Literature, English and American, is
intended as a text-book for Schools and Academies. It is designed
for the use of those who have not the time to devote to the study
of Literature as laid down in the larger books of the Series.

Hart's Manual of English Literature is intended as a text book
for Colleges, and as a book of reference.

Hart's Manual of American Literature is a companion volume
to the " English Literature," with which it corresponds in general
character and design. It is intended as a text-book for Colleges,
and as a book of reference.

In these volumes Prof. Hart has embodied the matured fruits of
his life-long studies in this department of letters. We believe they
will be found in advance of any other text-books on the subject, in
the comprehensiveness of the plan, the freshness of much of the
materials, the sound judgment shown in the critical opinions, the
clearness with which the several topics are presented, and the beauty
as well as the practical convenience of the mechanical arrangements.

The scholarly culture and excellent literary judgment displayed,
entitle these books to a high place among the works on English liter-
ature. The plan and arrangement present many novel features,
and the thoroughness of detail, brevity and precision of statement,
elegance of style, and soundness of opinion which characterize the
volumes, call for the sincerest commendation.

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" Text-Book for Schools, Academies, Colleges, and
Families. By Joseph C. Martindale, M.D., late
Principal of the Madison Grammar School, Phila-
delphia. Price by mail, postpaid, ill. 30.
The study of Physiology and the Laws of Health is as important
as it is interesting. Its importance has become so generally recog-
nized that there are now few schools in which it does not occupy a
prominent position in the course of instruction. Dr. Martindale's
Anatomy, Physiology, and Hygiene presents the following claims
to the consideration of teachers. Technicalities have been avoided,
so far as consistent with the treatment of the subject. The style in
which it is written is not only pleasing, but such as to be readily
comprehended by those for whose use it is designed. Superfluous
matter has been omitted, so that the book can be completed in a
much shorter period than any other text-book on the subject as yet

Descriptive circular sent on application.


-■• For Beginners. By Joseph C. Martindale, M. D. ,
late Principal of the Madison Grammar School.
Pri^e by mail, postpaid, 60 cents.

This book is what its title indicates, " First Lessons in Natural
Philosophy ; " and it presents each division of the subject in such
an easy and familiar style, that it cannot fail to interest and instruct
any child of ordinary intelligence. Beginning as it does in a simple
and easy manner, it secures the interest of the pupil by first directing
his attention to objects in nature with which he is familiar. When
the interest is thus excited, the subject is gradually unfolded by
presenting, one after another, the familiar things met with in the
every -day walks of life ; thus, the most common objects are made
the means of teaching great philosophical truths. Only so much
of the subject is presented as can be taught with profit in our public
and private schools, yet what has been given will be found to em-
brace all the more common phenomena met with in every- day life.
The facts are so clearly and so plainly set forth, that they are en-

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tirely capable of comprehension by those for whose use and benefit
this little work is 4esigned.

Teachers interested in the " Object Lesson " system of teaching
will find this little book a valuable aid, in furnishing subjects for

Circular containing specimen pages, See, sent to any address on

^ AND ACADEMIES. By Joseph W. Wilson,
A.M., Professor of Mathematics in the Philadel-
phia Central High School. Price by mail, post-
paid, ill. 25,

The present work is the result of an effort to produce an Ele-
mentaiy Algebra suited to the wants of classes commencing the
study. It has been prepared by one who for years has felt the need
of just such a book, and is the fruit of long experience in the

With this book in hand, the pupil cannot help avoiding the diffi-
culties which invariably present themselves at the very threshold
of the study of Algebra.

The great aim, throughout, has been to make everything as plain
as the nature of the subject would permit. There is a continual
review and repetition of whatever has been learned. Much more
attention than usual has been given to Fractions, as a drill on them
is believed to be essential to a full comprehension of Algebraic
operations, and a ready facility in performing them.

It has been the aim to give such a presentation of the subject as
will meet the wants of Common Schools and AcademiesT It is an
elementary work, and no attempt has been made to include every-
thing which might be brought under the head of Algebra. The
treatment of the subject is on the principle of •* step by step,** so
that the pupil at the very outset is inspired with a degree of confi-
dence which induces self-reliance; rendering unnecessary a con-
stant application to the teacher for help.

The book is commended to teachers in the hope that it will satisfy
a need which the author has himself frequently felt.

Descriptive circular sent on application.

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for the Use of Teachers, Business Men, Academies,
High Schools, and Commercial Colleges. By John
Groesbeck, Consulting Accountant, and. Principal
of Crittenden's Philadelphia Commercial College.
Price by mail, post-paid, I1.50.
In every High School and Academy in the land, the organization
of a class in Commercial Arithmetic, Business Calculations and
Forms, will prove an element of popularity and success that will
yield rich results. The subject itself is so intrinsically valuable as
a means of developing thought, that, were this the only result to be
gained, it would be entitled to and should receive the special atten-
tion of the progressive teacher. But apart from this, the introduc-
tion of a study so interesting in itself, so attractive to the scholar,
and having so direct a bearing on his future welfare, will, in many
an instance, decide the welfare of a school, directing the channel
of popular opinion in its favor, and prove the means of filling it
with students anxious to secure its advantages.

Circulars containing full descriptive notice, testimonials, &c., will
be sent to any address on application.

A MANUAL OF ELOCUTION. Founded upon the

"• Philosophy of the Human Voice, with Classified

Illustrations, Suggested by and Arranged to meet

the Practical Difficulties of Instruction. By M. S.

Mitchell. Price by mail, post-paid^ ^li-So.


Articulation, Pronunciation, Accent, Emphasis, Modulation,
Melody of Speech, Pitch, Tone, Inflections, Sense, Cadence, Force,
Stress, Grammatical and Rhetorical Pauses, Movement, Reading
of Poetry, Action, Attitude, Analysis of the Principles of Gestures,
and Oratory.

The compiler cannot conceal the hope that this glimpse of our
general literature may tempt to individual research among its treas-
ures, so varied and inexhatistible ; — that this text-book for the

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school-room may become not only teacher, but friend, t8 those in
whose hands it is placed, and while aiding, through systematic de-
velopment and training of the elocutionary powers of the pupil, to
overcome many of the practical, difficulties of instruction, may
accomplish a higher work in the cultivation and refinement of
character. •

THE MODEL SPEAKER: Consisting of Exercises
"■• in Prose, Poetry, and Blank Verse, Suitable for
Declamation, Public Readings, School Exhibitions,
&c. Compiled for the Use of Schools, Academies,
Colleges, and Private Classes, by Prof. Philip
Lawrence. Price by mail, post-paid, ^1.50.

The book is printed on superfine, tinted paper, and handsomely
and durably bound in fine English cloth, with bevelled sides. For
variety and freshness of selections, beauty of mechanical execution,
and economy in price, it is unequalled by any similar work extant.

Great care has been taken to consult the authorized editions of
the various writers represented, that the extracts from their works
may be relied upon as accurate ; though, in some instances, pre-
ference has been given to an early edition, when, in later issues,
the alterations have not been deemed improvements. Many poems
have been introduced which have never before found their way into
any book of selections, being now for the first time published in
this country in a permanent form.

It is believed that this book will be found admirably adapted for
use as a "Reader,'* either in connection with any of the regular
series of reading books, or to be taken up by classes that, having
used the higher readers of the different series, need variety as an
incentive to interest. For this purpose we particularly commend
it to the attention of Principals of Academies, Seminaries, High
Schools, Normal Schools, and Institutions for Young Ladies.

Descriptive Circular, containing entire List of Contents, sent to
any address on application.

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MODEL DEFINER. An Elementary Book for
Beginners, containing Definitions, Etymology, and
Sentences as Models, exhibiting the correct use of
Words. By A. C. Webb. Price by mail, post-
paid, 25 cents.

THE MOBEL ETYMOLOGY. Giving not only the
'■' Definitions, Et)niiology, and Analysis, but also that
which can be obtained only from an intimate ac-
quaintance with the best authors, viz. : the correct
use of Words. With a Key containing the analysis
of every word which could present any difficulties
to the learner. By A. C. Webb. Price by mail,
post-paid, 60 cents.
The plan adopted in the Model Definer and Model Etymology is
not new. All good Dictionaries illustrate the meaning by a Model.
To quote from a good author, a sentence containing the word, as
proof of its correct use, is the only authority allowed. A simple
trial of the work, either by requiring the child to form sentences
similar to those given, or by memorizing the sentences as models
for future use, will convince any one of the following advantages to
be derived from the Model Word-Book Series.

1. Saving of time.

2. Increased knowledge of words.

3. Ease to teacher and scholar.

4. A knowledge of the correct use of words.

Descriptive Circular sent on application. '


STATES. From the Discovery of America to the
close of the late Rebellion. By Joseph C. Mar-
TiNDALE, M.D., Principal of the Madison Grammar
School, Philadelphia. Price by mail, post-paid,
60 cents.

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With this book in his hand, the scholar can in a single school-
term obtain as complete a knowledge of the History of the United
States as has heretofore required double the time and effort.

Descriptive circular sent on application.


•■• Elementary Lessons and Exercises in Translating
from English into French. By M. A. Longstreth,
Principal of a Seminary for Young Ladies, Phila-
delphia. Price by mail, postpaid, |5i.oo.

•■• Aid to the Study of the Latin Grammar. By Amos
N. Currier, A.M., Professor of Latin in the Uni-
versity of Iowa. In Preparation.

A FRENCH VERB BOOK ; or, the New Expositor
" of Verbs in French. By Ernest Lagarde, A.M.,
Professor of Modem Languages in Mount St. Mary's
College. Price by mail, postpaid, Ji.oo.
Lagarde's French Verb Book embraces a comprehensive analysis
of the conjugations, a new method for the formation and use of the
tenses, and a complete paradigm of all the verbs, the whole ex-
plained and exemplified by full illustrations. It is believed that
the book will be found a valuable aid to the study of the French


^ pendium of the Grammatical Rules of the French
Language. By F. A. Br^gy, A.M., Professor of
French in the University of Pennsylvania.


PABT FIBST. Price by mail, postpaid, 75 cents.
PABT SECOHB. " " 50 «

PABT THIBD. In Preparation.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

These hand-books can be advantageously used in connection with
any system. They lead the student from the first elements of the
language to and through the principal rules of the French Syntax,
enabling him, in a short time, to master intelligently what otherwise
would prove a tedious and difficult task.


^ Poetical Selections for Children. Price by mail,
postpaid, 50 cents.

That sympathy which loves to link the present with, the past, has
prompted the preparation of this volume. Simply to make a child
glad-, is a worthy motive for storing its mind with poetic utterances,
especially when the remembrance of such happiness becomes a
well-spring of delight for a lifetime.

This little book is intended for childrei^ not more than nine or
ten years of age, and the compiler would feel it a good excuse for
adding another book to those already extant, should the little ones
find pleasure in it.

IN THE SCHOOL-ROOM; or. Chapters in the

'^ Philosophy of Education. By John S. Hart,

LL.D., Principal of New Jersey State Normal

School. Price by mail, postpaid, ^1.25.

This work gives the results of the experience and observation

of the author "in the School-room" for a period of years extending

over more than one-third of a century.

No teacher can afford to be without it.
It is a teacher's library in a single book.
Descriptive circular sent on application.

THE MODEL ROLL-BOOK, No. i. For the Use

•■• of Schools. Containing a Record of Attendance,
Punctuality, Deportment, Orthography, Reading,
Penmanship, Intellectual Arithmetic, Practical Arith-
metic, Geography, Grammar, Analysis, Parsing and
History, and several blanks for special studies not
enumerated. Price by mail, postpaid, ;Jl5.oo.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


THE MODEL ROLL-BOOK, No. 2. For the use

•■• of High Schools, Academies and Seminaries. Con-
taining a Record of all the studies mentioned in
Roll-Book No. I, together with Declamation, Elo-
cution, Algebra, Geometry, Composition, Rhetoric,
French, Latin, Philosophy, Physiology, and several
blanks for special studies not enumerated. Price
by mail, post-paid, ;g5.oo.
Since the fiist publication of the Model Roll-Books, they have
been very materially improved. They have been made uniform in
size and price ; each page has been arranged to exhibit a record for
one month, and space has been assigned for a monthly summary.
These Roll-Books are in use in the leading schools in Boston, New
York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Chicago, and St. Louis,
and very extensively in Academies, Seminaries, and High Schools
throughout the Country. They will, on examination, he found to be
the most complete and practical yet published. All teachers who
use them speak of them with unqualified approval.


BOOK. A Roll-Book, Record, and Grade-Book
combined. Adapted to all grades of classes, whether
in College, Academy, Seminary, High or Primary
School. Handsomely bound in fine English cloth,
bevelled sides, crimson edges. Price by mail, post-
paid, 65 cents.

* aid in securing the co-operation of parents. It con-
sists of a Record of the Attendance, Deportment,
Recitations, &c. , of the Scholar, for every day in
the week. At the close of the week it is to be sent
to the parent or guardian for his examination and
signature. Copies will be mailed to teachers for
examination, post-paid, on receipt of ten cents.
Price per dozen, by mail, post-paid, IJ1.05.

Digitized by CjOOQIC


* character of the Monthly Report is the same as that
of the Model School Diary, excepting that it is in-
tended for a Monthly instead of a Weekly Report of
the Attendance, Recitations, &c., of the Pupil.
Copies will be mailed to teachers for examination,
postpaid, on receipt of ten cents. Price per dozen,
by mail, postpaid, ^1.05.

DOOK- KEEPING BLANKS. Consisting of six

^ blank books, as follows : Day Book, Cash Book,
Ledger, Journal, Bill Book, and Book for Miscel-
laneous Exercises. Price for each book by mail,
postpaid, 15 cents; or the entire set of six books by
mail, postpaid, 90 cents.

These books have been prepared as a matter of practical con-
venience for students in Book-keeping. They can be used with any
treatise, and will be sold singly or in sets, as may be desired.

Teachers corresponding with us are requested to supply us with
a copy of the circular or catalogue of the school of which they are
the Principal, or with which they are connected.

Descriptive circulars of all our publications will be sent to any
address on application.

Please address,


No. 17 North Seventh Street,


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