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Btatisttaa Tables 282

Cotton Betmns.

Ocm Prices.

Imports ol Agricultural Produce.

8o?e»Biat Pablications 234

Board pf Trade Returns and Labour Gaaette. Note of Foreign and Colonial OflSce
Reports, also of certain other Government Publications having a bearing upon
trsde, issued during the week. List of Foreign Office Reports, arranged
geographically, also a List of Colonial Office Reports issued since the beginning
of the year.

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tUgenoe Branch of the Board of Trad^. ^

iii I'HE BOABD OF TRADE JOURNAL.— ildwrii«etnen<<. [Oct. 81, 190;

BvBMK Ttes ^EM^mSf B7 SmoUI AmdntBMBt

Mahwaotubsm. JttmStB^i^ to^»SlM.

OoBtraeton to tha Wmr OfllM and prliMlp(U lallvay OtmpaBlM. m m^




Ursest a nd Most Up»to-date Rubber Mills in Grea t Britaia.

Writ* for Lstoot Pricoo and Paitladoro*

TNE SIRDAR RUBBER CO., LTD., 34» Baker Straot, LoiNloa, W.

Vorks: SUrland Bond, Faddiiwton, London, W. TaUnapbie Addraaaoa: ''ttrdv."

MiUi: QTMuUnd IfUU, Bradibfd-on^Toa. TMaplioiM: 81, Marfair; 7ftl. Dakliai ITitioMl m,
DopoU: «. Harooart 8t^ Dublin; North St., Ola«gov; Okvinff €koaa, Olamow MM OodnO, IffonekiilB.

24B,^ — ^ . —


*' OCEAN " BRAND. No addition of water raqnind.






Foreign Hard and Mcy Wood Hercliants,


Importon -^t Beefirood, Black Ebony, Blackwood, Bird Kye Maple.
Boxwood, Penot Oedar, Oomel, Oooobolo, CkMUWOod, Hickory, Laaoewood,
Lignmn Vit«, Fartridgewood, Penimmons, Bosewood, Sabioo, Satinwood,
Budwwood, Tolipwood, Walnut (OircaMiaa and Ameriean)^ Tewtree,
Sapalwo, Babrawood, Ac, Ae.

lannfacturers of Asli Boat Oais, Handspikes, and of
Goiiiel and Persimmons Shuttle Blocks.

um^ id^Mses-n A R nN F R Jl"JSg5?SP'-


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Openings for British Trade.

BRITISH mUlPL'-eontUued,

Copies of the specifications, conditions and dra^ivings may b»
inspected at the Commercial Intelligence Branch of the Board of
Trade, 73, Basinghall Street, London, E.C.

The Directors of the Bombay, Baroda and Central India Railway
Axles Comer *^^ prepared to receive up to noon on the 5th

Flatea and Aods November, tenders for the supply of— 1. Axlea
tl¥J.^^ ir«fn,M«i '^^ carriages and wagons ; 2. Copper plates and
Bteei aatonai. ^^^^ . g g^^^j ^a^^al. Tenders must be made

on forms, copies of which, with specifications, can be obtained at
the offices of the Company, Gloucester House, 2, 3 and 4, Bishops-
gate Street Without, London, E.C, on payment of 21s. each
(which will not be returned). The Directors do not bind them-
selves to accept the lowest or any tender.


According to the "Indian Trade Journal" his Highness the
ElAct 'c Tram Maharaja of Gwalior has granted a conoessioi^

Li^ti T*^' ^^^ ^^ construction of an electric tramway, the
Po ^"wmIl lighting of the streets, and a supply of electric
power for the three municipalities of Lashkar,
Morar and Old Gwalior which together constitute the capital of the
Gwalior State. The contract includes provisions for a cheap supply
of electric power to private enterprise, the intention of the
Maharaja being to foster the' growth of his capital as an industrial
centre. The Ajmere Import and Export Company are the con-


The following commercial enquiries have been received at the
^ ^, Canadian Government Offices, 17, Victoria Street^

tommerciai London, ELW., whence further information
JEnqnines. regarding them may be obtained: —

A large firm of West African store-keepers, having their head-
quarters in Liverpool, desire to interest Canadian importers in
Sudan goat skins, tanned and undyed, which they are desirous of
exporting to the Dominion.

An Aberdeen firm have made enquiry respecting the appoint-
ment of agents in Canada in touch with the tobacco trade who
would be prepared to push the sale of a special make of briar p^M.
An important firm of ready-made clothing manufacturers desire
to establish business relations with Canadian importers.

A London firm desire to be placed in touch with first-clasa
Canadian firms who may wish to be represented in the United

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Openings for British Trade,

CANADA— ow*^'**^.

lomr They have had experience in handling grain, floor,

ig olBdf, tallows, fats, general produce, ftc., ores, minerals,

.palp and paper.

London firm shipping galTanised and black sheets, tinplates,

ig and other wire, tubes, fittings, plate-glass, sheet sine, ingot

rhite and red lead are desirous of getting into touch with

lian houses engaged in the import of such articles from

ih and Continental markets.

London firm, prepared to take large quantities of wood-meal

K)d-flonr if the price is acceptable, wish to be placed in touch

diately with Canadian firms who can export.

be. — For further information regarding any of the above,
nation should be made to the High Commissioner for Canada,
ictoria Street, S.W.

e following commercial enquiries have been received at the
Lian Oovemment City Trade Branch, 73, Basinghall Streeti E.C,
ce further information regarding them may be obtained :—

London firm seek the services of a suitable resident Canadian
t to represent them for the sale of fine old Jamaica prize medal

firm manufacturing a lubricating compound and other
cities would like to get into correspondence with Canadian

London firm manufacturing slates and various kinds of
Lng materials are willing to appoint Canadian resident agents,
firm manufacturing sanitary tubes and fittings and other
lng materials are prepared to appoint suitable Canadian
snt agents.

London commission salesman invites correspondence from
dian shippers of apples and other fruits.

company in Montreal are willing to represent United King-
manufacturers of electrical apparatus, arc lamp carbons,
descent lamps, flame and enclosed arc lamps, underground
Sy sheet iron and alloy for electrical purposes, and metal bodies
lOtor cars.

manufacturers' agent in Toronto is willing to undertake the
sentation of a United Kingdom manufacturer of cutlery and
'O plate.

Montreal firm wish to obtain quotations from United King-
manufacturers of metol, hydroquinone and other photograpMc
lumber company in British Columbia wish to get into touch

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200 THE BOARD OF TRADE JOURNAL. [Oct 31, 1907.

Openings for British Trade.

C A N A jyK— continued.

.'with United Kingdom firms in a position to handle cargo ship-
ments of timber, including Douglas fir, Oregon pine, red cedar and

A firm of manufacturers' agents in Toronto seek additional
agencies in leather goods of every description.

Kote. — For further information regarding any of the above,
application should be made to the Canadian Government City
Trade Branch, 73, Basinghall Street, E.C.


The Board of Trade Correspondent at Capo Town (Mr. E. J.
Uniform Qothing: F^fH') has forwarded particulars of the
Pri t • ^^ following contracts open to tender:—

^^* 1. The supply of uniform clothing to the

Cape Government Bailways, in accordance with samples, patterns,
and specifications that may be seen at the office of the Agent-
General for the Colony, 98-100, Victoria Street, London, S.W.
Tenders, in sealed covers, marked ** Tender for Uniform Clothing,.
Ac.," will be received by the Chairman of the Tender Boards
Control and Audit Office, Parliament Street, Cape Town, by noon
on the 4th December.

2. The execution of certain Government printing for a period of
five years, in accordance with samples and specimens that may
also be inspected at the Office of the Agent-General for the
Colony. Tenders, in sealed covers, marked ** Tenders for
Printing," will be received at the Office of the Controller and
Auditor-General, Cape Town, up to noon on the Slst January,.

Preference will be given to tenderers who are prepared to-
execute the work in Cape Colony.

Mr. Cattell has forwarded a few copies of the forms of tender,,
conditions, Ac., relating to these contracts ; they will be available
(until the supply is exhausted) for the use of British contractors,
■who may apply at the Commercial Intelligence Branch of the
Board of Trade, 73, Basinghall Street, London, E.C.


The Board of Trade have been notified by the officer representing-

- . . . the Australian Commonwealth in London

lSot? tS^^^&J* (Capt. R. Muirhead Collins, C.M.G.) that

atore, . tenders will be received at the office of the

Deputy Postmaster-General, Brisbane, up to noon on the 16th

December, for the supply and delivery of (a) 3-in. cast-iron pipes, as.

follows: — 186 l-5th ton at Department's Depot, Brisbane, 46 tona

at Post and Telegraph Office, Townsville, 22 tons at Post and

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Openings for British Trade,

ph OflBce, Maryborough, and 47 tons at Post and Telegraph
i'oowoomba ; (fc) 4,000 small Cordeau insulators, 2,000 iron
; for two insulators and 10 cwt. of soft copper wire,
jpecifications and conditions may be inspected by British
jturers at the Commercial Intelligence Branch of the
f Trade, 73, Basinghall Street, London, E.G. Copies may
ined at the Australian Commonwealth Offices in London,
oria Street, S. W., where also preliminary deposits on tenders


»rd of Trade have been notified by their Correspondent at

Adelaide (Mr. J. Creswell) that the time for

Waste. receiving tenders for the supply of cotton waste

(see pp. 104-5 of the ** Board of Trade Journal"

7th October) has been extended to the 10th December.


ing British Consul at Cairo (Mr. P. Sciortino) has forwarded

copies of the conditions of tender for the supply

. Benzine, of coal and benzine required by the Egyptian

Coast Guard Administration during the year

The approximate quantities required for the year are, in the

coal, 1,500 tons (Cardiff) and 50 tons (Newcastle) at

Iria, 600 tons (Cardiff) at Port Said and 1,300 tons

) at Suez; of benzine, 8 tons tit Alexandria, 12 tons at

ud and 4 tons at Suez. Tenders for coal must be

knied by a provisional deposit of £E 100, and tenders for

by one of £E 30 : the deposit to be completed to the

of 10 per cent, of the total value of the contract as soon

ijudication is determined.

>rs are to be delivered to the Director-General, Coast Guard
stration, Cairo, on stamped paper (to be obtained from
lol. J. H. Western, RE., C.M.G., Queen Anne's Chambers,
ly, Westminster, London, S.W.), before noon on the 15th
er, and should be in sealed envelopes marked " Tender for
ply of Coal " or " Tender for the Supply of Benzine," as the
Y be.

;onditions may be consulted by British contractors at the
■cial Intelligence Branch of the Board of Trade, 73, Basing-
*et, London, E.C.

fyptian ** Journal Officiel " of 9th October contains a
notice inviting tenders for the supply of a

1 Pump. suction pump for the port of Alexandria.
Tenders must be sent in before the Ist of

er, accompanied by a stamped paper of 30 millidmes

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Openings for British Trade.

(obtainable ifrom Lieut.-C!ol. Western, as above), to M. le Directeur
66n6ral des Ports et Phares, Alexandria. The specification may
t)e obtained at a cost of 100 piastres Turkish (18«.)» ^^ ^
bureaux de L* Administration des Ports et Phares (Service des


H.M. Consul at Christiania (Mr. F. E. Drummond-Hay) reports
ti*\ ri ;n IS ^^** ^^^ Norwegian State Railways have issued
SadSS'ftT* ^ ^*" ^^^ tenders * for the supply of large
' ' * quantities of oils, tallow, candles, matches, soft
soap, twist, tin in blocks and rods, lead in blocks, antimony, nails,
^mithy coals, anthracite and coal.

Tenders are to be marked ** Forbrugssager 1908," except in the
case of tallow, candles, and matches, tenders for which should be
marked " Forbrugssager 1 908 D." They should be delivered to
Styrelsens Expeditionskontor, Christiania, by 3 p.m. on the 8th

Copies of the conditions and specifications have been forwarded
by H.M. Consul and may be inspected by British firms at the
Commercial Intelligence Branch of the Board of Trade, 73,
Basinghall Street, London, E.C.

H.M. Consul also reports that the State Railways have issued
T -P/^ flf 1 farther calls for tenders for the supply of (1) a
ircmJloas, Steal ^^^^ number of iron rods, and (2) 4,552 tons
**^' •^^ of steel rails, &c. Tenders for (1) should be

miu^ked '*.Anbud paa Leverance af Stangjem,'* and are to be
delivered by 3 p.m. on the 12th November at Maskiningeni<^rena
Kontor, Bispegaden 12, Christiania; tenders for (2) should be
marked " Anbud paa Skinner " and are to be delivered by 3 p.m.
on the 13th November at Styrelsens for Statsbanemes Expeditions^
kontor, Christiania.

Copies of the conditions, specifications, and drawings may be
inspected by British manufacturers at the Commercial Intelligende
Branch of the Board of Trade.


H.M. Consul at Stockholm (Mr. H. M. Villiers) has forwarded
Gotto W tA particulars of the following contracts open to

TMrtile Materl&te, j rpj^^ g^ppj^ ^^ ^y^^ Swedish State Railways

&r5 tTS!' ^^ ('')• 330,000 kilogs. of cotton waste, 1,500

^^® ' metres of cotton curtain material, 800 metres of

woollen curtain material, 900 metres of linen damask, 600

* Apart from the nsual Cofltoms duties a preference of from 10 to 16 per cent, is
given to Norwegian manofacturers. In all cases of Norwegian Government con-
tracts it is obligatory that a resident agent should act for tenderers not residing in
Norway, and he responsible to the Qovernment, but it is not necessary for th»
agent to be a Norwegian firm.

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Openings for British Trade.

SWEDE N—^^'A^^Att^t^.
ber mats, 200 cocoa doormats, 1,750 window straps, and
towels ; (6), 1,200 metres of horse-hair carpet, 2,000 metres
>um carpet, 1,100 metres of shag cloth (schaggtyg), 1,200
)f oilcloth, 145 rolls of tracing cloth, 94 reams (m) of
oth, and 2,700 metres of cotton cloth (bomullslarft). Tenders
accompanied by samples, and must state to what extent
is are of Swedish or foreign manufacture. They must be
1 to Kungl. Jarnvagsstyrelsen, Stockholm, in envelopes
** Anbud a bomullstrassel," &c. (each article to be tendered
separate form), before noon on the 15th November in the
a), and before noon on the 30th November in the case of (6).
e supply to the prison guard {Fangvarden) of 39,425
3f grey duck (for tenting)— 0*85 metres broad, 370,000
id 610,000 eyes, 4,500 metres of linen for towels — C*65
>road, and 49,835 metres of cotton sheeting — 1*34 metres
Tenders should be delivered to the Kungl. Fangvards-^
IS Arbetsbyra, Stockholm, before noon on the 12th

i of the conditions and specifications relating to the above
3, together with samples of the materials required, may be
i by British manufacturers at the Commercial Intelligence
3f the Board of Trade, 73, Basinghall Street, London, B.C.

tish Vice-Consul at Helsingborg (Mr. C. G. M. Westrup)
has forwarded a copy of the conditions of tender
1 Plant for the supply and installation of two electric
three-phase alternating current generators and
Lonary air compressor for the new electric works of the
x>rg municipality. Persons tendering must state the
time for delivery guaranteed. Sealed tenders bearing the
on '* Anbud k trefasgeneratorer " must be sent in to the
x)rg Municipal Electric Works not later than the 12th

[X>nditions (in Swedish) containing particulars of the
ry required may be seen at the Commercial Intelligence
>f the Board of Trade, 73, Basinghall Street, E.C.


ieuwe Botterdamsche Courant" contains a notice to the
r Qam ®®^* that, the ** College des bourgmestres et
?^ 6chevins de Leeuwarden" has submitted a

project for the enlargement of the existing gas
» the '* Conseil Communal " at an estimated cost of 813,000
kbout 26,0832.).

3e on page 222 respecting the deepening of the waterway

_„ ^ ^ from Rotterdam to the North Sea,
: naat, fte.

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Openings for 'British Trade.


rhe " OeflFentliche Anzeiger " of 26th October contains a no

(No. 827) inviting tenders for the supply

Water Pipes. wrought iron water pipes and joints for

town water works at Hamburg. Tenders she

t)e sent in before the 11th November to the " Finanz-deputatic

at Hamburg. Conditions of tender may be obtained at Se<

bariat II. of the Finanz-deputation at a cost of 1 mark. The lei

containing the offer must be clearly marked with the number, b

inside and outside.


The " Bulletin Commercial " (Brussels) of 19th October annoui:
— . 1^1^ J J that tenders are invited for the supply in W

A nrt ^ *^ ^^ weighbridges for wagons of type A, and x
pp enances. appurtenances for the same.
Further particulars may be obtained at the office of M. de Rud(
* Administrateur des voies et travaux," Rue de Louvain

The " Moniteur des Int6r6ts Mat6riels " of 27th October stj

- . that tenders are invited by the Soc

an erng, Nationale des Chemins de Fer Vicinaux for

ic .supply of:— (1) 50 lanterns for street lau

in one lot ; (2) 350 cast-iron posts, 50 of wl

ire required with iron screw nuts, also of 300 cast-iron nol

plates, — in two lots.

Tenders by registered post should be sent to the Direc
Greneral of the Company, at 14, Rue de la Science, Brussels,
ater than the 12th November. Specifications, price 1 fra
plan of lanterns, price 50 centimes ; and plan of posts, p;
L franc, may be obtained at the same address.


The " Diario do Governo" of 18th October contains a copy (
Bridire and Qnav ^^^'^^^ authorising the " Companhia Real
wx.usu -uu ^u»j ^aminhos do Ferro Portugueses '* to consti
Construction. i.i j rR,j-i. c

a bridge and a quay for the discharge of (

near the railway station of Alcantara-mar, and also to modify
railway line on the Cascaes branch in the same neighbourhooc

rhe '* Diario'' of 24th October contains a copy of a de<

P .- authorising the construction of a branch

p T from Espinho to Oliviera de Asemis, in

uons rue i . valley of Vouga, and of the station requires


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Openings for British Trade.





12.263 lire .,

.. 1,230 lire.



10,678 lire ..

. 1,070 Ure.



40,000 lire ..

. 4,000 lire.




ritish Vice-Consnl at Spezia (Mr. E. M. de Garston) reports
_- , - that a public competition will be held simxil-
^^, "^ taneously at the Royal Arsenals (Contract
Offices) of Spezia and Venice, at 11 a.m., on
Msone . ^j^^ dates specified below, when sealed tendera
received for the supply to the Italian Navy of the followinjg
i: —

B, Articles required.

rember ... Beech wood Lot 1.

(in 2 lots)

Lot 2.

„ ... Indiarubber Accessories

special conditions of contract may be seen at the Ministry
*ine, Rome; at the Directorates General of the Royal
Is ; at the Technical Offices of the Navy at Genoa ; and
principal Chambers of Commerce in Italy.
I tender should be made out on Government stamped paper
ft. Local representation is necessary,
expenses of registration, printing and stamp duty are
) by the successful tenderer.

ilian '* Gazzetta Ufficiale " of 22nd October contains a notice
, to the effect that tenders are invited for the

' maintenance of the breakwater, wharfs, and

^®* quays of the harbour of Catania, up to 30th
913, at the estimated cost of 456,000 lire (about 18,240?.).
I must be sent in on stamped paper of the value of 1 lira to
[inistero dei Lavori Pubblici, Ufficio d'Ispezione, Rome," not
lan the 9th November, and must bear on the envelope the
'Offerta per Asta." A deposit of 5,000 lire (about 200?.)
red to qualify any tender.

ae *' Gazzetta " states that tenders are invited to be sent in

to the same address, and in the same manner as

e Works. in the above case, for works connected with

(1) the prolonging of the Rii Cortonesi sewer

)tte di Brolio to Cesa, with an outlet there into the " Canale

» della Canale," and the systematizing of the section

J between Botte and the Ponte del Rond6, for an extent of

netres ; and (2) the deviation of the Montecchio sewer to

te di Brolio, and its conveyance into the *' Canale maestro *'

?onte della via di Brolio for an extent of 1,256 metres.

^timated cost of the works is 781,790 lire (about 31,271?.).

sit of 50,000 lire (about 2,000?.) is required to qualify any

Tenders must be sent in not later than 8th November.

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Openings for British Trade.
I ITALY — coTvtinned,

e ** BoUettino Ufficiale del Ministero di Agricoltura, Industrie
Commercio " of 19th September states that t
lining Plant. copper and nickel mine called '' Alpe de
Valle," in the district of Cervarolo, in t
mnce of Novara, has passed into the possession of the " Soci(
lie miniere Cupro nichelifere Italiane/' having been forfeited
5 original proprietors through their having failed to work
ring the past two years.

e "BoUettino delle Finanze " of 24th October states tl
. , TBI t • application has been made to the Prefecture
^ Pi' t ^ ^^ Novara by Professor Gerolamo Daccorao

authorisation to appropriate the water of 1
igna torrent for motive power for the service of a factory for t
tnufacture of chemical products which is to be set up


M. Consul at Palermo (Mr. S. J. A. Churchill, M.V.O.) repo

a y f that a factory for making window glaas

Buppues TOT being put up with local capital in Palert

F^^^ * ^^ *^ *^^^ ^^ ^^® works are successful <

^* making of other glassware will be tried.


ith reference to the notice on p. 12 of the "Board of Tn

tracts f th Jo^^rnal " of the 3rd October, and previ(

"^g 1 ^'f * notices, relating to tenders for the supply

t 1 • d locomotives and materials required by

h^H^d^'" Hedjaz Eailway Commission, a despatch 1

Ralw*** been received from H.M. Consul-General

n^^t^^ Constantinople (Mr. H. C. A. Eyres) reporti

that he is informed contracts have recently b(

jned with German and Belgian firms for the supply of twelve lo

>tives, water feeding tanks (total price 245,000 francs), 26,000 1<

sleepers and fifteen "fourgons" (price 10,500 francs each, c.

ftifa). The contract for rails is not yet settled, but is said to

tween a Russian Company and a company established in Bill

The Consul-General points out that it is pure waste of time

e part of British firms to write him letters " calling attention

eir manufactures, and stating that they will be glad to rece

quiries," or asking him ** to give their names to probable p

asers." It is not in that manner that foreigners obtain tk


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Openings for British Trade,


Diario Official " of 9th October contains a notice that an

. ^ application on the part of Seiior Baonl Bigot

F nnd ^^^ ^^^^^ presented for the establishment in tike

^^* State of Michoac^n of a new industry, viz.,

founding by electro-metallurgy.


lonsul General at Rio de Janeiro (Mr. A. Chapman) has
forwarded translation of a notice which appeared

B Wagons, in the " Diario Official " of 4th October, calling
for tenders for the supply to the Central Bail-

' Brazil of 80 wagons of 12 tons, series Q., for carrying
merchandise, and 20 wagons of similar make and tonnage

ying inflammable goods. Tenders will be received up to

1 the 30th November* next in the office of the Superinten-
the Railway at Rio de Janeiro, where the drawings and

ations which must be complied with can be examined.

representation is necessary. A deposit of 1,000 milreis

621 lOs.) is required to qualify any tender.


ag to the notice on p. 161 of last week's issue of the '* Board
- of Trade Journal " respecting harbour improve-

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