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SlKfeifltioalTiablesrelatingto^tish Colonies, PosseesionsandProtectorf^. PartXKX. 1905. [Od. 3706/07.] Price 6«. 74.

IL- -MoirrmLT RsTuaars :—

Aooounta relating to Trade and Narigation of the United Kingdom for each month during the Tear. Oct, 1907. [7 JX. ]

Price Is. 34.

Aooounts relating to the Trade and Commerce of certain Foreign Countries and British Possessions. 69. YIII. Price ^d.

nL— OooAaiONAL RsTuaMs:—

AffTionltaralProduete (Exportation). United Kingdom and Continental Countries. [813.1 Price 14.

Dral Products (Exportation). United Kingdom ^

Aloobolio Bererages, 1905.— Production and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages in the British Empire and in the piinoipal

TteeignCounMes. [401/1906.] Price 94.
Britleh and Foreign Trade and bidustry. Memoranda, Statistical Tables and Charta. Ist Series [Od. 1761A908.] Price

Ss. 64. 2nd Series [Od. 2887/04.] Price 8s. 64. Index to the two Tolt. [Od. 2669/05.] Price 64. Supplementary

Setom. 190. Price 14.
OsrtificateeofOrigfai. Memorandum. [Od. 1446/08.1 Price 84.
Commercial Mission to Australia. Report upon the Conditions and Prospects of British XVade in Australia by the Adrisory

Gommittee on Commercial Intelligence. [Od. 3689/07.] Price 114.
Cammerdal Mission to South Africa.— Report from the Special Commissioner appointed by the Board of Trade. |[Cd.

1844/08.] Price Is. 64.
Coamkerdal lOsslon to South America.— Reports from the Special Oommissicaer appointed by the Board of Tmde. Brasil

[Od. 016^ and 9161/99.1 Price 84. ea&. Unuruay TOd. 9298/99.] Price 84.^
OoBuneroial ICssion to Persia.- Reports from the medsl Oommissioner appointed by the Board of Trade. [Od. 2146.]

Price Is. 84. [Od. 2281.] Price 1(4.
Commeraial Mission to Siberia.- Report from the Special Commissioner'appointed by the Board of Trade. fOd. 2518/06. j

Price Is. 84.
Co mm erc i al TraTellers. Memorandum. [Od. 8241/06.] Price 64.
OosimMiy Laws in the British Empire. [Od. 3589/07.1 Price 6d.
Oon«lHation f&edee Disputes) Act, 1896. Sixth Report. [840/07.] Price 5i4.
Continental Ftee Ports. Return. 844/04. Price 2i4.

Extracts from Diplomatic and Consular Reports. Coal. [260/06.] Price Is. 34.
laterwlmperial Trade. 188/07. Price i4.
Labour Detwrtment— Report by the Chief Labour Correspondent on Trades Unions in 1902-04, with Comparative

Statistioi: [Od. 2888/86:] ftioels.24. ^^

Labomr Department.— Beport on Standard Time Rates of Wages in the United Kingdom at Ist October, 1906. [Od. 81A5;06.]

Mdnotandum on the Comparative Statistics of PopuUtiofk, Industry and Commerce of the United Kingdom and some

leading Foreign Countries. [Od. 1199/1902.] Price 514.
Pkkes of nportea Coal. [111/06.1 Price 5i4.
Report to the Board of l^ade by the Adrisory Committee on Commercial Intelligenoe, with reference to their Ptoceedings.

[Od.2M4A)4.] Price 414. ^ vv,— •

Report to the Board of ^Arade on the Korth-West of Canada, with special reference to Wheat Production lot Export.

[Cd.2628.] Price 5s. 54. — ~-» trw-.. ,r-

INB Ore DwoeitB in Foreign Countries. [Od. 286^/06.] Prioe2s.44.

Tte and OoAee, 1908.— Staiement showing the Consumption of Tea and Coffee in the principal Countries of Europe, the

Ukiited States, and British Colonies. [804/05.] Price 64.
■ — '— ""-lae (Oomp — "' - '^ — '"^^ ** ' —

Foreign Trade (OomparatiTeOrowth). Return. [192/06.1 Price i4.
UnemplmdinFcndgnOountriee. Report [Cd.2804.] Price Is.
Wted Khigdoin (Trade. Commerce, md Condition of People). [294/07.] Price H-

W i g le e de and Retail Prioes in the United Kingdom in 1902, witii oomparatire Statistical Tables for a series of years.
[tnA606.] Price 2s. 14.

StMBoAno OP Teaos Labovk OAxam,*' the monthly Jounud of the Labour Department of the Board of Ttade (Price 14 )
£i be obtained, either directly or through any newsagent, from Wyman A Sons, Ltd., Fetter Lane, EC. { or Oliver A Boyd,
fl_ Edinburgh j or E. Ponsonby, 116, Grafton Street, DuWin.®^' °^ '^ "^ "^3 '^'^

•TBE BOABD OF TBADE JOURNAL.— ^dterii«efiw»^. [Dec. 12, 1907.

HOBBS, HART & CO., Z^td.,





MAiruvAorvmnw ov





SMtalatog all Om elMnent* of HOBBS * Co.'> wsll-knowa Mcorlty wttkMt tti

"•knre4 Mcln.

ifllcatod adliutawatj conmoa to mact amaU'tBuyti

Showrooms : 76, GHBAPSIDE, ZiONDON, H.€.

Omifral Oflle«« and Wmrk9i


BULLERS, Limited,



lA DOOB nnunruBs, mobtaxs *

Electric Light Fittings, Switches, Ceiling Roses, Gut-oib,


Qmkmikn to H.M. Poit OfBoo, IndiA, Honw, GdonitL and Fndgm
mnti. Bailwaj, Ttltphons. and Telegn^





uigiiizea oy ^


Soarli of iCv^t journal

Decembee 12, 1907.




Openingt for BritUh Trade 489

Britiih Dominiont, Jto. .'—

Britith /jkfia.^Tenders for Railwaj Material and Stores.

Opening for OalcnUting Machines.
CtofMMttf.— Oomiiierolal Snqidries.

Australian Ctnnmonwealth.—TeiaderQ for Telephone Switchboard.
South Australia. — ^Tenders for Tramway Plant.
Southern Nigsria.—Tenden for Goods Wagoas.

Foreign Countries : —

Openings for Trade in Egypt, Sweden, Denmark^ Belgium, Spain, Austria-
Hungary, Sicily.

Sotioe to Importers from Palermo 496

Caunui of Prodnotioii 496

Foreign Trade of the United Kingdom in November, 1907 497

Registration of Trade Karks in Mexico 604

Votice nnder the Weights and Measures Act, 190i ^ 505

Beady-Made Clothing Trade in Egypt 506

Trade of Switzerland in 1906 608

Propoeed Continnation by Germany of Most-Favonred-Kation Treatment 511

Tariff Changes and Customs Regulations 511

Anstralian Commonwealth. Dominion of New Zealand. France. Italy. Turkey.
Cuba. Colombia. Venezuela.

supping and Transport 636

Railway Communication b^^.tween Germany and Belgium. Transport of Agricultural
Produce in France. Reduction of Railway Fares in Japan. Opening of Customs
OflSces at Tongampo and Wiju (Corea).

Minerals, Metals, and Machinery 537

Oold Deposits of the Loi Twang Shan States |(Burma). Mineral Industry in the
Northern Territory of South Australia. Petroleum Discoveir in Angola. Rock
Salts and Salts of Potash near Santander. Sulphur Trade of Sicily. Natal Coal
in iU^ntina. Japanese Salt Monopoly

Agriculture 530

Requirements of Glanders Order of 1907 respecting the Importation and Exportation
of Horses. Winter-sown Rye and Wheat Harvest of Russia. Rhine Vintage in
1907. Vintage in the Beauiolais-Maconnais District (France). Failure of Crops
in Valladolid (Spain). Agnculture in Piedmont.

Kicellaneous 538

Registration of Trade Marks in India. Withdrawal of Restriction for the Collec-
tion of Esparto Grass in Tunis. Decisions under the Qnited States **Food
and Drugs Act *' relative to Labelling and the Collection of Samples. Bureau of
Chemistry of the Department of Agriculture (United States of America). Foreign
Trade of Brazil Translation of the Revised Japanene Pharmacopoeia. Emigration
from Japan.

Statisfeioal Tables 535

Ootton Retuni (Month and Week).

Ocxm Prices.

Imports of Agriooltural Produce.

Government Publications 538

Board of Trade Returns and Labour Gazette. Note of Colonial Office Report issued
during the week.

Votiees 530

Oonmaielal InteUigenoe Branch of l^e Board of Trade. ^-^ j

Bptdtl Indlsn and Colonial Tmde Knqniry Offices. Digitized by LjOOQle

THE BOARD OF TRADE JOV'R^AL.'-AdveriUemmU, [Dec. V2. 1907.






Forei^ Hard and Mcy Vood lercliaiits,


Importeri ^f BeefWood, Blaok Xbony. Blackwood, Bird Bye Maplei
Boxwood, Penct Oedar, Gomel, Oooobolo, Ooonswood, Hiokory, Lancewood,
Ziitfnom Vite, Partridgawood, Paraimmoxui, Rosewood, Sabicn, Satinwood,
Bnakewood, Tnlipwood, Walnut (Giroassiaa and American), Tewtrea,
Zapatero, Zebrawood, ftc, *c.

Kanufaotniers of Asli Boat Oais, Handspikes, and of
Gomel and Persimmons Shnttle Blocks.

jie^Mc idtosses-G A R D N E R I tSggga?'-

]>ec 12, 1907.]




§0arir oi Crairt ^mxnul


December 12, 1907.

[No. 676

The Offices of the Commercial Intelligence Branch of the
Board of Trade are at 73, Basinghall Street, London, E.G. —
registered telegraphic address, '* Advantage, London," Code — 6th
Xdition A3.C., telephone number 12807 Central A statement
of the objects and work of the Branch will be found on p. 539.

The attention of British traders is directed to the Sample
Room, where the following are on view, with other exhibits: —


Reference in ** Board
of Trade Journal."



Haricot Beans from Russia

Wood paying block from Argentina

Cotton from Argentina '.

Japanese frog skins

Aiigola Root and other Rubber, St. Thom6 Cocoa and

.^madeina Qum

Copper ore from Rhodesia

Landolphia rubber from Natal

Vegetable asbestos produced in Chungking
Locally manufactured native silk from Crete

Gum arabic from Egypt

Talc from Venetuela

Salt from Dealesyille, Orange River Colony

Locally dyed cotton doth sold in Chungking

Fruit of the MyrUtica iehtfera and its product MyrUtina

(a vegetable fat) from Guatemala

Mangrove bark from Inhambane

Monasite sand, manganese ore, cocoa, coffee, rubber,

whale^l, rosewood, camauba wax and coquilho nuts

from the State of Bahia

Cotton goods sold in Ufekub

Bafia wax from Madagascar

Silk produced by improved methods at Hochou ...
'* Podiote" fibre, cleaned, from Mexico

6th Dec., 1907

f« ft w

28th Nov., „

21st „
7th „

24tb Oct.,
17th „
8id „

I* >»

26th Sept.,
12th „


|-22nd Aug.,

1st „
4th July,

The following Special Trade Enquiry Offices are also at
73, Basinghall Street, E.G.: — ^India, Dominion of Canada,
Qaeensland, Transvaal and Orange River Colony. Statements
of the objects and work of these Enquiry Offices will be found
on pp. 539-40.



The East Indian Bailway Company are prepared to receive tenders
Sailwav MAt«rial ^°^ *^® ^"PP^^ ^^ delivery of :— (1) Via iron ;
^Td sSm ^2) Materials for steel fonndry ; (3) Firebricks j

(4) Miscellaneous stores; (5) Bolts, nnts, rivets,
Ac., as per specifications to be seen at the' Company's Offices,

Digitized by VjOOQIC


Openings for British Trcule.

BRITISH mUlA-^(mtimitd.

Nicholas Lane, London, E.C. Tenders are to be sent to the
Secretary, marked "Tender for Pig Iron/' or as the case may be,
not later than noon on the 18th December. The Company reserve
the right to divide the order, also to decline any tender without
assigning a reason, and do not bind themselves to accept the
lowest or any tender. For each specification a fee of 1{. 1«. is
charged, which cannot under any circumstances be returned.

The official " Indian Trade Journal " of the l4th November pub-

^j, . ^ lishes the following trade enquiry : — Ms^ers

cma g ^^^ sellers of calculating machines of various

*** types are requested to furnish foil information

to the Director-General of Commercial Intelligence, 5, Clive

Street, Calcutta.


The following commercial enquiries have been received at the
Commercial C«a*di*a OoTemment Oilleet, 17, Yictoria Strost^
Knauirisi liOadoHj S.W., whence further informatioD

^ regarding them may be obtained: —


An English manufacturer of chains and hardware is desirous of
appointing agents in large business centres in Canada.

An English firm of merchants desire to increase their import
trade with Canada, particularly as regards woodnL ware, and would
be pleased to get into touch with Canadian exporters wishing to he^
represented on this side.

A commission agent in the South of England desires to get into
communication with Canadian milling firms wishing to be repre-
sented in Great Britain.


An Ontario firm ask for the names of the leading Mdge or
itmctnral steel manufacturing concerns in Great Britain.

An Ottawa firm desire to get into touch with United Kingdom
importers of mica, molybdenite and pulpwood.

A correspondent in Vanconver, British Columbia, desires to be
placed in touch with a manufisu^turers' agent in the United King-
dom in the linen trade, with the object of opening an import trade.

Note.— For further information regarding any of the above*
application should be made to the High Commissioner for Canada,
17, Victoria Street, S.W.

The following commercial enquiries have been received at the
Canadian Government City Trade Branch, 73, Basinghall Street, Iil>

whence further information regarding them may be obtained :—

Digitized by VjOOQIC

•Dec. 12, 1907.] tH£ BOABP OF TKADE JOXTSBTAL. 491

Openings far Briiish Tr€ui€.


An English company manofacturing storage batteriat wish to
get into touch with Canadian importers.

A London company mana&cturing a new ineandetcent petroleum
lamp, which has met with much success, wish to arrange for its
introduction and sale in Canada.


A firm of printers and publishers in Toronto wish to get into
touch with wholesale firms carrying adyertlBing novelties, ca^, ftc,
who seek representation in Canada.

A firm in Toronto seek a few additional agencies in heavy
chemicals and minerals : and also in pig-iron, lead, and associated

A firm of wholesale commission merchants and brokers in Cal-
gary, Alberta, are prepared to represent a few additional United
Kingdom shippers of wholesale grocery sundries and foreign

A Canadian company manufacturing beech, Urch, and maple
broom handles, 42 in. long by 1 in. at bottom, tapering to | in. at
top, and also a heavier handle for £EM3tory brooms, wonla be pleased
to quote prices to United Kingdom buyers.

A Montreal manufacturers' agent is prepared to represent United
Kingdom manufacturers of soft goods, men's ftiniisliings, fimcy
leather goods, and small wares.

Note. — For further information regarding any of the above,
application should be made to the Canadian Government City
Trade Branch, 73, Basinghall Street, E.C.


The Representative of the Commonwealth in London (Capt.
Telenhone ^' Muirhead Collins, C.M.G.) has received

Switchboard tender forms, specifications, Ac., in connexion
Doara. ^^ ^^ supply, delivery, and erection
at the Post OflSce, Newcastle, New South Wales, of one
branching metallic multiple magneto switchboard, for which
tenders will be received at the OflSce of the Deputy Postmaster-
General, Sydney, up to 2.30 p.m. on the 8th January.

Copies of the specification, tender form, &c., may be obtained at
the Commonwealth OflSces in London, 72, Victoria Street, London,
S.W., where preliminary deposits on tenders may be paid. Copies
of the specification and conditions may be inspected at the Com-
mercial Intelligence Branch of the Board of Trade, 73, Bawinghall
Street, London, E.C. It should be noted, however, that the
limited time allotted for receipt of tenders only permits of firms
tendering who have arrangements with their agents that can be
availed of by cable.

Digitized by VjOOQIC


Openings for British Trad€.


Referring to the notice on p. 397 of the " Board of Trade Journal **
for 28th^November, the Board of Trade Corres-
Tramway Plant, pondent at Adelaide (Mr. J. Cresswell) has
forwarded a copy of the specification and con-
ditions relating to the supply and delivery to the Municipal
Tramways Trust, Adelaide, of special work, points and crossings
for tramways. Sealed tenders, endorsed ** Tender for Special
Work," must reach the Chairman, Municipal Tramways Trust,
8, King William Street, Adelaide, by noon on 11th February,
1908. Tenders must be accompanied by a preliminary deposit
equal to one per cent, of the total amount of the tender.

The specification and conditions may be examined by British
manufacturers at the Commercial Intelligence Branch of the Board
of Trade, 73, Basinghall Street, E.C.


The Crown Agents for the Colonies, acting on behalf of the

Government of Southern Nigeria, invite tenders

Ooods Wagons, for the supply of one hundred 38-ft. highsided

goods wagons, 3 ft. 6 in. gauge. Forms of

tender and all particulars may be obtained on application at the

OflSce of the Crown Agents, Whitehall Gardens, London, S.W.,

between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. (Saturdays, 10 a.m. and

1 p.m.), on payment of a deposit of IZ., retamable on receipt of a

hond fids tender for the whole or part of the supplies required.

Tenders (in sealed envelopes) are to be delivered to the Crown

Agents not later than noon on the 2Srd December, endorsed

"Tender for Highsided Wagons." The Crown Agents do not

bind themselves to accept the lowest or any tender.


H.M. Consul at Cairo (Mr. A. D. Alban) has forwarded a copy of
the conditions of tender for the supply of khaki
Khald UniformB. uniforms required by the Egjrptian State Rail-
ways and Telegraphs for the summers of 1908,
1909 and 1910. Samples of the material required may be examined
at the ofiice of Lieut.-Col. J. H. Western, R.E., C.M.G., Queen
Anne's Chambers, Broadway, Westminster, London, S.W., where
also specifications and forms of tender may be obtained. Intending
tenderers must lodge in the Central Treasury of the Administration
at Cairo a provisional deposit equal to one-tenth of the total amount
of their tenders. Tenders, accompanied by a stamped paper of 30
millidmes (to be obtained from Lieut-Col. Western) and the receipt
for the provisional deposit, and enclosed in two envelopes, the inner
bearing the inscription ** Tender for the supply of Clothing," must

Digitized by VjOOQIC

Dec. 12. 1907.]



Openings for British Trade.

^QYl?^— continued,
be delivered by registered post to the General Manager, Egyptian
State Railways and Telegraphs, Cairo, before noon on the Slst

Old Bailway


on Sale.

from Lieut.-Col.

H.M. Consul has forwarded further a copy of the conditions of
tender for the purchase of old railway materials
from the Egyptian State Railways Administra-
tion. The specification and tender form, with
a list of the materials for sale, may be obtained
J. E. Western, at the address given above.
Tenders, accompanied by a stamped paper of 30 millidmes and
the receipt for the provisional deposit, and enclosed in two
envelopes, the inner bearing the inscription "Tender for the
Purchase of Old Materials," should reach the General Manager,
Egyptian State Railways and Telegraphs, Cairo, by noon on the
8tn January next.

Copies of the specifications and conditions relating to the above
contracts may be inspected by British firms at the Commercial
Intelligence Branch of the Board of Trade, 73, Basinghall Street,
London, E.C.


The Acting British Consul at Copenhagen (Mr. C. H. Funch) has
forwarded copies of the conditions and specific

Cait Iron Pipes, cations relating to a call for tenders for the
supply of: —

1,200 cast iron pi






pes, 2 inches (Danish measure).
3 „ n

5 „ >»

6 „ ,,
8 „ n

10 „

Tenders must be sent in sealed envelopes marked ** Tilbud paa
Levering af St5bejemsr5r," and should reach Ejdbenhavns Vand-
y&rks Kontor before 2 p.m. on 27th December, 1907.

The conditions and specifications may be examined by British
manufacturers at the Commercial Intelligence Branch of the
Board of Trade, 73, Basinghall Street, London, E.C.


H.M. Consul at Stockholm (Mr. H. M. Villiers) reports that

tenders will be received not later than noon on

Cloth. the Idth December, at the ''Armens inten-

denturfbrrad, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm,'* for

Digitized by VjOOQIC

494 THE BOABO OF TKADE JOUKNAL. [Dec 12, 1907.

Openings for British Trade.

the supply of 2,500 meti^s of dark blue cloth, 500 metres of dark
bhi^ cloth for caps, 500 metres of medium blue cl(^, 250 metres
of red cloth, 50 metres of black cloth, and 100 metres of orange
cloth. The goods will be required to be delivered by the 1st

Copies of the conditions of contract (in Swedish), together with
samples of the materials rssquired, may be inspected by British
firms at the Commercial Intelligence Branch of the Board of Trade,
73, Basinghall Street, London, B.C.


H.M. Oonsul-General at Antwerp (Sir E. C. Hertslet) reports that
"R iMi tcinders are invited by the Municipal Authorities

Co trnd^iL ^^ ^"^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ *^® construction of two groups
u>iiSQraeiioiL ^^ metal sheds on one of the hew subsidiary

docks at Antwerp. The estimated cost of the work is 593,400 frs.
(about 23,736{.). Tenders, in sealed registered envelopes, should
be delivered to Monsieur le Bourgmestre de la Ville, Hdtel de
Ville, Antwerp, not later than the 30th December. A deposit of
35,000 frs. (about 1,400Z.) will be required to qualify any tender.

The specification may be obtaine^l from the Hdtel de Ville,
Antwerp, on payment of two francs. A copy may be inspected by
British firms at the Commercial Intelligence Branch of the Board
of Trade, 73, Basinghall Street, London, E.C.

The ** Bulletin Commercial" of 30th November contains a notice

inviting tenders for the supply in 1908 of

Bailway Plant accessories for Yignole rails of 57 kilogs. per

metre, comprising 70,000 fishplates and 200,000

steel chairs. Tenders must be sent in, before the 18th December,

to the Direction des Voies et Travaux, Rue de Louvain 11,

Brussels, where also copies of the specification may be obtained.

The same '' Bulletin " contains a notice inviting tenders for the
construction and working of a local railway between Eeckeren and
Brasschaet (Sainte Mariaburg). A deposit of 10,000 fr. (about
400{.) is required to qualify any tender. Conditions and plans
may be obtained from the above-mentioned ** Direction," where
tenders will be received up to 6th January.


The " Gaceta de Madrid " pf 30th November contains a copy of a
. ' T j|^i.i.i||. Decree authorising the purchase and installa-

£ , tion of an incandesfcent lamp for the lighthouse

:r !,?'* on the island del Aire (Balearic Islands), and

another* for that of Cabo Cabelleria. ,

Digitized by VjOOQIC

Dec. 12, 190:.] THE BOARD OF TRADE JOURNAL. 495

Openings for British Trade.

The same ** Gaceta ** contains a notice inviting <tenders for the coii-

T B M struction of an iron bridge over the river

ron noge Qalera, in the province of Granada, at the esli-

COMtrnction. ^^^^ ^^^ ^^ 216,227 pesetas (about 7,5871).

Tenders must be sent in to " El Ministerio de Pomento," Madrid,

before the 26th December. Local representation is necessary. A

deposit of 10,900 pesetas (about 382Z.) is required to qualify any


The " Gaceta " of 4th December announces that tenders for the

supply of English coal, required for the navy and

Coal. for coastguai^ vessels during the years 1908 and

1909, will be received up to 10 a.m. on ,the

2nd January, at the " Centre Consultivo " of the " Ministerio de

Marina " at Madrid.

The " Gaceta" of 6th December contains the following applications

— . ^. for concessions for the construction of electrie

«v« i>i ♦ tramways: — 1. By the Compaiiia general de

Tramway I'lani;. t;^^^^^ j^ Barcelona for lines from the

junction of the streets of San Juan de Malta and Cbrtes to the
street of Argiielles, with a branch from the Plaza de las Glorias
Catalanas to the street del Bes6s, and from the street of las Cortes
to that of Casa Antunez, with a branch to the cemetery ; 2. by
the Corapania del Tranvia Urbano de Bilbao for a line from the
street de Achuri to the Ibeni wharf.

One month from the date of publication in the " Gaceta " is
allowed for the presentation at the Directorate-General of Public
Works (Direcddn general de Obras publicas), Madrid, of other
.'applications for these concessions on terms more favourable to the

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