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the management of the Charity, application shall be
made by them to the Charity Commissioners for England
and Wales for their opinion and advice, which when
given shall be conclusive on all persons interested and
claiming under the Charity.

By an Order of the Board dated 26th Jul;^ 1872, the
Company were authorised to purchase a site for the
now almshouses, at the price of 2,2502., to be provided
out of the accumulated income of the Charity.

A piece of freehold land situate at Lee was duly
conveyed to the trustees by an indenture dated Slst
July 1872, and by an Order of the Board dated 17th
January 1873, the legal estate in the hereditaments
comprised therein was vested in the Official Trustee of
Charity Lands.

The new almshouses and chapel have been erected
and completed at an aggregate cost (including archi-
tect's commission and all incidental expenses) of
7,8312. 128. 2d., which was provided for as follows : —

£ 8. d.

Proceeds of sale of 1 ,7742. \l8.7d.

Consols- - - - 1.639 6 3

Sale of site of old almshouse and

buildings, by Order of the

Board date^ 17th February

1880 . - - . 1,750

Surplus income - - - 1,642 6 11

Loan at 4 per cent, advanced out

of Company's oorporate funds- 2,800

jg7,881 12 2

This expenditure was authorised by Order of the
Board dated 6th May 1879, whereby it was directed that
the sum of 2,8002. advanced by the Companv should le
repaid within 20 years by instalments of 1502. each to
be reserved out of the jncome of the Charity.

3 A

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parish of Odiham, and 10^. a year to the fcreasurer of St.
Bartholomew's Hospital.

Colbokn's Chabity.

Henry Colborn, or Colbron, by a codicil to his will
of the Ist August 1655, gave to the Company 1,000L to
purchase lands for erecting and endowing a free school
m Ashwell, Herts ; and he gave the Master and Wardens
lOOZ. for their pains and the endowment of the school-

The Company received only 637Z. 10s. applicable to
these purpeses, of which they applied 2901. in the land
and building, and reserved 347f. 10«. for the endow-
ment. The Company pay 17L 7«. 6d. a year interest in
respect of that sum.

The premises at Ashwell consist of a residence for the
master, and a school room, built by the Company, and
an orchard and garden, or about one and a half acres. On
the occasion of an enclosure of a common, an allotment
has latehr been made to the property.

The Company appoint a schoolmaster at 50Z. a year,
and they have lately allowed to the retiring school-
master a pension of 40Z. a year. The Company insure
the school from fire at a premium of 16«. 6d. a year.
The late schoolmaster was allowed a stipend of 63Z.
a year. The whole amount beyond the 172. y«. 6d, is paid
by the Company out of their proper funds. The ftev.
H. W. Hodgson, the incumbent, is the visitor, and re-
ports favourably to the Company of the condition of the
school, as very beneficial to the agricultural population
of the neighbourhood.

CoNYEBs' Chabity.

John Conyors, in 1591, gave to the Company lOOL, in
Qonsideration that they should should pay to the church-
wardens of St. Botolph, Aldersgate, 5/. a year, out of
the Company's inn in Aldermanbury.

This, which constitutes a rentcharge of 5Z. on the
property of the Company in Aldermanbury, is paid
annually (deducting 11. for land tax) to the church-
wardens of St. Botolph, Aldersgate.

CovBNTBY*s Chabity.

Thomas Coventry and Hugh Dashfield, by indenture
of the loth July 1636, granted to the Company a
yearly fee farm rent of 101. 3$. 4d. out of the rectory
of East Moulsey, Surrey, a fee-farm rent of lU. out of
the rectory of vVinslowe, Bucks, and a fee-farm rent of
71. 13*. 4d. out of the rectory of Kympton, Herts,
upon trust, to pay—

£ s. d.
Tor apprenticing two or more poor children
in St. Andrew Undershaft, London - 10
Ditto in St. Antholin, London - 10
To the overseers of the poor of St. Fancras,
and to the overseers of the poor of Hom-
sey, equally, to be bestowed for the
relief of poor people dwelling as well
in that part of Momsey as in that
part of St. Panci*as which is situated
near Highgate, whereof one-haU should
be to poor dwelling at or near Higbgate
in the. parish of St. Pancras, and the
other half to poor dwelling at or near
Highgate and m the parish of Homsey,
the same to be bestowed in fuel and
clothes - - - - -10 00
To the Master and Wardens, 20«., and
Clerk, 168. Bd 1 16 8

The Company receive the four rents, after deducting
land tax.

£ 8, d,

1. From Thomas Sutton (through Messrs.

Bateman, New Square, Lincoln's
Inn), in respect of the rectory of East
Moulsey - - . - 3 7 4

2. Prom Eobert Taylor (through Mr.

Foulkes, of Binfield Eoad, Clapham),
in respect of the rectory of East
Moulsey - . . - 4 16

8. Prom-W. S. Lowndes (through 8. P.
Dudley, of Winslowe, Bucks), in
respect of the rectory of Winslowe 114

Brought forward
4. Prom Lord Dacre (through Messrs.
Herries & Co., bankers) in respect
of the rectory of Kympton, Herts -



6 2 8
.€25 10

The Company held in their hands at the end of the
year 1861, a sum of 1792. 0«. 7d. cash, in respect of
accumulations of the apprenticeship fund of the parish
of St. Antholin, and 119^. 0^. 6d. accumulations of the
like fund for the parish of St. Andrew Undershaft.
These eums are not invested.

The payments out of the 25L IO0. a year, actually
made, are,

The Master, Wardens, aud Clerk, IL 16$. Sd., and a
«um of 101. a year to a receiver, appointed under an
instrument which is annually signed by the incumbent
of Homsey, and other gentlemen described as trustees
of the Charity of Thomas Coventry to the poor of
Highgate, which is expressed to inaemnify the Com-
pany against any claim of the overseers of St. Pancras.

The indemnity is thus expressed : —

"And in consideration of the said payment being
made to us, or to our order as aforesaid, and notwith-
standing any notice having been heretofore given to
the said minister and churchwardens on behalf of the
overseers of the parish of St. Pancras, Middlesex, as to
or touching the payment of the said annual sum of
102. , we do hereby undertake to save harmleBS and
keep indemnified the said Master and Wardens, and
their successors and their estate and effects, of» from,
and against all such actions, suits, proceedings, costs,
expences, claims, and demands whatsoever, at law or
in equity, which the said Master and Wardens or their
successors shall at any time hereafter suffer, sustain,
or be subject or liable to or charged or affected with
by reason or on account of the said 10/., which became
due by the said Master and Wardens on All Saints'
Day 1861, by virtue of the trusts or directions of the
said deed of 10th July 1635, or by reason of the said
Master and Wardens making or having made such a
payment to us or to our order instead of to the over-
seers of St. Pancras and Homsey, to be by them
applied for the purposes in the said deed mentioned
as we the said trustees or the more part of us should

Sib WiiiLUM Ckaven's Chakity.

Sir William Craven, by indenture of the 20th Decern-
ber 1615, granted to the Company all that messuage
and shops thereunto belonging in the parishes of
St. Mary Woolnoth and St. Michael Comhill, upon
trust, to pay to him, Sir William Craven, for life, 1402.
a year.

And by his will of the 9th August 1616, he appointed
that the Company should pay yearly to 24 poor aged
men 962., part of the said 140/., of which—

To poor of the Clothworkers*

To the churchwardens of Barn

Yorks., for the grammar school
Por the repairs of the church there -
Por the repairs for the school and

bridges . . . .

To the poor of St. Antholin, London,

for coal ....

To the poor of St. Andrew Undershaft

for coal - . . .

The Company's officers



The gifts, amountinff in the whole to 1402. a year, are
charged on property devised to the Companv in Pone's
Head Alley, Comhill. ^ ^

The Company pay 20 pensions of 42. a year
each to poor freemen of the Company.
These freemen are generally in recwpt of
some other pensions. They iJso pay 42. a
year to four freemen of the Clothworkers'
Company, elected by the Merchant
Taylors' Company out of twice that
number reconunended by the Cloth-
workers to that Company, who attend at
the Merchant Taylors' Hall to receive
their pensions • * • .

£ s. d.

Carried forward

£1^ 7 4

Carried forward


Digitized by


MB. habb's bbpobt.— mbbohant taylobs' company.


Brought forward
The Company nay to the churchwardens of

St. Anarew Undershafb (deducting 168.

a year land tax) . . - •

The Company pay to the churchwardens of

St, Anthohn (without deduction of land

tax) ... - -

To the churchwardens of the parish of

Bumsall (without deduction)



8 4


Brought forward

To the churchwardens of the same parish,
in respect of the 21. for the reparation of
the church and SI, for the school (de-
ducting 21. land tax) • . •

To the master, wardens, clerk, and beadle




Carried forward

- 20

jei2r 4

£1^ 4 0*

♦ Charity of Sie William Cbaven.

By an Order of the Board, dated 12th November 1867,
the premises No. 7, Pope's Head Alley, were let to Mr.

Frederick King for the term of 80 years, from Christmas
1866, at a yearly rent of 5002., a sum of not less than
3,0()OJ. having previously been expended in rebuilding.


Creek's Charity.

John Creek, by his will of the 22nd November 1418,

bve to the Company a messuage in St. Dunstan's-in-
ttie-East, for certain superstitious uses in St. Maiy
Abchurch, and for providing 13 quarters of coal for the
poor of that parish.

The Charity is entitled to no more than the value of
the coals, of which the Company deliver four tons and
a half to the order of the churchwardens, which cost in
the year 1861 the sum of 52. 10«. M.

The Company are entitled to the house in Tower
Street under l^is devise, and became the purchasers of
the charge for superstitious usee, under the instrument
of 4 Edward YI., confirmed by the statute 4 James L,
to which I have elsewhere referred.

DAjn)Y's Charity.
Andrew Dandy, by his will of the 29th March 1673,
Qfi,Te to the Company his house and ground in SU
Thomas the Apostle parish, London, upon trust, to pay
out of the reats : —

To 12 poor men and women in the Tower

Hill almshouses * -
To 6 poor men and women in the parish

of St. Sepulchre - - -

To 6 poor men and women of St. Giles,

Cripplegate - . - -

To 6 poor men and women of St, Bo-

tolph, Bishopsgato • « •

And upon the expiration of the existing lease and im-
provement of the rent, to pay such improvement to so
many poor men and women of the Company as such
future improvement would amount to at 20ff. per annum,
each man and woman to be elected at the discretion of
the master, wardens, and court of assistants of the said

The Charity estate, which consisted of a house in
Queen Street, was taken by the Corporation of London,
under the City Improvement Act, and is now repre-
sented by a sum or 2,2642. 3«., 32. per cent. Consols,
standing in the name of the Accountant-General of the
Court of Chancery, and producing an annual dividend
of672.18f. 6(2.








£ 8. d.

- 12

The Company pay to the almshouses ao*
count - - - •

To the six poor men and women of the
parish of St. Sepulchre, chosen by the
Uompany out of twice the numl>er of
nominees presented ' by the church-
wardens otthe parish (paid quarterly) 6

To the six poor men or women of the
parish of St. Botolph, Bishopsgate,
(chosen in the same manner) • - 6

To six poor men or women of the parish
of St. Giles, Cripplegate (chosen in
the same manner) - - - 6

To 29 poor widows of fireemen of the
Company, pensions of 12. each - 29

To the Company's poor account, out of
which sundry pensions and gifts are
made by the Company, which are not
included under any other head • • 8 18 6

^^67 18 6

The Company have in their hand a sum of 82. from
arrears of the above payments to the poor of those
parishes which have not been applied for.

DoNKiN's Charity.

Bobert Donkin, by his will of the Ist December 1570,
gave to the Company certain lands and tenements in St.
Botolph, Bishopsgate, directing them to provide for 12
poor men, and 12 poor women, clothing of the annual
value of 212. 10«., and to pay to the diamberladn and
town clerk 10«. each, for their pains in seeing Uie
bequest performed.

The residuary clause of the will is as follows : —

*' Andso that the whole residue of the said rents
and pifets of the said lands, tents, and gardens
they do mainteigne and geather yearly into one
whole stocke, and therew*** doo and kepe tJie re-
pacons of the said tents to them devysed and
yf node be newe buildinge the same, as to there
dyscrecons nede shall appeare, as the same stocke
will faull oute."

The property consists of a number of houses in Sun
Street, Bishopsgate, producing a rental the amount of
which has not been returned to this office nor disclosed
to me. The construction always adopted by the
Company, and which seems to have been acquiesced in
by tne commissioners of inquiry, is that the residue
after keeping the estate in repair is given to the
Company for their own use. The words, it will be ob-
served, do not express that the residue is to bo taken for
the use of the Company, but only that it is to be kept in
the Company's stock to repair.

It may be a question for the consideration of the
Board whether the actual construction of this gift
should be determined by any legal proceeding, and
whether the Company should be requiiw to render the
account of the estate as of an endowment wholly

I may add that the amount of the residue, whatever it
may be, is represented as not exceeding the sum which
the Company annually devote to the support of the
Merchant Taylor's School, an institution not otherwise

The Company stated to the Public School Commis-
sioners (Appendix, Vol. 2, p. 249) that they expended
from 2,0001. to 3,0002. a year on the school from their
own ftinds, and had recently laid out about 20,0002. for
the purpose of adding to the site and buildings.

The Company purchase annually 72 ells of Irish linen,
and 120yards of cloth, or brown stuff, and 24 pairs of
hose, 'uiese articles cost in the year 1861 the sums of
72. 49., 182., and 22. 168. respectively. The sum of 32.
was paid for making up the cloaks.

The gifts are divided equally between 12 men and 12
women, being either freemen of the Company, or free-
men's widows, each receiving three ells of linen and
five yards of cloth, and each also having 5s. in money.

A sum of 12. If. is paid to the town clerk when
demanded, and in one case, when not demanded was
carried to the poor account.

The whole of the above payments amotmted in 1861,
to 382. 1«.*

* Eobekt Domcm's Chakity.

The question of the proper construction of the will of
the founder was raised in the year 1870 by the Com-

pany in proceedings taken by them against the Attorney*
General. It was held by the Master of the Bolls, who9e
decision was confirmed on appeal, that the Merchant

3 A 2

Digitized by




Dowb's Chakitt.

By deed of the 28th August 1605, between the Com-
pany of the one part, aud Robert Dowe of the other part,
reciting that the said Robert Dowe had paid to the
Companj at various times 2,158Z. IO0. 8d. for the pur-

chase of lands, &o., for decayed brethren, and that the
Company had mada such purchase for 1,212L 199. 4d.,
leaving §45Z. 17«. 4ci. to bo employed on a further pur-
chase; and reciting that the said Robert Dowe had
appointed several yearly pensions to be paid out of the
rente of the lands purchased and to be purchased ;

1. Merchant
htLYt the ad-

2. derk.

8. Clear in-
come of
after pay-
ment 01 ex-
penses of
ment appli-
cable to sup-
port of the
oent Home.

4. Tobees-





5. Design of
the Con-

Taylors' Company were not entitled to the surplus for
their own benefit, but were bound to apply it for chari-
table purposes. — M^ehant Taylors* CompwnyT. Attorney"
Qmeral, Law Repwts, 11 Eq. 35, and 6 Ch., Ap. 612.

In 1869 the trust funds of the Charity consisted of
the sum of 34,893/. 28. 9d. consols, arising from the
proceeds of the sale, under the Lnnds Clauses Consolida-
tion Act, 1846, of 21 houses in Sun Street, Bishops-
gate, to the Great Eastern Railway Company, and from
the sale of 12 houses to the North London Railway
Company, and 12,368i. 10«. 6d. reduced dl per cents,
purcnased from time to time with the amounts received
in respect of dividends on the stock and the rents and
profits of the real estate.

The Charity was also possessed of certain other freehold
messuages situate in Sun Street, Bishopsgate, and
No. 146, Bishopsgate Street, producing an annual rent
of 672i.

By an Order of the Board, dated 26th February 1870,
the Company as the trustees of the Charity were autho-
rised to purchase for the sum of 9,6002. the freehold
property known as Fitzleet House, situate at Bognor,
aud the grounds belonging thereto, containing
7a. 2r. 8p., which was duly conveyed to the Company
by an indenture dated 26th March, 1870.

By an indenture of 1st June 1870, in consideration of
the sum of 100/., a pew in ot. John's Church, Bognor,
and four other sittings in the Church, were conveyed for
the purposes of the Charity.

The trustees further acquired, in consideration of the
sum of 100/., a piece of ground ad^joining the premises
comprised in the above-mentioned deed of 26tn March

By an Order of the Board, dated 26th March 1872,
all the land and other hereditaments held in trust for
the Charity were vested in " the Official Trustee of
Charity Lands '* and nis successors.

And bv the same Order the following Scheme was esta-
blished for the Management and Regulation of the

The master and wardens of the Merchant Taylors
of the fraternity of St. John Baptist in the City
of London, usually called **The Merchant Taylors'
Company." and their successors (hereinafter called ** the
Gk)vemors "), shall be the trustees or governors of the
Charity, and shall have the administration and manage-
ment thereof, subject to and in conformity with the
provisions of this Scheme.

•*The Grovernors" shall be at liberty to employ a
clerk or other similar officer for their assistance m the
administration of the Charity, and to pay to him a rea-
souable annual salary out of the income thereof.

The clear annual income of the Charity which shall
remain after the payment thereout of the necessary and
proper outgoing^ and expenses of management, and the
several annual sums required for providing the soecific
gifts of clothing and money directed by the founaer (so
far as there shall be duly Qualified applicants for the
same), shall be applied by "The Governors" in accord-
ance with the provisions of this Scheme in or towards
the maintenance and support of the Convalescent Home
gr institution herein-after mentioned.

The said Convalescent Home shall be established and
carried on in the building known as ** Pitzleet House,"
situate at Bognor in the county of Sussex, which has
been recentlv purchased by the said Company with the
sanction of the Charity Commissioners, and which build-
ing, with the grounds aud appurtenances attached
thereto, shiJl be appropriated and used for the purposes
of the said home.

The desi^ of the said home shall be the tempo-
rary reception, treatment, and maintenance of deserv-
ing poor persons of either sex, who shall have partially


9. Kanber


recovered from, but shall be still incapacitated to some
extent by the effects'iof, an injury or surgical operation,
or any illness not of a contagions or infectious cnaraoter,
with the object of promoting their complete restoration
to health.

"The Governors " may from time to time appoint & Oon-
a committee of 12 persons, consisting of the master and ^^^^
wardens for the time being and seven other members ^"^^
of the Court of Assistants of the said Company, to
whom shall be committed the immediate supervision
and control of the said home, and the inmates, officers,
and servants thereof, subject to the superior authority
and direction of ** the Governors ; " and the members of
the said committee shall hold office until others shall
be appointed in their respective places.

The inmates to be placed in the said home shall be
selected bv the said committee after due inqniry from
persons wlio have been recently discharged as patients
from any hospital in or near London, or from any other
duly qualified applicants whom the said committee
may consider fit and proper objects for admission
taccording to the provisions of this scheme.

The inmates shall be lodged and boarded, and sup- g. _

plied with all necessary medical attendance in the tobe lodged

home gratuitously, except that in special cases the bouM.Ae.

•said committee, liaving regard to the circumstances of in the

any inmate, may, if they so think fit, require a moderate *^
weekly or other pavment to be made by such inmate
towards the cost of his or her maintenance.

The number of inmates to be admitted to the home
shall also be fixed from time to time by the said com-
mittee, having regard to the extent of the available
accommodation, and the resources of the Charity.

The inmlktes shall be allowed to continue in the 10. Poriodof
home during such period, not exceeding three calendar
months, as shall be fixed frOm time to time by a resolu-
tion of the committee ; provided that in cases of sick-
ness, or other necessity, the committee shall have
power to make any necessary extension of that period ;
but every such case shall be specially reported by the
said committee to ** the Governors " for their approval.

Any inmate having the qualifications required by
the will of Robert Donkyn may, if the Grovemors think
fit, be selected as a recipient of a gift of clothing there-

For the effective- conduct of the home, the com-
mittee may from time to time appoint : —

1st. A duly qualified medical officer, resident in Lon-
don or its vicinity, whose duty it shall bo to examine
the applicants for admission to the home, and to report
thereon to the committee.

2nd. A duly qualified medical officer, resident in
Bognor or its immediate vicinity, whose duty it shall be
to visit and give all necessary medical attendance and
medicines to the inmates of the home.

3rd. A matron, being a deserving woman of not less
than 30 or more than 60 years of &ae at the time of
appointment, who shall either have been train^ as a
nurse in some public metropolitan hospital, or shall
have furnished such other proof of her qualifications as
the committee may require, and who shall reside in the
said home, and have the general charge of its domestic
and internal management, and of me inmates and
servants thereof, subject to the directions and authority
of the committee.

4th. All such servants and temporary or other
nurses and attendants as shall, in the judgment of the
committee, be required from time to time^for the pur-
poses of the institution.

Every such medical officer, matron, servant, nurse, is.
and attendant, shall be removable at any time, at the y ^
discretion of the committee, who, subject to the approval *'*'

Digitized by




The said Coiiipany covenanted with the said B. Dowe
to make the several payments as follows : —

To 13 poor aged brethren (61 13«. 4rf.

each) .....
For gowns for the almsmen, for every

third year . . • .

To six persons, reversioners to sncceed

to the 13 (II. 68. Sd. apiece) -
For gowns for them, to be expended

every third year - - .

To the clerk for attending pensioners to

chnroh - - - - -

For dinners . - - . -

For barials (three every year) -
Clerk of Company ...

To the poor of St. Botolph, Aldgate
Benter Warden ....
Almswomen at East Smith field -
Fael for the same

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