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Anthony Gamage by his will, 15th December 1771
bequeathed to the Ironmongers' Ccmipany 400/. to be lent
to young men, freemen of the Companv, in different sums
as directed by the will, rendering to the wardens of the
Company 30*. for every 100/., the sum to be : —

£ s. >rf.
For the wardens' use - - - - 6 8

Company's use, amongst the poorest brethren
yearly, to be divided - - - - 10

Clerk 18

Beadle 18

Wardens of the Grocers' Companv for seeing
to the bestowing of the 400/., between the
Company, their clerk, and beadle as thereby
directed - - - - - 10

The capital sum of 400/. is not distinguished from the
other funds of the Company. A general notice of moneys
to be lent to the poor freemen of the Company is occa-
sionallv advertised; but no loans have been made or
applied for on this account since the last inquiry. The
want of applications is supposed to be on account of the
small sums directed by the will to be lent to each freeman,
namely as to 300/. in sums of 60/. each and as to 100/. in
sums of 25/. each.

In respect of the interest account, the siun of 2/. a year is
paid to the Grocers' Company, and 2/. is paid to four
pensioners in Lewin's Almshouses. The payments to the
officers of the Ironmongers' Company are not made.

Sir R. Geffery's Charity.

Sir Robert Geffery by his will of the 10th February
1703 bequeathed to the Wardens and Commonalty dP Ihe
Mystery or Art of Ironmongers of London a legacy of 400/.
tobe laid out in lands for certain charitable uses in the parish
of St. Dionis Backphurch, London. And a further sum
of 520/. to be laid out in lands for charitable uses in the
parishes of Landrake and St. Emey in Cornwall ; and the
residue of his real and persona] estate to be paid to the said
Company for the erection of almshouses for poor people
near London and the maintenance thereof.

The accounts of the testator's estate appear to have been
taken in the Court of Chancery in a cause the Iron-
mongers' Company v. Roberts, which by its decree of the
9th July 1708 reciting that the residue of the estate
amounted to 1,534/. ISs. 9d, in the hands of the executors,
directed the application of the two legacies of 400/. and
520/. to the several uses prescribed by the wiU, and
as to the residue that the plaintiffs should be at
liberty to propose to the master a convenient piece of
ground in or near London, not exceeding 10 miles, in fee
simple for the building the almshouses on, and that the
purchase should be effected out of part of the residue of
testator's estate, and the other trusts of the will be carried
into effect with the approbation of the Master, who should
take an account of the rents of the premises purchased,
and of the interest of the money not so employed, and that
such rents and interest should be applied in the first place
in building the almshouses.

The Charity consists of three branches : —

1. The St. Dionis Backchurch Prayer Charity.

2. The Landrake and St. Emey School and Bread

3. The Almshouses.'

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1. The St. Dioni8 Backchurch Prayer Charity.

The testator after directing that his body should be
buried within the parish of St. Dionis Backchurch in
London where he had lived many years, as near the com-
munion table as may be, and giving numerous personal
and charitable legacies bequeathed the 400/. to the Com-
tany to be laid out as above stated, and the same lands,
lOuses, and ground rents being so purchased should settle
the same in such manner as the council should advise for
an aUowance to some person to read and celebrate divine
service in the parish church of St. Dionis Backchurch
twice every day in the week yearljr for ever except Sundays
and such holydays when the said service ana preaching
should be appointed and had in the said church at the
hours and times theretofore used in the said church
according the rubrick and liturgy of the Church of Eng-
land *f and his will was that the rents of the said lands,
&c., so to be purchased, as aforesaid, should be by the
said Company as the same should be by them received,
paid to the minister or curate of the said parish of St.
Dionis Backchurch who should take upon himself or should
be appointed for the reading and celebrating of divine
service in manner as aforesaid, allowing thereout 50^. per
annum to the clerk of the said parish for officiating there :
Provided that in case there should be any neglect in
reading prayers at any time for more than three days
together then the rents and profits of the said premises to
be purchased as aforesaid should go and be paid to the
hospitals of Bethlem and Bridewell for ever.

By a deed of the 5th February of the 10th Queen Anne
(I7II) John* Hilton and Mary his wife, in consideration
of 2,730/. conveyed to the Company the property therein
mentioned in the Strand and St. Martin's Uourt. To hold
the same in trust to the uses of the will of the said Sir
Robert Geffery, viz., as to and for the before mentioned
parcel of ground and messuage erected thereon being the
part or passage called St. Martin's Court, in the possession
of Thomas Jones, being the third house fi*om the north
comer of the said court, and fronting west at the vearly
rent of 6/., and also that other parcel of ground and
messuages ironting west to St. Martin's Court and Church
Lane on the norni-east in the occupation of James Baber
at the rent of 9/., and also the other parcel of ground and
messuage in the occupation of Charles Mathews, being the
fourth house from the north corner of the said court, and
frontinjp^ west thereto, at the yearly rent of 6/., that the yearly
rents ofthe said three several parcels of ground and messuages
amounting to 20/. a year be paid to some person to read and
celebrate divine service in the parish church of St. Dionis
Backchurch according to the wiU, such person allowing
thereout 50s, a year to the clerk with a declaration of trust
in case of failure as in the will mentioned : And the deed
proceeds to declare the trusts of the other portions of the
property conveyed by the deed for the two other branches
as therein mentioned. The deed as appears by a note in
the margin was approved by the Master of the Court (R.
Eyre) by the executors of the testator are parties to it.

The bouses and premises in the Strand and in Church
Court were in or about 1826 or 1827 taken by the Com-
missioners of Woods and Forests under the powers of an
Act of the 7th George 4th intituled, "An Act to extend
" to Charing Cross, the Strand, and parts adjacent, the
" -powers of an Act for making a more convenient com-
" munication from Marylebone Parish, &c." The purchase
money was settled at 11,000/. This sum was paid into
Court and invested in 12,716/. I5s. 3d, consols. The sum
was appropriated between the three Charities in the fol-
lowing proportions : —

1 . The St. Dionis' Prayer Charity in respect Stock.

of Nos. 8, 9, and 11, Church Court, £ s, d.
valued at 1,592/. 4«. cash - - 1,811 10 3.

2. The Cornish (Landrake) Charities in

respect of No. 3, Strand and No. 4,

Church Court, valued at 2,095/. cash - 2,404 10

3. The Almshouses in respect of the valua-

tion of the residue of the property, at
7,353/. 17« (The entire valuation was
11,041/. U., but the sum of 11,000/. was
accepted as above stated) - • 8,500 15

jei2,716 15 3

In 1838 the Company purchased an estate in the parish
of East Ham, in Essex, from Lord Hennikerforthe sum of
9,250/. cash. This sum was produced by the sale ofthe
1,811/. 10*. 3«/. Consols, the St. Dionis part of the fund,
and the 2,404/. lOar. Od, like stock, the Landrake part of
the fund, and 5,703/. 11*. 3d. like stock, part of the
8,500/. 15*. Od, Consols belonging to the dmshouses. The
estate was conveyed to the Company by a deed of the
28th March 1838, which recites the apportionment of the
stock towards the purchase money, and is approved by the
Master. The deed declares that the master and keepers or
wardens and commonalty of the mystery of Ironmongers
and successors shall hold the said lands on the trusts of
the will of Sir Robert Geffery (that is to say) as to the
part or parts of the said lands and hereditaments and the
rents and profits thereof which should bear the same

Proportion to the whole thereof as the said sum of
,811/. 10*. 3d, Consols should bear to the whole of so
much as should be sold to produce the said sum of 9,250/.
ofthe said sum of 12,716/. 15*. 5d, like stock upon and
for the charitable uses and trusts in and by the said will
of the said Sir R. Geffery, and the said indenture of the
5th February 1711 expressed or declared of or concerning
the said messuiu;es and hereditaments purchased with the
said 400/. And as to the part or parts of the said lands
and hereditaments and the rents and profits thereof which
should bear the same proportion to tne whole thereof as
the said sum of 2,404/. \0$. Od. like stock should bear to
the whole of so much as should be sold to produce the
said sum of 9,250/. of the said sum of 12,716/. 15*. 5d, like
stock, upon and for the charitable uses, trusts, and pur-
poses in and by the said will and indenture of 1711
declared concerning the messuage and premises purchased
with the said 520/. And as to the residue of the said lands
and hereditaments and the rents thereof, together with the
residue which should remain of the said 12,716/. 15s. 5c/.
like stock and the dividends thereof, upon the trusts in
the said will and the said indenture of 1711 declared of
and concerning the said hereditaments purchased with the
said sum of 1,810/.

The dividends on the 1,811/. 10*. 3d, stock belonging to
this branch of the Charity before its sale were 54/. 6s, \0d.
a ^ear, and the same sum has, notwithstanding the decla-
ration of trust in the deed, ever since continued to be paid
over to the rector of St. Dionis Backchurch for the time

It will be seen, by a reference to my report on this
Charity made on the occasion of my mquiry into the
endowments for the benefit of the parish of St. Dionis
Backchurch, that the practice is merely to ring the church
bells without performing any service, in consequence, as it
was stated, of the non-attendance of any congregation.
The circumstance of the practical desuetude of the Charity
probably led the Company to consider this branch of the
endowment of less importance, and therefore to appro-
priate a larger share of the income to the idmshouse branch
of the Charity than it was entitled to.

A. portion of the estate at East Ham is required for the
main drainage of the metropolitan sewer. This consists of
about four acres, for which 2,575/. has been claimed by the
Company for value and severance. The rental of the four
acres is about 18/., and if the compensation money which
may be received shall produce only 70/. a year there will
be an income of about 50/. It is suggested that as the
third branch of the endowment, the almshouses, has since
the purchase of the estate been in receipt of more than its
share of the income, the increase about to be obtained
shall be divided according to their proportions between
the two first branches, the St. Dionis and the Landitike;
that is to sav, three-sevenths to the former and four-
sevenths to the latter, until the rights of the respective
Charities shall have been adjusted.

It will be seen that in default of the prayers being read
this ffift passes over, according to the will, to the Christ's
and Bethlehem Hospitals. No demand has, however, been
made oii the part of those institutions for the execution of
this direction of the will, although I am informed that it is
not unknown to the officers of those institutions.*


♦Sir Bobbrt Geffery's Charity.

The 6t, DUmis Backchurch Prayer Charity.

* The above-mentioned edifice having been demolished
under the provisions of the Union of Benefices Act
(23 & 24 Vict. cap. 142) the Corporation of London as the

governors of Bethlehem and Bridewell Hospitals with the
consent of the board (signified bv their certificate dated the
14th of January 1879) instituted legal proceedings, in the
result of which the plaintiffs were by the order of the
Master of the Rolls, dated the 4th of April 1881 declared
entitled as from the 1st of May 1876 to the income of so


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2. 7%e Landrake and St, Emey Bread and School Charity,

The testator directs that the 520/. for this branch of his
charity should be paid to the Company and laid out as
above stated, and that the investment bemg so made that
they should settle the same in such manner as council
should advise to the intent that out of the rent and profits
thereof, in the first place, 2s. a week weekly for ever might
be paid and laid out in bread for the poor inhabitants of
Landrake and St. Emey in Cornwall aforesaid, and dis-
tributed to them by the churchwardens of the said parish
of Landrake for the time being on every Sunday m the
forenoon, after divine service, and the rest and residue of
the rents of the said lands &c. to be purchased with the
said 520/. should be paid from time to time as the same
should be received, unto the schoolmaster of Landrake
aforesaid, or to 9ome other person that should teach the
children of the i>oor inhabitants within the parishes of
Landnke and St. Erney aforesaid to write and read Eng-
lish, and to learn and be instructed in the catechism then
used and appointed in the Church of England.

In the deed of 17n> before mentioned, the trusts are
declared of the land purchased of Hilton and wife. As to
the plot or parcel of ground and messuage thereon on the
north side and fronting the Strand, in the occupation of
Rebecca Church, being the comer house on the east side
of the passage entering into the court from the Strand, at
the yearly rent of 26/., to pay and apply the rents and
profits as follows, viz., for bread, and for teaching the
children in the parishes of Landrake and St. Emey
according to the trusts of the will.

It will be seen by the former part of this report that on
the sale of the estate at Charing Cross, of which the above

formed a part, 2,404i. U)s. Consols, part of the purchase
money was appropriated to this Charity, and that on the
reinvestment of the fund in 1838 trusts were declared of
a portion of the purchased estate equivalent to the several
proportions of the purchase money. The dividends on the
2,404/. 105. Consols, before its sale, were 72/. Ss, 8d,, and
the same sura has still continued to be paid quarterly to
the schoolmaster at Landrake (now Mr. Robert Forman.)

The schoolmaster produces quarterly a receipt from the
churchwardens for the 2$, per week for bread, and a certi-
ficate from the minister of the parish that the school is
properly conducted. / apffend the Rules adopted by the
Company in concurrence with the clergyman about 12 or
15 years ago. These rules were made m consequence of
complaints of the irregularity of attendance and apparent
disregard by the inhabitants of the benefits of the scnod.

It appears that the fund now applicable to the (school is
considerably larger than has hitherto been applied. The
rental of the estate at East Ham is 450/. a year, of which
the parish of I^andrake would, according to the purchase
deed and the trusts thereby declared, be entitled to about
two-ninth parts. I have pointed out the propriety of an
accurate apportionment of the income so tnat this educa-
tional institution may receive its due share, and in a former
part of this report I have stated the suggestion which has
been made of the manner in which the relative claims of
the several charities may be adiusted out of a prospective
increase of revenue. The school is not visited by the
Company, which has no funds applicable to such visita-

Files colla-
ted [18»689,

much of the property called ** Henniker's '
chased with the testator's legacy of 400/.

as was pur-

File collated

Pursuant to an order of the board dated the 7th of
February 1882, the sum of 707/. 16*. 7d, new 3/. per cent.
Annuities (representing sums inadvertently withheld from
the rector of St. Dionis Backchurch during the period
which elapsed between the years 1838 and 1837) was
on the 27th of February 1882 transferred by the Com-
pany into the name of **The Official Trustees of Chari-
table Funds,'* pending the establishment of a suitable

* Sir Robert Gbffbrby's Charity.
The Landrake and St, Erney Bread and School Charity,

Bj an Order of HerMijesty in Council, dated the 30th of
April 1877» a scheme was established under the provisions
of the Endowed Schools Acts, 1869, 1873, and 1874, for
the administration of this Charity. The following is a
copy: —

Approved by Her Majesty in Council, 30th April 1877.

2. The estates and property of the Foundation, except Xih^
as otherwise hereby provided, snail continue to be managed yntrf
by the Ironmongers' Company of London, herein-after P"**^-
called the Company, according to the general law appli-
cable to the management of property by trustees of
charitable foundations. And the Company shall duly
account to the School Governing Body or Governors
herein-after mentioned for the rents and proceeds thereof,

and shall pay over to the said Governors, or as such
Governors snail direct, the income of such estates and [»o-
perty, after deducting all proper charges for management
and necessary outgomgs. And in case of dispute as to
such deductions or payments, either party may refer the
matter to the Chanty Commissioners for England and
Wales, whose decision shall be final.

3. As soon as conveniently may be the said Goverrors Bdioolnte
shall provide upon some convenient ft«ehold site in or near f"*^^^
the village of Landrake proper school buildings suitable ^SrUei
for not less than 122 day scholars. For this purpose sudi

a sum of money as with any contributions from other
sources will be sufficient shall be provided or raised by the
Company out of the capital endowment or property of the
Foundation by sale or otherwise. For all tne purposes of
this clause the Company and the said Governors shall act
subject to the consent and approval of the Charity Com-
missioners. Such site and buildings shall be vested in
the Company and their successors as bare trustees in trust
for the Foundation, but shall be managed by the said

In the Matter of the Endowed Schools Acts,
1869, 1873, AND 1874.

No. 83. Parish — ^Landrake with St. Erney.

Endowment — Geff'erey's School.
Scheme for the Administration of the Foundation esta-
blished under the will of Sir Robert GefiPerey, dated
on or about the 10th day of February 1703, for a
School known as Sir Robert Gefferey's School, and for
other purposes, in the united parish of Landrake with
St. Emey, in the county of Cornwall, and of the
endowment thereof.

General Administration of Foundation.

Fntaread- ^' 'V}aB,i the above-mentioned Foundation and endow-

minfftration ment shall henceforth be administered in accordance with

of Foanda- ^jjg provisions of this Scheme under the name of Gefferey's

'^^ School, Landrake, herein-after called the Foundation.

The School Governing Body and Management.

4. The School Governing Body, herein-after called the School

Governors, shall, when completely formed and full, consist ^Jf"*"

of six persons, of whom one shall be called Ex-officio ^^'
Governor, and five shall be called Representative Go-

5. The Ex-officio Governor shall be the Vicar of Lan-
drake with St. Emey for the time being, if he shall be
willing to accept the office.

6. The Representative Governors shall be competent
persons each rated to the reUef of the poor at a yearly
value of not less than 12/. and duly quahfied to discharge
the duties of the office, and shall be appointed by the fol-
lowing electing bodies respectively in tne following propor-
tions, that is to say : —

Two by the Vestry of Landrake with St. Erney;

Three by the Company.

Such appointments shall be made as often as there may
be occasion by the body entitled to appoint at a meeting
thereof, which shall be convened, held, and conducted as
nearly as may be in conformity with the ordinary rules or
practice of such body. Every Representative Governor



Digitized by


MR. hare's reports.— ironmongers' company.


3. — The Almshouses,

The testator directed that the residue of his real and
personal estate should be paid to the said Company to
purchase a piece of ground near London for an almshouse

for so many poor people as the money arising by the
residuary estate at o{. per annum each person, and 15s. a
piece yearly for gowns, might extend to, and should em-
ploy tne overplus and remainder of his residuary estate in

by Govor-
entry into

Meetings of



shall be appointed to office for the term of five years,
reckoned from the date of appointment, but shall in every
case be re-eligible. The ffrst Representative Governors
shall be appointed as soon as conveniently may be after the
date of this Scheme. The Chairman or other presiding
officer of each meeting at which the appointment of any
Representative Governors or Governor shall be made, shall
forthwith cause the names or name of the persons or person
so appointed to be notified, in the case of the first such
appointment to the Vicar of Landrake with St. Emey, and
in the case of eveiy subseauent appointment to the Chair-
man of the Governors or their clerk, if any, or other acting
officer. Any appointment of a Representative Governor
not made as aforesaid, as to the first such Governors within
three calendar months after the date of this Scheme, or
within such further time, if any, as may be fixed under this
Scheme for the transfer of the administration of the Foun-
dation, subject as herein-mentioned, to the Governors, or
as to future Representative Governors within six calendar
months after the notice herein-after prescribed of the
occurrence of a vacancy has been given, as the case may
be, shall for that turn be made by the then existing

The proper expenses attending the appointment of every
Representative Governor shall, unless otherwise provided
for, be paid by the Governors out of the income of the
Foundation ; but the particulars of all such expenses shall
be submitted to and allowed by the Charity Commissioners
previously to their being so paid.

7. Any Representative Governor who, during his term
of office, shall become bankrupt or incapacitated to act, or
express in writing his wish to resign, or omit for the space
of one year to attend any meeting, shall thereupon forth-
with vacate the office of Governor; and the Governors
shall cause an entry to be made in their minute book of
eveiy vacancy occasioned by any of the said causes, or by
the death or the expiration of the term of office of any
Representative Governor; and as soon as conveniently
ma^ be after occurrence of any vacancy a new Represen-
tative Governor shall be appointed by the body entitled as
aforesaid to make such appointment. Provided never-
theless that until any vacancy or vacancies shall be filled
up, the surviving and continuing Governors for the time
being (if sufficient in number to form a quorum) shall
have power to act for all the purposes of this Scheme.
Notice of the occurrence of anv vacancy in the office of
Representative Governor shall be given, as soon as conve-
niently may be, by or under the diiiection of the Governors
to the proper electing body or the clerk, if any, or other
acting officer of such body.

8. Every Governor shall, at or before the first meeting
which he attends upon his first or any subsequent appoint-
ment, sign a memorandum declaring his acceptance of the
office of Governor, and his ^dllingness to act m the truste
of this Scheme. And until he has signed such a memo-
randum he shall not be entitled to discharge the functions
of a Grovemor.

9. The Grovemors shall hold meetings in some con-
venient place in Landrake with St. Erney, or the neigh-
bourhood, as often as may be found necessary or desirable,
and at least twice in each year, on and at convenient days
and times to be appointed bv themselves, and to be notified
to each Governor by the derk, if any, or by some other

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