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Candle light for the same
To be expended yearly in Lent for their

comfort- . . ^ .

Company's officers ...

Chamberlain and town clerk, to see

charity performed ...

£ 8.


86 13


9 7





1 13




10 6







2 10

6 10
£133 8 1

And by another deed of the 4th. April 1610, in con-
sideration of 8001. paid by the said Robert Dowe, the
Company covenanted to pay as follows : —

To Gregory Smith's almswomon

To R. Dowe's almswomen

To the churchwardens of St. Botolph,

Aldgate, for tbe poor -
To the wardens* substitates
To the clerk on the death of

member ...


Carried forward

£ s,
. 2 12
. 1 4


' 10 3


.^5 1

Brought forward
To expend at the x>robation of Merchant

Taylors' School
For the release of prisoners n London -
To the Company's officers
For tending the lantern at almshonsoe -
For clothing ....







£46 16 4

The estate charged with this payment, being the
proper^ purchased with the gift, is situated in Thread,
needle Street, Martin's Lane, in Cannon Street, Law.
rence Pountney Lane, Bow Lane, and Watling Street.
The liability of the Company is expi'eBsed bythe covenant,
and amounts to the aggregate of the various charges
above mentioned.

The Company give pensions of 61 13s. 4c2. to 13 aged
freemen of the Company.

. In 1861 there was a vacancy, and the pajrments were
made to 12 only, amounting to 80Z. in the whole. A
sum of 141. 12s. Id. is carried on, and expended every
third year, when it amounts to a sum of ^^. 16 . 3d. or

In 1859 the cloth purchased was as follows :—

Cloth .

Baize ...
Making the gowns and cloaks
Badges ...

£ s. d.

. 26 9 3

7 5

. 5 14

. 5 4 6

.€44 12 9

Most of the pensioners receive other pensions,
addition to those derived from this Charity.

There is also the six yearly pensions ot £ s. d
21. 2«. to other poor freemen . - 12 12 (

To the churchwardens of St. Botolph,
Aldgate- - . . - 20 8 <

To the almshouse account (which is con-
sidered as including the coals and
candle money) - . . - 13 11 -



15. Scheme,
to be

16. Qncs-
tkmx to he
reierred to

of " the (Jov6mors,'*'may alfeo fix from time to time the
amount of the salary or remuneration to be paid to
every such x)erson out of the income of the Chanty.

"The Grovemors" may from time to time make
and establish proper rules and regulations (not being
inconsistent with the provisions of this scheme) for the
conduct of their proceedings, and of the proceedings of
the committee in connexion with the administration of
the Charity, and for the government and management
of the said homo and the inmates thereof, and of
the said medical officers, matron, attendants, and

•* The Governors '** may tjause this scheme to be
print-ed at the expense of the Charity, and copies may
be given by them to any person interested in the
Charity, and may be sold at such reasonable prices as
the Governors may put upon them.

If any doubt or question shall arise amongst
"the Grovemors," or any of them, as to the construe,
tion of proper application of any of the provisions of
this scheme, or the management of the Charity, ap-
plication shall be made by them to the Charity Com-
missiouers for England and Wales for their opinion
and advice, which when given shall be conclusive.

By afurther Order of the Board, dated 5th July 1872,
the Commissioners sanctioned the payment out of the
funds of the Charity of the two sums of 1002. each above-
mentioned, and the disbursements made by the trustees
in respect of repairs, improvements, and alterations of
the buildings at Bognor, and the expenses of maintain-
ing the establishment, ^c, amounting in the aggregate
to 4,250/.

Under an Order of the Court of Chancery, dated 2nd
August 1873, certain freehold property known as No. 3,
Angel Court, let on lease for a term of 28 years from
24th June 1871, at an annual rent of 8002.t was purchased

by the Company "for a sum ofl6,800i., which property
was duly conveyed to the company by deed, dated 20tb
January 1874.

Under another Order of the Court of Chancery of the
same date (2nd August 1873), a sum of ll,200i. was
invested in the purchase of certain freehold property
known as Nos. 66 and 67, Cheapside, let on lease for a
term of 99 years from 25th December 1839, at the
annual rent of 400i., which property was duly conveyed
by deed, dated 10th December 1873, to the company in
trust for the pu^'poses of the Charity.

The real estate in the hereditaments comprised in
the above-mentioned indentures of 10th December 1873,
and of 20th Januaiy J 874, was bv Orders of the Board
resnectively, dated 27th July 1875, vested in *' The
** Official Trustees of Charity Lands " in trust for the

In the result of the foregoing dealings with the
property, the sum of stock now belonging to the Charity
amounts to 11,589/. 19*. Id. consols and 2,921Z. 17«. 6d.
reduced 31. per cent, annuities; and the real estate
belonging to the Charity consists of the premises Nos.
6Q and 67, Cheapside, and No. 3, Angel Court, Throg-
morion Street, above mentioned ; the house No. l45,
Bishopsgate Street, and the houses Nos. 83, 85, 87, 89,
and 91, Sun Street; and also the premises known as
Nos. 93, 95, and 97, Sun Street, producing a gross rental
of 1,689Z.

The clear annual income, subject to the payment of
the several annual sums required for providing the
specific gifts of clothing and money directed by the
founder, is directed by the scheme above mentioned
towards the maintenance and FUpport of the convalescent
home at Bognor.

For other funds applicable towards the support of
this institution, see note tn/ra, Prisoner»' Fund Account.

3A 3

Digitized by




The Probation of Merchajit Taylors'
School ....

This is carried to the CompaDj's
school accoant. Itia expended in
refreshments on the day.

* Chaeity op Eobebx Dowe,

There is carried to the Prison Fond Ac-
8 count (see Prisoners Fund Account) - 20

The Officers of the Company, Master,
Wardens, Clerk, and Beadle • - 4 13 4*

Under the authority of an Order of the Board, dated
9th April 1872, the messuage and premises No. 73,
Watling Street, held by the Company under Robert
Dowe'sgift, and then known by the name or sign of the
Crown Tap, was leased for the term of 70 years from
Michaelmas 1871 at the annual rent of 130Z. to Mr. J.
Godwin Smith, the lessee covenanting to rebuild the
said messuage at a cost of not less than 1,0002., which is
now need as a warehouse.

By an Order of the Board, dated 7th January 1876,
the annual sums amounting in the aggregate to
IbBl, 12*. 9d. for the relief of poor members of the
Company, the release of poor prisoners for debt, the
proYision of bread and beer for the masters and exa-

miners at the Probation of Merchant Taylors' School,
and the payment of certain small sums to the officers of
the Company, were redeemed by the transfer to the
Official Trustees of Charitable Funds of the sum of
6,288Z. 68. Sd. consols, and the dividends thereof are
now applied for the original purposes of the Charity,
with the exception that the sum of 20?. formerly applied
for the relief of poor prisoners is paid towards the
support of the convalescent home at Bognor by order
of the Court of Chancery dated 8th December 1876.
[See note infra, Prisoners' Fund Account]
By an Order of the Board dated 7th January 1876 the
annual payment of 20Z. 9f. to the churchwardens of St.
Botolph without Aldgate was redeemed by the transfer
of the sum of 6812. J9«. 4d, consols into the name of
•' The Official Trustees of Charitable Funds."

Dame Ducie's Chaeity.

Dame Elizabeth Ducie, by her will of the 16th De-
cember 1636, gave to the Company lOOZ. towards main-
taining the widows of almsmen.

The Company charge themselves with bl. a ye^r,

hich is paid to the Almshouse Account.

Elwes' Charity.

Jeffery Elwes, by his will of the 8th April 1666, gave
to the Company 40^Z. for the perpetual relief of the poor.
There is no specific investment of this fund ; 20Z. a year
is carried to the Company's Poor Account. From this
account various payments are made in the shape of
pensions, various gifts to poor members of the Company
and their widows, and various sums by way of increase
of other small pensions. The sum carried to this
account in 1861 was about 1,100Z.

Under the several heads of relief, there was paid in
the same year —

£ 8. d.

As pensions - . .


As casual gifts ...

513 6

As inoreaso or excess in pensions •

19 3 4

And a balance of 1,013L 19^. was carried on to the next
account, 1862.

Fish's Charity.

Walter Pish, by his will of the 17th September,
22nd Elizabeth (1580), devised to the Company a house
in Cannon Street, purchased with 103Z. 5«., arrears
of the annuity mentioned in Sir William Fitzwil-
liam's Charity, and also the annui^ of 7L 6*. 8rf.,
upon trust to pay the rent between five poor scholara
of St. John's College, Oxford, and the tI 6«. Sd. as
follows : 68. Sd, to the clerk and beadle, and 7Z. amongst
the almsmen of the livery.

The estate of this Charity is as follows :—

No. 60, Cannon Street, and 17, Nicholas
Lane, let to N. Game, on lease for 81

Sears from Lady-day, 1848 (the tenant
aving expended money in improve-
ments) - -...

Annuity from Sir William Fitzwilliam's
account, the same having been granted
by Queen Elizabeth to this donor

The sum of l,012i. 12«. 6<i., 3 per
cent, reduced annuities, the produce
of accumulating investments of the
surplus • . • .

£ 8. d.

- 120

7 6 8

- 30 7 6
.£157 14 2*

* Charity op Walter Fish,

The lease of No. 60, Cannon Street and 17, Nicholas
Lane having expired, the premises have been let under
the authority of an Order of the Board, dated 16th
October 1882, to Mr. C. V, Game for 80 years from
Christmas 1864, at an annual rent of 240Z.

The accumulated fund now (1881) amounts to
2,291^. 19«. Sd, reduced 3Z. per cents.

There are five Exhibitions at St. John's
College, Oxford, which are now in-
creased to 26Z. a year each •

£ 8. d.


The Exhibitions are now full, they are
nominated by the Court of the Com-
pany having beep elected from the
school, and sometimes from scholars
at the college who have left the

A sum carried to the poor account (8ee
Elwes' Charity) , . .

The surplus is still invested as it accrues.

Sir William Fitzwulum's Charity.

By an indenture (date unknown) between the Com-
pany of the first part, Sir William Fitzwilliam of the
second part, and Thomas Coles of the third part, the
said Com^ny, in consideration of 800Z. pwa by the
said Sir William Fitzwilliam, granted to the said
Thomas Coles an annuity of 202. charged upon premises
in Lombard Street and Comhill, and

Thomas Coles, hj his will, devised the said annuity
of 20Z. for superstitious uses to the parish of Marham.

The Company pay 201, a year in respect of this gift,
of which 71, 6«. 8a. is carried to the credit of Fish's
Charity, and 12Z. 13^. 4d. paid to the churchwardens of
Marham, in Northamptonshire, annually.

Sir James Gore's Charity.

Sir James Gore, by his will of the 28rd January 1636,
gave to the Company 121, a year issuing out of a tene-

ment in Trinity Lane, London, for the relief of three
poor old freemen 41. apiece.

The rentcharge (deducting 2L &. for land tax, is now
paid by Mr. Edward White, of 26, Mark Lane, soUcitor.

The sum is distributed in pensions to three men, each
receiving 3Z. 4*.

Gray's Chartty.

Eobert Gray, by his will in the year 1639, gave to the
Company 1,500^., and a reversionary intwest in 1,OOOL,
for the almswomen of the Company.

The Company charge themselves with interesii at 5
per cent, on 2,132L, the amount received by them in
respect of these legacies.

The interest, amounting to 106/. 12»., is carried to
the almshouse account.

Digitized by


MR. Herb's rbpoet. — hkbohant taylors* company.



Helen Grulston, by her will of the 15fch Jahr 1637,
gave 600/. to be laid oat in rents answerable for that;
sum, for the relief of six widows, two of citizens, two of
ministers, and two of gentlemen, and she requested that
the Company would purchase rents with the said money,
and distribute the same among the widows by 6L each,
and the overplus of the rents, if they should amount to
more, to be oivided amongat them. The fund was not
laid out in rents or land, but the Company charge
themselTes with 30Z. a year. The widows elected are
not necessarily widows of freemen of the Company, but
persons of the different classes specified apply to the
Company on the occasion of yacancies.

A list of all vacant pensions remains posted at the
hall door for about a fortnight before the meetinc^ of
the Charity Committee, which takes place about four
times a year, and applications arc^ made on a form of
petition'which is given to those who apply first, and
which requires the signature of a member of the court,
which is never refus(3, so that all may have a hearing.

Sib John Hanbubt's Chabity.

Sir John Hanbury, by will of the 27th March 1639,
gave to the Company 500/. to purchase lands, upon
trust, to pay:—

£ 8. d.
To the poor of Feckenham, Worcester • 13
To the poor of the parish of Hanbury,
adjoining - • • - 6 10

and the overplus to the Company.

The Company charge themselves with 19Z. IO5. a year,
which is paid to the churchwardens of the respective
parishes in the proportions mentioned above.

J. Habbison's Chabity.

John Harrison, by his will of the 15th May 1618,
gave to the Company 500/. to erect a grammar school at
Great Crosby, parish of Sefton, Lancashire, for educate
ing children and youth in grammar, to be called '* The
*' Merchant Taylors' School, founded at the charges of
" John Harrison." And he gave to the Company
several messuages in St. Augustine and St. Swiuiin*B
parishes, London, on trust, to pay : —

£ 8. d.

To the master of the school
To the usher

To the poor of St. Augustine's
For repairs





and the remainder to the poor brethren of the Com-*
pany, 20«. a quarter apiece.

The property of the Charity now consists of the fol-
lowing particulars :—

£ 8. d.
The great portion of Messrs. Leafs
premises. Old Change, extending
from west to east, 137 feet, and
a frontage of 48 feet 5 inches in
the Old Change, and extending to
about 10 feet greater breadth at
a spot commencing about 84 feet
farther back, let to William Leaf,
for 21 vears, from Christmas 1847 700
No. 80, Old Change, let on a build-
ing lease to Robert Price, for 61
years from Midsummer 1813 • 80
No. 6, St. Swithin's Lane, let to
Edward SMde, for 21 years
from Lady-dajr 1844 - . 45

An easement, lights paid by J. C.
Joyner - - - - 10

775 10

The fifteenth clause provided that the Master, War-
dons, and Court of Assistants for the time being, and
their successors, shall continue to be Governors of the
said school, and shall have ftdl power from time to
time to make such new or other rules, orders, and
regulations for the management and conduct of the
said school, and the children to be educated therein,
and for the master and usher, and generally in refer-
ence to the school, and from time to time to alter such
rules, orders, and regulations, as the said Master,
Wardens, and Court of Assistants and their successors
shall think fit, having regard nevertheless to the prin-
ciples and system of education pointed out by the said
John Harrison, the founder, and enlarged in manner
herein-before mentioned.

AjQd the sixteenth clause was as follows : — That after
Betting apart the several sums herein-before mentioned
for the purposes of the said school, or such increased
sums as aforesaid, the said Master and Wardens and
Court of Assistants shall bo at liberty to pay out of the
said charitjr funds an increased annual pension or sum
not exceeding 8/. per annum, to each of the poor breth-
ren of the Said company, for the time being, and
accumulate the surplus moneys (if any) from time to
time to be hereafter applied for the maintenance of
the said trust property or otherwise for charitable
purposes pursuant to the said will of the said John
Harrison, the founder, as occasion may require or
opportunity offer.

Under an order of the court of the Company of the
2nd May 1861, made in pursaance of the powers re-
served to them by the foregoing fifteenth clause of the
scheme, other rules and regulations were framed for
the govenmient of the school, in the place of those
contained in the foregoing scheme. These rules and
regulations I append.

The expenses of the establishment of the school



> 42

A scheme was settled by the Court of Chancery by
an order of the 28th July 1849. The substance of the
scheme was that there should be a schoolmaster and
usher, and that the stipend of the master should be
increased to ISOZ. a year, and the stipend of the usher
should be increased to 801. a year, tne scholars to be
limited to 100, 40 on and 60 not on the foundation ;
the master was to be permitted to take boarders, and
that there should be a half-yearly examination.

The stipend of the head master
The present head master is the Eev."^
Booert Oliver Carter. He was ap-
pointed in 1860. In addition t<2 his
stipend he is allowed under the first
clause of the scheme 5«. for each b^y
taught in the school during the whole
of the quarter.
He is also allowed a moiety of the
quarterage of 26s, per quarter, pay-
able by all boys, except the 28 free
boys called Harrison's scholars.
The Harrison's scholars are admitted
by the visitors. In the quarter end-
ing March 1862 there were 4S boys
altogether in the school. The master
has also a residence, which is large
enough to take boarders, but the
present master is precluded from
taking boarders " " "_

The usher's stipend - . .-"

He is also allowed Is. 6d. per head, per
quarter, for each boy on the register
an entire quarter - • -

One Quarter of the quarterage of 25«.
paia by the scholars - • -

Paid the master towards warming and
lighting the school • . •

Books and stationery . . •

Examiner's fees (clause 10) - •

Bepairs and insurance (clause 1)

(The excess has been provided for out of the Com-
pany's ftmds.)

There were several exceptional charges in 1861.

£ 8. d.
Printing, Ac. in connexion with the new

rules of 1861 . . - -

Advertising for a head master •
Law charges in reference to the con*

templated purchase of a field for a

playground - - - •

Paid for fixtures on the retirement of

the late master , • .


12 12





389 12

24 11
11 7


4 3 10

54 16


^£94 19


8 A 4

Digitized by




The diBbarsemeuts of the Charity to the poor are —
Thirty-tiine yearly pensions to poor free- jT ». d.
men of the Company, at 82. a year

each 312

Nine poor women, widows of freemen,
at 4t. each - - - - 36

These, as they lapse, will not be filled
np. It is intended to add to the
number of the men, bnt the Com-
pany require the fund at present,
with the view to repairs which are
expected to be necessary to be
done in the school house at

Crosby. __

Carried forward

Brought forwjird -
The churchwardens of St. Augustine, for
the poor in Lamb Alley
The sum of 4Z. is deducted for land
tax, which is stated to have been re-
deemed by the Company ,



The balance, in hand at the end of the year 1861, on
account of this Charity, was 566{. 6«. 6(2.

The present surplus income at the existing scale of
charges is 642. 10«. M*



into School
branch and
for the

• Chabity of John Hahbison.

The lease of No. 6, St. Swithin's Lane having expired,
by an Order of the Board, dated 23rd Februarv 1866,
these premises were let on lease to Mr. Charles Hendrey
for a term of 80 years from Lady Day 1865, af a yearly
rent of 2002., the lessee having previou.sly laid out a
sum exceeding 1,0002. in the erection of a new

The leases of Nos. 33 and 34, Old Change havo also
expired, and are now (1882) let to Messrs. Leaf, Sons,
and Co., at an annual rent of 1,6002.

By an Order of the Board of 30th January* 1872, the
Company as the trustees of this Charity were authorised
to enfhmchise a piece of copyhold land containing 17
perches, forming part of the garden of the Old School at
Great Crosby, for the sum of 252. 10*. , and by a subse-
quent Order, dated 17th January 1873, the legal estate
was vested in the " Official Trustee of Charity Lands."

With a view to the development of the school at Great
Crosby, the Companv as the trustees of the Charity were
authorised by an Order of the Board, dated 20th March
1874, to purchase 10 acres in the parish of Great Crosby
for the sum of S,6002., to be provided out of the accumu-
lated income of the Charity.

By indenture, dated 25th Juno 1874, the land was
duly conveyed upon trust for the master and wardens of
the Company, and by an indenture dated 14th July 1876,
* indorsed on the above-mentioned indenture of 25th June
1874, it was declared that the said piece of land should be
held upon the trusts of the scheme hereafter mentioned
for the school branch of the Charity.

By an Order of the Board, dated 4th August 1876, the
said piece of land was vested in ** The Official Trustee
of Charity Lands " in trust for the school.

New school buildings have been erected, and the
school is now regulated by the provisions of a scheme of
the Endowed School Commissioners, approved by Her
Majesty in Council, 6th August 1874, the provisions of
which are as follows : —

Pwt I. — General Scope of Titist,

1. — ^The object of this Foundation or Trust shall be —

(a.) To supply a liberal and practical education for
boys and girls by means of schools at Great

(6.) To relieve certain poor persons.

And from the date of this scheme all the particulars
which by the Bndowed Schools Acts, 1869 and 1873, are
capable of hereby being repealed and abrogated, shall,
so far as relatcB to the management of this endowment,
be repealed and abrogated.

Pcurt XL — The School Lra/nch and the Ahna Branch,

2. The governing body of this foundation shall be the
same as hitherto, namely, the Master, Wardens, and
Court of Assistants of the Merchant Taylors* Company,
hereinrafter called the Kovprnors.

3. From the date of tnis scheme this foundation shall
consist of two distinct branches, the school branch and
the alms branch.

4. From the date of this scheme the school branch of
this foundation shall be deemed entitled to the land and
buildings hitherto occupied under this trust exclusively
for the purposes of the school, and to the piece of land
at Great Crosby, lately contracted to be purchased by
the Merchant Taylors' Company from Mr. Myers as a
site for a school, and to three-fourth parts of the income
of the other property belonging to the whole foundation.



5. Subject to the appropriation of any property of the
trust for the purposes of school sites ana the payment
of all costs and expenses of or incident to the proviaion
or adaptation of buildings as herein-after provided, the
part of the endowment hereby apportioned to the school
branch shall be applied as nearly as may be, three fifths
to the education of boys, and two fiftJ^s to the education
of girls, and there shall be under this trust a school for
boys and a school for girls, as herein-after provided, to
be called ** The Merchant Taylors* School of the Founda-
tion of John Harrison.**

6. From the date of this scheme the alms branch of prorisiM
this foundation shall^ subject as aforesaid, be deemed furAin
entitled to one fourth part of the income of the properly *"*"***
belonging to the whole foundation.

7. The part of the endowment hereby apportioned to Tnutorf
the alms branch shall be administered on tne same trusts Alms
for the benefit of the poor brethren of the Company and
other poor persons as hitherto in force for such pur-
poses respectively under a scheme of the Court of

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