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pointing out several difficulties arising out of the present
lease, and submitting for the consideration of the court,
that the Company should either purchase back his in-
terest in the estate at a fidr value, or that the Company
should accept a surrender of his lease and grant him a
new lease for the remainder of the term, with certain
modifications in the covenants, and particularly omitting
those which were prospective and nave been fiiU^ per-
formed, and also suggesting that ({uestions may arise as
to the tenant's liability to pay the tithe of the lands therein
comprised in consequence of the Acts passed for the
commutation of tithes, and the said Mr. Rorke being in
attendance and called and heard thereon, and the court
being satisfied that the property is npt of the annual
worth which it was calculated it would be after the large
outhiymade for its improvement, and being well satisfied
with Mr. Rorke's performance of the covenants, and con-
sidering the ^reat expediency of settling all doubtful
questions relative to the party liable to pay the tithe, and
it appearing that such tithe had been converted into a
rentcharge, amounting to nearly 60/. per annum, and that
under the circumstances 500/. per annum, in addition to
such rentcharge, would be a fair rent to be hereafter paid
by Mr. Rorke, — It is resolved that upon Mr. Rorke's
surrender of his lease he be granted a new lease for the
remainder of his term at 560/. per annum over and above
all outgoings, excepting tithe, omitting thoreiu all the pro-
spective covenants contained in the old lease, and whic^
have already been f ulfiled, and that such lease should be a
the said Mr. Rorke's en>ense, and shall be granted to him
imder the direction of the master and wardens, and it waa
ordered that the Company's seal be affixed thereto."

The chaiges and distribution of the fund are as follows—

£ s. d.

To the lecturer of St. Stephen's, Bristol,
who is the rector of the parish, but
holds his appointment as lecturer
under the Company - - - 20

The tithe upon the Irish estate - - 60

The landlord's moiety of the poor rate
under the poor law in Ireland —
£ 5. d.

1859 - - 23 19 21

1860 - - 12 10 Olsay 15


11 9 2.

The allowances to the officers of the Com-

Clerk - - . -14

Beadle - - - 2

Upper porter - - - 2

Under porter - - - 2

— 20
In the year 1860 the sum of 900/. was
disbursed in the apprenticeship of
18 persons - • - - 900

. £iM5 Q.

The nomination is by the court of assistants, who
nominate in rotation. Applicants for apprenticeship apply
to the members of the court individually who present mem
to the court. They must be according to the will father-
less children of known godly English parents, of the am
of 14 or upwards. Since the union the children of hSk
parents have been considered to come within the deamp-

They may be of either sex, boys are bound for seven
years and drls for five. They are m neariy all cases bound
to live with the master or mistress.

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The balance due to the chanty at the end of 1860 (dlst
December) was 658/. \2s, 2id*


John Qnarles, by his will dated in 1587, gare to the
Drapers' Company 2001., to be lent to foor young freemen.
It appears that the trust of the interest is to pay yearly
to the—

Parish of St. Peter-l&-Poor - - 5

The churchwardens - - -

Four wardens - - - -

Clerk - - - - -1q

(Renter meant rent gatherer.) j

The sum of 6/. Ss. annually is paid to the churchwardens
of St. Peter-le-Poor on their receipt.

The sum of 89. is carried to the account of the wardens
ci the Company, and 4s. to the derk, who is the rent
collector meant by the term renter in the bequest.

The 200/. is calculated in the 3,811/. 10«. 6d. mentioned
in the report on Clonne's Charity.

Rainey's Charity.

John Rainey, by his will of the 21st February 1631,
directed the Drapers' Company, out of the t&xt of 100/.
to be had of three m essuages in Gracechurch Street, to
pay annually to the —

Chapehy of WcNrsborough, Yorkshire

For a morning lecture at St. Michael,

CctnhiU ....

To tiie churchwardens

To the derk and sexton, each 20f .

For candles . - . •

To the wardens of the Company

To the Company for defraying any

expenses, or for their poor •

The testator in his will recites that the property is let

at 100/. per annum, subject to great fines, which he directs

shall continue to be taken, and the amount so received

and employed for the use, relief, and comfort of the poor

distressed members of the Company, or for the wpm or

rebuking of the houses in case of necessity.

The property is not» however, let upon fines, that being
an inconvenient and improvident system.
The present rental of the estate is —
No. 56, Gracechurch Street, let to Cor-
nelius Smith for 21 years, from Christ-
1855 - - - -

£ 8.





1 5



£ s. d.


No. 5^, Gracechurch Street,
kt to Thomaa Hatohard
Palmer for 21 years, from
Christinas 1855 -

Of which there belongs to
Bancroft's Charity, Me
Tabled that estate (No. 18)
in my report on Bancrdt^s
Chanty -

- 135 5

. 33 15

No. 2, Talbot Court, Gracechurch Street,
let to Thomas Kelby for 21 years, from
Midsummer 1845 . - •

No. 3, Talbot Court, Gracechurch Street,
let to John Debendam for 21 years,
from Midsummer 1845

No. 6, Talbot Court, Gracechurch Street,
let to John Debendam for 21 years,
from Midsummer 1845

No. 4, Talbot Court, Gracechurch Street,
let to Stephen Jones for 21 years, from
Midsummer 1845 - . -

No. 5, Talbot Court, Gracechurch Slareet,
let to David Haawell for 21 yeacs^
from Midsummer 1845

No. 7, Talbot Court, Gracechurch Street,
let to Mary Menniss for 21 years, from
Midsummer 1845 - - -

— 101 5






Carried forward

.^511 5

Brought forward
Nos. 8, 9, 10, Talbot Court, Gracechurch
Street, let to Henry C. Caldcr for
21 years, from Michaehnas 1842
Piece of ground in the court let to
Thomas Jennings for 21 years, from
March 1856 - - .




10 10
^^601 15

The disbursurements under the endowment are hs
follows :—

To the lecturer and schoolmaster and £ s. d,
poor of Worsborough, Yorkshire - 50

This sum is paid quarterly on the receipt of the
Reverend John Andrew, perpetual curate of Worsboro',
Mid the churchwardens of the parish.

The Company not having any knowledge of the appro-
priation of the money after its payment by them, at my
request, Mr. Sawyer, the clerk of the Company, addressed
a letter to the churchwardens of Worsborough^ making
inquiries as to the school and the other o^ects of the
Clnrity so fur as they related to Worsboro'. A copy of
which letter and of the reply thereto are as follows : —

"Drapers' Hall,
" Gentlbmbn, 30th July 1861.

" The court of assistants of the Drapers' Com-
pany will at their meeting, which is fixed for Monday
next the 5th August, have under their consideration so
much of the will of Mr. John Rainey as relates to his
bequest to the master of the Worsboro' Grunmar School
ana the lectureship at the church or diapel of that place,
and I shall be obliged by your famishing me with
information on the subject, together with the names of
the visitOTs of the school appointed under the directions
of Mr. Rainey's will.

'• The court will like to have some account of the school,
with the sort of education imparted to the scholars ; the
number attending, with the age of their admission ; and if
the school is entirely for boys or for children of both sexes.
You will be so good as to state if it is a free school, or
whether anything is paid for the children's education, and
if so, how much ? You should also let me know if the
master receives private scholars, and the amount paid with
each. Will you also let me know if the admission is
ordered by the visitors.

" By the will of the founder the lecturer is to preach
twice everv Sabbath day in the church or chapel of Wors-
boro*, wiU you, when you write, let me know if this duty
is regularly performed; I shaU also be obliged by your
informing me how Mr. Rainey's gift for the poor of Wors-
boro* is disposed of.

*' I am. Gentlemen,

** Your obedient servant,
" (Signed) W. H. Sawyer.
** To the churchwardens of Worsboro*."


" Dear Sir, *' Worsboro', August Ist, 1861.

** Relative to your inquiries respecting the Wors-
borough Grammar School, together with the distribution
of the jRayner's Bequest Charity, I beg to make the follow-
ing repljr : firstly, I am not aware that any person, except
Her Migesty's Inspectors of Schools, makes any visits to
the school. The deputy master informs roe the number of
names on his register amounts to 46, all of which are boys,
but the average attendance of the scholars is 32-3. The
children have a sound English education, — ^the catechism
and liturgy of the Church of England, grammar, and
geography are taught to such as remain at school until
their reason is sufficiency developed to attain those sub-
jects. The children are admitted at the age of seven years
and upwacd% and pay the various sums of 2d., ^^Ad.,
and 6tf. per week, according to the means of the parents.
No private scholars are taught bv the master; any person
in tne parish may have their children admitted by applying
to the deputy master. The lecturer, the Rev. John Afidrew,
delivers a lecture at our parish church trrice daily on Sun-
day, morning and afternoon. That part of the Rayner's

* Samuel Pennoyer's Charity.

9th August 1864. — By an opinion of the Board of
Churitv Commissioners of this date the Company were
ad^uBea that they might nay to the lecturer of St. Ste-
phen's, Bristol, the annual stipend of 50/. in lieu of the
annual stipend of 12/. provided for by the will of the
founder of the charity. *«

29tfa May 1877.— By an order of the said Board of this
date the Company were authorised to sell, in consideration

of the sum of 32,280/. 17s. 9(/,, certain estates containing
952a. Ir. 33p. situate in the county of East Meath in
Ireland, and also an estate known as '' Betagh's I'own,"
containing 272a. Or. 21 p. situate in the same county.

The sale was subsequently completed, and the purchase
money was invested in Consols in ti^e name of the Offipial
Trustees of Charitable Funds in accordance with the
directions contained in the order.


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equest to be given to the poor of this and neighbouring
ownships is regularly distributed at Christmas yearly.
'' I am. Gentlemen,
" Your obedient servants,
"(Signed) John Hall,

" Churchwarden,
•* Worsboro', near Bamsley Yorkshire.
To W. H. Sawyer, Esq."

( Disbursements — continued, )

£ 8, d.
The lecturer of St. Michael's, Cornhill - 40
The present lecturer is the Rev. Mr.
Hunt, who is the master of Bancroft's
Hospital. He reads a lecture and per-
forms a fiill service on Sunday evening
of every week. The Company add a
donation of 30/. to the lecturer out of
their own funds.
The churchwardens of the same parish,
for themselves, the clerk, and sexton,
and for candles - - - - 8

The wardens of the Company - - 2

The balance, which amounts to about 500/. per annum ,
is specially applied to the payment of what are called the
*' casual poor '* on the account of the charities general.

The guts to the casual poor are made quarterly, and
vary from about lOs. per quarter to about 3/. a year. They
are regarded as pensioners, although the greater part of
the recipients receive about the same sums quarterly as
long as they apply, and are supposed to stand in need of it.
They are necessarily free of the Company. The numbers
of the casual poor are from 74 to 100 persons.

The amount of the fund falling under the head of
charities general in 1860 was 3,000/. U, lid,, and of that
the balance out of the proper funds of the Company was
1,235/. 2«.4</.*

Charitibs of Raimby and Hibbens.

John Rainie or Rainey, by his will of the 21st February
1631, bequeathed to the Company 200/. to purchase lands
and distnbute the rents to the most needy, aged, and dis«
tressed poor members of the Company.

Anthony Hibbens, by his will of the I8th May 1639,
bequeathed to tiie Company 200/. for purchasing a house,
and the rent to be given amongst the poor of the Company.
And by indentures of the 18th and 19th June 1694 the
Company agreed to pay 20/. a year amongst the poor of the
Company according to the wills above mentioned, and
charged the same on certain leases in St. Michael Barrishaw
and St. Stephen, Colenum Street. This property is situated
in BaainghiUl Street, and is the [property of the Company,
let to John Tregon at a much greater rent.

Ilie 20/. a year is carried to the account of the charities
ffeneral, and forms part of that distribution. (See John
Kidney's Charity.)

Lady Ramsay's Charity.

Lady Mary Ramsay, by her will of the 8th July 1601,
gave to the Drapers' Company 200/., to be lent out at 5/.
per cent., and the profits distributed towards the relief
of the poor of the Company. This forms part of the
3,811/. lOs. 6d. mentioned in Clonnc's Charity.

The 10/. a year applicable for the poor of the Company
forms part of the pensions to the poor on the roll. (See
Kendnck's Charity.)

Royley's Charity.

Theophilus Royley, by his will of the 12th February
1655, devised to the Company lands in the parish of St.
Giles, Cripplegate, in trust, after the expiration of 32 years

£ $.







from hb decease, out of one moieiy of the rents and profits
to dispose as follows : —

To 80 poor men of the Company

To the minister of St. Mary-le-Bow -

To the derk and sexton

To the youngest wardens

To two persons for collecting the rents

and the residue in placing out children of the poor of the
Company, 5/. a boy and 3/. a girl. And he directed the
other moie^ of the rents should be disposed of amongst
his grandchildren, but not to go beyond two degrees from
his daughter Mary.

The estate was administered by the Company without,
so far as I can discover, any suit or directions of the Court
of Chancery and according to the directions of the wiU.
Hie property having increased in value, the specific pay-
ments directed to l:^ made did not exhaust the moiety of
the income, and the payments to the grandchildren ceased
in 1751, when the last of the persons entitled under that
bequest died. The trust was then indebted to the Com-
pany and continued so for about eight years. No separa-
tion of the moieties of the accounts took place until long
afterwards. The account was continued under the head of
Royley^s Trust as one fund, and as the payments to
memllers of his family had ceased altogether, and the
objects of the charity were so limited as to exhaust only a
portion of the income, the gross fund had considerably
mcreased. Up to the 1st January 1836 the Commissioners
of Inquiry (Reports, vol. 32, part 2, n. 428) found that the
aggregate accumulation was 5,912/. 159. 8flf., of which the
Imlance of the charity moietv was 1,714/. 4#., and of the
other or frmiily moiety, 4,1982. 11#. 9d, The Company
subsequently presented their petition to the Court ra
Chancery under Sir Samuel Romilly's Act, stating the will,
and statmg that the property, one moiety of the rents and
profits whereof was by the will devised to charitable pur-
poses aforesaid, consisted of certain tenements and premisei
m Old Street, St. Luke's, Middlesex, and had very con-
siderably increased in value, and then produced a yearly
rental of about 275/., and one moietv of the said yearly
rental was, and for some years past had been, more than
suf&cient for frdfilling the charitable bequests to whidi ^
same was devoted by the said testator, and there was then
a considerable balance in the hands of the Company, which
had arisen from the overplus of the moiety of the said
rents after answering the charitable purposes and bequests
aforesaid, and stating also that the Company were desirous
of the direction of the Court of Chancery ror the applica-
tion of the balance and the friture regulation of the said
charity; and pra^ng that it might be referred to the
Master to inquire mto the trusts of the charity declared by
the testator's will, and to settle a scheme for the future
management thereof, and for the application of the said
chari^ funds towards the charitable objects mentioned in
the said testator's will, or as near thereto as might be,
having regard to the increase of the said funds.

The Court, by its order of the 31st January 1840, re-
ferred it to the master to settle a scheme for the friture
regulation of the charity and for the application of the
income of the said chari^ funds towards the said charitiJ>le
objcts mentioned in the said testator's will, or as near
thereto as might be, having regard to the will and the
income of the funds, and it was ordered that the Attomey-
(jeneral should have notice of the order, and be at libeity
to attend the Master. Tlie Master, by his report of the
24th May 1841, foimd that, besides the moiety of the
annual rents (then 137/. 10s.), the balance of the surplus
of the said moiety which had been accumulated had been
invested by the Company in 1,898/. 18f. 7d. 3/. per
cent. Consols, the annual dividends of which were
56/. 19«. 2d,, and he thereupon approved of the following
scheme for ^e administration of tne increased income.

♦ John Rainby's Charity.

27th April 1866.— By an order of the Board of Charity
Commissioners of this date the Company were authorised
to grant a lease for the term of 80 years, fr^m Midsummer
18dS, at the ultimate annual rent of 1,408/., of property
situate in Talbot Court, Gracechurch Street, London,
comprised in an agreement to which such order was

21st JanuaiT 1868. — By an order of the said Board of
this date the Company were authorised to grant a lease of
No. 2, Talbot Court, aforesaid upon the terms of the said

27th August 1869. — By an order of the said Board of
this date the Company were authorised to grant a renewal of
a lease of No. 56, Gracechurch Street, for the term of 80
years, from Midsummer 1866, at the annual rent of 220/.,

the lessee undertaking to lay out on the property not less
than 2,700/.

20th February 1877.— By an order of the said Board of
this date the Company were authorised, within the period
of six calendar monthis (which period was subsequentiy ex-
tended for a further period of three months) to complete
an arrangement for the sale of property in Talbot Court,
Gracechuich Street, for the sum of 470/., upon the tenna
of an agreement whereon such order was endorsed.

The sum of 470/. was subsequently remitted to the
banking account of the Official IVustees of Charitable
Funds and invested in their name in Consols.

14th June 1878.— By an order of the said Board of this
date the Company were authorised to grant a lease for the
term of 60 years at the annual rent of 420/., of No. 56,
Gracechurch Street, London.

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MB. harb's bbport.— dbapebs' cowpai^y


Ist. That the sum of 402. shall be annually paid to 80
poor men of the said Company of Drapers by equal por-
tions on the 5th of November in each year.

2nd. That the sum of 21. shall be paid annually to the
minister of St. Mary-le»Bow for preaohinff a sermon on the
5Ur November in every vear ; the sum of i/. to the clerk or
«ezton for his pains ana for candles ; the sum of H. to the
youngest warden of the said Ck>mpany for the time being
to take the oversight of the distribution of 40/. to such
poor as aforesaid ; and the sum of 16/. to the person the
court of assistants shall appoint to gather the rents of the
said cluurity messuages and tenements and receive the
dividends of the chanty fund.

3rd. That the said court of assistants shall in future
expend any sum of money not exceeding 30/. for placing
forth a boj» and any sum not exceeding 20/. for placing
out a girl, and that such court of assistants snail in
selecting such boys and girls give a preference to the chil-
dren of widows of membm of the said Ck>mpany, and shall
in placing forth such boys and girls expena any sum not
exceeding boi. m placinja; forth a boy, and not exceeding
20/. in placing forth a girl, and that when and as often as
the Company shall have in their hands any of the moneys
aforesaid ready to be advanced in the manner herein-before
stated, that the said court shall cause to be posted up in
some conspicuous place in the porter's lodge at the entrance
of the said Hall, in manner heretofore accustomed as to the
said gifts 5/. and 3/., a notice that such moneys are ready
to be advanced, and shall in default of applications cause
t J be advertised in two or more of the Lonaon daily news-
papers a notice to the like efEect.

4tii. And that 'the court of assistants shall apply the
residue of the income of the said charity estate ana ninds,
if any, in placing forth poor bovs and girls of the court,
having regard to the prenrence aireoted oy the said testa-
tor's will as to the cmldren of widows of members of the
said Company.

The court by its order of the 5th August 1841 confirmed
the Master's report, and directed the costs to be taxed and
pud out of the said accumulated stock.

The present estate of the charity is one moiety of the
rents of the following property : —

r Building lease to
Nos. 28 and 30, Old > James Gardner
Street, St. Luke's. | for 61 years, from
L Midsummer, 1844.

No. 29, Old Streetand;»'J{J*>'"e '^ «?'
BnUdew Yard. 1 S"* same term to

I Samuel James.

Street. St. Luke'i^j fe-e£^^^

r Building lease to
Nos. 6 to 10, RoyleyJ John Brain's
'^'»'- I representatives,
L same term.
Building lease to


Street, St Luke's.

Nos. 11 and 12, Rov-
ley Street, St.Luke^s ^

Nos. 13 to 16, Royley^
Street, St. Luke's.

R. H. Shrews-
bury, same term.
''Buildmg lease to
John Brain's
same term.






Of which the moiety of the charity is • 57 10

2,000/. Consols 3/. per cent, standing in the
name of the Company, consisting of the
residue of the 1,898/. \Ss. 7d, mentioned
in the Master's report, after paying costs
and a small subsequent accumulation - 60

.jffll7 10

This is applied as follows under the scheme —
A sum of IO9. a-piece is given to so many Jt s. d.
poor freemen of the Company as apply for
it at the warden's court held in the month
of November (not exceeding 80). For three
years past the full number have not applied.
In 1858 there were 77 applicants. In 1859
and 1860 onlr 75 in each year - - 37 10

The minister 2/., derk and sexton of Bow

Church 1/. - - - - 3

In I860 one apprentice fee (a girl) - - 5

In 1859 40/. was assigned; and
In 1858 100/. (three 30/. and one 10/.).
The clerk 16/. and the wardens 1/. - - 17

At the close of the year 1860 there was a balance to
the credit of the charity of 294/. 17«. 5d,

The remaining moiety of the estate was, as it has been
seen, devised by the testator to be disposed of by his trustees
and their successors *' amonpfst such of his grandchildren
'' by such sums and proportions as the court of assistants
" should for the time being think fit, having respect to the ne -
" cessities of his grandchildren not goin^ beyond two degree s
'' from his daughter." The accumulation on this account
in 1836 has been stated as 4,198/. 11«. Sd., and the subse-
quent accumulations, in the absence of any appropriation,
might be readily calculated. It will be seen that this fund
was not, nor was the moiety of the estate from which it
preceded, the subject of any question in the proceedings in
the Court of Chancery. The sift of the rents to the grand-
children would, I apprehend, have been a gift of the corpus
(unless it be read as a reservation for the benefit of two
degrees of the kinsfolk only), but that right does not appear
to nave been insisted upon, and the claimants on the income
of the fund expired a century ago. The Drapers' Company
under these circumstances daSm to hold the property as
lapsed to them and subject to no further claim, cnaritable or

I should, however, observe that the Company have de-
termined to apply the accumulated fund as of their own
bounty towaras the erection of an educational institution and

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