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An index, drawn up about the year 1629, of many records of charters, granted by the different sovereigns of Scotland between the years 1309 and 1413, most of which records have been long missing. With an introduction, giving a state, founded on authentic documents still preserved, of the ancient rec online

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Online LibraryGreat Britain. General Register Office (Scotland)An index, drawn up about the year 1629, of many records of charters, granted by the different sovereigns of Scotland between the years 1309 and 1413, most of which records have been long missing. With an introduction, giving a state, founded on authentic documents still preserved, of the ancient rec → online text (page 1 of 39)
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J. H E ohjedi of this Publication, is to recover Tome ancient Records of Scotland known
to be mifTing ; and the bafis of it is an Index, compiled about the year 1629, and a very ancient
Quarto Manufcript on vellum, lately difcovered.

Thefe materials came to the knowledge of the Editor by the following means.

The Lord Clerk- Regifter for Scotland, Lord Frederick Campbell, fome years ago, in attend-
ing to the duties of his office, obferved the periihing condition of the Parliamentary Records of
Scotland, and formed the defign of getting them printed for the public benefit, as the Journals
of both Houfes and the Parliamentary Rolls had been done in England.

Preparatory for this Work, the Editor tranfcribed, with his own hand, as much of the ear-
liefl and moft decayed part of thefe Parliamentary Records as would make up two FoUo Volumes ;
and was direded by the Lord Regifter, as foon as the bufmefs of his office would permit, to make
an accurate refearch in the Tower of London, and in the Chapter-Houfe at Weftminfter, to afcer-
tain whether thefe ancient repofitories contained any materials, from which the defects in the Par-
liamentary Records of Scotland might be fupplicd, it being well known, that King Edward L had
carried to England all the Records prior to the reign of King Robert L

In the mean time, Mr Aftle, one of the Truftees of the Britifli Mufeum, whofe knowledge in
hiftorical antiquity is not lefs known than his anxious endeavours to make it ufeful to the public,
informed the Lord Regifter, that he had difcovered fome curious Manufcripts in the Britifh Mu-
feum refpeding Scotland, and in particular the Index now printed.

He likewife informed the Lord Regifter of a ftill more important difcovery, which he had made
as Keeper of his Majefty's State-Paper Office, which was a Quarto Manufcript on Vellum, written
in a charader of great antiquity, and which, befidcs Tranfcripts of many Deeds relative to Scotch
affairs, contained Minutes of feveral Parliaments of Scotland antecedent to the earlieft Parliaments
mentioned in the printed Statute-Book.

In confequence of this very important information, the Lord Regifter direded copies to be


immediately made, both of the Index in the Mufeum, and the Quarto IVfanufcript in the State-
Paper office, preffing the Editor to repair to London as foon as he convenientlv could, for the
purpofe of more effeftually carrying on the intended refearch in all the above-mentioned repofi-

The Editor accordingly, in Auguft 1793, repaired to London, where his firll care was to
collate the two copies above mentioned with their originals.

The Index of Charters was found to be No. 4609. of the Harleian M nufcripts at the Britlfh
Mufeum ; and on the firft page of that Index, at the top of it, there is written as follows.

" This Book contains Lifts or Inventories of feveral Rolls or Records of Charters, granted by
" King Robert I. King David II. King Robert II. and King Robert III. fucceffive Kings of Scot-
" land (a).

" This Lift is the more valuable, as feveral of thefe Rolls are loft."

On an attentive examination, this Index was found to comprehend Twelve Rolls and One
Book of Charters which now exift, and have always been kept with the other Public Records of

But befides thefe, it comprehends and relates to a much greater number of Rolls and Books
of Charters which are not now to be found in the Public Records of Scotland. The number fall-
ing under this defcription is -no lefs than Fifty-one Rolls of Royal Charters, and Three Books,
confifting partly of Charters, partly of Decrees in Parliament.

Thefe Fifty-one Rolls and Three Books, together with Two Rolls of Decrees in Parliament,
(mentioned in page 28. at the top), though proved by this Index to have been known and patent
to infpeftion in the year 1629, have been miflaid or difappeared during fo long a period, that nei-
ther the Editor, nor any perfon known to him, had any knowledge of their having ever exifted,
till he had accefs to and perufed the Index which makes the fubjed of the prefent publication.

The Fifty-one Rolls and Three Books above mentioned as not now exifting in the Public
Records of Scotland, feem to have contained about 1845 Charters and 30 Decrees in Parliament,
exclufive of the contents of the two Rolls of Decrees in Parliament mentioned page 28. which
do not appear to be particularly ftated in the Index.

The Manufcript difcovered by Mr Aftle in the State-Paper Office was, on examination, found
to be the moft ancient Book of Scottift: Record now known to exift, and in everv refpect fo
curious and important, that the Lord Regifter thought it incumbent on him to endeavour to reco-
ver it, for the purpofe of its being preferved in the Records of that part of the Kingdom to which
it inconteftably appeared to have belonged.

(a) It contains alfo Charters granted by Robert Duke of Albany as Regent


For this purpofe a petition was prefented to his Majefty, who was gracioufly pleafed to order
the Manufcript Book to be removed from the State-Paper Office at London, with which it had no
connexion, and to be delivered to the Lord Regifter of Scotland, that it might be depofited in
the General Regifter-Office kept at Edinburgh for the prefervation of the Public Records belong-
ing to that part of the Kingdom.

This Manufcript Book having been brought by the Lord Regifter to Scotland in November
1793, it was judged proper that it fliould be fubmitted to the examination of the Supreme Court
of that country, in order to its receiving the fanftion of that Court.

Accordingly, in the month of December 1793, a Committee of the Judges was, in confe-
quence of a petition prefented to the Court, appointed to infped the Manufcript, and to report
their opinion y who reported,

" That the Book is an authentic Record of Writings, Public and Private, relating to Scot-
" land." — Whereupon the Court made the following Refolution, to wit, " Approve of the Report;
" appoint the Manufcript Volume to be lodged among the other Public Records in the cuftody of
" the Lord Clerk-Regiiler and his Deputies ; and requeft the Lord Prefident, in name of this
" Court, to return thanks to the Right Honourable Lord Frederick Campbell, Lord Clerk-
" Regifter of Scotland, for the trouble which his Lordfliip has taken in recovering to the public
" fo valuable a Book of the ancient Records of this country. They further take this opportunity of
" expreffing the high fenfe entertained by the Court of the benefit the public has derived from his
" Lordftiip's unremitting afliduity and eminent fervices in the execution of his office as Lord
" Clerk- Regifter, and particularly in the great attention which he has beftowed upon the con-
" ilrudion, fitting up, and completing of the New Repofitory for the Public Records, as well as
" the internal arrangement of the bufinefs there ; and laft of all, in having fohcited and obtained,
" by the favour of his Majefty, a permanent eftabliftiment for the prefervation of the building,
" and for defraying the neceiTary expence attending the fecurity and fafe cuftody of the Re-
« cords (.7) ; and appoint the Report, with this Commiflion, to be inferted in the Books of Sede-
" runt."

With regard to the Index before mentioned, difcovered in the Britifh Mufeum, it was judged
proper that it ftiould be printed for the information of the public ; and accordingly the Lord Re-
^ifter gave orders for that purpofe, as the moft likely means of exciting the public attention to the
Rolls and Books of Royal Charters which have been abftrafted from the General Records of

[.,) In November 1768, Lord Frederick Campbell was appointed Lord Clerk-Reglfler of Scotland. On 27th June
1-74 he laid the foundation-ftone of the General Regifter- Houfe. On 13th Auguft 1787 his Lordfliip's Deputies for
keeping the Records took poffenion of their apartments there, and began to remove the Records thither from the two
vaults under the Court of Seffion, called the Laigh Parliament Houfe, where they were formerly kept. On the Jth of
Oaober 1 79 1 the Records were finally removed from thofe vaults, and arranged in the General Reg.ller-Houfe. And
in January 1792 his Lordfhip obtained, by the bounty of his Majefty, a permanent eftabliftiment of L. 500 a-year for
the fupport of the fabric, and for defraying various contingent expences ncceft'arily conncdeJ with it.



X H E Index of Charters, which is the principal fubjeft of the prefent publication, has
been fully mentioned in the Preface. It exhibits a Rate of the Charters granted by the different
Sovereigns of Scotland, from the acceffion of King Robert I. in the year 1306, till the 8th year
of the regency of Robert Duke of Albany, in 141 3, a period of about 108 years.

There are now in Scotland no Records of any kind anterior to the acceffion of King Ro.

bert I. (a)

The lofs of our more ancient Records was one of the unhappy confequences of the fatal
difpute about the fucceffion to the Crown of Scotland in the years 1291 and 1292, which refulted
from the failure of the direft line of the Royal I'amily of Scotland in the perfon of the infant
grand-daughter of King Alexander III. commonly called the Maiden of Norway.

Fortunately, however, fuch monuments of thofe ancient Records are flill preferved, in dif-
ferent Inflruments drawn up on that occafion, as prove incontrovertibly, that Scotland, prior to
the difpute about its Crown, had reached a pitch of internal polity not inferior to that of any
kingdom in Europe at the fame period.

King Edward I. of England having been chofen to decide on the claims of the different com-
petitors for the Crown, iffued a writ (b), direded to the Bilhop of St Andrew's, to the Conitabie

(a) The ancient Book of Record difcovered In the State-Paper Office, as mentioned in the Preface, appears to have
been written in the reigns of King Robert I. King David II. and King Robert II. It contains indeed fome InRru-
inents that fall not within the period of thofe reigns,- viz. the Difcharge by King Richard I. to King WiUiam, p. 104.
No. 13.; the Bull by Pope Boniface VIII. p. 100. No. 3.; the Rimilfio feu aboHlia criminis by King Robert III.
p. 104. No. 12. ; and the renewal of tha ancient league with France by the Regent Robert Duke of Albany, p. 111.
No. 61. But the appearance of thofe entries in the Book, the Bull of Pope Boniface alone excepted, clearly evinces
that they were not inferted there when the reft of the Book was written.

(b) " Rex et Superior Dominus Scotix, venerabili in Chrifto patri W. eadem gratia Epifcopo Sandi Andrcjs m
" Scotia, ct dilefto et fideli fuo Radulpho Baffet de Drayton tonllabulaiio Catlri fui de Edinburgh, et Willielmo de
" Dunfres Cuflodi Rotulorum regni Scotias, et omnibus ballivis et fidelibus fuis ejufdem regni ad quos, &c. falutcm :
" Sciatis, quod afllgnavimus dileftos nobis in Chrifto Abbatem de Dunfermelyn, et Adam Abbatem Sandx Crucis dc
" Edinburgh, et dileftum et fidelcm noftrum Johannem de Lithegreynes, Magiftrum Willielmum de Lincoln, ct Tho-
«' mam de Pifheburn, ad invcftigar.dum, fcrutandum, videndum, et cxaminandum Chartas, Inftrumenta, Scrlpta, Literas
" Papales, Compofitioucs, Rotulos et Irrotulata, et omnia alia munimenta, jus petcntium in regno Scotix et fimiliter
« nos ct regnum quoquomodo tangcntia, in Caftro de Edinburgh, ct alibi in codem regno exiftentia, et ad ea recipienda,
«' defcrenda, et deponenda in locum per nos ad hoc affignatum ; ct idee vobis mandamus, quod cifdcra Abbatibus,
" Johanni, Willielmo, ct Thomx, vel prxdidis Johanni, Willielmo, et Thomx- tantum, cum prxdidos Abbates ad
" hoc vacare non contigerit, iatcndentcs fitis et ausiliantes quotiens ex parte iiottra fuper hoc fucritis requiliti j ct yos,



of the Caftle of Edinburgh, and to the Clerk Regifler for Scotland, commanding them to deliver
fuch records as were within the Caftle of Edinburgh, or any where elfe in Scotland, to certain
perfons named in the writ, whom he had appointed to infpeft and to invefligate fuch of them as
had any relation to the claims of the competitors, or to himfelf and his kingdom ; and whom he
had authorifed to receive thofe Records, and to convey the fome to a place which he had pointed

In obedience to this order, many of the Records of Scotland appear to have been carried to
Berwick-upon-Tweed, and to have been depofited there the 23d of Augull, in the 20th year of
the reign of King Edward I. viz. 1292.

Of the Records thus conveyed to Berwick, there is a Catalogue ftill preferved in the Chapter-
houfe at Weftminfter. In the Index of the Inftruments in that Repofitory made up by Mr Agarde
between the years 1603 and 1625, the title of that Catalogue is entered in thefe words, viz. " In-
" dentura de Evidentiis Jocalibus et aliis inventis in Caftro de Edenburgh, 23. Augufti, et illinc
" defertis ufque Berwick, 20 Edw. I."

That Catalogue was feen by the Editor in the Chapter-houfe at Weflminller in September
1793 ; and it is printed in Sir Jofeph Ayloffe's Calendars cf ancient Charters (a), in the following
words, fome inaccuracies of the prefs being here corrected, and a few obfervations added in the
form of notes. The corrections are incloled in parentheles, and printed in Italic charafters.


" MUNIMENTORUM qua: capta fuerunt in thefauria de Edenburg, in preicutia
" Abbatum de Dumfermelyn & de Sanda Cruce Edenburgi, & Johannis de Ly the-
" granes Ballivi de Lincoln, & Thomx de Fiffeburne, et Willielmi de Dumfreys
" cuftodis rotulorum regni Scotix, et depofita apud Berwick vicefinio tertio die
" AuguRi, anno 20 Edwardi Primi regis Anglix, per pra^ceptum ejufdem regis,
" fuperioris domini regni Scotia;.

" CHARTA Richardi regis Anglia; facta Willielmo regi Scotise de feodo recipiendo, eundo
" &; redeundo ad curiam Angliie (b).

" C harta quod Alexander rex Scotia: non inibit foedus cum inimicis Henrici regis Anglia;, nee
" guerram procurabit.

«' pracfato Epifcopo clavcs Tliclaiirarix-, necnoii lionionim, domorum, cMvl prediai, arcliarum, cillarum, ct fcn'nioriim
" quoi-umcunque in quibus predida munimenta, literal:, lotui;, ct ctctera qualiaciinque pvedida indrumenta fint recordata,
" prediclis Abbatibus, Johanni, Willielmo, et Tliomrc, cum tis ad hoc venire contigeiit, liberetis ; in cujus, Sic.

"■ Telle Rege apud Btrewyk fuper Twed in Scotia, i 2 die Augufti." Prynne's CoUeclions, vol. 3. page 548. where

we fee printed on the margin, " Rot. Scotix-, an. 19 et zo E. I. m. 11. De Chartis, Scriptis, et aliis intlruniciuis
" tangentibus Regem et peteutes jus in regno Scoti* ftrutandis et examinandis," &c.

{a) Pages 327. 328. 329, and 330. (h) Printed iii the Fadera, vol. I. p. 87.


'* Charta quod adventus regis Scotia; non trahatur in confequentiain de veniendo ad corona-
** tionem regis Angii£E.

" Obligatio domini Roberti de Brus junioris quod erit fidelis regi Scotias.

" Litera Richardi regis Angliae de redditione caftrorum de Rokefburg Si Berwick (a).

" Charta Ludovici filii regis Francije, fafta regi Scotia:.

" Charta regis Norwagise de homagio fociendo regi Scotias per infulanos.

" Obligatio hominum de Karryk quod erunt cum rege Scotias contra omnes.

" Litera majorum (de) Mann, mifla Alexandre regi Scotiae.

" Charta baronum de Ergadia f;ida regi Scotiec.

*' Obligatio magnatum Scotias facta regi Alexandre, quod tenebunt domicellam Norwagia; pro
" domina & regina Scotize (/»).

" Charta baronum Anglia; niifla regi Scotias contra Johannem regem Angliae.

" Charta baronum Anglije & civium Londinenfiuni mifla regi Scotia contra Johannem regem
" Anglia;.

" Charta baronum Angliee probis hominibus de Karleol' contra Johannem regem Angliae de
" civitate Karl' reddenda regi Scotias.

" Charta baronum Anglite mifla tenentibus Northumbriie, Cumbria:, (et) "Weflmorlandiae,
" contra Johannem regem Anglix.

" Charta regis Angliae quod rex Scotia: Sc fui incola: (c) poffint fe maritare, non obdante con-
" federatione prius inter eos facia.

" Litera Henrici regis Anglia: mifl;i regi Scotii^, de veniendo apud Norham die fl:atuto.

" Charta Henrici regis Anglic de advocationibus ecclefiarum Cumberlandia: fada regi Scotia:.

" Charta domini regis Angliae fafta Alexandre regi Scotia; de terris de Penryth & aliis terris
•' in Cumberlandia.

" Litera Majoris et civium Londinenfiuni mifla regi Scotia: contra Johannem regem Anglije.

" Litera regis Mann (-ia) quod tenebit terram Mann de rege Scotia;.

" Scriptum chirographatuni inter Henricum regem Anglia; & Alexandrum regem Scotia:, de
" comitatibus Northumbrise, Cumberlandia;, et Weftmorlandia;, fadum coram Otone legato d).

" Litera regis Anglia; mifla regi Scotia: & Davidi fralri iuo.

" Litera Edwardi regis Anglia;, quod adventus regis Scotia; ad coronationem fuam, nee petita
" fervitia ibidem, ipfi regi Scotia; fmt prejudicialia.

" Scriptum obligatorium Anegi Dovenaldi quod exha;redetur i\ forisfecerit contra regem Scotia;.

" Finalis concordia inter reges Norwagi;e et Scotia; facta apud (de) Man, et aliis infulis (c).

(/?) This charter is more fully entered in Mr Xgarde's Index of the " Traflatus pncis," &c. p. 287. of Sir Jofeph's
Calendars, 5cc. in thefe words, viz. " 1 189. l.itera regis Ricardi Prinii, de redditioric caftrorum de Rokfburgh et de
" Berwick, et de rtftitutione omnium libertatum quas habuerunt reges Scotix ante captionem regis Willielmi ; et de
«• Uteris rcllitutis et reftltucndis, fi qux fuerint invents ; & quod literx invents et non reilitutx omnino non valeant,
« Dal. 5. Dtcembris, I Rio. I." Sec Focdera, vol. 1. p. (4. ; and p. 104. of this Index of Charters.

[h) Sec Sir Jofeph Nyloffe's Calendars, p. 288. ; and Focdera, vol. z. p. 266..

{c) The word tncola is fufpieious, perhaps for " fu£ forores." See Fee 'era, vol. i. p. 240. ct padlm.

{d) See this printed 111 the Focdera, vol. i. p. 375. (0 See this Index of Charters, p. 101,


*' Litera Radolphi legati de prorogatione dierum.

" Litera Henrici regis AngliiE fada Alexandre regl Scod^e de warda k marltagio Hugonis
" Bygot comitis Norfolcije.

" Charta Johannis regis Anglic, mifla Willielmo regi Scotise de traftatu marltagll inter regein
*' Francias & filiam Willielmi regis Scotias.

« Litera mifla regi Seotise per magnates Anglic poft mortem regis Johannis, de veniendo ufque
■=' Northampton.

" Qiiaedam inquifitio fafta apud Rokefburg per probos homines de regno Scotia fuper bondas
« marchijE k etiam fuper difcordias fluftus maris inter Berwick & Twedmuth.

« Scriptum cliirographatum inter magnates Scotia fub 'poena quatuor marcarum regi Scoti^e
" folvendarum.

" Bulla Honorii tertii de immediata Tubjeaione ecclefias Scoticanse ad ecclefiam Romanam.

" Alia bulla Clementis quarti, quod rex Anglic poflit recipere decimam de clero Scotis.

" Litera de conventione inter Edwardum regem Anglise k cultodes Scotias de maritagio domi-
" cellss Norwegije (a).

" Scriptum regis Scotiee Alexandri per quod conceflit epifcopo Sodorenfi quod non iret fuper
" Mann ufque ad tempus.

" Proteftio Henrici regis Anglias, fa£l:a domino Magno regi Mann, in partibus Wallias.

" quieta clamatio Johannis Cumyn patris, fafta regi Scotias de libertate colpandi & commuiii-
" candi in bofcis & dominicis ad manerium de Werk pertinentibus.

" PrcCter ifla fcripta, capta fuerunt ibidem tranfcripta irrotulata in capella domini regis.

" Una cedula que loquitur de warda cailri de Rokefburg.

" Rotulus de bourgis k molendinis.

" Unus rotulus magnus de recognitionibus.

" Unus rotulus in cujus fine continetur charta demmera (c/i' viora) de Aidenfton.

" Alius rotulus de recognitionibus, in quo multa negotia utrumque Magnum tangentia continen-
" tur, k etiam negotium tangens com' de Mar' & Thomam .

" Alius minor rotulus de chartis & libertatibus de Berewyck, & ibi invenietur .quod burgenfes
" tenentur includere villam de Berewyck.

" Unus rotulus de titulis omnium chartarum quem W. de Dumfres facere fecit.

" Una cedula de chronicis de adventis regis Willielmi ad regcm Anglia;.

" Una cedula tangens garderobam regis Scotis.

" Una cedula de armis regis Scotia: traditis ingramo {Ingeramo) de Umframvel).

" Unus rotulus de antiqms Jiatutis regni Scotia (0).

" Pricterea tres ciphi de criilallo.

" I'res ciphi de nuce, & unus ciphus argenteus.

" Unum thuribulum argenteum deauratum.

" Duo godeta vitrea.
" Virgse Aaronis.
" Tria ccrnua eburnea.

" Unus baculus unde Euftathius de Vefey faifivit regem Alexandrum In comltatu Northamp-
" tonias cum eflet apud Norham ad caftellum obfidendum

{a) See Fcedtra, vol. 2. p. 482. and 485. (*) See the Note fitbjoined to this Introdudion.


" Vlglntl duse Hnguse ferpentinse pofitse in argento.

« Una clavis Sanfti Mahufei.

*' Unus ciphus argenteus.

" Duo coftralli de criftallo.

*' Quatuor cophini cum reliqulis diverfis.

*' Unus cophinus cum cruce argentea in qua eft pars crucis dominicse.

« Duo tamerella ligata argento.

" Duo antiqui rotuli de garderoba regina;.

Omnia ijia inventa fuerunt in quadam cijla in dormitorio fanHa crucis, ^ ibidem repofita per prcS-
" didos abbates, if alios fub eorumfigilHs.

« Et in thefauria caftri de Edinburgh, inventa fuerunt ornamenta fubfcripta, fcilicet,

" Duae capp^ brudatas nobiles.

•' Una cafula brudata nobilis.

" Alia non brudata.

" Tunicula, & dalmatica de rubeo famlto.

« Duse ftolse & duse fauena; brudatse cum uno amito, & una alba brudata,

" Unum manutergium cum frontali brudato.

" Duo filateria burellata in parte deaurata.

*• Unum par fpatulariarum, & manetlorum cum cafula corporalium brudata.

" Una cappa de viridi famito.

" Duai cappse de famito purpureo, & duse de famito rubeo.

" Una tunicula, & una dalmatica de baudekin.

" Unum amitum brudatum.

•' Tres baudekins.

" Item plura minuta volutata panniculo lineo.

" Unum veftimentum integrum vetus, five cafula.

" Unum fcrinium argenteum deauratum in quo reponitur crux que vocatur la Make rode (a),

unum peQen eburneum.

" Unum auriculare de baudekin, tria manutergia.

" Et una navis ad incenfum.

" In cujus rei teflimonium quilibet prjediaorum abbatum & aliorum figilla fua fcriptis aliorum
" appofuerunt. Datum apud Edinburg, die Jovis in vigilia Sancli Bartholomsi, anno Do-
" mini 12^1" (b), (1292).

(a) See Fordoun's Scotichroiiicon, vol. i. p. 307.

(i) Should probably be 1291 ; and yet as the Fi^il. S. Barth. Is 13d Augiift, if the year be 129J, the docquet,
if not erroneous, has been fealed at Edinburgh the very day the deeds were depofited at Berwick. This is improbable :
and there mua either be an error in the date of the dcpofitation, or in that of the docquet. Eiit in every view 1291
feems wrong.

xiv I N T R O D U C T I O N.

Again, after King Edward h?,d pronounced bis award m. favour of BaHio'l, and after that
unfortunate King had in the ufual manner been crowned at Scone, and proclaimed King of Scot-
land, many of the Scottifli Records appear to have been delivered by certain officers of King Ed-
ward to Alexander Balliol, the Chamberlain of Scotland, for the ufe of the King of Scots. A
Catalogue of thofe Records is llkewife infertcd in Sir Jofeph's Calendars (a) ; and among the
" Rotuli Scotias" in the fame book (b), the precept authorifing that delivery occurs in thefe
words : " De rotulis liberandis regi Scotia; :" And in Mr Agarde's Repertory of the Trad'atus

Online LibraryGreat Britain. General Register Office (Scotland)An index, drawn up about the year 1629, of many records of charters, granted by the different sovereigns of Scotland between the years 1309 and 1413, most of which records have been long missing. With an introduction, giving a state, founded on authentic documents still preserved, of the ancient rec → online text (page 1 of 39)