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almshouses at Tottenham (mentioned elsewhere), and to
dedicate the growing income of the same moiety until
further order for the maintenance of the same institution.

Thomas Russbll's Charity (Will).

Thomas Russell, by his will of the 7th July 1593, devised
to the Drapers' Company certain messuages in the city of
London, to pay 19/. iSs. 4d. yeariy, vis. : —

£ ». d.
To 13 poor members of the Company, 2s, 6d,

a month - - - • - 19 10

To the renter and beadle - - - 3 4

The Commissioners of Inquiry (vol. 32, part 2, p. 436)
state the income of the premises described under this
devise at the time of the mquir]|r, and the fact that the
specific payments only were applied to charitable trusts,
and they add that in order that it might be determined
whether the Company were entitled to the surplus rents,
the case had been certified to the Attorney-General.

On the 10th January 1839 an information ex-ofiBcio was
filed by the Attorney-General against the Drapers' Ck>m-
pany, praying that it might be declared that the whole of
the rents and profits of the said premises ought to be
applied to the purposes in the said will pointed out or to
some other like charitable purposes. And that the said
Company were not entitled to appropriate any part thereof
to themselves. And that the saia Company might be
decreed to make good and pay, to be apphed as aforesaid
as the Court mignt direct, the whole surplus of such
income which had been so retained by them as aforesaid
during such tune as to the Court might seem just. And
that it might be declared how such increased rents, to-
gether witn whatever might be coining firom the said
Company, ought to be applied, and that, if necessary,
it might be refrrred to the Master to approve of some pro-
per scheme.

The Court, by its decree of the 17th July 1840, dedarea
that the whole of the rents referred to were applicable for
the charitable purposes of the will of Thomas Russell, or
to some other like charitable purposes, and directed the
account of the receipts of the defendants since the filing of
the information to be taken, and a scheme to be settlea for
the future administration of the charity. The decree
appears to this point to have been taken by consent. By a
decree, on further directions, of the 16th December 1845,
it was declared that the scheme in the Master's report of
the 10th December 1845 was a proper scheme for the future
administration of the charity, and the costs of the Attorney-
General were ordered to be paid out of the 1,8^/. 8«., the
balance found due from tnem in respect of the charity
estates, and the residue of the said sum was ordered to be
invested in Consols in their names, and the interest was
directed to be applied as part of the income of the charity.
A printed copy of the scneme, which was settled by the
Master, is appended to this report.
The present property of the charity is —

£ s. d.
No. 19, Birohin Lane, Comhill, let to
the Guarantee Society for 21 yearc,
from Michaelmas 1853 - .3/0

No. 58, Tower Street, let to D. ...
Fowkes for 21 years, firom Christ-
mas 1843 - - - - 45
Rentcharge on a churchyard in the
parish of St. Edmund the King - 13 4

Carried forward

.j^415 13
X 3

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Bronglit forward
851/. Is. 3d. 31. per cent. Reduced
AnimitieSy repreaenttD^ the 760/.
Old Scrath Sea Annoities, men-
tioned in tiie Report of the Com-
niiseionere of Inquiry (vol. 32>

415 13

p«rt 2, p. 436)
1/72/. 6». 3/. pel

25 10 6

per cent. Consols, re-
sidue of the sum foiuid due Arom
the Company in the above suit
after paying costs - - . -

50 3 6
£491 7 4

The sum (except the allowance of 20/. to the clerk) is
disposed of in pensions of 25/. each to 19 poor of the
Company, according to the scheme. They are necessarily
free of dompany, and are selected by the master and war-
dens at their court, at their discretion, without other

The scheme allows 20/. a year to the derk of the Com-

On the 31st December 1860 there was a balance of
105. 8(/. against the trust.

Russbll's Charity (Deed).

Thomas Russell, by deeds j^oll of the 6th July 1593,

Skve to trustees (the same bemg afterwards conveyed to
e Company) a yearly rent of 50^. 10«., charged on mes-
suages and heremtaments, called the Crown rents, in
St. Leonard, Shoreditch, on trust, to pay —

£ 8. d.
To 20 unbeneficed preachers at St.

Paul's Cross, each 10*. - - 10

Churchwardens of St. Leonard,
Shoreditch, for bread to the poor
on Sunday - - - 2 12

Two poor scholars of Oxford and
Cambridge, each 6/. 13^. 4d. for
six years each . - -

To the poor of Barton, Staffordshire
To the school there - - -

13 6

2 12

21 10



iceive 40/. Ss. (the land tax being
I representatives of Mr. Smart, the
d Shoreditch.
ceive annually a certificate from the

preceding year of the names of the
preached at the Cathedral Church of
iord Mayor during his mayoralty, and
ay the sum of 8/. to the Chamberlain
g the distribution to the City func-

see exactly the purpose of the certi-
>pear whether any of the preachers are

3$. 4d., without deduction, are paid to
two scholars of Oxford and Cambridge, selected by the
court of assistants of the Comi)any.
. The. sum of 21. I2s. is paid to the churchwardens of
St. Leonard, Shoreditch, and the same to the churdiwardens
of Barton, Staffordshire.

The Company also pav 302. IO5. to the master of the
Barton Free School, StafEordshire.

The present master is Mr. George Heap. He was ap-
pointed bv the Company on the recommendation of tne
visitors of the school. I have addressed certain questions
to him as to the'state of the school, to which, by a letter
of the 9th May 1861, he replied as follows : —

*' Free School,
*' Barton-under-Needwood,
" Sir, May 9th, 1861.

1. " Thb premises generally are in a very dilapi-
dated condition. The roof is bad, and lets in the wet in
many places, and in one place it is falling in. One of the
gables ia falling off. The floors are worn through in
several places. The doors are out of repair and fit very
badly. The fireplaces are worn out. The windows are
most of them falung out. The watercloset wants moving,
it being near the front door, and smeUs badly, A new
pump IS wanted. The brickwork wants pointing, as the
mortar is frJling out of the joints, and some of the bricks
are loose near the foundation. The fences are very bad
round the premises. There are no suitable outbuildings.

" The house is occupied by the master, who also holds
the land a4joininff the school, this and two small allot-
ments are worth about 91. \0s. per annum.

2. ** There are 80 names on the books. Boys only are
admitted. The number is not limited.

3.. ''The age of admission iasix andnnwaids. A charge
of Is. per annum is made ISor firing. All reading books
and slates used in the school ave provided by the school
fund committee at Barton, but copy-books, pena and ink,
aad books for home lessons the paients provide.

4. " Admission to the school is obtained by thejparents
or guardians making application to the master. Cnildren
living in Barton, TatenhiU, Dunstall, and Wichnor are
admitted free.

5. '' There are two private day scholars who pay each 6J.
per week.

6. " The present course of instruction is of an elementary
character, comprising reading, writing, spelling, arithmetic,
grammar, English history, and geography. Greek and
LAtin are not taught.

7* ^' The present master is not a graduate of a Uni-
versity or Cartificate.

£ s. d.

8. " Over and above that which the Drapers*
Company pay as the original endowment they

make a yearly gratuity to the master of - 11 10
''The school fund committee at Barton

give 15

The land produces - - - - 9 10

jf 36

9. " Formerly there were 12 visitors appointed by the
Drapers' Companv. Three of these are dead, three have
left the neighbourhood, and the remaining six are living in
or near Barton.

" In reference to question 6, 1 understand that applica-
tion was made some years ago to the Draper's Company
for an alteration in the course of instruction, which was

(Signed) Geo. Heap.

It should be observed that the Companypay annually
57/.> being much more than they receive. Tue increased
allowance had been made to the school whilst the charity
of the same founder under the will was administered as it
was before the information; Since the information the
Company have not withdrawn the extra payment.

The Drapers' Company in the year 1841 were led to insti-
tute proceedings in the Cfourt of Chancery for liberty " either
" at once by a writing under their seal, or after such inquiries
" and by such mode of proceedings as the Lord Chancellor
" might direct, to remove or to declare the removal as from
*' the 9th December 1840 (or such other terms as the
" Court should direct) of William Thompson from the
" office of Master of the Grammar School." It appears
that the Court on the 16th July 1841 ordered "that the
" Company should exercise idsitorial jurisdiction in the
" matter of the petition and upon the charge made thereby
" against William Thompson. And tiiat the several
" persons who had made affidavits in support of the
" petition should attend and be examined by such members
" upon such charge, with Uberty for the said William
" Thompson to attend such inquiry by himself, his counsel
" and solicitor, and to cross-examine such witnesses, and
" also in contradiction and defence of and against such
" charge to call and examine such witnesses and to make
" such statement before the said Companv and their said
" assessor as he should think fit. And that all witnesses
" before giving their testimony be sworn either before one
" of the Masters of the Court or before a Master extra in
" the country, and after such inquiry should have been
" made, — it was ordered that the said Company be at
" liberty if they should think fit and a^udge by writing
" under their corporate seal to remove the said William
" Thompson from being schoolmaster."

The visitation was held, an assessor having been duly
appointed ; the master and wardens of the Draper's Com-
pany, by their order of the 18th February 1842, a4judged
by writing under the corporate seal " that the said Wil&m
" Thompson be and he was thereby removed from being
" the schoolmaster of the Free Grammar School of Bar-
" ton-under-Needwood, in the county of Staiford, upon the
" ground of the allegations of immoral conduct charged
" against the said William Thompson, or such schoolmaster
" as aforesaid having been in our judgment and opinion
" established before us."

The Company in respect of this inquiry incurred a
charge of 259/. \9s. ltd. for costs. In 1844 they ex-
pended 82/. 195. Sd. in the repair of the school. On the
31st December 1861 there was on the books of the Com-
pany a balance of 75//. I65. Id. against this charity.
The Company would probably have been entitled to the
costs of removing the master out of the charity funds, if

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they had asked to retain them. How far the other excess
of payiseiits would be allowed may be a question.*

AoNBs Smith's Ohabity.

Agnes Smith, sometime before 1620, gave the Company
50/. for 505. a year to be paid to the churchwardens of
St. Leonard's, Shoreditoh, annually. This is paid accord-
ingly on their annual receipt.

John Smith's Charity.

John Smith, by a direction given inter vivos on condi-
tion that the Company would make the payments after
directed, gave them 1,250Z. to distribute amongst 20 poor,
honest, decayed men of the Company 25^ annually, and—

s. d.
To the wardens - - - - 23

„ clerk - - - - 6

„ rent gatherer - - - 3 4

„ beadle - - - - 3

„ under beadle - - - 2







The founder appears to have desired to make a different
appropriation of this fund by his will, which has not, how-
ever, been attended to.

The 25/. is paid yearly to the account of the charities
general, and forms part of the distribution under that
head {see Sir R. Champion's Charity). The clerk and rent
gatherer receive 8«. 4c/. a year and the beadle 3^., and the
upper porter 2$, a year.

Sir Samuel Starling's Charity.

Sir Samuel Starling, by his will of 7th August 1673,
directed his trustees to convey to the Company a messuage
in the parish of Saint Sepulchre to distribute one moiety
of the rents for the relief of the poor of the Company and
the other moiety for the use of the stock of the said

The sum of 41, a year is still paid by the Company to
the account of the charities general, as representing the
benefaction of the donor,, nothing in Giltspur Street (parish
of St. Sepulchre) being now belonging to the Company.
It remains as at the last inquiry.

* Thomas Russell's Charity.

30th November 1882.— Her Migesty, by Order in Council
of this date, declared Her approbation of the following
scheme for the administration of the charity.

Schemb for the Administration of the above-men-
tioned Foundation, except as is in this Schbmb

1. This foundation and its endowment, except as in
this clause poyided, shall henceforth be administclred
under this scoeme under the name of Thomas Russell's
Charihr, herein-afl»r called the foundation, by the Wor-
shipful Company of Drapers of the Citjr of London, herein-
after called the Company. Nothing in this scheme shall
aff^ such interest in the schoolhouse of the foundation
as by a deed dated the 4th day of February 1873 was trans-
ferred to the school board of Barton-under-Needwood
under section 23 of the Elementary Education Act, 1870.

2. The part of the endowment to be henceforth applied
fw purposes not educational shall consist of the following
yearly payments to be made by the Company, that is to
say: —

To 20 preachers yearly, preaching at Paul's Cross,

not being benenced, lOs. each, if and so &r as

any such payment can be made ;
To the churchwardens of the parish of St. Leonard's,

Shoreditch, in the county of Middlesex, 21, 12«.,

to be by them applied for the poor of that parish

as heretofore ;
To the churchwardens of Barton-under-Needwood,

2h I2s,, to be bv them applied for the poor of

that township as heretofore.

Subject as in this scheme provided, the endowment shall
be applied wholly to the educational purposes of ^toB

3. Religious opinions, or attendance or non-attondanoe
at any p^tioular form of religious worship, shall not in
any way affect the (juaMcation of 9nj person for being a
member of a govermng body under this scheme.

4. From and after the date of this scheme all lands and
hereditaments, not being copyhold, belonging to the
fomndtttion, and all terms, estates, and interests therein,
shall vest in the Official Trustee of Charity Lands and his
suooessors in trust for the foundation; and all stock in
the DubHc ftinds and other securities belonmng to the
foundation shall be transferred to the Official Trustees of
Charitable Funds in trust for the foundation.

5. The Company shall pay to the school board of Barton-
under-Needwood the yearly sum of 19/., to be by them
applied in providing prizes and scholarships to be awarded
to Doys ana girls who are and have for not less than three
yean been in any public elementary school or schools in
the sdiool district of Barton-under-Needwood, and have
from the principal teacher or principal teachers of such
school OT schools a certificate or certificates in writing of
their good conduct, regularity in attendance, and pro-
ficiency during that period. Tbe amount of each scholar-
ship tAtXIc be applied or accumulated by the governors for
the benefit of tne holder in payments for eduoKtion, deposit
in a Post Office Savings Bank, or such other manner as
they think fit.

6. Subject to payment of any necessary or proper out-
ffoings, the residue of the income of the foundation shall
be applied in maintaining an eidiibition, tenable for thiee
years at either of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge,
and to be awarded under such conditions not inconsistent
with the provisions of this scheme as the Company may
from time to time prescribe to deserving studente wno are

and have, for at least two terms, been resident at either of
those universities, and who are, in the judgment of the
Company, in need of such add.

7. No boy or girl shall, by reason of any exemption from
attending prayer or religious worship, or from anjr lesson
or series of lessons on a religious subject, be deprived of
anj|r advantage or emolument imder this founaation to
wmch he or she would otherwise have been entitled.

8. Any income of the foundation not applied under the
foregoing provisions, and not needed as a oalanoe to meet
current expenses, shall, on passinj^ the yearly aocounte, be
invested in the name of the Official Trustees of Charitable
Funds in trust for the foundation in augmentation of its

9. The Company may receive any additional delations
or endowments for the general purposes of the founda-
tion. They may also receive donations or endowmento for
any special objecte connected with the foundation whidi
shall not be inconsistent with or calculated to impede the
due working of the provisi<»is of this scheme. Any ques-
tion arising upon this last point shall be referred to tiie
Charity Commissioners for dedsion.

10. Within the limito prescribed by this scheme the
Company shall have full power from time to time to make
regulations for the conduct of their business and for the
management of the foundation, and such regulations shaJl
be building on all persons affected thereby.

11. Any question affecting the regularity or the validity
of.aoy proceeding under this scheme shall be detenxuned
conclusively by the Charity Commissioners upon such
application made to them for the purpose as tney think

12. If any doubt or question arises within the Company
as to the proper construction or application of any of the
provisions of this scheme, the Company shall apply to the
Charity Commissioners for their opinion and advice thereon,
which opinion and advice when given shall be binding on
the Company and all persons claiming under the founda-
tion who shall be affected by the question so decided.

13. From the date of this scheme all jurisdiction of the
ordinary relating to or arising from the licensing of any
master under the foundation shall be abolished.

14. From and after the date of this scheme all righto
and powers reserved to, bdonging to, claimed by, or
capable of being exerdsed by any person or bodv other
than Her MuMty as visitor of the foundation shall be
transferred to Her Mi^esty, and all such righto and powers,
and also any like rights or powers vestM in Her on the
2nd day of August 1869 shaU be exercised only through
and by tiie Cluffity Commissioners for England and

15. The Charity Commissioners may from time to time,
in the exercise of their ordinary jurisdiction, frame schemes
for the alteration of any portions of this scheme, provided
that such schemes be not inconsistent with anything con-
tained in the Endowed Schools Act, 1869, and amending

16. From and after the date of this scheme the founda-
tion shall for every purpose, except as herein-provided, be
administered and governed whoUy and exclusively in
accordance with the provisions of this scheme, notwith-
standing any former <« otiier scheme. Act of Parliament,
charter, or fetters patent, statute, or instrument relating
to the subject-matter of this scheme.

17. The Company shall cause this scheme to be printed,
and oopim may be sold at a reasonaUe price to all persons
applying for the same.

i8. Tne date oF this scheme shall be the day on which
Her Majesty by Order in Council declares Her approbation
of it.




Further en

power of
Company to
mike regu-





of ordinary

of visitor.

of scheme.

to be
by this

Scheme to
be minted
and sold.

Date of

Digitized by




Stock's Charity.

John Stock, by his will of the 26th February 1780, gave
the Company 1001., and the interest applied annually for
the benefit of the poor of the Company. The sum appears
to have purchased 200L 3L per cent. Consols. The sum of
61. a year is carried to the account of the charities general
for the benefit of the poor of the Company.

Stock's Gift to Christ's Hospital.

John Stock, by his will of the 26th February 1/80,
empowers the Drapers' Company to present one boy to be
maintained and clothed in Christ's Hospital. The presen-
tation, when a vacancy occurs, is made by the court of

Stockbr*8 Charity.

John Stocker is said to have directed by his will (date
unknown) that the Drapers' Company should between the
feasts of All Saints and Christmas yearly distribute to the
poor people of the parish of Saint Mary, Abchurch, one

load of coals.

8. a.

To the poor prisoners of the King's
Bench, Marshalsea, White Lion, New-
gate, and Bethlehem, each 5$. in bread 26
Master and wardens - • " . ^ ^ ,

The Company pay 2L a year on the receipt of the
churchwardens of the parish of St. Mary, Abchurch, and
send yearly at Christmas 60 2-lb. loaves to each of the
prisoners of the Queen's Bench, Marshalsea, Newgate,
Bethlehem, and Horsemonger Lane.

The distribution is in kind, and delivered on the receipt
of the governor or keepers. The bread m I860 was
51. \&s. 9d. The 6*. is carried to the account of the
master and wardens, making 8/. 3*. 9d. in lieu of 31. 10*.,
the founder's gift.

Tarn's Charity.

William Tarn and the Drapers' Company, by their
indenture of the 18th July 1799, declared the trust of the
sum of 400?. Consols transferred by W. Tarn to the Com-
pany to pay the dividends (after deducting 20s. for execut-
ing the trust) to the rector and churchwardens of the
parish of Middleton-in-Teesdale for suoplying coals or
other fuel for the use of the school at Newbiggin in the
said parish.

The Company remit annually, on application, the sum of
IN. to the minister and churchwardens of the parish of
Middleton-in-Teesdale. The kst receipt was OQ the 8th of
July 1867, expressed to be for the gut due to the 6th of
July 1867. No application has been since made, and three
years' dividends are in hand.

Sir William Terry's Charity.
This charity does not appear to have taken e£fect.
Nothing more is known of it than at the last inquiry.

Thompson's Charity.

lAwrence Thompson, by his will in 1601, gave to the
Company 1002., to be lent out at 6/. per cent., and the
interest paid to the poor of St. Peter, Comhill.

The 1002. forms part of 3,8112. 10«. 6d. mentioned in
Clonne's Charity, and the 6/. is paid annuallv to the
churchwardens of the parish of St. reter, Comhill.

Thorowgood's Charity.

William Thorowgood, by his will of the 6th August 1602,
gave an annuity of 41. 6«. 6d. but of houses in :^dgate for
poor decayed brothers and sisters of the Company. The
Company receive 41. Ge. Sd, firom the owners of the pro-
perty, and carry it to the account of the charities general
{see John Rainey's Charity).

Torkinoton's Charity.

John Torkin^n is stated in the Report of the Commis-
sioners of Inquiry (vol. 32, part 2, p. 434) to have devised
to the Company, by his will of the 19th October 1663, a
messuage in the parish of St. Edmund, to pay 40s. to the
use of the poor of that parish. The Company have no
property in tne parish, and I cannot find that any payment
of this description has been ever made. There is no
notice of this will in the books of the Company, and I am
ignorant of the source of the former report.

John Walter's Almshousbs in St. Gborqb's,
Southwark, and St. Mary's, Nswinoton.

• John Walter, by his will of the 17th October 1666, gave
to the Company certain messuages in trust to pay out of
the rents —

d s. d.
















To 16 poor people in the eight almshouses in

St. Ueorge's, Southwark, 6s. Sd. monthly -
llie like, to the 16 poor in the Newington

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