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parish of St. Mary Matfellon, otherwise Whitechapel, " from the end of the
pavement near the church there, to the house called the Artichoake, near a
certain place called the Mount, in the said parish," was ordered to be paved
on both sides of the way before the 29th of September following ; now,
upon the petition of the churchwardens and inhabitants, showing that if the
said way should now be paved, the same would not endure, but would sink,
owing to the winter being near, and that sufficiency of stones cannot now be
had, and praying that the paving might be postponed until the spring, it is
ordered accordingly. \_Vide Sessio?is Book ^^i"], ■^. ?>?)^^... ... ... p. 69

Upon the petition of William Freshwater and Ralph Brockett, inhabitants
of the i)arish of St. James's, Clerkenwell, showing that "a certain book was
made and rated on the inhabitants, amounting to about ^27, and that the
petitioners are nominated collectors, that they have a book sent them
entitled, a rate for two several robberies, and not setting forth any particulars,
and praying reKef and direction in these particulars ; it is ordered that the
inhabitants do amend the title of their assessment and expressly mention the
names of those upon whom the said robberies were committed, what sums
such persons recovered against Ossulston Hundred, how much is assessed
towards each robbery, what is expended for the passing of cripples and
vagabonds through the parish, &c., and that the said William and Ralph
collect and pay the money so assessed ... ... ... ... ... P- 7°

Whereas by an order of the nth of August last, it was directed that the
scavengers and rakers of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, should carry away all
dust, Sec, from the houses of the inhabitants of the liberty of Morefields
until Easter next; but upon application, made by the chief inhabitants of the
5-aid liberty, to have the clause omitted from the order as they have always
carried away their own dust, and no scavenger can come into the said liberty,
it is ordered accordingly. [F/de Sessio//s Book 48^, p. go] ... ... p. 71

Upon the matter in difference between Thomas Hearne, of St. Martin's-
in-the-Fields, joiner, and William Odell, his apprentice, concerning the
discharge of the said William ; the Court seeing no cause for the discharge,
orders the said William to serve the remainder of his apprenticehood with
his master... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ••• P- 7^

Order for respiting several recognizances and their sureties ; names of
the former given ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... P- 73

[Pages 74-83 blank.]

Alphabetical list of names as to indictments and recognizances.

pp. 84-87

Memorandum of persons fined for non-appearance, &c. ... ... p. 88

54 Middlesex Cotmty Records.


Memoranda relating to recognizances ... ... ... ...p. 3-27

Order for Mark Fenton, convicted of trespass and unlawful possession of
lock, keys, and brass bosses from the doors of an empty house, to be whipped
" at the hinder part of the cart from the one end of Marsham Street to the
other, in the parish of St. Margaret's." He is committed to the prison of the
Gatehouse until he shall undergo the punishment on Monday next, and then
to be delivered after paying his fees ... ... ... ... ... p. 29

Order for Giles Griffiths to stand upon the pillory near the Maypole in
the Strand for one hour on Wednesday next, for speaking the following
seditious words to one of the soldiers of " their now Majesties," viz., " you are
all lobstring, faggotting doggs, rogues, rebells, and traytors to your lawful
King, I wish the King's shipps were all on fire." He is committed to' the
prison of the Gatehouse until he shall undergo the said punishment, and then
to be delivered after paying his fees ... ... ... ... ... ibid.

Order for the removal of Anne Stacey, a poor woman, "and very lately
passed from the parish of Si. Katherine Coleman " to St. Margaret's, West-
minster, back to St. Katherine's. The Court finds that the said Anne Stacey
had not resided in St. Margaret's Parish before the month of May, 1685, nor
has she had any legal settlement since that time by her husband (Abraham).
She had not given notice of coming to settle, according to the Statute, but both
she and her husband had concealed themselves in several places. Before May,
1685, she was lawfully settled in the parish of St. Katherine Coleman... ibid.

The Court orders two of the Justices living near to St. Clement Danes,
to examine into the cause and circumstances whereby a female bastard child
of Margaret Jemmett's, spinster, of that parish, has become chargeable to the
parish. Ezekiel Cousins, of Clifford's Inn, gentleman, is said by Margaret
Jemmetts to be the father. The Justices are to take such order as they
think fit and convenient ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 30

Order to the churchwardens, &c., of St. Martin Vin-the- Fields to pay
;^5 /^s. Sd., and 5/- more for the order, to Richard Price, constable of the
Upper Ward, which sum was necessarily expended by him in passing and
relieving vagrants, cripples, &c., during his term of office ... ... p. 31

Order for the churchwardens of the parish of St. James', W'estminster,
to pay to Thomas Phillips the sum of ^,6 gs. 2d. which had been expended
by hmi during his term of office as constable in relieving, &:c., vagrants,
cripples, &c. ; 5/- more is to be paid for the order ... ... ibid.

Order of the Court cancelling the mdenture of apprenticeship of James
Cooper to Matthew Cary. The mother of James Cooper, Hester Coojjer,
widow, states to the Court that her son James was apprenticed to INIat'liew
Cary for five years on the 12th September, 1690, to learn the art of a barber,
surgeon, and periwig maker, and to play on the violin and flute. She
complains that Cary had left his trade and gone to sea for a time in another
employment ; that he had now been returned about three months, but " taketh
no care to instruct and maintain " his apprentice, and absents himself from
his house, and refuses to attend the Court ... ... ... . ibid.

Sessions Book 490 — October. 1691. 55

Order to Anthony Church, gentleman, keeper of the prison of the Gate-
house, ^Vestminster, to discharge from custody Richard Galley, a prisoner for
debt, 3 October, 1691. Creditors named — William Bushell ; Michael Arnold,
in Peter Street, ^^'estminster, brewer ; Lawrence Warwick, on the Mill Bank,
woodmonger ; Thorrias Rawson, of Tuttle Street, mealman ; Stephen Tay, of
St. James's Market, gentleman ; Samuel Chassey, of Charing Cross, victualler ;
John Galloway, of Jerman Street, mealman ; John Bennett, of Bellyard, at
Temple Bar, victualler ; Lawrence Shelton, of Watford, in Hertfordshire,
mealman ; and James Gardner, of Covent Garden, gentleman ... p 32

Additional order granted to the churchwardens of the parish of
St. Martin's-in-the-Fields for the arrears of the highway rate for the year
1690. The churchwardens complained that very many persons had refused
to pay their respective rates. The Court appointed Richard W^oodcraft,
William Tame, Matthew Francklyn, Henry Phipps, John Hight, John Morris,
James Crooke, George Pickett, William Reynolds, and Thomas Kerwood,
surveyors of the highways in St. Martin's Parish for 1690, with the present
surveyors, to collect unpaid rate.

[The five divisions of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields are named — Drury Lane
or the East Division, St. Martin's Lane Division, the High Street or Strand
Division, the Haymarket Division, and the Out Division] ... ... p. 34

A similar order for the same parish for the highway rate of 1691. The
Court, amongst other things, orders that the collectors of the rate shall account
for the whole sum which they have collected within four days after the election
of the new surveyors ; and that when the vestry has audited and examined the
accounts they are to be submitted to the next ensuing Court of Quarter
Sessions ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 36

Rough memoranda, chiefly relating to recognizances ... ... p. 47

Alphabetical list of indictments ... ... ... ... pp. 50-52


Jury panels ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 5

[Page 6 blank.]

Miscellaneous memoranda as to indictments, acquittances, recogni-
zances, &c. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... pp. 7-29

[Pages 30-32 blank.]

List of names, headed New Prison, House of Correction, and Finsbury
Prison pp. 33-35

List of names, under the heading, "Prisoners discharged for debt, &c.,"
with the sub-headings, Newgate, St. Katherine's Prison, Stepney pp. 37, 38

Memoranda as to recognizances, commitments, acquittals, &c.

PP- 39-43

Upon a complaint that Richard Perry, of Stan well, victualler, was
suppressed from keeping an ale or victualling house, and from selling beer in

56 Middlesex Cotinty Records.

the said parish, and, notwithstanding, the said Perry continues to carry on his
trade there, in contempt of the warrant, it is ordered that he be suppressed,
and that he receive notice of this his suppression ... ... ... p. 44

Upon the certificate (dated the 3rd of October instant) of two Justices
(named), inhabitants within the Tower Division, that they have inspected a
certain street or lane called Church Lane, part thereof in Stepney Parish, and
a part in that of St. Mary Matfellon, otherwise Whitechapel, and that they
consider it fit to be paved " on both sides the way, from the grate at the lower
end of the said lane and so up as far as the houses of Thomas Sturt and OUiver
Ashwish, with the kennell in the middle, being about thirty rods in length,"
it is ordered accordingly ; the work to be completed on or before the loth of
November next. [Vide Sessions Book ^d>'], y>'^1^ P- 45

Order that WiUiam Clarke, of St. Margaret's, Westminster, be admitted a
pensioner as a maimed soldier of this county, and that he receive ;^3 a year,
to be paid quarterly by the treasurer acting for the hundreds of Elthorn,
Spelthorn, and Islew^orth... ... ... ... ... ••■ ••■ V- A^

Order for Christopher and Joseph, the two children of John Hoare, of
St. Margaret's, Westminster, deceased, to be passed from the parish of
St. Katherine's, near the Tower, to that of St. Margaret's aforesaid . . . il'id.

Whereas it was ordered on the nth of August last that a portion of
Ayliffe Street, in Goodman's Fields, should be paved on both sides on or
before the 29th of September; now, upon the appUcation of Mathew Davis,
of St. Olave's, Southwark, county Surrey, for an increase of time in which to
pave in front of his houses in the said streets, it is ordered that two Justices
(named) consider the petitioner's case, and grant him such an extension of
time as they shall think meet. \_Vide Sessions Book 487, p. 86] ... p. 47

Order that ^Villiam Bird, gentleman, treasurer for the maimed soldiers
within the hundreds of Ossulston, Edmonton, and Gore, do pay to George
Russell, a pensioner, 20/- towards his present relief ... ... ... ii'id.

Order for confirming an order made by two Justices (named), adjudging
George CoUison, of the precinct of St. Katherine's, near the Tower, victualler,
to be the father of the male bastard child of Dorothy Dorton, of the said
hamlet, widow ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p- 48

Order foi John Philpott, keeper of the prison for the liberty and manor of
Hackney, to attend the first day of the next Sessions, and to bring certain
prisoners (named), with the causes of their imprisonment, that they may
receive the benefit of the several Acts for discharging poor prisoners for
debt ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... il'id.

Upon the information of two Justices (named), inhabitants in or near
St Andrew's Parish, Holborn, that John Averyhall, junior, of Gray's Inn Lane,
in the said parish, victualler, keeps a very disorderly house, it is ordered that
the said John be allowed one month for the sale of his ale, &:c., stocked by
virtue of his license, and that from the end of the said month he be suppressed
from keeping a common ale or victualling house in the said parish ... p. 49

Upon the petition of Bartholomew Hart, late churchwarden of East
Smithfield, in the parish of St. Buttolph Without, Aldgate, and upon the report

Sfssio;/s Book 490 — October, 1691. 57

of two Justices (named), showing there is due to the said Hart ;^4o for money
disbursed by him during his term of otfice, a confirmation of the report is
ordered ; and it is further ordered that the present churchwarden {sic) do pay to
the said Hart jQzo on or before the ist of November next, and the residue
upon the 25th of March following ... ... ... ... ... P- 5°

Order for vacating an excessive rate made for the relief of the poor of
Hornsey, and for making a new rate ... ... ... ... ••• tl>id.

Order on the petition of Susan Matson {sic), widow of Anthony Mason {sic)
late beadle of the Duchy Liberty in the Strand, and the report made there-
upon by three Justices (named). Shows that Anthony served as beadle
for a year and nine months, for which service he was paid by Mr. John
Coggs, a burgess of the said liberty, ;^35, and by Mr. Charles Hellow ^^5,
and that there is due to the said Susan £12 \os. od., and showing the
amount due to the said Coggs, paid by him for watching and warding within
the said liberty for 1687-89, to be ^64 15^-. 8^. and ^36 145. dd. It is
ordered that a collection be made upon the inhabitants for the payment of
the said sums ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .•• P- 5^

Upon information that Sir Richard Bulkeley, baronet, has set up an office
in Lincoln's Inn to superintend the actions of the Justices in this county,
and has had several orders and warrants printed without lawful authority, and,
aided by Ralph Hartley, J. P., has caused several unlawful convictions to be
made, it is ordered that certain Justices (named) do examine into the truth
of this information, and do certify their opinions on the subject, on Friday
morning next ; and it is further ordered that all constables do bring into
Court on Thursday morning next all warrants for the levying any sums upon
the inhabitants upon convictions for " tipling, exposing ot fruit or goods upon
the Lord's Day," &c. Instructions for the Justices concerning such offenders.
[Vide post, ^. Si] ' P- 53

Upon the report of two Justices (named), dated the 21st of September
last [vide Sessions Book No. 488, p. 67], concerning the wages for the nursing
and maintenance of Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Preist, of St. Giles'-in-the-
Fields, victualler, it is ordered that the said report be confirmed, and that
the said Thomas do pay Elizabeth Plowen, in the said report named,
;^i4 2s. 6d., due for the nursing of his said daughter. Further order for
the maintenance of the said child ... ... ... ... ••• ^^id'

Order concerning the settlement of Alice Beane and her ciiild, Richard.
Edward Beane, husband of the said Alice, a soldier, having been quartered
in the Savoy garrison, in the parish of St. Mary, Savoy, and now (if alive) in
Ireland, it is ordered that the Justices do examme where the said Edward
was last legally settled, and in the meantime the churchwardens and overseers
of St. Mary aforesaid are ordered to maintain the said Alice and her
child P- 54

Order that the several recognizances entered into by certain persons
(named), and their sureties, be respited until further order ... ... P- 55

Order for respiting the recognizances of all persons indicted for recusancy.
(Names of recusants given) ... ... ... ... ••• •■• P- 5^

58 Middlesex County Records.

Sir Richard Grahame, baronet, Viscount Preston "in the Kingdom of
Scotland," is committed to Newgate for contempt, in refusing to be sworn as
evidence against Francis Turner, doctor of divinity, indicted for high
treason ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... P- 57

Order for confirming a report concerning the illegal convictions by
warrant from Ralph Hartley, J. P. It appeared that Mr. Hartley had signed
above 500 warrants of conviction, many of which were illegal, and that some
persons convicted for suffering tippling in their houses had never sold any
drink, or had died prior to their conviction. The report is confirmed, and
the execution of any of these warrants is suspended. An inquiry is to be
made as to any sums of money levied by virtue of them. [Vide ante, p. 53]


Recital of previous orders on the inhabitants of Kensington for paving
the common highway in the said parish, and order that, on account of the
difficulty of procuring workmen, gravel, and stones to pave the said highway,
and the near approach of winter, when the newly-made road would sink and
" be broke up by carts and coaches," the paving be again postponed until the
24th of June next ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 58

Alphabetical lists of names, headed Indictments for trespass, and
Calendar of recognizances ... ... ... ... ... pp. 60-63

Miscellaneous memoranda :■ — Obadiah Marriots, teacher of a congrega-
tion of dissenting protestants at the house of Frazier, in Chiswick ... p. 64

Jury list p. 5

[Page 6 blank.]
Memoranda relating to recognizances ... ... pp. 7-31, 39-42

List of persons in the New Prison and in the House of Correction p. 35

Order to the high constables of Westminster Division, Holborn Division,
Finsbury Division, Kensington Division and the Tower Division, to summon
the petty constables of the several parishes to appear before the Justices at
Hickshall on Wednesday, 9 December, to bring in all the warrants directed
to them on the "account of swearing, cursing, prophaning the Lord's Day,"
&c., and also an account of what money they have received upon the said
warrants, and to whom they have paid the money ... ... ... P- 49

Order for enlarging the time, limited by an order made at the last
Sessions, for a committee of the Justices to examine the convictions which
have been made upon any of the inhabitants of the county " for tippling,
exposing fruit or any other goods to sale on the Lord's Day, or any other
offence for prophanation thereof." The Justices report that all the convictions
could not be discovered, many of them remaining in the hands of the
respective constables. The Court ordered that the time for examination be
enlarged to Saturday next, and the committee is to report to the Court
" before the end of this present Sessions " ... ... ... ... ibid.

"The said committee appointed to examine the matters mentioned in
this order on Friday morning next, and particularly to hear the complaints of

Sessions Book 491 — Dece7Jibei\ 1691. 59

such persons as are ordered to attend this Court concerning the said con-
victions against them, and direct that Mr. Hartley have notice thereof, and
a copy of their names, and be desired to give notice to the informers against
such offenders to attend this Court at the said time to justify the said
convictions" ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 50

Opinion of the Court upon a warrant of conviction granted by Ralph
Hartley, Justice, for exercising a trade and calling on the Lord's Day.
Francis Askew, distiller, of the parish of St. James's, Westminster, complains
that a silver spoon belonging to him was distrained under a warrant, granted
by Ralph Hartley, for exercising his trade and calling on the Lord's Day,
27 September. He affirms that "he never sold strong waters or other
liquors to any person whatsoever by retail, nor to any person on the Lord's
Day, unless in cases of necessity." He calls special attention to the warrant
in which he is described as " Francis Askew, strongwaterman, in St. Albans
Street, in St James's Market, next door to the Red Lyon," and the fine of 5/-
was imposed. He pleads that the warrant of distress was illegal and irregular,
"for that he never had opportunity of answering any complaints touching the
matter." The Court adjudged the warrant of distress to be illegal and
oppressive, because the nature of the crime was not specified, and Askew was
convicted without being heard ... ... ... ... ... ... ibid.

Order concerning the removal of Thomas Marshall and his wife from
the parish of Little Stanmore. The churchwardens of that parish complain
that Thomas Marshall, a hired servant, living for some time in Hendon
Parish, and his wife, had come into the parish of Little Stanmore. Fearing
that they were about to become chargeable to the parish, the churchwardens
had warned them to remove out of the parish. This they refused to do.
The Court referred the matter to four of the Justices to deal with as they
should think most fitting... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 52

Order to two of the Justices to view and report on a certain way leading
from Hockley Hole to Leather Lane. John Edge, surveyor of the highways
for the liberty of Saffron Hill, Hatton Garden, and Ely Rents, in the parish
of St. Andrew, Holborn, stated that " the street . . . leading from the north
side of Hatton Garden to the farrier's shop towards Hockley Hole, and from
Ihence upwards towards Leather Lane end, and also the way from the said
farrier's shop leading up the hill on the north side to Leather Lane . . .
is very much in decay for want of repair." The Court instructed the Justices
who were to view the street to report to the Court on Saturday, and state
whether the street "ought to be paved with stone, or amended with gravell."


Order for the churchwardens of Stoke Newington to pay jQ\ i8.y. ^d.
to Thomas Hunt, and for making an additional rate for the relief of the poor.
John Hunt complains that by the order of the churchwardens, «S:c., of Stoke
Newington, he had disbursed ;^i \%s. \d. for "coals and candles for several
Irish and Dutch soldiers, who were lately quartered and kept guard in the
said parish," and that they refused to repay him. The churchwardens
in their reply state that the rate for the relief of the poor was not sufficient
to defray this ^\ \Zs. i\d. The Court ordered the payment of John Hunt
out of the poor rate, and authorised the churchwardens, &c., to levy a further
rate p. 53

George Steevens, one of the overseers of the poor for St. Mary-le-Savoy,
complains that "the poor of the parish being lately much increased" the

6o Middlesex Couniy Records.

rate is very insufficient, and that he had spent above ;^2o more than he had
received ; yet the churchwardens to whom he had applied would give him
no assistance. The churchwardens, Toby Sedgwick and Francis Taylor,
alleged that Steevens had neglected to collect several sums of money which
would be sufficient to reimburse him. The Court ordered three of the
Justices living near the parish to look into the matter and make such order
as may be necessary ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 54

Order discharging Francis Quarrill from his indenture of apprenticeship.
Complaint had been made to Thomas Johnson, one of the Justices, by
Francis Quarrill, apprenticed to William Gatley, colourman, of St. Buttolph's
Withour, Aldgate, that his master has misused him, given him immoderate
correction, neglected to instruct him, and turned him out of his service.
Thomas Johnson "did examine the said matter" between the master and his
apprentice, but for want of " conformity in the said matters " referred the
dispute to this Court. The Court ordered Francis Quarrill to be discharged
from his indentures of apprenticehood ... ... ... ... ... p. 55

Order on the report of Andrew Lawrence and Thomas Smyth, two
Justices instructed to view the way from Hockley Hole to Leather Lane.
The Court directs that " the street leading from the north end of Hatton
Garden to the farrier's shop towards Hockley in the Hole, and from thence
upwards towards Leather Lane end, be well repaired and amended with
gravel by the surveyor of the highways" of the parish at the cost of
the inhabitants ; and that the way from the farrier's shop leading up the
hill on the north side to Leather Lane, containing 120 feet in length and
16 feet in breadth, be forthwith pa\'ed with stone by the inhabitants and
owners of the houses next adjoining the street. \]^lde arite, p. 52] ... p. 56

Order discharging Daniel Seale from his indenture of appenticehood. He
complained that he had been apprenticed to William VVright, of St. Margaret's,
Westminster, bricklayer, for seven years, and had served for three years, but
had endured great hardship for want of sufficient food and necessaries,
and hath been almost " starved for want of clothes," and that his master
was altogether incapable of providing for him. William AVright did not
appear p. 57

Certain of the Justices are nominated to draw up a petition to the

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