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Company two houses in the parish of St. John the Evan-
gelist to provide yearly one cartload of coals for the poor of
Allhallows and St. Margaret Moses.

The following sums are paid in respect of this

Six almsmen in Beamond's Alms- £ «. d.
houses - - . - 2 12

Twelve almswomen in Monkwell
Street Almshouses, given away on
the distribution day - • 5

The churchwardens of the parish of
St. Margaret Moses • • - 18

8 10

There is also a charge for the officers of the Company of
6s, Sd. for their pains, making together SI. I69. 8J. f

John Garratt's Gift.

John Garratt gave to the prisons of the King's Bench,
Marshalsea, and Newgate Ss, 8d, a piece yearly.

The Company (fiy to Beamond's
almsmen yearly

To the City prisons, on the


1 6


receipt of the Keeper of
the Queen's Bench rrison
And in respect of Newgate
and Ludgate, to Mr. Tem-
ple, by the authority of the
Court of Aldermen

8. d.

6 8

13 4


2 6 Ot

Barbsk's Gift.

Thomas Barber directed the CompauT to make the
following payments out of the interest of 2001. at 4/. per
cent. :— '

£ 8. d.

To the diurehwardens of St. Botdph,

To the MMter of the Company -
To the Wardens

To the clerk 2s., to ike beadle Is. -
To six afansmen (Beamond's)

The several payments are made annually to the respective
objects above mentioned.

William Robson's Gift.

Wm. Robson in 1633 dq)08ited with the Company
5,000/., with an agreement as to the sum of 2,500/. part

. 6 18


- 3


- 5

. 3

. 10



6th March

Srd Deoem-

*SiR AxBRoem Nicholas's Axmbhousks.

In 1862 the Companv purchased land at Watford con-
taining two acres for 700/., and in 1863 an adjoining half
acre for 200/., on which were built 18 Almshouses at a
considerabte cost. The centre btulding is occupied by the
12 almswomen, and the two side Imildings by the six
almsmen on Thomas Beamond's Foundation.

By 13 Orders of the Board of this date the Company
were authorised to grant building leases of the whole of
the property in Monkwell Stree t for 80 years f^m Michael-
mas 1864, at a peppcteom rent for the first year, and
the annual rest of 1,500/. during the remainder ci the

By an Order of the Board of this date the daim of the
Company for the purchase monc/s and the cost of the
erection of the new Almshouses above mentioned was
approved to the extent of 8,163/. 15^. 6e/., to be repaid,
with interest at 4| per cent., out of the surplus income of
he Charity.

On the 1st July 1881 there was an amount of
1,533/. IO5. 7d, still due to the Company on this account.

A 14546.

t John Scott's Gift.

By an Order <^ the Board of this date the above-men-
tioned diaige and liability to provide one cartload of coal
(in respect of which a y&uAj sum of 18s. had for a veiy
oonsiderable period been pud ) were redeemed by the transfer
ato the name of .tiie Official Trustees of Chviteble Funds
of the sum of 67/. Consolidated 3 per cent. Annnitiea.

t John Garratt's Gift.

This Chanty is now administered by the Trustees of the
Prison Charities, acting under the provisions of a scheme
approved by an Order of the Hi^h Court of Justice (Chan-
cery Division) dated 8th December 1876.

By an Order of the Board of this date the above-
mentioned charge of 1/. was redeemed by the transfer into
the name of the Official Trustees of Charitable Funds of the
sum of 33/. 69. Sd. Consolidated 3/. per cent. Annuities.


2(tth Novem-
ber 1878.


Digitized by














. 20

thereof, to pay the interest at 5/. per cent, after his decease
as foUows : —

£ B. d.

To the Company's poor (including
the 13/. a year to the Monkwell
Street almspeople, Nicholas') and
the 6Z. to the almsmen in Salters'
HaU . - - -

To the poor of Newport, Salop

To the minister of Newport, Salop -

To the master of the Free School

To Bridewell Hospital . - .

To Christ Church and St. Thomas'
Hospitals each 5Z. -

To St. Bartholomew's Hospital

To the Company, to be expended
yearly about the time of his decease

To a minister for a sermon on the
same day - - - -

To the curate 5$., and clerk and sex-
ton 5«. - - - -

For two poor scholars at St. John's
College, Cambridge - - -

The same at Jesus' College, Oxford -

To the Master and Officers of Com-

And he gave to the Company 501, to pay to St. Bar-
tholomew's Hospil^ an additional 21. lOs.

A portion of the 5,000Z. was invested in the purchase of
premises in Lombard Street and Birchin Lane, and the
will of Robson directed that when the ren1» and profits of
the houses should be settled in perpetuity on the said
charitable uses, that then the indenture he had from the
Company for that purpose should be cancelled.

An information was filed in July 1833 by the Attorney-
General, at the relation of the Rev. Wm. Sandford and
another, against the Salters' Company, setting forth the
fact of the aforesud deposit and the trust as to the 2^500Z.
the purchase of the said premises in 1634, the will of
W. Kobson, that the rents of the said premises then
amounted to 7B8/. 9s. 4d, a year, and alleging that the
defendants appropriated the greater part of the said rents
and profits to their own use, and nad made very small
additions annuaJly to the charitable gifts, and that after
making the payments before mentioned the Company
wrongfully cliumed the whole of the surplus, and praying
that an account might be taken of all sums receivea by the
defendants in respect of the rents of said messuages, &o.,
and of any fines received by them on granting leases, and
also an account of all monies paid by the Company
towards the charitable uses aforesaid during the period
for which the aforesaid account of rents should be taken,
and that the Company might be decreed to answer and pav
the balance which should appear to be due on such
account, and that the same mignt be invested for the benefit
of the Charity ; and that it might be declared that the
interest thereof and all yearly profits of the said messuages
which should remain after the payment of the several sums
mentioned, and directed by said Wm. Robson to be paid
by the Company, ought to be applied towards the pro-
portional augmentation of the same Charities respectively,
and that it might be referred to the Master to approve of a
scheme for the proper application thereof.

It does not appear that the cause was ever brought to a

Mr. Thompson, the clerk to the Salters' Company,
informs me that in August 1834 he reported to the Court
of Assistants of the Company that the Company's answer
had been put in to the information, and that since then he
had been in communication with the Attorney-General's
solicitors in consequence of their intended application to
the Court of Chancery to inspect all books, &c. of the
Company in anywise relating thereto, in the course of
which they admitted that the Company's answer was so
full that they did not consider there was any strong ground
for proceeding with the information, and suggested that
an application might be made to the Attomey-General for
his opinion whether under the circumstances all further
proceedings should not be abandoned. Mr. Thompson
further reported that he had declined being a party to such
a reference, as partaking of a species of compromise. And
for the same reason he could not assent to any such plan

upon any understanding that the Company were to pay
costs ; if the Court considered that there was a sufficient
case to warrant costs it would be a different thing. It was
arranged that the subiect should be mentioned to the
Court of Assistants, and if sanctioned by them the appli-
cation should be made to the Attomej-GeneraJ on the
part of the relators alone, and ^hat afterwards the Court
should be applied to for sanctioning the abandonment of
the information. The matter was f uUy discussed, and it
appears by a minute of the 7th August 1834 that it was
finally resolved that the Court of Assistants ooncuired as
to the propriety of agreeing with any reascmable suggestion
for staying further proceecBngs in the information m ques-
tion, so that it snould not invcdve anv possibility of
charging the Company \vith compounding the subject
matter of the information, and that the cleik of the Com-

eany be authorised to agree to the proposed manner of
ringing the question before the Court.

In reply to mv inquiry for a statement of the further
proceedings, and a copy of any decree which might have
been made, Mr. Tliompson writes as follows : —

** On receipt of your letter of the l^h November I made
further inquiry on the subject, and having learnt that the
index only had been searched which did not extend so Ceut
back as 1833, when the suit was filed, I have had further
search made during the earlier -period, but no trace of any
decree can be found."

There is not I apprehend any doubt that the suit
entirelv failed to charge the Company with any greater
sum than the specific payments which they had under-
taken by their agreement with the donor to make. Hie
20/. "to be expended yearly by the Company about the
" time of his decease," being excluded, tne total charge
under the foundation is the sum of 107/. 10s. a year, which
(with the exception of the 2/. 10s. for a sermon after
mentioned) is appropriated as follows : —

To the i)oor of the Company. This jt s, d.
is given, 6/. to the Beamond Alms-
men, 13/. to the Monkwell Street
Almswomen, and 1/. to the addi-
tional gifts - - - -' -2000

To the poor of Newport, on the receipt
of the incumbent - - - 10

To the minister of Newport (Rev.*

Mr. Sandford) - - • - 5

To the master of the Free School,

Newport (1862, John Lees) - 5

To the Hospitals of Bridewell, Christ-
church, St. Thomas, and St. Bar-
tholomew 2500

The Bursars of St. John's College,
Oxford, towards the maintenance
of two poor scholars there - 10

The Bursars of Jesus' College, Ox-
ford, towards the maintenance of
t\i'o poor scholars there - - 10

The Officers of the Company for their
pains and trouble, Master, War-
dens, Clerk, and Beadle - - 20


The sermon to be preached on the day of the decease of
the founder has not been preached for many years, nor as
it appears since the feast was discontinued, and the 21,
given for that purpose, as well as the two sums of 5s. each,
to the officers of the church have not been appropriated.
It has been suggested that a sum in respect of the arrears
of this payment for a certain period should be set apart with
the accruing payments for some other charitable purpose.*

Mrs. Cock's Gift.

Mrs. Cock gave 100/. to the Company to pay (in addition
to the 21, \2s, to the almshouses) —

£ $, d.

To the poor of St. Martin, Ludgate - 15

„ prisoners in Ludgate - - 5

„ poor of Bread Street Ward - 1 6 4

The payment is made to the churchwardens of St. Martin,

Ludgate, and the City prisoners 2s. 6d, a year (as at date of

«Uh Novcm*
ber 1876.

* William Robson's Gift.

By an Order of the Board of this date the above-men-
tioned yearly payments, amounting in the aggregate to

the sum of 107/. 10s., were redeemed bv the transfer into
the name of the Official Trustees of Cfharitable Funds oT
the sum of 3,583/. 6s, Sd, Consolidated 3/. pa cent.

Digitized by


MB, hare's reports.— SALTERS' COMPANY.


)H8t inquiry), on the receipt of Mr. Temple, the officer of
the Court of Aldermen.

The sum of 21. is given to the almsmen in Beamond's
almshouses, and the 12f . to the almswomen in M onkwell
Street on the distribution da^.

A sum of W. 11«. 8<f. is divided amount the officers of
the Company.

The Deputy of the Bread Street Ward receives a sum of
1/. 6$, 4d. annually, and gives a receipt for it, for the poor
of his ward.*

Harding's Gift.

Robert Harding, by his will of the 20th November 1668,
gave to the Company a yearly rent of 40*. out of two
tenements in Crooked Lane, for 36 poor men I2d, each,
to the Wardens 3s. 4d., and the beadle Sd.

The Company do not receive the rentcharge, but they
nevertheless add a sum of U. 16«. to their occasional gifts
to the poor of the Company.

The 3s. 4d. a year is paid to the officers.

Peter Blundell's Gift.

Peter Blundell, by his will of the 9th June 1599, gave to
the Company 150/. to purchase hereditaments and pay
40s. to the poor prisoners of Ludgate.

The sum of 21. a year is paid, on the receipt of Mr. Temple,
the officer of the Court oi Aldermen.f

Plompton's Gift.

Henry Plompton cave 100/. to the Company, to be lent
out to young men, they paying 40*., viz. :

To the Company's use - - - 20

To the clerk and beadle - - - - 10

To the poor-box - - - " ^^ .

The sum of 1/. a year is given annually, 10*. being
added to the Casual Gifts Fund and lOs. to tne officers.

The Capital Fund formed one of the subjects of the suit
regarding the Loan Funds, mentioned in my Report on
Sir John Coates* Charity.

David Cock's Gift.

Dand ('ock gave 100/., to be lent to two young men,
each paying yearly 23*. 4rf., of which 40*. should be paid
to the parson of AUhallows for the repair of the church,
and 6s. Sd. to the Mast^ and Wardens,

The sum of- 21. a year is paid annually, on the receipt of
the churchwarden of the parish of AUhallows, Bread

The capital sum was a subject of suit as part of the
Loan Fund, mentioned in my Report of Sir John Coates'

Ireland's Gift.

John Ireland gave 200/., to be lent out at seven per cent.,
and the interest paid as follows i —




To the Master and Wardens - - 1

To the poor's-box . - - - 2

To the clerk and beadles • -

To the parish of St. Mildred, Bread

Street - - - - 4

Towards the account dinner of the

Company - - - - 6

The Company appropriated 6/. \3s. 4d.9s the estimated
produce of tnis gift.

The sum of 41. a year is paid to the churchwardens of
St. Mildred, Bread Street, and a sum of 21. \3s. 4d. is
added to the fund for casual gifts to the poor of the

This sum, though a loan fund, does not appear to have
be/en mentioned in the suit against the Company as be-

longing to that class of charities. (See Sir John Coates'

Crisp's Gift.

Ellis Crisp gave to the Company 150/., to be lent to
three young men at 4 per cent., to be paid as foUows :—

£ s. d.
To the poor of St. Mildred's, .Bread

Street . - - - 1

To the town of Marshfteld, Gloucester-
shire - - - - 4
To the Company's officers - - 1
The Company pay to the churchwarden of St. Mildred,
Bread Street, a sum of 1/. a year, and to the vicar of the
parish of Marshfield, Gloucestershire, 4/. a year, upon the
certificate referred to in the former report.

I do not find any record of the existence of the capital
fund, nor was it mentioned in the suit included under the
head of Sir John Coates' Charity.

Lady Nicholas* Gift.

Lady Nicholas gave 200/. (of which the Company only
received 50/.) to be lent to a young man, he paying 20a. to
the poor of St. Mildred's, Bread Street.

The sum of 1/. a year is paid to the churchwardens of
St. Mildred's, Bread Street.

The capital sum was part of the subject of inquiry in the
suit as to loans. {See &ir John Coates' Gift.)

Barnard Hyde's Gift.

By Indenture of the 12th December 1630, between
Barnard Hyde of the one part and the Master, Wardens,
and Commonalty of the Salters' Company of the other
part, in consideration that Barnard Hyde had given to
the Company certain sums of money, they covenanted to
purchase lands of 62/. a year, to be bestowed as follows : —
To a preacher for a weekly sermon in £ s. rf.
St. Dunstan's in the East or St.
Mary at Hill - - - 30

To the poor of the parish where the

said lecture should be performed - 5
To 10 poor men of the Company - 5
To the parish of Little Ilford, Essex - 1
To 54 poor widows or maids (5^.
each) of three parishes out of 30,
so that the distribution should
come round once in every tenth
year - - - - 13 10

To the Master, Wardens, and Officers 3
And the residue {41. \Qs.) to be yearly disposed of at
some loving meeting of the Company.

The houses in Gracechurch Street, out of which this
Charity Fund arises, are the proper^ of the Company,
and are let to — Hyam at a rent oi 300/. a year.

The residue beyond the payments to the Charitable
purposes belong to the Company.

The lecturer at present appointed by the Company is
the rector of St. Mary at Hill, the Rev. John Crosthwaite.

The Companv have since 1851 paid the lecturer 50/. per
annum, instead of the 30/. directed by the Foundation

There is a Tuesday evening lecture delivered in the
church weeklv.

The churchwardens of the same parish receive 5/. for
their poor.

The churchwardens of Little Ilford receive annually 1/.
for four poor persons of that parish.

The sum of 13/. \0s. is divided amongst the several
parishes, according to the rota, for the 54 poor maids or
widows. I refer on this distribution to my reports on the
several parishes.

The sum of 5/. given to the poor men is distributed
amongst the poor women in Monkwell Street Almshouses
at the Distribution Day.

13th July


♦Mrs. Cock's Gift.

This Charity is now administered by the Trustees of the
Prison Charities, acting under the provisions of a scheme
approved by an Order of the High Court of Justice
(Cnancery Division) dated 8th December 18/6.

By an Order of the Board of this date the above-
mentioned charge of 55. was redeemed by the transfer into
the name of the Official Trustees of Charitable Funds of
the sum of 8/. 6s. Sd. Consolidated 3/. per cent. Annuities.

t Peter Blundell's Gift.

This Charitj is now administered by the Trustees of the
Prison Charities, acting under the provisions of a scheme
approved by an Order of the High Court of Justice
(Chancery Division) dated 8th December 1876.

By an Order of the Board of this date the above-
mentioned charge of 40*. was redeemed by the transfer into
the name of the Official Trustees of Charitable Funds of
the sum of 661. I3s. 4d. Consolidated 3/. percent. Annuities.

3S 2

18th July

Digitized by




The sum of 3/. is distributed amongst the Officers of
the CJompany, making an ertire distribution of 5?/. 10«.*

Jambs Smith's Almshouses at Maidenhead.

James Smith, by Indentures of the 22nd and 23rd July
1661, after reciting that he had then lately erected at
Maidenhead eight tenements or Almshouses for eight poor
men and their wives, conveyed to the CJompany a messuage
and land in the parishes of Bray and Cookham upon trust
to pay —

The expenses connected with the almshouses may be
thus estimated : —



5 4



1 10


2 10
of the


To the said eight men and their
wives - - - -

To the churchwardens of Cookham

for bread on Sunday
To the churchwardens for their
trouble - - - -

To the diurohwardens of Maidenhead
for their oversight of the alms-
people - - - -
To the minister of Cookham for a
sermon - - - -
To the clerk of that parish
To the minister of Maidenhead for a
sermon 20^., and to the clerk \0s. -
To the six poor almsmen of the
Company - - - -
To the clerk of the Company 2/., and
the beadle 10*. - - -
And the residue^ if any, for the repair

The Deed directs that there should be 20 trustees,
freemen of the Company, and not members of the Court,
and it prescribes also the rules and orders to be observed
in nommations to the Almshouses.

The last appointment of trustees was made on the
31 St December 1845, and of whom several are still sur-

The property of the Charity consists of the following
particulars: —

1. Norden farm in. the parish of
Bray. A farmhouse and build-
ings, formerly 116a. 3r. lip. of
land, now about 115 acres. Let
to James Henrv Clark on an
agreement for a lease for 14 years
from Michaelmas 1850

2. A field near the almshouses,
containing 3a. 2r. 9p. of land.
Let to — Spratley, a yearly

(2a. Ir. 15p., i)art of this land, was
purchased with 320?., part of the
sum of 392Z. received from ^the
Great Western Riulway Company
in respect of la. 3r. 9p., land taken
by them.)
a A sum of 902. Reduced 3 per

Cents^, the residue of the pur-
chase money, standing in the

name of Edward Thompson, the

clerk of the Company
To the endowment of James Smith

must be added the rentcharge

given bv Marv Parkhurst and

Elizabeth Smith
And a sum of 8Z. a year given by

Mrs. Smith the elder

The expenses of the estate are : —

Insurance on feyrm and buildings
(In the last six years about 125L
been spent on the farm property.)
Quitrent to Earl Somers

£ 9. d.



2 14

45 12



258 6

£ 9.

> 4 II


. 1



4 12 10

Insurance ...

The expenses of repairs and improve-
ments of the almshouses for the
last seven years have averaged
nearly 501, a year. New offices in
the rear were added in 1857 during
this period. The average would
not probably in ordinary periods be
more than .....

£ 9. d.
4 10

44 10

The almshouses contain eight sets of rooms, each con-
taining a sitting and bedroom over, each set having a
separate outer door opening into a sauare.

The almspeople, whether man and wHe or the survivor,
receive each —

At Lady Day
At Midsummer
At Michaelmas
At Christmas

And each couple 2/., and*!
each single person l/.J

£ 8.


3 17

3 17

5 7

3 17

say average

£ e. d.


Also every alternate year'
3 J yards of broadcloth
for the men and 3
yards broadcloth for
the women, and )> about
making in coats and
cloaks. (This is a
variable sum. In 1862
it was 191. 98. 6d.)

16 18 = 135 4


15S 4

The other charitable payments made by the Company in
respect' of this endowment i

To the Beamond almspeople at

Michaelmas, II. 60. 8(2. •
To the cha{)el warden at Maidenhead
To the minister or perpetual curate of

the chapel at Maidenhead •
To the clerk of the said chapel -
To the vicar of Cookham for sermon

on Easter Monday -
To the parish derk of Cookham
To the churchwardens of Cookham
for bread for the poor - . .
To the churchwardens of do. -
To the agent of the Company for pay-
ment of the almspeople
To the clerk of the Company, 41:,
beadle U. -











35 8

These various classes of exnenditure make up a sum of
242Z. 14a. \0d,, which would leave but a small annual
balance, amounting to little more than 15Z. a year.

The variable expenses may perhaps be placed at too high
an average.

A deputation of the Company visits the almshouses
about every second or third year. In 1860 the expenses
charged in respect of this deputation was 14/. 14t., and a
sum of 4/. 18f. was at the same time distributed amongst
the almspeople.

At Midsummer 1862, when the accounts were made up,
there was a balance of 80/. 19a. 2d. in hand to the crc^
of the Charity.

Under a petition presented to the Master of the Rolls,
Sir Thomas Plumer, in February 1823, a new Scheme was
prepared and eonfinned by the Ofdw <^ the Court of the
17th March 1825. The effect of this Scheme was to douUe
the amount theretofore paid to the almspeople out of the

nth July

* Barnard Hyde's Gift.

By an Order of the Board of this date the above*
mentioiied yearly payments, amounting in the aggiegate

to the sum of 57/. lOt., were redeemed by the traasier
into the name of the Official Trustees of Qiaritable Funds
of the sum of 1,916/. 13<. 4d. Consolidated 31. per cent.

Digitized by


MR. hare's report. — SALTERS' COMPANY.


charity estate of James Smith, and also to double the sum
paid to each of the other charitable objects.

The minister, churchwardens, and other inhabitants of
Cookham, assembled in vestry, nominate two married men
and their wives, both being of the age of 50 years, in-
habiting within the parish of Cookham, (of whom six
according to the 23rd rule should be out of the street of
Maidenhead). These names being certified to the Com-
pany they choose one of the married couples thus nominated
to the vacant rooms. The 2nd rule requires that each

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