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and mamtaining a proper school plant or apparatus, and
otherwise furthering the current objects and the efficiency
of the school.

39. Before making any regulations under the last fore-
going clause, the governors shall consult the head master
in such a manner as to give him full opportunity for the
expression of his views. The head master may also from
time to time submit proposals to the governors for making
or altering regulations concerning any matter within the
province of the governors. The governors shall fully con-
sider any such expression of views or proposals, and shall
decide upon them.

40. Subject to the rules prescribed by or under the
authority of this scheme, the head master shall have under
his control the choice of books, the method of teaching,
the arrangement of classes and school hours, and generally
the whole internal organisation, management, and dis-
cipline of the school, including the power of expelling
boys £rom the school or suspendmg them from attendance
thereat for anv adequate cause to be judged of by him ;
tut upon expelling or suspending any boy he shall forth-
with report the case to the governors.

41. The head master shall have the sole power of appoint-
ing, and may at pleasure dismiss, all assistant mastm, and
shidl deterrmne, subject to the approval of the governors,
in what proportions the sum assigned by the governors for
the maintenance of assistant masters, or the other current
objects of the school, shall be divided among the various
persons and objects for which it is assigned in the aggre-
gate. And the governors shall pay the same accordingly,
either through the hands of the head master or directly,
as they think best.

42. The head master shall receive a fixed yearly stipend
of 150{. He shall also be entitled to receive a further or
capitation payment calculated on such a scale, uniform or
graduated, as may be fixed from time to time by the
governors, at the rate of not less than 2L nor more than
5/. a year for each bov attending the school. The amount
of this further or capitation payment shall be ascertained
and paid to the head master b^r the governors, together
with the propar proportion of his fixed stipend, at such
convenient intervals or times as the governors may think

43. The governors may make such regulations and
arrangements as they may think right for the reception
of boarders either in the house of any master, or in a
hostel or hostels conducted under the management of the
governors, or, if they think fit, in both of those ways.

44. All boys, including boarders, except as herein-after
provided, shall pay tuition fees to be fixed from time to
time by the governors at the rate of not less than 41. nor
more than 8/. a year for any boy residing in any of the
said townships and places in the parish of Kirkham other
than as aforesaid, and of not less than 61. nor more than
12/. a year for any other boy. The payments to be reauired
from boarders, exclusive of the tuition fees, shall not
exceed the annual rate of 40Z. in a hostel, or 50/. in a
master's house, for any boy. No extra or additional pay-
ment of any kind shall be allowed without the sanction
of the governors and the written consent of the parent,
or person occupying the place of parent, of the scholar

All payments for tuition fees shall be made in advance
to the aesLd master, or to such other person as the governors
shall from time to time determine, and shall be accounted
for by the person receiving them to the governors, and
treated by them as part of the general income of the

45. No boy shall be admitted into the school under the
age of eight years. No boy shall remain in the school
after the age of seventeen years, or if he attains that age
during a school term then after the end of such term,
except with the permission of the governors, which in
special cases may be given upon the reconunendation of
the head master.

46. Subject to the provisions established by or under
the authonty of this scheme, the school and all its advan-
tages shall be open to all boys of good character and
sufficient health who are residing with their parents,
guardians, or near relations within degrees to be deter-
mined by the governors, or in some boarding house con-
ducted under regulations made by the governors. No boy
not so residing shall be admitted to the school without the
special permission of the governors.

47. Applications for admission to the school shall be
made to the head master, or to some other person appointed
by the governors, according to a form to be approved of
by them, and delivered to aU applicants.

48. The head master or some other person appointed by
the governors shall keep a register of applications for
admission, showing the date of every application and of
the admission, withdrawal, or rejection of the applicant,
and the cause of any rejection, and the age of each

49. Every applicant for admission shall be examined by
or under the direction of the head master, who shaU
appoint convenient times for that purpose, and give
reasonable notice to the parents or next friends of the boy
to be so examined. No boy shall be admitted to the school
except after undergoing such examination and being foimd
fit for admission. Those who are so found fit shall, if
there is room for them, be adiAitted in order according
to the dates of their application, but if there is not room
for all, preference shall be given to such of them as are
residing in any of the said townships or places in the
parish of Kirkham other than as aforesaid.

The examination for admission shall be graduated
according to the age of the boy, and shall be regulated
in other particulars from time to time by or under the
direction of the governors, but it shall never for any boy
fall below the following standard, that is to say : —

Reading ;

Writing from dictation ;

Sums in the first four simple rules of aiithmetjc, with
the multiplication table ;

Outlines of the geography of England.

50. The parent or guardian of, or person liable to
maintain or having the actual custody of, any scholar
attending the school as a day scholar may claim by notice
in writing addressed to the head master the exemption
of such scholar from attending prayer or religious worship,
or from any lesson or series of lessons on a religious sub-
ject, and such scholar shall be exempted accordingly,
and a scholar shall not, by reason of any exemption from

S 3


for tuition
and board-

Ages for

To whom
school is

tions for



Special ex-
from reli-
gious in-
and wor-

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To the poor of the Drapers' Company, which is carried to
the account of the Charities General (see John Rainey's
Charity), 5/.

The sum of 21, is carried to the account of the wardens,
and 105. to that of the clerk.

The gift of the residue, *' and what else should at an^
** time arise of the property," to the Company for their
own use, clearly carries the balance to the Company.

attending prayer or religious worship, or from any lesson
or series of lessons on a religious subject, be deprived of
any advantage or emolument in the school to which he
would otherwise have been entitled.

If the parent or guardian of, or person liable to raamtaui
or having the actual custody of, any scholar who is about
to attend the school, and who but for this clause could
only be admitted as a boarder, desires the exemption of
such scholar from attending prayer or religious worship,
or from any lesson or series of lessons on a religious
subject, but the persons in charge of the boarding houses
of the school are not willing to allow such exemption,
then it shall be the duty of the governors to make proper
provisions for enabling the scholar to attend the school,
and have such exemption as a day scholar, without being
deprived of any advantage or emolument to which he
would otherwise have been entitled.

If any teacher in the course of other lessons at which
any scholar exempted under this clause is in accordance
with the ordinary rules of the school present, shall teach
systematically and persistentlv any particular religious
doctrine, from the teaching of which any exemption has
been claimed as in this clause before provided, the
governors shall, on complaint made in writing to them
by the parent, gusurdian, or person liable to maintain or
having the actual custody of such scholar, hear the com-
plainant, and inquire into the circumstances, and if the
complaint is judged to be reasonable, make all proper
provisions for remedying the matter complained of.
Instruction. ^j Subject to the foregoing provision, religious instruc-
tion in accordance with the doctrines of the Church of
England shall be given in the school under such regu-
lations as shall be made from time to time by the
governors. No alteration in any such regulations shall
take eflfect until the expiration of not less than one year
after notice of the making of the alteration shall have
been given by the governors in such manner as they shall
think best calculated to bring the matter within the
knowledge of persons interested in the school. Instnio-
tion shiJl also be given in the school in the following
subjects: —

Reading, writing, and arithmetic ;

Geography and nistory ;

English grammar, composition, and literature ;

Mathematics ;


French and German ;

Natural science ;

Drawing, drill, and vocal music.
Greek may be taught at an additional fee of not less than
3/. a year for each boy. Subject to the above provisions,
the course of instruction shall proceed according to the
classification and arrangements made by the head master.
Annual ox- 52. There shall be once in every year an examination
amuiation. ^^ ^^iq scholars by the examiner or examiners appointed
for that purpose by the governors, and paid by them, but
otherwise unconnected with the school. The day of
examination shall be fixed by the goveSrnors after consult-
ing with the head master. The examiner or examiners
shall report to the governors on the proficiency of the
scholars and on the condition of the school, as regards
instruction and discipline, as shown by the result of the
examination. The governors shall communicate the report
to the head master.
Head mas- 53. The head master shall make a report in writing to
r^port"'*"*^ the governors annually at such time as they shall direct
on ther general condition and progress of the school, and
on any special occurrences during the year. He may also
mention the names of any boys who, in his judgment,
are virorthy of reward or distinction, having regard both
to proficiency and conduct.
Prizes. 54. The governors may award prizes of books or other

suitable rewards as marks of distinction to any boys
mentioned as worthy of reward or distinction by the head
master of by the examiner.
Foundation 55. The governors shall apply the sum of not less than
for bo^^*** 60/. yearly in maintaining in the school scholarships, to
fromele- be called' Foundation Scholarships, each of the yearly
value of not less than 61. nor more than 10/. These
scholarships shall be competed for by boys who are being
and have for at least three years been educated at any of
the public elementary schools in any of the said townships
and T)lace8 in the parish of Kirkham other than as afore-
said, 'and the j^ovemors shall make such arrangements


relative to the elections to these scholarships as seem to
them best adapted to secure the double object of attract-
ing good scholars to the school of tlus foundation, and
advancing education at the said public elementary schools.
No scholarship under this clause shall be granted for
which there shall be no candidate so qualified as afore-
said who on examination shall be adyudged worthy to
take it.

56. The governors may applv a yearly sum of not more Other
than 100/. in maintaining in the school other scholarships ^**^
of such number, tenure, and value as they may think fit. ***
These scholarships shall be awarded in £avour of boys
already attending the school upon the report of the
examiner or examiners made on the result of the annual
examination, but no such scholarship shall be awarded to

any boy unless the head master shall report that he is
deserving of it by reason of his character and good

57. Subject to such reasonable regulations, not incon- BxhilAtioni.
sistent with the provisions of this Scheme, as the governors

may from time to time prescribe, they shall tdso apply
100/. a year in maintaining exhibitions tenable for tnree
years at any place of higher education approved by them,
and to be awarded to boys who are being and have for not
less than three years been educated at the school.

68. Every scholarship and exhibition ^estalilished under Conditiooi
this scheme as aforesaid shall be given as the reward of XinsMd*'
merit, and shall, except as herein provided, be freely and exhflritioo\
openly competed for, and shall be tenable only for the
purposes of education. If the holder shall, in the judg-
ment of the governors, be guilty of serious misconduct or
idleness, or fail to maintain a reasonable standard of pro-
ficiency, or wilfully cease to pursue his education, tiie
governors may at once determine the scholarship or exhi-
bition, and for this purpose, in the case of an exhibition
held away from the school, may act on the report of ihe
proper authorities of the school or place of eaucation at
which the exhibition is held, or on such other evidence
as the governors think sufficient. For the purposes of
this clause the decision of the governors shall be final in
every case.

Education of Girls.

59. The yearly sum of 200/. shall be applied in pro- Bducatkm
viding for the higher education of girls either by means ^^^
of a school for girls to be established at Kirkham, under

under a scheme to be made under the Endowed Schools
Act, 1869, and Amending Acts, or by means of exhibi-
tions tenable at any place of higher education to be
awarded and held under regulations not inconsistent with
anything contained in those Acts, to be made by the
governors, and to be approved by the Charity Commis-
sioners. The establishment of such school or exhibitions
may be postponed for three years from the date of this
scheme, or for such further period, if any, as may be
allowed by the Charity Commissioners.

Application of Income.

60. As soon as the state of the funds of the foundation Eepain and
will admit, the governors shall transfer the sum of 1,0001. ^"'"Sitaii
Crovemment stock into the name of the Official Trustees "*"*

of Charitable Funds, and shall place the same in their
books to a separate account, entitled "Repairs and Im-
provement Fund.'' The income of such fund shall be
paid to the governors, and applied by them in ordinary
repairs or improvements of property used for the purposes
of the^chool, and if not wanted for that purpose shall
be accuihulated for the like purpose in any friture year or
years. Until the Repairs and Improvement Fund is pro-
vided, the governors shall treat tne sum of 30/. a year as
applicable to the same purposes as the income of the
Repairs and Improvements Fund.

bl. The governors may, if they think fit, and the income Feasioiis.
at their disposal suffice for the purpose, agree with the
head master for the formation of a fund in the nature of
a pension or superannuation fund, the main principles of
such agreement being that the head master and the
governors respectively shall contribute annually for a
period of 20 years such sums as may be fixed on; that
these contributions shall accumulate at compound interest ;
that in case the head master serves his office for 20 years
he shall, on his retirement, be entitled to the whole
accumulated fund ; that in case he retires earlier on

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Deaclb's Charity.
John Deacle, by liis will of the 24th July 1706, be-
queathed to the CompanyJOO/., to be placed out at interest,
and the produce distributed yearly to the poorest of the
Company at Bow Church on the 5th November.

Certain poor freemen of the Company about 80 in
nmnber) receive 28. 6d, each, not at Bow Church, but at
the Ha!l of the Company, in the month of November, in
respect of this and Hollis's Charity. They are the same
persons who receive the lO*. each under Royley's Charity.


Pmiher en-

power of

Question of




of ordinary






to be





Scheme to
printed and


account of permanent disability from illness he shall also
be entitled to the whole of the same fund ; that in all
other cases he shall, on his ceasing to be master, be
entitled to the amount produced 1)y his own contributions.
If any question shall arise upon the construction or work-
ing of this provision, the same shall be referred by the
governors to the Charitv Commissioners, whose decision
thereon shall be final and conclusive.

62. Subject to the payment of the expenses of manage-
ment of property and business, and of any necessary or
proper outgoings, any income of the foundation not applied
unoer the foregoing provisions, and not needed as a balance
to meet current expenses, may be applied in improving the
accommodation or convenience of the school buildings or
premises, or generally in extending or otherwise promoting
the objects and efficiency of the school, and so far as not
so applied shall, on passing the yearly accounts, be invested
in the name of the Official Trustees of Charitable Funds in
trust for the foundation in augmentation of its general


63. 'llie governors may receive any additional donations
or endowments for the general purposes of the foundation.
They may also receive donations or endowments for any
special objects connected with the foundation, which shall
not be inconsistent with or calculated to impede the due
working of the provisions of this scheme. Any question
arising upon this last point shall be referred to the Chsurity
Commissioners for decision.

64. Within the limits prescribed by this scheme the
governors shall have full power from time to time to make
regulations for the conduct of their business and for the
management of the foundation, and such regulations shall
be binding on all persons affected thereby.

65. Any question affecting the regularity or the validity
of any proceeding under this scheme shall be determined
conclusively by the Charity Commissioners upon such
application made to them for the purpose as tney think

66. If any doubt or question arises among the Governors
as to the proper construction or application of any of the
provisions of this scheme, the governors shaU apply to the
Chwrity Commissioners for their opinion and advice thereon,
which opinion and advice when ^ven shall be binding on
the governors and all persons claiming under the trust who
shall be affected by the question so decided.

67. From the date of this scheme all jurisdiction of the
ordinary relating to or arising from the licensing of any
master in the school shall be abolished.

68. From the date of this scheme all rights and powers
reserved to, belonging to, claimed by, or capable of being
exercised by, any person or body, other than Her Majesty
as visitor of the foimdation, shall be transferred to Her
Majesty, and all such rights and powers, and also any like
rights or powers vested in Her on the 2nd day of August
1869, shall be exercised only through and by the Charity
Commissioners for England and Wales.

69. The Charity Commissioners may from time to time,
in the exercise of their ordinary jurisdiction, frame schemes
for the alteration of any portions of this scheme, provided
that such schemes be not inconsistent with anything con-
tained in the Endowed Schools Act, 1869, and Amending

70. From and after the date of this scheme the founda-
tion shall for every purpose, except as herein provided, be
administered and governed wholly and exclusively in
accordance with the provisions of this scheme, notwith-
standing any former or other scheme. Act of Parliament,
charter or letters patent, statute, or instrument relating to
the subject matter of this scheme.

71. The governors shall cause this scheme to be printed,
and a copy to be given to every governor, master, and
assistant master upon theur respective appointments, and
copies may be sold at a reasonable price to all persons
applying for the same.

72. The date of this scheme shall be the day on which
Her Majes^ by Order in Council declares Her approbation
of it.


EiRKHAM Grammar School.
Abstract of Accounts for year ending

N.B. — Receipts or expenses not falling under any
specific heads should be inserted separately in an appro-
priate place under one of the more generd heads.

Annual Income Receivable.

£ s. d.
Land a. r. p. let on lease for 21

years or less, gross rental - - -

Land a. b. p. let on lease for more

than 21 years, gross rental - ' -
Land a. b. p. let on annual tenancies,

gross rental - - - - -

Houses, cottages, &c., gross rental
Mineral rent - - . . .

Interest on unpaid purchase moneys of lands

taken or sold - - . • .

Three per cent. Government stock, annual

dividends - - - - .

Interest or dividends on other investments (to

be set out separately) ...

Special or casual payments ...

Total gross annual income - £


Receipts for year ending

From endowfnent.
♦Rents for the year received
Arrears of rent received
Sales of timber, or profits of
woods „ . -

Minerals ...

Specify whether*)
sale, rent, or >•
royalties. j

Dividends on 3 per cent.

Government stock -
Interest or dividends on other
investments (to be set out
separately) - - -

Interest on cash at bankers
Special or casual payments

2. From fees of pupils,

1st quarter or term

2nd quarter „

3rd quarter „ - -

4th quarter „ - -

3. Incidentals,

Property tax returned -

4. Hostel Account.

Net profit from

d. £


Total income of the year -

Balance at commencement of

account . - -

Total receipts


1. Management of business.

Salary of clerk or other officers

Postage, stationery, stamps, &c.


Law expenses (ordinary)

2. Charges on the Foundation, if


Specify in )

detail. S

- £

£ s. d. £

• Arrears of rent still due for current year -
„ „ „ previous year -

£ «. d.

S 4

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Dixon's Charity.

Henry Dixon devised, by his will of the 9th November
1693, all his messuages and tenements to the Drapers' Ck>m-
pany, in trust, after paying all expenses of receiving the
rents, &c., to dispose of the residue towards placing appren-
tices to handicraft trades in the first place such poor boys
as should bear his Christian and surname, 5/. each ; and m
the next place such poor boys as should bear his surname
only, 41. each ; and for want of such, then so many boys of
the parishes of Bennington and Enfield, St. Catherine
Coleman, and St. Mildred Poultry, London, 4L each ; and for
want of such, the sons of the tenants, 3/. each ; and, lastly,
for want of such, any poor boys as the Company should
nominate 41. a-piece.

And by a memorandum to his will of the 1 0th April
1695 he directed the Company to pay 405. yearly to St.
Catherine Coleman for coals for the poor in Northumber-
land Place in that parish.

The premises, which consist of copyhold tenements of the
manors of Enfield and Worcester, are stated by the Commis-
sioners of Inquiry (vol. 32, part 2, p. 428) to have been from
time to time surrendered to trustees for the charity. The
last admission having been on the 2nd June 1829, when
Edward Lawford and others were admitted. I cannot find
there has been any subsequent admission. Edward Law*
ford is still surviving.

The present estate of the charity is. —
Enfield— Middlesex,

1 . Land at Enfield, abutting east on the New

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