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importance, because they now often occupy the attention of the
County Council, the calendar has a good deal to say. Of Chertsey
Bridge we hear much ; there was an interesting dispute as to the
liability to repair Colnbrook Bridge in 1691 (p. 28), and we find the
Justices, in 1707, so solicitous as to the care of Brentford Bridge that,
during the summer months, they set up posts and chains at either
end, in order that carts and carriages might be forced to use the
ford, the bridge itself being reserved for foot passengers (p. 317J.

The attitude of the Bench in regard to fairs is shown by several
entries: " Greengoose ' Fair, at Stratford-le-Bow and Bromley,
caused an annoyance in consequence of the booths and sheds erected
along the high road to Romford (p. 342) ; " Rag Fair " is referred to,
in an order made in 1700, as a riotous and unlawful assembly in
Rosemary Lane, Whitechapel, " for the buying and selling of old
goods, wearing apparel, and other things, greatly suspected to be
stolen" (p. 211); Hendon Fair, held at "Burrows Green " in 1697,
brought together " a concourse of disorderly persons "(p. 170); and
May Fair — which Pennant, writing in 1805, could himself remember as
a gathering at which there was " every enticement to low pleasure "
— was certainly productive of a good deal of trouble, though its
theatrical features, on which Pennant dwells, are not particularly
mentioned. If they existed at the period of the calendar we can
well understand the Bench's objection to the fair, for the attitude
of that body towards the drama was certainly hostile. In the case ot
Hampstead, whose growing fame as a health resort had led to the
establishment of a theatre, the Middlesex Magistrates took singularly
drastic measures : they directed the petty constables and head-
boroughs of the town to apprehend the players that they might be
duly punished as rogues, vagabonds, and sturdy beggars — that is to
say, stripped naked from the middle upwards and beaten on their
backs till they were bloody (p. 346).

Preface. xxv

Lotteries and gaming houses were viewed by the Bench much
in the light of theatres, and we find throughout the calendar a per-
sistent endeavour to check what the Magistrates evidently regarded
as a danger to public morals. Some interesting details are given
of the measures taken, in February, 1698, with regard to "an unlawful
assembly, called the Redoubt, after the Venetian manner, kept at
Exeter Change in the Strand, and carried on by persons unknown,
who, by printed tickets, give notice of games that are not lawful
and tend very much to encourage all manner of vice and debauchery."
Those who frequented it went masked and disguised Tp. 181). What
exactly was done in the matter we do not learn, but the Court
ordered the high constables of Westminster and Holborn, " with
all the petty constables," to meet on a certain day at Exeter Change,
to preserve the peace and arrest the managers (ibid.). A note
informs us that the " Redoubt" was duly suppressed, and that its
suppression cost the county 2 5J-.,vv^hich was expended at the Fountain
Tavern. One item in the account (which, by the way, adds up to
255-. sd.) is to the "drawer" (p. 182). Was this a "tip" to him who
drew the ale, or was it a wisely-bestowed inducement to an official of
the lottery to supply useful information ?

Amongst the entries of a miscellaneous character may be noted
the petition of the Justices, in i69i,that the number of paid members
of the Bench might be increased (p. 37) ; and a curious request made
by one Peter Joyce, in 1695, for exemption from serving a parochial
office to which he had presumably been recently elected. The entry
reads as follows : — " Petition of Joseph Joyce, esquire, of Stepney
Parish, praying to be discharged from serving as overseer of the poor
of Mile End New Town, for the following reasons : — He has been
employed in the Island of Nevis for ten or twelve years as King's
Counsel and Justice of the Peace, and has held highest rank in
military affairs ; he has lived in Mile End Hamlet about three years,
and has now a family of whites and blacks in the said island of one
hundred and ten persons, and that he is here for the despatch of his
affairs in England, and is suddenly returning to Nevis. Order that
the petitioner be discharged " (p. 133).

xxvi Preface.

There are many other points of interest in the calendar to which
I should have liked to draw attention, but I fear making this Preface
of inordinate length. I sincerely hope that — as I said at the outset —
the student of London life and manners in the past will show his
appreciation of the material made available for him by the Standing
Joint Committee of the County Justices and County Council, and
so warrant that body in printing the remainder of the calendar
which I have compiled to the Sessions Books. I trust also that, in
conclusion, I may be permitted to tender my warm thanks to all
members of the Committee — especially to Sir Ralph Littler, C.B., K.C.
(the Chairman), Mr. Montagu Sharpe, D.L., and Mr. E. S. W. Hart,
of the Clerk of the Peace Office — for their constant help and advice.
My thanks are also due to Miss Constance Toulmin for her assist-
ance in classifying the very varied material in the calendar for the
purpose of the Preface ; and I am sure all who consult the index
will appreciate the skill and patience exhibited by Miss M. Dorothy
Brakspear in compiling it.

21, Old Buildings,

Lincoln's Inn, W.C.
December 315'/, 1904.






Jury panels with memorandum of the dates of Oyer and Terminer.

pp. 3, 4

[Pages 5, 6 blank.]

Miscellaneous memoranda as to recognizances, appearances, &c.

PP- 7-39

Order that John Graves pay to Sara, the wife of Anthony Graves, his son,
2/- weekly for her maintenance until he produce the said Anthony, who, by
the means of the said John, has absented himself from his wife ... p. 41

Upon the petition of Dame Phillippa Keelyng, widow, showmg that she
is an mhabitant of a tenement in Leather Lane, St. Andrew's, Holborn,
which tenement is valued at ^16 yearly, and that she is rated at 7/6 quarterly
to the assessment for the poor, which is 6/- a quarter more than the late
tenant paid, and praying that the assessment might be reduced, it is ordered
that the rate be reduced to 3/- a quarter ... ... ... ... ti>td.

Dispute between the churchwardens and overseers of Richmond Parish
and those of Hampton Wick, in the parish of Hampton, concerning the legal
settlement of Hannah Turner, an impotent person ; the said Hannah being

last legally settled as the hired servant of one Armstrong in Hampton

Wick, it is ordered that the churchwardens and overseers there do provide for
the said Hannah ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 42

Dispute between the churchwardens of the town of Hampton and those of
the poor of Hampton Wick in the parish of Hampton, concerning the legal
settlement of Joseph Dixon with his wife and child, now chargeable to Hampton


2 Middlesex County Records.

Town : the said Joseph being last legally settled in Hampton Wick, it is
ordered that he and his family be removed to Hampton Wick aforesaid, the
churchwardens and overseers of which parish are required to receive and
provide for them ... .. ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 42

Upon a hearing of the matters in difference between Daniel Atkins, of
the parish of St. Paul's, Shadwell, ropemaker, and Daniel Hecktolls, his appren-
tice, it appears that the said Atkins has barbarously beaten and abused his
said apprentice. It is ordered that Hecktolls be absolutely freed and discharged
from his said master and from his indenture of apprenticehood, and that his
parents have liberty to place him with any other master to be instructed in the
said trade and serve the residue of his term. It is further ordered that the said
Atkins pay the said Hecktolls 40/- towards "fitting him out to another
master," and deliver up his apparel, and his indenture of apprenticehood to
be cancelled ... ... .. ... ... ... ... ... p. 43

Upon a hearing of the matters in difference between Susanna Shippey, of
Mile End, Stepney, widow, and Ann Taylor, daughter of John Taylor, of the
said parish, her apprentice, touching the discharge of the said apprentice from
her indenture of apprenticehood. It appears the said Ann has often defrauded
her mistress of her goods and sold them for less than cost price. It is ordered
that the said Susanna be "freed and discharged of and from her said appren-
tice," and the said John Taylor is required to receive and provide for the said
Ann, his daughter... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ibid.

At the General Sessions of the Peace held, by adjournment, the 13th of
December last [1689] it was ordered that all former orders made for the
erecting of any watch-house upon the hill near Cowcross in St. Sepulchre's
parish, and all proceedings thereupon should be discharged and vacated.
This Court, being informed by the inhabitants of the said hill that the other
inhabitants of the said parish thought themselves not obliged to obey the
said order for vacating the former orders, the same not being made at a
General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, orders that the said recited orders
for vacating the said former orders be ratified and confirmed by the
authority of this Court, and requires the parishioners and all others concerned
therein to yield due obedience ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 44

Dispute between the churchwardens of the parish of St. Giles-in-the-
Fields and those of St. Margaret's, Westminster, concerning the legal
settlement of Katherine Manning, widow, and her three children, charge-
able to the parish of St. Giles ; the said Katherine being last settled in
St. Margaret's parish, it is ordered that she and her children be conveyed
to the said parish of St. Margaret's, and left with the churchwardens of the
poor there ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 45

Upon the petition of Joseph Flower showing that he continued and
served the office of headborough of Holborn End division in the parish
of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields for the year 1688, during which time he disbursed
18/1, which sum remains unpaid, it is ordered thnt the present constables,
headboroughs, and beadles of the said parish, with those who served
for the year last past, do attend the ne.xt Petty Sessions to be held for
Holborn Division, and there produce their books of rates and disbursements ;
and the Justices are desired to make such order for reimbursing the said
Joseph the sum of 18/1 as to them shall seem most meet ... ... p. 46

Sessions Book /^yi — January, 1690. 3

The Court being informed by Tliomas Hariott, J. P., that, as the maimed
soldiers in this county are decreased to a small number, there is sufficient in
the treasurers' hands to pay them their full pensions, it is ordered that
William Turner, treasurer, within the hundreds of Ossulston, Edmunton, and
Gore, do, out of such moneys collected by and remaining in his hands for
the relief of the maimed soldiers, pay to those named in a schedule annexed
the several sums therein mentioned, for the quarter ending at Christmas last ;
the said sums to be paid quarterly as they grow due, until further order
therein ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 47

(List of 25 names, with the amounts, follow.)

A similar order issued to Richard Rice, gentleman, treasurer for the
maimed soldiers within the hundreds of Elthorn, Spelthorn, and Isleworth.
Names of pensioners given ... .. ... ... ... ... p. 48

Order for the appearance of Mr. Robert Hardisiy, one of the attorneys
at the Court .of King's Bench, for the inhabitants of Ossulton Hundred at
the suit of William Bird, for a robbery committed upon him in the said
hundred ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ibid.

The petition of John Rowell, showing that Thomas Cordell, his nephew,
was, by indenture dated "on or about" the i8th of March, 1688, bound as
an apprentice to Edward Nutt, of St. Ann's, Westminster, baker, for seven
years, and that £^i los. od. was paid to the said Nutt, and bond given for
;^3 more, payable in March then following ; the said Nutt, six months after
he had taken the said Cordell, left his trade and has taken no care to instruct
his said apprentice. The petitioner praying the said apprentice might be
discharged from his apprenticeship, it was ordered that Nutt should attend
the Court to show cause why the said Cordell should not be discharged.
The said Nutt not appearing, it was ordered that the said apprentice be
absolutely freed and discharged from his said master, the said John Rowell
being at liberty to place the said Cordell with any other person to learn
the trade of a baker. It is further ordered that the said Nutt deliver up
the said apprentice's apparel and his indenture of apprenticehood, to be
cancelled ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 49

The petition of Samuel Tatty, senior, of Whitechapel, husbandman,
showing that his son Samuel Tatty became an apprentice to George Lovejoy,
of Whitechapel, smith, for seven years, and that the said apprentice upon the
complaint of his master, was committed to Bridewell last December, where he
received correction ; upon his discharge from prison he returned to his master
and offered to serve the residue of his apprenticehood, which offer the said
master refused. The petitioner prays that the said apprentice be discharged.
It was ordered that the said George Lovejoy should attend the Court this day,
the ] 8th of January, to show cause why the said apprentice should not be
discharged of his apprenticehood. Upon the non-attendance of the said
Lovejoy it is ordered that the said apprentice be discharged from his master,
and that Samuel Tatty, senior, be at hberty to place his son elsewhere to be
instructed in the trade of smith. The said Lovejoy is ordered to deliver up the
said apprentice's apparel and the indentures of apprenticehood ... p. 51

The Court, taking into consideration that the salary for the maintenance
of the governor and matron of the House of Correction, Clerkenwell, has of
late years arisen out of the rent received for the New Prison, erected at the

A 2

4 Middlesex County Records.

charge of the county, and that such employment of the rent was to ease the
inhabitants in the said county who were formerly charged with a tax for the
said salary, and that the perquisites belonging to the keeper of the New
Prison, out of which the said rent ought to arise, have been lately much
impaired by reason of the commitments of night walkers and other disorderly
persons to prisons in the said county, proper only for detention of debtors,
particularly Finsbury, Whitechapel, and St. Katherine's Prisons, that belonging
to the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's and the Roundhouse of the Bailiff's
place, and that commitments for misdemeanours or breach of the peace to
any prison proper only for debtors are unwarrantable and illegal : it is ordered
that the respective keepers of the said prisons proper only for debtors, or any
agent under them, shall not hereafter detain any person or persons brought
to any of the said prisons for misdemeanour or breach of the peace. It
is further ordered that none of the said keepers or agents shall by colour of
any such commitment as aforesaid, liberate or discharge, or by any other
ways or means, directly or indirectly, take any money or reward from any
such person or persons, as aforesaid, brought to any of their said prisons.
It is further ordered that these instructions be printed and made public p. 52

\Vhereas by an Act entitled "An Act for punishing officers and soldiers
who shall mutiny or desert their Majesties' service, and for punishing false
musters," their Majesties' Justices in their several counties are required at
their Quarter Sessions to set reasonable prices which the soldiers shall pay to
owners of inns, livery stables, alehouses, &c., for their diet and the baiting
of their horses, for one or more nights in their march, and also for the first
night only where they are appointed for residence or quartering ; a list
of these prices follows. It is ordered that the chief constables of every
hundred within the county issue warrants to every petty constable within
their said hundreds, to appear at the next Sessions, and to bring an account
of the names of all inn-keepers, &c., who sell by retail, and who, by virtue
of the said Act, are liable to quarter soldiers, together with an account of
the number of soldiers, both horse and foot, which each house is capable of
receiving. And that the officers, who are obliged to provide soldiers' quarters,
do, in the first place, assign their quarters in the best houses fit for their
reception, in proportion " with other of less receipt, having a consideration
of those persons who keep houses liable by the said Act to quarter soldiers,
who are poor and not able to find beds for their accommodation" ... p. 54

Order that Sir James Rowe, knight ; Sir Charles Umfrevile, knight ;
together with five other Justices (named), do, at some convenient time,
view the New Prison and the House of Correction at Clerkenwell, and
report to the Court at the next Sessions what repairs they consider are
necessary ... ... ... ••• ••• ••• ••• ••■ ••• P- 5^

Recital of the petition of Dorcas Trevor, exhibited at the December
Sessions last against Elizabeth Mosey and Jasper Gifford, her son-in-law,
showing that she was "retained a servant by them " at £\ per annum, and
that after she had served them about six weeks, they accused the said Dorcas
of a trivial matter and committed her to Bridewell, where she remained
six weeks and had the correction of the house ; after which the said Dorcas
convened the said Mosey and Gifford, before Robert Feilding, J. P., for her
wages and apparel, which were ordered to be paid and returned to her.
Coming from the said Justice's house, Gifford caused the said Dorcas to be
arrested upon a sham action, extorted a discharge from her and forced her

SessiOJis Book 471 — January^ 1690. 5

to expend all her wages for bailift's fees ; they detained her trunk containing
6/- and her clothes ; the petitioner ])rayed that GifTord and Mosey might be
ordered to deliver the said petitioner her clothes, or make satisfaction for them.
It was ordered upon that petition that all matters contained therem
should be referred to Andrew Lawrence and Robert Feilding, esquires, who,
by a writing dated 23 December last, ordered that the said Mosey and Gifford
should pay the said Trevor ^4 \os. od. for the loss of her goods, and ^3 for
her charges, ^7 loj-. od. in all, as appears by the award then produced in
Court. Upon the refusal of Gifford and Mosey to pay the money, it was
prayed that the said award might be ratified and confirmed by the authority
of this Court, which is now ratified and confirmed accordingly ... p. 57

Order of the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace held for the county
of Surrey, at Croydon, on Tuesday, the 14th of January last, setting forth that
Frances Flye, widow of John Flye, late of New Brentford, labourer, together
with her two children, were conveyed from New Brentford to Putney under
a warrant dated the 29th of October last. There was dispute concerning the
legal settlement of the said Frances, and it was ordered that she and her children
be conveyed from Putney to New Brentford ; upon a motion made on behalf
of the churchwardens of Putney, and by the consent of the churchwardens
of Brentford, it is ordered that the settlement of the said Frances and her
children shall be finally determined on "Thursday morning in the next
Quarter Sessions of the Peace," the said Frances in the meantime to be
provided for by the churchwardens of Brentford ... ... ... p. 59

An al[ihabetical list of names ... ... ... ... pp. 62, 63

Indenture of apprenticeship of Reginald Bucknall, son of Reginald
Bucknall, formerly of Lambeth, citizen and merchant tailor of London, to
William Page, of Wapping, county Middlesex, writer. Dated 13 January,
1690: to serve for seven years ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 64

The like of Margaret Reynolds, daughter of Robert Reynolds, to
William Harris of the parish of St, Buttolph without, Aldgate, " sivemaker,"
and Anne, his wife. Dated 6 January, 1690 : to serve in the art of " hair sive
bottom maker " for seven years ... ... ... ... ... ... ibid.

Theophilus Beaujen, convicted for spreading false news and for seditious
words against the Government, is fined 100 marks and ordered to stand
in and upon the pillory at Charing Cross on " Monday next," and on
Tuesday following in Covent Garden, for one hour between 10 .^.m. and
12 o'clock noon of each day. The said Beaujen to find sufficient sureties for
his good behaviour fur one year; in the meantime he is committed to
Newgate until he pay the fine, undergo the punishment, and find security as
aforesaid, then to be delivered, paying his fees, 17/6 ... ... ... p. 65

Peter Rowman, convicted for seditious words against the King and
Government, is fined 20 marks and ordered to stand in and upon the pillory
at Charing Cross on " Monday next," and on Wednesday following in
St. James's Street, for an hour each day between 10 a.m. and 12 o'clock noon.
The said Rowman to find sufiticient sureties for his good behaviour for one
year ; in the meantime he is remanded to Newgate until he pay the fine,
undergo the punishment, and find security as aforesaid, then to be delivered,
paying his fees, 15/- ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ibid.

6 ' Middlesex County Records.

Alphabetical list of names ... ... ... ... ... pp. 68, 69

Memoranda : — "Mr. Samuel Ely, in Dutchy Lane, in the Savoy, up one
pair of stairs in the dark entry : to be summoned to take the oaths, tSjc.

" Notice to Mr. John Stephen's messenger, or Mr. Henry Sheldon, in
Crown Court, Charles Street, Westminster, before the Annes delivered "

pp. 71, 72


Miscellaneous memoranda as to recognizances, &:c.

PP- i-3» 9-21, and 33-35

Jury panels and names of Justices ... ... ... ... ...pp. 5,6

Names of those in the House of Correction. Several are to be whipped
and then discharged ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 25

Order for Francis Redding, keeper of the House of Correction, West-
minster, to liberate Ellen Salisbury for all matters in which she stands
committed upon the complaint of John Williams ; but if she is detained for
any other cause the said keeper is ordered to certify the same to the Court
before she is discharged ... ... ... ... ... ... ••• P- 39

A like order for the discharge of Robert Stratton for all matters in which
he stands committed by warrant from John Ward, esquire, J. P., upon the
complaint of Mary Rosewell, if he be detained for no other cause ... ibid.

A like order to the keeper of Newgate Gaol for the discharge of Charles
Busby, upon his giving security to prosecute his traverse to an indictment
against him for a trespass whereto he has pleaded not guilty ... ... ibid.

Upon the petition of John Leyton, an inhabitant of Wapping Hamlet,
Whitechapel, setting forth his poverty, the distracted condition of his wife, and
the threat of the present churchwardens of Wapping to remove him and his
family out of the said hamlet, and to send them to the place of their former
residence, and praying that they might not be removed, but that they might
have some relief from the said hamlet ; it is ordered that the said Leyton be
continued as a parishioner in the said hamlet and receive such relief as the
necessity of his circumstances shall require ... ... ... ... p. 40

Order upon the petition of Katherine Auker, a black. Shows she was
servant to one Robert Rich, a planter in Barbadoes, and that about six years
since she came to England with her master and mistress ; she was baptized in
the parish Church of St. Katherine's, near the Tower, after which her said master
and mistress tortured and turned her out : her said master refusing to give her a
discharge, she could not be "entertained in service elsewhere." The .said
Rich caused her to be arrested and imprisoned in the " Pulletry Cempter,"
London. Prays to be discharged from her said master, he being in
Barbadoes. Ordered that the said Katherine shall be at liberty to serve any
person until such time as the said Rich shall return from Barbadoes ... p. 41

Order on the petition of the churchwardens and overseers of St. Andrew's,
Holborn, "for the liberty above the Bars." Shows that the "pension poor"

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