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place posts and rails upon the waste and common ground of Tuttlefield, in
the parish of St Margaret, Westminster, adjoining the east side of the House
of Correction, as well for the accommodation of the said House of Correction
as for the inhabitants walking there, for air and for their health ; a rate to be
levied upon the said inhabitants to pay the costs thereof ... ... ibid.

Order for reducing the rate paid by all the inhabitants of the liberty
of Westminster for maintaining William Laundy [Landy ?], a lunatic in
" Bethlem " Hospital. Schedule of the different parishes and the sums to be
paid by each, \yide Sessions Book \i6,^. 1'^'\ p- 27

[Page 28 blank.]

Sessions Book 585 — -July and August, 1701. 229

Miscellaneous memoranda concerning the taking of the oaths, recog-
nizances, indictments, »S:c. ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 29

[Page 31 blank.]
Alphabetical list of indictments P- 32


Jury panel ... ... ... ... • • . • • • • • • • • • P« 3

Memoranda relating chiefly to recognizances pp. 5-31

[Pages 32-40 blank.]
Memoranda relating chiefly to recognizances, committals, Src. pp. 41-44

[Pages 45, 46 blank.]

The petition of Nicholas Panton to be discharged from his apprentice-
hood with Reuben Long, mariner, was dismissed on the ground that the
complaint had not been properly made ... ... ... ... ... P- 47

Appeal concerning the settlement of Ann Porter, at Harefield, adjourned
to the next Sessions ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ibid.

Ordered that the two large windows in the Grand Jury Room, at Hicks
Hall, be taken down by Mr. George Jackson, and that he make and set up
new sash windows in place thereof, in such workmanlike manner and form
as the sash windows lately made by him in the dining room of Hicks Hall ;
the bill to be submitted to the judgment of Richard Ryder, esquire ... ibid.

Order for William Haverland, gentleman, to pay the overseers, &c., of
the precinct of St. Katherine's, the sum of 5/- weekly towards the support of his
three grandchildren. Benjamin Collier, and Grace, his wife, the daughter of
Haverland, had lived in a tenement in the precinct, rented at ;^3 per annum,
but six months ago they had privately made away with their goods and run
away, leaving their children destitute, and the grandfather, though "of sufficient
ability," would not provide for them ... ... ... ... ... p. 48

Order for the churchwardens, &c., of St. Mary's, Islington, to make a rate
to reimburse the surveyors money expended by them in repairing the high-
ways ... ... ... ... ... ••■ .•• ••• ••• P- 49

The churchwardens, &c., of the parish of Ealing represent to the Court
that they pay j[,\^ and upwards rent for certain poor people in their parish;
that there is a building on a waste piece of ground belonging to the parish
which is now out of repair and " untenantable," but it can be repaired for ^50,
and accommodate eight poor persons; that using this house will save ;£\2 a
year to the parish. Leave is asked to levy a rate of 3^. in the pound to pay
for the repairs. Order granted accordingly ... ■■" ... ... P- 5°

Order concerning the settlement of Thomas Smith and his two children
at St. James', Westminster P- 52

230 Middlesex County Records.

Petition of divers inhabitants of Mile End against the inequaUties of their
rates, complaining that the churchwardens, &c., " and others that join with
them to make the poor rate are several of them men of great personal estates
and also occupiers of great numbers of acres of land to a great value, and the
better to favour themselves of one half of what they ought to pay," have agreed
to make the rate as unequal as before. The Court refers the complaint to
several of the Justices for settlement ... ... ... ... ••• P- 53

Order concerning the settlement of James Vandevell, his wife, and three
children, in the parish of St. John's, Wapping ... ... ... ... p. 54

Order discharging Joseph Wallis, son of John Wallis, victualler, of the
parish of St. Andrew, Holborn, from his apprenticehood with Edmund Palmer,
painter, of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields. Palmer had for a long time left his house
where his family dwelt, and lives in the Temple to avoid his creditors, only
coming home on Sundays ... ... ... ... ... ••• P- 55

Order concerning the settlement of Thomas and Elizabeth Lee, in the
parish of St. Anne's, Westminster ... ... ... ... ... p. 56

Two Justices report that they have viewed a street lying between the
upper end of St. Martin's Lane and Castle Street in the parishes of
St. Martin's-in-the-Fields and St. Anne's, Westminster, and St. Andrew's
Street, in the parish of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, on the east end thereof, and
Litchfield Street and a certain street called West Street on the west end
thereof. Some part of the street is paved with stone, and the other part,
between the houses and yards of Mr. Hall, Mr. Arnold, and Mr. Tomes, on
the south side, and the houses of Elizabeth Radlidge, James Dewsuetty and
two other empty houses on the north side, containing in all about 377 yards,
remains unpaved, " which is a great nuisance." The Justices further report
that about 100 yards more of the paving at the ends of Litchfield Street and
West Street ought to be relaid. Order made for the work to be done before
the next Sessions... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 57

Order to the head constables in the divisions of Finsbury, Holborn,
Kensington, and the Tower to require the petty constables of the various
parishes to make out a return of all persons who sell beer and ale, such returns
to be presented at the next Sessions ... ... ... ... ... p. 58

On the complaint that the returns made by the constables of the various
freeholders, liable to serve on juries, is very defective, the high constables of
the various divisions of the county are ordered to obtain accurate returns from
the different parishes, through the petty constables, by next Quarter Sessions.

P- 59

Complaint made by Michael Beckley and John Grange that for many
years they have had apartments in that part of the Hospital called the Pest
House which is assigned by the Lord Mayor and Aldermen to Nicholas
Woollaston as keeper of the Pest House, and that they are rated 2d. per
week for the relief of the poor of St. Giles', Cripplegate ; that last year their
goods were distrained upon, and that they are again threatened with another
distraint. They claim that the Hospital is exempt from parish rates. The
churchwardens, &c., in their reply state that the Pest House is now divided
and let by the keeper in separate tenements at yearly rents. The Court
dismisses the complaint, and orders the payment of the rates ... p. 60

Sessions Book 586 — September, 1701. 231'

List of persons in the New Prison and House of Correction p. 61, 62

Order for paving, by the first day of the next Sessions, the street northward
from Shoreditch Church towards Kingsland, from the paved causeway at the
south end thereof as far as it is now built on both sides. The petition of
the inhabitants sets out that by Act 34 and 35 Henry VHI the paving of
the street from Bishopsgate to and above Shoreditch Church had been
directed to be done by a time hmited ; yet " it doth so happen that the said
Act hath not been duly and fully complied with," and the road is almost
impassable in winter. The petitioners pray the Court to order that the Act
be put into operation. Ordered accordingly ... ... ... ... p. 63

[Pages 65-67 blank.]

Alphabetical list of indictments ... ... ... ... pp. 68, 6g

Alphabetical list of recognizances ... .. ... ... pp. 70, 71

Rough memoranda concerning gaming in coffee houses, colt money, &c.

p. 72


Jury panels ... ... ... ... ... ... . . ... p. 3

^Miscellaneous memoranda as to acquittals, indictments, commitments, (S:c.

PP- 5-36

[Pages 37, 38 blank.]

Order as to the settlement of Richard Reevs, Ann his wife, and their
three children, Richard, Amy, and May. The dispute is between the parish
of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, and Bethnal Green Hamlet ... ... p. 39

Order as to the settlement of Ann Porter. The dispute is between the
parishes of Hillingdon and Harefield ... ... ... ... ... p. 40

Order for the augmentation of James CaUiday's pension. The said
Galliday was formerly a lieutenant on the " Royal Charles," and served in
several engagements, when " he lost one of his eyes and received several
wounds in his body " ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 41

Order for the discharge of James Newth, apprenticed to Sarah Fellows
and Lydia Peirce, " co-partners, late of Gosport, in the county of Southampton,
musicianers." The said partners afterwards removed to the sign of the
Rising Sun, in the precinct of St. Katherine, near the Tower. Newth, being
neglected, "entered himself" on board H.M. ship "Norwich" ... p. 42

Renewal of the order as to the keeping of strict watches, within the
parishes, hamlets, &c., in and near the suburbs of the city. The same are to
be kept until Lady Day next, from sunset until sunrise ... ... p. 43

Order for the high constables to bring in their accounts with regard to
vagrants, and to show what money remains in their hands ... ... p. 44

232 Middlesex County Records.

Miscellaneous memoranda as to indictments, recognizances, acquittals, «5cc.

PP- 45, 47
[Pages 48-56 blank.]

Lists of names headed " New Prison " and " House of Correction." p. 57

Alphabetical lists of names headed Calendar of indictments and Calendar
of recognizances ... ... ... ... ... ... ... pp. 58-61

Memoranda of appearance-s, &c. ... ... ... ... ... p. 62


Jury panel ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. r

Miscellaneous memoranda — writ, acquittals, indictments, &c. p. 2-17

[Pages 18, 19 blank.]

Address to the King from 23 Justices, expressing their "detestations of
the perfidiousness of the French King, in assuming to himself the disposal
of your Majesty's kingdoms to the pretended Prince of Wales." Twenty-one
names follow the signatures of the Justices, headed "Grand Jury "... p. 20

Order for John Huggin.s, of St. Martin's Lane, of the parish of St. Martin's-
in-the-Fields, esquire, to have his poor rate lessened ... ... ... p. 22

Order that the night watches in the liberty of Westminster be kept from
10 P.M. until 6 A.M. until Lady Day next ... ... ... ... ibid.

[Pages 23-29 blank.]

Miscellaneous memoranda — names of those taking the oaths, appearances,
acquittals, indictments, &c. ... ... ... ... ... pp, 30-32

Alphabetical list of names, headed indictments ... ... ... p. 33

[Page 34 blank.]

"Joseph Foster before G. Harvey, indicted" ... ... ... p. 35

Jury panels p. 3

Miscellaneous memoranda as to appearances, acquittals, indictments, &c.

PP- 5-33

Order of reference as to the matters in difference between Thomas Moore
and Robert Perry, of St. Mar)-le-Savoy, barber and periwig maker, and Sarah
his wife, John Church and Charles Lill)-, his servants, and Peter Spier, for a
riot and assault upon the said Moore ... ... ... ... ... P- 35

Order as to the settlement of Mary, daughter of Richard Kidney.
The dispute is between the parishes of Harrow-on-the-Hill and St. Clement
Danes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p- 37

Scssi07is Book ^^^—Ochbe?^, 1701. 233

Order as to the settlement of Sarah \\', spinster. The dispute is
between the parishes of St. Bridget's, otherwise Bride's, and St. Clement
Danes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 38

Order for a rate for the repair of the highways of Marjlebone, money
being due to the surveyors (named) for the same ... ... ... p. 39

Order for the adjournment of the appeal as to the settlement of John
Price. The dispute is between the parishes of Staines and Wendover. p. 40

Order for Robert Wyrill, of the parish of St. Mary Matfellon, otherwise
'\\'hitechapel, yeoman, to continue to maintain his apprentice, John Harrison,
a poor parish child ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 41

Order as to the settlement of Richard Kedge, his wife, and three children.
The dispute is between the parishes of Harefield and Denham ... p. 42

Appointment of Alexander Batty as constable of Shepperton, in the
place of Edward Hart ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p- 43

Order for vacating an order made last Sessions for paving the road or way
leading northward from bhoreditch Church to Kingsland Road. \_Vide
Sessw?ts Book, 'Ho. ^2>^, ^. 6^'\ ... ... ... ... ... ... ilnd.

Order for John Reynalds, esquire, treasurer and Deputy Clerk of the
Peace, to pay George Jackson ^45 on account, for repairs now done at Hicks
Hall ■ p. 45

Order for discharging an order made by certain Justices, adjudging
Viner Gilbert to be the father of the female bastard of Mary Frost, of
St. Martin's-in-the-Fields ... ... ... ... ... ... iind.

Order concerning the settlement of Katherine Read and her child
JSIeriall at Limehouse ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 47

Report of the Justices who had been appointed to view the road from
Shoreditch Church to Kingsland. They find that all the inhabitants and
proprietors of lands and houses on both sides of the road, from the dwelling-
house of \\illiam Wood, chandler, at the south end of the street, to the house
of Timothy Ware, blacksmith, northward, have well and sufficiently paved
and amended the same ; that the inhabitants have for many years kept the
pavement in repair at the south end ; and further, that the part from Timothy
A\'are's house northward has, time out of mind, been repaired by the parish
of Shoreditch. The Court confirmed the report. \_Vide Sessions Book k,2>^,
p. 63] p. 48

Memoranda concerning committals, fines, acquittals, «ScC. pp. 49-54

Order on the report of the Justices appointed to consider the petition of
divers inhabitants of Mile End against the inequality of the rates. \^Vide
Sessions Book 585, p. 53.] It is found that the rates are very partial and
unequal, and they are therefore quashed, and a new rate ordered to be
levied p. 55

Names of persons in the New Prison and House of Correction.

PP- 5S, 59

^34 Middlesex County Records.

Alphabetical list of indictments and recognizances ... pp. 60-63

Rough memoranda .. . ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 64

Jury panel p. 3

Memoranda concerning recognizances, committal, acquittals, &c.

PP- 5-36
[Pages 37, 38 blank.]

By consent of the churchwardens, &:c., of St. Mary-le-Bone and
St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, the question of the settlement of Jane Sherley is
adjourned to the next Sessions ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 39

Petition of the churchwardens, &c., of Wendover, against the settlement
of John Price in that parish, is dismissed ... ... ... ... ibid.

In the case of the bastard daughter of ^Nlary Jeffries, single woman, of
St. Dunstan's, Stepney, the churchwardens, &c., had obtained security of ;z^ioo
from the reputed father, Robert Jackson, a lieutenant in one of the King's
ships. The father of Mary Jeffries petitions the Court to order the church-
wardens, &c., to pay to him ^10 for the cost of maintaining the child since
its birth, he being very poor. Order made accordingly ... ... p. 40

Order for the churchwardens, &c., of the liberty of Saffron Hill, Hatton
Garden, and Ely Rents, to raise ^57 2s. i^d. to reimburse John Pendred
and William Lambert, late overseers ... ... ... ... ... p. 41

Order discharging Anthony Oldfield from his apprenticehood with Abraham
Harrendine, perfumer, of St. Clement Danes, on the ground of barbarous
ill-usage, he being of very tender years ... ... ... ... ... p. 42

Order granting a pension, from the Maimed Soldiers' Fund, of 52/- a year
to Edward Howell, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields. He had served King
Charles II both in the Horse Guards and Foot Guards, and was now very old
and blind... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ibid.

Order for the high constables of the several divisions of the county to
deliver to the Clerk of the Peace at his office " adjoining to the Cursitor's
Office in Chancery Lane," by the 2nd of January, an account of all moneys
received, expended, remaining in their hands,

Online LibraryGreat Britain. Court of Quarter Sessions of the PeMiddlesex county records. Calendar of the sessions books, 1689 to 1709 → online text (page 30 of 49)