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constables be summoned to bring in their books for inspection ... p. 37

Sessions Book 496 — April, 1692. 69

It is ordered that Robert Hardisty, an attorney at the Court of King's
Bench, do ai)pear for the inhabitants of Ossulston Hundred, at the suit of
Ward Drakes, for a robbery committed upon him in the said hundred... p. 37

Order for Henry Johnson, his wife and four children, to be removed
from the parish of St. Paul, Shadwell, to the hamlet of Wapping, Stepney, it
having been proved that the said Henry was last legally settled in the said
hamlet ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 38

Upon the petition of Thomas Gibbons, constable of Ickenham, showing
that he has served the office for the past year, and that there was no court
leet held for the said parish (sic) last Easter, and praying that he might be
discharged from serving the said office, and that John Turn-r, of Ickenham,
aforesaid, gentleman, might be elected in his place, it is ordered accordingly

... p. 39

Upon the petition of Andrew Ward, late constable of Finchley Parish,
showing that he served the said office last year, and expended, in passing
cripples and vagabonds through the said parish, together with other incident
charges, ^^13 \\s. ']d., and praying that a rate may be assessed for the
reimbursement of the same, it is ordered that two Justices (named) do
exan)ine the accounts of the said petitioner, and do levy a rate for the
settlement of the same ... ... ... ... ... ... ... P- 4°

Whereas by an order of the 26th of October last, it wns referred to two
Justices (named) to give Mathew Davis, of St. Olave's, Souihwark, county
Surrey, gentleman, such further time as they should consider meet for paving
the street, before his houses, in a certain street called Ayloffe Street, in
Goodman's Fields, in the parish of St. Mary, Whitechapel, whereupon the said
Justices fixed the date until the 1 st of May next. Now, upon the petition of
the said Davis, showing his possession of the said houses to be but for a short
term, and that Sir William Leman, baronet, is the ground landlord, and praying
that the Court would proportion the charge of paving before the said houses,
between the said Sir William and the ])etitioner, it is ordered to be referred
to the aforesaid Justices to examine what interests the said Sir William and
the petitioner severally have in the said premises, to ascertain what propor-
tion they ought to bear towards the paving of the said street, and to give such
order for the same as they shall consider meet... ... ... ... i/'id.

Upon the petition of John Sheppard, constable of New Town, Mile End
Hamlet, Stepney, showing that, during his term of office, he has expended
^15 2s. id. in the passing of cripples and vagabonds through the said hamlet,
and for other incident charges, and that he has not received more than ^'7 in
payment thereof, and praying his successor might be allowed to collect the
assessment for the petitioner's reimbursement, it is accordingly ordered that
he be assisted in the collection of the same ... ... ... ... P-4i

Whereas by an order of the 15th of July, 1690, it was ordered that the
inhabitants of Red Lion Square, in the parish of St. Andrew's, Holborn above
bars, from the following Michaelmas, should have liberty to place and maintain
a sufficient watch and ward, and convenient stands for the watchmen, at their
charge, and that in consideration the said inhabitants should be exempted
from payment towards the said constables' watch until further order. [ Vide
Sessions Book, No. 475, p. 50.] Now, upon the petition ot the churchwardens

yo Middlesex County Records.

and other inhabitants of the said parish, showing that the said order was
obtained by the instigation of some particular inhabitants in the said square,
without the l^nowledge of the major part of the uihabitants, and that their
watch was much weakened in consequence, and praying that the said order
for a separate watch might be discharged, and upon hearing what could be
alleged by those who " insisted to have the said order continued," it is ordered
" that so much of the said recited order as directs a separate watch to be kept "
is hereby vacated. Further order to the constables concerning the appointment
of a sufficient watch ... ... ... ... ... ... ... P- 42

Order for Susanna Singleton, otherwise Potter, Mary Steward, and
Rebecca Turner to be continued and settled in the parish of St. Ann's,
Westminster, they having been passed from the parish of St. Giles-in-the-
Fields to that of St. Ann's as their last legal settlement P- 43

Order of reference to certain Justices to appoint auditors to examine the
accounts of the churchwardens of St. Leonard's Parish, Shoreditch, for the
year 1691 ; the inhabitants of the said parish having complained of undue
oppression from the said churchwardens by " an assessment of twelve quarters
besides moneys received for fines " ... ... ... ... ... p- 44

Order for the churchwardens and overseers of St. James's, Clerkenwell, to
pay Joanna Cooke 36/- for nursing a child, in case she be not paid the same
in a month by some other person ... ... ... ... ... p- 45

Upon the report of two Justices (named), to whom it was referred by an
order of the 22nd of February last \_vide Sessions Book, No. 490, p. 45], to
view ... a certain lane, called Church Lane, part of which is in Wapping
Ham.let, Stepney Parish, and part in that of St. Mary, Whitechapel, it is
ordered that the said lane be repaired at "a parish charge," and that the
surveyors of the highways of Wapping Hamlet, and those of St. Mary,
Whitechapel, do repair the parts lying in their re!^pective parishes ... p. 46

Order for Joseph Dixon, his wife and children, lately passed from the
parish of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, to that of St. James's, Westminster, to be
settled in the latter parish, that being the place of their last legal settle-
ment. l^Vide Sessions Book ^^2, Y>- 18] ... ... ... ... ibid.

Whereas William Peake, a prisoner in the custody of John Philpott,
gentleman, gaoler of Hackney Manor Prison, upon the 28th of November,
1690, petitioned to be discharged, but Charles Yates, one of the creditors of
the said William, insisting that the said William be continued in prison upon
such weekly maintenance as the Court should appoint, it is ordered that the
said William be remanded, and that Yates do pay 1/6 per week for the said
prisoner's maintenance ... ... ... ... ... ... ... V- Al

A similar order concerning the prisoner, Robert Mynns, in the custody of
William Penn, gaoler of Finsbury Prison ; Robert Bowles, one of the creditors
of the said Mynns, being ordered to pay 1/6 weekly for the maintenance of
the said prisoner ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 48

Upon the complaint of William, son of William Drakely, and apprentice
to Francis Lowe, of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, victualler, of ill-treatment
received from his said master, and pra)ing to be discharged from his
apprenticehood, it is ordered accordingly ... ... ... ... P- 49

Scssio7^s Book 406 — April, 1692. 71

Order for John Sharpe, and his wife, lately passed from Idlestry Parish,
within theHberty of St. Albans, Herts, to the parish of South Mymms, to remain
in the latter place, where they were last legally settled ... ... ..." p. 50

Order for Beziah Amswortli to be passed to Mile End Hamlet, in
the parish of Stepney, it having bten proved that his father, Henry
Amsworth, was last legally settled there, and not in Bow Hamlet, as at first
alleged ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 51

Order for respiting several recognizances entered into by four persons
(named), and their sureties, until further order... ... ... ... p. 52

Whereas by an order of Saturday, the 9th of April last, Henry Staffe, of
St. Andrew's, Holborn, surgeon, w^as ordered to attend and show cause why he
should not serve the otfice of scavenger of the said parish, for the liberty above
bars, for the ensuing year, and the said Henry not having attended, it is
ordered that he shall continue in the said office of scavenger for the said
parish for this year ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p- 53

Order for hearing an appeal concerning the settlement of Christian, wife of
William Mackedavy, and her child, upon the first day of the next Sessions, a
dispute having arisen between the churchwardens and overseers of the parish
of St. Dunstan's-in-the-West, and those of St, Giles'-in-the-Fields, as to their
last legal settlement ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 53

Upon the report of certain Justices (named), dated the 28th of April last,
that they had inspected a certain street or lane, called Church Lane, in the
parish of St. Mary, Whitechapel, in the hamlet of Wapping, Stepney, and that
they were of opinion the said street or lane is a new one, and that a great part
being already paved the remainder ought speedily to be paved- to the middle
of the said street from the houses of John Rooks and William Buxton,
"at the grate," as far as those of Thomas Hart and Oliver Ashwith. being
about thirty rods in length, at the expense of the owners and inhabitants,
none of whom opposed the same, save Elizabeth Welsh, " who ought to
pave as the rest have done," it is ordered that the said new street be
paved by the 30th of July next, according to the judgment of the said
Justices. \^Vide Sessions Book Af P^'' annum ; and
that some of them belonging to fatherless children and widdows, and that
seven years' rent of the said houses will not pay the charge of the pavement
and keep it in repair." The time was extended to 20 August "and no
longer." \yide Sessions Bocfk ^%%.^Y>. (i^\ ... ... ... ... ibid.

Order made for suppressing the license of Jackett of Greenford to

keep an alehouse. The Brentford Justices had for divers reasons refused
Jackett a license, but since then he had obtained one " surreptitiously " from
two of the Justices outside that division. Roger Jenings and Nicholas
Grice, two of the Justices of the Brentford Division, are to allow him
reasonable time to draw off the drink he may pretend to have by him p. 35

At the February Quarter Sessions a committee of the Justices was
nominated to examine what was due to the trustees of the county from
Sir Thomas Rowe, knight, for rent of that part of the corporation workhouse
which he holds of the county and to report at the next Quarter Sessions.
No report having been made by the committee, several names are added to
it, with a further instruction to the committee to see " what bedding and other
matters there is remaining in the said place which were bought at the
charges of this Court," and to see what orders have been made by this Court
to the said Sir Thomas Rowe in converting the part of the corporation work-
house " for a nursery of infants, and which of them are fit to be revived,"
and to report in writing at the next Court of Quarter Sessions ... p- 36

Order appointing a committee of the Justices to meet at Hicks Hall in
St. John Street, to ''view the said Hall, and to see the defects and want of
repair thereof ; " to examine " who ought to be at the charge of repairing the
same, and to see where a press may be set up . . . for keeping the records
of this Court ; " and to examine what right the inhabitants of the parish of
St. Sepulchre's ..." have to the great chest standing in the dineing roome
of the said Hall ; " and if they find the said chest belongs to the said
inhabitants, then to enquire the reasons of their placing the said chest
there. The committee is to report in Avriting to the next Court of Quarter
Sessions .. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 37

Sessions Book 498 — -June, 1692. 75

Order that Simon Harcourt, late Clerk of the Peace of this county,
deHver up forthwith to the present Clerk of the Peace "all the writings that
are in his hands, which were procured before divers of their Majesties'
Justices . . . nominated by this Court to enquire what rent was due to the
trustees of the county from Sir Thomas Rowe for part of the corporation
workhouse at Clerkenwell, together with the report made by the said
Justices" ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p- 37

Order that Simon Harcourt, late Clerk of the Peace, do deliver up to
the present Clerk of the Peace all the licenses of victuallers in this county
which were taken in the several divisions of the county at the last Court ot
Quarter Sessions ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p- 38

Order for respiting the recognizances of Thomas Stowman, Sarah Emanuel,
Henry Baxter, Jonas Gilbert, Peter Clarke, Henry Newberry, James Rooks,
Edward Quarterman, Roger Downes, John W^iggens, George Appleby, Moses
Sedgwick, Katherine Lambert, James Samuell, William Baxter, and Elizabeth
Zelby [Selby?] alias Phipps, till further order of the Court ... ... ibid.

Memoranda, recognizances, &c. ... ... ... pp. 47, 49, 53

" All the Hackney coachmen that have been taken up since the committee
waited on my Lord Mayor to make their affidavit of their abuses before
the Justices of the Peace at Petty Sessions, and that Sir Charles Lee,
Mr. Bestt (?), Mr. Bucknall, Mr. Owen, Sir E. Munday, Mr. Underbill, or
any of the appointed committee to attend the Lord Mayor and Court of
Aldermen" ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p- 50

Names of those in the New Prison and in the House of Correction p. 55

Indenture of apprenticehood of William Lindsey, of the parish of
St. Mary, Whiiechapel, son of William Lindsey, deceased, to Reynolds
Forniser, weaver, 18 April, 1692 ... ... ... ... ... ilnd.

Calendar of recognizances ... ... ... ... ... ... P- 56

Memoranda of certain fees received ... ... ... ... P- 58


Jury list ... ... ... ... ... ... ... pp. i, 2

Memoranda of recognizances ... ... ... ... PP- 3-31

William Jencks, Henry Chanell, Thomas Hilliard, John Roberts,
Richard Cornforth, Richard Foresight, and Andrew Kemp, for refusing to
take the Oath of Allegiance to the King and Queen, or to pay each a fine
of 40/-, were committed to the Gatehouse Prison for three months ... p. 32

The inhabitants of Park Prospect, Dartmouth Street, and the adjacent
streets in the parish of St. Margaret's, Westminster, represent " that there
is very great want of watchmen and stands to be set and placed at or about
Park Prospect ... for the apprehension of felons and night-walkers, and
security of the inhabitants," who, dwelling somewhat remote and out of call

76 Middlesex Coimty Records.

from the Grand Watch, are much exposed to burglars and other dangerous
persons. The Court ordered the constables of St. Margaret's to carefully and
constantly hereafter, from time to time, set at Park Prospect two able watch-
men, to stand and watch there duly every night, from 9 of the clock in the
evening until 6 of the clock in the morning ... ... ... ... p. 32

Order of the Court for making an assessment to raise ;^,56 for the
repair of the highways in the parish of St. Anne's, Westminster ... ibid.

Dispute between the churchwardens, &c., of St. Margaret's and St.
Martin's-in-the-Fields as to the legal settlement of Mary Wilson and her
child. The Court found that she was legally settled in St. Martin's Parish,
and ordered her removal there forthwith ... ... ... . P- 33

Dispute between the churchwardens, &c., of St. Margaret's and
St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, as to the legal settlement of Elizabeth Clare, aged
five years, and Mary Clare, aged three years. The Court ordered that the
St. Martin's churchwardens, &c., should provide for Mary Clare, and the
St. Margaret's churchwardens, &c., provide for Elizabeth Clare ... p. 34

Order to the churchwardens of St. James's, Westminster, to raise by rate

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