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in-the-Fields, to deliver to Edward Carey, high bailiff of this liberty, a
hundredweight and a half of lead, " lately taken by certain soulder " [sic)
within the said liberty ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 34

Upon the complaint that the parishes of St. Clement Danes and
St. Mary-le-Savoy, within the Liberty of Westminster, are insufficiently pro-
tected for the want of watchmen and stands, it is ordered that the constables
of the said parishes place a watchman to guard, from 9 p.m. until 6 a.m., at
the lanes, streets, and places hereafter named : —

St. Clement Danes Parish : —

Little Lincoln's Inn Fields, near the sign of the Crown ; at the upper
end of Ship Yard ; St. Clement's Inn Coffee house ; near the Five
Bells, in Witch Street ; in Stanhopp Street, near Blackmore Street
end ; at the Bullhead, in Vere Street ; at Gilbert's passage, in Clare
Market ; and near the sign of the Feathers at the end of Haughton
Street, next Clare Market.

And in the parish of St. Mary, Savoy : —

At the Maypole in the Strand ; and at Katherine Street end, in the
Strand ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 34

Upon the certificate of two Justices (named), both dwelling in the parish
of St. Margaret's, Westminster, showing that there is a new street, called
Tufton Street, in the said parish, leading from the Bowling Alley in West-
minster, south, unto the highway, running from the horse ferry towards Tuttle

46 Middlesex Cotinty Records.

Fields, all built on one side, and a great part also of the other side, and
which is fit to be paved, it is ordered that the owners and inhabitants of the
houses in the said street, shall pave the same, before the 25th of December
next, or forfeit 40/- ... ... ... ... ■•. ••• ••■ P- 35

Miscellaneous memoranda as to recognizances, &c. ... pp. 39, 40

Alphabetical list of names, headed Ind[ictments] ... ... p. 42

Memorandum as to appearances ... ... ... ... ... p. 44


Jury panel ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 5

Memoranda as to recognizances ... ... ... ... ...p. 7-43

[Pages 45-47 blank.]

Names of those in the New Prison and in the House of Correc-
tion ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 42

Memoranda, various ... ... ... ... ... pp. 48-52

William Gatley, of St. Buttolph Without, Aldgate, applied to have the
order, cancelling the indentures of his apprentice, Francis Quarrill, discharged.
Mr. Harcourt, his counsel, alleged that the order was obtained " by surprize."
Mr. Darnall appeared for Quarrill, and urged that the Court had already
executed their authority. The Court confirmed the order previously
made ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 54

Order to the treasurer for the maimed soldiers in Elthorn, Spelthorn,
and Isleworth Hundred to pay to William Bramsgrove, Thomas Lincorne,
and Thomas Turner, poor maimed soldiers and pensioners, 2oj-. apiece over
and above their former pensions : 10/- apiece to be paid for their present
relief, and a total of ;^3 yearly apiece in the future ... ... ... p. 55

Order for the suppressing a disorderly alehouse kept by Thomas
Saunders, of Hampton ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 56

Order for the paving of Bluegate Field and Canon Street, Stepney. The
Justices appointed in June, 1691, to view the spot, report that "they did
adjudge " Bluegate Street, near RatcHffe Highway, Stepney, fitt to be paved
with stone at tlie north end thereof, from the end of the pavement there
to a certain place called the back lane there by the owners and inhabitants
thereof" ; and that they had also viewed and inspected "the new street called
Cannon Street . . . and did adjudge itt fitt to be paved with stone at the
south end thereof . . . upon a line ranging with the denter stones in the
middle of the said street to the dentei stone of the middle of the street
there called Ratcliffe Highway, from the said line to the houses and ground on
the east side thereof, and soe ranging with the said houses on a line to the
said denter stone in Ratcliffe Highway, by Robert Hastings, esquire, . . . and
from the said line to the houses on the west side . . . and soe ranging with
the said houses on a line with the said denter stone in Ratcliffe Highway by
Mr. Samuell Miller or his Tennants " ... ... ... ... ... p. 57

Sessions Book 487 — -Ji^fy, 1691. 47

Order for paving Old Gravel Lane. Two of the Justices of the Tower
Division, Charles Osborne and Thomas Johnson, had viewed the piece of the
King's highway called Old Gravel Lane, Stepney, containing 170 feet in length,
and adjudged it fit to be paved with stone on the east side to the middle or
denter stone there, from the house of Thomas Johnson, called the Crooked
Billet, to the house of Richard Poole, called the George ; and on the west
side thereof to the said middle or denter stone from the house of John
Johnson, deal merchant, to the house of Christian Dodson, called the Cart
and Horses ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 59

Order for discharging John Wray and John Bennett, constables of
Ruislipp, from their office ; and a direction to Thomas Francklyn, one of the
Justices, to swear in Thomas Preston and Allen Higison, who had been duly
elected by the parishioners ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 60

Order to the churchwardens, &c., of St. Mary's, Islington, to make a
rate for the repair of the highways, complaint a*^ to their condition having been
made to the Court by Lord Lucas, governor of the Tower of London, and
Sir Francis Smyth, knight ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 61

Order to the churchwardens, &c., of St. Mary-le-Savoy, to provide for
Bridgett Badwell, who passed from St. Bride's parish to the Savoy ... p. 62

Order for Edward Steel to serve Elizabeth Apprise, widow, the remainder
of his term of apprenticeship. Edward Steel stated that on i May, 1684, he
had been bound apprentice to John Apprice, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,
painter-stainer, for nine years ; he had served for seven years when his master
died, and Elizabeth, his widow, refuses to instruct him, and so he prays his
indentures may be discharged. Elizabeth insists that since her husband's
death she has provided able workmen to instruct this apprentice, and that
he was now capable of doing her good service ... ... ... ... p. 63

On the petition of the inhabitants of Kensington the Court allowed an
extension of time for paving the common highway in the parish with stone,
which had been ordered to be completed by the 20th June last past. The
time was extended to 24 August, and six of the Justices were authorised
to nominate and appoint overseers of the work, and to report to next Court
of Quarter Sessions ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 64

Order for suppressing the alehouse licenses of William Eustage,
"of Great Ealing, otherwise Zenling, and Alice Andrews of the same,
widow" ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 65

Order for discharging William Brind, one of the constables of St. Giles'-
in-the-Fields, from his office, Thomas Owen, one of the Justices, made
complaint that Brind had refused to execute a warrant duly made out " for
the seizing of fruit exposed to sale," thereby neglecting the duty of his office.
Mr. Owen to nominate a fit person to serve for the rest of the year ... p. 65

Order for reference to certain Justices to ascertain the '' proportions " of
paving Kensington Square, to limit a further day, and to report thereon. At
the April Court it had been ordered that the square should be paved from the
"■place designed for freestone pavement to the rails in the said square.' It
was reported to the Court that the time " limited " is past, and great part of the

48 Middlesex County Records.

work not done, by reason the " proportions " of the said paving charge are not
"ascertained" on the inhabitants and owners of the houses adjoining p. 66

Order to WilUam Bird, treasurer for the maimed soldiers for the hundred
of Ossuhon, to pay to George Russell, a pensioner, 20/- for his present
relief ibid.

Order that John Whitehurst, of Tottenham High Cross, be discharged
from serving the office of churchwarden for the parish of Edmonton, and
that John Mulberry, of Edmonton, yeoman, be one of the overseers for
Edmonton for the " churchward there " for the present year. It appears that
John Whitehurst's house was partly in Edmonton, but the greater part in
Tottenham ; that he and others who had occupied the house had served
several offices in Tottenham parish, but never in Edmonton, and that was the
reason he had refused to serve as overseer for Edmonton ... ... p. 67

Order for paving Crowne Street, heretofore called Hogg Lane, the east
side being in the parish of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, and the west side in the
parish of St. Ann, Westminster, on the representation of four of the Justices.
The Court ordered that the portion of the street unpaved from the north
end leading from Acton road against St. Giles's Poimd ; from the corner
house on the east side — in the occupacon of George Powell, called by the
sign of the Crown — to the extent of the ground of Elizabeth Fawtry, and then
from the corner house on the west side then in the occupacon of John Mirde,

carpenter, unto the house of Smyth, widd, be paved, as for the want

of such pavement the street is almost impassable in the winter time ... p. 68

Order for Simon Penn, keeper of the prison of the Dean and Chapter of
St. Paul's, called Finsbury Prison, to attend the next Court of Quarter
Sessions and show cause why he did not allow certain prisoners to appear at
the last Court, that they might take advantage of the Acts for discharging
poor prisoners for debt. He is farther ordered to bring the following prisoners
before the Justices — Francis Stringer, Edward Alexander, Benjamin Wells,
Andrew Green, John Blake, Edward Stone, William Birkett, Samuel Blake,
John Cole, John Cope, Richard Kingsman, Henry Seals, Richard Nash,
Godfry Taylor, Andrew Paine, Samuel Hill, William Cutler, Isaac Adished,
Anthony Pitts, and Charles Palmer ... ... ... ... ... p. 69

Order for paving with stone the highway " leading from the east side of
Clerkenwell Green to St. John Street on both sides of the way " by the i8th of
October next ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 70

Order for the making of a new scavengers' rate for the parish of Shore-
ditch. A complaint was made to the Court by " divers " of the parish of
St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, that they had lately been assessed at bd. in the
pound to the scavengers' rate, which they considered excessive ; that the
rate was made without their knowledge ; and that several inhabitants of
" Haggerston, Morefeilds, and other parts there"' have been over-rated and
some under rated. The inhabitants of " Church End Liberty " who had made
the rate, and objected to, were called before the Court ... ... p. 71

Order made for making a new rate for the relief of the poor for the
hamlet of Wapping [in the margin " Shadwell "] on the report of two of
the Justices, Thomas Johnson and Robert Hastings. They reported that the
I ormer rate was irregularly and imperfectly made.

Scss/ofis Book 487 — y^i/y, 1691. 49

A petition from the inhabitants of the Liberty of MoorfieUls, showing
that "watches are kept only every other night," so that felonies and burglaries
are committed, to the great danger of the petitioners, who pray that they may
have power to elect constables, and so have a watch and scavengers of
their own. The Court directed certain of the Justices to call before them
the parish officers and enquire into the matter, and to report to the Court
on the nth of August, and in the meantime to order and direct that watches
be duly set and kept in the liberty ... ... ... ... ... p. 74

Order for the paving of Whitehorse Street to the upper end of a new
street called London Street, in the hamlet of Ratcliffe, in the parish of Stepney,
on both sides of the way, upon the report of two of the Justices who had
been appointed at the previous Court to view the road, Thomas Johnson and
John Robins. The work to be done by 20 August ... ... ... p. 75

Order concerning the proportions of the paving charge of Kensington
Square. Three of the Justices to whom the matter had been referred on the
24th of July made their report. The Court ordered that the rates mentioned
in the report and annexed to the order be observed, "and that the pavements
there undone be done and finished by Bartholomew Day next " ; that " the
charge of paving the angles of the said square doe lye upon the adjoyneing
buildings to the said angles according to their dimensions abutting on any
the said new streets, and that the owners of the void places there sett out
for building for any building terme or any greater estate, doe levell the places
of the said streets adioyneing to their void ground and make the same firme
and serviceable ... for carrying off sky water to the common sewer" p. 76

Order upon the Queen's letter for the better observance of the Lord's
Day and putting the laws in execution against profane cursing and swearing,,
and "all prophanation of the Lord's Day, by people travelling, selling or
exposing anything to sale by exercise of their ordinary callings thereon or by
using any other vain imployments or sports, and especially by tipling thereon or
on any part thereof, and neglecting the worship and service of God, and also
against the odious and loathsome sin of drunkennesse, and against all houses
of debauchery and evill fame." The Clerk of the Peace is to cause the order
to be printed and affixed upon the great gates of Hickshall, the church doors
and all other pubHc places of each parish ... ... ... ... p. 78

Order for two of the Justices to examine the accounts of John Jarvis,
late overseer of the parish of St. Paul's, Shadwell, and to report thereon at
the next Court. In his petition John Jarvis complains that he was elected to
the office " when he was two hundred miles distant from home, and notwith-
standing when he came home undertook the trouble of that office with a
verry contentious partner who left him to gather the greatest part of the
money himselfe, in collecting whereof he was att extraordinary expence, haveing
a headburrough and a beadle severall days to make distresses, and that he
being illiterate was necessitated to make use of a scrivener to keep his account,
and has disbursed att one time one hundred and forty pounds or thereabouts
before he had received any of the parish money, whereof he borrowed fifty
pounds and paid three pounds interest for the same, which interest and charge
amounts to twelve pounds fifteene shillings and twopence." When adjusting
his accounts the auditors refused to allow his disbuisements, though the
same allowance has been made to other overseers ... ... ... p. 8 1

50 . Middlesex County Records.

Order concerning street lighting from Michaelmas to Lady Day. The
Court, being informed that several persons do not hang out any lights, and
that " the patentees whoo doe cause the lamps to be placed by agreement
with the said householders doe place them at too great a distance," directs that
the Justices inhabiting the several divisions are to give their attention to the
matter, and take such action as may be necessary ... ... ... p. 82

Order for paving Old Soho, otherwise Wardour Street, the eastern side of
which is in St. Anne's, Westminster, and the western side in the parish ot
St. James's, Westminster, on the report of two of the Justices, who had been
appointed to inspect the place. They recommended that the street be
paved with stone on both sides of the way, viz., on " St. Ann's side from the
house belonging to Mr. Bayly, of Great Queen Street, baker, to the house of
Nicholas Spearman, known by the name of the 'Redd Cow,' and on
St. James' side from the house of Mr. Peter Churchlow to the house of
David Pew, known by the name of the ' Spotted Dogg.' " The work was
ordered to be finished by 20 September ... ... ... ... p. 84

Order for the paving of Dane {sic) Street in the parish of St. Ann's,
Westminster, on the report of two of the Justices, who had been authorised
to inspect the street. The Court ordered that the street be paved on both
sides of the way, from " the back part of the house of the Lord Bullingbrooke
:and from the house of Mr. Samuell Commins over against itt, to the house of
Edward Channell, wheelwright, and to the house of James Palmer, known by
the name of the 'Coach and Horses,' att the north end of the said street, on
or before " 20 September ... ... ... ... ... ... p- 85

Order on the report of the Right Honourable Robert Lord Lucas, Chief
Governor of the Tower, and Thomas Johnson, two of the Justices, for paving
Ayliffe Street in Goodman's Feilds, in the parish of St. Mary Matfellon,
otherwise Whitechapel, leading from Mansell Street to Goodman's Gate ;
Redlyon Street, leading from High Street, Whitechapel, " to a certain street
called Lemmon Street in Goodman's Feilds," and Lemmon Street leading
from Redlyon Street into Rosemary Lane. The paving to be completed by
29 September ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 86

Order for the paving of both sides of Church Lane in the parish of
St. Mary Matfellon, otherwise Whitechapel, leading from the end of the
pavement in the High Street to Goodman's Feilds Gate, before 29 September,
on the report of the two Justices mentioned in the last order ... ... p. 87

Order for paving, on both sides of the way, High Street, Whitechapel,
from " the end of the pavement near the church to a certaine house called
or known by the signe of the ' x^rtichoake,' near a certaine place called
the Mount." The work to be done by 29 September. The same two
Justices make the report... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 88

Order, on the report of Lord Lucas and John Robins, two of the
Justices, that the street or way in the hamlet of Bow, in the parish of
Stepney leading from Bowbridge to Bromley, be paved on both sides of the
way by 29 September" ... ... ... .. ... ... ... p. 89

Order for Elizabeth Forster, "widdow," to be removed from the
hamlet of Spittlefeilds to St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, and maintained
there ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 90

Sc'ssw/is Book 487 — -Jfi^y, 1691. 51

Upon the report of four Justices, appointed for that purpose at the
previous Quarter Sessions, the Court ordered that the constables, church-
wardens, overseers, and surveyors of the parish of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch,
shall elect "one constable more than is already elected" out of the inhabi-
tants of the liberty of Moorfields; further that "the present scavengers and
rakers . . . doe carry or cause to be carried away all the dust, ashes, filth,
and soyle from the houses '' within the liberty, till Easter ; at the Easter
Vestry an extra scavenger is to be elected for the liberty of Moorfields. p. 90

Order for the payment of money due to Captain Thomas Jones, keeper
of the New Prison, and governor of the House of Correction at Clerkenwell.
Three Justices were appointed at the January Quarter Sessions to examine
and report on the claim. It was ordered by the Court that the report be filed
with the Clerk of the Peace, and that the yearly sum of ^£2$ formerly paid by
the keeper of New Prison to the governor of the House of Correction " be
allowed to . . . Thomas Jones out of his rent for New Prison for the
government of the said House of Correction untill further order to the
contrary ; " further, the Clerk of the Peace is to pay Thomas Jones the sum of
;^ii5 5^". ^d. [Fide Sessions Book 481, p. 57] ... ... ... p. 92

Order for a watch to be kept in Long Alley " next adjoyneing to More-
feilds in the liberty of Norton l^'olgate in Finsbury division." Several of the
inhabitants had complained to the Court that " they have had a standing watch
kept between the signe of the Dolphin and Long Alley end next unto Morefeilds
for att least fifty years past, as they could make appear, the said place haveing
been well liked of by divers high constables, itt being much for the safety of the
petitioners who dwell soe near Morefeilds, where frequent outrages and
robberies are committed." They prayed the Court to grant an order for the
continuance of the watch, so that no constable or other officer in the future
should alter the same without leave from the Court ... ... ... p. 93

Order for the constables, headboroughs, &:c., of New Town, in the
hamlet of Mile End, in the parish of Stepney, to pay to Elizabeth, the
widow of Robert Phipps, a former constable, the sum of ^^9 os. 9^., which
had been expended in passing cripples and vagabonds, and other charges.
Elizabeth Phipps complains that though a rate had been properly made on
the 3rd of April last for reimbursing the said Elizabeth, the present
constables, &c., had refused to collect it ... ... ... ... ibid.

Order for respiting the recognizances to prosecute of all persons indicted
for recusancy until the next General Quarter Sessions. The names are as
follows : — William Baily, of St. Giles-in-the-Fields, barber ; Thomas Goodwin,
of the same, joiner ; Alexander Oxton, of the same. Schoolmaster ; William
Whitfield, of the same, victualler \ Thomas Prince, of the same, goldsmith ;
Ferdinando Albertus, of the same, victualler ; John Burgis, of the same, clerk ;
Phillip Cook, of the same, victualler ; Nicholas Body, of Gray's Inn Lane,
cook ; St. Roland Belles, knight ; John Thimbleby, esquire ; Edward Hobart,
gentleman ; George, Lord Abergavenny ; Thomas Cook ; George Howse ;
Henry Trapps ; Thomas Culverly ; Thomas Campion ; William Gerrard ;
Mary Tichburne ; Henrietta Roper ; Faith, Lady Henneadge ; Mary
Maddison ; George Messenger; James Bamber ; John Rigmaden ; Francis
Duddle ; Stephen Galloway; George Potter ; William Peircy; Joseph Higgs;
Thomas Higgens ; Henry Yorke ; Thomas Bromwharrwood ; Elizabeth
Bromwharrwood ; Bazill Fitzherbert; George Hall; Thomas Coby; Benjamin

52 Middlesex County Records.

Callow ; Lewis Furshoone ; Henry Oldham ; John Phillips ; Edward Gold-
smith ; John Rogers ; Hugh, Lord Clifford ; Richard Butler ; John Vanloon ;
Francis Codrington — "the said persons have behaved themselves quietly
to their Majesties and their Government " ... p. 95

Order for respiting recognizances of the following persons till further
order : — Thomas Pate ; Joseph Acomb ; Edward Shortell ; William Browne ;
John Magnan ; Alice Mobbey ; William Spilman ; Nicholas Glave : Susanna
Harrison ; Robert Presson ; William Levins ; John Kilhy ; Mary Rogers ;
Rachael Horton P- 9^

Indenture of apprenticeship of Thomas Farrer, son-in-law of Christopher
Heard, of Stepney, farrier, to Thomas Llill, of St. Paul's, Shadwell, rope-maker,
for seven years. 5 January, 1690 ... ... ... ... ... P- 103

Calendar of indictments ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 104

Calendar of recognizances ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 106

Rough memoranda, relating to recognizances, &c.

" John Maldon, of Faith Lane, London, a teacher of a congregation of
Anabaptists in Joseph Francklyn's house in Goodman's Feilds in the parish of

" A conventicle or assembly for religious worship is recorded ... to be
at William Shewen's house at Endfeild."


Jury panels ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... p. 5

[Pages 6-8 blank.]
Miscellaneous memoranda as to indictments, recognizances, &c. pp. 9-53
[Page 54 blank.]

List of names under headings New Prison, and House of Correction.

PP- 55, 56
[Pages 57-60 blank.]

Miscellaneous memoranda as to acquittals, commitment.s, &c. pp. 61-64

[Pages 65, 66 blank.]

Order for William Turner, of Ickenham Parish, yeoman, to be head-
borough of the said parish for this year ... ... ... ... ... p. 6 7

Upon the petition of Elizabeth Plowden against Thomas Preist, victualler,
for wages due to her for nursing his daughter, Elizabeth, and also upon the
petition of the said Thomas, praying a discharge from the maintenance of the
said child, it is referred to certain Justices (named) to hear and determine
the said matters in difference ... ... ... ... ... ... il'id.

Upon the petition of the churchwarden {sic) and inhabitants of
St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, showing that Joseph Buffington, Francis Double-

Sessions Book 488 — September', 1691. 53

day, William Wood, and Robert Sherrington, surveyors of tiie highways of the
said parish for the past year, have not yet accounted for the money received
and disbursed by them, it is ordered that the said surveyors do yield up to
the inhabitants a perfect account of the same, and that they return any
overplus to the present surveyors ... ... ... ... ... p. 68

AMiereas by an order of the nth of August last, a certain street in the

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