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the parish of Laleham ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 40

Order discharging Edward Broughton, esquire, from being one of the
overseers of the liberty of Saffron Hill, Hatton Garden, and Ely Rents, on
the ground that he had but lately come to inhabit in the parish, and cannot
possibly serve " by reason of his extraordinary affairs and business." Richard
Atkins is appointed in his place... ... ... ... ... ... ibid..

Order discharging Richard Hind of the same liberty, from serving tlie
office of overseer, and appointing Philip Dare to the same office. Hind pleads
in any other year he would be ready and willing to serve, and endeavour to
prevent the irregularities that have been practised therein, but this present
year he is too much engaged "in great affairs relating to his trade of a
brewer, and making and gauging of malt, which will require his frequent
absence in the country " ... ... ... ... ... ...... ... p. 41

Sessions Book 594 — April, 1702. 239.

Order of reference to certai?i Justices named to summon before them
certain inhabitants of Saffron Hill, Hatton Garden, and El)- Rents — 13 in
all — to show cause why the) refuse to pay the poor rate ... ... p. 42

Order concerning the settlement of Edward Wyniard, his wife Hannah
and three children, in the parish of St. Botolph's, Aldgate ... ... p. 43

Order concerning the settlement of Mary Berry and her infant in the
parish of Sunbury ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 44

Order for Thomas Merrideth, of the parish of St. James', Westminster,
who had served King William at sea for 12 years, and who is now blind, to
receive j[^\ a year from the Maimed Soldiers' and Mariners' Fund ... ibid.

Order concerning the settlement of Mary Plummer, alias Hollis, in the
parish of St. Andrew's, Holborn ... ... ... ... ... p. 45

Order concerning the settlement of P^lizabeth Hartwell, a poor widow, in
Uxbridge ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 46

Order discharging Nicholas Short from serving as overseer of the parish of
Hornsey, as he is a poor man, aged 76, and can neither write nor read ibid.

Order confirming an order of two of the Justices adjudging Charles
CoUema, turner, of Castle Street, St. Giles', to be the reputed father of the-
bastard daughter of Christian Tyson ... ... ... ... ... p. 47

Dispute between the churchwardens, &c., of Roydon, Essex, and those
of Hackney concerning the settlement of Daniel Lowen, his wife Mary, and
child, adjourned to the next Sessions ... ... ... ... ... pt 48

Order discharging Elizabeth Barnes from her apprenticehood with Mary
Cope, mantua maker, of St. Sepulchre's, on the ground that the apprentice
had not been taught her art, but put to do the household work ... p. 49

Certain Justices appointed to examine and audit the accounts of the
high and petty constables of the Ossulston, Edmonton, and Gore Hundreds
relating to the passing of vagrants .. ... ... ... ... p. 50-

A similar order respecting the hundreds of Elthorne, Spelthorne, and
Isleworth ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 51

Order concerning the settlement of Richard Davis, Mary his wife, and
three children, in the parish of Ware ... ... ... ... ... ibid..

Order settling the charges to be made to officers and soldiers on the
march for food, hay, straw, &c., by innkeepers, &c., in accordance with an
Act of the 14 William HI : — For a commissioned officer of horse, under the
degree of captain, for diet and small beer, 2/- a day ; for an officer of dragoons,
under the degree of captain, diet, small beer, and hay and straw for his horse,
i/- a day; for a commissioned officer on foot, under the degree of captain,
for diet and small beer, i/- a day ; if the officer has a horse or horses, for each
horse dd. a day ; for a light horseman's diet, small beer, and hay and straw
ior his horse, i/- a day ; for a dragoon's diet, small beer, and hay and straw
for his horse, 9^. a day ; for a foot soldier, diet and small beer, \d. a day.

P- 52-

240 Middlesex County Records.

Order discharging Sarah Fifield from her apprenticehood with Samuel
Hurst, bookbinder, of the parish of Shoreditch, on the ground that she is
a notorious, lewd, idle and disorderly servant, now great Avith child, and likely
to become a great charge and burthen to her master ... ... ... p. 53

Order concerning the settlement of Ann Bradley, widow, and her three
children, in the parish of St. Botolph, Aldgate... ... ... ... p. 54

Order, confirming an order made by two of the Justices, adjudging
Nicholas Hall, wheelwright, of Shoreditch, to be the reputed father of the male
bastard of Rebecca Greenaway, of the same parish ... ... ... ibid.

The appeal of the constables of the hamlets of Spitalfields, Wapping,
Stepney, Bethnal Green, Mile End Old Town, Poplar, Blackwall, and Lime-
house, in the parish of Stepney, against the order, made at the February
Quarter Sessions for a standing watch to be kept 'in the town and churchyard
of Stepney, is adjourned to the next Quarter Sessions ... ... p. 56

Order confirming the report of the Justices who had been appointed
to audit the accounts of Henry Hawley, treasurer of the bridge money, p. 57

Order concerning the settlement of Ann Beilby, single woman, in the
hamlet of Ratcliffe p. 58

Order nominating certain of the Justices to view the Haymarket,, and
place boundary stones for fixing the limits of the said market place, and to
enquire whether it may not be paved for less charge than has been in times
past. John TuUy, the treasurer, and Edward Lawrence, the collector, are
continued in their several offices ; and, on the report of the Justices who had
been appointed for the purpose, the treasurer's accounts for the past year are
allowed and confirmed ... ... ... ... ... ... ... P- 59

Order for putting in force the law^s for the observance of the Lord's Day,
&c., in accordance with the Queen's Proclamation ... ... ... p. 61

Appointments of treasurers of the Maimed Soldiers' Fund. pp. 63, 64

Order dismissing the petition of Anthony Doviller, praying to be dis-
charged from his apprenticehood with Stephen Russell, japanner, of St. Giles'-
in-the-Fields, on the ground that sufficient cause had not been shown. ibid.

[Pages 65-70 blank.]

Memoranda relating mainly to committals, fines, recognizances, &c.

pp. 71-74
Amongst other entries : — '

John Guise, dissenting minister, sworn 18 April (page 73).

Edward Bentley, dissenting minister, took the oaths and subscribed to

the Articles of Religion (page 73).
Caleb Rowe, dissenting minister, &c. (page 73).

[Pages 75-79 blank.]

The house of Richard Hale, of Uxbridge, is certified for an assembly of
protestant dissenters, and the like at the house of Edmund Blunt there, p. 80

Sc'ssio7is Book 595 — May, 1702. 241

Names of persons in the New Prison and in the House of Correction.

p. 81

Alphabetical list of recognizances ... ... ... ... pp. 82, 83

Alphabetical list of indictments ... ... ... ... pp. 84, 85

Copy of the Act of 27 Elizabeth for the Good Government of the City
of Westminster, with memoranda as to subsequent continuations of the Act.

pp. 87-97
[Pages 98, 99 blank.]

Rough memoranda. Amongst them —

Ordered that no music houses be licensed ... ... p. 100


Jury panels ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 5

Miscellaneous memoranda as to indictments, acquittals, &c. pp. 7-21

[Pages 22-32 blank.]

Patrick Caishoe, of the parish of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, is committed to
Newgate for three months, for refusing to take the oath of allegiance, and
also for refusing to pay the fine of 40/- for the relief of the poor in the said
parish p. 33

Order as to the settlement of Ann Langtern, otherwise Langson, and
her two children. Her husband, Daniel Langtern, otherwise Langson, was
an apprentice to Mark Melroe, of Spittlefields, Bethnal Green Hamlet, Stepney
Parish, weaver ... ... ... ... ••' ... ... ... ibid.

Order as to the settlement of Daniel Lowen, Margaret, his wife, and
their two children. About three years since the said Daniel was, for more
than a year, servant to John Ingwell, of Roydon, county Essex ... p. 34

Whereas upon the information that great disorders, tumults, and riots
were being committed daily at a fair held in the parish of St. Martin's-in-
the-Fields, commonly called May Fair, the high constable, with his petty
constables, on the 12th instant, repaired to the said fair and endeavoured to
suppress the disorders ; but suddenly, several unknown persons, in the habit
of soldiers, attacked the said constables, and wounded several, one of whom
(John Cooper) is since dead. Ordered that application be made to the
principal Secretaries of State, to the end that means may be used for the
discovery and apprehension of the offenders ... ... ... ... p. 35

Order that the question of the watch in Stepney Churchyard be again
referred to the Justices in the Tower Division. It was previously recommended
to the said Justices at the January Sessions. Ij^ide Sessions Book 591, p. 25.]

P- 36

Order as to the dispute between Francis Drake, of the parish of St. Giles'-
in-the-Fields, jeweller, and Charles Frazier, his apprentice ... ... P- 39

[Pages 40-50 blank.]

242 Middlesex Co^iuty Records.

Miscellaneous memoranda as to indictments, acquittals, &c. pp. 51, 52

[Pages 53-56 blank.]

Lists of names, headed " New Prison " and " House of Correction."

P- 57
Alphabetical lists of names; Calendar of indictments ... pp. 58-61

[Pages 62, 63 blank.]

Memoranda as to respites ... ... ... ... ... ••• p- 64


Tury panel ... ... ... ... ... ... • • • • • • p. i

Writ p. 2

Indictments, recognizances, acquittals, &c... ... ... pp. 3-16

[Pages 17-19 blank.]

Order to discharge Leaven Reason from his apprenticeship to Thomas
Williams, of the parish of St. Anne, in the liberty of Westminster, joiner, p. 20

Mr. Martin chosen chairman of the Sessions till January next . . . ibid.

[Page 21 blank.]

Order for an assessment to be made upon the inhabitants of the parish of
St. Anne, Westminster, for repairing the highways of the said parish, and
out of the money thus raised the surveyors are to repair and amend with
paviours' work in rough paving 880 yards of the highway and pavement of the
said parish as follows : — 871 yards of rough paving at the east and west ends
of the parish church of St. Anne, and 9 yards at the north side of the said
■church p. 22

Order to the constable of the city and liberty of ^^'estminster to return a
true list of all jurors within the said liberty P- 24

[Pages 25-28 blank.]

Names (six) of those taking the oath ... ... ... ... p. 29

Miscellaneous memoranda concerning recognizances and indictments.

pp. 3o> 31
[Page 32 blank.]

Alphabetical list of indictments ... ... ... ... ... P- 33

Sessions Book S^l—July, 1702. 243


Jury panel ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 3

Miscellaneous memoranda as to acquittal.s, indictments, &c. pp. 5-29

Order as to the settlement of James Hale.s. The dispute is between the
parishes of St. John, Wapping, and Stepney ... ... ... ... P- 30

Order as to the settlement of Jane, wife of John Bryar. The said John

was apprenticed to Marfield, in the precinct of Bridewell, weaver.

P- 31

Order as to the settlement of Christopher Day. The dispute is between
the parishes of South Mymms and Chipping Barnet ... ... ... p. 32

Order for a rate to be made upon the inhabitants of St. Mary's Parish,
Islington, to reimburse the surveyors (named) of the highways in the said
parish, money expended by them ... ... ... ... ... ibid.

Order for the discharge of John ]\[artin, apprenticed to John Dowsett,
of Crauford Parish, carpenter ... ... ... ... ... ... ibid.

Order upon the report as to the accounts of Edward Wilson, formerly
churchwarden of the parish of St. Giles' Without, Cripplegate ... p. 34

Thomas Bates, of St. Mary Overys, in the county of Surrey, mariner, to
be a pensioner upon the fund for maimed soldiers, he having, in 1666, been
impressed in the parish of St. Sepulchre's to serve at sea. In 1667, in an
engagement against the French in Martinico Harbour, he lost his left leg.


A like order for Silvester Tyson, of Chelsea Parish, mariner. The said
Tyson served for seven years on H.M.S. " Ipswich," under Captain Townsend,
when he was " disabled in his right arm and bruised in his body" ... ibid.

Order for the constables in the Holborn, Finsbury, Tower, and Kensington
Divisions to make diligent enquiry as to the names and addresses of all persons
who sell, with or without license, ale, brandy, &c., by retail, to be drunk on
the premises, and to make a return of the same on the first day of the next
Sessions ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 39

Order upon the report as to the over-rating of Henry Hankin, of St.
James' Parish, Clerkenwell. The said Henry is rated 2/- a month more than
the former tenant, Mr. Fawcett ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 40

Order for Richard Forster, clerk, and Samuel Blackerby, esquire, to be
allowed ;^3 a,s. 6d. for their trouble in transcribing the accounts of the
constables in the hundreds of Ossulston, Edmonton, and Gore ; AVilliam
Gunson, gentleman, high constable for Finsbury Division, and treasurer of the
money collected for the Marshalsea, King's Bench, and Hospitals, and for
passing vagrants in the said hundreds, is to pay the said Forster the said
amount ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 42

Q 2

244 Middlesex County Recoi'ds.

Order for Sir William Withers, knight, Sir James Bateman, knight, sheriff,
and James Fell, gentleman, keeper of Newgate, to attend the Court on
Tuesday, the 8th of September, with reference to the matters contained in
the report annexed ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 42

Report upon the complaint of William Ashcombe on behalf of himself
and the major part of the debtors, prisoners "in the common side'" of
Newgate, which sets forth the great abuses and cruelties they received from
Mr. Fell, keeper, and James Crosse, Richard Marshall, and William French,
who deprived them of their weekly allowance of beef and robbed them of
the money allowed them quarterly. The petitioner had further stated that

Robinson, one of the turnkeys, for his interest there, did encourage

lewd women, shoplifters, pickpockets, and common strumpetts to come to
the felons and lie there all night.

"And whereas by an order made at the said Session it was recommended
and referred to us, and to certain [other] Justices (named), to repair to
Newgate Gaol and to examine into the complaints of the poor prisoners for
debt or damages alleged in the said petition, and to make a report thereupon
as soon as conveniently we could, to the end the offenders might be prosecuted
and punished according to law, and that the poor prisoners miglU have right
and justice done them during their imprisonment.

" And whereas at the same Sessions the said William Ashcombe, Robert
Barnes, and Miles Burrough, in behalf of themselves and the said poor
debtors did exhibit one other petition alleging that they had been again
grossly abused, and their lives threatened, only on account of their said
first petition, and further praying relief.

" And whereas the matters of the last petition by an order made at the
same Session was also recommended to the same Justices, or any three of us,
we, the said Justices, whose names are hereunto subscribed, have by virtue of
the said recited orders repaired to Newgate and examined into the matters
complained of in the said petitions, and into the answers thereto given by the
several underkeepers and persons complained against.

"And we do find that the prisoners in the common side of the prison of
Newgate pretend to demand money of every new prisoner that comes in,
under the notion of garnish money, which was formerly but 9/-, and is now
advanced to 17/-.

"That there is charity beef sent in and moneys collected and sent for
their relief and divided amongst them, and that there were at the time of our
examination of the said complaint James Crosse, William French, Richard

Marshall, William Naylor, Lloyd, Gardner, and

Bickerton (the last under the sentence of condemnation). These seven
manage the charity beef which is sent in for the relief of poor debtors in
such a manner that all the rest have not alcove half so much as themselves,
and there are about 100 there.

" That if any prisoner comes in and has not wherewith to pay the garnish
money he or she is presently conveyed into a place they call Tangier, and
there stript, beaten, and abused in a very violent manner. And when the
prisoners have received their quarterage of charity money the same is
demanded of them under the notion of garnish money, and if the same be
not paid sometimes it is taken away by force, and at other times their pockets
are picked of it, which is done from time to time, notwithstanding the
prisoner had been stript for the garnish money at his or her first coming in,
and sometimes the very bedding taken away and sold, as it was particularly in
the case of Ashcombe.

Si'ssiofis Book 597 — -July, 1702. 245

" That the petitioner, Barnes, when he had not bread to eat, had 6/-,
being his charity money, taken from him by the said French in the presence
of the said Robinson, and with his allowance, so that the garnish money is
never paid, let them be there never so long.

*' We further find that the underkeeper lets the felons out of their wards
all day long, and they have liberty to go amongst the prisoners for debt, by
means whereof their pockets are picked when they have money, and they are
often very greatly abused by the felons. That the debtors are often locked
up on the Lord's Day and not suffered to go to the chapel, which is done that
the under officers may make money by letting in strangers, and money was
demanded of the very ordinary's wife.

" That there was money collected for the discharge of one Preston, and
the same was not applied to that use, but drunk out.

" That the underkeeper, Robinson, locked up a whore with one Peter
Flower, alias Bennett, alias French Peter, and she often lay with him, even
when he was under the sentence of condemnation.

"That the prisoners drank confusion to the late Government, and wished
that God would damn King William and the parliament, and threatened to
knock out the brains of him that would not drink it.

"That Robinson and other under officers give encouragement to all this.

"That one Essex, who was in the condemned hole, desired to continue
there till the time of his execution, but was refused because he was to be
stripped for garnish money. And we further find that the said Robinson and
the other persons complained of in the said petitions did greatly threaten the
petitioners, insomuch that before we came away they made application to us
that we would order that the said William French, James Crosse, Richard
Marshall, William Naylor, and one Elizabeth Dunn (whom they termed a
receiver of stolen goods), might be kept apart, so as they might not come
near the petitioners in the daytime, forasmuch as they had, before we came
away, set the prison in an uproar, and that they were in danger of being
murdered. Upon which we directed Mr. Fell to take care in that matter.

" And we find two of the informants, persons so sensible of their former
wickedness and such penitents, that the ordinary has admitted them to the
Sacrament, and they receive [it] as often as the under-keeper will permit them.

" To which these answers were given : that as to the garnish money it is a
custom, and that all the prisoners had the benefit of it. As to the condemned
person's lying with the whore, the fact was owned, but a pretence made of her
being his wife.

"It was owned the felons were let out in the day, but locked up at night,
and all the rest of the matters denied. But Mr. Fell promised he would take
all care imaginable to prevent the like abuses for the future.

"All which we humbly certify and submit to the judgment of this
Court." \yide Sessions Book 598, pp. 47-50] ... ... ... pp. 42-45

Order for the high constables to issue mstructions to the petty constables
in their respective divisions to make a true return of the names and addresses
of all persons between the ages of 21 and 70 who are fit to serve upon juries,
and who have ^10 a year "at least above reprizes of freehold or copyhold
lands or tenements, or of lands and tenements of ancient demesne, or in
rents, or in all or in any of the said lands, tenements, or rents in fee simple
or fee tail, or for the life of themselves or some other person " ... P- 45

[Pages 46-52 blank.]

246 Middlesex County Records.

Names of those taking the abjuration oaths between the 6th and the
31st July, 1702 pp. 53-57

[Pages 58-60, 65, 66 blank.]

Miscellaneous memoranda as to indictments, acquittals, (S:c. pp. 61-64

Proceedings upon the petitions of various prisoners for debt, praying to
be discharged under the late Act .. ... ... ... pp. 67-72

Lists of names headed " New Prison " and " House of Correction."

P- 73

Alphabetical list of names, headed Calendar of recognizances and Calendar

of indictments ... ... ... ... ... ... ... pp. 74-77

Proceedings upon the petitions of various prisoners for debt, as on
PP- 67-72 p. 78

"A meeting of persons called Quakers, for religious worship, is certified
and permitted to be held in the house of Thomas Prentice at Edgeware, in
this county.

"A meeting of persons called Baptists, for religious worship, is certified
and permitted to be held in the house of Roger Carter and Richard Rogers,
at Edgeware aforesaid.

" The house of Robert Sparke in Crown Court, in Shoreditch, is certified
and appointed for a meeting of dissenting protestants."

Mr. Forster to be paid three guineas by Mr. Gunson, for his trouble in
transcribing the accounts relating to vagrants ... ... ... ... p. 80


Jury panel ... ... ... .. ... ... ... ... p. 3

[Page 4 blank.]

Indictments, recognizances, acquittals, &c. ... ... pp. 5-34

[Pages 35-38 blank.]

Order to discharge Richard Tillear, son of John Tillear, of the parish
of St. Bride's, from Newgate Gaol, where he was remanded upon his con-
viction for trespass and misdemeanour, and to get him admitted to the
Bethlehem Hospital, it being proved that he is a lunatic ... ... p. 39

Order to certain Justices to audit the accounts of John Driver, late
churchwarden of Chelsea ... ... ... ... ... ... ibid.

Order for certain Justices to enquire into and report upon the matter
concerning the bastard child of Katherine Angel, of the parish of St. John,
Wapping, and decide as to whether John Waglett, of Shoreditch, be the
father of the said child or not ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 41

■ Order for the discharge of Katherine Norton, spinster, from her appren-
ticeship to Joseph Sayers, alias Seers ... ... ... ... ... ibid.

Sessions Book 598 — September', 1702. 247

Order for Richard Longbottom, of Kensington, gentleman; to pay
William Gregson, his servant, ^25 los. od. wages due P- 43

Order to the headborough and beadle of the parish of St. Giles' to deliver
to Peter Genner a parcel of " bullion nails." The said nails were supposed
to have been stolen, and Peter Genner was bound over to appear and
answer for buying the said parcel, but it was proved that they were not stolen,
and he was discharged ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 44

Order for an assessment to be made for the repair of the highways of
the parish of Hornsey ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p 44

The like order for the parish of Hendon ... ... ... p. 45

Order for stricter watches to be kept within all the parishes of the
county, between the hours of 9 o'clock in the evening and 6 o'clock in the
morning ; carpenters and other workmen to be compelled to lock up and
secure their ladders, and not leave them for the use of evil-disposed persons.

p. 46

Upon the report of certain Justices, dated ist of August last, concerning the
abuses committed in Newgate gaol \^i'ide Sessiofis Book 597, pp. 42-45], "it is
thought fit and ordered by this Court that no person or persons whatsoever,
shall from henceforth take, demand, or e.xact, of any person or persons
whatsoever, that now is, or hereafter shall be, a prisoner or prisoners in the
said gaol of Newgate for this county, or in New Prison at Clerkenwell, or
in any other of the prisons or houses of correction for this county, any sum
or sums of money on pretence of garnish or footing money, or on any other
pretence whatsoever.

" And that the keepers of the said prisons and governors of the said

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