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Schools, see that title.

7 Ooal Mines Regulation Act:

Knowledge of should be made a condition of
employment, 27191 {par. 6), 27247.

School examinations, inclusion in, 27191 {par. 6),
27247, 27260.

Haulage Roads, duties of overman as regards repair
of, 27386

InsfMCtion off Mines l»y Mines Officials :

Districts of firemen, size of, 27197.

Hours of work of firemen, time occupied in

inspection, &c., 27472.
Overman, see that title.

Manager's Certificate of Competency :

Colliery Officials* Association, number of mem-
bers holding, 27480.
Overmen, number holding, 27482.

MetliOfl?of Working^Mines— Longwall, 27493.

Overman :

Districts, division of mine into, 27332, 27338.
Number of men and number of working
places in district under charge of witness.
Duties of, and views of Witness that they are
not excessive, 27200, 27313, 27383, 27434.
27475, 27479 :
Night overman and . day overman, duties

identical, 27328.
Special Rules 42 and 43, as to, 27330.
Under-manager's duties performed by over-
man, during his absence, 27329.
Employment of men by, 27459.
Firemen, number of working with, 27334.
Hours of work, time occupied in inspection, &c.,

27315, 27389, 27475.
Meal times not specified, 27323.
Number of districts tmder care of Witness, 27341.
Number of overmen, 27335, 27339,
Wages, 27485.

Qualifications of Witness, 27192, 27289, 27295; 27470,

Rescue Work, unifonn system impracticable, 271<^l
{par. 3), 27238.

Safety Lamps :

Examination and testing of, 27364, 27372, 27425.
Oil burnt in, 27411.

Colza oil not used, 27414.
Same lamp given to same man if possible, 27378.
Type advocated — double gauzes, 27191 (par. 1),

Smgle gauzes most frequently used, 27216.

. Schools :

Coal Mines HeguUtion Act, as subject for exam-
inations advocated, 27191 (par. 6), 27250.

Shot-flring :

Acts, Orders, &c., adequacy of, views as to,

27191 (par. 2).
Between shifts, practice as to, 27291.
Charging shot, special official for advocated,

27191 (par, 2), 27221, 27272.
Drilling holes undertaken by collier, 27274.
In the coal, not practised, 27278.
Interval before men should be allowed to visit

place where shot has lieen fired, views as to,

Notice to manager and permission from him

before shots are fired in roads, views as to,

27282, 27285.
Number of shots fired simultaneously, and interval
;. between firing, 27292.


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GRIFFITHS, Mr. W.— eon/.

8011th Wales Colliery Officials* Aaeooiation:

HaoAger's certificate of competency* number of

members holding, 27480.
Nwnber of membm, 27296.
Witness representing* 27297.

Special Rules:

Adequacy of present system of introduction of,
views as to, 27191 {par. 6), 27241.

Knowledge of by workmen, importance of,

Overmen's duties. Special Rules 42 and 43 as to,

SimpUfication advocated, 27191 {par. 6), 27243.

Supply of copies to men advocated, 272^.

Tlmkorliif :

Accidents from fall of roof and sides :

Attendance of men irregular, effect of on
number of accidents, 27191 {par. 2),
27227, 27256, 27391, 27421, 27498.
Places where accidents are most fre-
quent, 27358.
Person setting :

Collier in his working place, 27265, 27299.
Better knowledge of timbering by
collier advocated, 27302.
Timberman repairing his own road, in the
face, 27263, 27270.
Supervision by overman, 27203, 27299, 27309,
[ Testing efficiency of long-standing timbering,
Wages : piece-work, possible effect of on efficiency
of timbering, 27495.

UMkUM Labour, employment of :

Attitude of workmen as to, 27454.
Precaution against, suggestions as to, and as to
a certificate, 27191 {par. 2), 27230, 27255,
27307, 27444.
Present system arises from scarcity of labour,

VentMion :

Act of Parliament : Coal Mines Regulation Act,

General Rule 1, adequacy of, 27240.
Adequate ventilation, fixed standard of, imprac-
ticable, 27191 {par. 5), 27240, 27401.
Overman's duties in relation to, 27385.
Safety lamps, indications of gas furnished by,
Definition of a cap, 27415,
Oil, 27411.
Withdrawal of men, practice as to, 27407.


Overmen's, 27485.

Piece-work, payment of colliers by, 27491, 27495.

QUE8T» Mr. JOHNp Agent, Yorkshire Miners' Asso-
ciation. {:See questions 31365 — 31990.)


FaUs of roof and sides, number of, probable
reduction if examination were made with
candle, 31804.
Haulage accidents, 31462, 31805.
Inspection by Home Office inspectors after,

31373, 31547.
Investigation into :

Coroners' inquests : ^ r

Representation of workmen at, 31505,
31515, 31854.
Second inquiry under Sec. 45:

Advantages of, and suggestions as to

right to demand, 31513, 31573.
Extent to which power is used, 31527,

Permanent Board, question as to, 31522.
Refusal of application for, question as

to, 31574.
Representation of workmen at, advo-
cated, 31858.
Reversal of verdict of coroner's jury,
Shaft aocidente, 31479, 31487.

Airways, return, use of, as travelling roads, views as
to, 31741.

GUEST, Mr. J.— con/.

Ambiilanee, see tide Rescue ^Tork.

t Bill considered by Miners' Conference, clause as to*
number of inspectors, 31539.

Shecfcwei g hers' appointment to make inspection
on behalf of workmen advocated, 31397, 31401^
31556, 31677.

Ceal Mines Rt|«l«tiMi Aet. 1S87:

Accidents, investigation into :

Section 45 as to second inquiry, 31513.

Text of Sub'section 2, 31522.
Section 48, Sub-section 8, as to coroners'
inquests, 31505.

Committee on Electricity Rules, 31904.

Deiptll of and fiery nature of Yorkshire mines, 31787.

DiscipHno and carefuhiess :

Character of men as to, 31969.
; ^ Trade Unions, encouragement by, 31974.

Electricity Rules, new, manner of drawing up, 31904.

Engine planes : Manholes, increased number of^
advocated, 31569.

-^ Engine-winders, certificate of competency for, views,
as to, 31478, 31746, 31762,

Fines : Advantages of prosecutions as compared with
fining, 31430, 31436, 31559, 31701, 31957.

Attitu<& of men as regards fines, 31706.

Option of payment, 31704.

Trade Unions, recovery of money by; general
attitude towards fining, &c., 31709, 31960.

Haulage Roads:

Accidents :

Light, insufficient, causing, 31805.
Number of, 31462.
Dimensions of, increase advocated, 31457, 31465,.
Use of return airways as travelling roads-
when haulage roads are too narrow, views
as to, 31741.J
Manholes :

Number of, increase advocated, 31458,.

Rubbish or any accumulation, freedom from^

31468, 31562, 31976.
Whitewashing advocated, 31458.
Rubbish or any obstruction, freedom from,.

31468, 31562, 3197&
Scotland, Special Rule, 31474.
Separate travelling roads, provision of, views-

as to, 31455, 31565, 31742.
South Wales, Special Rule in, 31976.

Hemsworth Colliery, men employed as winding engine-
men during dispute, 31762.

Inspection off Minos by Men :

Abolition of, views as to whether desiraUe ia
event of appointment of additional Home Office
inspectors, 31411, 31666.
Cost of, method of defraying, 31406, 31416,.

Extent to which practised in Yorkshire, 31412,.

31553, 31847.
Notice to management and consequent prepara-
tion previous to inspection, 31849.
Number of pits under same finn, 31554
Owners' interests, protection of, 31952.
Qualifications of men making inspection, exten-
sion advocated, 31416, 31667, 31676,
Checkweighers' appointment advocated^
31397, 31401, 31556, 31677.
Value of this inspection, 31848.

Inepeetlon off Minos by Minos Ofllclate :

Districts, size of, decrease desirable, 31420, 31425^
31687, 31690, 31789.

Duties other than inspection performed by
firemen making adequate inspection impos-
sible, 31423.

Efficiency of firemen, views as to, 31819.

Gates and roadways, special inspection ofr
advocated, 31446, 31476, 31969.

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^QUEST, Mr. J.— con«.

Inspictioii at Mkitt by Mines Officialt— conf.

I Impoitanoe of firem^i as regards safety of

mines, 31824.
Qualification of firemen, advantages of certifi-
cates of ocMnpetenoy, &c., 31819.
Time at T^ch inspection should be made, 31790.

Accidents, fatal, inspection after, and attendance

at inquests, time occupied in, 31373, 31647.
Adequate inspeoticm by, impossible under present

conditions, 31373, 31547, 31841.
Appointmnit of, prooednie as to» 31660.
Districts, division of, advocated* suggestions as

to distribution of duties, &c., 31579, 31591.
Number of inspections desirable yearly, 31377.
Number of inspectors, increase advocated, and
appointment of working miners as sub-
inspectors, 31373, 31380, 31385, 31535,
31585, 31600, 31839 :
Abolition of inspection on behalf of men,
views as to, in event of this increase, 31411,
Bill considered at Miners' Conference, number

named in, 31539.
Districts, division of, in this event, views as

to, 31383, 31541, 31591.
Duties oi sub-inspectors, 31636.
Eligibility of sab-inspectors for appointment

as chief or assistant inspectors, 31924.
Existing number of inspectors in Yorkshire,

31637, 31586, 31600.
Qualifications of sub-inspectors, views as
to, and as to desirability of certificate,
31394, 31629.
Relations between chief and sab-inspectors,

31643, 31654.
Bei^onBibihty of managers and officials in

relation to this suggestion, 31622, 31846.
Salaries of sub-inspeotors, 31300.
Term of appointment of sub-inspectors^
Preparations, special, before inspection, 31852,

Besidence of inspectors, place of, 31544.
Besponsibility, extent desirable, 31612.
Surprise visits, rarity of, 31841, 31851.
Travelling, amount of time spent in, 31543.
Value of this inspection, 31839.

Roto as to airways, 31447.

Certificate of competency, advantages of, 31832.
BeqK)nsibility of, 31604, 31876.

-NOBlktr of miners employ^ in Yorkshire, 31536,

Advantages of, as compared with fining, see

iUU Fines.
Number of, 31435, 31969.

i}mHlletti9ilS of Witness, 31366, 31532, 31661, 31573.

-ffiSCM WOf k AIM ApplNHICM \

Compulsory provision of api^ances and employ-
ment near station of men qualified in ambulance
work advocated, 31490.

Cost of, defraying by owners advocated, 31778.

Telephonic communication with surface advo-
cated, 31863.

Underground provision of appliances and of
ambulance carnage advocated, 31492, 31771,

^Saftly Umpt :

Compulsory introduction of, when gas has been

found, views as to, 31497, 31503, 31981.
Examination of loof and sides, use of safety

lamp in, 31800, 31984.
Objections to, and desirability of withdrawal

of, if gas has Bot been observed for certain

period, 31780, 31800, 31982.

Jc^tland : Haulage roads. Special Rule as to, 31474.

^hifflt I


Gates and bars to, advocated, 31487.
Engine-winders, efficiency of, views as to, and

as to desirability of certificate of competency,

31478, 31746, 31762.

QUEST, Mr. J.-C09U.
MM-firiiif :

Battery, shot-firing with in Yorkshire, 31812.
Explosive and detonator both in possesion of

men stemming their own shots, 31816.
Extent of, in Yorkshire, 31811.
Fiery mines, shot-firing in, 31812, 31814.
Stemming done by men themselves, 31814.

8«utll WalM. Special Rules a« to haulage, 31976.

1 Special Rutot, introduction of :

2 Advertisement of rules by Home Office to giv«

men an opportunity of raising objections, views

as to, 31720.
Discussion between men and owners advocated,

31440, 31716, 31870.
Electricity rules, manner of drawing up, 31904.
Objection to rules introduced by owners, right

of Trade Unions as to, 31866.
Timbering rules, difficulty in enforcing, 31442»

31723, 31884, 31891.

Taiophonic ComiiiHiiieatiOii between districts and
surface advocated, 31863.

nmNring :

Special Rules:

Ambiguity of, and difficulty in enforcement

of, 31442, 31723, 31891.
Introduetion of :

Attitude, probable, of men if they had

been consulted, 31884.
Letter from Secretary of State, 31917.
Method of introduction, 31908, 31913.
Sui^ly, additional, of timber and brattices
sent down before inspection of mines,
31862, 31939.

Walkty, Mr., evidence of, references to, 31413, 31700.

HANCOCKy Mr. J., i^ gent and Financial Secre-
tary jiNottinghamshire Miners* Association. (^See
q^stiom 20216a— 20770.)

Accidsntt :

Cause, chief, of fatal accidents : haulage and falls

of roof, 20766.
Investigation into :
Coroners' inquests :

Adequacy of, 20216a (par. 21).
Post-mortems, notice to relatives, sugges-
tions as to, 20216a (par. 21), 20399.
Reports on workmen s inspections of
mines, use of, as evidence, 20216a
(par. 6), 20268, 20599, 20623.
Second enquiiy under Section 45,
demaad fcnr, suggestions as to, 20216a
(par. 22), 20413, 20454
Number of, in Nottingham, 20601.
(8tt also tUies Haulage Accidents, and Shaft Accidents.)

Aw fc iil a ilt, see tiUe Rescue Work.

Boyit employment with wagons, danger of haulage
accidents, 20343.

eoti Mifiei Rtgaifttioii Ael, 1887 :

Prosecution is sole form of punishment provided
for in, 20734.

Dirti filling wastes with, advocated: dirt not to be
brought to surface unless necessary, 20216a (par. 17)»

DMpliiM, see titles Fines and Prosecutions.

Haulage men, su title Haulage Accidents.
Shaft enginemen, see title Shaft Accidents^
stUhheatnng Over-winding.

EvMtnee off Wttnetti extent to whieh representatiTe
of Nottingham and Miners* Federation, 20713.

Number of, in Nottingham collieries, 20600»

Person having charae of, see title Shot-firing, sub-

heading Person raing Shot.
Purchase of, by miners from owaers, advocated^


66 a

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HANOOOK, Mr. J.—cofU.

Act of Parliament: Coal Mines Regulation Act,
no provisions as to fining in, 20733.

Advantages of fining and of proeecution oom-
pared, 20611, 20742.

Amount of, 20611 :

Fixing, by manager, 20676, 20606.
Reduction, instances of, 20676, 20696.
Truck Act in relation to, 20693.

Extent to which inflicted in Nottingham collieries,

Evidence of Witness as to, given only with
reference to Nottingham, 20713.

Manager fining for breach of Act, question as to
possibility of, 20736.

Objections of men to, particularly as to agreement
between owners and men as to scale of fines,
20216a {par. 9), 20305, 20438, 20563, 20664,
20726. ^ ^

OfiFences for which suitable, 20728, 20742.

Payment, method of, 20687.

Posting on pit-bank, 20674.

Report of offence by firemen or^other official,

Truck Act in relation to, 20693.

Firiilltil, see HUe Inspection of Mines by Mine Officials.

HAulage Accidents, precautions against, suggestions as

to, 20216a (par. 12), 20324 :
Blocks, self-acting, or other mechanical appliances

for arresting runaways, 20337, 20768.
Boys, inexperienced, emplo3nnent with wagons,

objection to, 20343. ► ^

Chains, suggestions, 20216a {par. 13), 20341,

Character of roadways, 20216a {par. 12), 20334.
Drags or daggers or devils, 20216 A {par. 13),

Enginemen, limitation of duties advocated,

20216a {par. 13), 20349.
Manholes and refuges, whitewashing, 20216a

{par. 12), 20330.
Responsibilitv, division of, objections to, 20216a

{par. 13), 20349.
Rubbish, clearing away, advocated, 20327.
Separate travellms roads advocated, 20216a

(par. 12), 20£21,2')579.
Widening of roads, 20216a {par. 12).

Inspection of Mines by Men :

Co-workers, possible attitude towards men making
inspection, 20216a {par. 5), 20267.

Cost of, borne by ihe men themselves, 20216a
{par. 4.)

Extent to which power is used, 2C216a {pars. 4
and 7), 2^>261, 20612, 20616, 20632.
Indifference of men generally, 20284.

Necessity for, decreised, owing to improved
management of mines, 20216a {par. 6), 20268.

Number of men that would be required to make
adequate inspection, 202S0.

Object of, as compared with Government In-
spection, 20590.

Owners' attitude towards, views of men as to,
and as to possible adverse result to men making
unfavourable report, 20216a {par. 5), .20261,
20263, 20612.

Qualification of men for inaking such inspeoiions,
20216a {par. 6), 20271.
Mining engineers disqualified, 20596.

Reports, use of, at Coroner's inquests, 20216a
{par. 6), 20258, 20599, 20623.

Responsibility of manager, decrease by these
inspections, views of workmen as to, 20216a
{par. 5), 20266, 20483.

Value of this inspection, views on this point,
20216a {par. 6), 20271.

Inspection of Mines by Mines Officials :

Adequpcy of, v^'ews on this point, 20216a {par. 8),
20287, 203f 2 20531.
Manager of mire, duties of, in oases of in-
adequate inspection, 202')0.
Means of ascertaining whether inspection

is adequate, qrestion as to, 20751, 20754.
Secretary or Arent of Mirers' Union, possible
action in event of inadequate inspection,
question as to, 20291.
Districts, size of, reduction advocated, 20528.
Dutfes of firen-en, 20747.

Limitation to inspection advocated, 20748.

HAHOOCK, Mr. J.~6on«.

Inspection off Mines by Mines Officials— coiu.

Hours of work of firemen, 20753.

Importance of firemen as regards safety of mine,.

Qualifications of firemen, 20216a {par. 8), 20302^

Reports, 20652.
System of inspection, 20750.

Inspectors off Mines (Heme Office Inspectors) :

Adequacy of inspection by, views as to, and a&
to what constitutes adequate inspection^
20216a {para. 1-3), 20220, 20255, 20465^
Assistant inspectors, increase in number of»
views as to:
Present class, question as to, 20243.
Working miners, appointments as additional
inspectors, see svb-heading Working Miners*
Districts, size of, reduction advocated, 20216a

{par. 2), 20244.
Number of inspections yearly desirable, 20216a
{par. I), 20220, 20464, 20471, 20499,.
20646, 20657.
Reeponsibility of manager, question as to
effect of more frequent inspections on,
Number of inspectors, increase advocated, 20216a

{par. I), 20223, 20234, 20243.
{See also sub-heading Working Miners.)
Object of inspection by, 20462, 20493, 20591.
Orders given by, during inspection, 20656.
Report not left at collieries, 20654.
Surprise visits, position as to, 20661.
System of inspection, 20654, 20658.
Working ' miners holding a certificate, appoint-
ment as additional inspectors advo-
cated, 20216a {par. 2), 20248, 20602,
20591, 20636.
Bi-annual inspection by, questions as to,.

Number required, 20253.
Salaries, 20241.

Haidage, Special Rule as to trailer or
, devil, 20336. ^,


fines, amount usually fixed by, 20676.
Fining by inspector for breach of Act, question
as to possibility of, 20736.

* NystagmySa effect on, of use of safety lamps,
20418, 20451.

Prosecutions :

Act of Parliament : Coal Mines Regulation Act,.

1887, sole form of punishment provided under,.

i Advantage of, as compared with fining, 2061 U

Extent to which inflicted in Nottingham coUierieSr

Offences which should be punished by, 20729.

Qnaliflcttlons of Witness, 20217, 20714.

Rescue Work, management of officials and men in
training for, advocated, 20216a {par. 20).

Riclianis, Mr., evidence of, reference to, 20462.

8ataty Lamps:

Compulsory introduction of, objections to, and

to unnecessary increase in use of, 20216a {par.,

22), 20418.
Locked lamps, provision advocated, 20216a

{par. 22).
A&iers' Nystagmus possibly reduced by use of^

20418, 20451.
Testing advocated, 20216a {par. 22).

Shaft Accidents:

Ga^es, safety catches for holding, views as to,

2C.216A {par. 16), 20380.
Overwinding :

Detachhig hooks and other applianoea
advocated, 20216a {par. 16), 20380.
Arrester, article on, in ** Iron and Coat
Trades Review," 20384.
Enginemen, competency of, views as to, and
as to whether certificate of competency
is desirable, 20216a {par. 15), 20374.

Digitized by




HANCOCK. Mr. 4.—cofU.
SbM-flriaf :

Between shifts, views as to, 20216a {par. 13),

Inspeotion of gates by shot-firer, 20216a (par. 8),

Miss-fire shots :

Interval before men should approach place,

Beooveiy of, 20216a {par. 14).
Person firing shot and carrying explosive, 20216a
{par. 14), 20366, 20582.
Single individual not to cany explosive and
fire shot, views as to this suggestion,

S p tclal Riiitt:

Act of Parliament, procedure under, in intro-
duction of Rules, 20666.

Arbitration, 20668, 20570, 20676.

Breaches of, sources of information as to, 20619,
20627, 20669.

Discussion between owners or managers and men
before introduction of, advocated, 20216a
(paf. 10), 20313, 20666, 20661, 20702, 20716u

Embodiment of certain Special Rules in General
Rules, suggestion as to, 20216a (par. 11),

Suggestion by workmen, views as to, 20721.

Veto by workmen, right of, imdesirable, 20666,
20670, 20712.

Timbering :

Accidents, number of, has not been reduced,
apparently, by Special Rules, 20723.

Inspeotion of, by an official, question whether
desirable, 20397.

Unskilled men, timbering by, views as to, 20396.


Tmeic Act, fines in relation to,

Unticill«d Labour, employment of, 20216a {par.


Loading, 20604.

T^rpe advocated, 20216a {par. 18), 20392.

HARRIS, Mr. W.p Agent, South Wales Miners'
Federation. (^See questions 34865—35070.)

ANrtystwg Explosion : point as to ventilation left
undecided by coroner's inquest, 34924, 34926.

Accidontt :

Falls of roof and sides, 34900, 34912.
Investigation :

Coroner's inquests, constitution of jury,

Second inquiry under Sec. 45 advocated,

Ainniyt, Return, use of, as travelling roads, advocated,

Ditci|illne, importance of, 3606a
(See <dso tide Fines.)


Advantages of fining and of prosecution compared,

34884, 34936, 34987.
Decision as to fining or prosecution should not

rest with manager, 34884, 34934, 34995, 36066.
Offences suitable for punishment by fining or

prosecution respectively, 34884, 36012, 36062.j^

Giamerfantfiire Ceunty Ceuncil, arrangements^ for
technical instruction to miners, 36036.

Haulage Reads, width advocated, 34916.

Inspectien ef Mines by Men :

Extent to which practised, 34868.
Owners, reprisals by, possibilily of: difficulty in
getting men to make this inspection, &c.,
34869, 34940, 34969, 35041.
Instance of compulsory alteration of report,
and of apology, 34869, 34941, 36039,
Period during which Witness has made this
inspection without suffering in conse-
quence, 35063.
Payment of men for making inspection, amount
of, 36047.

HARRIS, Mr. W.->con<.

inspectien ef Mines by Mines Officials :

Appointment of firemen should rest with manager,

Districts, size of, decree«e advocated, 34882.
Qualifications of firemen ; desirability of practical
experience and of certificate of competency,
34874, 34927, 34963, 35026.
Instance of appointment of man having no
practical experience, 34878.
Safety lamp carried by fireman, type of lamp,
oil. &c.. 34923. 36016.

Inspeeters, Heme Office :

Adequacy of inspection, views on this point,

Districts, size of. reduction advocated. 34865.

McLaren Explesien, point as to ventilation left un*
decided by coroner's inquest, 34924, 34926.

Manafer, fining by inspector undesirable, 35008.

Menmeutlisliire Ceunty Oeuneil technical classes,
instruction to miners in, 35029.

Overman er Fereman, qualifications, class of man
appointed, &c., 35020.

Qualifleatien of Witness, 35063.

Safety Lamps, indication of gas afforded by, effect on
of oil used, 34923. 35016.

Sclieels and Glasses : Instruction to miners, 36028.
Teachers, 35032.

ftliafts : Machinery and gearing ; more frequent
examination of winding-rope advocated, 34925.

Tliemas, Mr., evidence of, reference to, 34893.

Timliering :

Accidents from falls occurring when timber has
been knocked out by official, instance of, 34900,

Distances, 34905, 34909.

Person setting : greater discretion to miner him-
self advocated, 34893, 34937.

Systematic, advocated, 34892.

Wages question in relation to, 34893, 34938.

Trueic Act, provision of aa to fines, 34989, 34996,

Unsicilled Men, employment of, extent and danger of,

VentHatien :

Point at which cap of gas becomes dangerous,

uncertainty as to, 34924, 35016.
Safety lamps used in testing for gas, suggestion

as to type and oil, 34923, 35016.

Western Valleys Oelliery, faU of roof where timbering
had been knocked out by official, 34900, 34912.

Winstene, Mr., evidence of, reference to, 34926.

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