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expended at the Fountain Tavern on the Justices that attended the sup-
pressing of the Redoubt at Exeter Exchange 25/- {sic). On a small loose piece
of paper is the bill itself, headed "Fountain Tavern": bread and beer, 1/3 ;
wine, 16/4; "beif griskins," 3/-; pickles, i/-; "chease," d,d. ; coachman, i/-;
fire, 1/6 : "drawer," i/-; total, ^i 5^. 5^.


Jury panels ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .•• P- 5

[Page 6 blank.]

Appointment of Francis Tyson as treasurer for the maimed soldiers in
the hundreds of Ossulston, Szc, for 1698. He is to take over the accounts
of Alexander Pitfield, former treasurer.

The like, for Jonathan Andrew\s, in the hundreds of Elthorne, &c. He
is to take over the accounts of Richard Reynell.

Appointment of Charles Mundin, of New Brentford, gentleman, for the
Marshalsea, King's Bench, and Hospitals, in the hundreds of Elthorne, &c.,
in the room of John Redding, gentleman.

Usual order concerning the wages of labourers, &c., and the assize of
bread ... ... ... ... ... ... ■" ••• ••• p. 7

[Pages 8-10 blank.]

Miscellaneous memoranda as to indictments, acquittals, appearances, &c.

pp. 11-41

Order as to the settlement of Mary Hins, spinster. In October, 1696,
the said Mary was servant to Mr. Cooke, of St. John's Parish, Hackney, farmer,
where she lived six months, after which she entered the service of Mr. Payne,
of the said parish, farmer, also for the space of six months ... ... p. 42

William Cuthbert, of Old Street Liberty, St. Giles' Without, Cripplegate,
yeoman, discharged from serving as overseer on account of his age and
infirmity ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... P- 43

Order as to the settlement of John and Sarah, two young children of
Thomas Borer, lately deceased. Their mother, Sarah, is lately married to
Thomas Thompson, of Lambeth Street, St. Mary's Parish, Whitechapel. i7>/d.

Sessi07is Book 552 — May, 1698. 183

Order as to the collection of a rate for reimbursing Manassah Lander
and Hugh Bishop, former overseers of the poor in the parish of St. Clement
Danes. \Vide Sessiois Book ^i^-},, i^. k^^ ... ... ... ... p. 45

Order for the discharge of Jonathan Upp, of Teddington Parish, yeoman,
he having served as constable in the said parish during the past year. Richard
Beadle, yeoman, nominated in his stead ... ... ... ... p. 48

Order for Robert Williams, of Ealing Parish, mariner, to receive a pension
from the fund for maimed soldiers. The said Robert, about 25 years ago, lost
his left arm while serving King Charles II on the ship " Gloucester "... p. 49

A like order for William Bagshaw, junior, of Chiswick Parish, mariner.
The said Bagshaw, on the 28th of April, 1689, lost his right arm in His
Majesty's service, " in the river of Londonderry, in Ireland, in the ship called
the ' Bonadventure ' " ... ... ... ... . . ... ... ibid.

Thomas Starkey, of the liberty of Saffron Hill, in the parish of St. Andrew's,
Holborn, discharged from serving as overseer of the poor in the said liberty,
on account of his age and infirmity ... ... ... .. ... p. 50

Certificate concerning Jonathan Netheway, of St. Leonard's Parish, Shore-
ditch, gentleman, who was chosen, last Easter, to serve as overseer, and who
produced a writ of privilege, showing that he, Jonathan, was an attorney of
the Court of Common Pleas, and praying that he might be discharged from
serving the said office, whereupon the said writ was allowed. The said
Jonathan showed that he served as a clerk to Mr. George Jewce, an attorney,
for four years, and to Mr. Thomas Percivall, an attorney, for three years, and
that he was sworn an attorney about 18 years ago. Several witnesses declare
that the said Jonathan has discontinued his profession, and pray the Court
to state the truth of the matter " to your lordship " that you may give such
directions " touching the .said writ of priviledge as to your lordship shall be
thought meet " ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 5 1

Order as to the settlement of Ellis Wright, aged about nine years. The
dispute is between the parishes of St. John, Wapping, and St. Sepulchre, p. 52

Order as to the settlement of Mary Street, a young woman, who lived
with her brother, George Street, " stage coachman for Marleburrough for about
seven years, who lived at the Dolphin, near the Bell Inn, in the Strand."
The dispute is between the parishes of St. Mary-Ie-Savoy and St. Martin-in-
the-Fields... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 53

Order for the discharge of Elias Turner, of St. Leonard's Parish, Shore-
ditch, gentleman, from serving the office of overseer of the poor in the said
parish. The said Turner showed that his affairs required his speedy departure
into parts beyond the seas ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 54

Proceedings upon the petition of Edward Elderton, of St. Mary Mat-
fellon, which shows that the petitioner holds two farms, part lying ... in the
hamlet of Mile End Old Town, Stepney, and part in the parish of St. Mary
Matfellon, and that he is assessed beyond the value of the said lands, and
prays that "a view and admeasurement" may be made. Order of reference
concerning the same ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 55

184 Middlesex County Records.

Order as to the settlement of Mary Fenner, who, about three years ago,
lived for about 13 months as the servant of John Casselton, at Prittlewell,
and also for a year with John Dazely, of the same place. Further proof
shows that the said Mary lived as servant to Richard Drake, of the hamlet
of Poplar and Blackwall, for one year, from Christmas 1698 {sic), ending at
Christmas last past ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 57

Order for raising money for the constables' rate in Hammersmith . . . ibid.

Miscellaneous memoranda — names of those taking the oath of fidelity,
indictments, commitments, &c. ... ... ... ... ... pp. 59-61

Order to " Harrington, constable of New Brentford, to deliver to

Daniell Harrington one brass kettle stolen from him by one Bartholomew
Syers, who is lately dead in Newgate.

" Mr. Hawley to deliver to Sarah Clarke a parcell of wareing clothes
and things sealed up now in his custody suspected to be stolen by one Robert
Knight, the bill being ignoramus against him.

"St. John, Wapping, to pay to the maimed soldiers ;Q\ 6s. od. per

Memorandum concerning the appeal of Sir George Downing, baronet,
against ;£t, i 6s. od. charged on him as a widower ; the appeal is allowed, oath
being made that he has a son living ... ... ... ... ... p. 62

Lists of names headed " New Prison " and " House of Correction."

pp. 63, 64

Whereas by an Act of 8 and 9 William HI, entitled "An Act for
paving and regulating the Haymarket, in the parishes of St. Martin's-in-the-
Fields and St. James', within the liberty of Westminster, and for collecting
and securing the duties and sums of money thereby granted to the uses,
intents, and purposes therein limited and expressed," it is referred to certain
Justices to view the said Haymarket, and to order the placing and settling
of boundary stones or posts, for the better ascertaining the bounds of the
said market place, and to give directions as occasion shall require for repairing
the pavement in the said market. Order as to the collection of the duties and
profits in and by the said Act granted ... ... ... ... ... p. 65

Order for the discharge of Ralph Morten, apprenticed to James Hasseuius,
of St. Margaret's, Westminster, watchmaker. The said apprentice was pre-
viously bound to William Speakman, of the city of London, clockmaker. p. 67

Alphabetical lists of names, headed indictments and calendar of recog-
nizances ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... pp. 68-71

Names of four victuallers ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 7 1

Memoranda of appearances and acquittals ... ... ... p. 72

Sessio/is Book 553 — June, 1698, 185

Jury panel p. 5

Memoranda relating to recognizances, &c. ... ... pp. 7-27

[Pages 28-30 blank.]

Complaint made of irregularities frequently practised by constables, head-
boroughs, beadles, and watchmen by keeping persons whom they had arrested
in the watch-houses, round houses, and spunging-houses, extorting money
from them for lodging, &c. The Court orders the prosecution of offenders at
the charge of the county, and directs the Clerk of the Peace to have the order
printed and circulated ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p- 31

The Justices appointed to view the repairs to the New Prison done by
Captain Weeks report that the work has been measured and valued by two
competent Avorkmen, and that the total cost was ;^43i ^2s. ']d. They
recommend that ;!^77 12s. ']d. be deducted, as some of the bills are over-
charged, and they consider " the painting and fitting up of the garden there
unnecessary," so that Captain Weeks had laid out on necessary repairs ;^36o ;
but as Captain Weeks had agreed, when he was appointed keeper, to lay
out ;^30o in repairs during his first three years, there was due to him £bo.
The Court orders the payment of the money to Captain Weeks. Appended is
a list of the bills and their several amounts ... ... ... ... p- 32

[Pages 36-72 blank.]

Memoranda relating to indictments, recognizances, &c. ... pp. 73-75

Order for the Clerk of the Peace to pay ^i to the churchwardens, &c.,
of St. Sepulchre's, towards their expenses connected with the case of Anna
Bewick ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 75

Order for "Wood, at the sign of the King William and Mary over against
the King's House at Kensington," to appear at the next Sessions and show
cause why his license should not be suppressed ... ... ... ih'd.

[Pages 76-81 blank.]

Names of persons in the House of Correction ... ... ... p. 82

Names of persons in the New Prison ... ... ... ... p. 83

Alphabetical list of indictments ... ... ... ... pp. 84, 85

Alphabetical list of recognizances ... ... ... ... pp. 86, 87

Rough notes and memoranda —

"The Right Honourable the Lord Coleraine paid his ' colt ' money to
Mr. Harcourt this Sessions — one dozen of claret, one bottle sack."

" Jacob Goodwin, of Tottenham, not to have a license without the Lord
Coleraine's knowledge " ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 88

1 86 Middlesex County Recoi'ds.


Jury panel ... ... ... ..., ... ... ... ... p. 4

[Page 5 blank.]

Recognizances, indictments, committals, acquittals, &c. ... pp. 6-29

[Pages 30-33 blank.]

Certificate of certain Justices (named) that they have viewed a certain
new street called Denmark Street, in Wapping, in the parish of Stepney, lying
between Ratcliffe Highway and a certain place called the Back Lane, and
find that a part of the said street has lately been paved, but the pavement
is much out of repair, and the other part of the street which has not lately been
paved is a nuisance and almost impassable to passengers ; they therefore
adjudge the whole street fit to be paved with stone on both sides, and all the
inhabitants and householders in every house, in or adjoining to the said new
street called Denmark Street, are hereby required, before the ist of September
next, to pave with stone all the ground in front of their dwelling-house,
extending to the middle of the street ... ... ... ... ... p. 34

Order concerning the settlement of George Smith, a poor, impotent person.
The dispute is between the parishes of All Hallows, Staining, and St. Mary

Online LibraryGreat Britain. Court of Quarter Sessions of the PeMiddlesex county records. Calendar of the sessions books, 1689 to 1709 → online text (page 25 of 49)