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occasioned by any of the said causes, or by the death or the
expiration of the term of office of any nominated governor ;
and as soon as conveniently may be after the occurrence of
any vacancy a new nominated governor shall be appointed
by the body entitled as aforesaid to make such appoint-
ment. Any governor may be re-appointed. Notice of the
occurrence of every vacancy of the office of nominated
governor shall be given as soon as conveniently may be by
or under the direction of the governors to the proper elect-
ing body or the clerk, if any, or other acting officer of such

10. Every governor shall, at or before the first meeting
which he attends upon his first or any subsequent entry into
office, sign a memorandum declaring his acceptance of the
office of governor, and his willingness to act m the trusts
of this sdieme. And until he has signed such a memo-
randum he shall not be entitled to act as a governor.

11. The governors shall hold meetings in some conve-
nient place in Greenwich, or elsewhere, as often as may be
found necessary or desirable, and at least twice in each
year, in Greenwich, on and at convenient days and times
to be appointed by themselves, and to be notified to each
governor by the clerk, if any, or by some other person act-
ing under the direction of the governors, at least seven days
before every meeting.

12. A preliminary meeting for the arrangement of the
conduct of the business shall be held upon the summons of
the vicar of St. Alphege, Greenwich, upon some day to be
fijced by him, being within one calendar month after the
time at which, under the provisions herein contained, the
administration of the foundation shall, subject as herein
provided, pass to the governors.

13. The governors shall, at the said preliminary meeting,
and afterwards at their first meeting in each year, elect one
of their number to be chairman of their meetings for the
current year, and they shall also make regulations for sup-
plying his place in case of his death, resignation, or absence
during his term of office. The chairman shall always be

14. A quorum shall be constituted when five governors
are present at a meeting. All matters and questions, ex-
cept as herein provided, shall be determined by the majority
of the governors present at a duly constituted meeting ; and



by f^over-
nors on
entry into

Meetings of



and foting.

Digitized by




Buck's Charity.

Robert Buck, by bis will of tbe 17tb November 1620,
f^ave to the Drapers* Company 300^., to be lent to three
joung men at 3/. 6s. Sd. per cent., and the produce paid

on the 8th November to 40 poor men and women of the
Company receiving no other pension of any other men's
gifts. The 300/. forms part of the 3,811/. 10«. 6d, men-
tioned in Clonne's Charity, and the 10/. a year is appro-


ment of




Transfer of
tion of foun-
dation to

may act
body not

in case of equality of votes the chairman shall have a second
or casting vote. Whenever the decision on any matter or
question so determined is carried by the votes of less than
a majority of the number of governors for the time being,
any two governors may, within 16 days from the day of the
decision, require by a notice addressed to the chairman of
the meeting that the decision shall be once reconsidered at
a special meeting, to be held not later than one calendar
month next after such decision.

15. The chairman or any two governors may at any time
Bunmion a special meeting for any cause that seems to hira
or them suillcient. All special meetings shall be convened
by or under the direction of the person or persons sum-
moning the meeting by notice in writing delivered or sent
by post to each governor, specifying the object of the meet-
ing. And it shall be the duty of the clerk, if any, to give
such notice when required by the chairman or by any two

16. If a sufficient number of governors to form a quorum
are not present at any meeting, or if the business at any
meeting is not fully completed, those present may adjourn
the meeting to a subsequent day and time, of which notice
shall be given in manner aforesaid to each governor.

17. A minute book and proper books of account shall
be provided and kept by the governors, and minutes of the
eniiy into office of every new governor, and of all proceed-
ings of the governors, shall be entered in such minute

18. ITie governors shall cause full accounts to be kept
of their receipts and expenditure in respect of the founda-
tion 5 and such accounts shall be stated for each year, and
examined and passed by the governors at the first meeting
in the ensuing year, unless some other meeting shall he
appointed for the purpose with the approval of the Charity
Commissioners. A copy of the accounts so passed shall be
signed by the chairman of the meeting.

The governors shall cause sufficient abstracts of the
accounts to be published annually for general information .
Such abstracts shall be in the form B given in the schedule
hereto, unless some other form is prescribed by the Charity
Commissioners, in which case the form so prescribed shall
be followed.

19. The governors may from time to time make such
arrangements as they may find most fitting for the custody
of all deeds and other documents belonging to the foun-
dation, for the deposit of money, for the drawing of cheques,
and also for the appointment of a clerk, or of any neces-
sary agents ar other proper officers for their assistance in
tbe conduct of the business of the foundation, at such
reasonable salaries or scale of remuneration as shall be
approved by the Charity Commissioners, but no governor
acting as such cle^k or officer shall be entitled to any
salary or remuneration.

20. So soon as the full number of governors shall have
been completed according to the provisions of this scheme,
or upon tne expiration of the first three calendar months
after the date of this scheme, if the full number of gover-
nors shall not then have been comj)leted, the administra-
tion of the foundation shall, subject as herein provided,
pass to the governors in place of the present governing
body, and such governing body shall thereupon, subject as
herein provided, Lecome ipso facto removed and discharged
from their office, and shall cause all deeds, minute and
account books, and other papers and documents belonging
or relating to the foundation, except such as are needful
to be retained by them for the management of the estates
and property of the foundation by them as herein provided,
and all cash balances (except a sufficient balance for current
expenses of management), and personal effects belonging
thereto, and not herein required to be transferred to the
Official Trustees of Charitable Funds, to be transferred to the
governors as they shall direct. In the meantime the
foundation shall continue to be administered and managed
so far as may be necessary by the present governing body
as nearly as may be in conformity with the provisions of
this scheme. The aforesaid time of three calendar months
may be extended, if necessary, by an order of the Charity
Commissionere, made upon the application of any one or
more o^" the present governing body, or of the governors, if

21. After the administration of the foundation has passed,
subject us herein provided, to the governors as aforesaid, the
governors for the time being, if a quorum is coastituted,
may act for all the purposes of this scheme, although the
governing body as herein-before constituted is not full.

Diy school

School !!Jte
and build-



22. The governors shall take all proper measures for Oarryinr
carrying the provisions of this scheme into effect as soon J^®^°'*^
as practicable.

23. Any jiayment, or exemption from payment, or other f*^>»«of
benefit to which any boy who was on the 27th day of Sep- 2Si^°^
tember 1878, being the date of the publication of this
scheme, on the foundation is legally entitled thereunder

shall be continued to him.

The School and its Management.

24. The school of the foundation shall be for boys, and
shall be maintained in or near the parish of Greenwich, and
shall be a day school only.

26. As soon as conveniently may be the governors shall
provide upon some convenient site in or near the parish of
Greenwich, and if it may be, near the river side, proper
school buildings suitable for not less than 200 day scholars,
and planned with a view to convenient extension, and may
apply for the purpose a sufficient sum, and such sum shall
accordingljr on the application of the governors be provided
or raised, if needful, by the Company out of the capital en-
dowment or property of the foundation by sale or otherwise,
but for all the purposes of this clause the governors and
the Company shall act subject to the consent and approval
of the Charity Commissioners. The site and buildings so
provided shall be transferred to the Official Trustee of
Charity Lands and his successors in trust for the founda-
tion, and shall be managed exclusively by the governors.

26. There shall be a head master of the school. He
shall be a graduate of some university in the United King-
dom, or have such other qualification or certificate or other
test of his attainment as may be fixpd from time to time
by any regulation of the governors, approved by the
Charity Commissioners. Every head master shall be ap-
pointfed by the >([overnors at some meeting to be called for
that purpose, as soon as conveniently may be after the
occurrence of a vacancy, or after notice or an intended
vacancy. In order to obtain the best candidates, the gover-
nors shall, -for a sufficient time before making any appoint-
ment, give public notice of the vacancy and invite appli-
cants for the office by advertisements in newspapers, or by
such other methods as they may judge 1)est calculated to
secure the object.

27. The governors may dismiss the head master without
assigning cause, after six calendar months written notice,
given to him in pursuance of a resolution passed at two
consecutive meetings held at an interval of at least four-
teen days, and convened foj* that purpose, sucb resolution
being affirmed at each meeting by not less than two thirds
of the governors present.

The governors for what in their opinion is urgent cause
may by resolution passed at a special meeting convened
for that purpose, and affirmed by not less than two thirds
of the whole number of governors for the time being, de-
clare that the head master ought to be dismissed from his
office, without the aforesaid notice, and in that case they
may appoint another special meeting to be held not less
than a week after the former one, and may then by a simi-
lar resolution, affirmed by as large a proportion of governors,
absolutely and finally dismiss him. And if the governors
assembled at the first of such meetings think fit at once to
suspend the head master fiom his office until the next
meeting, they may do so by resolution affirmed by as large
a proportion of governors. Full notice and opportunity
of defence at both meetings shall be given to the head

28. Every future head master, before entering office,
shall sign a declaration, to be entered in the minute book
of the governors, to the following effect : —

" 1, , declare that I will always to

the best of my ability discharge the duties of head master
of Sir William Boreman*s Nautical School at Greenwich
during my tenure of the office, and that if I am removed
by the governors, I will acquiesce in euch remo\-al, and will
thereupon relinquish all claim to the mastership and its
future emoluments, and will deliver up to the governors,
or as they direct, possession of all the property of the school
then in my possession or occupation."

29. The head master shall dwell in the residence, if any,
assigned for him. He shall have the occupation and use
of sucb residence and of any other property of the school of
which he becomes the occupant as such head master, in re-
spect of his official character and duties, and not as tenant,
and shall, if removed from his office, deliver up possession
of such residence and other property to the governors, or


by head


Digitized by





master not
to have
other em-

Masters not



Masters not
other than




over school



to consider
of the head

master OTer


for school

Income of



for entrance
and tuition.

priated to the penflions of the poor on the roll mentioned
ID Kendrick's Charity.

Campr's Charity.

Lawrence Campe, hj an indenture of the 17th March
1612, gave (inter aha) 51. a year to the Drapers' Company

as they direct. He shall not, except with the permission
of the governors, permit any person not being a member
of his family to occupy such residence or any part thereof.

30. The head master shall ffive his personal attention to
the duties of the school, and during his tenure of office he
shall not hold any benefice having the cure of souls, or
undertake any office or employment which, in ihe opinion
of the governors, may interfere with the proper performance
of his duties as head master.

31. No head or assistant master of the school shall be a

32. Neither the head master nor any assistant master
shall receive or demand Arom any boy in the school, or from
any person whomsoever on behalf of any such boy, any
gratuily, fee, or payment, except such as are prescribed or
authorised by this scheme.

33. Within the limits fixed by this scheme, the governors
shall prescribe the general subjects of instruction, the
relative prominence and value to be assi^ed to each group
of subjects, the arrangements respecting the school terms,
vacations, and holidays, and the payments of day scholars.
They shall take genend supervision of the sanitary condi-
tion of the buildings and arrangements. They shall deter-
mine what number of assistant masters shall be employed.
They shall every year assign the amount which they think
proper to be contributed out of the income of the founda-
tion for the purpose of maintaining assistant masters and
providing and maintaining a proper school plant or appa-
ratus, and otherwise furthering tne current objects ana the
efficiency of the school.

34. Before making any regulations under the last fore-
going clause the governors shall consult the head master in
such a manner as to give him full opportunity for the ex-
pression of his views. The head master may also from
tune to time submit ]m>posals to the governors for making
or altering regulations concerning any matter within the
province of the governcHrs. The governors shall fully con-
sider any such expression of views or proposals, and shall
decide upon them.

35. Subject to the rules prescribed by or under the
authority of this scheme, the head master shall have under
his control the choice of books, the method of teaching,
the arrangement of classes and school hours, and generalfy
the whole internal organisation, management, and disci-
pline of the school, including the power of suspending boys
from attendance at the school, for any adequate cause to
be judged of by him, but upon suspending any boy he
shall forthi^aih report the case to the governors, and the
governors shall thereupon remit or confirm such suspension
or expel the boy as they think fit.

36. The head master shall have the sole power of ap-
pointing and ma^ at pleasure dismiss all assistant masters,
and shall determine, subject to the approval of the gover-
nors, in what proportions the sum assigned by the governors
for the maintenance of assistant masters, or thv other
current objects of the school shall be divided among the
various persons and objects for which it is assigned in the
aggregate. And the governors shall pay the same accord-
ingly, either through the hands of the head master or
duectly as they think best.

37. The head master shall receive a fixed yearly stipend
of 150/. He shall also be entitled to receive a further or
capitation payment calculated on such a scale, uniform or
graduated, as may be fixed from time to time by the
governors, at the rate of not less than 1/. nor more than
2/. a year for each boy attending the school, llie governors
may arrange so that if in any of the first three years from
the first appointment of a head master under this scheme
the income of the head master under the foregoing provi-
sions of this clause is less than 300/., the difference shall in
such year be made up to him out of the income of the

38. All boys, exoei>t as herein-after provided, shall pay
entrance fees on admission to the school, and such tuition
fees as may be fixed from time to time bv the governors,
provided that no such entrance fee shall be more than 1/.
and that no such tuition fee shall be fixed at the rate of
less than 3/. or more than 6/. a year for any boy. Provided
nevertheless that all boys whose fathers are or, if dead,
were seamen, watermen, or fishermen and inhabitants of
the parish of Greenwich shall be admitted without payment
of any entrance fee, and shall be charged tuition fees at the
rate of one half of the tuition fees which would otherwise
be payable by such boys respectively. Except as aforesaid,

A 14546.

for the relief of their poor. The 5/. a year is received from
the churchwardens of St. John-the-Baptist, Walbrook, and
is carried to the fund of the charities general for the
" poor on the roll." (See Kendrick*s case.)

no difference in respect of entrance or tuition fees shall be
made between any scholars on account of place of birth or
residence. No extra or additional payment of any kind
shall be allowed without the sanction of the governors, and
the written consent of the parent or person occupying the
place of parent of the scholar concerned.

All payments for entrance and tuition fees shall be made
in advance to the head master, or to such other person as
the governors shall from time to time determine, and shall
be accounted for by the person receiving them to the
^vemors, and treated by them as part of the general
income of the foundation.

39. No boy shall be admitted into the school under the
age of seven years. No boy shall remain in the school after
the age of 15 years, or if he attains that age during a
school t»m then after the end of such term, except with
the permission of the governors, which in special cases may
be given upon the recommendation of the head master.

40. Subject to the provisions established by or under the
authority of this scheme, the school and all its advantages
shall be open to all boys of good character and sufficient
health who are residing with their parents, guardians, or
near rslations within degrees to be determined by the
governors. No boy not so residing shall be admitted to
the school without the special permission of the governors.

41. Applications for admission to the school shall be
made to the head master, or to some other person appointed
by the governors, according to a form to be approved of by
them, and delivered to all applicants.

42. The head master or some other person appointed by
the governors shall keep a register of applications for ad-
mission, showing the date of every application and of the
admission, withdrawal, or rejection of the appHcant, and
the cause of any rejection, and the age of each applicant.

43. Every applicant for admission shall be examined by
or under the direction of the head master, who shall
appoint convenient times for that purpose, and give reason-
able notice to the parents or next friends of the boy to be
so examined. No boy shall be admitted to the school
except after undergoing such examination and being found
fit for admission, lliose why are so found fit shall, if there
is room for them, be admitted in order according to the
date of their application, but if there is not room for all,
they shall be admitted in the following order of priority : —

(1.) Sons of watermen, seamen, or fishermen, mhaJsitants
of the parish of Greenwich, who have served in
the Royal Naval or Marine forces ;
(2.) Sons of watermen, seamen, or fishermen, inhabitants
of the parish of Greenwich, who have not so
(3.) Sons of parents who are, or, if dead, were inhabitants

of the parish of Greenwich ;
(4.) Other boys.

The examination for admission shall be graduated ac-
cording to the age of the boy, and shall be regulated in
other particulars from time to time by or under the direc-
tion of the governors, but it shall never for any boy ML
below the foUowing standard, that is to say : —

Writing firom dictation ;
Sums in the first two simple rules of arithmetic.

44. The parent or guardian of, or person liable to main-
tain or having the actual custody of, any scholar attending
the school as a day scholar may claim by notice in writing
addressed to the head master, the exemption of such scholar
from attending prayer or rehgious worship, or from any
lesson or series of lessons on a religious suoject, and such
scholar shall be exempted accordingly, and a scholar shall
not, by reason of any exemption from attending prayer or
religious worship, or from any lesson or series of lessons on
a rdigious subject, be deprived of any advantage or emolu-
ment in the school to which he would otherwise have been
entitled. If any teacher in the course of other lessons at
which any such scholar is in accordance with the ordinary
rules of the school present, shall teach systematically and
persistently any particular religious doctrine, from the
teaching of which any exemption has been claimed, as in
this clause before provided, the governors shall, on com-
plaint made in writing to them, by the parent, guardian,
or person liable to maintain or havmg the actual custody
of such scholar, hear the complainant, and inquire into the
circumstances, and if the complaint is judged to be
reasonable, make all proper provisions for remedying the
ioiatter complained of.

Ages for

To whom
school is

tions for





Digitized by




Crawley ob Cawlby*8 Charity.

William Gawley, as appears by an old book of the
Drapers' Company, directed them to pay 2L 3s, 4d,

annually to the mayor of Winchester for the use of the
poor of that city. The payment is annually made by the
Company on the receipt of the mayor.











ships for
boys from

ticing and
for boys.

for girls.

as to

46. Subject to the foregoing provision, religious instruc-
tion in accordance with the doctrines of the Church of
England shall be given in the school. Iiwtructkm sMl
also be given in the school in the following subjects :— '

Reading, writing, and arithmetic;

Greography and nistory ;

Englisii grammar^ composition, and literature ;

Pn^cal mathematics, and the application of steam
and machinery to navigation ;

Navigation and nautical astronomy ;

Surveying on land and water ;

At least one foreign European language ; .

Natural science;

Drawing, driU, and vocal music ;
and in such other su^ects as the governors shall from time
to time prescr^. Subject to iSie above provisions, the
eouisB of instruction shall proceed according to the classi-
fication and arrangements made by the head master.

46. There shall be once in every year an examination of
the scholars by an examiner or examiners appointed or
approved by the governors, but otherwise unconnected with

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