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solicitor, or agent.

11. The general rules contained in section forty-nine of
the nrincinal Act shall be amended as follows : —

(1) In rule one there shall be added after the first
paragraph the words following, namely : —

Anv air crossinff, made after the passing of
this Act* whether undnrcaat o9 overcast,
shall be driven in the sohd.

(2) The following provisions shall be substituted for
the first and seoond paragraphs of that part
of rule four which relates to inspection before
commencing work : —

(i) One or more competent persons, who
have passed an examination of competency,
to be held under rules to be made by a
Secretary of State, and have had at least
five years' practical experience at the work-
ing face, and are not contractors for getting
minerals in the mine, or in the employ or
pay of such contractors, shall be appointed
by the oVmer, agent, or manager for the
purpose, and shall within two and a half
hours before the commencement of each shift
inspect every part of the mine situate beyond
the station or each of the stations and in
which workmen are to work or pass during
that shift, and shall ascertain the condition
thereof so far as the presence of gas, venti-
lation, roof and sides, and general safety are
concerned ;

(ii) The inspaction shall extend to aU
woricing places in which work is temporarily
stopped within any ventilating district in
which the men have to work ;

(iii) 'Hie person making the inspection
shall enter in a book, to be kept in a mine
for the purpose, a report of the inspection,
and the book shall be kept in a convenient
and accessible place, and be open at all
times to the inspection of any person em-
ployed in the mine.

No workman shall pass beyond any such
station until the part of the mine beyond
that station has been so inspected, and the
report has been entered in the said book.

(3) In rule eight, for paragraph (a), the following

paragraph shall be substituted ; —

(a) In any place in a mine in which there
is infiammable gas.

(4) The following rule shall be substituted for rule

thirteen : —

Rule 13. — ^Where a place is likely to contain
a dangerous accumulation of water, the
working approaching that place shall not at
any point exceed eight feet in width, and
there shall be constantly kept at a sufficient
distance, not being less than five yards in
advance, at least one bore-hole near the
centre of the working, and sufficient flank
bore-holes on each side.

(5) The following rule shall be substituted for rule

fourteen : —

Rule 14. — Every underground plane on
which persons travel, which is self-acting or
worked by an engine, windlass, or gin, ^11
be provided (if exceeding thirty yards in
length) with some proper means of com-
municating distinct and definite signals
between &e stopping places and the ends
of the plane, and shall be provided in every
case with sufficient manholes for places of
refuge, which shall be placed at intervals of
not more than ten yards, and on one nde
of the road only.

(6) The manholes mentioned in rule fifteen shall be

placed at intervals of not more than twenty-
five 3^rds apart, and shall be on one side of
the travelling road only :

(7) Every engine plane used in any mine shall be

provided with proper travelling roads for the
safety of workmen passing to and from the
face of the working :

(8) The following rule shall be substituted for rule

twenty-two : —

Rule 22. — ^Where the timbering of the
working place is done by the workmen em-
ployed therein, suitable timber shall be
provided at the working place by the owner
of the mine, and the dOstanoe between the
sprags or holing props where they are
reqi:mted shall not exceed six feet, or such
less distance as may be ordered by the
owner, agent, or manager.

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(9) The foUowing words shall be added at the end of
the first paragraph of rule twenty-four,
namely : —

A person shall not be so appointed unless
he holds a certificate of competency granted
under regulations made by the Secretary of

A person so appointed shall not be em-
ployed for more than eight hours during any
consecutive twenty-four hours.

(10) The following provisions shall be added at the

end of rule twenty-five, namely : —

(i) Enginemen shall give to hookers-on

return signals before starting the engine

when men are riding ;

(ii) All signals shall be registered until

complied with ;

(iii) A speaking tube shall be erected at
all collieries for the purpose of communication
between the banksmen and winders.

(11) The following rule shall be substituted for rule

twenty-six : —

Rule 26. — (i) Detaching and 8usx)ending
hooks and safety catches shall be applied to
all machinery by means of which persons
are lowered into or raised out of a mine, and
shall be taken to pieces, examined, cleaned,
and oiled by a competent person at least
once in every four months ;

(ii) There shall be not less than ten feet
of clearance between the detaching hooks
and the point of detachment when t£e cages
are at the landing ;

(iii) A banksman shall be appointed and
shall attend during the whole time that men
are in the mine or ascending or descending.
Engine keepers must remain in charge of the
engines during the whole time that men are
in the mine, and must not be withdrawn to
perform other duties outside the engine-
room. No engine keeper shall have charge
of more than one winding or other engine
during the whole time that persons are in
the mine or in the shaft of the mine ;

(iv) Every engine keeper shall be provided
with a report book, and shall once in every
twenty-four hours enter in the book a report
of the state of the engine.

(12) The following rule shall be substituted for rule

thirty : —

Rule 30.— (i) There shall be attached to
every winding engine which is used for
lowering and raising persons an adequate
steam and foot brake, and where other
appliances are used for raising and lowering
persons, an adequate brake shall be attached
to the said appliance, and a proper indicator
(in addition to any mark on the rope) showing
to the person in charge of the engine the
position of the cage or tub in the shaft. If
the drum ia not on the crank shaft, there
shall be an adequate brake on the drum shaft.
The indicator shall be so constructed as not
to travel more than once round, minus one
revolution of the drum, when indicating the
distance from the surface to the bottom of
the shaft;

(ii) Not more than one winding engine shall
in future be placed in one house, and partition
walls shall be built between winding engines
at present in one house.

(13) There shall be addei at the end of rule thirty-two

the following WOlyis, namely : —

All boilers shall be examined at least once
in every six months, and cleaned at least once
in every three months.

(14) The ambulances or stretchers, with splints and

bandages, mentioned in rule thirty-four, shall
be kept in the mine ready for immediate use
in case of accident :

(15) The books mentioned in rule thirty -seven shall

be kept in the mine :

(16) The following rule shall be substituted for rule

thirty-eight : —

Rule 38. — (i) The workmen employed in
any mine may from time to time appoint any
persons who are or have been practical work-
ing miners to be examiners of the mine on
their behalf ;

(ii) Such examiners may at any time
examine the mine or any part thereof, or
any old workings, shafts, machinery or
apparatus connected therewith, and every
facility shall be afforded for any such ex-
amination by the owner, agent, and manager
of the mine, and by all persons in the mine ;

(iii) The examiners shall make a report in
writing of every such examination, and shall
communicate the same to the workmen, either
by placing it in a book to be kept by the
workmen for the purpose, or by reading it to
a meeting of the workmen, or in such other
manner as may be from time to time deter-
mined by the workmen ;

(iv) If the examiners on any examination
consider that any danger exists or is to be
apprehended in tiie mine, they shall make a
report in writing to that effect to the inspector
of the district.

(17) There shall be added, at the end of rule thirty-

nine, the following words, namely : —

A person not now employed as a coal or
ironstone getter shall not be allowed to work
at the face of the coal or ironstone in any
capacity until he has had three years*
experience as a workman in the roadways.

( 1 8) The following rule shall have effect as an additional

general rule : —

The owner, agent, or manager of every
mine shall provide at or near the mine a
workshop at which all cartridges used in the
mine shall be prepared and stored under
regulations to be made by special rules: One
such workshop may, with the approval of a
Secretary of State, be provided for several

12. The printed copy of the abstract and special rules
mentioned in section fifty-seven of the principal Act shall
be supi^ied to every person employed in or about a mine
without the application required in that section.

13. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires —

The expression " mining district " means a district
for which an inspector of mines is for the time
being assigned.

14. The Acts mentioned in the schedule to this Act are
hereby repealed to the extent specified in the third column
of that schedule.

15. This Act may be cited as the Coal Mines Regulation
Act, 1907, and shall be construed as one with the principal
Act, and the Coal Mines Regulation Acts, 1887 to 1896, and
this Act may be cited collectively as the Coal Mines Regu-
lation ActH, 1887 to 1907.

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Semion and Chapter.

Title of Act.

Extent of Bepeal.

60 & 51 Vict. c. 58.

The Coal Mines Regula-
tion Act, 1887.

In Bubeection (1) of section sixteen, para-
graphs (a), (6), and (c).
In subsection (2) of section twenty-three,

paragraph (6).
In sectitm forty-eight, paragraph (7),
In section forty-nine : —

In Bule 4, from '* A competent person "
to ** to be safe,'' and from *• A report "

to ** inspection."
In Rule 8, paragraph (a).
Rules 18, 14, 22, 26, 80, 88.
Sections fifty-one, fifty-two, fifty-three,

and fifty-four.
In section fifty-seven, in paragraph (2),
from " who applies " to •* are paid.'*

69 & 60 Vict. c. 48.

The Coal Mines Begnla-
tion Act, 1896.

Subsection (1) of section five*

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62 a

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INDEX I. (General Index.)

NoTB. — When a series of questions refer to the same subject, the number of the opening question only is given.

Aberavon : Proeecution of Engineman at, for falling asleep,

Abarcynon Colliariet, haulage accident at, 27711.

Mmfyumg Explosioil, see title MacLaren Explosion.

Accidaiiti :

Causes of, 20756, 20851, 20861 :

Attendance, irregular, as a cause of, 27191
(par, 2), 27227, 27256, 27391, 27421, 27498,
27511 {par, 3), 27531, 27581.
Charter-master system, accidents due to, 36661,

36720, 36784, 36825.
Circular issued by Mr, Davis with questions as

to causes, 26856, 26942.
Coal-cutting machinery, use of, in relation to,

see title Coal-cutting Machinery.
Competitive system in relation to, 36354, 36405,

Haulage, see that title.
Hours of work in relation to, see title Hours of

Plans, inaccurate, as a cause of, see title Plans.
Temperature of mines, 36875.
Compensation for, 24985.

Delay in removal of injured men, 34121, 34188.
Falls of roof and sides, number of, causes of, and
suggestions for prevention of, 1984o, 21082,
21502, 21547, 22138, 23688, 23901, 24760,
24832, 24984, 25772, 25773, 27358, 29817,
29971, 30319, 30333, 30387, 30403, 32063,
32537, 33331, 33336, 33399, 33756, 33770,
33971, 34259, 34728, 35099, 35121, 35129,
35232, 36247, 35417, 35450, 36568, 36661,
36720, 36784, 37021, 37029, 37129. 37211,
37216, 37317, 37327:
Attendance, irregular, as a cause, 27191 {par. 2),
27227, 27391, 27421, 27498, 27511 {par. 3),
27531, 27581.
Bain, Mr., Report on, 36450.
Carelessness, accidents arising from, decrease in

number of, 19844.
Complaints as to condition of roof and sides

rarely made by men, 33340.
Coal-cutting machinery, use of, in relation to,

24965, 24977, 24982, 25248, 25272, 33975.
Indications that fall is probable, 27702.

Occurrence of fall when no indications
have been observed, 34506.
Knocking out of timber by official when set by
men without permission, accidents resulting,
34900, 34912, 35361.
Places of occurrence, 27358, 29971, 30403,
32063, 33331, 33336, 33399, 35121, 35129,
35232, 36247.
Report on, not always presented, 23903.
Safety lamps, use of, in delation to, 31014,

31804, 37126, 37235.
Securing of place after, extent desirable and

extent practised, 33342.
Suspension of winding after, until timber has

been set, 33046.
Special Rules, number of accidents not

appreciably reduced by, 20723, 20849.
Thin seams and thick seams, danger compared,

Time of occurrence, 34341.
Wages question in relation to, see title Timbering,
sub 'heading Wages.
{See also title Timbering.
Haulage, see that tUle.
Inspection after:

By Home Office Inspector, 21216, 22427, 22947,
23532, 23681, 31373, 31547, 32436, 32835,
32962 32986, 32992, 33320, 33600, 35701,
Leaving place undisturbed until after inspec-
tion, 32837, 33085, 33330, 34054.
Violation of this rule, instance alleged,
33201, 33405.


Inspection after — cont.

By Home Office Inspector — cont.

Sub-inspector, possible action by, before
arrival of chief inspector, 33092.
By men's representatives, 32436, 32437, 32561,
36106, 35473, 36596, 36052, 36229.

Investigation :

Board or court of inquiry composed of representa-
tives of owners and employees, suggestions
as to, 37236, 37252.
Cost of, how to be defrayed, 37244.

Coroner's inquests :

Adequacy of, views on this point, 19621
{par. 16), 19783, 19976, 20210, 80216a
{par. 21), 20771 {par. 10), 27191 {par. 4),
27238, 33176, 33606, 33821, 34140, 34292,
34546, 34694, 35460, 35569, 35871,
Inspectors, intimation to, and powers of, to

attend and cross-examine, 32238.

Composition of, desirabiUty of inclusion
of men having technical know-
ledge, &c., 29808, 30127, 30366,
32442, 33093, 33141, 33179, 33823,
34926, 35464, 36474, 37154, 37168»
Disqualification of persons having^
personal interest in mine, 33151.
MacLaren Explosion, see that title.
Manager's certificate, suspension, power

non-existent, 20214.
Men's representatives, presence at inquests
and greater freedom to ask questions,
views as to, 31505, 31515, 31854,
32120, 32230, 32440, 32568, 32824,
3282S, 33549, 34142, 34177, 34737,
35460, 35481, 35569, 35873, 36229,
36232, 36362, 37154, 37166, 37345.
Counsel representing men at inquests on
Tinsbury and Camerton explosions,
Notices as to, 20216a {par. 21), 20399, 33602.
Adjournment of inquests advocated, to
give relatives opportunities of collect-
ing evidence, 36060.
Object, chief, of, 33136, 34357, 35467, 36474.
Powers of coroner, possible effect on, of in-
creased use of Sec. 45, 34173.
Prosecution or second inquiry, power to
coroner to order, desirability of, proved by
Carodoc Vale and Elba Colliery cases,
31132, 31140, 31152.
Qualifications desirable for coroneis in

mining districts, 34138, 34289.
Reports of workmen s inspections, use of, at,
20216a {par. 6), 20258, 20599, 20623,
33804, 34355.
Viewing of body, delay caused by, and
suggestion as to abolition, 33603.

Fatal Accidents Enquiry ( Scotland) Acts, investiga-
tion under, 21586, 23339, 23415, 27755, 27969.

Non-fatal accidents, investigation, 35996.

Reports of, should be accessible to workmen,

35998, 36002, 36005.
Suggestion as to enquiry under Sec. 45,


Second inquiry under Sec. 45, provisions for, and
desirabiUty of increased use of, &c., 19801,
19976, 20079, 20211, 2n216A (par. 21),
20771 {par. 10), 21180, 21187, 23342,
31155, 31522, 31573, 32635, 32824, 33141,
33174, 34172, 34294, 34359, 34920, 35478,
Bill promoted by Miners' Federation, clause
as to, 21182, 21584.

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TNDEX I. (general INDEX).


Investigation — cont.

Second inquiry under Sec. 45 — cont.
Circumstances justifying, 33823.
Comparison with advantages of coroners*

courts with juries of experts, 30362.
Constitution of court, method of procedure,

Ac, 19978.
Extent to which used, 20081, 31627, 33009.
Men's representatives, presence advocated,

Non-fatal serious accidents, investigation by,

advocated, 33611.
SeGretary of State, powers of, in relation to,
and views as to desirability of compulsory
use of these powers, 20413, 20454, 31613,
31674, 33612, 34149, 34620, 37238, 37249.
Verdict of coroner's jury, reversal by, ques-
tion as to possibility of, 31620.
Ii^onstone mines, see that title.
Legislation, prevention by, difficulty of, 36676,

Nationalisation of mines, probable effect of, on number

of accidents, 36364.
Number of, 20601, 36163, 36661, 36720, 36784, 36826.
Part of mine in which most frequent, 33331, 33399.
Shaft accidents, see that title .
Shale mines, see that title.
Shot-firing, see that title.

Single men (men working alone) in lonely places,
difficulty of obtaining help in case of accidents,
22973, 23060, 26366.
Trains, underground, accidents to, 30967, 30972,

Unskilled labour, employment of, as a cause of acci-
dents, see title Unskilled Men.
Wages question in relation to, 22255, 22282, 36366,
36410, 36741, 36797.
{See also title Timbering, sub-heading Accidents
from falls of roof and sides — Wages question
in relation to.)
(jS^ee also title Explosions.)

Age Limit for beginning work in pit, 33227, 33439, 34522.

Agent or managing director, api>ointment by, of managers,
under-managers and officials, 33679.

Airways, Return :

Famiharity of men with, importance of, 35774.

Use of, as travelling roads, advocated, 29976, 30117,

30614, 30784, 30799, 30943, 30946, 30985,

31741, 32100, 34116, 34331, 34437, 34774,

34787, 34917, 35100, 35151, 36154, 351o6.

CoUiery in which this is practised, 34117, 34336,

Ventilation would be improved in event of, 34333,
34445, 34778, 35156.

Alierton Colliery, accidents at, 32096, 32269.

Altofts Colliery, explosion at :
Cause of. 32278.
Coroner's inquest, 35876.

Ambulance, see Rescue Work.

American Mines:

Baths and change of clothes, facilities for in, 22312,

Certificates for coal-getters, 27608.

Anlcylottomiasis :

Bristol coalfields, danger of in, owing to high tempera-
tures, 34366.

Conciliation Board, preventive measures discussed by,

Cornish miners, introduction into Scotland by,
improbability of, 23758.

Durham, non-existent in, 35486.

Fifeshire mine, condition of, as regards. 21138, 23489.

Foreign workmen, employment of, in relation to, 20771
{par. 11), 21137, 21537.

India, existence in, question as to, 34042.

Rata, spreading by, possibiUty of, 22503.

Sanitary conveniences, provision of, and improvement
of sanitary conditions generally, views as to, 19621
{par. 16), 19794, 20771 {par. 11), 21136. 21524, 21536,
22497, 22603, 22648, 22654, 23491, 23496, 24380,
27794, 32938, 33116, 34038, 36367, 37177, 37182.

Shropshire, .non-existent in, preventive measures
taken, 33115.

South Staffordshire and East Worcestershire, non-
existent in, 36665.

Ankylostomiasis— con^.

South Wales and Monmouthshire, non-existent in,

19621 {par. 16).
Temperature of mines in relation to, 36366.

Annbank Colliery explosion, 22969.

Apprentices, Engine- winders', see title Enginemen ^wind-
ing enginemen), sub-heading Training.

Attendance, irregular, as a cause of accidents in mines,
27191 {par. 2), 27227, 27256, 273U1, 27421, 27498, 27611
{par. 3), 27631, 27581.


Managers of metaUiferous mines, certificate of com-
petency, 26632.
New South Wales, see that title.

Ayrshire Miners' Association : Witnesses representing—
Mr. Brown and Mr. Muir. {For separate indices to their
evidence^ see Index II.)

Bamf urlong Collieries, speed of wmding in, 29849.

Banksman, employment of, 35863.

Special Rules as to, 25867, 25870, 25906, 25908.

Barrow, shaft accident at, 32079.

Batlis and change of clothes, provision of, at pit-bead,
views as to whether desirable, 20181, 21143, 21514,
21550. 21978, 22026, 22310, 22640, 23149, 23186,
23201, 23750, 24024, 24130, 24376, 32926, 32950,
34023, 34536, 35200, 35536, 35581, 35904, 36369,
36498,^36546, 36561, 36844, 37000.

America, provision in iron and steel works, not in
mines, 22636.

Charge to men for use of baths, views as to, 22016,
22038, 22317, 23206.

Compulsory use of, views as to, 36499.

Cornwall, provision in, 23750, 2553.S 25581.

Houses of miners, distance from pit, and extent of
accommodation in relation to this suggestion, 21660,
21556, 21979, 22027. 22030, 22641, 23153, 23186,
24134, 24143, 26546, 36902.

Number reauired, 23209.

Shower baths, 23212.

Sinking pits, cabin for drying clothes, 24137.

Tramway companies, attitude of, as to colliers riding
in cars, 36546.

Village in which erected, 21148.

Water supply in relation to, 35905.

Bedlinog, shaft accident at, 28629.

Belgium :

Baths and facilities for changing clothes at pit-head*

21144, 36561.
Gates or bars on cages, 20771 {par. 8).

Bills, Parliamentary :

Appeal for legislation approved by National Federation
of Enginemen's and Boilermen's Protective Associa-
tions, AppendTx IT., page 476.
Coal Mines Begulation Bill, promoted by Miners*
Federation, 20777, 32957 :
Accidents, investigation, clause as to, 21182,

Certificates for engine-winders. Bill proposing,
21484, 26827, 25840, 25936, 25938, 2771?
{par. I) 27832, 27884, 27974, 28124
28160, 28391. 35920.
Text of Bill: Appendix III., pa^e480,
clause 9.
Hours of work, 26329.

Inspection and number of inspectors, clause as
to, 20784, 20902, 20977, 21031, 21167, 21164,
21 328, 21397, 21430, 21434, 22270, 30144, 31639.
Text of : Appendix III., page 478.
Timbering, suggestion as to, 21086.
Unskilled men, emplo3rment of, 21170.

Blaekdamp, see title Ventilation, suh-heading Blackdamp.

Blasting, see Shot-firing.

Boilers, see title Engines and Boilers.

Book : " Colhery Accidents : Cause and Prevention,"

Boxes, supply of, defects in, 30353.


Age for employment in pits and at surface, 26594,
33273, 34522.
Number under sixteen, 25677.

Digitized by




Boys— con(.

Hours of work, 25696, 26666, 26299. 33279.

Instruction in mining matters, set tide Schools.

Loitering about main roads at commencement of shift,
prohibition, and suggestion that butties should
accompany lads to pit bottom from working face,
25377 (par. 9), 25515, 25669, 25680. 25682.

Meals, interval for, 33026, 34511, 34824, 34832.

Number becoming miners in mining districts, 30883,
33260, 34529, 35799.

Wagons, employment with, objections to, 20343.

Work in which engaged, 26681, 35810, 36833.

BratUM-men, duties of, 25790, 25816.

Bristol Minors' Auociation : Witness representing— Mr.


machinery is used.

Index IL )

(For ae'panUe index to hia evidence^ see

BHtty Systom, see title Charter-Master System.

Cadiow Colliory, appointment ot inexperienced man as
fireman in, 22402.

Camorton Explosion, Ck>roner'8 inquest, representation of
Trade Union by counsel at, 32638.

Canada, Manager's certificate of competency in, 26629.

Caradog Valo, accident at, owing to defective plans ;
failure of prosecution of manager, 31054, 31118,
31130, 31152.
Report on by Sir D. Biynmor Jones, 31224.

" Caviling '* System in Durham, 35772.

Chartsr-Mastor System :

Accidents, number of, under, 36661, 36720, 36784,

Definition of '• Charter-Master,*' and description of

systems, 36657, 36672, 36866, 36870, 36908.
Extent to which system prevails, 36707, 36796, 36851.
Inspection, increased, reduction of evils of this system

in event of, views as to, 36870.
Inspection of mines on behalf of men, possible objection

by charter-masters if men were appointed from

other collieries for, 36738.
Man appointed by charter-master as overlooker,

powers of and qualifications of, 36667, 36679, 36681,

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