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the trustees may from time to time think proper; or partly
in such gifts or pensions, or partly in grants (subject in
like manner to the rules and regulations of the trustees),
for one or both of the following objects, viz. : - (l) Sub-
scriptions to sick or convalescent hospitals or sea bathing
infirmaries for the use and relief of poor freemen or livery-
men of the said Company; and (2) the repayment of
school fees of children of freemen or liverymen of the said
Company at anv public elementary school or other suitable
and efficient school upon sufficient certificates being fiir-
nished to the trustees that such children have satisfactorily
passed the examination at such school.

4. Full accounts shall be kept of the receipt and expendi-
ture of the trustees in respect of the Charity in the books
to be provided for that purpose, and such accounts shall
be stated for each year, and examined and passed by the
trustees annually.

5. The unappropriated residue or surplus of the income Surplus

^ any) shall be from time to time accumulated bv the ^^xme to bt

^ **"" aooumu-

3L 3


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Bowchbr's Gift.

A loan charity created by the gift of lOOZ. by Thomas
Bowcher. This capital is in the same situation as Gournay's,
and the other loan fund to be lent at interest. Notwith-
standing the scheme, no sums are lent at interest, and
66Z. ISs, 4d., 3 per cent, stock, is nominally appropriated
to meet the 40s, a year. That sum is given to the poor of
the Company in two sums of 20«. each, at the July

Buamlby's Charity.

Thomas Bramley, by deed of the 20th August 1602,
assigned to the Company several leasehold premises in
St. Bartholomew Exchange of the yearly value of 6U. 5«.,
to be distributed as follows : —

To the poor of the Company

„ St. Thomas's Hospital

„ Christ's Do.

„ St. Bartholomew's Do.

„ Poor of St. Margaret, Lothbury

,, Poor of St. Barniolomew's parish

„ Master and wardens

„ Clerk

„ Beadle and porter
And he directed that the wardens should deduct 201.
a year out of the rents to be lent out to young men of the
Company. The premises conveyed by this deed were burnt
at the Great Fire, and the Company having, it is stated, no
funds to rebuild, surrendered the site to the (vlothworkers'
Company (the lessors of the premises) for 1501., for which
sum they charge themselves with interest at SI. 6«. Sd.
per cent., making 51. annually, appropriating 166Z. 13«. 4id.
consols, which dividend is equally divided between the
two parishes of St. Margaret, Lothbury and St. Bartho-
lomew, Royal Exchange, and paid on the receipt of the
respective churchwardens.

Buckland's Charity.

Richard Buckland, by will of the 22nd August 1573,

five to the Company three messuages in the parish of
t. Michael le Quern, London, to pay —

£ 8.








1 6





To four poor householders of the Company
To the poor of St. Michael le Quern
To the poor of Shepperton

The Company appropriate 200/., 3 per cent, consols,
as representing the fund produced by the sale of these
messuages not long after the Great Fire. The sum of
61. a year is disposed of — as to 41. — in sums of 20«. each
to four poor freemen of the Company, at the December
distribution, and 1/. to each of the parishes of St. Michael
le Quern (on the receipt of the churchwardens) and the
parish of Shepperton on tlie receipt of the rector.

Lady Burghlky's Charity.

Lady Mildred Burghley on the 11th September 1583,
gave to the Company 200Z., in consideration of which they
granted to the dean of St. Paul's and the dean of West-
minster lOZ. a year, to be distributed as follows : —

£ 8. d.
To four sermons, vearly, at Cheshunt,

each 138. 4d. • - - - 2 13 4

For 20 poor householders or widows - 4 6 8
To settmg the i)oor at work - - 3

And she further gave 2002. to the Company ; 1202. to be
lent to six inhabitants of Romford, and 80Z. to be lent to
the inhabitants of Hoddesdon, Cheshunt, and Waltham

The Company charge themselves only with the sum of
lOZ. a year, under the circumstances mentioned in the
Report of the Commissioners of Inquiry (Vol. 10, p. 192),

and in respect of which they nominally appropriate
3332. 6«. 8d., 3 per cents.

The sum of 10/. a year is still paid to the churchwardens
of Cheshunt.

The sum of 100/. for loans to poor tradesmen of Romford,
without interest, is still occasionally lent on these terms.
It appears by memorandum in the books of the Company,
and the letter of the vestry clerk of Romford of the
27th December 1831, that a sum of 20/., lent to Wm. Sarell
6n the 24th February 1825, was lost by the failure of the
principal and the sureties. The vestry clerk of Romford
prepares the bonds, which are sometimes deposited -iMth
the Company. There is at present one bond or 20L in the
strong box of the Company, and the remaining sum is
supposed not to be lent, but to be in the hands of tbe
vestey clerk.

Oaldwall'b Charity.

Florence Caldwall, who died in 1614, by her will gave tc
the Company a messuage on Ludgate Hill of 202. a year,
to pay —

£ 8.
2 12

To St. Martin, Ludgate, for bread -

To the parish of Rollestone, Staffordshire -

For gowns, &c. for six poor men of the

Company - - - - 6 6

And the residue for the Company.
This Charity appears to have been one which suffered at
the Grreat Fire. The ground on which it stood was sold to
the City for widening Ludgate Hill, in 1667, for a sum
of 922. lOs. In respect of this the Company appropriate
992. 8*. lid., 3 per cent, consols, sufficient to produce
22. 19*. Sd. a year, of which the Company pay \6s. 4d.
a year to the parish of St. Martin, Ludgate, and 21. Ss. 4d.
a year to the parish of Rollestone, Staffordshire.

Carpenter's Charity.

Thomas Carpenter, by will of the 29th April 1731, axe
to the Company 400/., and the produce disposed of to
20 jgoor people.

The Company appropriate 4G02., 3 per cents, consols, as
representing this Gift, llie dividends on that siim
amounting to 12/. a vear, are distributed to 20 poor freemen
of the Company at the April court in sums of l2tf. each.

Frances Clarke's Charity.

Mrs. Frances Clarke, by indenture of the 20th January
1608, gave 2002. to the Company, they covenanting to pay
yearly to two poor scholars 52. each. The Company doubled
the amount of these exhibitions under the circumstances
mentioned in the report of the Commissioners of Inquiry
(Vol. 10, p. 198), and they appropriate nominally a sum of
6662. ISs. 4d., 3 per cent, consols, as the capital ftind.
The dividends or interest of 202. a year are paid to two
exhibitioners, one at Christ Church, Oxford, and one at any
college at Cambridge. The present exhibitioners are
George Plumtree Howse, of Pemoroke College, and Sidney
Richard Maynard Walker, of Christ Church, Oxford.

Cleave's Charity.

Thomas Cleave, by his will (date unknown), gave to the
Company 542., on consideration to pay 10 poor widows 40s.
a year. The Company appropriate nominally 662. 13i. 4d.,
3 per cent, consols, as the capital of this Gift, and they
distribute 22. a year, in sums of 208. each, to two widows
of freemen, as part of their July distribution, amongst the
poor of the Company,

Wm. Cleave8*8 Charity.

William Cleave, by will of the 11th of May, 1665, gave
to the Company two messuages in St. Swithin's parish for
the poor of the Company.

And by a codicil of the 16th April, 1667, he gave to the
Company 300/.,— 200/. for the relief of the poor of the
Company, and 1002. towards rebuilding the Company's hall

Copies of
scheme, Ac

trustees in a bank of established character, imtil it shall
amount to a suitable sum, when the same shall be invested
by them in the name of " The Official Trustees of ('haritable
Funds " in Government funds ; no such accumulated sum
exceeding 1002. shall be allowed to remain in any bank

6. A copy of this scheme, and of any rules or regulations
which may be made by the trustees in pursuance of the
third clause thereof, shaQ be kept with the books of account
and other documents belonging to the Charity, and every
person interested in the Chanty shall be at liberty to take
copies of the scheme, or any part thereof, upon making

application for that purpose to the trustees, at such
reasonable times and subject to such reasonable conditions
as may be fixed and prescribed by them.

The trustees may cause this scheme to be printed at the 6*"?^^
expense of the Charity, and copies maybe sold at such l»P"°*^
reasonable prices as the trustees may put upon them.

8. If any doubt or question shall arise among the trustees, ^^'^Jij^"
or any of them, as to the construction or proper application ^owub»
of any of the provisions of this scheme, or the management aioiun.
of the Charity, application shall be made by them to the
Charity Commissioners for England and Wales for their
opinion and advice, which, when given, shall be conclusive.

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File 26088.

File 25349.



The premises debased by this testator are : —

No. 83. Cannon Street with No. 6, Oxford
Court, forming one continued tenement of
about 100 ft. in depth, 16 ft. breadth of
frontage, and 25 ft. breadth in Montague
Court, is let to John Shaw for 21 years
horn Midsummer 1853

Interest on 333/. 6s, Sd. consols, nominally
appropriated from by the Company in re-
spect of the legacy of 200/. given by the
codicil - - - - -

A compensation or reimbursement of 50/. for
rebuilding a party wall to the house in the
court, which cost the Charity 59/. 5*. Orf.,
for which they received 50/., and invested
tbe same in 522. Os, 4d,, 3 per cent, consols

£ s. d.

. 90


1 11 2

The outgoings are : —

The salary of clerk -

>» f»

1 16


£6 16

£101 11 2

The Company have comtemplated the imposition of an
additional charge of 5/. per cent, for management on this
and other charities.

The Company pay 16 poor widow of freemen a pension
of 5/. each, annually — 80/.

Tliis distribution has been increased in the number of
recipients or pensioners as the funds have augmented.

There is at present a balance of cash to the credit of this
Charity amounting to 83/. 2«. 7</.*

* Wm. Cleavb's Charity.

By an order of the Board of Charity Commissioners,
dated the 24th July 1874, the Company was empowered to
grant a building lease to Messrs. Sandon for the term of 81
years, at the ultimate rent of 455/. per annum, of the pre-
mises belonging to the Charity, situate and being No. 107,
Cannon Street and No. 7, Oxford Court.

By a further order of the same Board, dated the 7th
January 1876, a scheme of which the following is a copy,
was established for the regulation and management of the

Habbrdashbrs' Company.

General Charity — ^Willam Clkave's.

Charity Commission.




In the matter of Clbavr's Charity, created by the
Will of William Clbavb, dated the 1 1th day of
May 1665, and by a Codicil to the said Will dated
the 16th day of April 1667.

The Board of Charity Commissioners for England and
Wales, having considered an application in writing made
to them on the 21st day of October 1874, in the matter of
the above-mentioned Charity, by

The Master and Wardens of the Fraternity of the Art
or Mystery of Haberdashers, in the City of London,
being the IVustees of the said Charity; acting by John
Ciurtis, Esquire, their Clerk, duly authorised in that be-
half by resolutions paased at duly constituted meetings of
the said Trustees, held on the 7th and 12th days of the
same month :

And it appearing to the said Board, that the gross
annual income of the said Charity exceeds 50/. :

And that it is desirable that a scheme should be estab-
lished for the future regulation of the said Charity in
maimer herein-after mentioned :

And upon notice of the intention of the said Board to
make an Order for that purpose having been given, accord-
ing to the direction oi the said Board, more than one
calendar monthpreviously to the date hereof, by advertise-
ment in the ** Times " newspaper, on the 20th and 27th
days of November, and the 4th day of December 1875
respectively, and in the "Guardian newspaper, on the
24th day of November, and the Ist and 8th days of
December 1875 respectively :

Do hereby Order, that the scheme set forth in the
Schedule hereto be approved and established as the Scheme
for the future regulation and management of the said

Scheme fcyr the BeguUUion and Management of the above-
mentioned Oharity,

1. The master and four wardens of the fraternity of the
art or mystery of Haberdashers in the city of London,
usually csdled the „ Haberdashers' Company " and who are
herein-after referred to as the Trustees, shaJl continue to be
the Trustees of the Charity, and shall manage and ad-
minister the same, and its endowments, in conformity with
the provisions of this scheme.

2. The Trustees may, out of the yearly income of the
Charity, pay to their clerk an annual salary not exceed-
ing 10/. as a remuneration for his services in connexion
with the administration of the Charity, which shall consist
in attending the meetings of the IVustees, keeping the
accounts of the Charity, and the Minute Book of the
Thistees, and the register of the recipients, and a list of the
applicants for the benefit of the Charity, and inquiring into
and examining their respective characters and circumstances.


of income.

and carrying on all necessary correspondence relating to
the Charity. The Trustees may also pay to their surveyor Surveyor,
an annual salary not exceeding 5/. as a remuneration for
his services in inspecting and superintending the manage-
ment c^ the estates of the Charity.

3. The clear yearly income of the Charity, which shall
remain after the payment thereout of the said salaries and
all other necessary and proper outgoings and expenses of
management (for which purpose an annual sum to be
calculated at a rate not exceeding 51. per centum per
annum upon the gross annual income of the Charity may
be allowed) shall be applied by the Trustees, (subject to euch
reasonable regulations as they shall from time to thnepre-
scribe) in some or one of the following modes, tiiat is to
say: —

I. In the grants of annual pensions or sums to be calcu-
lated at a rate not exceeding 40/. per annum each to
pensioners who shall be selected and appointed from time
to time by the Trustees assembled at a meeting and shall
be deservmg poor persons, being liverymen or freemen of
the said Company who from age, ill-health, accident, or
infirmity shall be unable to maintain themselves by their
own exertion or the widows of such persons, with a prefer-
ence for such widows, and in all cases for those who being
otherwise qualified as aforesaid shall have become reduced
by misfortune from better circumstances.

II. In or towards assisting deserving poor persons, being
liverymen or freemen of the said Company, but not being
a master or warden or a member of the court of assistants
of the said Company, to provide for the education of their
children at any efficiently conducted schools by paying
either wholly or in part the school fees of such children,
or in awarding and paying gifts of not more than 5/. in
each case to such children as aforesaid as rewards for
meritorious conduct or proficiency in learning upon their
leaving school and entering upon the duties of life.

III. In or towards placing or assisting to place any
deserving poor persons having the qualifications mentioned
in the last preceding clause, or the widows or children
of such persons, at any well managed convalescent or other
hospital or other similar institution, and in malung any
payment which may be necessary or proper for the accom-
pUshment of those objects or either of them.

4. The particular schools or hospitals or institutions to
be selected for the purposes aforesaid, and (within the limits
aforesaid) the amount of the pensions, assistance, gifts,
and payments to be granted, afforded, awarded, or made as
aforesaid, shall be fixed and determined from time to time
by the Trustees or a majority of them assembled at a duly
constituted meeting.

5. The residue or surplus income of the Charity (if any) ResiUne.
may, if the Trustees shall so think fit and determine, be
applied and expended by them, subject to such reasonable

rules and regulations as they may from time to time pre-
scribe, in and towards the promonon of any one or more of
the objects aforesaid in favour and for th^ benefit of any
deservmg poor persons not connected with the said
Company being resident inhabitants within the city of

6. If any doubt or question shall arise as to the con-
struction or proper application of any of the provisions of S*Sfe?I^^''
this Scheme, or the management of the Charity, applica- to CJommis-
tion may he made by the Trustees to the Charity Com- ^ioners.
missioners for England and Wales for their opinion or

advice, which when given shall be conclusive upon all
persons claiming under the trust who shall be affected

Sealed by order of the Board this 7th day of
,-— January 1876.

/\.s. ) Henry M. Vane,

^v . Secretary.

3L 4

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Culverwell's Charity.

Nicbolas Culverwell, by will of the 22nd October 1569,
gave 300/. to the Company, whereof 100/. to be lent to five
of the poorest young men of the Company, and for the
remaining 200/. the Company to pay 10/. a year to two of
the poorest preachers, one at Chnst's College, Cambridge,
and one at \lagdalen College, Oxford.

The Company appropriate 333/. 6s. 8c?., 3 per cent,
consols, the interest or aividends on which, amounting to
10/. a year, is paid to two preachers at the universities,
nominated by the Bishop of London. The present preachers
are the Rev. W. D. Macray, at Magdalen College, Oxford,
and the Rev. I. P. Sandberg, of Christ's College,

As to the 100/. to be lent out, I refer to my report upon
the loan charities without interest.

Mrs. Elizabeth Freeman's Charity.

Elizabeth Freeman, by Indenture of the 3rd December
1630, gave to the Company 100/., they covenanting to pay
5/. a year for putting forth poor children, apprentices, in
the parish of Aspeden, Herts.

The Company appropriate 166/. 135. 4d., 3 per cent,
consols as representing this gift, and they pay the dividends
or interest, amounting to 5/. a year, to Sir Henry Lushington,
the present lord of th^ manor of Aspeden, to whom the
selection of the objects is entrusted.

French's Charity.

George French, by will of the 10th May 1699, directed
his executor to pay 20 poor aged freemen of the Company
or their widows 2s, 6d, each.

TTie Company having received 40/. in respect of this
bequest, appropriate 83/. 6s. Sd., 3 per cent, consols as
nominally the capital fund, and pay 258. each to two of the
poor of the Company at the July distribution.

Gale's Charity.

Thomas Q*le, by will of the 27th August 1640, gave 60/.
for the payment annually of 1/. 6s. Sd. to St. George,
Botolph Lene, for the churchwardens to distribute, —

s. d.
To the clerk and beadle of the Company - 2
To six poor housekeepers of the parish - 4

To six poor haberdashers - - - 4

And for an obit - - - - - 16 8

Under a Covenant of the 1st September 1589 this gift
was settled at an annual sum of 20«., to be paid to the
parson and churchwardens, which the latter were to dis-
tribute in certain portions amongst the poor of that parish,
and the parson and churchwardens, the poor householders

of the Company, and the clerk and beadle ; but the practice
at the last inquiry was, and still is, to pay the 2(i5. a year
to the churcnwardens, leaving the entire distribution to
them; nothing is paid to the clerk or beadle of the
Company, nor is there any evening service in the church at
which the recipients coula attend.

A nominal sum of 33/. 6s. %d. consols is appropriated as
the capital of the Charity.

Garrett or Gerrard's Charity.

The will of Henry Garrett, alias Gerrard, purported to
devise to the Company, a house in Holborn, but it is stated
that the devise was declared void, but that the Company
purchased and again sold the house, reserving a quitrent
of 1/. \s. Sd. It is still pud to the Company as charged
on two houses lately occupied by IVegbam, a con-
fectioner, on the north side of Holborn, west of Hatton
Garden. The Company pay 16«. a year to the Church-
wardens of St. Sepulchre, and 6s. Sd. a year to the
Churchwardens of St. James Clerkenwell.

Gournay's Charity.

This is one of the loan charities, arising from the gift of
300/. by Richard Gournay, to be lent out at 6 per cent, and
the interest to be given —



To the poor of the Company

To Christ's Hospital - . -

To a poor scholar studying Divinity at

Oxford or Cambridge - - - 6

There is no fund lent by the Company at interest, and
therefore, notwithstanding the scheme, the sum is not
appropriated as a loan charity. The Company charge
themselves with a nominal sum of 600/., 3 per cent, consols
to produce 16/. a year, out of which they pay to an exhibi-
tioner at the University 6/. (the present exhibitioner is
Mr. N. G. Wilkins, of St. John's CoUege, Cambridge); a
further sum of 6/. to Christ's Hospital, and the remaining
6/. to the poor of the Company, in sums of 205. each at the
July distribution.

Catharine Hall's Charity.

A loan charity, founded by the gift of 60/. by Catharine
Hall, for which she directed that the young man of the
Company receiving it should distribute a load of coals
yearly to the poor. Like the other funds for which interest
was to be paid (see Bowcher's, Groumay's, &c.), it is not
lent, and the Company appropriate 66/. ISs. 4c/., 3 per cent,
consols to meet an annual charge of 40i. settled as equiva-
lent to a load of coak, which is given to two poor persons
of the Company at the January court.

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MR. hare's reports. — HABERDASHERS* CJOJiPANY.



PART 11.

Hamokd's Charity.

Ettaiond Hamond, by will of the 25th February 1638,
gave 400/. to the Company to purchase ground for l)uildiDg
almshouses for six poor old men.

And he gave a rentcharge of 80/. issuing out of houses
in Tower Street and Mincing Lane, in trust, as to 60/. a
year for the almsmen and the remaining 20/. for 20 poor
men or women of the Company on St. Katherine's day.

And he also gave 1,000/. to the Company to purchase so
many rectory or rectories, parsonage or parsonages impro-
priate, as might be therewith purchased in fee simple, in
the names of 12 or more persons of the said fraternity, and
that to and for every one of the said rectories and par-
sonages, the said master and wardens and their successors
should provide a learned and godly minister, there to be
resident, to expound the word of God, and to preach there
twice or once at the least every Sabbath day and there to
celebrate divine service, and to perform christian duties,
and that the vearly profits of the same parsonages or
rectories should be given to such minister as should so
continue there. And his will was that the said master and
wardens, and their successors, should for ever have the
nominating and appointing of the ministers to the said
rectories and parsonages, and that they should provide
Such only as should have no spiritual living out of that
parish for which he should be so provided, nor any cause
of non-residency there, nor that shall absent himself above
40 days in any one year during the time that he should
enjoy such rectory or parsonage impropriate, without the
license or consent in writing of the master and wardens for
the time being.

And he also gave to the Company 500/., to be lent gratis
to five young men of the Company, 100/. apiece for five
years, silkmen, if any, to be preferred.

The almshouses which were erected on Snow Hill, and
existed at the time of the last inquiry were pulled down in
the year 1830. They were situated at the back of the
stables in Cuck Lane, and were approached through a
narrow court leading out of King Street, Snow Hill. The
site occupying about 65 feet in length, and 33 feet in
breadth, was demised to R. A. Smith, under an agreement

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