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St. Paul's, Covent Garden, 7^. ; St. Clement Danes, \s. ; St. Mary,
Savoy, id. p. 39

Memoranda relating to recognizances, &c ... ... pp. 41, 42

Agreement between the Justices and Mr. Rampane and other proprietors
of the waterworks at Mill Bank for " Thames water to wash w^'all, for the use
and service of the House of Correction at Tuttlefeild." The parishioners
yearly at Michaelmas to pay to the proprietors 40^-. The churchwardens, &c.,
to pay the money over to the Governor of the House of Correction, and the
several parishes to contribute as follows : —

St. Martin's-in-the-Fields

St. James'

St. Margaret's...

St. Clement Danes ...

St. Paul's, Covent Garden

St. Mary-le-Strand ...

St. Anne's

s. d.

8 o

5 4

8 o

8 o

4 8

2 o

4 o

P- 43

List of indictments alphabetically arranged ; most entries followed by a
number intended for a key, others with the word " felon " p. 44

A List of Papists : — Edward Ellis, Edward Dawson, Edward Tompkins,
Michael Boylott, George Harris, Dominick Gosheen, Thomas Markaris (?)
Sherwood, locksmith — "noe Edward or George amongst all that made
Default, & yet Dawson, Tomkins, nor Harris to bee found."


Jury list p. 9

Memoranda relating to recognizances PP- n-55

Order for Mordica Fromanteel, of Whitechapel, to take the oath of a high
constable of the Tower division, in the place of Mr. George West ... p. 57

Sessions Book 478 — October, 1690. 23

Order for Robert Bent, of Bury Street, in Edmonton, to take the oath
of a high constable for the Edmonton Division, in the place of Mr. Richard
Bradley ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 57

Order that the "pension" of 2/6 per month, which had been paid to
Sarah Jones, of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, should be taken off and dis-
charged ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 58

Order for determining the legal settlement of Charles Weaver, at the next
Quarter Sessions, between Ealing and Kensington, \yide Sessions Book 475,
pp. 43 and 56] ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ibid.

Order to the churchwardens, &c., of St. Clement Danes, concerning the
settlement of Joseph Chinnery in that parish ; the dispute was between
churchwardens, iS:c., of St. Katherine, Colman Street, St. Buttolph's, Aldgate,
and St. Clement Danes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p- 59

Order to James Ermindeger, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, gunsmith, to
pay to the churchwardens, &c., of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, 4/- weekly, and
upon every Saturday, for the relief and maintenance of his wife, Mary, whom
he had " locked up many days and nights in dark places, allowing her no
kind of sustenance, and endeavoured to burn her flesh by placing lighted
candles round her " ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 60

Order suppressing the license of Edward Clark, victualler, of Hendon, on
the complaint that he had kept a disorderly victualling house, frequently
allowing persons " to remain tipling in his house" during the time of Divine
Service on Sundays. He is to be forthwith brought before one or more of the
Justices and proceeded against as an unlicensed victualler, if he disobeys the
order ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 62

Order that Henry Jones, late treasurer for the Marshalsea, King's Bench
and Hospitals within the hundreds of Ossulton, Edmonton, and Gore, shall
pay the sum of ^48 I'^s., collected by him in the years 1688 and 1689, to
Thomas Harcourt, Clerk of the Peace of the county ... ... ... ibid.

Order for suppressing the license of William Brightfoot, of Tottenham.
Complaint made by John Woodhouse, servant to the Right Honourable the
Earl of Colraine, that Brightfoot had " by surprize" obtained a license for selling
beer, &c., in the house which he rents of the Earl, contrary to his covenant ;
that he w^as a young man, and capable to maintain his family without keeping
an alehouse ; that the Court had already given him time in which to dispose
of " his beer and ale laid in by virtue of his said license." Further order to
bring the said Brightfoot before one or more of the Justices to be proceeded
against as an unlicensed victualler if he presumes to sell beer after receiving
notice of this order. \Hde Sessions Book ^i^.,^^. ^2\ ... ... ... p. 63

Order referring to two of the Justices, " inhabiting near that parish,"
a claim made by Samuel Pearson, " upper " churchwarden of St. Leonard's,
Shoreditch, for the payment of ;^ii4 14^. i^d. to him from that parish,
Samuel Pearson states that a rate had been made for reimbursing him, but
that the present churchwardens refused to pay him, though he was willing
to take ^^65 14s. i^d. now, and "to stay twelve months for the other
fifty pounds due to him ... in respect of the pressing necessities of the
poor" ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 64

24 Middlesex County Recoi^ds.

Order to the churchwardens, &c., of St. Clement Danes to remove
James Gardner to the parish of St. Bartholomew the Great, that being the
place of his last legal settlement .. . ... ... ... ... ... p. 67

Order that the dispute between the churchwardens, &c., of " the hamblett
of Mile End New Towne in the parish of Stepney, otherwise Stebinheaih " and
the churchwardens, &c., of Stratford, concerning the settlement of Mary,
John, and Susannah Woodhall, the children of Thomas Woodhall, should be
dealt with at the next Quarter Sessions ... ... ... ... ... p. 68

Ordered that Mr. Robert Hardisty, Attorney of the Court of King's Bench,
do appear for the inhabitants of the hundred of Ossulton at the suit of the
Right Honourable John Lord Lovelace, and at the suit of John Christmas
for " two small robberys committed upon them " in the hundred ... p. 70

Order for the removal of John PhiUips at once, and for the removal of
Mary, his wife, as soon as she "is in condition of health " from St. Buttolph's
Without Aldgate, [to] St. Giles' ■\\^ithout, Cripplegate p. 7 1

Order to certain Justices to deal with a surplus arising from an assess-
ment of the various parishes in the hundred of Ossulton, over and above the
assessment sanctioned by the Justices ... ... ... ... ... p. 73

Indenture of apprenticeship of John Middleton, son of John Middleton,
of St. Paul's, Shadwell, to John Lize (?), clothweaver. Dated 21 October,
1689 p. 79

Indenture of Joshua Marshall, son of John Marshall, clothworker, of
St. Mary Matfellon, "otherwise Whitechappell," to Solomon Dupire, cloth-
weaver. Dated 17 February, 1689 ... ... ... ... ... ibid.

Alphabetical list of indictments ... ... ... ... ... p. 84

Alphabetical list of recognizances ... ... ... ... pp. 86, 87

[Pages 88, 89 blank.]

Various notes, mostly relating to headboroughs and constables being
sworn in, the suppression of ale-house licenses, &c. ; and a memorandum that
" John Walker keeps a meeting house of dissenting Protestants in Old
Brentford," and that " Letitia Bawdell keeps a meeting house of dissenting
Protestants att her house called Mount Pleasant in East Barnet " ... p. 90


Jury panels PP- 5, 6

Miscellaneous memoranda as to recognizances, appearances, &c.

pp. 7-40
[Pages 41-48 blank.]

Miscellaneous memoranda as above ... ... ... pp. 49-54

Upon the complaint of Joshua Iremonger, Andrew Branfield, and others,
inhabitants of Ratcliffe Hamlet, Stepney Parish, against Charles Cutting, con-

Sessions Book 479 — December, 1690. 25

stable, for excusing several of the inhabitants from watching and warding, and
thereby overburdening the complainants, who are put to great charges, it is
ordered that certain Justices (named) do enquire into the matter and report
their opinions at the next General Quarter Sessions, and in the meantime give
the complainants such relief as they shall consider meet ... ... p. 57

Order for the churchwarden of Isleworth to remove Ann Lawrence
from Heston to Isleworth, she having been last legally settled in the latter
parish ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 58

Proceedings upon the petition of the inhabitants of Hornsey. They state
that upon the 13th of October last, they were presented by William Bluck, J. P.,
" upon his view," because, on the 24th of August previous, they had not repaired
a certain common ancient highway in their said parish, leading from a place
called Newgate Lane, in the said parish, to a certain village called Highgate ;
20 perches in length, and 2 perches in breadth, the same being in great
decay. The petitioners state that the highway really lies in Finchley Parish,
and they pray to be discharged from the said presentment. The matter is
referred to certain Justices (named), who are to certify, in writing, at the next
General Sessions, their opinions in which parish the said highway lies, and
who ought to repair the same ... ... ... ... ... ... P- 58

Information of the burgesses and assistants of the Duchy Liberty in the
Strand, that some of the mhabitants had obtained the nomination of Joseph
Weeks as constable of the said liberty, in the room of Thomas Awbrey, pre-
tending that the latter had gone from the said liberty. As it appears that the
said Awbrey had not then removed, neither was Weeks the next to serve the
said office, the nomination was void. Awbrey having since removed, and one
William Bines, hosier, being next in course to serve the said office, the said
Bines is appointed to act as constable until the next leet or Quarter
Sessions ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p- 59

Dispute between Robeit Cooke, one of the overset rs of the parish of
St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, for the year 1688, Richard Sheppard, upper church-
warden, and John Harris, late overseer of the said parish, concerning the
payment of ;^i8 disbursed by the said Cooke for the relief of the poor : it is
ordered that Harris pay out of the public money of the parish the said sum of
;^i8 to Robert Cooke ; and it is referred to the Justices to examine into the
charges expended by the petitioner in the auditing of his accounts, and to
order the churchwardens to pay the same without further trouble .. P- 63

Upon the petition of the inhabitants of Norfolk Street, in the Duchy
Liberty in the Strand, St. Clement Danes Parish, stating that, owing to an
insufficient watch, some of their houses had lately been robbed and others were
in danger, and praying that they might have liberty to maintain a watch in the
said streets, it is ordered accordingly ; the said inhabitants to bear the charge
thereof , p. 64

Upon the petition of Mary Guttridge, widow, on behalf of her daughter
Clare, aged 14 years, setting forth that the said Clare, on the 24th of June,
1689, was apprenticed to Penelope Batchelor and Ann Ithall, spinsters, late
of Pall Mall, to learn the trade of a milliner and embroiderer, for which the
sum of ;^i5 was paid ; her mistresses having used the said apprentice badly,
and the petitioner praying that the indentures of apprenticehood might be

26 Middlesex County Records.

cancelled, it is ordered that the said apprentice be discharged, and it is
recommended to certain Justices (named) to consider what part of the money
paid with the said apprentice should be returned ... ... ... p. 65

Order for the respite of the recognizance, entered into by Thomas Lake,
Charles Whitehead, and William Cooper, and their sureties, for their appear-
ance at the General Quarter Sessions ... ... ... ... ... p. 66

List of names under the headings : — New Prison and House of
Correction... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... pp. 67, 68

The petition of Elizabeth Mellin, widow, mother of Frances Niccolls,
aged 14 years. States that the said Frances was apprenticed to James Lambert,
of St. Katharine's Precinct, and to Mary, his wife, to learn the trade of a
cook, but the said James and Mary having neglected the said apprentice,
the petitioner prays they may be compelled to provide for her, or that
the said indenture be cancelled. Ordered, upon the non-appearance of the
said James and Mary, that the apprentice be discharged from her indenture
of apprenticehood, and it is further ordered that the said Lambert and his
vdfe do deliver to the said apprentice her indenture, together with her
apparel, &c. ... ... ... ... ... p. 69

Indenture of apprenticeship of William Davies, son of Robert Davies, of
Allhallows, Barking, weaver, to Samuel Sheering, of St. Olave's, Southwark,
Surrey, sailor. To serve for a term of seven years. Dated i December,
1690 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... \). 71

Alphabetical list of names, headed indictments for trespass pp. 72, 73
Ditto, headed calendar of recognizances ... ... ... pp. 74, 75


Jury panel ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. i

Miscellaneous memoranda as to recognizances, appearances, &c.

pp. 2-12

Receipt for 40/- for the poor of St. Anne's, Westminster, paid by
John Reynolds "in court, last sessions," for refusing to take the oaths
of fidelity and allegiance to their Majesties. Signed, Robert Harrison,
churchwarden. Dated 24 January, 1690 p. 15

Robert Dart, otherwise Dafte, convicted for seditious words against the
Government, is to "be set in and upon the pillory in the New Palace
Yard, Westminster," on Wednesday "next," the 14th instant January, for
one hour, between 10 a.m. and 12 o'clock noon, with a paper fixed on
his head showing his offence; he is to return to the Gatehouse Gaol for
six months, and further, until he find good bail for his appearance at the
next Sessions ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 18

[Images 19-31 blank.]

Miscellaneous memoranda as to commitments to the House of Correction ;
a meeting of Protestant dissenters in " le New Way" in the parish of

Sessions Book 481 — -January, 1691. 27

St. Margaret, Westminster, certified by Vincent Alsop, preacher; recog-
nizances, &c. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... PP- 32, 33

An alphabetical list of names as to indictments ... ... ... p. 35

Memoranda as to acquittals, appearances and committals ... p. 37


Jury list ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 7

Recognizances, and memoranda relating thereto ... ... pp. 9-45

Order that Samuel Freebod)^, gentleman, treasurer " for the maimed
soldiers" in the hundred of Ossulton, shall pay James Vance, a maimed
soldier, ^4, for his present relief ... ... ... ... ... p. 49

Order to the churchwarden of St. James', Clerkenwell, to pay to James
Petworth, late constable of the Upper Liberty of St. John Street, ^i 145-. id.,
and to Edward Weeks, late constable for Islington Liberty, ;£2 4^, id.,
being money expended by them in passing cripples and vagabonds through
their several liberties ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ibid.

Ordered that constables and headboroughs of parishes within the
weekly bills of mortality do forthwith give notice to every householder
"whose house adjoyns unto or is near the street," that henceforth until Lady
Day next, each night they set or hang out candles or lights in lanthorns on
the outside of their houses next the street, "as it shall grow dark," till
twelve o'clock at night. Further they are to give notice to all scavengers
that every day m the week, except Sunday and other holidays, " they
bring, or cause to be brought, carts, dung pots, and other fitting carriages
into all the said parishes," where they can pass, and give notice to the
inhabitants, and " abide there a convenient time," and carry away the
dirt and soyle brought to them, according to the directions of an Act of
Parliament made in the ist year of William and Mary... ... ... p. 50

Confirmation of William Binns as constable of the Duchy Liberty in
the Strand, in the place of Thomas Aubrey, gone out of the liberty. \]'^ide
Sessio?is £ook j\i^, p. 59] ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 51

Ordered — as several houses and shops have been lately robbed " in the
evening before the watches are set " — that the constables of the Duchy
Liberty in the Strand, as soon as candles are lit, are to place four able
and sufficient warders "at convenient stands in the High Street" between
Temple Bar and Salisbury House. These wardens are to remain until the
constables have set the watch at 10 o'clock ... -. .. ... ... ibid.

Ordered that the high constables of every hundred issue warrants to
the petty constables to make a list of all the mariners and sea-faring men in
their respective districts, together with their ages, places of abode, and whether
they are at home or abroad ; these lists are to be sent to the Commissioners
of their Majesties' Customs " for the more speedy and sufficient supply and
furnishing of their Majesties' Fleet with able and sufficient seamen and
mariners"... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 52

28 Middlesex County Records.

Order naming six Justices who are to enquire into the expenses incurred
by Mr. John Reynolds in promoting the Act of Parliament passed for the
cleansing and paving the streets in the out ])arishes, comprised in the weekly
bills of mortality. Further ordered that Mr. Reynolds shall procure " thirty
thousand abstracts or breviats to the said Acts," to be printed, to the end the
same may be given and disposed of to the churchwardens of every parish and
place, for them to cause the same to be distributed to the respective house-
holders ... to prevent them from incurring the penalties imposed by the
Act. Mr. Reynolds' costs incurred in procuring the passing of the Act, and
of the printing to be raised by the parishes affected ... ... ... p. 54

Ordered that two of the Justices shall examine what moneys the
overseers of the Liberty of Hatton Garden, Saffron Hill, and Ely Rents
have expended on the relief of the poor, and to make such assessment for
reimbursing the overseers as they shall deem fit ... ... ... ibid.

Dispute as to the repair of the great bridge of Colnbrook between the
inhabitants of that part of the said town which lies in Bucks and those of
that part which lies in Middlesex. The bridge was in great decay for want
of reparation, to the hazard of travellers. The Court of Quarter Sessions
for Bucks had ordered the inhabitants of so much of Colnbrook as lay in the
parishes of Langley Marsh and Horton to repair their portion of the bridge,
and these persons prayed that the inhabitants of such part of the said town
as was in the parish of Stanwell and county of Middlesex should repair their
part. These replied that there were certain tolls and profits of fairs granted
to the Corporation of Colnbrook for the repairs of the bridge. The Court
found that these profits ought to be employed as alleged, but that they were
not sufificient, and ordered the inhabitants of Colnbrook in the parish of
Stanwell to contribute their share towards the repair of the bridge ... p- 55

Ordered that Mr. Robert Hardisty appear for the inhabitants of Ossulston
Hundred in the suit of John Hatton for a robbery committed on him in the
hundred ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 56

The Court found that Captain Thomas Jones, keeper of the New Prison
and governor of Bridewell at Clerkenwell, had disbursed for the use of the
county, over and above ^70 Zs. \od. reported due to him in 1680, a further
sum of ;^94 i6.r. 6^., making a total of £,\^% %s. \d. Captain Jones owed
the county one year's rent of the New Prison ^25 over and above ;^[5
which he has paid to the Matron of the House of Correction. Captain Jones
is ordered to detain the ;^2 5, and the Clerk of the Peace is ordered to pay him
the residue of the ^{,'165 ^s. 4^. Certain Justices are ap])ointed to see what
abatement, if any, could be made in the rent of New Prison, and to report
their opinion to the next Court of Quarter Sessions. [ Vide Sessions Book 487,
P- 92] p. 57

Thomas Johnson and John Robin.s, two of the Justices, report upon the
accounts of Francis Hooper, chapelwarden of the " Hamblett of Wapping,
Whitechappll.," for the year 1685, and other preceding olificers of the said
hamblett: they find that there is due to Francis Hooper the sum of ^10,
and to Mr. John Seller the sum of ^,15 Zs. 4d., that the said hamlet is in
the whole indebted ^150, which they consider ought to be raised by an
" over rate." The present chapelwarden attended the present Court, stating
that the over rate is already made. They find that Robert Davis, late chapel-
warden, is indebted to the hamlet in the sum of ^^50, and Charles Mitchell,

Sessiojis Rook 481 — Jamiary, 1691. 29

another late chai)el\varden, indebted to the sum of ^"5. The Court orders
Robert Davis 10 pay the present churchwarden the ^^50, and Charles
Mitchell to pay the ^5, which sums are to be applied to the present relief
of the poor : the present chapelwarden :ifter paying the necessary expenses
for the relief of the poor, out of the moneys that shall remain due to the said
hamlet, shall pay to Francis Hooper the said sum of ^10, and to the said
John Sellers the said sum of ^15 8x. 4^., "and unto such other of the parish
officers who are in disburse for the reliefe of the poor of the said
hamblett" ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 59

John Fauteleroy, gentleman, churchwarden, of Isleworth, appealed
against an order made at the previous Quarter Sessions directing him to
remove Ann Lawrence from the parish of Heston to Isleworth, to which
place she had been before conveyed by the order of John Phelps and
Nicholas Grice, two of the Justices. The churchwarden of Isleworth insists
that Ann Lawrence has no legal settlement in that parish, and prays that a day
may be appointed for hearing the appeal. By consent of the parties
interested the Court ordered the appeal to stand over to the next Quarter
Sessions. Sir William Hill, knight, and Henry Hawley, esquire, two of the
Justices inhabiting near the said parishes, are requested to examine the case,
and report at the next Quarter Sessions... ... ... ... ... p. 60

The constables, headboroughs, &c., of St, Sepulchre's, petition the
Court for leave to erect a watch-house in their parish. They allege that they
have " noe watch-house . . . wherein to shelter them from the extremity of
the weather when on their watch," and that the want of a roof has already
occasioned the death of several of the inhabitants, and that they are no longer
able to execute their offices without " hazard of their lives."

The Court ordered that they should forthwith set up a watch-house near
the whipping post at Cowcross, at the charge of the parish, and that the same
be " erected with a flatt roofeand doe not exceed five feet in height above the
surface of the street there " ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 61

Dispute between the overseers, &c., of the hamlet of Mile End New
Town, in the parish of Stepney, and the churchwardens, &c., of Stratford, in
the parish of West Ham (Essex), respecting the last legal settlement of Thomas
Woodail, who has three children, Mary, John, and Hannah, chargeable to
Mile End. Upon the oath of Gerrard Dewart, and several other witnesses,
that Thomas Woodall was last legally settled in Mile End New Town, the
Court ordered that the churchwardens, &c., of Mile End should maintain and
provide for the said children ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 62

Dispute between Samuel Wheeler and the widow of Richard Dowse, late
overseer of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, in 1687, and the churchwardens, &c.,
of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, concerning the ])ayment of ^11 3^-. od. disbursed
by Dowse during his term of office. The present churchwardens insist that
the accounts of Richard Dowse were not audited by the inhabitants, nor
approved by two of the Justices. The Court nominated a committee of the
inhabitants to audit the accounts, and requested two of the Justices, William
Withers and William Underbill, esquires, living near to Shoreditch, to make
the necessary orders for paying whatever should be shown to be due on
Dowse's accounts., ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ibid.

Appeal of Christopher Harrison, of Ladd Lane, against a bastardy order
made by Sir James Butler, knight, and John Robins, esquire, at the instance of

30 Middlesex County Records.

Sarah Webb, widow. The Court is fully satisfied that the said Sarah Webb is
"a lewd and common woman and that Christopher Harrison is not the father of
the said bastard child," and the order of the two Justices is discharged p. 63

Edward Clarke, of Hendon, victualler, whose license had been sup-
pressed " for that he kept an ill-governed and disorderly house," appeals
against the suppression, alleging that the said order was obtained by
" surprize " ; that no disorders were committed in his house, and that it
was more fitting for the entertainment and accommodation of travellers than
any other in the parish. The Court ordered that the petitioner be heard at

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