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shipB. ditions herein-before prescribed for the boys' school.

Day SohooL

Income of
Head Mis-

for entrance
and tuitiou.

Limit of age.

Instruction :


tor the boys'

59. In the conduct of aU examinations of the girk the
Governors shall be careful to provide that t^ great
publicity or mental strain shall be avoided.

60. As to every matter relating to the girls' school of
the kind mentioned in this part of this scheme, or of the
kind mentioned in Part III. of this scheme as relating
to the boys' school, the Governors and the Head
Mistress respectively shall have the same authorities,
rights, and duties as are conferred on the Governors and
the Head Master by Fart HE. of this scheme.

61. Subject to the special provisions of this part of
this scheme, the girls' school shall be governed bv the
same regulations and provisions as in Fart IIL of this
scheme are prescribed for the boys' school, except as
regards the provisions of clause 19.

PaH F. — AppUcaMon of InGome,

62. The Gk)vemors shall, as soon as funds are avaU- Repairs and
able for the purpose, place the sum of 2,000Z. consols to improvc-

a separate account, entitled ** Repairs and Improve- "c'^^fund.
ments." The income shall be applied by the Governors
in ordinary repairs or improvements of property used for
the purposes of the schools, if wanted, and if not wanted
for that purpose shall be accumulated by them to the
same account. The Governors shall draw upon the
accumulations at their discretion for the purpose of any
such repairs or improvements, but shall not encroach
upon the capital, except for the purpose of substantial
repairs or renewal, and then not without the consent of
the Charity Commissioners, and under such condi-
tions of replacing the capital as that Board may think

63. Until the repairs and improvements fund is pro-
vided the Governors shall treat the sum of 601, yearly
as applicable to the same purposes as the repairs and
improvements fund.

64. After defraying the expenses of management and ^'^^^ ^^'
of any ordinary repairs or improvements which the P®"'®**
income of the repairs and improvement fund may be
insufficient to answer, and any legal claims on the
Governors which may be due, the Governors shall
employ three fifths of the income of the school branch
for the benefit of the boys' school in paying the Head JVments



Master as herein-before prescribed," in paying the
amount assigned for the Assistant Masters and school
plant or apparatus, and paying the Examiner or Exami-
ners, and in providing for such scholarships, exhibi-
tions, and prizes as they may have adjudged.

65. The Governors may also, if they think fit and the Pensions.
funds suffice for the purpose, agree with the Head
Master for the formation of a fund in the nature of a
pension or superannuation fund, the main principle of

such agreement being that the Head Master and the
trust fund shall each contribute annually for a period of
20 years such sums as may be fixed on ; that these con-
tributions shall accumulate at compound interest ; that
in case the Head Master serves his office 20 years ho
shall on his retirement be entitled to the whole fund ;
that in case he retires earlier on account of permanent
disability from illness he shall also be entitled to the -
whole fund; that in all other cases he shall, on his
ceasing to be Master, be entitled to the amount produced
by his own contributions.

66. If there is any residue of the income herein-before Residue,
directed to be employed by the Governors for the benefit

of the boys' school, they may so employ it in increasing

the stipend of the Head Master, or the funds applicable

to the payment of Assistant Masters and school plant

or apparatus, in improving the accommodation of the

school buildings, in aiding the ^sunes of the scholars, or

generally in promoting the spirit and efficiency of the

school. Whatever they do not think fit to spend in these Unanplied

ways they shall on passing the yearly accounts state as ^u^'Plus.

unapplied surplus, and shall deposit it in a bank ; and

if the sums so deposited rise to dOOl. they shall invest

the same in Government Stock to the general credit of

the trust.

67. The other two fifths of the income of Ihe school
branch shall be employed by the Governors for the
benefit of the girls' school in the like manner and with
the like powers and discretion as by the three last fore-
going clauses is provided with respect to the income
employed for the benefit of the boys* school.

for girls'

Part VI,-^Oeneral.

68. If the Governors dismiss Mr. Wilkinson Bitson,
the present Second Master of the school, except for
such cause as before the passing of this scheme would
have justified his dismissal, the Governors shall thence-
forth pay to him the sum of 851. yearly for his life.

8B 2

Saving of

Digitized by




HoLLAin)'s Ohakity.

Balph Holland, by his will of the 2nd May 1452, gave
to the Company certain lands and tenements in St.
AllwHi, Wood Street, and three shops and garden ground
in St. Clement's Lane ; also a certain tenement in St.
Mary Aldermanbnry, and a certain inn in St. Andrew

And the testator, by another will of the 3rd May 1452,

§we to the Company two tenements in St. Dionis
ackohni'ch, and a tenement in St. Botolph Aldgate,
upon trust, for relieving the poor of the Company, and
for superstitious uses.

The Commissioners of Inquiry l^tate that the only
property known to have been devised under this will is
the Greorge Inn, Aldermanbury. This is now let to
Francis Brighton for 61 years from Lady-day 1831, at
a rent of 165i. a year. The Company carry to their own
account 13^. id. annually, as given to superstitious uses,
and purchased by the Company from the Crown, and
carry the residue, 164Z. 6s. Sd., to the poor account.

Howden's Charity.

John Howden gave to the Company 333Z. 68. 8d. and
certain plate, they agreeing to pay yearly —

For superstitious uses
For the poor of St. Mary Abchurch
To the Master and Wardens bs. Sd., and
to the clerk Is, -

The charge for superstitious uses was purchased by
the Company, and the alienation confirmed by the Act
of the 4th tJames 1st. The sum of 15^. 9(2. a year is
paid to the churchwardens of St. Mary Abchurch, and
08. Sd. to the officers of the Company.

in the Minories and Fleet Street, London, to pay
follows : —

£ 8. d.

7 10 11
15 9



1 10


1 10

To the parson and churchwardens of St.
Andrew TJndershaft

To the vicar and churchwardens of St.
Brides, Fleet Street . - .

To the minister and churchwardens of
Trinity, Minories - - -

To the almswomen of the Company

To the grammar shool of Hayfield, Derby-
shire . - . - .

To the clerk and beadle ...

And the rest of the rents for the discharge of poor
prisoners for debt in London.

The estate of the Charity consists of the following
particulars : —

£ s. d.

No. 27, Church Street, Minories, let to
Hezekiah Lane, for 21 years from
Michaelmas 1850 - - - 90

No. 56, Church Street, Minories, let to
George Norris, for 21 years from Ladv-
day 1851 - - - - 30

No. 1, Church Street, Minories, let to
Greorge Norris, for 21 years from Lady-
day 1849 - - - 20

A warehouse and premises (formerly
No. 4 to 7, Church Street, let on
building lease to David King, for 80
years from Lady-day 1859. (This
was granted under tne authority of
the Board, by order of the 4th March
1859) - - - - - 84

No. 123, Fleet Street, let to Alpha Lewis
for 21 years, from Michaelmas 1854 - 225


Hull's Chakixy.

Walter Hull, by will (date unknown), gave to the
Company 21. is. a year for two poor members of the

The Company pay two pensions of II, each to poor
freemen, and 4s. to the clerk.

J. Hyde's Chakitt.

John Hyde, by his will of the 8th September 1604,
gave to the Company certain lands and hereditaments

The payments out of this income are : —

£ s. d.
The churchwardens of St. Ajidrew

Undershaft (deducting Ss. for land

tax) 1 12

The churchwardens of St. Brides - 1 10

The minister and churchwardens of the

Holy Trinity, Minories - - 16 0-

The minister of the chapel, Hayfield,

Derbyshire - - - - 10

The almshouse account of the Company 6

^8 18


sioners to
decide in

sioners to

69. Nothing in this scheme shall affect any interest
which was on or before the second day of August 1870
legally vested in any scholar on this foundation.

70. The Grovemors may receive any additional dona-
tions or endowments for the general purposes of the
schools, or either of them. They may also receive dona-
tions or endowments for any special objects directed by
the donors, provided that such objects are certified
by the Chanty Commissioners to be for the general
benefit of the schools or either of them, and not calcu-
lated to give privileges to any scholar on any other
ground than that of merit, and not otherwise inconsistent
with or calculated to impede the due working of the
provisions of this scheme.

71. If any doubt or question arises among the Gover-
nors as to the proper construction or application of any
of the provisions of this scheme, the Governors may
apply to the Charity Commissioners for their opinion
and advice thereon, which opinion and advice when given
shall be binding on the Governors.

72. The Charity Commissioners may from time to
time in the exercise of their ordinary jurisdiction


frame schemes for the alteration of any provisions of
this scheme or otherwise for the government or regula-
tion of the trust, provided that such schemes be not in-
consistent with clause 1 (a) of this scheme, or with any-
thing contained in the Endowed Schools Acts, 1869 and

73. This scheme shall be printed and a copy given to scheme b»
every person who shall become a member of the Gk)vem- be printei
ing Body or the Local Committee, and to every Master »wf»Id.
or Assistant Master, Mistress, or Teacher, appointed to

either school, and copies shall be sold at a reasonable
price to all persons who may wish to buy.

74. The date of this scheme shall be the day on which Dmie of
Her Majesty by Order in Council declares her approba- Sdiemc
tion of It. ^

Since the establishment of the scheme the sum of
20,393L Ss. 4id. has been expended in building, drain-
age, and other works, of which 14,500Z. has been
advanced by the Company, the greater portion without

Digitized by




The Companj[ carry oyer the residue of the rents,
tinder the direction of a scheme which is set ont nnder
my report on the ** Prison Fund Account."

The sum thus carried over in
428^. i$^

the year 1861 wa9

• Ohabity op John Hyde.

The premises formerly Nos. 1 and 56, Church Street,
and the warehouse in Church Street, and also the
"Three Lords '* public-house in the Minories (presu-
mably No. 27, Church Street), have been taken by the
Metropolitan Eailway Company, and the net money is
represented by the sum of 5,8952. 9$. consols.

The house No. 125, Fleet Street, is now let to Messrs.
A. & H. Marshall, at an annual rent of 400L

The fixed payments are still made to the several
objects, but tne residue formerly applicable for the dis*
charge of poor prisoners for debt in London is carried
to the Company's Convalescent Home account under
the order of the Court dated 8th December 1876.

I8ee Note infra. Prisoners* Fund Account.]

Jenkikson's Charity.

Robert Jenkinson, bv his will of the 15th April 1616,
gave to the Company 1201., on trust to distribute 61. on
All Saints' day to 14 poor ancient widows in the Tower
Hill almshouses in clothing.

And by a codicil of the 14th October 1617, he gave
20Z. in augmentation.

The Company charge themselves with 71. a year in-
terest on 140Z. at 5Z. per cent. , which they carry to the
almshouse account.

Juxon's Chabity.

John Juxon, by his will of the 17th August 1626, gave
to the Company 121. a year issuing out of certain lands
at Mortlake, Surrey, for poor scholars at Oxford or

This rent-charge is now paid by General Popham, the
owner of a farm said to be called Brickf arm.

The sum of 91. 128. Od. onlv is received bv the Com-
pany, who make up the 121. by adding 21. Se. Od. from
their funds, and bestow the whole upon a poor scholar
at one of the Universities alternately each year.

Mason's Oharitt.

Peter Mason, by his will of the 6th Deo^nber 1412,
gave to the Company certain tenements and shops in
the Poultry, upon trust to pa^ 71. ISs. 4d. to certain
superstitious uses, and the residue for the poor of the

The following table exhibits the present description
and income of the proi)erty.

No. 1, Poultry, let to Messrs. R. & P.
Brooks (the silversmith), on lease
for 25} years from Christmas . 1848
at a rent of .

No. 4, Poultry, let to the administra-
tors of WiUiam Thodey (glover), for
14 years from Christmas 1857

No. 5, Poultry. This was let to
Mr. Samuel Hale for 61 years from
Midsummer 1803, at a rent of 401.
per annum. The lease refers to the
plan in the margin, which describes

£ 8. d.

- 200


the limits of the estate demised as
16 ft. 5 in. frontage in the Poultry,
with an eastern boundary extending
14 ft. 9 in. backwards, and a western
boundary of 10 ft. 8 in., and abutting
on premises at the rear stated to
belong to Mr. Samuel Hale. The
Company purchased the residue of
Mr. Hale's lease about or previously
to the year 1851, together with other
freehold premises in the rear, and
on the 3rd December 1851 the Com.
pany demised this portion of the
charity estate, together with other

E remises in the rear of the same
readth and frontage in Bucklesbury,
to Eugenius Fenning, for 21 years
from Christmas 1850, at a rent of
2101. Of this rent the Company
credit the charity with the rent
reserved on the lease of 1803


The estate is subject to a quit rent of
98. a year to the Dean and Chapter
of Westminster, and to an annual
payment for superstitious uses of
71. 13«. M', which has been pur-
chased by the Company and con-
firmed by statute before referred to

8 2 4
^411 17 "i

The Company apply the income in the payment of
pensions : —

£ 8. d.
Three of 402. each to four liverymen

of the Company - - - 120

Six of 30i. a year to poor liverymen of

the Company - - - 180


The residue is carried over to the poor account of the
Company, the nature of which I have described in my
report on Elwes' Clwrity.*

♦ Charity of Petee Mason.

The promises No. 1, Poultry, are now occupied by Mr.
Charles Tighe, at the rent of 2201. a year.

By an oraer of the Board, dated 2nd August 1870, the
premises Nos. 4 and 5, Poultry, were leased to Mr.

Frederick Sawyer, for a term of 80 years from Lady
Day 1866. The lease comprises also adjoining pro-
perty not belonging to the Charity j the rent apportioned
to the Charity property being 370i. The lessee expended
a sum exceeding 700Z. in the completion of a building
agreed to be erected on the site of these two houses.

Chakity op Pbter Blundell.
I Note infra, Prisoners' Fund Account.

3B 3

Digitized by




Lady Jane Maynabd's Chabtit.

Lady Jane Maynard, by her will of the 14th March
1660, devised two messuages and 73 acres in Leicham,
Kent, and divers marsh lands containing 138 acres in
Bomney Marsh, to eertttn persons in tail male, and in
default of issue to trustees, upon trust to grant to the
said Compainr a rent-charge of 50Z. a year issuing out
of the said lands for honest well-disposed freemen of
the Company.

The Company receive 40^ a year from the agent of
Sir John Bridges, deducting lOZ. a year for land tax.
The sum of 20/. annually is given to each of two young
men free of the Company, who have served their appren-
ticeship and are about to set up in trade. Evidence is
required by the committee of the Company of these
facts before the sum is granted, but no other record is
taken than the names and addresses of the parties.

The two last recipients of this gift were —

1. Mr. John Mackintosh New, of No. 24, Tavistock
Place, Tavistock Square ; and,

2. John White Smith, of No. 3, the Grove, Homerton.

Mooke's Chabitt.

William Moore, by his will (date unknown), gave to
the Company an annuity of 208. issuing out of a house
in St. Andrew Undershaft, to be distributed amongst
the wardens substitutes in decay.

The churchwardens of St. Andrew Undershaft pay
168. a year, which the Company pay to their poor


Richard Osmotherlaw, by will of the 7 May 1612, gave
to the Company all the residue of the rents of his free-
hold lands and tenements in St. Botolph, Aldersgate,
subject to the payments following : —

To his wife, her heirs and assigns, for ever
To the poor of St. Botolph, Aldersgate -
For a sermon there 6s. 8^., churchward-
ens 4^., clerk and sexton 28. Sd.
To his cousin John Osmotherlaw and his
heirs for ever - - - -

To Bobert Osmotherlaw and his heirs for








13 4

To Bromefield School, Cumberland


John Osmotherlaw purchased an annuity of 6Z. (part
of the annuity of 101. to the wife), and the annuity of
21. to Robert, which with his own of 61., making together
13Z., he afterwards by will of the 1st June 1642 devised
as follows : —

To the Clotliworkers Company -
To Christ's Hospital

To St. James's Garlickhithe parish, Lon-
don - - . - -
To one Andrews - - -

The Company are in possession of property in Aiders-
gate Street and Little Britain, which produces a oj .-
siderable rental, of which they charge themselves ai a
rent-charge with 2Sl. per annum, the amount of the
charitable gifts of Johu Osmotherlaw, the devisee, and
of the charitable gifts of Bd. Osmotherlaw, the testator,
beyond which there are no claimants.

The 23L a year is thus applied : —

£ 8.

2 10
2 10



To the churchwardens of St. Botolph,
Aldersgate (less 11. for land tax, a cus-
tomary deduction for a long period) -

To the minister and churchwardens of
the parish of Bromfield, Cumberland,
on condition of maintaining a school-
master to teach 15 poor men's children
of Langridge and Bromfield -

To the Clothworkers' Company -

£ 8. d.



£ s.


Brought forward

16 10

To Christ's Hospital

2 10

To the churchwardens of St. James, Gar-

lickhithe ... -



I wrote to the Bev. C. H. Wyberg, vicar of Bromfield,
to inquire as to the existence of this sohooL He in-
formed me in reply that the money is applied in teaching
the number of children mentioned, and that the con-
dition of the school is quite satisfactory.

Bobert Pabkeb's Chabity.

Bobert Parker, by his will of the 10th January 1622,
gave to the Company 400?. to purchase lands for good
uses in Stafibrdshlre, on trust to pay 201. a year to the
poor of Walsall.

And he gave lOOZ. to the Company to lay out in land
in Walsall to pay to the organ pwyer and his blower in
Walsall Church 51

And he gave lOOZ. to the Company to pay to them-
selves and their officers 5Z. a year.

And he gave lOOZ. to the Company to pay 5Z. to the
poor of St. Antholin, London.

There has been no investment of the funds in land.
The Company charge themselves with 35Z. a year, of which
sums of 201, and 5Z. a year are paid to the churchwardens
of Walsall, and 5Z. to the churchwardens of St. Antholin,
the remaining 5Z. is paid to the derk and beadle of flie

William Pabkeb's Chabitt.

William Parker, by his will in 1616, gave
pany 2,000Z., to pay 80Z. a year as follows :-

To the parson of St. Antholin

To the derk and sexton • . .

To the minister of Great Bloxwich

To poor prisoners in the Compter, Wood

Street - - - - -

To poor prisoners in the Compter,

Poultry -
To poor prisoners in Newgate
To poor prisoners in Ludgate
To poor prisoners in the Fleet
To Bethlehem hospital -
To &ve poor aged men of the Company
To the almsmen of the Ccnnpany
To the almswomen
To the officers of the Company -
To the Master and Wardens

The Company charge themselves with the 80Z. a year,
out of which they pay as follows : —

To the churchwardens of St. Antholin -
To the clerk and sexton of St. Antholin

(deducting 21. for land tax)
To the minister or perpetual curate of
Great Bloxwich, from whom the Com-
pany receive a report of the state of the
school which this bequest assists to
maintain ....

The payment for the City prisons is jnade
to Ml. Temple, the officer of the Cor-
poration - - - .
The receiver of Bethelem hospital
The keeper of the Queen's prison (Mjt,
Hudson) - - - -
Five yearly pensions of 4Z. each to poor

freemen of the Company
The almshouse account of the Companv -
The Master, Wardens, clerk, and beadle
of the Company

to the Com.










1 10

1 10



2 10



2 10


a year.







Carried for ward

^16 10

■ 7 10

■ 1

. 1 10

• 20
. 7 10

7 10



* Chabity of William Parkeb.
See note mfra, Prisoners' Fund Account.

Digitized by




Paskin'b Chasity,

This Charity was founded by the will of John Parkin,
of the 17th June 1759, whereby, after stating that he
was entitled to several sums of money due on certain
securities in his said will particularly mentioned, he out
of the annual interest arising from such securities gave
60Z. per annum to his sister Sarah Parkin, and 161. per
annum to his sister Giace Sharpe, and declared that on
the death of his said sisters all the said secarities should
be vested in the Master, Fellows, and scholars of Pem-
broke OoUege, Cambridge (then commonly called or
known as Pembroke Hall), and he thereby gave and
granted the same to the said Master, Fellows, and
scholars, together with what should remain yearly
out of the annual interest of the said securities after
payment of tiie said annual sums of 602. and 163. to his
sisters ; and he directed that upon the death of either
oi his said sisters her legacy should cease, and be vested
immectiately in the said Master, Fellows, and scholars.
And he gave all the said securities to the said Master,
Fellows, and scholars upon trust for founding five or
six ScholarBhi{)s or Exhibitions in Pembroke CoUege,
to be appropriated to and conferred upon five or six
scholars educated in Merchant Taylors' School at Lon-
don, regard being always had to their seniority and
station therein, and particularly to those who were head
of the school and became superannuated, whom he pre-
ferred as emeriti mUitea ; and he directed that one other
scholar should be of the free school of Bowes, in the
county of York, founded by his late uncle William
Hutchinson, Esquire, of Clement's Inn, and of Alden-
ham, in Hertfordshire. And he declared that it was his
intention that those five or six scholars should each have
an equal portion or dividend, and be chosen within the
space of two months after any avoidance or vacancy by
the Master of Pembroke Hall for the time being, ana
that they should be resident at least nine months in
every year, and might enjoy the same till tiiey were of
seven years' standiTig in the University, and no longer ;
but he directed that until the whole property and
interest of the said securities should be in the Master,
Fellows, and scholars aforesaid, no more scholarships
or exhibitions should be settled than in proportion to
the interest money that they were by his wiU entitled to
an should actually receive, and which he left to their
judgment and discretion.

The testator died on the 27th August 1765.

By an order of the court of the 9th December 1854, it
was ordered that the College of Pembroke Hall, Cam-
bridge, should transfer the sum of 6,7002., bank 3 per
cent annuities, into the name of the Accountant-Oeneral

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