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elsewhere mentioned the progressi/e augmentation of the
stipends of the almspeo])le, which have increased the aggre-
gate amount of the excess of payments over receipts on the
" Charities General " to a much larger sum.

This aggregate excess in the same year was 1,235/. 2jr. 4d,
exclusive of large gifts of a charitable nature from the
funds of the Company not brought into the account of
" Charities General " to other poor of the Company."

Christopher Clarke's Charity.

Christopher Clarke, by his will of February 1671» gave

certain messuages and land in Whitechapel, on trust, to


«. d.
To the poor wardens - - 10

To the clerk- - - - 10

To the b^Eidle and porter - - 6 8

and the residue to the poorest freemen of the Company

who should be greatest objects of charity, 20s. each.
The property consists of the following particulars :—

£ s. d.

Nos. 66, 68, and 69, Whitechapel Road, let
to William Plumpton for 31 years, from
Michaelmas 1854 - - - - 86

(Permission to grant this lease was granted
under the seal of the Board, 20th June 1854,
on the terms therein mentioned).

Nos. 70, 71, Whitechapel Road, let to Charles
Champion for 21 years, from Christmas
1840 100

No. 72, Whitechapel Road, by lease for 21
years, from Christmas 1842, to Joseph
Skinner - - - - - 40

No. 73, Whitechapel Road, by lease for 21
years, to Christmas 1840, to John Savage - 45

Plots of land at Mile End,formerly 6a. Ir. I7ip.
(and of which about one acre has been
taken by the Eastern Counties Railway
Company), let to the representatives of John
Gardner, tenant from year to year - - 29 10

The sum of 376/. Os. bd. 31. per cent. Consols
standing in the name of the Accountant-
General of the Court of Chancery. This
is the produce of the 345/. received for land
taken by the Canal Company mentioned in
the report of the Commissioners of Inquiry,
vol. 32, part 2, page 443 - - - 11 5 8

The sum of 1,072/. 7s. 8d., 31. per cent.
Consols, produced by the sum of 1,000/.
cash, received from the ^Eastern Counties
Railway Company in respect of the acre of
land(above-iiientioned) formerly in Gardner's
occupation at Mile End - ' - - 32 3 5

A sum of 211/. I2s. 9d. Reduced 3/. per cent.
Annuities the produce of 200/. cash received
from the Eastern Counties Railway for a
small piece of land at Mile End, taken for
the railway - - - - -670

350 6 1

The estate is subject to a ground rent of 6s. 6d. to the
lord of the manor of Stepney in respect of the copyhold

I am informed that the property in the Whitechapel
Road is held not in fee simple, but subject to a lease,
dated the 16th January, 27(h Elixabeth (1585), granted by
Henry Lord Wentworth to Jolm Denton of part of the
waste soil or ground of the manor of Stevonheath for a
term of 500 years from the Michaelmas before the date
of the lease, reserving a rent of 20 pence a year. This
lease and the premises therein comprised was assigned to
John Clarke by deed of the 5th April 1610 for the
residue of the term. I do not observe that this is mentioned
in the report of the Commissioners of Inquiry.

There is paid to the wardens and clerks of the Drapers'
Company 1/. 6*. 8d.

The balance is paid to the account of the Charities
General ( see John Raine/s Charity) and applied for the
benefit of the poor of the Company.*

"^Christopher Clarke's Charity.

27th May 1864. By an order of the Board of Charity
Commissioners of this date, the Company were authorised
to sell, for the sum of 3,000/., a field containing
la. 3r. 37p. situate on the western bank of the Regent^
Canal at Mile End.

13th April 1865. By an order of the said Board of this

date, the Company were authorised to sell, for the sum of
3,500/., a piece of land containing 2a. Or* 12p. situate on
the east side of the Regent's Canal at Mile End.

The above sales were subsequently completed, and the
purchase money invested in Consols in the name of the
Official Trustees of Charitable Funds, in accordance with
the directions contained in the respective orders.

R 8

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Frances Clarke's Charity.
Frances Clarke, widow of Roger Clarke, gave 200?.
to the Drapers* Company, and by an indenture of the
16th Febnwry 1608 the Company covenanted with her
to pay to the poor prisoners in the Compter, Wood Street,
10^ a year at Midsummer and Christmas for releasing
them out of prison or relieving them if they lie tbere, as
should be most agreeable to charity.

The Company desire the Governor of Whitecross Street
Prison to acquaint them annually with the names of
prisoners for debt who can be released at the expense of a
sum not exceeding 5/. The governor in conformity with
this application supplied the Company (in 1860) with a
list 01 twenty-three prisoners who could be released by
the Insolvent Debtors Court, or by arrangement, for sums
varying from 61. to 21. 2s., making up the sum of
109/. 16*. 6d. (the exact sum which the clerk of the Com-
pany had in his letter intimated that the Company could
bestow). This fimd was made up as follows :—

£ s. d,
Clarke's Charity - - - 10

Kendrick's Charity • - 72 16 6

Ogbom's „ - .2/00,

109 16 6

Clonne's Charity.

Owen Clonne, by his will of the 22nd August 1563,
gave to the Company his lands and tenements in the
parishes of St. Andrew Hubert, St. Mai'garet Pattens,
and St. Mary at Hill, on trust, to sell the same and lend
the produce to 10 young men of the Company for £ve years
at 51. per cent., and distribute the profit to the poorest
householders of the Company.

The Commissioners of Inquiry, after mentioning the sale
of the preimses for 1,100/., observe that with regard to
this ana several other sums of money held in trust to
lend at different rates of interest and to apply to other
charitable uses, the Company paid the income without
making any such loans, and that upon the question of the
manner in which the Companv were bound to comply
with the loan trusts the case had been certified to the

An information ex-officio was filed by the Attorney-
General in February 1839 (which was afterwards amended)
against the Drapers' Company, stating the following
bequests and gifts : —

Owen Clonne
John Heydon
John Quarls
Henry Ji^ -
Dame Mary Ramsay
Lawrence Thompson
Roger Cotton
Wuliam Cotton
Sir John Jolles
Huffh Johnson
Nicholas Wheeler
Robert Buck
Sir Allen Cotton
Robert Wilson
Sir George Garrett
Martin Hall
Sir Thomas Adams
Robert Winch
Giles Bloomer

and praying for the establishment of a scheme.

The information was heard before the Master of the
Rolls on the 12th November 1841, and by his order it was
referred to the master in rotation to approve of a proper
scheme for the administration and regulation of such
charities, and a scheme was accordingly approved by the
report of Sir George Rose of the 14ih December 1843,
which was (with some slight alterations) confirmed by
order of the Court of the 20th February 1844, under
which order it was declared that the stun of 3,960/. was
in* the hands of we Company iso be applied on loans,' "ks
mentioned in the scheme, out of which the taxed costs,
amounting to 148/. 9s, 6</., were to be paid, which 1^
3,811/. 1&. Sd. in the hands of the Company, which was
in accordance with the scheme invested in the purchase
of 4,246/. 8#. \\d. Consols in the corporate name of the

The Company in pmrsuance of the arrangement
expressed in the scheme executed a deed poll under their
























common seal, dated the 22nd June 1843, reciting the pro-
ceedings in the suit, the scheme, and the resolution of
the Court of Assistants of the 9th March 1843, that the
master, wardens, and clerk should be authorised to make
the several payments mentioned in the schedule, amount-
ing in the whole to 163/. I5s. 4c/., although it might
happen the principal moneys from which the same should
arise might be wholly or partiallv lost, it was thereby
declared that the Fraternity should from time to time cause
the same annual sum of 163/. I65. 4d. to be paid accord-
ingly. The schedule therein referred to is as follows : —

£ s. d.
To the poor of the Drapers' Company, and 2/.
to the master and wardens in respect of
Owen Clonne's Charity, the annual sum of 66
The like, in respect of Henry Jay's Charity - 2
The like, in respect of Lady Mary Ramsay's

Charity 10

The like, in respect of Wm. Cotton's Charity 2 10
The like, in respect of Robt. Buck's Charity - 10
Thelike,inrespectofSirAllen Cotton's Charity 4
The like, in respect of Robt. Wilson's Charity 16 8.
The like, in respect of Sir George Garrett's

Charity 3

The lik^, in respect of Martin Hall's Charity - 6
The like, in respect of lliomas Adams' Charity 4
The like, in respect of Robt Winch's Charity - 2
The like, in respect of Giles Bloomer's Chanty 3
Amount payable to the Mercer's Company,

pursuant to J. Heydon's Charities - - 3 6 8

Amount payable to the churchwarden of St.
Peter-le-roor and the mastei* and four war-
dens of the Drapers' Company, pursuant to
J. Quarle's Chanty - - - - 6 2

Amount payable to the poor of St. Peter's,
ComhiU, pursuant to L. Thompson's

Charity 9

Amount payable to the poor of St. Clement's,
Eastcheap, and Whitchurch, pursuant to
Roger Cotton's Charity - - - 6

To the poor of the parish of Whitchurch, pur-
suant to said William Cotton's Charity - 2 10
To the poor of the parish of St. Michael,
Crooked Lane, pursuant to said Wm.
Cotton's will - - - - 2 10

To the poor of several charities, and to the
four wardens of the Drapers' Company,
pursuant to Sir John Jolle's Charity - - 6 0-

To the poor of two parishes, pursuant to Hugh

Johnson's Charity - - - - 10

To the poor of the parish of St. Giles', Cripple-
gate, pursuant to Nicholas Wheeler's Charity 110
To the poor of two parishes, pursuant to the
wiU of Sup Allan Cotton - - - 8

jei63 15 4

The scheme settled and approved by the order of the
20th February 1844 ^'as as follows : —

1. That for the purpose of carrying into effect the ol^ect
of the several testators before mentioned the several sums
given by them and now in existence shall be blended
together and form one fund, and shall be lent out by the
master and wardens of the Drapers' Companv to such
nersons, members of the said Company, as they snail think
fit, at such rate and interest and for such terms as herein*
after mentioned.

2. That the loans from the said fund shall be made by
the said master and wardens to any deserving and honest
member of the said Company who may i^pear to the said
Company to require such assistance, in any sums not
exceeding 400/., which they are hereby empowered to lend
accordingly, and at the rate of 4/. 1 Os. per cent, per annum ;
but no loan of the said charity funds is to be made to any
master or warden, clerk, officer, or servant of l^e said
Drapers' Company.

3. That all persons borrowing from the said fund shall
find not less than two sureties, who shall join with them
to enter into a bond to the said Company for the repay-
ment of any loan to be made as aforesaid, and intmt
according to the terms on which anv such loan shall have

' been made, tmd the ssid master and wardens snail at th^lr
discretion, as and when they shall think fit, call upon die
person receiving such loan to find another person as surety
m the place of any surety who shall bave been acceptea
and who may have died or become insolvent, or nave left
the United Kingdom, or become in such drcurostanoes as
no longer to be a sufficient securily for tiie repayment of
any loan and interest aforesaid. And the said Company
shall have power from time to time, as they shall find it

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expedient with a view to the interest of the said charity^ to
call in and compel payment of any of the said loans, and
for tbat purpose to tidce such steps and proceedings as they
may be advised.

4. "Hiat the period of repayment oi any loan from this ,
Company to any such person as aforesaid shall be not
exceeding seven years, the person borrowing being at
liberty at any time, on giving one month's notice in
writing to tlie said master and wardens, to pay off the
amount thereof, together with the interest thereon cal-
culated as aforesaid, such person being at the whole
expense of preparing the bond or other security for tbe
repayment of such loan.

5. That unless there shall be no other application for
loans after the publication of the advertisement herein-
lifter directed, it shall not be competent to the trustees of
Ihe charity to renew the amount of any or to regrant by
way of loan any sum previously lent out to any poor honest
member as aforesaid.

5. That the said Ck>mpany having undertaken under their
eommon seal to pay to the several charities and persons as
heretofore the several sums directed in the wUls of the
testators before amounting to 150/. 15«. 4d,, whether they
shall be in receipt of any money for interest or otherwise,
or otherwise the said Company shall be at liberty from
time to time and at all times to invest or leave uninvested
all money belonging to this fund during the time it shall
not be lent out on k>aD as is herein directed, but the said
Company shall onee in every year cause an advertisement
to be inserted in two or more London daily newspapers of
the greatest circulation according to the return of the
Stamp Office, and that such advertisement shall be in
the form following, mutatis mutmidis, or as near thereto as
the circumstances of the charity will permit.

Form of Advbrtissment.

" Notice is hereby given that the sum of Jt , part

of certain charity funds given to the Drapers' Company by
various to be lent in sums not exceeding 400/. for a period
not exceeding seven years at 4i per. cent, interest per
annum. The persons wishing for such loans will be
required to enter into bonds for the repayment thereof with
two sureties. Applications to be made in writing with the
names of the proposed sureties to the Clerk of the Com-
pany on or before the day of at whose office all
further particulars may be obtained."

7th. That the said Company shall direct their derk to
receive such written applications, and he shall also be
directed to give all apphcants the requisite information of
the quaJifications necessary to entitle the persons to the
benefit of the said charitjr, and shall likewise lay before the
master and wardens at their meeting next after such adver-
tisement the names of every applicant, and proceedings
shall then be taken to ascertain whether such applicant is
or is not duly qualified and a proper object to receive the
benefit of the said charity, and shall grant or refuse such
applications as to them shall seem ri^ht.

8th. That a memorandum explaining the general nature
and object of this scheme shall be put up in some public
and convenient part of the buildings called Drapers' Hall
of the said defendants, the Drapers' Company.

The advertisements are inserted once a year in two news-
papers, which have been the "Times " and the ** Morning
Aovertiser." Some moneys have been lent since the
scheme, and all such moneys have been repaid, and I am
informed that in everv case, excepting one, the repayment
has been made, not oy the principal, but by the surety.

The applications have not oeen nequent, and the appro-
priation of funds for this object does not appear to be
attended with any benefit generally.

There is at present an application for the loan of a sum
of 300/., which is about to be granted. I have been asked
whether it is incumbent on the Company to sell out a
portion of the stock in order to make this loan, or whether
it might be made out of any floating incomes in the hands
of the Company, the charities being on such advance
indebted to the Companv to that extent ; and I have had
no hesitation in saying that it is perfectly competent to the
Company to advance the funds mm anv sources which it
might be convenient to them tojipply, tne Company being
by the decree liable to the full extent of the prescribed
capital, and for the annual payments imder the deed poll.

The sum of 56/. a year mentioned in the schedule as
applicable in respect of the interest of Clonne's Charity for
the poor of the Company (with the exception of II. 12«. Od,
to the wardens and 8^. to the master) forms part of the
fond applied quarterly to the poor on the roll, which
contains 60 pensioners at 41. a quarter as mentioned in
Kendrick's Charity.

The 1/. \2s. ana 8^. are paid to the officers accordingly.

Colbornb's Charities.

Henn; Colbome, by a codicil to his will of the 7th August
1665, directed his trustees to purchase a lease of the
rectory of Kirkham, and lay out the profits for the first 16
years (except 100/. a year to his son) to purchase lands to
maintain schools and poor people, to be settied upon the
Drapers' Company.

In 16/3 the liability of the Company in respect of the
lands and endowment and the rights of the respective
townships interested in the endowment were settled by ^e
Court of Chancery. It would seem from the Report of
the Commissioners of Inquiry (vol. 2, p. 250), that the
Company instead of purchasing lands spedficidly for the
charity charged their own estates (which are in Cfheapside,
Honey Lane Market, Dowgate Hill, St. Swithin*s Lane,
Botolph Lane, Lower Thames Street, and Monks Lane,
together with 884/. 10*. 3/. per cent. Consols now in the
Court of Chancery in the name of the Accountant-General
to the credit of the Company) with an annual sum of 105/.
The property thus charged remains the same as specified
by the Commissioners of Inquiry (ubi st^.), except that the
premises in Gracechurch Street and Sherborne Lane have
been taken for City improvements, and a house in Mark
Lane has been purchased with part of the proceeds, and
the sum of 884/. 48. lOd. 31. per cent. Consols above
referred to, the residue of the said proceeds, remaining in
the name of the Accountant-General of the Court of

The sums paid by the Companv (exclusive of 45/.,
16/. 10«., and 8/. for the Kirkham ScJiools) are —

£ 8. d.
To the schoolmaster at Goosnargh, Mr.

Lawrence Disley - - - 25

Mr. Disley was appointed by an order of the Company,
dated the 8th November 1860, on the recommendation of
the vestry of Goosnargh and Whittingham, '' during the
** pleasure (A the Court, and until a more suitable master
*^ according to the statutes of the said school shaU be
** found fitting for that situation."

The Drapers' Company vamit also annually the sum of
5/. to the chapel widens of the chapelry of Goosnargh.
They have no account of the distribution.

The Company also remit 5/. 10*. a year to the vestry
clerk or churchwardens of Kirkham, and receive a receipt
from the churchwardens or one of them. The subsequent
appropriation amongst the several townsMps, a matter in
which the Company does not interfere. Tne Board have
had under their consideration the distribution of this sum
in the township of Hambleton, which was the subject of a
lengthened* correspondence vnXh. the incumbent (see File,

The Kirkham school has been the subject of a recent
scheme in the Court of Chancery.

In March 1836 an information was filed bythe Attorney-
General at the relation of Peter Hesketh Fleetwood and
others, trustees of Kirkham School, under Barker's will,
against the Drapers' Company and the Rev. James Webber,
the vicar of Kirkham, ana Fox and Halls, the masters of
the Kirkham School, stating the will of Henry Colbome
and the decree of 1673, the will of James Barker, and a
decree of the Chancery of the County Palatine of Lancaster,
of August 1805, a private Act of Parliament of the vear
1813, discharging certain estates in Westinoreland mnn
the use of Barker's will, and settling other estates in lieu
thereof, a scheme settled by the registrar of the Court of
the County Pfdatine in Au^j^t 1825, and containing various
statements of dissatisfaction with the management of the
said school, and praying (amongst other things) an inquinr
whether the estate comprised in the indenture of the 10th
December 1673, and thereby vested in the Drapers' Com-

?any for the purpose of securing the annual payment of
05/. to be applied for charitable uses expressed in the
codicil of H. Colbome, were still vested in the Company or
in what manner such annual payment was then secured,
and that by the decree of the Court the power of nominat-
ing and removing the several masters of tbe Free School,
and of making regulations for the management thereof,
might for the future be vested in the tmstees of James
Barker's Charity either solely or jointly with the Drapers'
Company, and in case tiie Court should be of opinion that
the nomination of the masters of the school to be established
as aforesaid out of the said H. Colbome's Charity ought to
continue vested in the Drapers' Company only, or that no
other subjects of education ought to be taught therein other
than those directed by the decrees aforesaid respecting the
said charity, then that a separate school might be established
out of the said J. Barker^s Charity, and that it might be
referred to the Master to approve of a scheme for the regu-
lation thereof, comprising such subjects of education as
were adapted to the wants of the inhabitants of the said

B 4

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parish, and that the power of nominating and removing
the masters of such separate school, and making regula-
tions for the mana|(ement thereof, might be vest^ in the
trustees of the said J. Barker's Charity, or in such other
persons as the Court should think fit.

By the decree of the Court of Chancery of the 30th of
July 1840 (by Lord Langdale, M.R.), it was declared that
the charitable bequests created by the will of J. Barker
ought to be established, and the trusts thereof carried into
execution, and that the Drapers' Company were entitled
to appoint, and that they ana their successors should for
ever thereafter appoint, the preacher, schoolmasters, and
usher of Kirkham School, ana that for ever thereafter the
trustees of the charitable gift of the said J. Barker, upon
just and reasonable cause appearing to them, should from
time to time be entitled to remove such persons respectively
from being preacher, schoolmasters, or usher respectively
of such school, and that upon every such removal the
trustees of the said charitable gifts should give due notice
in writing to the Drapers' Company of such removal ; and
it was ordered that the said Company should proceed to
appoint a successor to the person who should have been so
removed, and that the trustees of Barker's Charity and the
Reverend Jas. Webber, D.D., or other the vicar for the
time being of Kirkham, be visitors of the said school ; and
it was ordered that the relators and the Drapers' Company
should respectively propose before the Master, and that the
said Master should approve of a scheme for the manage-
ment of Kirkham's School, having regard to the declarations
aforesaid, and for the application to such school of what
the Master should, under the directions for apportionment,
apportion in respect of Kirkham School aforesaid for the
application of the annual sum of 69/. IO5., paid by the
defendants, the Drapers' Company, to the schoolmaster,
preacher, and usher of the said school, and in settling such
scheme the said Master was to be at liberty to extend the
instruction to be given in the said school to such matters
other than the matters then taught in the school as the
said masters should deem to be fit to be taught, and that
the defendants, the Drapers' Company, and their successors,

and the trustees of Barker's Charity should from time to
time make all such ordinances and regulations for the
management of the school, as they should deem proper,
which should from time to time be observed by the masters
and usher accordingly. And the defendants, other than
the Drapers' Company, were dismissed from the suit.

The Master made his report on the 16th December 1844,
approving of the scheme therein set forth, and the cause
coming (m, on the said report and on further directions on
the 6th May 1845, an order was made which, after reciting

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