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Baihray Returns of the United Kingdom for theTear 1906. [Od. 3705/07.] Prioe 1«. 34.
Shhming Casualties.— Abstract, Ist July, 1905, to 80th June, 1900. [Gd. 8666/07.] Prioe 4«. 64.
Statistioal Abstract for the United Kingdom. 1892-1906. POd. 8691A907 J JMoe U. 74.

Statistical Abstract fbr the British £mpii«. 1891-1905. [Od. 3828/07.] Price U.
Statistical Abstract for the OoUmiee. 1891-1905. [Od. 8258/06.1 Prioe 1«. 114.
Stallstiflal Abstract fdrPtvekn Countries. 1885 to 1904-05. [Od. 8291/07.] Price Is. 64.

Tables reUritogto &ltish Colonies, Possesnions and Protectorates, PartXXIX. 1904. [Od. 8107/06.] Price 7«.24r

ILr 3iftiiiiii.T Bvruairs:—

Aoeonnts relating to Trade and Navigation of the United Kingdom for each month during thcjYear. O^t, 1907. [7.1^]

Prioe U. 34.
Aoeoimto relating to the Trade and Commerce of certain Foreign Countries and British Possessions. 60. YIII. Prioe 4|4.

IIL-^K)CAaioKAL BxTvaxs:—

Aftrionltnral Producto (Bzportation). United Kingdom and Continental Countries. [818.] Price 14.

Aiooholic Bererages, 1905.— Production and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages in the British Empire and in the principal

Ftaceign Countries. [401/1906.] Price 94. «

British and Foreign Trade and Industry. Memoranda, Statistical Tables and Oharta. 1st Series [Od. 1761/1908.] Prict

Ss. 64. 2nd Series [Od. 2887/04.] Price 3«. 64. Index to the two vols. [Od. 2669/06.] Price 64. Supplementary

Baton. 190. Price 14.
'* Olvtifleatos of Origin. Memorandum. [Od. 1446/08.1 Price 84.

Onai Tnf i rci al Mission to Australia. Beport upon the Omditlons and Prospects of British Ttade in Australia by the Adrisory

Committee on OommeroiallntelUgence. [Od. 8639/07.] Prioe 114.
Commercial Mission to South Africa.— Beport from the Spedal Commissioner appointed by the Board of Trade. |[0d*

1844/08.1 Price 1«. 64.
Oo mu fcS i ' d al Mission to South America.— Bepcris from the Spedal Commissioner appointed by the Board of Ttade. BrasQ

[Od.916<VB8 and 9161/99.1 Prioe 34.- eadx. Uruguay [Oil. 9298/99.] Price 84. ^ ^

Oonmtrdal Mission to Persia.— Beporta from the Spedal OonmiiMioner appointed by the Board of Trade. [Od. 2146.]

Price Is. 84. [Od. 2281.] Price lIS?
Opmmenial Mission to Siberia.— Beport from the Special Commiasioinflr appointed by the Board of Trade. [Od. 2618/05.)

Price Is. 84.
OemaMKdal Travellers. Memorandum. [Od. 3241/06.] Price 64.
OooMonr Laws in the British Bmpire. [Od. 8588/07.] Price 6d.
O nwrtHattnti CTrades Disputes) Aci, 1896. Sixth Beport [840/07.] Price 514.
OontJnsntalFraePtots. Betum. 84404. Prioe2i4.

Bxtcaeta from Diplomatic and Consular Reports. CoaL [260/06.] Price Is. 34.
Intar-Imperial Trade. 133/07. Price ^4.
Xiboor Deparfanent.— Report by the Chief Labour Correspondent on iTrades ITnions in 1902-04, with Oompantive

Staiistios: [Od. 2838/68.] Aice Is. 24. *— -«* * ^^-r-

Labour Department.— Bepon on Standard Time Rates of Wages in the United Kingdom at 1st October, 1906. [Od. 8245/06.]

• Xsmonndum on the Comparative Statistics of Population,' Industry and Co m merce of the United Kingdnw and some

leadteg Fordgn Countries. [Od. 1199/1902.] Prioe 5^4.
- Prices ^^portedOoal. [111/06.1 Price 5^.

Beport to the Board of Ttade by ihe Adviscvy Committee on Oommeroial Intelligence, with reference to their Proeeedingt.
f [Od. 2044/04.] Price 4)4.

Beport to the Board of ^Arade on the North-West of Canada, with special refteenoe to Wheat Produotion for BxporW
[Od. 2628.] Prioe 5». 54.
i Inn Ore Deposita in Ftoeign Countries. [Od.' 2553/05.] Price 2s. 44. ^

Tte and Coffee, 1908.— Statement showing the Consumptio» of Tea and Coffee in the principal Conntries of Bnrope, tha

tJkdted Statsa, and British Colonies. [804/05.] Price 64. r- r~

Voieign Trade (Oompantive Growth). Betom. [192/06.1 Price |4.

• ThMuployed in Foreign Countries. Beport. rOd.2304.] Price Is. '

*. Pitted Kwigdom (Ttade, Oommeroe, and Condition of People). [294^.1 Prioe id.

. WMtiale add B^lafl Prioee in the United Kingdom i£ 1902, with oomparative Statistical Tables for a karleMrf 7«in>
fMl/1908.] Ptiee 2s. 14.

^jf ^

or TaAD^ LiBOUB OAxvm/^ the monthly Journal of the Ls bear Departoiant-of ttae Beard of Trade (Price 14.)
sittMr d&eeOy or through any RADE.


The Secretary of State for War gives notice that builders desirous

wavV. ««4 iimn^\^ ^f being applied to when tenders are invited

OndndST ^^^ ^^^^ ^° ^^^ ®®^®"*' Military Districte,

Paintinff)to should address the General OfiBcer command-

^ ^ out such services, giving trade and bank

references, and statins whether they wish to tender for : —

(a) Jobbing work, painting and repairs ;

(b) New buildings or works up to 5,000Z. estimated value ;

(c) • New buildings or works of any magnitude above 5,OO0Z.
Applications unaccompanied by references ^^dll not be noticed.

Firms whose names are already on the War Office list need
not apply.


The Secretary of State for India in Council is prepared to receive

^ . ^ tendersforthesupplyof(l) carriages, (2) wheels

^^!!^^ 'a and axles. The conditions of contract may be

. - obtained on application bo the Director-General

"*^* of Stores, India Office, Whitehall, S.W., and

tenders are to be delivered at that office by 2 p.m. on the

10th December.

A copy of the conditions and specification may be seen at the

Commercial Intelligence Branch of the Board of Trade, 73,

Basinghall Street, E.C.

The East Indian Railway Company are prepared to receive tenders
- . __ for the supply and delivery of : — 1. Coal wagons

Bak ^^^'* and brake vans ; 2. Wheels and axles ; as per
-_- , ® ^"f *i specifications to be seen at the Company's
WHeelsandAxles. offices, Nichohis Lane, London, E.C. Tenders
are to be sent to the Secretary, marked " Tender for Coal Wagons,
&c.," or as the case may be, not later than noon on the 4th
December. The Company reserve the right to divide the order,
also to decline any tender without assigning a reason, and do not
bind themselves to accept the lowest or any tender. For each
specification a fee of 1/. Is. is charged, which cannot under any
circumstances be returned.

The Directors of the Bombay, Baroda and Central India Railway

fl^- 1 osr^. A Company are prepared to receive, up to noon

BUei Tyres ana ^^ ^j^^ g^ December, tenders for the supply of

11 ^^v steel tyres for carriages and wagons, and brass

Boiler TuDes. ^^^^^ ^^y^ Tenders must be made on forms,

copies of which, with specifications, can be obtained at the Com-
pany's Offices, Gloucester House, 2, 3 and 4, Bishopsgate Street

Digitized by VjOOQIC

Hot. 28, 1907.] THE'BOABD OP T&ADE JOVUNAL. 895

Openings for BriHsh Trade.

BRITISH l^Ulk-caiUinued.

Without, London, E.G., on payment of 2\8, each (which will not be
returned). The Directors do not bind themselves to accept the
lowest or any tender.

The Board of Directors of the Burma Railway Company, Limited,

are prepared to receive tenders for the supply

Spoke Wheels. of 2,450 spoke wheels. Specifications and forms

of tender may be obtained at the Company's

Offices, 199, Gresham House, London, E.C. For each specification

a fee of 20*. will be charged, which will not be returned. Tenders,

enclosed in sealed envelopes, and endorsed "Tender for Spoke

Wheels,** must be delivered not later than the 29th November.

The Directors do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any



The following commercial enquiries have been received at the

^ . • Canadian Government Offices, 17, Victoria Street.

^Sf^f .^ London, S.W., whence further information
Enquiries. regarding them may be obtained:-


A London firm of merchants and importers are prepared to
receive large supplies of casein from Canada.

A firm of cutlery and silver plate manufacturers in Sheffield
desire to secure an opening in Canada for their table cutlery, razors,
butchers' knives, ftc., and silver-plated goods, and would like to
hear from Canadian importers.

The manufacturer of an electric machine for copying drawings of
constructional works^ ftc., desires to bring the same under the notice
of interested parties in Canada.


A British firm at Constantinople are desirous of taking up the
sale of Canadian produce likely to be saleable in Turkey.


A Toronto firm of wall-paper manufacturers desire to be placed
in touch with English or Scotch manufacturers of dyed jute or
burlap for wall decoration.

Enquiry is received from a firm of machinery dealers at
Winnipeg for the names of British manufacturers of machinery^
steel and steel products desiring representation in Western Canada.

Note. — For further information regarding an^ of the above,
application should be made to the High Commissioner for Canada,
17, Victoria Street, S.W.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

896 THE BOABD OF TRADE JOURNAL. [Not. 28, 1907.

Openings for British Trade.


The following commercial enqxiiries have been received at the
CmadiaTi CtoTemment Ci^ Trade Branch, 73, Baiinghall Street, S.C.,

whence further information regarding them may be obtained : —

HOME EHauiRisa

A London firm ask to be placed in communication with Canadian
shippers of apple waste (cores, sldns, ftc).

A Midland company manufacturing brass foundry goods, also
plumbers* supplies, sanitary goods, ftc, seek suitable Canadian
resident agents.

A Scotch firm manufacturing reed baskets, as used by fish and
game dealers, would like to get into communication with Canadian
importers of these goods.

A London firm seek a first class representative in Toronto for
the sale of pepper spices and similar products.

A company in Halifax, Nova Scotia, wish to get into touch with
United Kingdom manufacturers of structuraJ iron and igteel
(including girders and beams), also steel plate for boilers and ships,
cast iron water pipes, and manufttctures of iron and steel of similar

Note. — For further information re^^'ding any of the above,
application should be made to the Canadian Government City
Trade Branch, 73, Basinghall Street, E.C.


Tenders will be received at the Supply and Tender Board Office,

«« Adelaide, up to 3 p.m. on the 8th January,

Mat risi. 1908, for the supply of the following materials,

* delivered in bond, on wharf, Port Adelaide;

wharfage to be paid by the contractor : —

60 best mild steel boiler plates ; 32 copper wrapping plates ;
18 copper tube plates, flanged (two drawings, Is, Qd, each) ;
12 copper back plates, flanged (one drawing, Is. 6d. each) ; 700 baia
best Yorkshire iron ; 54 bars best Yorkshire angle iron (five
drawings, Is, each) ; 18 bars best Yorkshire tee iron (two drawings,
Is, each) ; 212 plates charcoal iron ; 12 steam pressure gauges (one
drawing, la. 6d. each) ; 30 spiral springs for safety valves (two
drawings, 1^. 6d. each) ; 2,500 solid drawn best toughened copper
tubes ; 500 bars best soft rolled copper ; 12 solid drawn best copper
steam pipes ; 1 28 solid drawn best copper pipes ; 12 circular plates
of best Yorkshire iron ; 144 mild steel plates ; 82 best steel straight
axle forgings (five drawings. Is. 6d. each) ; 868 engine and tender
tyres (eleven drawings. Is. each); 200 best steel straight axles,
5 ft. 3 in. (one drawing. Is. 6d. each) ; 100 best steel straight axles,
5 ft. 3 in. (one drawing. Is. 6d. each) ; 200 best steel straight axles.

Digitized by VjOOQIC


Optningt for BrUUh Trade.

SOUTH AUSTRAhlA-cofUinmed.

3 ft. 6 in. (one drawing, 1$. 6d. each) ; 200 cast steel wheel centres,
5 ft. 3 in. (one drawing, 5$. each) ; 400 cast steel wheel centred,
3 ft. 6 in. (one drawing, 5$. each) ; 1,000 carriage and wagon tyres
(two drawings, 1$. each) ; 40 cast steel base plates for screw jacks
(one drawing, Ss. 6<L each) ; 500 mild steel plates (one drawing.
Is. each); 60 bars convex iron (one drawing, la. each); 25 bars
channel steel; 200 bars angle steel (one drawing. Is. each);
150 mild steel plates or bars.

Specifications may be seen and forms of tender obtained at the
Supply and Tender Board office, and the office of the Chief Mechanical
Engineer, Islington, South Australia. Copies of indent, with
sp^ifications complete {26s. each) and drawings, may bo obtained
at the Chief Mechanical Engineer's office, Islington, South
Australia. A copy of the specification, received fi'om the Board
of Trade Correspondent at Adelaide (Mr. J. Cresswell) may be
inspected at the Commercial Intelligence Branch of the Board
of Trade, 73, Basinghall Street, E.C.

Date of delivery, as well as the names of the manufSEu^turers of
the materials tendered for, must be distinctly stated in each tender.
The materials are subject to the inspection, test, and approval of
the Government inspecting engineer in London, or the Chief
Mechanical Engineer, in Adelaide. The expenses of the inspecting
engineer will be paid by the Agent^General, London (except in
cases as specified), who will also advance 75 per cent, on the
contract on receipt of bills of lading, insurance policy, and the
usual shipping documents, accompanied by the certificate of the
inspecting engineer ; and the balance of the contract will be paid
in Adelaide or London, at the option of the contractor, upon satis-
£ftctory delivery of the materials.

Successful tenderers will be required, within seven days of date
<^ notice of acceptance of tender, to enter into an agreement and
make a deposit equal to 5 per cent, of the total value of their
accepted tender as security for the due fulfilment of contract.
Tenders should be indorsed "Tender for railway materials."
Neither the lowest or any tender necessarily accepted.

Mr. Cresswell further reports, under date of 24th October, that
fitAAl W k for *^® Adelaide Municipal Tramways Trust have
KlftcW decided to call for tenders immediately for the

_~^^^ supply of special steel work for switches, cross-

Tramways, jj^gg^ ^^^ turnouts generally for the new lines

approved, and also for the supply of rail fastenings for the whole
of the tracks. In order to reduce the number of rail joints in t^e
permanent way, it was decided to adopt the method of Thermit
welding, which has been successfully applied in other places, and
the quantity of copper wire now required having been determined,
tenders are to be called for its supply.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

898 THE BOABD OF TRADE JOUENAL. [Not. 28, l«07.

Openings for British Trade.


The Egyptian "Journal Ofl5oiel**of 13th' November announcefl
that tenders are invited by the Prisons' Admin-
Msons^ Supplies, istration for the supply of the following articles
r for the year 1908 : — Cement, coal, timber, iron,

hai'dware, tools, oils and paints, shoe-making appliances, English
soap, cotton thread, wool, kitchen utensils of copper, &c., &c.
Tenders must be sulmiitted on stamped paper of 30 millidmes (to
be, obtained from Lieut. -Col. J. H. Western, R.E., O.M.G., Queen
Anne's Chambers, Broadway, Westminster, S.W.), and must reach
the Inspector-General of Prisons, Ministry of the Interior, Cairo,
not later than midday on 21st December.

The conditions and specifications may be inspected at the Offices
of the Administration, at Cairo.


H.M. Commercial Attach6 at Yokohama (Mr. E. F. Crowe) has
received an application from a trader in Kobe
KacMnery. who wishes to get into communication with
makers of machinery desirous of obtaining a
footing in the Vladivostok market. The applicant states that he
has a connexion with a Bussian firm in Vladivostok well placed
for obtaining Government contracts for all kinds of railway
material, lubrications, machinery, &c., and who have been con-
tractors to the Government for all kinds of machinery used in
fortifications, road-building, bridges, well-boring, &c.

Communications from British firms relative to the above should
be ^sent to the Commercial Attache, British Consulate-General,


H.M. Consul at Christiania (Mr. F. E. Drummond-Hay) has for-

Boilftr PlatM ^ft^^^d particulars of the following Norwegiaw

Hf^i w M ' Government contracts open to tender* : —

^2*^^JJ' 1. The supply to the Naval Authorities at

Check Kaili Horten of 35 boiler plates, tenders to be

• delivered at Marinens Intend antur, Horten, by

1 p.m. on the 30th November ; and 7,020 weldless steel pipes,

* Apart from the usual Costoms duties a preference of from 10 to 15 per cent, it
giren to Norwegian manufacturers. In all cases of Norwegian Goyernmeot con-
mots it is obligatory that a resident agent should act for tenderers not residing ia
Norway, and be responsible to the Oovernment, but it is not necessary for the
agent to be a Norwegian firm.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

Hot. 28, 1907.] THE BOARD OF TBADE JOU&NAL. 399

Openings for British Trade.

HORY/ AY-coniinued.

tenders to be delivered at the same address by I p.m. on the
6th December.

2. The supply to the State Railways of 239,500 galvanised
check nails. Tenders, marked '' Anbud paa Kontrolspi^er," are to
be delivered at Styrelsens for Statsbanernes Expeditionskontor,
Christiania, by 3 p;m. on the 13th December.

Copies of the specifications and conditions relating to the above,
with a sample of the nails required by the State Railways, may be
inspected by British manufacturers at the Commercial Intelligence
Branch of the Board of Trade, 73, Basinghall Street, London, E.C.

H.M. Legation in Norway reports that at a Council of State held
«^. on the 11th November, a scheme for railway

Cimstrn!^ construction in that country during the next

^^*^^ ^ twelve years was adopted. The scheme, which
will be laid before the Storthing when it meets in January, includes
(1) a continuation of the Gudbrandsdalen Railway from Otta to
ot<5ren, and a widening of the St5ren-Trondhjem line ; (2) a lin&
from Domaas, on the projected Otta-St6ren line, to the base of the
Romsdals Fjord ; (3) an extension of the Christiania-Kongsberg
line to Krager6 with a short branch to Motodden ; (4) an extension
of the Arendal-Aamlid Railway to Tveitsund ; (5) an extension of
the Nordland Railway from Sunnan to (Jrong ; (6) two branches
off the Christiania-Bergen Railway — Myrdal to Fretheim and Voss
to Eide.

The total cost of laying these lines is estimated at 59,200,000
kroner (3,288,888/.), which includes about 3,000,000 kroner
(166,666Z.) that will be raised in the districts through which the
lines will pass.


The "Moniteur des Int^rfits Mat6riels" of 24th November

^^.. announces that the Soci6t6 Nationale des

Cimitru^oii chemins de fer vicinaux invite tenders for

^'^""*"*^^'' the construction of the section of the Courtrai

to Peca railway, from Peca (station) to Belleghem (Kruisstraat),

at the estimated cost of 261,059 frs. (about 10,442!.). A deposit

of 26,000 frs. (about 1,040/.) is required to qualify any tender.

Tenders, by registered post, should be sent in to the offices of the

Soci6t6, rue de la Science 14, Brussels, before the 17th

December, where also specifications may be obtained at the cost


Digitized by VjOOQIC


Openings for BrUish Trade.


Referring to the notice on pages 352-3 of the '* Board of Trade

Contriftiffftl Journal" of 21 at November, relative to a call

xrungai ^^^ tenders by the Lyons municipal authorities

ElficMe^ for the supply and installation of centrifugal

- , . ^ ' pumps and electric machinery at the municipal

aacmnery »r waterworks, H.M. Consul At that city (Mr.

waterworn. g g g Vicw«) now reports that as the precise

significance of the clause dealing with the nationality of the

contractor seemed open to doubt, he wrote to the mayor for

information as to the effect of the provision. From the latter's

reply it appears that it is obligatory that a constructor (either of

pumps or motors, or of both) of French nationality should tender

and accept the sole responsibility for the fulfilment of the whole

^xontract. As, however, it is unlikely that the French contractor

-will be a constructor both of centrifugal pumps and electric

motors, there is not>hing, in Mr. Vicars' opinion, to prevent British

, makers of either offering to supply him with that part of the work

which is outside his own particular province.

Mr. Vicars also states that the preliminary papers, which are to
be put in by tenderers by the 1st December, are the certificates of
competence, and these affect only the French contractor.


-The "Journal Officiel Tunisien" contains a copy of a Decree
^P^ authorising the appropriation of certain land

^ -^ T for the construction of branch lines j&t)m

^onptmcuon. Kaironan to Sbiba and to Henchir-Sonatir.


The "Journal OflSciel du Senegal" of 9th November contains a
copy of a Decree granting a concession to
Kining Plant. MM. Perignon and Corbisier for the exploration
and exploitation of the mines in Senegal.


The " Gaceta de Madrid " of 15th November contains a copy of a

Decree granting a concession for the construo-

^~^y tion of a secondary railway from Benavente to

Conitmction. Villanueva del Campo, in the province of


The "Gaceta" of 16th November announces that tenders are

. , invited for the erection of a light of the 6th

Ligntno^e order on the Jagomago, in Ibiza, province of

construction. Baleares, at the estimated cost of 73,832 pesetas

Digitized by VjOOQIC


Openings for British Trade.


(about 2,5702.). Tenders must be sent in before the 16th December
to ** El ilinisterio de Fomento," Madrid. Local representation is
necessary. The " Gacetia '* containing further particulars may be
seen at the Commercial Intelligence Branch of the Board of Trade,
73, Basinghall Street, E.G.

The " Gaceta " of 18th November contains a copy of a Dewee
TV J f ™ X authorising D. Pedro Buscar6ns y Pierra to
Hydraiihc Plant. ^^^,^^^^ ^^ter from the river l&illego for

industrial purposes.

H.M. Commercial Attach^ at Madrid (Mr. S. P. Cockerell) reports

-j-^ . . that in view of the great development of eleo-

. y^ tricity all over Spain, this is no doubt a direction

*^ • in which the consumption is likely to be

regular. There is no manufacture in Spain, in spite of the vast

amount of copper exported from the country, and provided the

labour required for this purpose does not require to be highly

skilled, it appears to be a field for enterprise. At any rate, British

manufacturers might attack the import business, which is shown,

from. the presence of France, not to be the monopoly of Germany

to the same extent as other electrical business.


The '* Bollettino delle Finanze" of 17th November announces that

J.., Signer Enrico Ferruzzi has made an application

Con tr^^on. ^^^ *^® construction of a railway from Sora to

^^'** join the Kome-Naples line at Cassino, and also

a branch communicating with Formia.

The ** Bollettino " of 21st November announces that the
" Consiglio superiore dei lavori pubblici " has approved the project
for the construction of a new railway of narrow gauge, which is to
join the existing line from Schio-Torre to Recoaro.


The '^ Lieferungswesen " of 2l8t November announces that the

«^. K.K. Staatsbahndirektion at Pilsen invite

Cft atrn t4 tenders for the construction of an iron railway

iJonBtmcnoii. bridge of 85 tons. Tenders must be sent in

before the 8th December to the Staatsbahndirektion, where

particulars may be obtained.

Digitized by VjOOQIC


Openififfs for British Trade,


H.M. Vice-Oonsul at Sofia (Mr. G. O'B. Toulmin) reports
as follows with regard to possible openings for British trade in
Bulgaria: —

^' An important opening for British manufacturers of machinery

VsLcli' A ^^ heen created by the increasing number of

Plwt *^ factories, tanneries, mills, &c., that are in course

of erection throughout the Principality, and the

quantity of machinery imported in 1906 far exceeded that in 1905.

The looms and fittings in many of these industrial establishments

are of British make, and this opening for British trade, if actively

pushed, should be largely developed.

" A considerable quantity, too, of British machinery for agricultural

A *ciiltiirkl purposes was imported in 1906, and, as the

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