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;^i 1 5 for the repair of the highways ... ... ... ... ... ibid.

The churchwardens of St. James's, John Outing and Robert Johnson,
represent to the Court that the highways and pavements in the common street
" leading from Pickadilly to High {sic) Parke Corner, over against the church
and churchyard of the said parish, containing from east to west, on and adjoining
the north side of the said churchyard, in length forty-seven feet, and in
breadth thirty-two feet ; and in Jermine Street, from west to the east corner
of the churchyard wall, one hundred and fifty-nine feet, and in breadth so
far twenty feet ; and further eastwards along the south front of the church to
the channel running at the east end of the said church, one hundred feet,
and in breadth, from the wall of the church to the denter or middle of the
street there, one and thirty feet ; and again, from without the pale at the
east end and south-east corner of the said church, up northwards to the
Rector's house, ninety-nme feet in length and si.x feet in breadth, are out of
repair ; and that there is some doubt who ought to pave and amend the
same." The Court ordered the inhabitants to repair these pavements out of
the ;2^ii5 authorised in the preceding order, and " from time to time, and at
all times hereafter, when and as often as need shall require" ... ... p. 36

Order to suppress the license of Samuel Wood, of the Horseferry, in
the parish of St. Margaret's, because " he doth keep a disorderly victualling
house there " ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ibid.

"The names of the reputed papists last inhabiiing in this parish of
St. Martin-in-the-Fields, who at this Quarter Sessions, the 27th day of June,
1692, refused to take the Oaths of Fidelity as are now appointed to be taken,
and the several sums they paid down for such their refusal, to the use of
the poor of the said parish " : —

Henry Bryarly, of St. Martin's Lane, dyer.
Francis Pilate, of Church Lane, silversmith.
John Jesson, of Hay Hill, gardener.

Scssio7is Book 498 — June, 1692. 77

Francis Carthbry, of Bennett Street.

Michael le Duke, of Long Acre, dancing-master.

William Raymond, of Oxenden Street.

John Blanvillon. of Long Acre, vintner.

Vincent Bush, of Duke Street, York Buildings, confect[ioner].

James Bonner, of Phenix Alley.

George Fitzgerald, of Panton Street, periwig-maker.

William Austin, of Panton Street.

Thomas Caser, of Long .\cre, frame-maker.

Richard Yates, of Long Acre, joiner.

Robert Bennett, of the Strand, vintner.

John Daniel, of Long Acre, "japanner."

William Quin, baker.

Patrick Conyers, of Brewers' Yard, Strand.

Jervice Rous, St. Martin's Lane.

Charles Country, Castle Street, Leicester Fields, turner.

John Gwyzine, St. Martin's Lane, the elder.

Francis Hater, of Duke Street, periwig-maker.

James Murley, of Bedfordbury, tailor.

Peter Hazard, of Long Acre, cabinet-maker.

William Groves, of Drury Lane, distiller.

John Grigson, of Drury Lane.

Walter Shea, of Marygold Alley, tailor.

Merenius Emery, of Denmark Court, Strand.

Giles Pyron, of Long Acre, embroiderer.

Richard Glaspoole, of Arlington Street, carpenter.

Lawrence Courtney, of Charing Cross, vintner.

James Owyn (?), of Charing Cross.

John Watkins, of Hay market, surgeon.

Bryan Batson, of Strand, haberdasher.

James Langhorne, apprentice.

Henry Roberts, singing-master.

Francis Underwood, Charing Cross.

Robert St. George, Spring Gardens.

Robert Gilstrop, Charing Cross, gentleman.

Henry Lyon, of Burleigh Street, St. Martin's Fields.

Anthony Dufroney, of Bennetts Court, fringemaker.

Edmund Gwyn, of Strand.

Francis Johnson, of Long Acre, cabinet-maker.

Edward Simpson, of the Strand.

Andrew Quino, of Russell Street, apothecary.

John Calloway, of Drury Lane, chairman.

John Gresham, of Miggs Court, painter.

(Sum total, ;^25 \2S. 6d.)

Reputed papists of the parish of St. James's, Westminster (same form
as above) : —

Darby Levin, of St. James's, victualler.
John Haddock, of Sherwood Street, victualler.
Thomas Clifton, of Queen's Street, gentleman.
James Ragould, of Charles Street, gentleman.
John Begg, of St. James's Street, victualler.
William Ayrey, of Rider Street, glazier.
Nicholas MuUinux, of Barry Street, tailor.

78 Middlesex County Records.

James Morray, of Pall Mall, gentleman.
John Cukus (?), of Pall Mall, goldsmith.
Andrew Prescott, of Portugal Street, baker.
John Carter, of King Street, shoemaker.
Francis Comings, of James Street, shoemaker.
Andrew Roch, of Berry Street.
Knevet Hastings, esquire, second refusal, fined ^%.
(Total sum, ^19 os. od.)

Reputed papists in the parish of St. Clement Danes (same form as
above) : —

Peter Painter, of Maypole Alley, joiner.

Valentine Fowles, of " Witch" Street.

Patrick Braynon, of Blackmore Street, victualler.

John Smallwood, of the same.

John Smith, of Duke Street, chandler.

Clement Wytheborn, victualler.

William Dunton.

Peter Michells, of Horton Street.

(Sum total, ^5 \os. od.)

Reputed papists of the parish of St. Anne's, Westminster : —

John Miles, of Cranborne Street, cordwainer.

Raymond Surrovile, of Newport Street, vintner.

Francis Walgrave, of Compton Street, doctor in physic.

John Williams, of the same, tobacconist.

Joseph Berry, of King Street, casemaker.

Martin Carbinel, otherwise Beauleau, of Porter Street, gentleman.

Mr. Thomas Champion, leather seller.

(Total sum, ^^5 15^-. o^.)

Reputed papists in the parish of St. Paul, Covent Garden (form as
above) : — ■

Joseph Palmer, of Russell Street, dyer.
John Weldon, servant of Dr. Conquest.
Timothy Bourne, of Hart Street, barber.
Patrick Mooney, of Hart Street, baker,
Joseph Knights, of Russell Street, goldsmith.
Andrew Renoc, of Bedford Street, tailor.
Edward Penruddock, of James Street, esquire.
Charles Conquest, of Bow Street, doctor in physic.
(Sum total, ;^8 \is. td.)

Reputed papists m the parish of St. Mary-le-Savoy (same form as
above) : —

Richard Harris, of "Witch Street," upholsterer.
John Burchell, of Swan Yard, victualler.
William Curies, of Swan Yard, engraver.

(Sum total, £\ ^s. od.) pp. 39-43

Receipt for 5/- paid into Court by Robert Rusholme, of the Physic
Garden, in the parish of St. Margaret's, for refusing to take the Oath of
Fidelity, &c P- 43

Sessio7!s Book 499 — August and September, 1692, 79

Similar receipt of fine from John Driver, gilder, of Jerman Street, in the
parish of St. James's, for the like offence ... ... ... ... p. 43

[Pages 44-50 blank.]

Note of the oath taken by John Smith as Clerk of the Peace ... p. 51

Various memoranda relating to convictions and recognizances ... ibid.

Calendar of indictments ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 54


Memoranda relating to recognizances, &c. ... ... pp. 7-44

[Pages 45-4S blank.]

Two of the Justices, William Withers and William Underbill, appointed
to examine into the case of Isabella Hubbert, recently delivered of a female
bastard in the parish ot St. Leonard, Shoreditch, and to take such action as
shall seem fit. In one affidavit she had named John Jenkins as the reputed
father, and in another Leonard Pierson ... ... ... ... p. 49

At the June Quarter Sessions a complaint had i)een made by several of
the inhabitants of the parish of St. Mary, Islington, suggesting that William
Duncomb, surveyor of the highways for the year 1691 "had clandestinely
and by some foul practice got his accounis audited"; that several of those
appointed to audit them had had no notice of the audit, and the Court had
then ordered that "it should be referred to the auditors of the parish and
Mr. Strowde, an able inhabitant there, to re-examine the said accounts.
William Duncomb now states that all the auditors appointed to take his
accounts, eleven in number, had had due notice of the audit ; that they were
audited by eight of them, and had been inspected and allowed by two of the
Justices ; and that the order had been obtained at the last Sessions by
surprise, and without his knowledge. The Court ordered that the order
made at the last Sessions for re-auditing the accounts be discharged, and that
the inhabitants forthwith pay to Duncomb £,^2 \s. 7^. due to him ... ibid.

On the complaint of Thomas Larke and Gerrard Selby, scavengers for
the lower hamlet of Wapping, Whitechapel, for the year last past, that the
inhabitants refuse to pay to them the sum of ^14 125-. due for the work of
cleansing the street, &c., the Court referred the matter to three of the
Justices — Mr. Thomas Johnson, Mr. Bohun, and Mr. Ford — for enquiry and
settlement ... ... ... ■•• ... ... p. 50

The churchwardens, &:c., of St. Giles Without, Cripplegate apply for
powers to make a rate for the relief of the casual poor '' who daily increase,"
as they have expended about ;?^3o, and have no income sufiicient to meet
it. The Court refers the matter to Colonel Pery, Mr. Withers, and
Mr. Underbill, three of the Justices, to be dealt with for the relief of the
churchwardens ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .•• P- 51

It is ordered ihat Mr. Wainwright do forthwith set workmen to work in
and about the repairing of Hicks Hall. A committee is nominated consisting;

8o Middlesex County Records.

of Sir Charles Lee, Thomas Rowe, Mr. Buck, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Heriot,

Mr. , Mr. Smith, Mr. Underhill, and Mr. Withers, Justices, to see that

the Hall be well and substantially repaired ; they are to decide what rent
Mr. Wainwright ought to pay for . . . since his coming to be " cryer "
Document decayed. [Vide Sessions Book 4g'j, p. ^-j] ... ... ... p. 51

Order for discharging Francis Fisher from his indenture of apprentice-
hood to William Brittaine, of Limehouse, in the parish of Stepney. Fisher
had complained that his master had " inhumanly beat and abused" him, and
the Justice to whom the complaint was originally made being unable to
" compound and agree " the difference, the Court, on investigation, found that
the indenture had been antedated two years, so that Francis had but five
years to serve, " which is contrary to the Act, and that upon the oath of
William Fisher and other witnesses they found that he had cruelly beat, &c.,
his apprentice " ... ... ... ... ... ... ..- ••• P- 5^

Order to the churchwardens, &c., of the hamlet of Ratcliffe, in the parish
of Stepney, to pay to Bridgett Harman, "a poor person" of that hamlet, the
sum of 2/- weekly ... ... ... ... ... •■• •■• i^id.

John Walters, apprentice to Thomas Batt, tailor, of the parish of
St. Clement Danes, was charged by his master "with embezilling and
purloining his goods, and deserting his service, and was committed to the
House of Correction at Tuttle Fields, Westminster, but was immediately
illegally discharged from custody. The apprentice acknowledges to the Court
his offence and prays that his master may be ordered to receive him into his
service. Batt attended and informed the Court that Walters was apprenticed
to him for five years, but that the indenture was not enrolled ; that "Walters
is a very disorderly and pilfering person, and had attempted to debauch
his daughter," and hath deserted his service for a fortnight, for which causes
Batt alleges he " could not safely entertain " him in his service any longer.
The Court ordered Walters to be discharged from his apprenticehood and
committed him to the House of Correction, and to be "kept to labour"
until further order from the Court ... ... ... ... ••• P- 53

On the complaint of Thomas Adlam, George Powell and Richard Smyth,
late overseers of the parish of St. Giles' Without, Cripplegate, that they had
spent about ;£2^ 1 2s. more on the relief of the poor than they had received,
three of the Justices— Colonel Peiry, Mr. Withers, and Mr. Underhill — were
directed to examine the accounts, and make such order for reimbursing them
as they should see fit ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 54

Upon complaint on oath of divers of the chief inhabitants of the parish
of Stoke Newington, that Francis Harding of that parish, victualler, " keepeth
a very disorderly house, as well on the Lord's Days as on the week days, and
entertaineth beggars, vagrants, and thieves, who rob" the inhabitants of their
goods, to the great damage and terror of the said inhabitants, the Court
ordered that the license of Thomas Harding be suppressed from the 6th of
October following ... ... ... ... ... ... ... i^'id.

On the complaint of Edward Bentley, John Brittin, and John Tyzach,
scavengers of the hamlet of Wapping, Stepney, that for the last year past they
have disbursed to the rakers ^21 more than they have received, the Court
ordered that this /^.2x should be paid to them as follows : ^^lo at Michaelmas,
;^5 at Christmas, and ;£6 at Lady Day ... ... ... ... p. 55

Sessions Book :^gg—A?i^i/s^ arid Septembe)', 1692. 81

Henry Dix, carman, of tlie liberty of Norton Folgate, shows that he is
nominated and appointed constable of the liberty, and asks the Court to
discharge him from serving, on the plea that " he is sixty-four years of age, and
that he is very infirm, and altogether illiterate." The Court accordingly
discharges him, and orders the inhabitants to elect another constable p. 55

At the June Quarter Sessions the license of Daniel Ellis, victualler, of
Milford Lane, in the Duchy Liberty in the Strand, had been suppressed, but
on the application of the said Ellis at the adjourned Quarter Sessions in July,
on the evidence of several officers and inhabitants that he kept good rule and
order in his house, Ellis was allowed, till the present Quarter Sessions, "to
draw and sell such beer and ale as he should have in store," provided he did
not suffer any evil rule or order to be kept in his house. At this present
Court Ellis j:)rays for the restoration of his license, and Hugh Chamberlaine
and Leonard Hancock, two of the Justices residing in the liberty, are
appointed to deal with the matter, and to make order for the issue of a license
or continue the suppression, as they shall see fit ... ... ... p. 56

The petition of the surveyors of the highways of the parish of St. Pancras
(names not recorded) for an order to the inhabitants to raise the sum of ^70
and upwards, due to them for the repair of the highways, was referred to one
of the Justices, Sir James Smyth, to make the requisite order, or to report to
the next Court of Quarter Sessions ... ... ... ... ... P- 57

Order to the churchwardens, &c., for the north end of Finchley to make
a rate to repay Henry Whitchcott, constable for the previous year, the sum of
^8 i8j-. 3

Online LibraryGreat Britain. Court of Quarter Sessions of the PeMiddlesex county records. Calendar of the sessions books, 1689 to 1709 → online text (page 13 of 49)