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person acting under the direction of the Governors, at least
seven days previously to every meeting.

10. A preliminaiy meeting for the arrangement of the
conduct of the business shall be held upon the summons
of the Vicar of Landrake with St. Erney, upon some day
to be fixed by him, being within one calendar month after
the time at which, under the provisions herein contained,
the administration of the Foundation shall, subject as here-
in mentioned, be assumed by the Governors in place of the
present Governing Body.

1 1 . The Governors shall, at the said preliminary meeting,
and afterwards at their first meeting in each year, elect one
of their number to be Chairman of their meetings for the
current year, and they shall also make regulations for
supplying his ^ !'ace in case of his death, resignation, or
absence during his term of office. The Chairman shall
always bs re-eligible.

Quomm •
and voting.








12. A quorum shall be constituted when three Governors
are present at a meeting. All matters and questions shall
be aetermined by the mi^'ority of the Governors present at
a duly constituted meeting ; and in case of equality of votes
the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.

13. The Chairman or an^ two Governors may at any
time summon a special meeting for any cause that seems to
him or them sufficient. All special meetings shall be con-
vened by or under the direction of the pmon or persons
summoning the meeting by notice in writing delivered or
sent by post to each Governor, specifying the object of the
meeting. And it shall be the duty of the clerk, if any, to
give such notice when required by the Chairman or by any
Governors having a right to summon such meeting.

14. A minute book and proper book of account shall be Minutei
provided by the Governors, and kept in some convenient

and secure place of deposit to bs provided or appointed by
them for that purpose, and minutes of the entiy into office
of every new Governor, and of all proceedmgs of the
Governors, shall be entered in such minute book.

15. So soon as the fiill number of Governors shall have
been completed according to the provisions of this Scheme,
or upon tne expiration of the first three calendar months
after the date of this Scheme, if the full number of
Governors shall not then have been completed, the admini-
stration of the Foundation shall, subject as herein
mentioned, be assumed and exercised by the said Governors
in place of the Company, and the Company shall there-
upon, subject as herein mentioned, become ipso facto
removed and discharged irom their office of Governing
Body of the School. In the meantime the Foundation
shall continue to be administered and managed so far as
may be necessary by the Company as nearly as may be in
conformity with the provisions of this Scheme. The
aforesaid time of three calendar months may be extended,
if necessary, by an order of the Charity Commissioners,
made upon the application of the Company or of any one
or more of the Governors, if any.

16. So f&T as may be practicable and convenient the
school may be carried on as heretofore until the school
buildings aforesaid are ready for occupation, or until such
other time as may, with the approval of the Charity Com-
missioners, be fixed by the body for the time being having
the administration of the School under this Scheme. At
the expiration of the time so fixed Mr. Robert Foreman,
the present Master, shall cease to hold office, and the
Governors shall thenceforth pay to him the yearly sum of
50^. during his life.

17. The Governors shall take all rec|uisite measures for
bringing the provisions of this Scheme into active operation
for the regulation of the School as soon as practicable, and
they shall have power to make all suitable and proper ar-
rangements for that purpose.

school ar-

as to School
to be
into opera-
tion as soon

The School.


for tuition.

The School and its Management.

18. The School, subject to the special provisions of this
Scheme, shall be conducted as a Public Elementary School
under section 7 of the Elementary Education Act, 1870.

19. The Governors shall appoint, pay, and at their
pleasure dismiss all teachers in we School, and subject to
any regulations of the Education Department, shall have
power to regulate and prescribe from time to time their
respective qualifications. The principal teacher shall be a
member of the Church of England.

20. All scholars shall pay such tuition fees as the
Governors shall fix from time to time, no such fee, except
as herein -after provided, being at the rate of more than 9d,
a week.

21. Religious instruction shall be given in the School Intgruction
under such regulations as shall be made from time to time

by the Governors. Such instruction shall be in accordance
with the doctrines of the Church of England. Subject to
the control of the Governors instiuction in the subjects re-
Guired by the regulations of the Education Department
^all also be given in the school according to the classi-
fication and arrangements made by the principal Teacher.

22. The parent or guardian of or person liable to main-
tain, or having the actual custodv of anv day scholar nuiy
claim, by notice in writing addressed to the principal



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the purchase of lands, houses and ground rents in London
in fee for building and repairing the almshouses and main-
tenance of the poor therem.

The hospital or almshouse in the Kingsland Road,
which consists of 14 houses and a chapel under one roof,
each house containing four rooms, was built about the

of Edu-
cation De-

Upper De-

Pi^yment of


for tuition.

Secular in-

Annual exa<

ships aud

Teacher, the exemption of such scholar from attending
prayer or religious worship, or from any lesson or series of
lessons on a religious sumect, and such scholar shall be
exempted accordingly, and a scholar shall not, by reason
of any exemption from attending prayer or religious wor-
ship, or from any lesson or series of lessons on a religious
subject, be deprived of any advantage or emolument in the
School to which he or she would otherwise have been
entitled. If any teacher, in the course of other lessons at
which any such scholar is in accordance with the ordinary
rules of the School present, shall teach systematically and
persistently any particular religious doctrine, from the
teaching of which any exemption has been claimed, as in
this clause before provided, the Governors shall, on com-
plaint made in writing to them by the parent, guardian, or
person liable to maintain or having the actual custody of
such scholar, hear the complainant and inquire into the
circumstances, and if the complaint is judged to be reason-
able, make all proper provisions for remedying the matter
complained of.

23. The Governors shall not be precluded by any pro-
vision in this Scheme from conforming to any regulations
which the Education Department under the Elementary
Education Act, 1870, or under any authority, may impose
as the conditions of a grant of money, provided that such
regulations shall not be inconsistent with the provisions of
the Endowed Schools Acts, 1869, 1873, and 1874, or with
the maintenance of an Upper Department as herein pro-

24. There shall be in the School an Upper Department
for the purposes of a higher than elementary education.
No boy or girl shall be admitted into this Department
without satisfactorily passing an examination conducted by
or under the direction of the principal Teacher. Such
examination shall be graduated according to the age of the
boy or girl, and shall be regulated in other particulars from
time to time by or under the directions of the Governors,
but shall never for any boy or girl fall below the following
standard : —

Reading poetry or prose.

Writing from dictation.

Sums in simple and compound rules of arithmetic, with

the multiplication table and the tables of weights and

A knowledge of the chief divisions of the world, and of

the nature of a map.

25. The principal Teacher shall receive payment at the
rate of 2/. yearly for each scholar in the Upper Depart-
ment, besides any payment to which he may otherwise be
entitled under the Foundation.

26. The tuition fee for a scholar in the Upper Depart-
ment shall be at the rate of not less than 1/. 10*. nor more
than 41. a year. No extra or additional payment of any
kind shall be allowed without the sanction of the Governors
and the written consent of the parent or person acting in
the place of parent of the scholar concerned.

27. The secular instruction in the Upper Department
shall include the following subjects, or so many of them as
may be practicable : —

English grammar, composition, and literature.

Geography and history.

Book-keeping and mensuration.

Elements of geometry and algebra.

Natural science.

Latin or some foreign modem language, or both.

Drawing and drill.

Vocal music.

28. Unless the scholars in the Upper Department have
been examined in the special subjects proper thereto by Her
Majesty's Inspector of the School at his last annual in-
snection, there shall be once in every year an examination
of them by an Examiner appointed for that purpose by
the Governors, and pa?d by tnem, but otherwise uncon-
nected with the School. Such Examiner shall report to
the Governors on the proficiency of the scholars and on the
condition of the Upper Department as regards instruction
and discipline, as shown by the result of the examination.
The Governors shall communicate the report to the princi-
pal Teacher.

29. The Governors shall, when the said pension ceases
to be payable, apply a sum not exceeding 20/. yearly under
such reasoni^le regulations as they may from time to time

prescribe in the advancement of the education of boys and
girls in the parish of Landrake with St. Emey, in the
following ways or one of them :

(1.) Providing Scholarships tenable in the Upper De-
partment, to be awarded to the most deserving
scholars who have been educated in the School
for at least three years, and have passed the ex-
amination suitable to their age at the hist annual
examination by Her Majesty's Inspector.

(2.) Providing an Exhibition or Exhibitions of a yearly
value not exceeding 10/. each, to be competed for
by scholars in the Upper Department, and to be
tenable at any place of higher education or of
professional or technical study, under such con-
ditions as the Governors may think fit.

30. After defraying the expenses of management and of AppUntkc
the repairs of the school buildings, and providing for the « »«M*«e-
said pension and the weekly payment of 2*. herein-after
mentioned, and making such payments in respect of the
Upper Department and Scholarships and Exhibitions as
aforesaid, the income of the Foundation shall be applied
for the other purposes of this Soheme.


31. The Governors shall upply the sum of 2s, weekly Weekly
for bread for the poor inhabitants of the united parish of jiy"**'^
Landrake with St. Erney,to be distributed by the Church- ^^^"^
wardens thereof according to the will of the Founder as

32. The Governors may receive any additional donations
or endowments for the general purposes of the Foun-
dation. They ma^ also receive donations or endowments
for any special objects connected with the School which
shall not be inconsistent with or calculated to impede the
due Working of the provisions of this Scheme. Any ques-
tion arising upon this last point shall be reiferred to the
Charity Commissioners for decision.

33. Within the limits prescribed by this Soheme the
Governors shall have full power from time to time to make
regulations for the conduct of their business and for the
management of the Foundation, and such regulations shall
be binding on all persons affect^ thereby.

34. Any question affecting the regularity or the validitr
of any proceeding under this Scheme, shall be determined
conclusively by the Charity Commissioners upon such
application, made to them for the purpose as tney think

36. If any doubt or question arises among the Governors
or the Company as to the proper construction or appUca-
tion of any of the provisions of this Scheme, the Governors
or the Companjr, as the case may be, shidl apply to the
Charity Commissioners for their opinion and advice
thereon, which opinion and advice when given shaD be
binding on the Governors and the Company and all oer-
sons claiming under the Trust who shall be affected by'the
question so decided.

36. From the date of this Scheme all jurisdiction of the
Ordinary relating to or arising from the licensing of any
Master in the School shall be abolished.

37. The Charity Commissioners may from time to time,
in the exercise of their ordinary jurisdiction, f^ame Schemes
Tor the alteration of any portions of this Scheme, provided
that such Schemes be not inconsistent with anything con-
tained in the Endowed Schools Acts, 1869, 1873, and

38. From and after the date of this Scheme the Foun- FtoondatkA
dation shall for every purpose, except as herein provided, *» *»
be administered and governed wholly and exclusively in SS^^^
accordance with the provisions of this Scheme, notwith- ^ tlut
standing any former or other Scheme, Act of Parliunent, *^*««-
Charter or Letters Patent, statute, or instrument relating
to the subject matter of this Scheme.

39. The Governors shall cause this Scheme to beprinted Seliemeto
and a copy to be given to every Governor and Teacher, ^I'l^^
upon their respective appointments, and copies may be **^
sold at a reasonable price to all persons api^ying for the

40. The (late of this Scheme shall be the day on which D**e <rf
Her Majesty by Order in Council declares Her approlmtion ^***«™«-
of it.

to Bake





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year 1715, at an expense of nearly 4,500/. upon two pieces
of ground conveyed to the Company by indentures of
lease and release, the releases dated respectively the 2nd
March 1712 and 29th March 1716. The cost of the build-
ing being defrayed out of the surplus in the hands of the
trustees, and such rents and intenssts as had accumulated
according to the decree in Chancery of 1708.

There is a resident chaplain who occupies four rooms, a
matron who has five rooms, and a laundress with two rooms,
and the rest of the rooms are occupied separately by the

It appears by the Report of the Commissioners of In-
quiry that a scheme was settled in 1808 for the govern-
ment of this Charity. This scheme which was in force and
acted upon at the time of the Conunissioners' Report,
continued in operation until 1834. In that year the
Ironmongers' Company presented a petition to the Lord
Chancellor, stating the alteration which had taken place
in the estate and circumstances of the Charity, and praying
that a further scheme might be settled for its administra-

By an order of the Court of the 24th December \SM, it
was referred to the Master to make the inquiries and ap-
prove of the scheme as therein mentioned. The Master by
his report of the 2nd December 1835, set forth the scheme
which he had considered and approved, and which was as
follows : —

Ist. To apply yeariy so much of the said surplus income
as with the sum of 175/. 10«. allowed by the Master for
pnsions and gowns will be sufficient to pay to each of the
inhabitants of the said almshouses, who shall from time to
time be elected to receive tibe benefit of the said Charity,
not less than 61. and not more than 12/. for a pension and
15«. for a gown.

2nd. To apply any sum of money not exceeding 100/.
in the purchase of coals for the supply of the said alms-

3rd. To apply so much money as with the 16/. allowed
by the Master will be sufficient from time to time to pay
the general taxes payable in respect of the said premises.

4tn. To apply yearlv out of the said surplus income in
payment to the said clerk of the said trustees the sum of
sol, to the matron 34/., to the apothecary 6/. 5s., to the
chapel clerk 71.^ to the ground keeper 8/., in addition to
the salaries allowed to them respectively by the Master.

5th. To apply yearly in payment to the said gate keeper
a salary of Ivl, per annum.

6th. To apply in the common and ordinary repairs of
the almhouses and chapel so much as with the 50/. per
annum allowed by the Master will be necessary for the
purpose, but such repairs not in the whole to exceed 130/.
per annum on an average.

7th. To the chaplain 75/. per annum.

8th. To apply 14/. 14s. per annum in payment of the
expences of the Committee, and 12/. 12^. for gas, for light-
ing the almshouses.

The Report was confirmed by an Order dated the 23rd
December 1835.

The property of this portion of the Charity is as fol-
lows : —

Tenancies. Rent.


A house at Amen Corner
Paternoster Row, Lon-

(The Company insures
and is repaid by the

Eight houses, Nos. 1 to 8,
White Friars Street,

(^Same observation as to
the insurance).

Fee fturm rent payable
ftrom Elham, near
Canterbury, Kent.

An undivided share of an
estate of 103 acres of
land at East Ham,

(There are no build-
ings on the land).

£ s.
Lease to John Mor-
gan for 21 years
from Christmas,
1852 - - - 120

Lease to Wm. Edw.
Hickson for 84
years from Lady-
day 1841 . - 200

Sir Henry Oxen-
den, owner of the

Lease for 14 years
to Wm. Adams,
from Michaeknae,
1854 at 450/.

70 5

The share of this branch
of the Charity of the
estate is in the propor-
tion which 5,563 bears
to 3,687, that is to say
about H parts, say

£ s. d.


The following stocks which formerly con-
sisted of South Sea Annuities have been con-
verted into —

f standing in the

l,247/.19«.7(i. Consols


1,616/. \5s. 4d, Reduced

name of the Ac-
countant - Gene-
ral of Court of
Chancery to the
credit of the ori-
ginal cause of the
Company v.

Under the scheme of 1808 it was directed
that investments should be made and accumu-
lated for the purpose of establishing a perma«
nent fund for repairing and rebuilding the
almshouses. In pursuance of this order there
has been an accumulation of stock now
amounting to 7,297/. Il5. Consols standing with
other Kke stocks in the corporate name of the
Company in the Bank books -

36 10 1

47 10 1

214 7 10
^958 13

The deed of 1711 before referred to after
specifying the portions of the property
therein conveyed which are specifically ap-
propriated to the two first charities respec-
tively, proceeds to declare the trusts of the
remaining property as follows : And also all
and eveiy the rents, issues, and profits of the
premises conveyed by the said deed, that the
same should be paid and applied by the said
Company towards the erectmg and building
of an almshouse and maintenance of the
people to be harboured therein, and to the
reparation of the almshouse as occasion should
reouire according to the wilL

The property at Charing Cross to which
this portion of the (yharitv became entitled
under this deed, was the whole of which the
trusts were not declared for the two pre-
ceding charities. In respect of this property
8,500/. 15*. Con8(^8 were (as has been before
stated) appropriated to the almshouses, and
of this 5,703. lis, 3d. Consols, were sold out
and formed part of the purchase money of the
East Ham Estate, leaving in Court belong-
ing to the almshouses' charity, a sum of
2,797/. Ss. Ud. Consols, the dividends on
which are -

82 3 4

£]fi40 16 4

It was proposed by the Company (as found by the
Master's Report of the 2nd December'l835) that 100/. per
annum out of the interest of the 7»297l. lis. accumulated
building fund should, with its accumulations be invested
in Consols for forming an additional fund for rebuilding
and substantially repairing the almshouses and chapel, and
the Master found that the 7,297/. lis. stock would not be
sufficient as a reserve fund, and he was of opinion that no
part of the said principal sum should be applied to the
charitable purposes directed by the said will otherwise than
that the same should be set apart or continued as a build-
ing fund, and that out of tne annual dividends arising
therefrom, amounting to 218/. 18*. 6d. the sum of lOOf.
should be annually taken and added to the said principal
sum for the purpos&.of ftRcnmulating of and for reouilding
and substantially repairing the said almshouses.. And he
was also of opinion that the residue of the dividends of the
said principal sum, amounting to the sum of 118/. ISs. 6d,,

By an order of the board, dated the 3rd of March
1882, the Company being willing to regard the sum of
38/. 18J;. part of the cost of the erection in accordance with
plans and specifications approved by the Education De-
partment, and upon a site gratuitously conveyed to the

Company by the Earl of Mount Edgoumbe, of suitable
school buildings in the parish of Landrake with St. Erney,
were authorised to place the balance, amounting to the
sum of 884/. S$. 4d., of such cost to the debic oi the ac-
count of the Foundation with the Company, and to provide


Digitized by




and tlie surplus income then arising ^m the original
estate should be applied to the charitable purposes directed
bv the said will and for the payment of a sahur to the
chaplain and the several other persons employed by the
trustees in and about the business of the trusts.

Brought forward
By the accumulation thus sanctioned, and
which has been observed, a further sum of
3,4242. 18s. Irf. (not 3,492^. be. Ud, as
stated in the accounts rendered for 1859)
has been invested on this account, pro-
ducing yearly - - - .

£ s.
1,040 16

£1,143 16 4


From the gross income to June for the year
1859-60 there was invested in respect
of the lOOZ. a year and two dividends on
the lesser accumulated fund

Surveyor, 1859-60 (varying) -

Repairs, 1859-60

Rates and taxes on the almshouses -

Insurance of almshouses

The disbursements on account of the
Charity are —

£ ». d.
42 pensioners at 8/. a year each (occasional

vacancies) - - - 328
One gown for each, annually commuted to a

payment of 15*. each '- - - 31 10

- 198 16





- 43






£345 14


famihes, but an aged person is refused liberty to have the
company of a daughter. At present all receive the same
aUowances excepting the additions made in resp«5t of the
offices they hold in one or two cases.*

Hallwood's Charity.

Thomas Hallwood, by his will, 20th April 1622, gave to
the Company 400Z. to pay such rents and profits as should
grow half-yearly for the maintenance for three years of four
poor scholars, two of Maudlin College, Oxford, and two of
Chnst's College, Cambridge, being divinity students, the
donor's kmdred to be preferred.

The fund is not distinguished, but the Company pay

four students 4Z. a year ea<5h. They are nominated by the

= Oonapany, on appUcation, with certificate of residence and

good conduct. New nominations are made every three

years. ^

d. The payments of 40«. a year to the wardens of the Com-

Emy are not made. The 4/. a year is generally added to
ewm's gift to students ; the study of divinity is not made
a special condition.

Mary Hanbey's Gift.

Mary Hanbey bv her wiU, 16th Februanr 1796, gave to
the Company 300/. Reduced Annuities upon trust every
four years to paint and repair the monument of her hus-
band at St. Luke's, and distribute the remainder to the
poor freemen of the Company.

The Company hold the stock in their corporate names,
and apply so much as is necessary in repair of the tomb
and distribute the residue to poor freemen every four
years. On the last occasion, the 6th July 1858, 19 pen-

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