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Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal of England,
humbly representing . . . the great oppression of Ralph Hartley, essquire, one
of the Justices who had committed irregularities "in issuing forth many
hundred illegal warrants " for levying money, and in default distraining the
goods of their Majesties' subjects for supposed offences against the statutes,
i.e., " for suffering tippling in their houses," and for non-observance of the
Lord's Day. " It being the unanimous request of the whole Court that the
said Mr. Hartley," for the reasons given, " and for quieting the minds of the
inhabitants of the county, should be put out of the Commission of the Peace ;
and that the Chairman and the whole Commission do attend their Lordships
in a body with the .said petition, together with the copy of the Report " p. 58

Order that John Lavy, one of the constables of the parish of St. Mary
Matfellon, otherwise Whitechapel, deliver up to Benjamin Desimere, Henry
Lee, John Leppar, and Francis Linsey, victuallers, of VVhitechapel, several

Sessions Book 492 — January, 1692. 61

pieces of plate, which had been distrained from them, for suffering "tipling in
their several houses on the Lord's Day," it having been decided by the Court
that the warrants which had been issued by Ralph Hartley were illegal and
arbitrary ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 59

Order for confirming a report made this present Sessions relating to
Mr. Hartley ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 60

Order for respiting the recognizances of John Pennell, John Marmett,
and Mary Preistman, till further order ... ... ... ... ... p. 61

Indenture of apprenticeship of Roger Sheldon, of St. Dunstan's-in-the-
West, to John Weale, to learn the art of fencing, from i November, 1689, for
eight years. The guardians of Roger Sheldon are Margaret Sheldon, widow,
his mother, and John Penhalle, of Clifford's Inn, gentleman ... ... p. 71

Alphabetical list of indictments ... ... ... ... ... p. 72

Alphabetical list of recognizances ... ... ... ... ... p. 74

Rough memoranda.


Jury panel ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 2

Miscellaneous memoranda as to recognizances, appearances, acquittals,
&c. pp. 3-17

Order for the conveyance of Joseph Dixon, his wife, and two children
to the parish of St. Giles'-inthe-Fields, from that of St. James's, within the
liberty of Westminster ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 18

John White, convicted for stealing lead from a " dwelling house," is
fined 13/4, and to be stripped naked from the middle upwards, on Wednesday
next, between 10 a.m. and i p.m., and then " openly whipped on his back
at the hinder part of a cart from Drury Lane to the House of Correction at
Tuttlefields within this Liberty, until his body be bloody " ; he is committed
to the Gatehouse prison until he undergoes the punishment, and pays his fine,
then to be delivered paying his fee, 6/8 ... ... ... ... P- 19

Order that the churchwardens and overseers of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,
do pay Johannah Ludland 20/- for her care in "time past" of Joane
Edmonds, "a crackbrained poor woman," and an inhabitant in the said
Johanna's house ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ■.• P- 19

Proceedings upon the petition of the churchwardens and surveyors of
the highways of the parish of St. James's, Westminster. Shows that the
highways belonging to the said parish are so decayed that they cannot be
sufficiently repaired for less than the sum of ^100, and prays an order for
an assessment to meet the expenses of the same ; it is ordered that the sum
of ^115 be assessed for the reparation of the said highways for this year.
Instructions to the collectors of this rate.

Note in Margin. This order is set aside, superseded and stayed by an
order of Sessions, 23 June, 1692... ... ... . . ... ... ihd.

62 Middlesex County Records.

Proceedings upon the certificate of two Justices (named), dated the
5th instant, and showing that there is a new way called Brydall Lane, in the
parish of St. James's, Westminster, extending from Brewer Street south to the
further corner of Mr. Burgess Hutchinson's stable wall, north, containing
\\\ rods in length, and 18 feet in breadth, and which, upon inspection, they
consider requires paving ; it is ordered that all owners and inhabitants of
the houses in the said lane be required to pave the parts before their
respective properties, by or before the 25th of March next, on penalty of a
fine of 40/- for every offence ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 2 1

Proceedings upon the certificate of certain Justices (named), dated the
5th instant. Shows that there is a new street or way, called Peter Street,
in the parish of St. James's, Westminster, which said street extends from
" Mr. Aires his garden pales east to Brydall Lane west," in length containing
about i6| rods, and in breadth about 24 feet; and that, upon inspection,
they consider the same requires paving. It is ordered accordingly, and the
said paving is to be completed by or before the 25th of March next, on
penalty (as above) ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 22

[Pages 24-28 blank.]

Miscellaneous memoranda as to recognizances, acquittals, indictments,
&c. pp. 29, 30

[Pages 31-33 blank.]

Alphabetical list of names, headed Indictments P- 34

[Page 35 blank.]


Memoranda relating to recognizances ... ... ... pp. 7-235 3^

Names of those in the New Prison and House of Correction ... p. 29

A list headed " St. Katherine's " Prison p. 37

Similar, but longer, list headed Finsbury Prison p. 38

Similar, headed Hackney Prison and Stepney Prison p. 41

Order discharging Thomas Collett of London, merchant, from being
surveyor of the highways of Bromley. Collett states that he has a country
house at Bromley "which he took for his wive's takeing the air in the
summer time " \ he is deputy of the Ward of Bridge, a Commissioner, and
one of the committee for assessing the taxes in the City of London, and
"very seldom lieth out of the City," and prays to be excused from serving the
office of surveyor of the highways at Bromley. The Court discharges
Collett, and orders the inhabitants to elect another surveyor ... .. p. 47

Order for Richard Wilson to serve the remainder of his apprenticehood
with Zachariah Coates. It appears he was apprenticed for seven years to
Coates, of the parish of Stebunheath, otherwise Stepney, " linespinner." The
Court discharged the petition of Winifred Jones, mother to Richard Wilson,
and ordered him to serve the residue of his term ... ... ••• ibid.

Sessio7is Book 493 — 'January, 1692. (iTy

Order for discharging John Roberts from his indentures of apprentice-
hood with Anthony Enghsh, gardener, of the parish of Stebunheath, otherwise
Stepney. Roberts had complained that his master had misused him, and
neglected to provide him with clothes and other necessaries, and Thomas
Johnson, one of the Justices, had ordered English to provide wholesome and
necessary diet and clothes for his apprentice. Roberts complains to the
Court that no notice had been taken of this order, whereby he " was become
lame in his limbs." English did not appear, and the Court, having taken the
evidence of Joyce Roberts, discharged Roberts from his indentures ... p. 48

Gertrude Kir by, who had been apprenticed for five years to Angellat
Patella, wife of John Patella, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, to learn the art of
washing point lace, complained that John Patella and his wife had cruelly
beat and misused her, neglected to provide her with clothes, &c. ; and that
Angellat had not instructed her in the art of washing point lace. She prays
that the ^6 which had been given to apprentice her might be returned.
The Court, having heard Angellat Patella, and also the evidence of Ann Hill,
Ann Cuthbert, and others, ordered Gertrude Kirby to be discharged from her
indenture of apprenticehood, and directed that ^3 should be returned
to her by John Patella within the space of one week, for placing out the
said Gertrude Kirby to some other fit person to be instructed in the said
art p. 49

The Court ordered the discharge of John Carvath from his indenture of
apprenticehood. John Carvath had been bound apprentice to Thomas
Glover, mariner, of Stepney, about a year and a quarter previously, for the
term of three years only, and the indenture was not " inroUed," so that it was
void in law ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ••• P- 5°

Order for discharging Mary Ellitt from her indenture of apprenticehood,
with William Morris, barber, of St. James's, Clerkenwell. The apprentice
complained that her master had beaten, abused, and turned her out of
doors ... ... ... ... ■ • • •• • • • • • • • ■ • • P- 5 ^

Order for raising money for the repair of the highway in the parish of
St. Giles'-in-the-Fields. The chief inhabitants state to the Court that an
assessment has usually been made every year for the repair of the highway,
but that many persons refuse to pay the money ... ... ... ibid.

Thomas Hariot, one of the Justices, complained that the highways
of the parish of St. Mary, Islington, were much out of repair. The Court
ordered the churchwardens, &c., to make and collect a rate for the amend-
ment, repair, and support of the highways, such rate not to exceed \d.
in the £ on lands and houses, and 8^. in the £ for every ;,^2o personal
estate P- 53

A dispute between Samuel Mercer, headborough of Stanwell, and the
constable of Bedfont, was referred to the Justices in or near the Brentford
Division, as the constable of Bedfont was not, at the present Court, fully
prepared to set out his complaint. The constable of Bedfont complained
that Samuel Mercer refused to pass and convey several cripples and impotent
persons through the parish of Stanwell. The Justices are to report their
opinion at the next Court of Quarter Sessions ... ... ... ... p. 54

64 Middlesex County Records.

The constables and other ancient inhabitants of the Hberty of Norton
Folgate complain that the watch-house belonging to the liberty is very
much out of repair and likely to fall down, and pray the Court to order an
assessment of the liberty to defray the charge of repairing and amending it.
The Court desire the Justices of the Tower Division to deal with the matter
at their next Petty Sessions, and give to the petitioners such relief as shall
seem meet upon hearing of all parties ... ... ... ... .. p. 54

Order for George Waters to be continued an inhabitant at South Mymms.
George Waters, on the 9th of Januaty, had been passed to the parish of
Stepney from South Mymms ; but Thomas Austin, of South Mymms, informs
the Court that Waters had been employed by him for several years in that
parish as a day labourer, and that his last legal settlement was at South Mymms.
The Court ordered that the warrant of the Justices who passed him on to
Stepney be discharged ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 55

The Grand Jury presented to the Court "that most of the carters,
carmen, and draymen that pass and repass with their several carts, carriages,
and drays through the public streets, lanes and places . , . . make it their
common and usual practice and custom to ride negligently on their several
carts . . . without having any person to guide their horses, so that oftentimes
their horses, carts, carriages, and drays run over young children and other
their Majesties' subjects, ])assing in the streets about their lawful occasions,
whereby many lose their lives." The Court ordered the high constables in
the hundred of Ossulton to issue warrants to the petty constables requiring
them to give notice to all carters, carmen, and draymen, that from henceforth
" they carefully lead and guide their horses by the rains in their passage
through the said streets . . . and forbear riding upon their respective
carts ..." Offenders are to be dealt with at Quarter Sessions ... p. 56

Order for suppressing the profanation of the Lord's Day. Reference
is made to the Queen's letter of 9 July urging the Justices to put the
laws into force against profanation of the Lord's Day, drunkenness, swearing,
and cursing, and to the order made by the Court on the loth of July,
whereby it was hoped that "from thence our endeavours would have
had a good effect. But since that, by the rash and unadvised actings of
several persons, pretending great zeal, many illegal and irregular warrants of
conviction have been issued out against a multitude of innocent persons for
suffering tipling in their houses, and exercising their ordinary callings on the
Lord's Day, without summoning or hearing their defences, whereby it might
appear whether they were works of charity or necessity . . . and condemning
the guiltless with the guilty . . . This Court hath from time to time received
many repeated complaints from divers innholders, victualler.s, and others,
who have greatly suffered . . . This Court, for the remedy of the said
mischief, and to the end that so religious an intention may not miscarry,
doth resolve to encourage all manner of legal information . . . pursuant to
their former order . . . Convictions ought not, to be made . . . before a
warrant or a summons from a Justice of the Peace ... be first had and
served on the person accused . . . And for a due encouragement of all such
informers . . . this Court agrees to deliver all such summonses . . . gratis to
any persons requiring tlie same . . . And for the better encouragement of
the Churchwardens . . . &c., in searching for, and observing such prophana-
tion of the Lord's Day, we, the . . . Justices of the Peace . . . further
resolve that in our several and respective divisions, we will, from time to

Sessions Book 494 — Fch'iiary, 1692. 65

time, on request, or as we see occasion, go along with them in person in our
several parishes . . . and search the several alehouses and other places
suspected . . ." Informers shall receive due encouragement . . . Keepers
of alehouses, &c., convicted shall be not only fined 10/- but their licenses
shall be su|:)pressed for three years. The Clerk of the Peace is to cause this
Order to be printed and sent to the petty constables, &c., of each parish.

P- 57

Order concerning " Robbery Money." John Halton recovered from the
inhabitants of Ossulton Hundred in Michaelmas term the sum of £^']o
damages for a robbery committed upon him. Complaints had been made
from various parts of the hundred to several Justices that great and excessive
sums had been assessed on the inhabitants, and much greater sums collected
than would have satisfied the damages. The Court orders that the collectors
of the assessment from every part of the hundred shall submit their assess-
ment books, and give an account of the moneys collected and expended to
the Justices in their respective divisions, and the said Justices are to report
to the next Court of Quarter Sessions upon the matter ... ... p. 60

Order for respiting the forfeited recognizances of Henry Clarke, Robert
Rawson, John Hand, Samuel Watson, George Bonnyman, Thomas Lea,
Benjamin Denicour, John Darnall, Elizabeth Hey, Susannah Stanley, and
Mary Morris p. 6t

[Pages 62-74 blank.]

Indenture of apprenticeship of James Barnard [son] of Richard Barnard,
of the parish of St. John's, Glastonbury, to Anthony Brunton, blacksmith,
of Wapping, in the parish of Stepney, for seven years. 18 January,
1692 p. 75

Alphabetical list of indictments ... ... ... ... ... p. 76

Alphabetical list of recognizances ... ... ... ... ... P- 78

Memoranda, various, recognizances, (Sec. ... ... ... pp. 79, 80


Jury panels ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 5

Miscellaneous memoranda as to recognizances, appearances, committals,
acquittals, &c. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... pp. 7-24

[Pages 25, 26 blank.]

List of names under headings " New Prison and House of Correc-
tion " ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 27

[Pages 28-32 blank.]

Order for the sheriff of this county to pay two constables (named) of the
parishes of St. Mary, Islington, and of St. James's, Clerkenwell, jT^d ijs. od.,
which they expended in the apprehension and prosecution of Thomas Brickill,
Ann, his wife, and Mary Hemingway, for clipping the current coin, for which
offence the said Thomas has been attainted and executed ... ... p- 33

66 Middlesex County Records.

Proceedings upon the petition of Lawrence Crosse and Tiiomas Blay.
Show that they each hold about 30 acres of land in St. Pancras Parish,
and that upon the 19th of October last the said Crosse paid William Child,
overseer of the said parish, ^f \s. ^d. assessed upon him as the poor rate
for the year commencing at Easter ; and that in October the sum of 10/8 was
demanded, upon the pretence that there was another half year's rate due
for the relief of the poor, and that a warrant has been issued against the
petitioners and others compelling them to pay the said rate. They pray
that the cliurchwardens may be ordered to show reason for the same.
Ordered that certain Justices (named) do enquire into this matter ... p. 33

Proceedings upon the complaint of the chapelwarden and other
inhabitants of Wapping Hamlet, VVhitechapel, . . . that Jane, the wife of
Anthony Couch, in the absence of the said Anthony, who is a seafaring man,
keeps a disorderly alehouse, and the complainants pray ... an order may
be issued for the suppression of the license granted to the said Anthony.
Ordered that certain Justices (named) do enquire into the truth of this com-
plaint, and that they make such order as they shall consider meet ... p. 34

Upon the complaint of Owen Mackarty, apprentice to Thomas Nash, of
St. Clement Danes, cabinet-maker, of the cruel treatment received from the
said Nash, who has, several times, beaten his apprentice " with a large cane
and an iron rasp of near three pound weight," and praying he may be discharged
from his apprenticehood. Ordered accordmgly ... ... ... p- 35

Appointment of a committee, who are ordered to meet on Wednesday,
the 9th of March next, at 9 a.m., and to examine the accounts of Simon
Harcourt, Clerk of the Peace, and find what is due to the trustees of this
county from Sir Thomas Rowe, knight, for rent of that part of the corporation
workhouse which he holds, what has been expended for the repairs of
Hickshall, and the pavement belonging thereto, and the New Prison, and
the House of Correction. The said committee are to report their opinion
as to how the sum of ;£i\S S^. 4^., due to Captain Jones, and the money
for the said repairs, may be raised ... ... ... ... ... p. 37

Order for respiting certain recognizances ... ... ... ... p- 3S

[Pages 39-53 blank.]

Alphabetical lists of names, headed, calendar of indictments for trespass,
and calendar of recognizances ... ... ... ... ... PP- 54~57

[Page 58 blank.]

Memoranda dated 22-27 February, 1691, concerning the appointment of
Mr. Fox as Clerk of the Peace, by the Earl of Bedford, Cnstos Rotulorum.
The Court decides that Mr. Harcourt already holds that office and that
there is no reason for his removal from the same ... ... ... p. 59

George Porter, of the parish of St. Giles', Cripplegate Without, is a
di-ssenting minister. Presbyterian meeting houses recorded : — -Francis Mint's
house in Meeting House Alley, in Wapping, Stepney, and at his dwelling
house in Broad Street, Stepney ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 60

Order dated 26 February concerning the days for the trial of traverses.


Sessio/is Book 495 — March, 1692. 67


Jury panel ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p 2

Miscellaneous meiuoranda as to appearances, acquittals, &c. pp. 3-13

[Page 14 blank.]

Order for the churchwardens and overseers of St. Clement Danes to pay
Sara Greenbury 50/- due to her for her care of Margaret Jemmett and her
child, security for the amount having been taken from Ezekiel Cozens,
gentleman, the reputed father of the child ... ... ... ... p- 15

Proceedings upon the oath of John Smith, constable of Hyde Park Ward,
in the parish of St. Marti n's-in-the-Field, that, since the 12th of April last, he
has expended ^11 os. M. for passing, relieving, and lodging vagrants and
cripples. It is ordered that the churchwardens of St. Martin's aforesaid do
pay the said Smith ^5 loi-. \d., and 2/6 more for the moiety of this
" order," and that the churchwardens of St. James's, Westminster, do pay
the like amounts to the said constable ... ... ... ... ... ihid.

Upon the petition of the churchwardens of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,
showing that the inhabitants have contracted to pay Robert Meades ;^i5o for
the repair of the highways belonging to the said parish, for this year, and
that there remains due to him on the same amount for last year ;^2o, and
praying an order for an assessment to be made to enable them to perform
the contract, it is accordingly ordered that an assessment be made to meet
the sum of ^200... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ibid.

Upon the petition of the burgesses and others, inhabitants of St. Mar-
garet's, Westminster, exhibited at the last April Sessions, showing the great
increase of poor, particularly of Dutch women and children, within the said
parish, it was ordered that an equal rate be assessed for their relief, for the
year 1691, and that it should be one-half more than that of the year previous.
The petitioners pray that a like rate may be assessed for this year. Ordered
that an assessment be made as certain Justices (named) shall consider neces-
sary •• p- 17

Proceedings upon the petition of Anne Dyott. Shows she was bound an
apprentice to Mary Kent and Barsheba Dynes, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,
sempstresses, for five years, dating from the 29th of September, 1688, and that
they received ^30 with her, and that her said mistresses have severely beaten
and dragged her by the hair. She prays to be discharged, and to receive
back £,\^. It api^earing that the said Anne has received very good usage
from her said mistresses, to whom she has proved unfaithful, and her said
mistresses desiring she may be discharged without their returning any of the
said money, it is ordered accordingly ... ... ... ... ... p. 18

[Pages 19, 20 blank.]

Memorandum — "John Chase, of Vine Street, Westminster, licensed a
badger for one year next after 30th March, 1692." ... ... ... p. 21

[Page 22 blank.]

68 Middlesex Coiuity Recoi^ds.

Miscellaneous memoranda as to recognizances, committals, appear-
ances, &c.... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p- 23

[Pages 24, 25 blank.]
Alphabetical list headed " Indictments " ... ... ... ... p. 26

[Pages 27, 28 blank,]


Jury panels ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 5

Appointment of Ambrose Isted, of St. James's, Clerkenwell, esquire, as
treasurer for the maimed soldiers within the hundreds of Ossulston, Edmonton,
and Gore for 16 \2. The said Isted is ordered to take over the accounts of
Robert Bird, gc.itleman, the treasurer during 1691.

The like appointment of Christopher Clitheroe, esquire, for the hundreds
of Elthorn, Spelthorn, and Isleworth, in the roorri of Thomas Arundell, gentle-
man, and similar order concerning the accounts.

Appointment of William Gunson, gentleman, as treasurer for the Mar-
shalsea, King's Bench, and Hospitals, within the hundreds of Ossulston,
Edmonton, and Gore for 1692, in the place of John Evans, gentleman.

The like appointment of Richard Gray, of Twittenham, gentleman,
within the hundreds of Elthorne, Spelthorn, and Isleworth ... ... p. 6

Order concerning the prices and rates of beer, the assize of bread, &c.
\yide Sessions Book 484, p. 7.]

The rates of servants', labourers', and artificers' wages to stand as they
were at the Sessions held "after the close of Easter, 1691 " ... ... p. 6

Miscellaneous memoranda as to recognizances, indictments, acquittals,
&c. pp. 7-24

[Pages 25, 26 blank.]

List of names headed New Prison and House of Correction ... p. 27

[Pages 28-30 blank.]

Memoranda relating to Hackney Prison ; list of names, apparently of
prisoners ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ••• ••• P- 31

The like of Finsbury, Stepney, and St. Katherine's Prisons pp. 32-34

Miscellaneous memoranda as to conmiittals, acquitments, the appoint-
ment of John Fox as Clerk of the Peace, &c. ... ... ... pp. 35, 36

Upon the report of two Justices (named), it is ordered that the high
constables of Ossulston, and Thomas Saunders, late high constable of
Finsbury, do pay to Simon Harcourt, Clerk of the Peace, the money received
by them for robberies committed within the said hundred, and that the petty

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